Auction 27 - Books, Manuscripts and Rabbinical Letters

Sefer HaZohar – Including Glosses by Rabbi Yeshaya Horowitz of Safed and His Son Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz Author of “Yemei Shmuel”

Opening: $200
Sefer HaZohar, section 3 and 4, Vayikra, Bamidbar-Devarim. Vilnius, 1922.
Title page of books contains signature of Rabbi “Yeshaya HaLevi Horowitz”. Leaves of book contain dozens of glosses in pen and pencil, in handwriting of Rabbi Yeshaya HaLevi Horowitz. Some of the glosses are in handwriting of his son, Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz.
Rabbi Yeshaya HaLevi Horowitz (1883-1978, Otzar HaRabbanim 11697), native of Safed, direct descendant of Rabbi Yeshaya Horowitz, author of the Shla (Shnei Luchot HaBrit) HaKadosh. From 1908, served as rabbi of Chabad community in Safed, and in 1909, was appointed as member of the Beit Din of his mentor and rabbi, the Ridvaz. During World War I, he endured great hardships and afterwards immigrated to the US where he served as rabbi of Chabad community in New York. From 1923, served as rabbi of Winnipeg and was head of the Board of Rabbis in Western Canada for many years. In his later years, he returned to the Holy Land. His books: Yavo Shiloh, Pardes Ha'Aretz and Eden Tzion.
His son, Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz (1905-1972), among greatest Breslov Chassidim in Eretz Yisrael, resided in the OldCity until 1948 and founded the “Breslov” press. After his return from Jordanian captivity he resided in Jerusalem and Meron. His personal and spiritual journal which portrays his association and involvement in the Breslov Chassidism is printed in the book “Yemei Shmuel”.
[1], 309, 8 leaves. 23.5 cm. Dry paper, good-fair condition. Wear, slight moth marks. Worn binding.