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Map of Eretz Israel from the Amsterdam Haggadah – Engraving by Abraham bar Jacob – Amsterdam, 1712 or 1781

Map of Eretz Israel, engraving by Abraham bar Jacob (signed in the plate on bottom). [Amsterdam, 1712 or 1781].
The map depicts Eretz Israel, the Sinai Desert and the territories of the Twelve Tribes. The Mediterranean Sea at bottom and the Nile Delta to the right. The shoreline runs from Sidon to Alexandria. The map shows the route of the Israelites in the Sinai Desert; an ornate cartouche at lower right corner lists the 41 stations of the Israelites in the desert. Ships hauling the Lebanon cedars sent by Hiram King of Tyre to King Solomon for the building of the Temple and the story of Jonah depicted along the shoreline. A barn and grazing farm animals, depicted at lower left corner, symbolize the fertility of Eretz Israel.
The map, by the Dutch proselyte Abraham bar Jacob (after Christian van Adrichem), was first printed in the 1695 Amsterdam Passover Haggadah. The date of its printing was encoded in the title by marking some of the letters in the Hebrew word "Techezena". In later editions, the year of printing was adjusted by marking additional letters. This map was taken from either the 1712 edition or the 1781 edition (both were issued with the same map, on which the marked letters indicate the year 1712).
52X32 cm. Good-fair condition. Folding lines. Tears to margins and folding lines. Paper repairs on verso.
See Laor 876.

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