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Auction 8 Lot Number 193

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Booklets published in Jerusalem

1. Segula for Long Life, Rabbi Yitzchak Yechiel Sononson. [1930?] Not cut.
2. Kitvei Achim Be'halacha Ve'agada, Rabbi Baruch Mordechai Rogoznitzky. 1934.
3. Tikun Hayesod, Rabbi Shalom Sharaby 1935.
4. Torat Yerushalayim, sample newspaper, Rabbi Shimon Halperin, 1936.
5. Hilula De'Rashbi / Bar Yochai song, Rabbi Yeshaya Asher Zelig Margulies. 1941-1942.
6. Sha'arei Torah, Torah novellae from scholars of Anshei Ma'amad Yeshiva. 1945.
7. Karnot Ha'tzadik with Or Zion, Rabbi Eliyahu Miani 1946.
8. Al Hanissim, by one of the Neturei Karta [against Zionism and the religious parties in the coalition] 1957.
Sizes and conditions vary.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 194

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Pinchas Grayevsky – 10 Booklets

10 booklets which were written, edited or published by a researcher of the history of Jerusalem, Pinchas Tzvi Grayevsky. Jerusalem, 1926-1937:
Zichronot Kedumim; Poems of Rabbi Yo'el Moshe Solomon; MiGinzei Yerushalaim (two different two different booklets); Zichron LaChovevim HaRishonim; B'not Tzion HaMetzuyanot; the book Avnei Zikaron; the book K'neset Yerushalaim; Sefer HaZikaron; Rabbi Yosef Rivlin.
In the booklet there are pictures of figures and places, and pictures from the Kneset Israel Yeshiva in Hebron. Historic documents and certificates from the early settlement in Eretz Israel and Jerusalem.
Varying sizes, fair through good condition.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 195

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Pe’at Hashulchan, Safed 1836

The book Pe'at Hashulchan – supplement to the Shulchan Aruch, laws contingent on Eretz Israel. By Rabbi Israel of Shklov, disciple of the Vilna Ga'on. Israel Beck Print. Safed, 1836. First edition.
Various owners' signatures. (Rabbi Ya'akov Hai Zrihan, Chief Rabbi of Tiberius, and Yehuda Zatuni).
[5], 2-109, [1] leaf. 30.5 cm. Fair-poor condition, moth holes and damages.
The last page, a table of mistakes and corrections, is rare and does not appear in most copies. This is one of the last books printed in Safed before the great earthquake in 1837. (Then the author and printer moved to Jerusalem, after losing most of their families).

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Auction 8 Lot Number 196

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Zimrat Ha’aretz – Tzefat, 1876 and other books

1. Zimrat Ha'aretz by Rabbi Yaakov Birav. Tzefat, (1876). "Ma'aseh Hashem v'niflaotav… with the Rav… Chaim Abulefia z"l and all the inhabitants of Tiberias." The story of the renewal of the Jewish settlement in Tiberias in the year 5500 by Rabbi Chaim Abulefia. Pictures of the Kotel, Me'arat Hamachpeila, Kever Rachel and the gravesite of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes. (from the only books which were printed in Tzefat, Spiegelman printing, See "Kedem" Catalogue, Auction 6, item 438.
Bound together:
2. A Letter by Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai. Munkacz, 1895.
3. The book Chochmat Hayad by Rabbi Moshe of Gallina. Warsaw, 1882. Two illustrations of the palm of the hand. Missing pages.
4. The book Shemesh Umagen, The long viduy in alphabetical order, by Rabbi Chaviv Chaim David Sathoun. Jerusalem, 1891. Dedication page before title page.
5. The book Brit Olam Kama by Rabbi Akiva Yosef shlezinger, author of Lev Ha'ivri. Jerusalem, 1902-1903.
19 cm. Varying condition.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 197

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Meil Tzedaka, Izmir 1731

The book Meil Tzedaka, on the Mitzva of Tzedaka, by Rabbi Eliyahu Ha-Cohen, author of Shevet Mussar. Izmir, [1731]. First edition.
Owners' signatures. At the end of the introduction, there is and inscription in handwriting and the signature of Rabbi Ya'akov Hai Zrihan, chief Rabbi of Tiberius.
[2], 154 leaves. 28 cm. Very good condition.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 198

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Imrei Emet / Chelko Shel Yosef – Ismir

1. The book Imrei Emet – Sermons and Eulogis by Rabbi Ya'akov Amado. Ismir, (1881). Only edition.
2. Chelko Shel Yosef, Sermons on the Tanach and Eulogies. Anthologies on the For Turim. Rabbi Rabbi Yosef Amado. Ismir, [1887]. Only edition.
On the first title-page: dedication to Rabbi Aharon Alchadif, Rabbi of Tiberius. On leaf 1, there is a signed note by Rabbi Ya'akov Hai Zrihan (Rabbi of Tiberius) who bough the book from the heir of Rabbi Chaim Alchadif.
[2], 57 leaves; [1] 91 leaves. 30 cm. Good condition, slight moth damages. Bound together in original, worn cover.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 199

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Mi Kamocha Letter from Allepo

Igeret Pitaron Mi Kamocha, Translation to Hebrew-Arabic. Aram Zobah,[1897].
[12] leaves. Fair condition, restored tears with some omission. New binding.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 200

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Yedey Eliyahu – Pitron Chalomot – Teheran, 1927

Katab Yedey Eliyahu – Pitron Chalomot, Rabbi Chaim Eliyahu Moreh. Teheran, 1927.
Including Darkei Mussar and Shmirat Ha-Dat by the Rambam, Avot, Selichot, Pitron Chalomot and other tractates, translated into Jewish-Persian, in Hebrew letters.
Forward in Hebrew by author, who was a teacher in Kol Yisrael Chaverim School in Teheran, and forward by school's principle. M. Lardo, in Persian and French.
Portrait of the author of the book with Tefilin and Talit. Dedication at the beginning of the book. On page 303 - handwritten inscription with "volunteers' names".
Cover-title-page pasted on the binding. [1], 12, 3, 312 leaves, 15.5 cm. Fair condition. Loose cardboard binding, bound up-side-down.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 201

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Nine Books Printed in Morocco

1. Haftarot Shel Pesach. Larache, (El-Arish), Morocco. In the end: Ha-Tikvah. Hebrew and Spanish.
2.Prayers for removing of the Torah from the Aron, published by Avraham ben Assraf. Casablanca.
3. Meggilat Ester. Casablanca.
4. Orchot Chaim by the Rosh, to be read enthusiastically every day. Printed by Otzar Ha-Torah, Fez.
5. Kuntress Teshuvat Ha-Shanah, Fez.
6. Chemed Bachurim by the Zionist Maggen David Society. Casablanca, 1919. Hebrew and Jewish-Arabic.
7. Aftaras del Kippur, Morocco, 1947.
8. Kol Rina, for Simchat Torah. Tangier, 1952. 1000 copies printed. Lithographic print.
9. Sefer Avodat Chesed Ve-Emet. Casablanca, 1958.
Some of the books are not registered bibliographically. Dates and printers' details are missing.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 202

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Books Printed in Baghdad

1. Tehilim. Baghdad, 1908.
2. Tehilim with Drosh Sefer Tehilot Yisrael, Rabbi Yitzchak Avraham Shlomo. Baghdad, 1913.
3. Likutei Dinim, Rabbi Yitzchak Ben Avraham Shlomo. Baghdad, 1898. Miniature.
4. Idra Zuta. Kabbalah. Baghdad, 1909.
5. Seder Pesach Haggadah. Livorno (Po Baghdad), 1936. Ya'ari 2226, Otzar Ha-Haggadot 3589. Hebrew and Arabic in Hebrew letters.
6.Calendar for the year 1953. Baghdad, 1952. Hebrew and Arabic in Hebrew letters.
Various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 203

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Books by Rabbis of North Africa

Collection of books by rabbis of Morocco, Tunisia and Tangier; most printed in Jerusalem.
1-2. Sefer Shem Moshe, Rabbi Zaken Moshe Ben Kamus Ma'atuk Mazuz / Sefer Derech Chaim, Rabbi Chaim Ben Avraham Zaken Huri. Jerusalem, 1904. Glued on the cover is a dedication by the kabalistic tzaddik Rabbi Chaim Huri .
3. Sefer Zera David, Rabbi Sasi Ma'atuk Cohen-Yehonathan of Djerba. Jerusalem, 1905.
4. Sefer Shomea Yosef, Rabbi Yosef El-Nekave. Jerusalem, 1907.
5. Sefer Shufraya Deya'akov, Rabbi Ya'akov Birdugo. Jerusalem, 1910.
6. Sefer S'de Me'arat Ha-Machpela, Kabbalah. Rabbi Moshe Even-Tzur. Jerusalem, 1910.
7. Sefer Beka La-Gulgolet, Rabbi Eliyahu Elmaliach, Jerusalem, 1911.
8. Givat Shaul, Kabbalah about Chamesh Megilot. Tangier, 1905.
9. Tehilah Le-David, Rabbi Daviv Ben Chassin, Casablanca, 1931.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 204

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Collection of Books Printed in Germany

1. Tiferet Hagershoni on the Torah, by Rabbi Gershon Ashkenazi. Frankfurt am-Maine, 1699. First edition.
2. Toldot Avraham – Kutonet Yosef, on the Torah and Shas. Rabbi Avraham Broda and his son-in-law Rabbi Yosef Moshe Bresla. Feurda, 1769.
3. Shtei Halechem, Mincha Chadasha, responsum. Rabbi Moshe Chagiz [the Maniach], Wandsbeck, 1733. First edition. With approbation of Rabbi Aviad Sar Shalom Bazila.
4. Gidulei Tahara, on laws on Mikva'ot and Responsum. Rabbi Mendel Kargoya. 1687. Signed by owners. "David Ber---" and signature of Rabbi Moshe Herzfeld (1816-1876. Rabbi of Silhash – Balhash, disciple of the Chatam Sofer and son-in-law of Rabbi Daniel Prostitz. The Chatam Sofer and His Disciples, pg. 348-349 – compare with the photocopy of his handwriting and signature in that book).
Altogether 5 books of various sizes and conditions, generally in good condition.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 205

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Chanoch Lana’ar – Nikolsberg 1767

The Chanoch Lana'ar book was "printed in the grand community of Nickolsberg" in 1767.
Examples of receipts, elementary rules of penmanship, useful abbreviations, multiplication tables, examples of informal and business letters.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 206

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1. Misped Hamishneh, Rabbi Yisrael Goldshmit 1840.
Eulogy on passing of Rabbi Chaim Auerbach of Lontshitz, Rabbi Moshe Sofer of Pressburg, and Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Lifshitz of Warsaw. The author was a judge in Krotoszyn.
2. Sichat Chulin fun Rabbi Meir Shapira, published by friends and disciples. Warsaw 1934.
Memories and eulogies for Rabbi Meir Shapira of Lublin, the founder of the Daf Yomi.
Varying size and condition.

Opening100$ Sold For130$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 207

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Eulogies – Three Booklets

1. Roei Yeshurun, eulogies on Rabbi Naftali Zvi Yehudah Berlin Rosh Yeshivah of Volozhin, Rabbi Yossef Dov Ber [Soloveitchik] of Brisk Lithuania, Rabbi Yisrael Yehoshua [Tronk] of Kotna and the Minister Moshe Montefiore, by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Triwaks. Warsaw, 1894. (Signature of Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Bamberger).
2. Shiva'a De-Nechamata – seven eulogies in memory of Moshe Yehoshua Yehudah Leib Diskin by Rabbi Yisrael Binyamin Lampert. Jerusalem, 1898.
3. Avel Yisrael, in memory of Rabbi Yisrael Hager of Vizhnitza by Rabbi Yossef Shwartz. Oradea Mare (Rumania), 1936.
Various sizes and conditions.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 208

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Book in Memory of Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinsky – London 1942

Book in memory of the Ga'on Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinsky. Published by "Keren Ha-Torah" and edited by Yechezkel Abramsky. London, 1942.
Essays by the editor and by Rabbi Yitzchak Kosovsky of Johannesburg, Rabbi Iesser Yehuda Unterman of Liverpool, Rabbi Nachman Shlomo Greenshpan of London, Rabbi Moshe Eliyahu Rogoznitsky of Cardiff and Rabbi Aryeh Zeev Horowitz of London.
40 pages, 26 cm. Good condition. Slight creases and tears to cover edges.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 209

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Derech Le-Etz Ha-Chaim – Breslau, 1825

Veg zum lebensboyme [Derech Le-Etz Ha-Chaim], [Rabbi Alexander Zuskind Rashkov]. Breslau, 1825. Yiddish-Deutsch (German in Hebrew letters).
Educational booklet for youngsters, with terms in Judaism.
23 pages, 16 cm. Good condition. Moisture marks.
Not in Bibliography Institute CD.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 210

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Haemuna Vehachakira – Breslau 1847

Ha'emuna Veha'chakira, Rabbi Yehoshua Heshel Kuttner. Breslau 1847.
"Exegesis… of the 13 Principles of Faith according to Rabbi Moshe bar Maimon…clarifying…teachings of our rabbis in wisdom and ethics".
Approbations from the Malbim, Rabbi Eliyahu Guttmacher, and others.
[2], 14, [1], 95 [should be 65] pages, 21.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Ink-stamps from library and other owners.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 211

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Sefer Ha-Matzref, Part Two, by Rabbi Moshe Kunitz of Ofen

Sefer Ha-Matzref, comments and enquiries in question and answer format, on Halachah, Aggadah, religion and wisdom, on rules of the Hebrew language and the Aramaic language. By Rabbi Moshe Kunitz of Ofen, author of the book "Ben Yochai". Prague, 1857. With author's portrait.
The author, Rabbi Moshe Konitz (1834-1839). Rabbi in Open and Budapest. He was a disciple of the Noda BiYehuda and Maharan Mintz. He was a controversial figure, as he was both a Rabbi great in Torah knowledge as well as an Enlightenist fluent in secular studies. See item 156.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 212

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Halachot and Mussar for Women – Five Books

Halachic books, containing also words of chizuk, for women, and general laws as well as those family purity. Three books were printed in Jerusalem to strengthen young couples who came to Eretz Yisrael and left their families behind in exile, and two books were printed in Germany and Austria:
1. Divrei Chaim, by A' A' [Rabbi Avraham Alishuv Rabbi of Homel, father of Harav Eliashiv]. Published by Chevra Nashim in Tife'eret Bachurim society. [Jerusalem 1925?]. Shayish Printing Press. Yiddish. (Unknown bibliographically).
2. Chayei Ha-Guf Ve-Hanefesh, concerning family purity. Rabbi Reuven Miletzky. Jerusalem, 1935. Hebrew and Yiddish.
3. Yerusha Olamit, laws and customs necessary in daily life, essays from the "Taharat Yisrael" book by "Chafetz Chayim". By Rabbi Natan Neta Vitkin. Jerusalem, 1938. Hebrew, Yiddish and English.
4. Taharat Benot Yisrael, Abzanderungs – und Reinigungsgezetzen fuer Judische Froyen. Reprinted by Histadrut Agudat Yisrael and Po'alei Agudat Yisrael in Austria. Vienna, 1947. Yiddish in German dialect. (Does not appear in Bibliography Institute CD).
5. Sefer Taharat Mishpacha. A zsidó házasélet törvényei . Va'ad Ha-Hatzalah publishing, Munich, 1947. Hungarian. (Unknown bibliographically).
In various sizes, good-fair condition.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 213

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Beit Va’ad LeChachamim – New York / Satmar

1. Beit Va'ad Le-Chachamim, "Monthly, Mikdash Le-Torah VeleTeudah", Rabbi Dov Ber Abramovitz. New York, Iyar 1903. Year A, Issue D. Tears and creases.
2. Beit Va'ad Le'Chachamim, anthology of all Torah subjects and strengthening of Judaism, Rabbi Yosef Shlomo Polack. Satmar, 1938. Stains, Slight tears. Unknown bibliographically.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 214

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Newspaper Mevasser Yisrael – Jubilee Issue – Shanghai, 1929

Jubilee Issue (25 years) of the newspaper "Mevasser Yisrael" 1904-1929. Shanghai, 1929.
"Special Edition" – special issue of the Jewish-Chinese monthly magazine, for its 25th anniversary. English, many photographs.
Regarding "Mevasser Yisrael" see Kedem Catalogue No. 6, item 131.
76 pages, 32.5 cm. Very good condition.

Opening120$ Sold For300$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 215

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“Torat Eretz Yisrael” Anthology, 1931 – 1955

Torat Eretz Yisrael, biblical anthology, editor Yosef Eliyahu Kirshenbaum. Jerusalem, 1931-1955.
"Rabbinical monthly publication, for Torah, Halacha and Agadah novellae, and all occurrences in the rabbinical world in Eretz Yisrael and in the Diaspora". This anthology was published in Jerusalem by Va'ad Ha-Rabanim Ha-Meuchad" of Rabbi Frank and Rabbi Kook. Throughout the years, many Torah novellae from around the world were published in this anthology, mostly from rabbis of Jerusalem, Lithuania, and the United States.
In spite of being called a monthly magazine, its publication was irregular, and in some years it was not published at all. In front of us are three compiled volumes containing most of the booklets: years 2-5 (912 booklets), years 7-11 (17 booklets). Years 17-26 (12 booklets).
Various sizes and conditions, fair condition. No bindings.
Not in Bibliography Institute CD.

Opening100$ Sold For120$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 216

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Three Facsimiles

1. Pesach Hagadah, Facsimile in Hebrew and Hungarian. Budapest, 1936. With illustrations by Sandor Koloszvari. Copy number 32 out of a numbered edition of 60 copies. Miniature.
2. Facsimile of The Pentateuch, early Spanish manuscript (codex Hillely) from the collection of the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, 1974. Front binding and spine are missing.
3. Color Facsimile of an 18th century Birkat Ha-Mazon manuscript, from the collections of the Jewish Museum in Budapest. Budapest, 1991. Printed on thick parchment-like chromo paper, bound in a leather binding, contained in a special velvet box , with accompanying booklet.

Opening300$ Sold For300$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 217

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Tractate Nazir – Daniel Bomberg Print – Venice, 1521

Tractate Nazir with Rashi and Tosfot. Venice, [1521] Daniel Bomberg (Bombergi) Print.
Between years 1520-1524, Bomberg printed a full edition of the Babylonian Talmud. This was the first edition to include the entire Talmud. This is the edition which introduced the format used until this very day, with the words of the Talmud in the center of the page, Rashi on the inner side and Tosfot on the outer side. The numbering in this edition became the accepted numbering in most of the editions of the Talmud that followed, and in all citations according to page (daf). Antique glosses written in oriental Soletreo handwriting on daf B2 and daf C.
61 (should be 69) leaves, 38 cm. Complete copy in fair condition. Stains, mostly on the edges. Restored math damages, with slight damage to text. Leaf 65 and the last leaf are smaller than the rest. Modern leather binding.

Opening9,500$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 218

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Tractate Bechorot – Daniel Bomberg Print – Venice, 1522

Tractate Bechorot with Rashi and Tosfot. Venice, [1522] Daniel Bomberg Print.
"Piskei Tosfot and Rabeinu Asher, printed by myself, Daniel Bombirgi of Anoirsha in 1522, Venice".
First printing of Tractate Berachot.
On some of the leaves there are antique handwritten glosses, one is signed Rachamim Franko – the Rav Hacharif. Rabbi Rachamim Yosef Franko was born in Rodos in 1835, came to live in Jerusalem in 1868 as was a member in the rabbinic court of Rabbi Ya'akov Shaul Elyashar. In 1878, he was appointed Rabbi of Hebron. Died in 1901, and the S'deh Chemed succeeded him in the rabbinate.
[69] leaves (incorrect pagination; leaves 10-11, 14-15 are switched with each-other), 35 cm. Good condition. The leaves' edges are stained, some have been professionally cleaned. Some of the corners and edges have been professionally restored.
Ink-stamp on last leaf.

Opening9,500$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 219

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Chovot Halevavot – Constantinople, 1550

The book Chovot Halevavot by Rabeinu Bachya Ibn Paquda, Tikun Midot Hanefesh by Rabbi Shlomo Ibn-Gvirol (translated from Arabic by Rabbi Yehuda Ibn Tivon). Constantinople, [1550]. Third edition.
This edition was printed from a different manuscript than that of previous editions; see introduction of Rabbi Yitzchak ben Rabbi Chaim Chazan, in which he wrote that he printed the book according to an old manuscript.
The title-page is illuminated with a relief.
Leaf 2a is bound in place of 2b; leaves 91-92 are switched; leaves 9-94 are switched. All leaves are present.
[6], 9-102 leaves, 19 cm. Fair-good condition. There is reinforcement paper pasted to some of the pages' margins. Stained. Tears and damages, professionally restored. Modern parchment binding.

Opening4,500$ Sold For4,800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 220

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Bchinat Olam with Bakashat Hamemin – Ferrera 1551- Glosses

Bchinat Olam with Bakashat Hamemin - Ferrera 1551. First edition with interpretations by Rabbi Moshe Ibn-Haviv, and with the Bakashat Hamemin (request written in poem form, with all words beginning with the letter Mem) by Rabbi Yosef Fransiche.
On page 2 is a bill of sale for the book (in ancient Italian handwriting) from Yehoshua--- to Rabbi Binyamin Fintzi. There are many old notes in the book. [The Fintzi family was a well-known Italian family of rabbis and scholars during the 1500-1600's].
Rabbi Yedaya Hapnini of Badrash was a poet, doctor and philosopher, from the city of Badrash in Province, France (about 1270-1340). He was known as "Hapnini" after his poems which he wrote in a rhythm called Pninim in Arabic. He considered himself a disciple of the Rambam and he wrote enthusiastically in his favor during the great debate about learning philosophy. (His responsum were published in the Rashba's responsum, chapter 418).
A book of ethics in poetic phrase about concerns of This World, and things that bring one to the World to Come. The Bakashat Hamemin is also written poetically, each word starting with the letter "Mem".
The title-page is decorated with a wood-cut. [100] 22, 13 pages, 212 cm. good condition. Stains. Moth holes on the first pages. Damage to margins was professionally restored. Ancient (original?) restored parchment binding. Inner binding is not original.

Opening2,800$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 221

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Manot Ha-Levi – Venice, 1585 – 19th century Jerusalem Binding

Manot Ha-Levi (Divrei Shlomo), commentary on Megilat Ester by Rabeinu Shlomo Ha-Levi Elkabetz. Venice, 1585. At the end of this copy of the book, following Rabbi Ya'akov Birav's essay, is a commentary by Rabbi Menachem Azarya of Panno which does not appear in all the copies.
Old leather binding, on its front decorations and in its center an inscription: "Present for… Nathan Haler Segal… from me, Natan Margaliot of Jerusalem – 1871".
Preceding the title page appears a signature of Rabbi "Chaim Ya'akov Naftali…" and an ownership inscription.
The Ga'on Rabbi Avraham Zilberberg of Wiershov (1839-1887), son of the Ga'on of Kotna Rabbi Moshe Yehudah Leib Zilberberg. Disciple of Rabbi Avraham of Tchekhnow.
His son the Ga'on Rabbi Chaim Ya'akov Naftali Zilberberg (1850-1930), Rabbi in Warsaw and publisher of Maharal Tzintz books.
[1], 135 (should be 141), [3] leaves, 19 cm. Good condition. Moth holes to part of the leaves. Title page and additional leaves were professionally restored. Leather binding somewhat worn.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,000$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 222

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She’erith Yosef – Salonika, 1568

The book She'erith Yosef on leap years and calendar calculations, by Rabbi Yosef ben Shem Tov ben Yeshua Chai. Salonika, 1568. Yosef ben Yitzchak Ya'avetz Print. First edition.
Explanations, charts of tekufot, solar and lunar systems, by Rabbi Daniel ben Perachia Ha-Cohen; signs of the parshiot in rhyme by Rabbi Shmuel Ha-Cohen, Hebrew translation by Rabbi Yosef Vizino.
Rabbi Daniel ben Prachia was one of Salonika's Sages, son of a prestigious family, succeeded his father as leader and dayan of the Italian community.
On the title-page, verso, and additional leaves inside there are flowers, the symbol of YA'avetz printer. Charts, diagrams and picture of an open palm.
Ownership inscription on title-page: Yehud Shabtai. Also several handwritten notes inside. This copy does not include the 30 leaves with Rabbi Avraham Zechut's explanations of the charts.
[92] leaves, (instead of [93], the explanation chart is missing at the end, as in many copies), 15 cm. Good condition. Thick, high-quality paper. Stained. The title-page is slightly worn, with slight restored damages. New parchment binding.

Opening1,500$ Sold For1,500$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 223

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Responsa of the Rosh – Venice, 1552 – Signatures

Responsa from Rabbeinu Asher z'l (the Rosh). Venice, 1552, Bragadin Press.

Opening650$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 224

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Haftarot for the Whole Year – Venice, 1591

Haftarot for the entire year according to the tradition in Jewish communities. Venice, 1591.
Printed together with the Nechmad Pentateuch with the three Aramaic Targums and five Megillot.
Printed separately from the Chumash which was published in Venice in 1590-1591.
769-827, [1] leaf, 17.5 cm. Fair condition. Stained leaves, torn and creased margins. Mock-parchment binding.

Opening100$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 225

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Sefer Ha’aruch – Basel, 1599

Sefer Ha'aruch by Rabbi Nathan Ben Yechiel of Rome. Basel, 1599.
Commentaries on Talmudic words and terms in alphabetical order, with index by the poet and linguist Rabbi Shmuel Ercoletti.
Printer's flag on title-page, book title in decorated letters.
Ownership ink-stamps in Cyrillic and Polish letters. Ownership inscription "Rabbi Chaim Zalman Harazowsky, Minsk". [Relative of Rabbi Reuven Grozovsky, who was born in Minsk].
On back side of last leaf, various notes in ancient Italian-Sephardi handwriting, most of them on Torah issues.
166 leaves, 28.5 cm. Fair-poor condition. Some leaves and booklets detached. Title-page worn and torn. Leaves edges worn. Stains. Ancient leather binding worn and torn.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 226

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P’sachim – Krakow 1616

Tractate P'sachim, Gemara and Rashi only. [Krakow, ca. 1616].
Printed without title-page and numbering.

Opening3,500$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 227

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Sefer Ilem – Amsterdam, 1629 – Handwritten additions

Sefer Ilem, Rabbi Yosef Shlomo Delmedigo. Amsterdam, [1628-1629]. Printed in Beit Menashe Ben Yisrael.
Essays on mathematics, astronomy, mechanics, physics and astrology, with many detailed and impressive schemes (with illustrations of figures).
Originally the book included five essays: Ilem, Ma'ayan Ganim, Chukot Shamayim, Gevurot Hashem and Ma'ayan Chatim. This copy does not include "Ma'ayan Ganim" nor the portrait and other leaves.
Many leaves in the book were completed by hand. Sefer "Sod Ha-Yesod" was fully completed here by hand, as well as its forward and illustrations. In the end of the book there are also handwritten additions.
The author, Rabbi Yosef Shlomo Delmedigo – The Yashar of Kandia (1591-1665), a doctor, philosopher, astronomer and mathematician, a student of Galileo Galilee. This book was the focus of polemics amongst the sages of his generation, Jews and Christians alike.
Signatures and owners' inscriptions: "the young Yehudah Leib…", "R' Shmuel…" and more.
18 cm. Fair condition, first leaves are worn. Moth damages. Many detached leaves. Ancient leather binding.

Opening1,200$ Unsold

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The 1500’s – Five Books

1. Toldot Yizchak, Rabbi Yizchak Ben Yosef Karo. Commentary on the Torah. Mantova, [1558]. Leaves 1-6 bound in wrong order. (Owners' signatures and notes).
2. Vezot Torat Habayit, Rabbi Shlomo Ben Avraham Even Adert (Rashba). Cremona, [1565]. Laws pertaining to the home. (Two leaves are missing following the title-page).
3. Porat Yosef part I, on the Rif and Ran, Tractate Ketubot and part of Chulin. Rabbi Yosef Ben Binyamin Samiga, Venice ,[1590].
4. Arugat Ha-Bossem Bedikduk, Rabbi Shmuel Ben Elchanan Ya'akov Archivalte. Venice, [1605]. About the Hebrew alphabet.
5. Beur Al Sefer Mitzvot Gadol, Rabbi Yosef Ben Moshe of Kremnitz. Venice, [1605]. Based on teachings of his rabbis, Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen, Rabbi Israel ben ---, Rabbi Shachna, Rabbi Moshe Isserles, and Rabbi Mardosh – the author's Rosh yeshiva in Ostraha.
Various sizes and conditions.

Opening10,000$ Sold For1,500$ Including buyers premium

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The 1500’s – five Books

1. Drashot Ha-Torah by Rabbi Shem-Tov Ibn-Sham-Tov. Padova, 1567. Printed in square letters. Title-page torne, causing omission (restored), second page photocopied. Owner's signature on title-page.
2. Ta'amei Ha-Mitzvot, Rabbi Menahem Ben Binyamin Recanati. Basel, 1581. Forward and conclusion by Rabbi Ya'akov Lutzat. 12 pages at the end are missing. On page 12 - interesting handwritten comment.
3. Torat Ha'Adam, Al dibrat bnei ha'adam ubeit moed lekol hai, Rabbi Moshe Ben Nachman (Ramban). Venice, 1595. In the beginning of the book a song praising the book by Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh from Modena. (Comments and signatures).
4. Minchat Cohen, Rabbi Shmuel Ben Yosef Cohen. Venice, 1598. Part I – Ner Mitzva. First and last pages are missing. No title-page. (Comments and signatures in Hebrew and Italian).
5. Beit Moed, compiled of five sermons, Rabbi Menahem Ben Moshe Rabba. Venice, 1605. Haskamot by Italian Rabbis. Professionally restored. Part of title-page and the page before last are not original. (Owner's name deleted on title-page).
Various sizes and conditions. Fair to poor condition: some are ex-library copies, with stamps. Moth damages. Torn and damaged leaves, stains, worn leaves.

Opening500$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

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Responsum of Rabbi Yomtov Tzahalon – Venice, 1694 – Includes Index

Book of Responsum by Rabbi Yomtov Tzahalon (Maharitatz). Venice, [1694]. First edition.
Includes drawings of the Mishkan and Beit Hamikdash, sketch of the third Beit Mikdash based on the prophet Yechezkel, drawings of the vessels of he Mishkan.
This copy includes the three pages which do not appear in most of the copies, including "Introduction to the Book's Indexes", and indexes by RAbbbi Shlomo ben R' Yishaya Nitza (Tola'at Shani), however, in this copy, they are attached in the book's beginning rather than at its end.
Rabbi Yomtov Tzhalon (1558-1638) was born in Safed, to a rabbinic family of Spanish origin. Disciple of Rabbi Yosef Karo and Rabbi Moshe Mitrani (the Mabit). From "the second class" of the Arizal's disciples. He received rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Moshe Alsheich. He himself gave rabbinic ordination to Rabbi Aharon Berachya of Modina. He served as a rabbinic emissary in Italy and Holland, Egypt and Istanbul, and also as a dayan and Rosh Yeshiva in Safed.
[4], [5], 223, 25 leaves. Incorrect counting of pages. Good condition. Unoriginal binding.

Opening400$ Unsold

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Maleh Ratzon – Frankfוrt 1710 – Special Copy

The book Maleh Ratzon on the Talmud, by Rabbi Avraham Naftali Hirsh Shpitz, Rabbi of Wormiza. Frankfurt am-Maine, 1710.
In the inner part of the binding, there are leaves with glosses from the previous print, which is much different from this print – an interesting discovery.
Old owners' signatures: Yitzchak ben R' Eliezer---" [perhaps author of Lekitat Yitzack and Ohel Yitzchak]; and more signatures. Glosses on leaf 38.
The picture of the students on the benches in the Beit Midrash (Brachot 28) appears entirely, uncropped.
[2], 4, 97 [should be: 99], 114; 7,9-10; 13, [1] leaf. 30 cm. Good condition, slight wear at the edges of the pages, and some stains. Old and worn leather and cloth binding.

Opening180$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

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Node Biyehuda – early edition – Prague 1810

Node Biyehuda responsa by Rabbi Yehezkel Landau, early edition. Prague 1810. Second volume only. First printing.
Foreword by Rav Yakovka, the author's oldest son.
[1], 169, 150-159, [1] page, 34 cm. good condition. Stains. Some handwritten notes.
See also 409 in this catalog.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

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Korban Aharon – Dessau 1742

Korban Aharon, a comprehensive commentary on Sefer Torat Cohanim by Rabbi Aharon Ibn-Chaim. Dessau 1742, second edition.
First 20 pages are "Middot Aharon" pamphlet about the 13 Principles of Understanding the Torah.
Approbations from Rabbi Arye Leib of Amsterdam, Rabbi Baruch Kahan Rappaport of Feurda, Rabbi Yehezkel Katzenelbogen, the Rabbis of Frankfurt and others.
[2], 20; 260 pages, 35 cm. Body of book in good condition. Stained margins, some slight tears. Leather and wood binding completely detached, missing spine. Golden edging with flowery ornamentation.

Opening180$ Unsold

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Kreiti Upleiti – Altoona, 1763

Kreiti Ufleiti on Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah by Rabbi Yehonathan Eybeschutz. Altoona, 1763. First edition, printed during author's life.
A painting of Rabbi Yehonathan Eybeschutz is pasted before the title-page. There are old signatures and ownership inscriptions: "Daniel Gugenheim", and signature of writer's descendant (?) "Yonathan Eybeschutz from Antwerp, who bought the book in Paris at the end of 1913.
[3], 34; 175 pages, 30 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Detached leaves. Original leather binding damaged.

Opening150$ Sold For420$ Including buyers premium

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Arba’ah Turim – Berlin 1764

Arba'ah Turim, by Rabbi Ya'akov ben Ha-Rosh, with Beit Yossef, Darkei Moshe, Bnei Ya'akov glosses by Rabbi Sasson and more. Berlin, 1764.
Signatures and ownership inscriptions in Sephardi handwriting. (List of the three rich people who financed the purchase of the books for the Beit Midrash). A few glosses [cut].
Four parts in three volumes. Orach Chaim:[2], 135, [7] leaves. Yoreh Dea and Even Ha'Ezer: 128, [8] leaves; 168, [4] leaves. Choshen Mishpat: 153, [14] leaves. 35.5 cm. Good-fair condition, First and last leaves of Orach Chaim are worn. Paper somewhat dark, slight moth damages. Decorated leather binding [color design], detached, damaged.

Opening120$ Sold For120$ Including buyers premium

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Books of the 1600- 1700’s – Ritual Slaughter and Examinations

1. Nohag Katzon Yoseph, Laws and Customs, Rabbi Yosef Yozfe ben Moshe Kusman Halevi. Hanau 1717.
2. Nahalat Ya'akov, Rabbi Ya'akov Koppel ben Aharon Zaslever. Sulzbach, 1686.
3. Seder Tikunei Shtarot, Ashkenaz and Polish customs. Fuerda 1698.
4. Zivchu Zivchei Zedek - Ritual Slaughter and Examinations, Rabbi Ya'akov Weil. Fuerda 1750.
5. Vezot Leyehuda - Ritual Slaughter and Examinations, Rabbi Yehuda Leib. Fuerda 1702?
6. Zivchu Zivchei Zedek - Ritual Slaughter and Examinations, Rabbi Ya'akov Weil. Wilharmsdorf 1685.
The title-page is inscribed with a dedication "Presented for the wedding of..." with a (cropped) list of the receiver's genealogy.
Handwritten indexes at the end of the book. The six books are bound in a wooden and leather binding.
19cm. Fair to good condition. Some books are missing a page or two. Stains. Some pages have been reinforced on the margins. Worn binding.

Opening250$ Sold For360$ Including buyers premium

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Hilchot Sh’chita – Two Books

1. Zevach Todah. Calcutta (India) 1851-1852. "Extended commentary on laws of ritual slaughter and food unfit for eating, with annotations by the Rema…". Old leather binding, inscription on back page.
2. Iggeret Mordechai, Rabbi M. Binyamin. Leipzig 1910. Hilchot Sh'chita, German and Hebrew. Color picture of a lung, folded at the end of the book.
Size and condition varies.

Opening120$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

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Tanya Rabbati, Zolkwa 1800

The book Tanya Rabbati, by Rabbeinu Yechiel, brother of the Ba'al HaTurim. [Zolkwa, 1800].
On the page before the title-page, there is an ownership inscription of Rabbi Shlomo Rochlitz, son of Rabbi Yitzchak Rochlitz, Rabbi of Bergeses (Otzar Harabbanim 11043) signed by Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz of Wirtesh.
[4], 38 leaves. 21 cm. Good condition, restored tear on the title-page, and slight moisture damages.
Variant, the title-page is different from the copy of the title-page which appears in the Winograd Rosenfeld CD.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

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Pachad Yitzchak – Venice–Reggio–Laverne, 1750-1839 – Letters Aleph Through Mem

Pachad Yitzchad by Rabbi Yitzchak Reafael Lamper Venti. Venice-Reggio-Laverne, 1750-1839. The first five parts of the first Torah encyclopedia, letters Aleph through Mem:
1. Part 1: Letters Aleph-Bet. Venice, [1750]. Bound together with Part 2 (Volume A), Letters Gimmel-Dalet. Venice, [1753]. Very wide margins. [8], 124; 76; [4], 10 leaves, [1] folded leaf.
2. Part 2: (Volume 1), letter Gimmel-Dalet. Venice, [173]. [4], 105 leaves, [1] leaf – the folded "Seder Haget". On the title-page: signature of Rabbi Shlomo Parchi [probably from the family of the Minister Parchi from Damascus].
3. Part 2 (Volume 2), letters Hei, Vav, Zayin, Chet – through Chet-Zayin. Venice, [1756]. [1], 110 leaves. Two copies, one with wider margins.
4. Part 3, letters Chet-Tet. Venice, [1758]. [1], 93 leaves, [1] folded leaf.
5. Part 4, letters Yud, Chaf, Lamed. Venice-Reggio, 1813]. [1], 108; 28 leaves.
6. Part 5, letter Mem. Laverne, [1839]. [1], 241 leaves.
The first halachic-talmudic encyclopedia, which includes thousands of halachic-talmudic topics according to alphabetical order.
Good through very good condition. Unoriginal cardboard and leather binding.

Opening500$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

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Kol Haramaz, Amsterdam, 1719 – Elaborate Edition

The book Kol Haramaz – Commentary on Mishnayot. From Rabbi Moshe Zakuta. Amsterdam, [1719]. First edition.
Elaborate copy, original leather binding, illuminated with embossings. Decoration of a head on the title-page.
[4], 170 leaves. 22 cm. Very good condition, slight stains. Leather binding in fair condition.

Opening120$ Sold For170$ Including buyers premium

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Hon Ashir – Amsterdam, 1731

Hon Ashir, "Deep halachic commentary and novellae on six tractates of the Mishna…", by Rabbi Refael Emmanuel Chai Rikki. Amsterdam 1731. First edition.
Approbations from the Ashkenazi and Sephardi Rabbis of Amsterdam and also the Rabbis of Livorno, Venice and Safed. There are a number of diagrams in the book. The last page has musical notes.
[2], 168, [2] leaves, 21 cm. Fair condition. Moth damage , stains, some pages reinforced. Original spine. Non-original inner cover.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

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Chesronos HaShas – Ink-Stamp ad Handwriting of Rabbi Yitzchak Una

Pamphlet to complete the omissions from the Talmud. [Koenigsberg 1861].
An attempt to replace parts of Jewish books that were removed by the Christian censors. In the introduction the editor describes the discovery of the original versions of the Shas and Rishonim "What a wonderful day it was when the light of the holy Torah was restored".
In front of the title-page is the ink-stamp of Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Una of Manheim, a leader of German Jewry. His handwriting in German is opposite the title-page. His comments and annotations are on page 5.
108, 36 pages, 1 cm. Good condition. Stains. Empty pages bound at the back of the book.

Opening200$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

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Mishnayot – Lemberg, 1868-1869

Mishnayot with commentary by Rabeinu Ovadia Mi-Bartenura and Tosfot Yom Tov. Lemberg, 1868-1869.
Owners' signatures from time of print. Some glosses in Taharot.
6 volumes. 29 cm. Fair condition. Detached leaves. Moth damages to leaves and bindings. Damaged and detached leather bindings.

Opening100$ Sold For140$ Including buyers premium

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Chumashim – Hamburg – Elaborate Leather Binding

Five Books of the Torah and Tikun Sofrim. Hamburg 1787.
With Onkelos, Rashi and Devek Tov (commentary on Rashi's commentary by Rabbi Shimon Oshenberg), Five Megillot and Haphtarot. Five volumes.
Bordeaux colored original elaborate leather binding. Gold flowery ornamentation and the title of the Chumash appears in gold on the spine. Each volume has two original clasps and a bookmark. Gold edging and geometric decorations.
Each volume has owner's signature from 1793 before the title-page: Shimon bar Zusman Hecksher.
Good condition. Many stains. Mildew stains and foxing.

Opening2$ Unsold

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Book of Psalms – Amsterdam – 1817 – Undivided Sheets

Book of Psalms book with prayers for the sick. Amsterdam, 1817.
11 undivided paper sheets. Text was printed twice, on half a sheet (12° instead of 24º), so that there will be two copies of the book when cutting the sheets and folding them.
On the back of the title-page there is an announcement (in Portuguese) that as of 20.5.1817, forms with no signature will be considered illegal. Two handwritten signatures on the first sheet.
The sheets – 52.5 X 45 cm, leaves after cutting the sheets – 12 cm, 131,[1] leaf. Good condition. First sheet cut into 2. Stains. Borders are slightly worn and torn.

Opening500$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

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Tehillim – Lvov 1832

Book of Psalms, newly published with corrections and large print. Lvov 1832.
"Includes contents and meaning of each psalm, divided into 73 sections, according to days of the week and month".
Includes prayers recited before and after saying psalms on weekdays, Sabbath and festivals, the night of Hoshana Rabba, prayers for rain, prayers to stop rain, prayers for the ill, and more.
[207] leaves, 14 cm. fair condition. Dark worn pages, cropped margins. Title-page and last page were restored. New binding.

Opening250$ Sold For250$ Including buyers premium

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Chabad Tehilim – Shanghai, 1946 – Unknown

Sefer Tehilim, divided into seven for seven days of the week and into five books for the five books of Moses, and into thirty for the thirty days of the month. Printed by Talmud Torah, Shanghai , 1946.
Following the title page are some writings including parts of letter by the Rebbe of Lubavitch.
[5], 144 pages, 13 cm. Good condition. Moth damages to inner margins.
Unknown bibliographically.

Opening120$ Sold For550$ Including buyers premium

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Tehilim Books and Tehilim Divided into Volumes

1. Tehilim. (Pocket size) Roedelheim, 1858. Owners' signatures.
2. Tehilim with commentaries, Rabbi S.R.Hirsch. "Chermon" printing, Frankfurt am-Maine, 1924. Hebrew and German. Foxing.
3. Tehilim, Livorno, 1933. Divided into 13 thin volumes bound in identical bindings, in all handwritten inscription: " in memory of…Chanah Bat Farcha……died Sivan 1936".
Various sizes and conditions.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

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Abarbanel on Early Nevi’im – Leiptzip 1686

Commentary on the Early Prophets, by Rabbi Don Yitzchak Abrabanel. Printed with the verses. Lipsia (Leipzig), 1686.
Additional title-page and introduction in Latin, and index at the end in Latin.
On the title-page, there is an ancient owner's inscription: "Hashem has given me this book from my relative, as I am also a descendant of Dovid Hamelech, I am a grandson of… . Yosef Solni".
[6], 308, [4] leaves. 32 cm. Very good condition. Antique reinforcements on the title-page. Old parchment binding.
Rare; many copies lack the Latin pages.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

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Pirkei Rabbi Eliezer – Warsaw, 1852 – Including Four Rare Leaves in the End

Pirkei Rabbi Eliezer, with Radal commentary, by Rabbi David Luria. Warsaw, 1852
Two titles. In the end of the book [4] leaves are bound with omissions, corrections and responses on laws of ritual calligraphy, by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Levine. These leaves do not appear in the copy stored in the National Library and registration of the leaves was done according to a copy printed in New York in 1946 with a photocopy of these leaves.
[2], 14[should be 15],120 [should be 121],123-129,[1],[4] leaves, 31 cm. White and green paper. Good condition. Some moth damages and stains. Half-leather binding worn.

Opening220$ Sold For220$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 251

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Rabbi Moshe Alshich on Sifrei I.M.T. and Later Prophets –Yasnitz 1720-1722

Commentary of Rabbi Moshe Alshich on the books of Iyov, Mishlei, Tehillim and Later Prophets, proofread by Rabbi Zvi Hirsh of Yanov.
1. Rommemut El, Commentary on Tehillim (Psalms). Yasnitz 1721.
2. Rav Pninim, Commentary on Mishlei (Proverbs). Yasnitz 1722.
3. Chelkat Hamechokek, Commentary on Iyov (Job). Yasnitz 1722.
4. Marot Hazovot, Commentary on the Later Prophets. Yasnitz 1720.
Decorated title-pages. The commentaries on Iyov, Mishlei and Tehillim are bound together; Later Prophets in a separate volume.
31.5-33 cm. Good condition. Moth damage. Stains. Signed list of owners.

Opening220$ Unsold

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Books on the Torah

1. Five Books of the Torah, Prophets and Scriptures in Ashkenaz language. Amsterdam 1676-1678. Additional title-page for Early Prophets. Translated into Yiddish by Rabbi Yekutiel Blitz. A few missing pages.
2. [Sefer Rabot], Midrash on Five Megillot, Matnot Kehuna. Frankfurt D'Oder 1693. Second volume of Sefer Rabot, engraving of Moshe and Aharon on the title page. See Winograd and Rosenfeld, record 56561. Inscription on last page.
3. Siftei Chachamim, commentary on Rashi on the Torah and Five Megillot, Rabbi Shabtai Bass. Frankfurt am-Main, 1712. First printing. Owner's signatures and ink-stamp from Rabbi Moshe Derman of Satmar. Elaborate modern leather binding with unique inner cover.
4. Torat Yoseph, Commentaries on Mesorat Hatorah by Rabbi Yoseph Yozel son-in-law of Rabbi Lemly Ulma Ginsburger. Wilhermsdorf 1725. Ancient signature on title page "Yaakov –".
Varying size and condition.

Opening180$ Sold For220$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 253

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Siddur Tefilot Yisrael – Budapest, 1838 – Unknown Edition – Uncut Sheets

Tefilot Yisrael year-round siddur, with German translation. Budapest, 1838.
33 uncut paper sheets as they left the printing press. On sheet 25 - an additional title-page.
Hebrew and German in Hebrew letters.
33 sheets, 40.5 cm. Good condition. The outer margins and some of the inner margins are stained. Folded. Bibliographically unknown.

Opening750$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 254

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Seder Birkat Ha-Mazon and Keri’at Shema – Budapest, 1843 – Uncut Sheet

Grace Afer Meals and K'riat Shma recited before sleeping, with verses to purify one's thoughts. Budapest, 1843.
Folio uncut in printing press. Contains 16 pages in Hebrew and a little German in Hebrew letters.
[1] leaf, 41 cm. Good condition. Stains and creases.
Unknow bibliographically.

Opening700$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 255

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Kitzur Shela with Prayer Book – Frankfurt am Main, 1724

Short version of Shnei Luchot Hab'rit with later edition, by Rabbi Yeshaya Horowitz. Frankfurt am-Main, 1724. Includes: Prayers for weekdays and festivals with Pirkei Avot.
First 14 pages include Shacharit prayers, Rosh Hashana, prayers for the festivals and more.
16; 94 pages, 21 cm. fair condition. Stains. First and last pages worn and damaged. Worn semi-leather binding.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 256

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Beit El Siddur – Kobe, Japan

Beit El Siddur – Prayers for Throughout the Year. Includes Passover Haggada, Laws of Passover, and 10-year calendar for determining the Jewish holidays. Kobe, Japan, 1920. Spotnick Print.
Hebrew with Russian translation on opposite column. The commentaries, instructions and comments are only in Russian.
The additional title-page is in Cyrillic letters. On verso of title-page, there is a symbolic illustration of "the Wandering Jew".
24, 498, XVI pages. 19 cm. Good condition, stained by time and wear. The Haggada pages are torn and stained. Original binding, bearing Hebrew and Russian embossing.
Rare! The only Hebrew book ever printed in Kobe.

Opening200$ Sold For380$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 257

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Chabad Siddur – Shanghai, 1942

Korban Todah Siddur (Chabad-Arizal rite) with many commentaries in Yiddish. Shanghai, 1942. Published by the Committee of the New Synagogue of the Jewish Community of Shanghai.
Supplications, Ethics of the fathers, with the Ma'ayan Tahor commentary, as well as others.
[249] leaves. 21 cm. Good condition, dry paper. Original binding (new leather spine). With the word "siddur" embossed, backwards.

Opening100$ Sold For240$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 258

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Ba’al Shem Tov Siddur – Bucharest 1947 – Unknown Edition

The Ba'al Shem Tov Siddur, Nusach Sefard. Ba'al Shem Tov Bibliotic Publishing, Rabbi M. I. Gutman Institute. Bukarest, 1947. Only edition, not listed.
The entire text of the prayers is in a uniform font, with nikkud. Instructions in Yiddish. The cover-title page has a picture of the Ba'al Shem Tov. On verso of the cover-title-page, names are perpetuated.
128 pages, 21 cm, very good condition, slightly dry paper, slight foxing. Printed cover-title-page, slight tears.
Rare! Not listed in bibliography CDs.

Opening100$ Sold For180$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 259

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Seder Tefilah – Livorno, 1799

Seder Tefilah according to Sephardi custom, Livorno, 1799.
Siddur for week days, for Shabat and for Shelosha Regalim, with "Tikun Chanukah", blessings for candle lighting and reading of the Torah, verses for Purim, reading of the Torah; "Seder Hatavat Chalom", "Tefilat HaYam", "Seder Levaya me-Ha'ari La-Yotzeh La-Derech" and Selichot for the month of Elul through Yom Kippur.
Over verso of the title-page there is a Shiviti page with drawin of the Menorah and first verse of Lam'natzeach.
52, 52-136 leaves, 16.5 cm. Fair condition. A few leaves are detached. Leather binding, half worn and partly detached.
Rare! Record in Bibliography Institute CD was done according to this copy, from the collection of Dov HaCohen.

Opening250$ Sold For260$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 260

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Machzorim – Roedelheim – 1800 – 1805 – Unknown Leaf

Sefer Machzor Hu Kerovot. Machzor according to Polish custom. Roedelhaeim, 1800-1805.
1. First volume , Polish custom, for first two days of Pesach. 1800.
2. Third volume, for Shavuot, 1805. (Third volume was not printed according to custom in Poland and the printer added instead the Ashkenazi Machzor for Shavuot, printed in 1805).
3. Eighths volume, according to Polish custom, for first two days of Sukkot. 1800. – Bound with unknown leaf preceding title-page with advertisement of Chaim Rahlim of Hamburg to purchase new Machzorim of Roedelheim in nine volumes.
Owenrs' signatures.
19 cm. Good condition. Leather binding.

Opening180$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 261

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Siddur Tefilat Yisrael, Munich, 1827

Tefilat Yisrael of all the year, precisely organized by Alexander Behr, with agreement of Rabbi Avraham Bing Av-Beit-Din the state of Würzburg. Munich, 1827.
Siddur according to WEstern Ashkenaz custom, with addition customary in Poland. Hebrew and German, on facing pages.
Relief before title-page. Title-pages in Hebrew and German. [7],X-XXV,[2],516 pages, 20 cm. Good condition. Stains.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 262

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Sidur Ohr Hashnayim – Mishnat Gur Aryeh – Konigsberg, 1765

Sidur based on the holy Arizal, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria. Konigsberg, [1765-1768].
"With the book Mishnat Gur Aryeh, which is the final edition of the book Ohr Hashnayim… written by myself… Aryeh Leib ben Mordechai Epstein, Prince of the Levi'im".
This sidur includes the Mincha and Ma'ariv prayers, the secret of eating and Grace after meals, k'ri'at shema and tikkun chatzot. Special title-page "This Small Composition".
Contains approbations by Rabbi Shalom ben Rabbi Elazar Rokeach, Rabbi Avigdor ben Rabbi Shmuel of Vilna, Rabbis of Lithuania, and other Rabbis.
5, [2], 56, [3]; [1], 16, 8, 25-31 leaves, 20.5 cm. Fair-poor condition. Many leaves have restored damage, causing text omissions. Many leaves are absent: 7 first leaves are absent and photocopied, the eighth page is partially missing, leaves 54-55 and the leaf after 56 are missing and photocopied; from the second count, the middle eight leaves as well as leaf 31 are missing.
Very rare, probably printed in parts and not printed fully.

Opening200$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 263

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Tefilat Yisrael with Pirkei Avot – Vienna, 1860.

Siddur Tefilat Yisrael with Pirkei Avot, J. N. Manheimer, Vienna, 1860, third edition.
Preceding the title-page is an Hebrew relief in black and orange, "To hearken to the prayer which your servant prays before You today".
[2], 263, [1] leaf, 10.5 cm. Fair condition. Gilded leaves' cutting. Velvet binding with ornament, metal corners, owner's initials. Worn binding, back part detached.
Does not appear in Bibliography Institute CD nor in Winograd and Rosenfeld

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 264

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Siddur Tefillat Yisrael – Elaborate Edition – Mintz 1902

Siddur Tefillat Yisrael by Dr. Yoseph Goldshmidt. Mintz 1902.
A prayer book with Polish customs, Ashkenazic version. For weekdays, Shabbat, the festivals, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Hebrew with German translation in rhyme, on facing page.
Elaborate black leather binding with golden ornamentation in Art Nouveau style, golden edging and silver decorated. There is a printed dedication after the title-page and a handwritten dedication on the other side of the page from 1905.
22.5 cm. Good condition. Spine and binding's edges are damaged.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 265

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Tefillat Yisrael for Soldiers – Juedisches Feldgebetbuch

Tefillat Yisrael for Soldiers [abbreviated siddur for the Jewish soldier in the German army, in the First World War]. Vilna, 1918.
Hebrew with German translation. Prayers for weekdays and for Shabbat, silent prayer for the holidays, and yizkor for soldiers who were killed in the war. German introduction. In the introduction, it says that the editor was the chaplain Dr. S. Levi.
Cover-page, [7] leaves, 184 pages. 15.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Dry paper, tear in the front cover, back cover is missing.

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Sidur Ishi Yisrael According to Baghdad Custom – Unknown

Sidur Ashi Yisrael, Mincha and Arvit for weekdays and Shabat according to Baghdad custom. Jerusalem, 1921, second year of British High Commissioner.
"Printed by A. Salman Yeckezkel Meir of Baghdad. Due to his liking of our country he did not cut back on expenses".
[1] Title-page on cover, 128 pages, 14 cm. Good condition. Worn cover.
Not in Bibliography Institute CD nor in Winograd and Rosenfeld.

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Seder Korbanot and Tefilat Mincha and Ma’ariv – Budapest, 1944

Seder Korbanot, Mincha and Ma'ariv with Kidush Levanah and Sefirat Ha'Omer, and Tefilat Ha-Derech. Budapest, 1944. By David Friedman of Mishkoltz, [son of the printer of Mishkoltz, Rabbi Binyamin Friedman of Nyirdehaz, disciple of Maharshag and Rabbi Eliezer Deutsch of Bonihad. Author of Sidur Mekor Ha-Tefilot].
[6] pages printed on a folded Bristol board, 16.5 cm. Good condition.

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Collection of Prayer Books and Selichot

1. Machzor according to Ashkenazi custom. Wilhelmsdorf, 1735. First volume only, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.
2. Selichot for the whole year for those who rise early in the morning. Vienna, 1791.
3. Likutei Zvi with additions from Sha'arei Zion, by Rabbi Zvi Hirsh of Feurda. Sulzbach 1797.
4. Selichot and Supplications for the High Holidays, French Ashkenaz custom. Linvil 1799.
5. Hatarat Nedarim, Mesirat Modaa and Tashlich. Verona 1827.
6. Machzor for High Holidays. Salonika 1842. Sephardic.
Varying size and condition. Some books have owners' signatures.

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Prayer to be Recited in Times of War, by the Chatam Sofer

Prayer to be recited in Times of War, by Israel's great master, the Chatam Sofer. Budapest, 1916.
"A prayer for victory and for peace – in the Rombach Synagogue of Pest". The prayer mentions "Our King… His Majesty Franz Joseph the First and his allies… his Majesty Caesar Wilhelm the Second of Germany, and His Majesty Sultan Mohamed the Fifth Caesar of the Moslems".
4 leaves, 17 cm. Good-fair condition, folding marks and slight stains.
Rare! Bibliographically unknown.

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Kol Mizhalot Chol Hayam Bemakhelot – Venice 1794

Kol Mizhalot Chol Hayam Bemakhelot, "To arouse mercy… to protect from attackers". Ferrara community – Venice 1794.
Printed without a title-page. Includes the 13 Expressions of Mercy, "Avinu Malkeinu" and two prayers (the first is a piyut).
Special prayers that took place in honor of the events of those times. The Bibliography Institute CD mentions that they have a copy in which these prayers were bound together with pages of other prayers.
4 pages, 17.5 cm. good condition. Stains. Professionally restored damage.

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Prayers to be Said at Gravesites – Torino, 1760

Prayers to be Said at Gravesites - for Tish'a Be-Av, Erev Rosh Ha-Shanah, and Yom Kippur. Torino, 1760.
Printed without title-page, text starts on the first page. Includes supplication by Rabbi Yisrael Yisraelin, Hatarat Nedarim, Sedder Ziduk Ha-Din, Birkat Ha-Mazon for the mourners and more. At the end, a printed page with "Hazkarat Neshamot" is guled.
44 pages, 12 cm. Good condition. New Binding.

Opening200$ Unsold

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Cemetary Prayers – Copenhagen

1. Bonner til Brug pa'a Kirkega'arden. Copenhagen, 1850. On title-page - women wailing next to a grave. At the end - page with table to inscribe the details of the deceased. Hebrew and Danish. Not in Bibliography Institute CD.
2. Prayer order for Rosh Chodesh Adar or Adar Beth…Chevra Kadisha. Copenhagen, 1859. Hebrew only. Not in Bibliography InstituteCD.
3. Psalmer og Bonner. Copenhagen, 1874. Tehilim verses and prayers for the funeral. Hebrew and Danish. Not in Winograd and Rosenfeld.
Fair condition.

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Mourner’s Kaddish Pamphlet – Unknown – Seini, 1940

A pamphlet of mourner's kaddish, kaddish d'rabbanan, and kaddish shalem, by Rabbi Mordechai Weinstock. Seini 1940. Kaddish prayer translated into Yiddish.
[4] pages, 22 cm. good condition. Moth holes, torn margins. Stains.
Bibliographically unknown.

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Seder Tefilla Le’Ta’anit – London 1776

Order of Prayer for a Fast-day according to the Sephardic community. London 1776.
"In the holy Hebrew language and in English" – translated into English by Rabbi Alexander ben Yehuda Leib.
Selichot, morning and afternoon services for fast day, Tzom Gedalia, 10th Tevet, Ta'anit Esther, 17th Tammuz and Tisha Be'av. Hebrew and English on facing pages.
[2]. 209, [1] page, 20.5 cm. Good condition. Title-pages torn. Original leather binding is worn, back cover is detached.

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Azharot – Coimbra, 1922

Azharot [liturgical poem for Shavu'ot] - Moses Bensabat Amzalak, Notas sôbre as Azharot ou Exortações. Coimbra, 1922.
Title-jacket with Hebrew title in red ink. The booklet is in Portuguese, with a few quotations in Hebrew and biographical details of the writers.
[1], 19 pages, 21 cm. Fair condition. Moisture stains. Jacket torn and detached.
One of the only two Hebrew printings in Cambria, Portugal. Not in Bibliography Institute CD.

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Plea for Donation by Beit Ha-Sofer and Ha-Meiri Kolel – Jerusalem, 1864

Plea to the Hungarian and Austrian states to donate money and assist the Beit Ha-Sofer and Ha-Meiri Kolel. Jerusalem, 186[4]?

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Shiviti – Mizrah

"Mizrah – Shiviti" for wall. With drawing of the Menorah, and a law by Hashla Hakadosh to study every day the Torah the Mishnah and the 613 Mitzvot. Vilna. 1912 (?) Defus and Hotza'ah Publishing.
On both sides of the menorah 2 handpainted trees were added with the Aleph-Beit order of the Mishnayot to study at Yahrzteit.
64X46 cm. Good to fair condition, tears and foxing on folds (no omission of text) Rare and interesting.

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Amulets – Protection and Good Luck (Mazal Tov) for Boys and Girls – Vilna

Printed leaf with two protections "Mazal Tov for a Boy" connected and a leaf "Mazal Tov for a Girl". [Vilna, 1870 Re'em printing].
The printer information is on the girl's page, in Cyrillic letters.
18.5 cm; 22.5 cm. Good condition. Leaf cut improperly. Stain on girl's page.

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Protection for Child and for Woman Giving Birth– Tunisia, 1940

Protection for child and for woman giving birth, from the Ba'al Shem Tov. Tunisia, 1940(?).
Printed in red ink in three columns. The right column has "God bless you and protect you" and prayer against the evil eye by the Chida, in the middle column "Eliyahu was walking and came across an owl…" and drawing of palm. In the left column - blessings for Brith Milah and "Be-Siman Tov ve-Hatzlacha".
[1] page. 36X28 cm. Fair condition. Tears to borders and to folding marks, stains.

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Protection, Talisman and Supplication Pages

1. Wish for Motzei Shabat – found in the holy writings of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev "…Talisman for success to be said…every Motzei Shabat before Havdalah and I am confident that they will succeed with God's will".
2. Protection for child from the Ba'al Shem Tov. Djerba. Not mentioned bibliographically.
3. Talisman for life and cure. "There is no person who does not need this sheet". Jerusalem. Kalisher publishing. [2] pages.
4. Shiviti, Jerusalem. Three drawings of the Menorah. Printed in black and yellow.
Various sizes and conditions.

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Two Amulet Leaves – Baghdad

Printed amulets for protection.
1. "Protection against the evil eye", with names of the Holy, order of lighting Hanukkah candle, pictures of Hanukkah lamp and people. [Baghdad]. Blue-green paper.
2. "Protection of landlord and his family members", in the shape of a Magen David with names of angels and the four rivers. Published by Baruch Ben Shabtai Barnan. [Baghdad], 1905.
Very good condition. Various sizes.

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Will of “Chatam Sofer” ‘s Daughter

"This is the will of….Simcha …daughter of Chatam Sofer, who died in Pressburg". 1911.
Simcha Lehman (1821-1911), young daughter of "Chatam Sofer". Her life was dedicated to observing Mitzvot and to good deeds. She resembled her father in her looks and her wisdom. The disciples of Chatam Sofer and Katav Sofer used to visit her when in Pressburg and hear from her about her father. See enclosed material.
Stencil, purple ink. 2 leaves, 33 cm. Very good condition.

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Single Leaf Concerning the Printing of Sidur Tefilat Yesharim – Amsterdam 1739

"The value of prayer is well-known…". [Amsterdam, 1739]. Single leaf with introduction or publicity for Tefilat Yesharim Sidur according to Sephradi custom printed in Amsterdam in 1740.
"As the prayer books printed so far are no more available, and one who owns a weekday siddur cannot also afford a siddur for Shabbat... Rabbi Yehuda Pisa ….Rabbi David Piladola…thought about reprinting a new siddur with prayers for around the year…"

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Manifest Against Jewish Merchants – Holland, 1770

Official announcement by the Austro-Hungarian empress, Maria Theresa. Holland, 1770.
According to the empress's instruction, all the policemen, military, mayors of cities and villages and civil servant should prevent all beggars, merchants, and Jewish peddlers from trading used clothes and rags, in order to avoid the spreading of the leprosy plague which originated in Poland, and all the parcels containing such merchandise should be burnt.
This announcement is signed (in print) by A.C. Vendernbergh, head of Gelderland county in Holland. In that period Holland was ruled by the Austo-Hungarian empress. Dutch.
[1]leaf, [3] printed pages, 36 cm. Good condition. Tears to borders and stains. Folding mark is professionally restored.

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Prayer for Jewish Youngsters – Trieste, 1829 – Single Leaves

1. Prayer for Jewish youngsters who come every day to study. Single leaf in Hebrew with prayer for school children before and after their studies. A prayer for the well being of the emperor is integrated. The text is vowelized, in an illustrated frame. No place or date of printing. Stains and tears to edges.
2. Leaf with same text. On both sides of the Hebrew text the contents is written in German and Rumanian, the three of them in an illustrated frame. On the lower part of the leaf are the printer's details in Trieste, 1829.
Good condition. 34.5 cm. Quality paper.
Do not appear in Bibliography Institute CD.

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Public Announcement – Warsaw, 1837 – Unknown Leaf

"The importance of our community fund is known to all…". Warsaw, Sivan [1837].
"Our entire community benefits from the fund, and yet the expenses involved are many…". The announcement mentions and official rule which was made against private enterprisers dealing in the sale of Etrogim and Lulavim, as the community fund had exclusive rights in this field of business. "Whoever deals in Lulavim and Etrogim will be heavily fined…".
Printed signature of the Warsaw Rabbis: Rabbi Shlomo Zalman of Posnan Community; Rabbi David of Apta; Rabbi Ya'akov Meir ben Rabbi S. Jeshurun, and Rabbi Zvi Hirsch, all halachic authorities in Warsaw.
Originally [1] leaf (20 cm?) pasted to an old book binding and separated into two parts. Line missing in connection between the two parts. Stains and tears to borders.
Unknown bibliographically.

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Description of the Danube River Flooding – Ofen, 1838 – Issue Unknown

Coutzgepeste Shilderung der in Pesta im Yahre 1838. Ofen (Budapest), 1838. Der Kenige Unger Uniferzitest Buchdrukeria. Description of the Danube river flooding in 1838 and the destruction caused to the city of Budapest. Single sheet, uncut, as it left the printing press.
In that year a composition was published in Budapest "Days of Distress and Disturbance" by Rabbi Yitzchak Itzek Hersch Cohen with a description of the "Terrible flood in the city of Ofen…….in the year 1838", see Bibliography Institute CD, 0140212.
[1] sheet 8 pages.
Unknown bibliographically.

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“Divrey Chachamim” Book Publishing Announcement, 1839

Pränumerations-Schein auf desWerk Worte der Weisen… Von Lippmann Leszczyński. "Divrey Chachamim" book publishing announcement by Lippmann [Elazar Ben Zalman] Leszczyński. The announcement is in German, title of book in Hebrew. A letter by the author is printed on the bottom, signed Roedelheim, 1839.
A lithographic print flowered frame .
To the best of our knowledge the book has not been printed.
[1] leaf, 19 X 15 cm. Fair condition. Creases, tears and missing corner.
See also: Kol Bochim, lamentation on the death of Louise Queen of Prussia, Berlin, 1810, by Leszczyński.

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