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Auction 8 Lot Number 325

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Chavat Da’at – Copy of Rebbe Shalom Halberstahm of Sieniawa-Stropkov – Glosses

Chavat Da'at on Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah by Rabbi Ya'akov of Lissa . [Dyhernfurth], 1810.
Signatures of first Rebbe of Stropkov, "Rabbi Shalom Halberstahm son of Rebbe of Sieniawa".
Some scholarly glosses in two different handwritings [from early 1840's?]. Different inscriptions on covers.
Rabbi Avraham Shalom Halberstahm author of "Divrei Shalom" (1855-1939, Encyclopedia of the Chasidut, A, page 137), son of Rabbi Yeckezkel of Sieniawa, and grandson of "Divrei Chaim" of Sanz. Rabbi in Stropkov as of 1897. Many Chasidim were guided by him, and thousands came to receive blessings from him. Was famous for his scholarliness and diligence. During First World War moved to Budapest, Ungvar and Kashowy. His sons and sons-in-law succeeded him as Rebbes and Rabbis in Stropkov and Ungvar.
Title-page missing, [2] 57 leaves. 36 cm. Fair condition, worn and stained, moth damages to inner margins.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 391

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The Talmud of Rabbi Herzog and his Father – Glosses in their Handwriting

Six volumes of the Talmud of Rabbi Yoel Herzog and his son Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Herzog. (Berachot, Yavamut, Gittin, Baba Kamah, Baba Metzia, and Nida Taharot). Warsaw , 1886.
The volumes contain hundreds of glosses and comments, notes and scholarly comments (some are signed "Yod-Aleph"). The glosses are hadwritten by father and son.
Rabbi Yoel Leib HaLevi Herzog (1865-1934) famous rabbi and preacher. Born in Lomzha. He wrote the book "Imri Yoel" (5 parts, London, 1921-1930) and other books. His son was the famous Rabbi Itzhak Isaac Ha-Levi Herzog, Av Beit-Din Dublin, Ireland, and Chief Rabbi of Israel.
Six volumes, 26.5 cm, dry paper, fair-poor condition, damaged by use. Part of the comments were written in pencil. Worn and restored bindings.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 429

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Manuscript of Discourses and Novellae from the “Katav Sofer” and the Sages of Hungary

Manuscript of novellae, topics, discourses and sermons by the sages of Hungary. [1870?]

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Auction 8 Lot Number 491

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Letter from Rebbes Slonim to Restore the City of Tiberias

Letter from the brothers Rebbes Slonim Rabbi Yisachar Leib and Rabbi Avraham, calling to help with the restoration of the Beit Midrash and the apartments of Tiberias families, which were destroyed in the earthquake. 1927.
The letter was written on Erev Rosh Hashanah 1928, after the earthquake that hit Tiberias in Tamuz 1927 detroyed one hundred and fifty houses including the old Beit Midrash of the Reissin Chasidim [Slonim]. For that purpose, the Rebbes Beit Avraham and his older brother Moharil announced a call to allocate the donations on Rosh Hashanah for the restoration of the city of Tiberias.
The first-born son, Rabbi Yisachar Leib Weinberg (1872-1928, Encyclopedia of Chasidut A, pages 21-22) author of Beit Avraham, moved to Baranowitz after the death of his father, and most of the Slonim Chasidim followed him. In 1917 he established in Baranowitz the Torat Chesed Yeshiva. He had close relations with the Chasidim in Eretz Yisrael and even visited there in 1883 and 1928.
27.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and damages to left margins of letter.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 410

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Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim – Many Scholarly Glosses

Meginei Eretz, Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim, Parts I-II. With commentary by the Vilna Ga'on and glosses by Ra'aka. (Yohannesburg, Prussia), 1862.
Many glosses (more than one hundred) of scholarly content. The glosses are by four or five writers, most of them by one writer. According to the contents the writer was an extraordinary Ga'on: contradicting and disagreeing with the latter, innovating commentary on the said topics, referring to matters he wrote elsehere in his responses, his novellae and his commentary on other books.
In places where the proofreader contradicts the Vilna Ga'on's commentary, it seems that he is from the Beit Midrash of the Vilna Ga'on and he mentions him with the title "Rabeinu" "Rabeinu Ha-gadol" and other expressions of honor of a disciple to his rav.
Stamps of rabbi "Shmuel Eli' Sochowitzky of Kamerawke" [a village in the suburbs of Minsk]. And signatures by Rabbi Meir Berlin [Bar- Ilan].
[4], 138 leaves;[2] 128, [1] leaf. Quality paper (light regal), good condition, stains and slight damage. All the comments are complete except for those deleted by the writer. New binding with leather spine.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 344

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Aruch Ha-Shulchan – Ink Stamps by Rabbi menachem Krakovsky of Novardok

"Aruch Ha-Shulchan" books, by the Ga'on Rabbi Yechiel Michal Epshtein of Novardok. Orach Chaim A-B-C, Yoreh Dea to Chapter R', Even Ha-Ezer A-B and Choshen Mishpat A-B. Different editions (first, second and third). Warsaw and Pietrekov, 1897-1912.
Ink stamps of distinction in Hebrew and Russian appear in all books by "Rabbi Menachem Krakovsky of Novardok".
The Ga'on Rabbi Menachem Krakovsky (1870-1930, Othzar ha-Rabanim 13288), author of "Avodat Ha-melech", a foremost disciple of Rabbi Chaim of Brisk. Son in law of Rabbi Eliyahu Ha-Levi Feinstein of Prozhni. Served in rabbinate as of 1895 and in 1911 was appointed as chief rabbi of Novardok as successor of the author of the "Aruch Ha-Shulchan". In 1918 was appointed as Maggid in Vilna, and was one of the leading rabbis of the city with Rabbi Chaim Ozer and the "Marcheshet". (See enclosed material).
8 volumes, various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 193

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Booklets published in Jerusalem

1. Segula for Long Life, Rabbi Yitzchak Yechiel Sononson. [1930?] Not cut.
2. Kitvei Achim Be'halacha Ve'agada, Rabbi Baruch Mordechai Rogoznitzky. 1934.
3. Tikun Hayesod, Rabbi Shalom Sharaby 1935.
4. Torat Yerushalayim, sample newspaper, Rabbi Shimon Halperin, 1936.
5. Hilula De'Rashbi / Bar Yochai song, Rabbi Yeshaya Asher Zelig Margulies. 1941-1942.
6. Sha'arei Torah, Torah novellae from scholars of Anshei Ma'amad Yeshiva. 1945.
7. Karnot Ha'tzadik with Or Zion, Rabbi Eliyahu Miani 1946.
8. Al Hanissim, by one of the Neturei Karta [against Zionism and the religious parties in the coalition] 1957.
Sizes and conditions vary.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 215

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“Torat Eretz Yisrael” Anthology, 1931 – 1955

Torat Eretz Yisrael, biblical anthology, editor Yosef Eliyahu Kirshenbaum. Jerusalem, 1931-1955.
"Rabbinical monthly publication, for Torah, Halacha and Agadah novellae, and all occurrences in the rabbinical world in Eretz Yisrael and in the Diaspora". This anthology was published in Jerusalem by Va'ad Ha-Rabanim Ha-Meuchad" of Rabbi Frank and Rabbi Kook. Throughout the years, many Torah novellae from around the world were published in this anthology, mostly from rabbis of Jerusalem, Lithuania, and the United States.
In spite of being called a monthly magazine, its publication was irregular, and in some years it was not published at all. In front of us are three compiled volumes containing most of the booklets: years 2-5 (912 booklets), years 7-11 (17 booklets). Years 17-26 (12 booklets).
Various sizes and conditions, fair condition. No bindings.
Not in Bibliography Institute CD.

Opening100$ Sold For120$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 373

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Collection of Bar Mitzvah Dedications

Books given as Bar Mitzvah gifts:
1. Mishnayot, Nashim Nezikin, Sinai Publishing, Vienna-Budapest, 1937. Given "to the dear Bar Mitzvah Yisrael Mordechai, from …..Twersky". The recipient is the Rebbe of Rachmastrivka-Jerusalem (1929-2002).
2. Torat Elokim, Chumash Vayikra. Dedication from 1937 handwritten by Rabbi Aryeh Levine, the Jerusalemite Tzadik.
3. Sefer Nifla'ot Chadashot, Halachic Homiletics on the Torah by Rabbi Shimshon of Ostropoli. Jerusalem 1947. Dedication by "Rabbi Aharon [Ha-Cohen] Rosenfeld" (Rebbe of Pinsk-Karlin Chasidim, 1927-2001).
Various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 521

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Letter by Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Breen, Av-Beit-Din Chorzele

Letter by Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Breen, Av-Beit-Din Chorzele (Poland), sent to Av-Beit-Din Stockholm [Rabbi Yehuda Leib Levinsohn]. (1880)
The writer enquires about a wealthy person who died in Sweden and had no heirs as there are families with an identical name in Poland, in the cities of Lomza and Chorzele.
20.5 cm. Very good condition

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Auction 8 Lot Number 551

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Letter from Beit-Din of Allepo

Letter from Beit-Din Aram Zobah sent to Beit-Din in Haifa. 1927.
Letter is about payment of alimony to a woman, signed by: Rabbi Moshe Ezra Mizrachi, Rabbi Yitzchak Rafael Swed and Rabbi Ezra Yosef [Abadi?].
Leaf, 22 cm. Good-fair condition. Foxing.

Opening100$ Sold For180$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 150

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Yizkor Leaves – Radowitz – Post Holocaust

Yizkor-tsetl, farayn "Chesed shel Emet". Radowitz, Moldova,[194- ] post holocaust.
Two Yizkor leaves with lists of the dead, one for men and one for women. On the third page of the women's list a men's list was mistakenly printed (printing trial?) most probably a private non professional printing initiative.
In Bibliography Institute CD appear only 4 Hebrew printings from Radowitz.
29 cm. Fair condition. Tears with omission and stains.
Different from the leaves which appear in Winograd Rosenfeld CD.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 164

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Igrot Sofrim by Eiger-Sofer Family – Vienna-Budapest, 1928

Igrot Sofrim, Letters by Eiger-Sofer and by leading Jews who wrote to them, by Rabbi Shlomo Sofer. Vienna-Budapest, 1928.
Pictures of Rabbi Shlomo Sofer, Rabbi Akiva Eiger, Rabbi Shlomo Eiger, Rabbi Moshe Sofer and other rabbis.
[4], VI, 6, 95; 106; 74; 108 pages. [19] picture-plates, 22 cm. Good condition. Stains.

Opening100$ Sold For190$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 576

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Calendar of the year 5706 – Zurich – Unkown

Calendar of the year 5706 (1945 – 1946). Zurich.
Hebrew and a bit of German. Inside of front covering has a map of Eretz Yisrael, and inside of back covering has a map of Switzerland.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 23

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Book-Ends –Tablets of the Ten Commandments Shape – The United States, 1922

Book-ends made of black painted metal. The United States, 1922. Made by L.V. Aronson.
Books-ends are made in the shape of the Tablets of the Ten Commandments with the Ten Commandments in Hebrew letters. The commandments numbering is in Roman digits. On top is a Magen David and lines resembling sun rays. The book-ends are decorated with a drawing of rocks on which the tablets are "leaning". Felt is pasted on the bottom.
Maximum size: 9 X 10 cm. Fair condition. Paint peeling in some spots. One of the book-ends is missing a supportive part.

Opening100$ Sold For130$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 321

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Maimonides – copy of Rabbi Shlomo Gantzfried author of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch

Maimonides' Mishneh Torah, Part Three. Feurda, [1765].
Ownership inscription, various motes and signatures. – On the leaf before the title-page and on the back leaf, there are inscriptions indicating that the book belonged to Rabbi Shlomo Ganzfried, dayan of Ungvar [author of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch]. Probably, some of the notes on the first and last pages are also in his handwriting.
Inscription on title-page signed by Chanina Yichya Teitelbaum of Ohel, saying that the book belongs to Rabbi Rabbi Eliezer Lipman Hirshenshtein. On the leaf before the title-page, it says that book belonged to Rabbi Binyamin Rotte, gven to him by his father-in-law Rabbi Yechiel Michel Hirshenstein, Rabbi of ---dorf. [Hirshenstein was the name of a family of rabbis in Hungary, from among whom the most famous was Rabbi Yekutiel Hirshenstein, disciple of the Chatam Sofer].
[1], 221; 142, 141-144, 144-166 leaves. 34 cm. Fair condition, stains, worn by usage and slight moth damages. New binding.

Opening100$ Sold For360$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 238

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Tanya Rabbati, Zolkwa 1800

The book Tanya Rabbati, by Rabbeinu Yechiel, brother of the Ba'al HaTurim. [Zolkwa, 1800].
On the page before the title-page, there is an ownership inscription of Rabbi Shlomo Rochlitz, son of Rabbi Yitzchak Rochlitz, Rabbi of Bergeses (Otzar Harabbanim 11043) signed by Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz of Wirtesh.
[4], 38 leaves. 21 cm. Good condition, restored tear on the title-page, and slight moisture damages.
Variant, the title-page is different from the copy of the title-page which appears in the Winograd Rosenfeld CD.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 470

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Handwritten Siddur

Handwritten siddur, based on the Korban Mincha Siddur – Nusach Ari. [Russia, approx. 1940].
According to the title, "Peace and harmony to the world", it seems that the siddur was written in the communist period, when it was not possible to print or buy siddurim in Russia.
263 pages, upon which the pages until 231 are written. Good condition. Worn and stained cloth binding.

Opening100$ Sold For300$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 331

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Responsa of the Maharshdam – Salonika, 1798.

Responsa related to Tur Choshen Ha-Mishpat, Rabbi Shmuel Di Medinah. Salonika, 1798. Part III.
On the upper part of the title-page signature of Rabbi "Shazbani Hevroni" – Rabbi Shneur Zalman Shneursohn author of Nimukei Shazbani, one of the great Rabbis of Chabad in Hevron and Jerusalem (died 1881). His mother was daughter of Ra' Moshe Shneurson, who was the Ba'al HaTanya's son.
[1], 22, 146 pages, 27.5 cm.

Opening100$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 385

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Sha’ar Hamitzvot – Salonika – Gloss of Rabbi Yedidya Rafael Abulafia

Sha'ar Hamitzvot, fifth "gate", out of the eight "gates" (chapters) written by Rabbi Chaim Vital, based on the teachings of his master the Arizal, Salonika [1852].
Several glosses in Sephardic handwriting. On leaf 44, there is a long gloss signed at the beginning and end "The Yareh" – which stands for Rabbi Yedidya Rafael Abulafia (1807-1869); this is also a name by which he was known, as it stands for "the Rabbi who fears G-d". Rabbi Abulafia was the dean of the Kabalist Yeshiva Beit El, and "teacher of teachers" in the hidden Torah. (His disciples included Rabbi Moshe of Lelov, and the Rabbi of Jerusalem, author of Imrei Binah – upon whose advice he made the ruling against having numerous musical instruments played at weddings in Jerusalem).
Signatures and ownership inscriptions from 1803, by the kabalist Rabbi Efraim Shmuel Paperman (Lerner).
[2], 76 leaves. 19.5 cm. Good condition, folding marks. Worn and detached cardboard cover.

Opening100$ Sold For650$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 533

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Letter From Rabbi Akiva Sofer, Rabbi of Pressburg

Letter from Rabbi Akiva Sofer Shreiber, Rabbi of Pressburg. Jerusalem, 1944.
Letter with request for certificate to enter Eretz Yisrael, to his student Rabbi David Gross Av-Beit-Din Tebb (Hungary).After surviving the holocaust, Rabbi David Gross served as Dayan in Pressburg, as Rabbi in Tel Aviv and in Brooklyn, and as dean of Neitra Yeshiva. He wrote "Zahav Sheva" (Part I, Tel Aviv, 1956; Part II, New York, 1986).
Rabbi Akiva Sofer (1877-1960) author of "Da'at Sofer", son of Rabbi Simcha Bonem - author of "Shevet Sofer", served as rabbi and as Rosh Yeshivat Pressburg, since the death of his father in 1906. After the holocaust, he reestablished the Yeshiva and the congregation in Jerusalem. One of the leaders of Mo'etzet Gedolei Ha-Torah.
Official stationary. 17X15 cm. Good to Fair condition, filing holes.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 152

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Yizkor Book – Victims of Palestine Massacres of 1929

Memior for those who were killed in 1929 Palestine Massacres, by A.T. Berzin. Edited by Shabtai Weiss. Jerusalem, 1930.
Pictures and biographies of the victims, divided according to cities: Jerusalem. Motza, Hebron, Safed and more.
272 pages, dust-jacket. 25.5 cm. Fair condition. The folios were not cut on top.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 113

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Collection of Chabad Books

1-3. Responsa by The Rabbi, Rabbi Shneur Zalman Mi-Liadi. Shtetin, 1862-1864. 3 Parts, leather bound, cardboard slip-cover.
4. Tania – Likutei Amarim with letter of response and Iggeret Hakodesh. Vilna, 1930. Part I.
5. The Rabbi of Liadi and the Chabad Party, by Mordechai Teitelbaum. Warsaw, 1912. Part I.
Various sizes and conditions.

Opening100$ Sold For160$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 257

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Chabad Siddur – Shanghai, 1942

Korban Todah Siddur (Chabad-Arizal rite) with many commentaries in Yiddish. Shanghai, 1942. Published by the Committee of the New Synagogue of the Jewish Community of Shanghai.
Supplications, Ethics of the fathers, with the Ma'ayan Tahor commentary, as well as others.
[249] leaves. 21 cm. Good condition, dry paper. Original binding (new leather spine). With the word "siddur" embossed, backwards.

Opening100$ Sold For240$ Including buyers premium
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