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Tractate Bechorot – Venice, 1522 – First Talmud Edition Printed by Daniel Bomberg

Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Bechorot – with the commentaries of Rashi and Tosafot, Piskei Tosafot and Rabbenu Asher. Venice: Daniel Bomberg, 1522. First edition.
Volume from the first Talmud edition printed by Daniel Bomberg in Venice. This famous edition (The Venice Talmud), the first to comprise the entire Babylonian Talmud, served as prototype for all future Talmud editions. It established the text of the Talmud, the page layout and foliation used until this day.
Ownership inscriptions (in Ladino) of Yosef son of R. Yitzchak Yedidya, on the title page and final page.
Complete copy, including title page. 69 leaves. 8 gatherings of 8 leaves each, ninth gathering – 5 leaves. 32.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains, including dampstains and dark stains. Worming, not affecting text. Marginal open tear to title page, not affecting text. Open tears to final leaf, slightly affecting text. Minor marginal tear to one leaf. Upper margin trimmed close to text in some places. Inscriptions. New binding.

Segulot of Studying Tractate Bechorot
R. Chaim Kanievsky was wont to say that the study of Tractate Bechorot, which deals with defects, is a segulah for recovery.
R. Yoshiyahu Pinto attests that studying Tractate Bechorot is considered like fasting (Divrei Yoshiyahu, Levav Yamim, p. 183).