History of the Jewish People in Eretz Israel and in the Diaspora Jewish & Israeli History and Culture

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Auction Online 4 Lot Number 1


Collection of Leaves from Nuremberg Chronicle by Hartmann Schedel – 1493

Ten leaves from Hartmann Schedel’s book Weltchronik (Nuremberg Chronicle). [Nuremberg, 1493]. Latin
Ten leaves with woodcuts depicting priests' dynasties, the Third Temple – interior of the Temple and illustration of the building, illustration of the Davidic Kings dynasty and the Kings of Rome; illustration of the destruction of Babel, illustration of Jerusalem and Jericho.
28 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Tears. Worming.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 2


Monograph about Hebrew Incunabula – Parma, 1803 – Three Volumes

Mss. Codices Hebraici Biblioth. I. B. De-Rossi. Published by ex Publico typographeo, Parma (Italy), 1803. Latin.

Opening100$ Sold For300$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 3


Ethica – Baruch Spinoza – Munich, 1920

Ethica ordine geometrico demonstrate et in quinque partes distincta, Benedicti de Spinoza. Munich, 1920.
Ethica by Baruch Spinoza. Numbered copy, 95/150.
181, [1] pp, 28 cm. Good condition. Green leather binding, damaged.

Opening100$ Sold For350$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 4


Comparaison des Ceremonies des Juifs, et de la Discipline de l’Eglise – Paris, 1681

Comparaison des ceremonies des juifs, et de la discipline de l'eglise, pour servir de supplement au livre qui a pour titre Ceremonies et coutumes qui s'observent aujourd'huy parmi les juifs. Avec un discours touchant les differentes messes ou liturgies qui font en usage dans tout le monde, Sieur de Simonville. Paris: Louis Billain, 1681. French.
A book about Jewish customs, comparing these customs with those of the church, listing the different prayers and liturgies in churches worldwide. Composed by French priest Richard Simon as a complementary volume to the book by Leon of Modena, The History of the Rites, Customs, and Manner of Life of the Present Jews, throughout the World, translated by Simon from Italian into French.
194 pp, [5] leaves, 16 cm. Good condition. Foxing. Spine is partly disassembled.

Opening50$ Sold For163$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 5


Johann Leusden – Book about Jewish Customs – 1682

Philologus Hebraeo-Mixtus, unà cum Spicilegio philologico, continente decem quaestionum & positionum praecipuè philologico-Hebraicarum & Judaicarum centurias, by Johann Leusden. Published by ex Officinâ Francisci Halma, 1682. Latin and some Hebrew.

Opening100$ Sold For300$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 6


“Kingdom of the Hebrews” – Leiden, 1685 – Engraving

Monarchia Hebraeorum, quae est imperio monarchico in populum hebraeorum probatio ab Abrahamo ad dispersam gentem [Kingdom of the Hebrews from the days of Abraham until they were spread among the people] by Adriano Houtuyn. Leiden [Holland]: Apud Felicem Lopez, 1685. Engraving on the leaf preceding the title page.
[12] leaves, 255, [1] engraving, 11.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stained. Vellum binding.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 7


Antiquities of the Jews – French Edition – Engravings and Maps – Amsterdam, 1700

Histoire des Juifs, ecrite par Flavius Joseph, sous le titre de Antiquitez judaïques, traduites sur l'original grec reveu sur divers manuscrits, Monsieur Arnauld D'Andilly. Published by Pierre Mortier, Amsterdam, 1700.
Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus Flavius, recounting the history of the Jews from the creation of the world until the Great Revolt. Numerous engravings, a folded plate with engravings depicting the Temple services and two folded maps, one of the four monarchies and the other of the Holy Land. Title page engravings depicting figures of Moses, Aaron, David and Solomon.
[13] leaves, 758. [21 pp + [3] folded engraving-plates. Good condition. Stains, tears to folding mark of one of the engraving plates. Damp staining to binding. Damage to edges of binding and spine.

Opening100$ Sold For125$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 8


Moses & Aaron – Original Drawing on Vellum – Bremen, 1703

Moses & Aaron, Seu Civiles & Ecclesiatici Ritus, Thomae Goodwini. Published by Phil. Godofredum Saurman, Bremen, 1703. Latin.
A reprint of Thomas Goodwin's book of 1614. The book discusses the laws of Moses, similarities and differences between Mosaic Law and other peoples' and bible commentaries. Featuring image of Moses and Aaron in profile on vellum binding.
[39] leaves, 554 pp, 15.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Original vellum binding. Slightly darkened and stained. Image on the spine – faded.

Opening50$ Sold For138$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 9


The Republic of the Hebrews – Amsterdam, 1705

La république des Hébreux, Où il est traité au long & à fond de la Sacrificature Mosaïque, des divers Sacrifices de l' Ancienne Loi, & des Cérémonies avec lesquelles lis étoient offerts [republic of the Hebrews, sacrifices and various ceremonies…] by Petrus Cunaeus. Amsterdam: Pierre Mortier, 1705. Third (and last) volume. french With 10 folded engraving plates, including an engraved map of Canaan, the Temple, Sons of Israel in the desert and more. [10] leaves, 394 pp, [12] leaves + [10] engraving plates, 17 cm. Good condition. Stains. Tears to map's folding marks.

Opening100$ Sold For125$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 10


De Nummis Veterum Hebraeorum – Engravings – Utrecht, 1709

De Nummis Veterum Hebraeorum, qui ab inscriptarum literarum forma Samaritani appellantur, dissertationes quinque, Adriani Relandi. Utrecht: Gulielmum Broedelet, 1709. Latin.
Numismatic composition by the Dutch scholar Adriani Relandi about ancient coins from Eretz Israel. Numerous coin engravings, three of which large and folded. The book is divided into several compositions.
[5] leaves, 3-60 pp + [2] engraving plates; 223, [8] pp + [6] engraving plates; [1] engraving plate, 3-16 pp, 14.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For375$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 11


Shabbath and Eruvin Tractates – London, 1718 – English – Two Volumes

Shabbath and Eruvin; Two Titles of the Misna or Code of the Traditional Laws... Translated into English, with annotations by W. Wotton, D. D. Printed by W. Bowyer, London, 1718. Two volumes.
Shabbath and Eruvin tractates with translation into English. Two engraving plates, folded, in first volume.
[12] leaves, 279, [17] pp + [2] folded plates; [6] leaves, 1, [6] pp, 19.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Creases.

Opening70$ Sold For125$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 12


Bible and Jewish History – Venice, 1722 – Latin

Apparatus Biblicus, Siue Manuductio Ad Sacram Scripturam, Tum clarius, tum facilius intelligendam, R. P. Bernardo Lamy. Venice, 1722.
Study of the Bible and Jewish history, with eleven folded plates; tables, engraved maps – world map, map of Eretz Israel according to the Tribes' territories, the Temple, priesthood garments and more.
[16] leaves, 783, [1] pp + XI folded plates, 16.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Some worming. Stains. Creases. Vellum binding, damaged.

Opening100$ Sold For300$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 13


Promptuarii Iconum – Portraits from History and Mythology – Lyon, 1553

Promptuarii Iconum, Insigniorum a seculo, hominum, subiectis eorum vitis, per compendium ex probatissimis autoribus desumptis/Promptuarii Iconum, Pars secunda incipit a Christo nato, perpetuam ducens feriem ad usque Christianissimu Francorum Regem Henricum hoc nomine secundum, hodie feliciter regnantem, Guillielmum Rouillium. Published by Guillielmum Rouillium, Lyon, 1553. Latin and French.

Opening150$ Sold For275$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 14


Jewish Ceremonies and Customs – Engravings – Nuremberg, 1726

Jüdisches Ceremoniel, oder, Beschreibung dererjenigen Gebräuche [Jewish ceremonies and customs], by Paul Christian Kirchner. Nuremberg: Peter Conrad Monath. 1726.
Detailed description of Jewish customs and ceremonies, in the 18th century in Germany, by Paul Christian Kirchner. With 30 engraving plates (all folded except one), depicting various Jewish customs, laying of Tefilin, Succoth, reading the Megilah, and more.
[6] leaves, 226, [18] pp + [30] engraving plates. 21 cm. Good condition. Restored copy. Ex-libris. Stains. Vellum binding with some worming.

Opening200$ Sold For688$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 15


Jewish History Study – 1730 – Engravings

Sacri Iudaeorum Ritus Antiqui Secundum Res Gestas Et Dogmata Illorum Ad Codicis Sacri Utriusque Foederis Illustriationem Descripti a M. Ioanne Leonhardo Reckenbergero [Jewish history, customs and ceremonies…]
Published by Rudolphi Croekeri [Jena], 1730. Latin and Hebrew.
With 12 plates (folded, except for one); a table, engraved maps of Eretz Israel, the Tabernacle, Jerusalem, the Temple and more.
[8] leaves, 730 pp, [27] leaves + [12] engraving-plates, 17.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains and creases. Worming. Ink stamps. Tears to binding. Lacking spine.

Opening200$ Sold For250$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 16


Johann Leusden – Book about Jewish Customs – Basel, 1739 – Engravings

Philologus Hebraeo-Mixtus, unà cum Spicilegio philologico, continente decem quaestionum & positionum praecipuè philologico-Hebraicarum & Judaicarum centurias by Johann Leusden. Basel: E. & J.R. Thurnisios, 1739. Latin and some Hebrew.
Book about the Jewish religion and philosophy by Johann Leusden (1624-1699), a Dutch theologian and Hebraist, professor of Hebrew in the University of Utrecht. With fine engravings, depicting various Jewish customs: baking Matzah, lighting Shabbat candles, Huppa, Brith Milah, and more.
[6] leaves, 489, [11] pp + [8] engraving plates, 20 cm. Good condition. Stains. Ink stamp. Damaged binding.

Opening150$ Sold For400$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 17


“Jewish History” – Ludwig Holberg – Altona and Flensburg, 1747 – Two Parts

Jüdische Geschichte von der Erschaffung der Welt bis auf gegenwärtige Zeiten. Aus dem Dänischen ins Deutsche übersetzt von Georg August Detharding [Jewish history from the creation of the world until current days] / Jüdische Geschichte von der unumschränkten Regierung der Makkabäer, bis auf gegenwärtige Zeiten [Jewish history from the days of the Maccabeans until the current day], by Herrn Ludwig Holberg. Published by Gebrüder Korte, Altona and Flensburg, 1747. German.
A volume compiling two parts composed by Danish author and historian Ludwig Holberg, about Jewish history from the creation of the world until the author's days. With engravings on title pages of both parts, as well as an engraved portrait of the author on the page facing the title page of the first part. Translated from Danish into German by Georg August Detharding.
[1] engraving plate, [13] leaves, 714 pp; [6] leaves, 719 pp, 22 cm. Good condition. Nazi ink stamp on title page of second part: "Institute for Study of the Jewish Question, the National Institute for the Study of a New Germany". Stains. New endpapers. Vellum binding, worn and damaged.

Opening100$ Sold For250$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 18


Instructions for Treating Jews who Live among Christians – 1612

Theologisches Bedencken, wie und welcher gestalt Christiche Obrigkeiten den Juden unter Christen zu wohnen gestatten können, und wie mit ihnen zu verfahren sey von ellichen Theologis hiebevor unterschiedlich gestelle [guidelines to dealing with Jews who live among Christians]. Introduction on behalf of the Theology Faculty in Giessen University. [Germany]. 1612. German.
28 pp, 21 cm. Good condition. Stains. Library ink stamp. Inscription in pen on title page. New binding.

Opening100$ Sold For325$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 19


“The Ceremonies and Religious Customs of Various Nations of the Known World” – Bernard Picart – London, 1731 – Engravings

The religious ceremonies and customs of the several nations of the known world represented in above an hundred copper-plates, designed by the famous Picart, together with historical explanations, and several curious dissertations, by Bernard Picart. Printed for Nicholas Prevost, London, 1731.
First volume (out of ten volumes) dealing with customs of Jews and Catholic Christians and includes an engraving depicting the inauguration of the Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam as well as engravings depicting in great detail various Jewish customs such as binding Tefillin, Seder Pesach, Wedding ceremony, Brit Milah (circumcision) and Simchat Torah celebrations, and various religious objects.
[1], xx, 412 pp, [7] leaves + [35] engravings, 39 cm. Good condition. Lacking [iv] leaves. Foxing. Creases. Slightly loose binding. Tears and damage to binding.

Opening150$ Sold For813$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 20


Jewish History – Two Books Bound Together – 1741-1742

Antiquitates Hebraicae Secundum Triplicem Judaeorum Statum, Ecclesiasticum, Politicum Et Oeconomicum, Conrado Ikenio. Published by Gerhardi Wilhelmi Rumpii, Bremae, 1741. / Antiqvitates Hebraicae qvam plurima utriusqve foederis loca difficiliora illustrantes. Accedit Jo. Alb. Fabricii notitia scriptorum qvi antiqvitates Hebraicas illustrantes, Theodori Dassovi. Christ printing press, Hafniae/Lipsiae [Copenhagen/Leipzig], 1742. Latin.
Two parts about Jewish history, bound together. Frontispiece engraving.
[14], 624 pp, [53] leaves; [8], 374 pp, 16.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Binding with vellum spine and corners, damaged.

Opening100$ Sold For138$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 21


“Jewish Eyeglasses” – Elias Liborius Roblik – 1743

Judische Augen-Gläser, das ist, ein in zwey Theil verfastes, und denen Juden zur Erkanntnuss des wahren Glaubens vorgesteltes Buch... Schrifft des alten und neuen Testaments, gantz klar bewiesen wird, dass Jesus Christus seye ein wahrer Sohn des lebendigen Gottes, ein wahrer Messias, und Erlöser des gantzen menschlichen Geschlechts, folgsam, dass der Christlich-Catholische Glauben, ein wahrer, und allem seeligmachender Glauben seye…["Through Jewish Lenses" – a book in two parts proving that the attitude of the Jewish religion and the Talmud is false and the Christian religion is the pure and true one], by Elias Liborius Roblik, 1743. German. Second edition.
A book in two parts (second part divided into two chapters) insulting Judaism, by Elias Liborius Roblik (1689-1765), a priest in Moravia, theologian and scholar of Semitic languages. With four engraving plates (one folded) mocking topics in Judaism; Marah bitter water, Beit Shamai and Beit Hillel dispute and more.
Part I: [13], 513 pp, part II: [3] leaves, 307 pp; [1] leaf, 427, [1] p + [4] engraving plates, 31.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Creases. Worming. Leather binding, damaged.

Opening100$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 22


Antiquitates Mosaico-typicæ – Engravings Portraying the Temple and the Temple Vessels – Amsterdam, 1733

Antiquitates Mosaico-typicæ. Sive Systhema literale et typicum de sacris personis, locis, rebus, & temporibus, ex solo Mose methodo analytica digestum, et ex Scriptis Propheticis, Apostolicisque confirmatum, ac perpetuis notis illustratum. Præcedit tractatus de antiquitatum sacrarum reformatione, & de typorum requisitis ac præstantia, Bern. Sebastiani Cremer. Amsterdam: Henricum Viroot, 1733. Latin.
Study of the Holy Scriptures, by eighteenth-century Dutch theologist, Bernard Debastian Cremer. The book contains engravings presenting the Temple and the Temple's vessels, some folded. Engravings are numbered from one to seven and engraving number six is missing, apparently removed from the book.
[5] leaves, 495 pp, [34] leaves + [6] engraving plates + [6] pages with explanations about the engravings; [20] leaves, 592 pp, [35] leaves. Good condition. Foxing and damp stains. Edges of binding are scuffed. Two volumes.

Opening150$ Sold For188$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 23


Kings of Judea and Israel – Zurich, 1787

Geschichte der Könige Juda und Israels nach der Trennung des Reichs, Johann Jakob Hess. Zurich: Orell Fussli, 1787. Two volumes.
The history of the Kings of Judea and Israel, following the division into two kingdoms.
Vol. I: xxii, 502 pp; vol. II: 493 pp + [2] folded plates, 17.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Damage to binding.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction Online 4 Lot Number 24


Economic-Technological Encyclopedia – Engravings – Berlin, 1792 – Second Edition

Ökonomisch-technologische Encyklopädie oder allgemeines System der Stats-, Stadt-, Haus- und Land-Wirthschaft und der Kunst-Geschichte, Theil. 31, Johann Georg Krunitz. Berlin, 1792. German. Second edition.
Economic-technological encyclopedia with entries related to Jews (pp. 293-645). With 10 engraving-plates (folded) and one table (folded plate). Engraved portrait of Marcus Bloch Elieser (18th century Jewish physician) facing the title page.
[1] engraving plate, [1], 970 pp + [11] folded plates, 20 cm. Good condition. Stains and creases. Red edges. Binding with leather spine and corners, damaged.

Opening100$ Sold For125$ Including buyers premium
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