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Miniature Esther Scroll – With Leaf of the Megillah Blessings – Italy, First Half of the 19th Century

Miniature Esther scroll on wooden roller, with leaf of the megillah blessings. [Italy, first half of the 19th century].
Ink on parchment. Italian script. 11 lines per column. First membrane with decorative right edge and a thread for tying. Carved wooden roller.
Enclosed: a parchment leaf written by the same hand, with the blessings and other texts recited with the megillah reading.
Height of parchment: 5.5 cm. Height of roller: 19 cm. Leaf of blessings: 5.5X9.5 cm. Good condition. Stains.
Expert report enclosed.

PLEASE NOTE: Item descriptions were shortened in translation. For further information, please refer to Hebrew text.