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Large Collection of Printed Proclamations – Toronto Community – Kashrut, Rabbinate, Polemics and Various Topics – Toronto, First Half of 20th Century

Large collection of printed proclamations on the topics of kashrut, rabbinate, strengthening Torah observance, charity, and other matters of the Jewish community in Canada. [Toronto, first half of 20th century]. Yiddish.
Collection of dozens of rare proclamations containing much information, most of which is not known from other sources, on the Jewish communities and Kashrut agencies in Toronto and Canada, and on the polemic surrounding the kashrut of meat, which involved the rabbis of Toronto and various institutions in the city.
Most the proclamations are from the 1920s-1940s, and relate to the polemic regarding the shechitah of meat and the kashrut agencies. Many are polemic proclamations issued during the battle between the various kashrut agencies and rabbinic organizations in Toronto, as they competed with each other. The city boasted two kashrut agencies: Kehilla of Toronto (an organization established in 1923 to oversee the kashrut of meat in the city) and Vaad HoIr (established in the early 1930s, usually signed its proclamations as "The Committee", "The Committee of the City", or "Vaad HaKashrut"). It appears from the proclamations that there were also several rabbinic committees in the city, who signed the proclamations using various names: "Vaad HaRabbanim Toronto" or "Vaad HaRabbanim and the community of Toronto"; "Knesset HaRabbanim – Toronto"; "Rabbanim of Toronto"; "Rabbinical Office". One of the proclamations in favor of the kashrut supervision of Knesset HaRabbanim is signed by "Agudath Kehillot Yisrael Toronto" (presumably connected to the Kehilla of Toronto agency).
The collection includes:
• Many proclamations on kashrut matters: invitations to conferences on these matters, prices and taxes of shechitah and meat products, denunciation of sellers of non-kosher meat, and more. • Proclamations calling to strengthen Torah observance and Halachah. • Appeal to employ Jews over non-Jews. • Proclamation against the book Zikaron by R. Y.L. Graubart, claiming that the book slanders Polish Jewry. • Printed letter by R. Shalom Eliezer Rogosin, against the Central Relief committee. [Brooklyn, ca. 1920s]. • Appeal to help Polish orphans. • Two large folded leaves, containing lists of Jewish institutions in Toronto and the names of their representative, for the purpose of electing the heads of the Kehilla of Toronto corporations. One of the lists is from 1932, and the other from a different election, ca. 1930s. • Leaflet from Agudas Shomrei HaDas, no. 10 (Nissan 1951), with various updates on kashrut matters. • "Yizkor" – 8th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (1951). • Other proclamations on various topics.
88 paper items. Size and condition vary. Mostly printed on dry, brittle paper. Some are damaged, with tears and open tears.