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Auction 9 Lot Number 912


Medallion in Honor of Moshe Montefiore

Silver medallion. London, ca. 1900.
Moshe Montefiore's portrait in the center, encircled by the inscription in Hebrew letters "Sir Moshe Montefiore May He Live Long…". On the reverse side appears the emblem of the Montefiore family and the inscription "Sir Moses Montefiore Oberscherif von Kent & London".
Diameter: 3.7 cm. Good condition. Pin hole to upper part.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 9 Lot Number 913


Silver Medallion – Montefiore Prize in an English School

Elaborate silver medallion, Merchant Tailors School. England, 1914. On one side appears the inscription "The Montefiore Hebrew Prize", encircled with two laurel branches and on the reverse side the school's emblem in which two camels are seen holding a shield with a sheep's head on it.
Merchant Tailor boys' school was founded in 1561 and continued to exist in London till 1933.
The medallion is set in a fine glass and metal case, with an engraving of its receiver's name: "J.C.G Ferguson, 1914".
Diameter: 5 cm. Fine box. Good condition. Few stains.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 9 Lot Number 914


Silver Medallion – Visit of Emperor Wilhelm II to Jerusalem

Silver medallion, Emperor Wilhelm II visit to Jerusalem, 1898.
On one side appears the German emperor, riding a horse, and the inscription "Wilhelm II Deutscher Kaiser"; on the reverse appears a drawing of the "Holy Grave" and the inscription "Visit of the Emperor to Jerusalem, October 1898" in German. Engraving in medallion's depth.
Diameter: 3 cm. Very good condition.

Opening500$ Sold For650$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 915


Mazal Coin – United States

Bronze coin.
On one side appears the portrait of the 23rd president of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the date March 4 1933 (in English). On the reverse side the word "Mazal" within a Maggen David, encircled by the words "Health, Wealth, Prosperity".
Diameter: 3 cm. Good condition. Stain and a few scratches.

Opening80$ Unsold

Auction 9 Lot Number 916


Hospital Named After Salomon Heine

Three medallions, the Jewish community hospital in Hamburg named after Salomon Heine. Undated, 19th century. One side has Salomon Heine's portrait, the reverse shows a view of the hospital, built in memory of Heine's wife in 1841. The inscription is in German.
Salomon Heine was the uncle of the poet Heinrich Heine.
4.5 cm; 2 cm. Good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For300$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 917


Tin Amulet – Jerusalem

Tin amulet cast as a pendant. Eretz Yisrael, late 19th century [?].
In the center the Western Wall is seen encircled by the inscription "Holy City Jerusalem, Ben Porat Yossef Ben Porat Aley Ayin". On the reverse side is the letter "ה", an inscription within it, and around it names of the angels.
2.5 X 4 cm. Good condition.
See "Omanut Ve-Umanut Be-Eretz Yisrael Ba-Meah Ha-19", page 25.

Opening250$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 918


Plaque with the Letter “ש” with Four Arms

Ancient plaque with the embossment of the letter "ש" with four arms.
The letter "ש" with four arms appears in head-tefillin; it is possible that this item is related to the making of tefillin.
3 X 3 cm. Good condition.

Opening180$ Sold For180$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 919


Kasher Token of the Moshavah Hadera

"Kasher", Kashrut-Token of the Moshavah Hadera. Ca. 1900.
"Kasher 3" appears on one side and on the reverse "Hadera[9?]".
Hadera was established as a Moshavah by First Aliyah people in 1891.
1.3 X 1 cm. Fair condition. Letters are worn.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 9 Lot Number 920


Cast Lead Dreidl

Small dreidl made of cast lead, נ, ג, ה, ש. Primitive and early casting.
2.5 X 1 cm. Fair condition. Corrosion. Letters are worn.

Opening180$ Sold For180$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 921


Post- Crystal Night Bronze Plaque

Jeremiah and a mourning angel, cast bronze plaque. Signed and dated: Louis Rosenthal, 1939.
Bronze plaque with the face of the prophet Jeremiah, next to him a weeping angel with an open book and the year 1938. On the reverse side is seen the inscription " In the union of faiths we are fortified to serve mankind" and three hands holding a torch.
The plaque was made by the artist as a reaction to the Crystal Night in Germany (20.11.1938), hoping for the union of nations against Nazism.
See attached material about the artist and this plaque.
9 X 5.8 cm. Very good condition. Very accurate and high quality casting.

Opening200$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 922


Moshe Montefiore

Copper board in the shape of Minister Moshe Montefiore's figure.
Maximal size: 25 X 19 cm. Good condition. Two screws for hanging are found on back side.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 9 Lot Number 923


Silver Goblet – Bnei Brith – Wedding Dedication – England, 1924

Silver goblet. England, early 20th century, signed. Engraved dedication in English: "Presented to Bro. M. Tapuach on the occasion of his marriage 30.12.24 by the Sir Herbert Samuel Lodge No. 8" and a Maggen David, within which are the letters H.O.D .
English manufacturer and silver marks.
Height: 14.5 cm. Very good condition.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 9 Lot Number 924


Numbered Silver Medallion – Drawing by Marc Chagall

King David, large medallion with colorful silk-print drawing of King David, of the work "Entrance to Jerusalem" by Marc Chagall.
Numbered edition by the Government Society for Medals and Coins, numbered, out of 500 units.
Diameter: 19 cm, framed: 32 X 32 cm. Weight: 600 grams. Very good condition. Certificate of guarantee attached.

Opening600$ Sold For600$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 925


Silver Medallions – United States

4 Hebrew silver medallions made in the United States. Two medallions signed Judaic Heritage Society. High quality casting, all of them with silver marks.
Two are square featuring a man blowing the Shofar next to the Western wall and a praying man; two are round with drawing of Abraham and the angel and a drawing of the spies with grapevines and citations of the sources (in English) next to the Emblem of the State of Israel.
Round medallions' diameter: 6 cm; square medallions: 5.5 X 3 cm. Very good condition.

Opening350$ Unsold

Auction 9 Lot Number 926


Enamel Pin “Be Strong and of Good Courage” and Hammer

Magen David Adom pin, from enamel in a wreath of leaves. Within the Magen David is a hammer (and anvil? book?) and underneath the inscription “Be Strong and of Good Courage.”
1.5x2 cm. Good condition. Slight corrosion.

Opening120$ Sold For120$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 927


Cuff Links – Zionist Congress

1. Pair of square cuff links, Eretz Yisrael. In the center a blue Maggen David, on one appear in the center the letters – "ק.צ" [ Zionist Congress] and on the second "L.O.Z.". Signed on the back "Skoloka, Made in Erez Israel".
1.5 X 2 cm. Good condition.
2. Pair of cuff links set with blue and white enamel. In the center "ציון". 1.5 X 1.5 cm. Good condition, some of the enamel is missing.

Opening200$ Sold For240$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 928


Letter Opener – Herzl

Dr. Herzl – Wooden letter opener. Manufacturer's stamp a little blurred, "Yerushalem".
Side look enables to see the figure of Theodor Herzl on the tip of the letter opener (see photo).
23.5 cm. Good condition. Few damages to wood and peelings of paint.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 929


K.K.L. Cap

Cloth Cap of K.K.L. New York.
Hebrew and English writing in blue letters "Keren Kayemet Le-Israel", "Jewish National Fund".
Folded: 28.5 X 7.5 cm. Very good condition. Few stains.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 930

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Coin Card – Game Made by Teachers Committee for Working Eretz Yisrael

Palestine Coin Card. Made by teachers committee for working Eretz Yisrael. New York, 1940's. Children's game and a money-box, based on placing American coins in designated spots on the map of Eretz Yisrael. "Receipts" are attached to the playing board – 24 "stamps" of "Teachers Committee for Working Eretz Yisrael". Hebrew and English.
26 cm. Good condition. Folding into a notebook.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 931


Charity Boxes and K.K.L. Boxes

9 different boxes, most of them made of metal (one made of plastic). United States, Eretz Yisrael and England, most of them pre 1950.
3 K.K.L. boxes of the United States, a charity box from Liverpool, "Bustan", charity commission of the Yemenites and more.
Varying size and condition.
Versatile and interesting collection.

Opening450$ Unsold

Auction 9 Lot Number 932


K.K.L. Box – Pins and Key Chains

1. Key chain made of copper, in the shape of a K.K.L. box (Koenigshofer).
2. Pin with a drawing of a box, two branches and the inscription JNF.
3. Key chain in the shape of a K.K.L. box.
4-5. Two pins in the shape of a K.K.L. box.
Varying size and condition.

Opening240$ Unsold

Auction 9 Lot Number 933


Plate and Charity Box – Holland 1925

Illustrated porcelain plate and a charity box of painted metal, Dutch Handicapped Organization.
Illustration features the organization's building and a charity box, of 14.12.1925.
Box 10 cm. Good condition, damages.
Plate: 23 cm. Good condition, two retored cracks.

Opening450$ Sold For450$ Including buyers premium

Auction 9 Lot Number 934


Tin Box – Lieber Company

Candy box made of tin, Tel Aviv 1930's [?].
"Lieber company Tel Aviv, first chocolate, cocoa and candy factory in the Near East". Large drawing of the factory's building on both sides of the box. "Lieber" chocolate factory was founded in 1926, in southern Tel Aviv, near Neve Tzedek.
Height: 24 cm, diameter: 15 cm. Damages to paint and tin, hardly any damage to drawings.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 9 Lot Number 935


Ring and Brooch – “Kofer Ha-Yeshuv”, 1938

1. Thin ring with the inscription "Kofer Ha-Yeshuv". Given to women in exchange for their wedding rings. 2 cm.
2. Brooch "Kofer Ha-Yeshuv – Jewelry Donation – 1938-9". 2 X 1.5 cm. Signed: "M. Muro, Jerusalem".
Kofer Ha-Yeshuv – fundraising campaign to supply the Yeshuv security needs during the 1936-1938 riots. People donated their jewelry in exchange for such brass rings or brooches.

Opening350$ Sold For350$ Including buyers premium
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