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Auction Online 18 Lot Number 678

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Two Fractional Notes – 50 and 100 Mils, 1948

Two fractional notes in denominations of 50 and 100 Mils. Israel, [1948].
1. Israel, Government Fractional Note. 50 Mils. Pick #6.
Graded PMG 55 EPQ, About Uncirculated.
2. Israel, Government Fractional Note. 100 Mils. Pick #7.
Graded PMG 64, Choice Uncirculated.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening200$ Leading1,700$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 674

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Banknote – 500 Mils, Anglo-Palestine Bank

500 Mils Banknote, Anglo-Palestine Bank. Israel, [1948-1951].
Pick #14a.
Graded PMG 58 EPQ, Choice About Unc.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening800$ Leading1,400$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 687

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Zionist Shekel – Collection of Receipts and Booklets – “Mauritius Shekel”– 1911-1964

About 90 receipts and receipt booklets for donation of "Zionist Shekel". Half are from Palestine and the others from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Egypt, Uruguay, Mauritius, and more, 1911-1964.
The collection includes receipt booklets and single receipts, among them new receipts, for donation of "Zionist Shekel", considered as yearly membership fees in the Zionist Organization and giving the donors the right to vote in the elections to the Zionist Congress. Among them: • Receipt for donation of one Shekel USA (?), 1911. • Certificate awarded to Yehiel Zeitag for donation of a "Gold Shekel". Jerusalem, 1923. Signed by Max Soloveichik. Design: Joesph Budko. • Voucher - "Temporary Shekel" (blank) issued by "Tzeire Zion". Vilnius, 1925. • Receipt for donation of a Shekel. Latvia, 1930. • Four receipts. Poland, 1923-1935. • Six receipts. Belgium, 1935-1947. • Two receipts. Uruguay, 1939-1940. • "Substitute Shekel", Mauritius, 1942. Printed in Mauritius and was used for collection of membership fees among the Mauritius exiles. A declaration appears on the back: "According to a letter from the Zionist Executive in Jerusalem of 11.11.1941, this shekel is recognized and valid and lists of the payers are to be sent to Jerusalem". • Receipt for donation of one Shekel, Italy, 1945. • 50 receipts and copies of receipts for donation of a Shekel and "Herzl Shekel" (for voting for the 25th Zionist Congress, 1960), Palestine and Israel, 1915-1960. Among them receipts for donations of "Jubilee Shekel", 1947. • Receipt for a donation of one Shekel, Canada, 1964. • Four receipt booklets for donations of one Shekel, Germany, 1920s-1933. • Three receipt booklets. Palestine, 1920s-1948. • Receipts booklet - state not mentioned, 1946. • More.
Enclosed: • Entrance ticket to the Executive Board session. Jerusalem, 1952. • Entrance ticket to the 25th Zionist Congress. Jerusalem, 1960. • Receipt for donation of "A tenth of a Shekel per capita" to JNF. • Postcard published by "Phoenix" with a photograph of Herzl watching the city of Basel. • Postcard published by the "National Committee of JNF", on the occasion of "Fifty years to the first Zionist Congress in Basel".
Some of the items appear in multiple copies.
Size and condition vary. Good to fair condition. Numerous cards are torn in the center after being used for voting by the Zionist Congress delegates.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Opening500$ Leading1,100$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 499

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“Gruss Aus” Postcard – Exhibition on Palestine in Frankfurt

Gruss aus der Palästina Ausstellung Frankfurt a. M. [Souvenir from the Palestine exhibition in Frankfurt am Main]. Frankfurt am Main: Kunst Anstalt Rosenblatt, [ca. late 19th century]. German.
Undivided souvenir postcard published for the Palestine exhibition that was held in Frankfurt am Main. The postcard contains illustrations of scenes from the exhibition hall: the entrance stairs to the exhibition; the "Hall of the Kaiser" with his portrait; the entranceway into the exhibition hall.
9X13 cm. Good condition. Minor blemishes and tears at the edges.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening200$ Leading750$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 529

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Ze’ev Raban – Collection of Hand-Drawn Sketches – Industrial Art Workshop

Approximately 120 sketches, most of them drawn in pencil and ink, that Ze’ev Raban prepared for items such as commercial logos, certificates, jewelry, and signs. Jerusalem.
Among them: Eleven sketches in watercolor and colored pencil (including symbols of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the landscapes of Palestine, and a logo for the Freemasons’ Grand Lodge of the State of Israel); many sketches of logos for commercial enterprises and institutions (such as Solel Boneh, the Anglo-Palestine Bank, and the School of Nursing at Beilinson Hospital); sketches of architectural elements and three-dimensional objects; jewelry and decorative objects; billboards; certificates of appreciation; maps; ornaments in geometric and vegetal patterns; and more.
Many of them are stamped: "Ze’ev Raban, Industrial Art Workshop (formerly Gur-Arie and Raban), Bezalel, Jerusalem". Some of them contain notes, comments, and instructions in Raban’s handwriting.
Enclosed: Three leaves in Raban’s handwriting – lists of works (evidently illustrations for a book); eighteen trial color prints (from books that Raban illustrated); seven trial prints for designs of logos.
Size and condition vary. Overall good–fair condition.

Opening500$ Leading550$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 762

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Collection of Pins and Badges – IDF

Nine IDF badges and pins, including cap badges and a cloth badge.
• Cap badge of the Military Academies – a sword and open book with the legend "Quietly and Safely" (Hebrew). • Pin with a Jeep, a winged camel and swords. Apparently used by the Bedouin Scouts unit. • Cap badge of the Territorial Defense Corps – a sword and two crossed rifles. • HAGA (civil defense) cap badge. • Cap badge – Supply Corps. • Infantry Corps cap badge. • Cap badge – NAHAL (fighting pioneer youth) in its early version – sword with the legend NAHAL. • Cap badge of Artillery Corps in its early version – IDF emblem with two crossed cannons. • Khaki cloth badge with IDF emblem.
Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Opening250$ Leading550$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 754

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Nine Pins – Jewish Brigade, Palmach and Etzioni Brigade

Nine pins, some are miniature, of the Jewish Brigade, Palmach, and Etzioni Brigade. Palestine, 1940s.
1-2. Two small pins – Jewish Brigade – Star of David on blue-white stripes.
3-6. Four pins with Palmach emblem – two stalks of wheat and a sword. Two are miniature pins.
7-9. Three pins of Etzioni Brigade. Two are miniature.
Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Opening200$ Leading500$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 688

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Collection of Transport Tickets and Receipts of Early Transit Companies – Palestine, 1920s-30s

33 receipts, transport tickets and business cards of bus companies, transit services and garages. Palestine, 1920s-30s (a few items are later).
The collection includes business cards and receipts of transport companies, among them "Express Car Service", "Garage 'Tiberias' and Garage 'Palestine'", "'Kadima' Car Service", "Car Service to all parts of Palestine, I. Kimmel, Afula", "Har VaEmek Car Service company, to all parts of Palestine, Syria and Aram Naharayim". "'Gesher' Car service to all of the cities, Palestine and Syria", "Drivers Association 'Hasharon'", "Drivers Association Hadera", "Association of Jewish Drivers in Palestine", Car Service "Ha-Ichud"and Car Service "Merkaz". The collection also includes a truck driver's license on behalf of the Mandate Government, for the year 1947-1948.
Enclosed: • Membership Card in the name of Gordon Yehushua in "Garden Enthusiasts" Club, Tel-Aviv, 1923. Receipts issued by different taxi companies, among them "Hamerkaz", "Hasharon", "Dan"and more, ca.1970s – 1990s.
Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Opening300$ Leading440$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 627

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Four Photographs – Sarah and Aaron Aaronsohn – Early 20th Century

Four photographs of the brothers Sarah and Aaron Aaronsohn, founders of Nili (Jewish espionage network). [Cairo, Paris and Hamburg (one photograph from an unknown location), ca. early 20th century].
• Studio photograph of Sarah Aaronsohn, with two Nili members: Joseph Lishansky and Levi Yitzchak Shneersohn. Most probably taken in Cairo, 1917. • Portrait photograph ("carte de visite") of Sarah Aaronsohn, attached to a cardboard plate with photographer's name - Fr. Hasselmeier, Hamburg. • Real-photo postcard of Sarah Aaronsohn.
Two photographs are numbered with a colored pencil on top. On the back of three photographs appear handwritten inscriptions (Hebrew) and on the back of two appear ink-stamps: Grands Magasins Carlmann, Photographe: Mr. Romano; Anglo Russian Studio, Averde des Pyramides – Heliopolis.
Approx. 6X9 cm – 14X9 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and minor blemishes to margins.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening400$ Leading420$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 504

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Collection of “Shanah Tovah” Postcards – Hebrew Publishing Co. – United States

Approximately 90 "Shanah Tovah" postcards. Published by Hebrew Publishing Co., New-York, [the first decades of the 20th century].
The collection includes: postcards depicting events from the Jewish cycle of life, among them Brit Mila, buying Etrog, and more; postcards depicting biblical scenes, among them King David playing the harp, story of Samson and Delilah, and more; postcards depicting Zionist themes and motifs, among them the second Zionist Congress in Basel, a ship in Jaffa port, "Lag BaOmer in the colony of Petach Tikva", Herzl's portrait, donation to a JNF Blue Box and more; postcards depicting immigration from the Old World to the USA, among them flags of the USA by the Blue and White flag, American Jews welcoming with open arms Jews coming from East Europe, "from darkness to light" – the American eagle rescuing doves from the claws of the Russian eagle, and more; and postcards depicting the prosperity and success which the new year will bring. Numerous postcards were illustrated by Jacob Keller (signed in the plate).
A number of postcards appear in several copies.
8.5X13.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Many stains. Some blemishes to margins of postcards. Open tears at margins of several postcards. Creases. Fractures. Long tear to one postcard, reinforced with tape. Two postcards were used.

Opening400$ Leading400$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 521

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“May the Vision of the Negev Be Fulfilled” – Yiddish Poster Issued by the Jewish National Fund – Franz Kraus – 1950s

"May the vision of the Negev be fulfilled – redemption and water for the desolate wilderness": illustrated poster issued by the Jewish National Fund. Tel Aviv: A. Levin-Epstein Printers / Rosner Advertising, [1950s]. Design: Franz Kraus. Yiddish.
A large water pipeline is seen in the foreground of the poster, with plowed fields and thriving residential communities behind it. The caption "May the vision of the Negev be fulfilled – redemption and water for the desolate wilderness" appears, in Yiddish, at the top of the poster.
Approx. 49X69 cm. in a 68.5X80 cm. frame. Good condition. Folding marks and creases. Stains. Unexamined outside the frame.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening400$ Leading400$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 519

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Poster Marking Israel’s First Independence Day, 1949 – the Shamir Brothers

"On the day of our first celebration of the State of Israel’s establishment… Keren HaYesod sends its blessing to the whole House of Israel in Israel and in the Diaspora". Illustrated poster issued by Keren HaYesod in honor of the State of Israel’s first Independence Day. Tel Aviv: HaPoel HaTza’ir Cooperative Press, 1949. Design: The Shamir Brothers.
A congratulatory message from Keren HaYesod in honor of the State of Israel’s first Independence Day appears at the center of the poster: "Just as we were privileged to establish our state, so may we be privileged to improve and glorify it, and gather its children within it from the four corners of the earth….". Around the message is a frame of grapevines and oranges. At the top of the frame is a cloud issuing trumpets, a shofar, and Israeli flags. At the bottom of the frame is the date: "5 Iyar, 1949."
70X50 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and minor blemishes. Traces of pasting at the corners. Folding marks and creases. Tears (some open) at the edges and on the fold lines. The entire poster is mounted on thin acid-free paper.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening400$ Leading400$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 777

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Large Collection of Badges and Pins – Maccabiah Games and “Maccabi”

Approximately 140 badges and pins of the Maccabiah Games and various "Maccabi" groups in Palestine and elsewhere.
The collection includes:
• Maccabiah pins, including pins from the first five Maccabiahs. • 26 pins from the 12th Maccabiah Games with the legend "USA-Israel". Various illustrations on the pins stand for various types of sports: tennis, swimming, weight lifting, and more. • Pins commemorating the traditional torch race held by Young Maccabi movement. • Collection of "Maccabi" and "Young Maccabi" pins from different locations in Palestine: Ramat-Gan, Ramla, Magdiel, Nes- Ziona, Zichron Ya'akov and more. • Pins of "Maccabi" groups worldwide: Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Munich and more. • Enamel plated pin with the legend "Makkabea 1912" (most probably from Bratislava). • More.
Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Opening150$ Leading340$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 759

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Nine Pins – the Haganah and the Palmah / Mishmar ha-Am

Nine pins – the Haganah, the Palmah, and Mishmar ha-Am.
• Pins containing the Palmah symbol – two sheaves of wheat and a sword (with slight differences in the design of the sword and the sheaves. One pin has a Star of David between the sheaves). • "Haganah Member" pins from Tel Aviv and Petah Tikva. • Pin of Mishmar ha-Am in Jerusalem.
Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Opening200$ Leading340$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 758

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Seven Pins – The Haganah and the Palmah / Mishmar Ha-Am

Seven pins – the Haganah, the Palmah, and Mishmar ha-Am
• Pins of the Haganah in Afula, Petah Tikva, and Jerusalem. • Palmah pin – two sheaves of wheat and a sword. • Pin of Mishmar ha-Am in Jerusalem. • Pin marking Haganah Day, Lag ba-Omer 1966. The text "Member of the Haganah, Tel Aviv" appears at the center of the pin. • Pin commemorating the soldiers of the 133rd Battalion of the Alexandroni Brigade.
Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Opening150$ Leading320$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 567

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Collection of Hebrew Literature and Poetry from the Yishuv Period – 1906-1945 – Dedications by the Authors

Collection of books and periodicals by Hebrew authors and poets, some with the authors' dedications. Tel-Aviv, London and elsewhere, 1906-1945.
1. HaMeorer, edited by Yosef Haim Brenner. London: Masada, 1906. First year, 11 issues (one issue is double). Title page of issue no. 5 is missing.
2. From the poems of Avigdor Feirstein [Avigdor Hameriri]. [Budapest], [1912], Dedication by the poet.
3. Beinatayim, literary anthology, by Yehoshua Feldman [R' Binyamin]. "Achdut" press, Jerusalem, [1913].
4. HaAdama, published once a month by Achdut HaAvodah, edited by Y. H. Brenner. "Achdut" press, Tel-Aviv, ]1920). Four booklets. Issues nos. 5-8.
5. Alim, collection of literary writings, in memory of Sarah Tehon. Tel-Aviv: "Association of Jewish Women for Equal Rights in Palestine", [1922].
6. Mikre Tafel, by Elisheva. Tel-Aviv: "Tomer", [1929].
7. Turim, "Stage of Yachdav Authors" [weekly]. Tel-Aviv, 1933-1934. First year, issues nos. 1-50.
8. Al HaDam, by Avigdor Hameiri. Tel-Aviv: "Lev Chadash", 1936. Two copies. Dedication by the author on one of the copies.
9. Likrat Medinah Ivrit, or Galut Yehudah? By Avigdor Hameiri. Tel-Aviv: "HaMachar", [1938].
10. Ma Shehaya, by Dvora Baron. Tel-Aviv: "Davar", [1939]. Dedication by the author.
11. Mishle Kedumim, by Ya'akov Cohen. Tel-Aviv: "Mizpe", [1943]. Dedication by the author.
12. Yugurnat, by M. Avi-Shaul. Published by the author. Tel-Aviv, 1945.
Size and condition vary. The books were not thoroughly examined and are offered for sale AS IS.
Provenance: Collection of Dr. Israel Mehlman.

Opening200$ Leading320$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 457

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Collection of Various Paper Items from Zionist and Israeli History – Notebooks, Postcards, Advertising Pamphlets, Posters, Ephemera, and Other Items – 20th Century

Approximately 200 printed paper items from Zionist and Israeli history. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other locations in Palestine and Europe, early 1900s to ca. 1970s. Hebrew and some English (a few items are in other languages).
Among the items: • A letter from the governor of the Jerusalem district to Yitzhak Yaakobi, the founder of the Beit Hakerem neighborhood, allowing him to purchase three rifles for the neighborhood’s defense. September 1936. Signed in handwriting by the governor’s representative, stamped "Beit Hakerem Mutual Association Ltd." and signed by Yaakobi. • Draft of a memo from the Hebrew Gymnasium in Jerusalem (typewritten with corrections in handwriting), which was sent with a request to "assist in finding learning equipment for physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, and anyone who can help enrich the library". Probably written on the eve of the opening of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, it includes an interesting overview of the history of the Gymnasium and its financial situation. • "Album for the Dubek photo collection, published in 1939" – booklet for collecting stickers (filled). • Approx. 20 postcards (including postcards published by Lebanon, the Eliyahu Brothers, Y. Ben-Dov, and others). • Approx. 30 booklets and books (including early writings published by Bnei Tzion, reports of the investigative committee on the Palestine question, and more). • Eight photographs (including one of David Ben-Gurion shaking the hand of a woman in the traditional dress of Jewish women from Arab countries). • Approximately 20 issues of the HaShavua periodical. • Envelopes, New Year cards, receipts, advertising booklets, catalogues of art exhibitions, flyers, and more.
Enclosed: A leather document case with a metal Tel Aviv municipality emblem, on the front.
Size and condition vary. Overall good–fair condition.

Opening300$ Leading320$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 676

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Banknote – Five Palestine Pounds – Anglo-Palestine Bank

Five Palestine Pounds banknote, Anglo-Palestine Bank. Israel, [1948-1951].
Pick #16a.
Graded PMG 53 NET, About Uncirculated.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening300$ Leading300$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 656

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Non-Traditional Haggadah – Field Survey Company 524 – Italy, 1945

Passover Haggadah, Palestine Field Survey Company 524. Italy, 1945. Printed in blue.
Non-traditional Haggadah, partly humorous, with illustrations depicting the company's life. The chapter "Vayehi Bachatzi Halalyla" was adapted as a parody telling about a guarding officer who fell asleep while on duty, and "Adir Hu" reflects the professional specializations of the unit's soldiers.
Enclosed with the Haggadah are a menu leaf and an illustrated map. The menu is humorous and details the dishes – mainly the disadvantages of army food: "Eggs – next year… warm drinks – tea with no chlorine…". On the bottom of the leaf appear the title "Passover dinner menu", the name of the company and the year.
The map, titled "Exodus from Egypt from slavery to liberty", presents the journey trail of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan. No date.
Field Survey Company R.E. 524 was formed in 1942, after two British field survey companies were taken as war prisoners. Most soldiers of the company had training in engineering, surveying, architecture, graphics and printing, mechanics and driving. For preparation of the maps the company used a mobile printing press which explains the extraordinary technical level of the Haggadahs that it printed.
Haggadah: [13] leaves (including cover), 15 cm. Menu: 25.5X17 cm. Map: 26.5X22.5 cm. Good condition. Some stains. On the inside front cover appears a dedication written by hand: "to Amitai, as a souvenir".

Opening300$ Leading300$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 554

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Two Bibliophile Publications by Bet Alpha – Engravings by Mordechai Beck

1."Maftir Yona", engravings by Mordechai Beck. Calligraphy by David Moss. [Rochester, NY]: Bet Alpha, 1992. Hebrew and English.
Maftir Yona, fine calligraphy by David Moss, accompanied by original engravings by Mordechai Beck. "Hand-made […] paper especially created for the publishing house in the 'Tut Niyar' workshop in Zichron Ya'akov. Printed by Sidon Rotenberg in the Jerusalem Print Workshop under the supervision of Arik Kilemnik. The engravings were printed under the supervision of the artist. The text was printed with an Albion hand-press from 1886…" Copy no. 18 out of an edition of 70 copies. Signed by Mordechai Beck.
Enclosed is the essay "Between Ninveh and Tarshish" by Mordechai Beck.
[8] leaves, 37.5 cm. Very good condition. Housed in an elegant wooden case.
2. Ushpizin, engravings by Mordechai Beck. [Berkley]: Bet Alpha, 1998. English.
Seven engravings depicting the Seven Ushpizin (guests), by Mordchai Beck, signed, titled and numbered. Copy no. 18 out of an edition of 100 copies. Accompanied by an essay by Mordechai Beck and housed in a fine cloth-covered case.
[2] leaves + [7] engravings. 28 cm. Very good condition.

Opening300$ Leading300$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 661

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Non-traditional Haggadah – General Transport Coy. R.A.S.C. 178 – Benghazi – Libya, 1943

Passover haggadah. General Transport Coy. R.A.S.C. 178. Published by the unit’s cultural committee and edited by the soldiers Tzvi Ankori and Eliyahu Hazan. Drawings: Shur-Glazner. Benghazi (Libya), 1943.
Non-traditional haggadah, mimeographed, with illustrations. Printed on the reverse side of light blue telegram forms of the Italian General Government in Libya.
The haggadah includes the following text: "On this night, as we celebrate the Festival of Freedom… and we, the soldiers of the 178th Jewish Drivers’ Unit, recline together, our hearts rejoice and are in turmoil. Our hearts are in turmoil because the world has become our gallows. Let our blood never be covered over! In this year, the cry of our murdered brethren in exile in Europe rose to us, and there was none to save them. As we were in the desert, sent on a mission from our home, upon the heels of the accursed ones, news reached us of what had been done to us in the valley of killing…. This year, the year of the great terror the like of which our people has never known, we have known some small peace here on the soil of Cyrenaica and Tripoli, for the wretched communities of Israel have been freed from the hangman’s hands…" (pp. 3–4).
On page 14 is an illustration of the soldiers of Palestine Transportation Unit 178 reclining around the seder table. On page 22 is another illustration of the soldiers, with the caption: "Jewish soldiers encamped somewhere on the borders of the desert" (from the song "On the Borders of the Desert").
[27] pp. Missing front cover. 21.5X 15.5 cm. Good condition. Some stains. Page size is non-uniform. Resewn with thread.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening300$ Leading300$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 491

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Collection of Photographs by Photographer Rudi Weissenstein – Youth Aliyah – Studies, Agricultural Training and Vocational Training

Ten photographs documenting Youth Aliyah in Palestine, by photographer Rudi Weissenstein [Tel-Aviv, Nahalal, Givat Brenner, Ayanot and elsewhere, ca. 1940s].
Among the photographs: boys and girls dancing "Hora" on a platform in the Tel-Aviv port after disembarking the ship that brought them to Palestine; classroom in a school in Nahalal; joint studies in Kibbutz Givat Brenner; training youth for different occupations: carpentry, welding, milking, picking oranges, and more.
The photographs are stamped on the back with photographer's stamp (nine in English and one in Hebrew); some are titled in handwriting (English) on the back.
Size and condition vary. Average size: approx. 23X18 cm. Good-fair overall condition. Blemishes, creases and stains (mostly to back). Tears at margins, some restored. Three photographs are lacking a corner.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening300$ Leading300$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 606

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Autograph Letter Hand-Signed by Chaim Weizmann – Palestine, 1918

Autograph letter, hand-signed by Chaim Weizmann, addressed to Iliya Abramovich [probably Eliyahu Berlin]. Written on official letterhead stationery of the "Zionist Commission for Palestine". [Palestine], May 25, 1918. Russian.
A letter, concerning financial matters, which mentions, among others, Zalman David Levontin. Weizmann wrote this letter in the year when he came to Palestine as head of the "Zionist Commission", which was formed to create a relation between the British authorities and the Jewish Yishuv in Palestine, and to create a solid base for the application of the "Balfour Declaration".
The recipient of the letter is, most probably, Eliyahu [Iliya] Berlin (1886-1959), an industrialist and Zionist activist who served as a member in the Provisional State Council and was one of the signatories of the Independence Scroll.
[1] leaf, 13.5X21 cm. Good condition. Vertical folding mark and some creases. Some slight stains and minute tears at margins.

Opening300$ Leading300$

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 757

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Six Pins – Haganah – Pins of “Alexandroni” Brigade and more Pins

Six pins of Haganah forces. Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Petach Tikva and other locations in Palestine.
• Pins of "Haganah Member Tel-Aviv", "Haganah Member Petach Tikva", "Haganah Haifa". • Three pins of "Alexandroni"Brigade forces: "Haganah HaShomron"a nd "Gad District".
On each of the pins appears a variation of the "Haganah "emblem". Two of the pins are numbered on the back.
Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Opening200$ Leading300$
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