Collection of Documents and Letters concerning the Samaritan Community

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A collection of documents and letters from the estate of Avraham Nur Tsedakah of the Board of the Samaritans in Israel, who, among his other activities, edited and printed annotated editions of Samaritan manuscripts with commentary of Samaritan laws and customs.
Documents include:
* Booklet written by Ben-Zvi on the Samaritan Abisha Scroll, with dedication.
* Correspondence on various matters: allocation of lamb meat to the Samaritan people, recruitment to the IDF, Samaritan writings and the edition of the Hebrew-Samaritan Torah edited by Avraham Tsedakah, request of permit for flour to bake matzot for Passover, letter from the mayor of Holon Pinchas Ayalon regarding a housing project to be built for Samaritans and a letter from Yeffet Tsedakah regarding the agreement of 15 families to move to Holon, letter of confirmation of receipt of medical aid from the Red Cross, signed by the Head of the Board of Samaritans in Nablus High Priest Amram ben Yitzhaq Cohen and Tsedakah Yitzhaq Cohen.
* Copy of “Lineage of Our Lord Moshe ben Amram, May He Rest in Peace”, written by Elazar ben Tsedakah, High Priest in Nablus.
* Collection of publications and essays about the Samaritans.
* Several leaves in Samaritan handwriting, and more.
Total of about 50 documents, part of them consist of several leaves. Size and condition vary.
Palestine, The British Mandate, The State of Israel