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Auction 9 Lot Number 975


Very Large Hanukah Lamp – Egypt

Large Copper Hanukah Lamp. Sawn, hammered and engraved. Egypt, 1980's.
On top, above the Shamash, are decorations in the shape of the Tablets of the Law, two lions, a crown and gazelles. In the center appears the Western Wall with Jews praying, above it the three prayers chanted during the lighting of the candles. On the lower part decorations in shapes of gazelles and the menorah, as well as vegetal and geometric designs.
8 rectangular pinched oil-vessels are set in the base each 7.5 X 5 cm. Two decorated pillars on the sides.
Height: 83 cm, width: 70 cm, maximal depth: 9 cm.

Opening800$ Sold For1,300$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 507

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Max Brod – Collection of Letters

15 letters and aerograms, sent to Mr. William Wolf, literary agent of brod in the United States. Tel Aviv, 1958-1968.
The letters concern the publication of Brod's books. About half of the letters are handwritten, the others are type-written, all of them signed. German.
Varying sizes and conditions, generally in good condition.

Opening800$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 108

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Rights of Jews Assurance – Bavaria, 1848

Königlishce Proclamation. Proclamation by Ludwig I, King of Bavaria. Munich, 1848.
The king promises in this proclamation to enhance free journalism, to cancel censorship, to improve the election campaign, to enhance the laws system through a public court and to ensure the improvement of the status of the Jews.
This proclamation is an example of the emancipation, granted to the Jews in different states, following the March 1848 revolution, and following the publication to a law stating that religious faith should have no influence at all on civil and political rights. German.
40 X 26 cm. Good condition. Stains, folding marks.

Opening750$ Sold For750$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 78

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Sermon in Honor of the Russian Emperor – Riga, 1857

Ein Vortrag am Krönungsfeste Ihrer Majestäten des Herrn und Kaisers Alexander Nikolajewitsch II und der Kaiserin Maria Alexandrowna im August 1856, Mendel G. Israelsohn, Riga, 1857.
Sermon held by Rabbi Mendel Israelsohn on the occasion of the first anniversary of Alexander the Second (Nikolajewitsch) coronation, Russian Emperor, and his wife, Maria Alexandrowna. The sermon was held in Hebrew in the synagogues of Libau, Piltene and Ventspils (Vindau) in 1856.
Rabbi Mendel Israelsohn, Rabbi of pilten, in the territory of historical Latvia. This area was under Russian rule as of 1795.
34 pages, 19.5 cm. Good condition. Stains.

Opening750$ Sold For750$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 952


Armenian Ceramic Jug

Tall Armenian ceramic jug.
Vegetal and floral decorations in purple, red and yellow. Signed on bottom with a signature similar to the letter "S".
Height: 22 cm, diameter: 16 cm. Very good condition.

Opening700$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 554

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Collection of Wine Labels and Wine Articles

1. Official envelope of Carmel wine company, Warsaw New York. Sent from Warsaw to Jaffa through Odessa and Constantinople in 1902.
2. Official envelope of The Palestine wine & trading co. Ltd, Rishon Le-Zion and Zichron Ya'akov wineries. Sent from London to "Carmel Oriental" company in Alexandria (the 1920's ?).
3. 47 labels for different drinks by "Carmel Mizrachi", "Carmey Ha-Sharon", "Adloyada", Rishon Le-Zion wineries, Zichron Ya'akov, Sharona-Jaffa and more. Some labels were printed in Egypt with French writing, some were printed in Lublin and Grodno with writing in Polish. All labels are prior to the establishment of the state of Israel, some are rare.
4. 10 large labels and 11 small labels for drinks made by "Mitzi", "Carmel Mizrachi" and "Ein Gedi". All are in color and printed after the establishment of the state of Israel.
5. 7 wine bottle labels, "Yekev Yerushalayim" of Shimon Weiss and sons.
6. 2 promotional booklets of "Carmel Mizrachi" wineries: booklet with explanations in English and a few photographs; leaflet with prices of 1940.
79 items. Varying sizes, good condition.

Opening700$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 982


Hanukah Lamp Designed by Zeev Raban on the Tenth Anniversary of the State of Israel

Hanukah Lamp for Israel's tenth anniversary, cast and oxidized brass with green patina. Marked on the bottom "Made in Israel M.G.T.A 58", 1958.
There are similar Hanukah Lamps known of made by "Pal Bal". Design of front and back plaque, on which are seen an Israeli soldier, the State's emblem, a pioneer girl with the Israeli flag, was made by Zeev Raban.
Height: 10 cm, width: 19 cm, depth: 8 cm (including the protruding Shamash). Good condition.

Opening700$ Sold For900$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 170

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Souvenir Album –Synagogue Inauguration in Cuba, 1955

Souvenir inauguración Oficial de la Casa y Templo de la Comunidad Hebrea de Cuba {Souvenir of inauguration of Cuban Jewish Community Synagogue], October 1955.
24 large photographs (25 X 20.5 cm) black and white, of inauguration ceremony of synagogue with relevant newspaper clippings. Pasted in an album bearing a title with the description of the event, illustrations of Star of David and the synagogue.
The album was presented to Dr. Yosef Keissari, Israeli Ambassador to Cuba, the Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista and the Military Leadership also appear in the album.
35.5 X 28.5 cm. Photographs in very good condition. Edges of leaves and cover of album somewhat torn.

Opening600$ Sold For600$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 177

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Levi’s Song – Anti-semitic Children’s Story – Koln, 1895

Das lied vom Levi [Levi's Song], Eduard Schwechten, with illustrations by Siegfried Horn. Koln, 1895.
Rhymed anti-Semitic story for children, with many anti-semitic illustrations.
46, [1] pages, 24.5 cm. Good condition. Few stains on cover. Cover partly detached.

Opening600$ Sold For600$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 939


Charity Box -“Or Ha-Chaim” Hospital in Constantinople – Ladino

Charity box, Jewish National Hospital "Or Ha-Chaim". Constantinople, 1920's.
Charity box with inscription in Ladino in Hebrew and Latin letters. A drawing of a patient and a nurse in the hospital appear in the center of the box.
"Or Ha-Chaim" hospital is active to this day.
Height: 12.5 cm, width: 10 cm, maximal depth: 6.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Rust. Money-insertion slot is crooked.

Opening600$ Sold For600$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 858

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Efraim Moshe Lilien – Book of His Creations, 1903

Sein Werk, E.M. Lilien. Berlin and Leipzig, 1903. Introduction by Stephen Zweig.
Collection of Lilien's graphic works: book-tags, covers, frames and original creations (not in print).
Fine volume with especially high-quality reproductions. Printed in only 1000 copies.
[9], 347 pages, 29.5 cm. Very good condition. Stains on fist and last pages. Original cover designed by Lilien, with slight damages.

Opening600$ Sold For600$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 924


Numbered Silver Medallion – Drawing by Marc Chagall

King David, large medallion with colorful silk-print drawing of King David, of the work "Entrance to Jerusalem" by Marc Chagall.
Numbered edition by the Government Society for Medals and Coins, numbered, out of 500 units.
Diameter: 19 cm, framed: 32 X 32 cm. Weight: 600 grams. Very good condition. Certificate of guarantee attached.

Opening600$ Sold For600$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 104

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Two Manifests with Laws for Jews – Sweden, the 18th Century

1. Kongl. Majets och Rikfens – Commerce-Collegii Reglemente foer them Judesta Nationen. Stockholm, May 27, 1782. Manifest printed by the Royal Swedish Printing Press. Includes new and important laws for Jews dealing with silver an dgold. [3] pages, 21.5 cm. Good condition.
2. Kongl Majets och Rikets Commerce-Collegii Kungoereise. Stockholm, May 6, 1790. Booklet with official regulations in addition to the manifest of 1782, for Jews handling silver and gold in their crafts. [13] pages, 23.5 cm. Good condition. Paper somewhat worn, slight tears to edges, stains.

Opening600$ Sold For1,300$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 665

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Jewish Life

51 undivided postcards with pictures depicting various Jewish life cycle events, most of the drawings are by Hermann Junker. Among the events: Bar-Mitzvah, Tashlich, Bircat Cohanim, Purim and more.
Part of the series, numbers existing: 1-8, 10-34, 36-50, 53, 54, 56.
Good condition, some have an ink stamp of previous owner, four are used.

Opening550$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 889

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Meir Gur Aryeh – Engraving and Signed Lithogrph

1. Engraving of a shepherd, Meir Gur Aryeh. Not signed. 20 X 16 cm. Good condition. Few stains.
2. Lithograph, shepherd. Magazine title page, 1926. Signed in pen by Gur Aryeh. 30.5 X 22 cm. Good condition. Stains.

Opening500$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 511

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Books with Dedications of Benjamin Galai’s Library

Collection of books from the library of Benjamin Galai and books given to him as a gift, some with dedications from friends. The collection includes:
1. Books with dedications from friends: Alexander Pen, Avraham Shlonsky, Aharon Amir, Refael Eliaz, Shlomo Tanai, Ya'akov Orland, Shlomo Shafan, Tzila Binder, Cahim Guri, Ze'ev, Zaharira Charifai, Shlomo Sheba and others.
2. Books with family dedications: Benjamin Galai to his father or his children.
3. Copy of "Shotim U-Melachim" by Benjamin Galai, with proofreading and comments by the writer.
Benjamin Galai (1921-1995) writer, poet, playwright, translator and publicist. Wrote a weekly column in "Maariv" newspaper by the name of "Coffee and Milk". Published a novel, children's books, poetry books, plays and more.
Various sizes and conditions.

Opening500$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 203


Nazi Propaganda in Slovakia – Rare Collection of Newspaper Clippings and Press Releases, 1940

Deutsche press brief, Slowakische ausgabe [Press release, Slovakian version]. July-December 1940.

Opening500$ Sold For600$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 77

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The Status of Polish Jews – Matheus Butrymowicz – Warsaw, 1789

Sposób Uformowania Zydów Polskich w Pozytecznych Krajowi Obywatelow. Matheus Butrymowicz. Warsaw, 1789. First Edition.
In this booklet, published by the Polish politician Butrymowicz, which he even sent to the polish king, the writer suggests a plan to turn the Polish Jews into more useful citizens. He claims that the Polish law relates to the Jews as a foreign element, burdens them with exceptional taxes, does not grant them rights as to the rest of the citizens, and as a result society's attitude towards the Jews is negative and one cannot expect them to be useful to the state. When, in 1790, a committee was established in Poland to reform the status of the Jews, Butrymowicz was one of its active members.
[1], 46 pages, 14.5 cm. Good condition. Few stains. Tear to title leaf. Cut edges. Pencil marks in the booklet. Modern binding.

Opening500$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 227

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Pictorial Report – Rescue Committee, 1948

Pictorial Revivew, Vaad Hatzala Germany, published by Vaas Hatzala (rescue committee), Germany, 1948.
Description of the rescue committee operation in the camps of the surviving few in Germany' with photographs and documents: distribution of food, kitchens, education, printing of prayer books and distribution, photographs of camps' rabbis, central figures in the committee and more.
300 pages (faulty pagination), 29.5 cm. Good condition. Original binding, distorted, partly detached.

Opening500$ Sold For750$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 663

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Scenes from Jewish Life

37 postcards depicting scenes from Jewish life: Synagogue, Prayer, Yom Kippur, Shabbat, etc. Various publishers. 20 are undivided. 12 are used.
Various conditions, good.

Opening500$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 658

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Efraim Moshe Lilien

58 postcards illustrated by Efraim Moshe Lilien. From various collections and publications.
Two are not divided, one is a JNF postcard and another is published by a Jewish organization.
Conditions vary.

Opening500$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 207

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Photographs of a Lobor Camp – Romania

Six photographs by Moise Marcel Enghelberg, Romania.
Five photographs describe Lagarul de munca fortata – a Labor Camp, where groups of workers hold tools, while soldiers supervise the labor. In the sixth photograph Enghelberg is seen marching down a street in Bacau (Romania) with two friends: he and one of the friends wear a Yellow Star. The description of the photograph states that they wear the Yellow Star due to Nazi persecutions.
8 X 6 cm average size. Fair to good condition, some of the photographs are stained or with creases to corners.

Opening500$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 245

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Collection of Booklets of Chalutzim Movements in Germany, 1931-1948

Collection of Chalutzim Movements in Germany:
1. 11 booklets printed during the years 1931-1938, by various youth movements. Titles of publications: "Habonim", "No'ar Chalutzi", "Hashomer", "Hachalutz", "Dapey Maanit", "Devar Hechalutz", "Bamsila" and more. All booklets are in German, except for one.
2. 11 booklets printed for the surviving few: The Histadrut holiday – "Dror", booklets "Lehavot – Iton Lama'apil Ha-Tza'ir", Yiddish booklet – "Dror", Paper of "Dror" movement in Germany. Yiddish and Hebrew.
22 booklets, varying sizes and conditions. Part of the booklets are stenciled.

Opening500$ Sold For600$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 134

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Documents and Photographs of a Sanatorium for Jewish Children – Germany

Collection of documents of a Jewish children sanatorium (for children who suffer from tubrculosis), of the Women's Society on the island Wyk auf Föhr in north Germany, in the state of Schleswig- Holstein (Kinder Erholungsheim des Jud. Frauen- Vereins, Wyk-Südstrand auf Föhr, end of the 1920's beginning of 1930's.
Collection includes: 17 photographs of children, building of the sanatorium, facilities and some of the island's landscape; four architectural sketches of the sanatorium's buildings; list of members of the Jewish organizations union; a few letters sent to the sanatorium; tables of detailed lists of expenses; promotions leaflets of the sanatorium; activity report draft and some other documents.
Varying size, good condition.

Opening500$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium
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