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Handwritten Leaf – Bardejov – Girl Murdered in the Holocaust

Opening: $1,000
Sold for: $2,250
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Handwritten leaf, with childish inscriptions of the verses of Tzidduk HaDin and Sanctification of G-d's name: "We have sinned, Our Rock, forgive us our Creator, Shema Yisrael… Hashem Hu Ha'Elokim". Above these verses is an indistinct sentence in Yiddish and the name of the girl: "Miriam Gittel Hollander-Halberstam Bardejov". On the reverse side of leaf are more inscriptions [practice writing?] with the name "Menachem Mendel Hollander" [apparently Gita's brother].
The girl Gita Halberstam-Hollander of Bardejov, daughter of Rabbi Yosef Shmuel Shmelke Erlich-Hollander Rabbi of Ryglice and Bardejov. Son of Rebbe Yehuda of Nyirderzs. Her mother, Ms. Chaya Rivka was the daughter of Rabbi Naftali Zvi Unger of Bardejov, son of Rabbi Mosher Elyakim Beria Rabbi of Ambrova. The couple and their eight children were caught by the Nazis in the city of Nitra and sent to the crematoriums in Auschwitz on the first day of Succot 1944. Gita was murdered when she was about nine years old, together with her parents and siblings. Only two sisters managed to survive [see attached material].
19 cm. Fair condition, coarse tears, creases and stains.
The Holocaust, She'erit HaPleita in Europe and in the Far East