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Chovot Halevavot – Constantinople, 1550

The book Chovot Halevavot by Rabeinu Bachya Ibn Paquda, Tikun Midot Hanefesh by Rabbi Shlomo Ibn-Gvirol (translated from Arabic by Rabbi Yehuda Ibn Tivon). Constantinople, [1550]. Third edition.
This edition was printed from a different manuscript than that of previous editions; see introduction of Rabbi Yitzchak ben Rabbi Chaim Chazan, in which he wrote that he printed the book according to an old manuscript.
The title-page is illuminated with a relief.
Leaf 2a is bound in place of 2b; leaves 91-92 are switched; leaves 9-94 are switched. All leaves are present.
[6], 9-102 leaves, 19 cm. Fair-good condition. There is reinforcement paper pasted to some of the pages' margins. Stained. Tears and damages, professionally restored. Modern parchment binding.

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Rabbinical Appointment from the City of Zaslow to the Son-in-law of Rebbe Mordechai of Neschiz – 1823.

Rabbinical ppointment from the city of Zaslow to Rabbi Meir Shraga [Feivel]. More than one hundred and twenty [!] signatures of rabbis, gaba'im and members of the community. Tevet 1823.
Imporatant to history of chasidut and the Jewish community.
Rabbi Meir Shraga [Feivel] Shapira, rabbi of Zaslow (Vohlin region) for about forty years. Son-in-law of the Tzadik Rabbi Mordechai of Neshchitz [first Rebbe of Neshchitz and one of the founders of this Chasidut], husband of his only daughter Zartel. His father Rabbi Ya'akov Av-Beit-Din Neshchitz was the cousin of Rabbi Mordechai, and after the death of Rabbi Ya'akov in ca.1788 Rabbi Mordechai was accepted as Rabbi of Neshchitz, according to the will of Rabbi Leibush Shapira (grandson of the "Megaleh Amukot") who ordered the people of the city not to appoint a Rabbi to replace him but from his flesh and blood. (See enclosed material). The son of Rabbi Meir Shraga is the Ga'on Rabbi Baruch Shmuel Av-Beit-Din Karnitza (Otzar Harabbanim 4240).
2 and a half pages, 35 cm. Fair condition, some signatures are faded, some slight tears to folds of paper.

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Letter signed by Rabbi of Toltchwa Rabbi Moshe David Ashkenazi Av-Beit-Din Safed and by Rabbi Shmuel Helir

A printed letter of thanks for a donation to the Bolshevitz community. With signatures of rabbis of Kollels of Austria in Jerusalem, Safed, Hebron and Tiberias. Lemberg printing press, 1852. The letter was written in Iyar 1853. The rabbis express the Kollel's gratitude for transferring five silver-ruble to the emissaries.
[Due to a dispute between the kollel in Jerusalem and the kollel in Safed, the Safed kollel could not print the letter and it was, therefore, printed in Lemberg].
On the bottom of the letter: seal of the Kollels and signatures of 8 rabbis.
Rabbi Moshe David Ashkenazi of Toltchwa-Safed, (1774-1856), author of Toldot Adam and Be'er Sheva. Served as rabbi of Toltchwa for forty years. Moved to Safed in 1844 and was one of the founders of the Chasidic settlement in post-earthquake Safed. Father in law of the author of "Yetav Lev" and father of Rabbi Yoel Ashkenazi of Zholkiev. Rebbes of Satmar and Kloizenburg were his descendants. His home and Beit Midrash in Safed were restored by his grandson the Rebbe of Kloizenburg, and today the Sanz Institutes in Safed are located there.
Rabbi Shmuel Helir (1786-1884), was raised in the house of the Seer of Lublin who instructed him to move to Eretz Yisrael. Served as rabbi of Safed for sixty years. (Otzar Ha-Rabanim 19134). See about him and about the settlement in Safed in "The Rabbi, the Leader and the Doctor" (Safed 1988).
Rabbi Shmarya Shmeril Brandris (1780-1857), rabbi of Harlimov, disciple of Rabbi Ephraim Zalman Margaliot and Rabbi Avraham David of Butatch. Author of "Iyun Tefilah" and "Kehilot Ya'akov". Moved to Eretz Yisrael in 1852 and settled in Jerusalem. In 1856 signed the "boycott" against the Haskalah schools. (See about him in the Encyclopedia of the Sages of Galicia, 1 pp.618-619).
Leaf 22 cm, good condition, stains and folding marks.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 473

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Shadal – Handwritten Dedication and Commentaries/Handwritten Translation and Commentaries on the Book of Yesha’ayahu

1. The book of Yesha'ayahu translated into Italian with commentaries in Hebrew, by Shadal [Shmuel David Luzzatto]. Prague, 1842.
Early experimental printing booklet with translation into Italian and commentaries on the book of Yesha'ayahu, printed in seven parts in Padua during the years 1855-1867. The booklet opens with a dedication in Shmuel David Luzzatto's handwriting, to his disciple. Many notes and commentaries in Shadal's handwriting appear in the booklet. 32 pages, 22 cm.
2. Manuscript – Shadal's translation of the book of Yesha'ayahu and commentaries by one of his disciples. Hebrew and Italian handwriting in two columns, pp. 303-33 (continues exactly where the printed booklet ends). The writer signs in the end of the manuscript. Shadal's commentaries in this manuscript were studied and found almost identical to the printed edition. Slight changes and differences between the handwritten Italian translation and the printed one.
Bound together in half-parchment fine binding. In front is bound a portrait of the writer printed in Padua in 1844.
Rabbi Shmuel David Luzzatto (1800-1865) linguist, poet and bible commentator. Translator of the Siddur into Italian. Rosh Beit Midrash Le-Rabanim in Padua, Italy. Published Italian translations of the books of Iyov and Yesha'ayahu, the Torah and Haftarot. Added Hebrew commentaries and introductions to books and published many historical and Jewish philosophy researches.

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Kereti U-Peleti – First Edition in Author’s Life – Scholarly Glosses

Kereti U-Peleti, novellae on Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De'ah, by Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeschutz, Altoona, 1763. First edition published during author's life in his city of rabbinate.
Glosses and scholarly notes in ancient handwriting, by at least two or three writers .
On title-page and insides of covers, there are many signatures and inscriptions.
[3], 35; 165 leaves, 32 cm, fine paper. Good-fair condition, moth damages to first and last leaves, original wood and leather binding, damaged, ornament remnants.

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Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim – Many Scholarly Glosses

Meginei Eretz, Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim, Parts I-II. With commentary by the Vilna Ga'on and glosses by Ra'aka. (Yohannesburg, Prussia), 1862.
Many glosses (more than one hundred) of scholarly content. The glosses are by four or five writers, most of them by one writer. According to the contents the writer was an extraordinary Ga'on: contradicting and disagreeing with the latter, innovating commentary on the said topics, referring to matters he wrote elsehere in his responses, his novellae and his commentary on other books.
In places where the proofreader contradicts the Vilna Ga'on's commentary, it seems that he is from the Beit Midrash of the Vilna Ga'on and he mentions him with the title "Rabeinu" "Rabeinu Ha-gadol" and other expressions of honor of a disciple to his rav.
Stamps of rabbi "Shmuel Eli' Sochowitzky of Kamerawke" [a village in the suburbs of Minsk]. And signatures by Rabbi Meir Berlin [Bar- Ilan].
[4], 138 leaves;[2] 128, [1] leaf. Quality paper (light regal), good condition, stains and slight damage. All the comments are complete except for those deleted by the writer. New binding with leather spine.

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The Belzer Rebbe’s Notebooks from his Youth

Three notebooks including Torah thoughts and stories of tzaddikim, written by "Yisachar Dov" Rokeach in his youth, [1958-1966?].
In one of the notebooks his name is signed several times, and contain stories which he heard from his uncle. Lists and calculations [one of the lists seems like documentation of Chasidic practices and their observation], additional lists from his rabbis and educators. In the second notebook there are novellae on Torah and halacha (possibly also in his own handwriting). In the third notebook there are varying notes [of a study curriculum from a certain book?].
The holy Rebbe, Rabbi Yissachar Dov Rokeach of Belz was the only scion who remained from the entire Belzer family, who were murdered in the holocaust. The Belzer Chasidut looked after the "crown prince" and raised him in Torah and chasidut until he was ready to lead the community, and he was "crowned" as Rebbe in1967, at the age of 18.
His uncle, Rabbi Ahaon Rokeach of Belz, lost his entire family in the holocaust – wife, children and grandchildren. Also his brother, the holy Rabbi of Bilguray, Rabbi Mordechai Rokeach, lost his entire family in the war. After the war, Rabbi Mordechai remarried, and his son Yissachar Dov was born to him in 1948.
The Rabbi of Bilguray died in 1949, and his brother, Rabbi Aharon, died in 1957. The Chasidic elders designated the young Yisscahar Dov, aged nine, as the future Rebbe; he was given excellent educators. The Chasidic elders upheld the Belz institutions until he became Rebbe. The Chasidic court which developed under Rebbe Yissachar Dov's leadership now includes thousands of families and hundreds of institutions of Torah learning, prayer and benevolence.
Size and condition vary; moisture stains.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 88

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Title-Pages – Slavita and Zhitomir Printings

23 title-pages of Slavita and Zhitomir books, printed by Rabbi Moshe, his sons and grandsons.
Title-pages from Slavita: Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Machzor, 1836 (red ink); Korban Aharon Festival Machzor, Part Two; Rosh HAshana, Yom Kippur, and Fetiva Machzor, 1836; Mishnayot Seder Nezikin, 1822; Mishnayot Seder Tahorot, 1830; Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Machzor, Part One, 1842; Festival Machzor, Part Two, 1842 ("Printed in Yozefov in a print that was originally in Slavita"); HaMaggid, Part Two, 1834; HaMaggid, Part Three, 1831, HaMaggid, Part Four, 1834; Kutnot Ohr – Ein Ya'akov.
Title-pages from Zhitomir: Tehilim with Ma'amadot, 1865; Tikkun Leil Shavout, 1857; Zohar (Vayikra), 1863; Chok Liyisrael, Vayikra, 1857, Chok Liyisrael, Bamidbar, 1856; Chok Liyisrael, Devarim, 1856; Mishnayot Seder Z'ra'im, 1957 (two separate title-pages); Mishnayot Seder Nezikin, 1858; Sefer Devarim, 1860; Books of Ketuvim, Part Six, 1866; Menorat HaMa'or Nefesh Yehuda, Part Two, 1852.
Some have handwritten inscriptions, and owners' ink-stamps and signatures.
Size and condition varies. Some of the title-pages are damaged, some are professionally restored. Some also have a few first leaves.

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Abarbanel Nivi’im Rishonim – Rabbi Akiva Eiger’s Copy. Signatures and Inscriptions by Rabbi Yehuda Leib Kalisher and his Son, Rabbi Avraham Moshe of Lissa, Son-in-Law of Rabbi Akiva Eiger

Nevi'im Rishonim commentary, by Don Yitzchak Abarbanel, Hamburg 1687.
Ink-stamps of Rabbi "A' Moshe of Lissa". Signature of his father on title-page "Yehuda Leib Segal Kalisher". Writings in Rabbi Avraham Moshe's handwriting. Additional ink-stamp: "I.L.Eger".
Rabbi Avraham Moshe of Lissa, son-in-law of Rabbi Akiva Eiger, a brilliant Ga'on. Responsum to and from him were printed in Rabbi Akiva Eiger's Responsum. Served as rebbe of Pila until his death at young age in 1812.
[His widow Surel remarried the Chatam Sofer and was the mother of the "K'tav Sofer" . Rabbi Avraham Moshe had an only daughter who married Rabbi Yosef Guns-Shlezinger (nephew of her grandfather Rabbi Akiva Eiger), founder of Shlezinger Book Shop in Vienna, who published his step-father-in-law's responsum.
His father Rabbi Yehudah Leib Kalisher of Lissa, a leading rabbi in his generation. During the time of hs rabbinate in Lissa, he wrote "Chavat Da'at" and "Netivot Ha-Mishpat". In 1820 he published his book "Yad Ha-Chazakah" where he included his son's novellae. Died in 1812.
[1] 108 leaves, 101-104, 71 leaves. [3 leaves 1 2 4 are missing and two leaves of Midrash Kohelet were bound to replace them]. 31.5 cm. Light thin paper. Fair-poor condition, stains and creases, ancient paper-restoration of tears. Binding somewhat worn.

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Keter Shem Tov – Part I – Zolkwa, 1794 – Signatures

Sefer Keter Shem Tov by Rabbi Yisrael Ba'al Shem Tov. Zolkwa, 1794. Part I. First Edition. "Kol Divrei Kodsho Shel …R' Yisrael Ba'al Shem Tov…"
A few printings of Part I are known, this version is from the printing where leaves are not numbered (apart from leaf 9, 11-12, 17-21) and the last line on the title-page is "On Ethics of the Fathers".
Of the first and most fundamental Hasidic books. The Ba'al Shem Tov's philosophy.
Owners' signatures on title-page and on page [3]: Rabbi "Shmuel Haler" and Rabbi "Moshe Deitsch, son-in-law of R' Haler".
The Gaon Rabbi Shmuel Haler (1786-1883) was raised in the house of the "Seer of Lublin" who instructed him to go to Eretz Yisrael. Rabbi of Safed for sixty years. (Otzar Harabbanim 19134). His biography and the story of the Yishuv in Safed are recounted in the book "The Rabbi the Leader and the Doctor" (Safed 1988).
The Rabbi the Zadik Rabbi Moshe Deitsch from Siged, son-in-law of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Haler son of Rabbi Shmuel. Father of the mother of the Rebbe from "Toldot Aharon" Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kahn.
[30] leaves, 19.5 cm. Good condition. Moth-holes to first leaves. Holes in last pages but text intact. Stains. Title-page and first leaves are worn. No binding.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 379

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Pages of Glosses by the Author of the Kehilot Ya’akov

Leaves from the printed book Kehilot Ya'akov, on Tractates Chulin and Bechorot, by Rabbi Ya'akov Ysrael Kanievsky. Bnei Brak, 1976.
Early draft, printed on only one side, with corrections in the handwriting of the author, the Rabbi of Horonsteipel (the Steipler).
The Kehilot Ya'akov used to toil throughout many nights in writing his books, making correction after correction so that the matters would be easily understood by yeshiva students. Even after he gave his novellae to be printed, he would sometimes make corrections on the early drafts, thinking that there was yet room for improvement. (Toldot Ya'akov, pg. 209).
On the present pages, there are some parts on which slight corrections were made, and some parts which were erased and written again. The erasings were sometimes done in the Steipler's special method – he would make a frame around the word, in order not to erase words of Torah.
On verso of title-page there are notes of different questions addressed to the Steipler, and interesting stories.
Approx 43 leaves, 35 cm. Printed on one side of the leaf, corrected in blue pen. New binding.

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Letter from Rebbes Slonim to Restore the City of Tiberias

Letter from the brothers Rebbes Slonim Rabbi Yisachar Leib and Rabbi Avraham, calling to help with the restoration of the Beit Midrash and the apartments of Tiberias families, which were destroyed in the earthquake. 1927.
The letter was written on Erev Rosh Hashanah 1928, after the earthquake that hit Tiberias in Tamuz 1927 detroyed one hundred and fifty houses including the old Beit Midrash of the Reissin Chasidim [Slonim]. For that purpose, the Rebbes Beit Avraham and his older brother Moharil announced a call to allocate the donations on Rosh Hashanah for the restoration of the city of Tiberias.
The first-born son, Rabbi Yisachar Leib Weinberg (1872-1928, Encyclopedia of Chasidut A, pages 21-22) author of Beit Avraham, moved to Baranowitz after the death of his father, and most of the Slonim Chasidim followed him. In 1917 he established in Baranowitz the Torat Chesed Yeshiva. He had close relations with the Chasidim in Eretz Yisrael and even visited there in 1883 and 1928.
27.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and damages to left margins of letter.

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Babylonian Talmud – Zhitomir

Twenty volumes of the Babylonian Talmud. Zhitomir, 1858-1864, printed by grandsons of Rabbi Shapira of Slavita.
Old identical bindings with decorated leather spines.
Baba Metziah volume was completed in Vilna Printing Press, 1882 (on half-regal paper). Sh'vuot-Avodah Zarah volume and Chulin volume were added from another Zhitomir Talmud.
20 volumes. 36 cm. Good condition, varying among volumes. See enclosed detailed list of tractates in each and every volume.

Opening1,500$ Sold For2,200$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 406

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Sha’ar Ha-Psukim / Sefer Ha-Likutin – Signatures and Glosses by Harav Hasadeh

Sha'ar Ha-Psukim, kabala and homiletics based on the Tanach, Rabbi Chaim Vital. Jerusalem, Yisrael Printing Press, 1863.
Ink-stamps and signatures:
1. Dedication to Rabbi Shlomo Nechmad Yeshivah [in Aleppo] signed by Rabbi Raphael Antebi.
2. Registration and signature: "Final owner, Chaim Shaul Dweik Ha-Cohen". Ink-stamps by Rabbi Dweik "in the holy city of Jerusalem".
3. On third leaf ink-stamp by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Moses ("Moetzet Gedolei Ha-Torah" secretary) and an inscription in his handwriting:"…belongs to the Kabbalist …Ha-Cohen Dweik …". A few glosses and comments within the book. Part of them signed "Sadeh". On the last leaf lists of Kabbalic novellae. By Rabbi Shaul Dweik Ha-Cohen, signed "Sadeh".
The kabbalist Rabbi Shaul Hayim Ha-Cohen Dweikh (1858-1933). Born in Aleppo. Studied Kabbalah from the greatest Kabbalists in Aleppo. Corresponded in Kabbalah with the sages of "Beit El" in Jerusalem. In 1890 he came to Jerusalem, became one of the sages of Beit El and studied with Kabbalists Rabbi Nissim Ani, Rabbi Vidal Angil and others. In 1896 he established the Rechovot Ha-Nahar Kabalist Yeshiva. He was considered one of the greatest Kabbalists in Jerusalem and admired even by Ashkenazi Kabbalists. In 1900 lost his sight, and in the next 33 years taught and studied only by the power of his memory, and used to proof books he published by hearing only. When still in Aleppo he used to write his novellae in Kabbalah inside his books, and after he became blind his disciples wrote them for him. From sheets such as these, the book "Pe'at Ha-Sadeh" was compiled (2 parts, Jerusalem 1998). See there also photocopies of his handwriting, and the handwriting of his disciples. From the comparison it is clear that significant parts of the glosses are in his handwriting.
[4] (instead of [5], 158, [2] leaves, 33 cm. Fair condition. One title-page missing. Title-page cut on top outside frame. Stains. Half-leather modern binding.
S. Halevi No. 91.
For more about Hasadeh glosses - see Kedem Catalogue 4, item 515.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 429

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Manuscript of Discourses and Novellae from the “Katav Sofer” and the Sages of Hungary

Manuscript of novellae, topics, discourses and sermons by the sages of Hungary. [1870?]

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Auction 8 Lot Number 377

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Imrei Yosher Responsa – Glosses by the Ga’on of Kozieglowy

Imrei Yosher Responsa, Part one, by Rabbi Arik, Munkacz, 1913. Owners' signatures by Rabbi "Aryeh Zvi Frumer Av-Beit-Din Kozieglowy, resident of Sosnowica and Rabbi in Chachmei Lublin Yeshiva".
Many scholarly glosses.
Rabbi Aryeh Zvi Frumer – "Rabbi Leib Hirsch Koziegloer" (1884-1943), A leading Ga'on in Poland. Grandson of Rabbi Dobrish of Ausch a disciple and chasid of the "Avnei Nezer" of Sochaczew. Great in the revealed and hidden Torah, Rosh Yeshiva, and leading halachic authority in his time. Av-Beit-Din Zawiercie and Kozieglowy. Rosh Yeshivat Sochaczew and one of the heads of Chachmei Lublin Yeshiva. Author of "Eretz Zvi" and "Siach Ha-Sadeh". Maintained correspondence with the author of the book, Rabbi Meir Arik and with Rabbi Yosef Engel of Krakow. Died in the holocaust.
[4], 106 leaves; 8 pages, 124 leaves, 32 cm. Dry paper, fair condition, tears. Worn out binding.

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Ma’aseh Tuvia – Venice, 1707

Ma'aseh Tivia, on Astronomy and Research, Medicine and Anatomy, by the doctor Rabbi Tuvia Katz. Venice, [1707]. First edition.
Many drawings and diagrams; on verso of title-page there is a portrait of the author. Contains approbation of Rabbi David Oppenheim and Rabbis of Venice.
With odes in praise of the author and the book.
Owners' signatures in Hebrew and other languages. Ink-stamps from Setraznitz. Many handwritten glosses in Hebrew and other languages. Handwritten notes on the cover-page.
[6], 158 leaves. Fair condition, on the first title-page (with the portrait) there are professionally restored tears.
The first leaves are worn, two leaves are missing (3-4). Colorful cutting of pages. Original cloth binding, worn and torn.

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Tania – Cremona, 1565 – Form by Rabbi Akiva Eiger

Tania Rabati, (Minhag Avot), laws and customs (Kitzur Shibolei Ha-Leket). Cremona, 1565.
On page 1 handwritten "belongs to the Ga'on Akiva Guns [of Eisenstadt] Av-Beit-Din Poznan, signed, Leib H—of [Eisenstadt]". Ancient owners' signatures on same page.
Preceding the title-page appears a writing of 1929 "Gift from Rabbi Michael Levy for my wife, granddaughter of Rabbi Akiva Eiger who possessed this book. 1929. A. Schoenfeld".
The Guns family was a most respected family in Eisenstadt for hundreds of years, the most outstanding family member is Rabbi Akiva Guns-Eiger (named Rabbi Akiva Eiger after his mother's family).
8 pages, 5-136 leaves, [missing are title-page, introduction and index, 6 leaves?], 19.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Loose leaves partly detached. Fine leather binding (new).

Opening1,800$ Sold For1,800$ Including buyers premium

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Certificates in Honor of Baron Yossef Von Wertheimer – Vienna

1. Certificate on part of the Association of Jewish Blind People in Vienna, 1871. In honor of Yossef Riter von Wertheimer on the occasion of his acceptance as member of the association. The chairman and secretary signed on the bottom of the certificate. Colored with gold decorations. German. Good condition.
2. Certificate on part of the president of the Jewish community of Fünfkirchen in honor of Yossef Riter von Wertheimer ("President of the Jewish Community of Vienna" and other titles) and his wife on the occasion of a wedding held in their family. It is also noted that in the community assembly held in 1879 it was decided to appoint him as honorary member of the community. On the bottom a drawing of Moshe Rabeinu. Illustrations of Maggen David and additional illustrations in golden ink. German. Tears and stains to edges. Bottom part torn into two.
Yossef Riter von Wertheimer (1800-1887), son to a wealthy merchants family in Vienna. Educator and founder of a chain of kindergarden. Established the first kindergarden in Vienna in 1830 and established an association for the rehabilitation of released prisoners and young criminals; was involved in the Jewish community and one of the leaders of the struggle for equal civil rights for Austrian Jews. In 1868 he was decorated by the emperor and got a title of nobility.
Various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 8 Lot Number 363

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Chovat Hatalmidim – Dedication of Author – Piaszina Rebbe

Chovat Hatalmidim by Rabbi Kalonimus Kalmish Shapira (the Piaszina Rebbe). Warsaw 1932.
Two title-pages. In margin of first one there is a handwritten signed dedication by the author: "Presented to my friend Reb Elimelech ben Porat. K-". On the side of the title-page there is another handwriting which says: "From Rabbi Kalonimus Kalmish Shapira Warsaw Dzielna Street 5/5". The receiver's ink-stamp is on the title-pages: "Tushia Book Factory E. Ben-Porat, Jerusalem".
Rabbi Kalonimus Kalmish Shapira (1889-1944) was author of "Chovat Hatalmidim" and "Esh Kodesh". He was the son of Rabbi Elimelech Shapira. He was an outstanding genius in all parts of Torah and disseminated Torah and Chasidut. In 1913 he became Rav of Piaszina.
170 leaves, 22cm. good condition. Loose binding and pages. Slightly worn binding.

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She’erith Yosef – Salonika, 1568

The book She'erith Yosef on leap years and calendar calculations, by Rabbi Yosef ben Shem Tov ben Yeshua Chai. Salonika, 1568. Yosef ben Yitzchak Ya'avetz Print. First edition.
Explanations, charts of tekufot, solar and lunar systems, by Rabbi Daniel ben Perachia Ha-Cohen; signs of the parshiot in rhyme by Rabbi Shmuel Ha-Cohen, Hebrew translation by Rabbi Yosef Vizino.
Rabbi Daniel ben Prachia was one of Salonika's Sages, son of a prestigious family, succeeded his father as leader and dayan of the Italian community.
On the title-page, verso, and additional leaves inside there are flowers, the symbol of YA'avetz printer. Charts, diagrams and picture of an open palm.
Ownership inscription on title-page: Yehud Shabtai. Also several handwritten notes inside. This copy does not include the 30 leaves with Rabbi Avraham Zechut's explanations of the charts.
[92] leaves, (instead of [93], the explanation chart is missing at the end, as in many copies), 15 cm. Good condition. Thick, high-quality paper. Stained. The title-page is slightly worn, with slight restored damages. New parchment binding.

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The 1500’s – Five Books

1. Toldot Yizchak, Rabbi Yizchak Ben Yosef Karo. Commentary on the Torah. Mantova, [1558]. Leaves 1-6 bound in wrong order. (Owners' signatures and notes).
2. Vezot Torat Habayit, Rabbi Shlomo Ben Avraham Even Adert (Rashba). Cremona, [1565]. Laws pertaining to the home. (Two leaves are missing following the title-page).
3. Porat Yosef part I, on the Rif and Ran, Tractate Ketubot and part of Chulin. Rabbi Yosef Ben Binyamin Samiga, Venice ,[1590].
4. Arugat Ha-Bossem Bedikduk, Rabbi Shmuel Ben Elchanan Ya'akov Archivalte. Venice, [1605]. About the Hebrew alphabet.
5. Beur Al Sefer Mitzvot Gadol, Rabbi Yosef Ben Moshe of Kremnitz. Venice, [1605]. Based on teachings of his rabbis, Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen, Rabbi Israel ben ---, Rabbi Shachna, Rabbi Moshe Isserles, and Rabbi Mardosh – the author's Rosh yeshiva in Ostraha.
Various sizes and conditions.

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Miniature Tanach in a Pennant – Warsaw, 1895

Torah, Nevi'im, and Ketuvim, precise and according to the mesorah. Invented by Menachem M. Shultz. Warsaw, [c. 1895].
Miniature Tanach, 22x30 mm. Contained in a metallic case, plated with gold, with decorations on the front as well as a round magnifying lass. At the top of the case there is a round metal circle, for hanging on a string.
Maximum dimensions including pennant: 25x42 mm. The book is in good condition, the cover is detached and the pages are slightly detached. The pennant is in good condition.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,500$ Including buyers premium

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Book of Psalms Translated into Ethiopian (Gez)

Book of Psalms in Ethiopian script, in the Gez language used by the Ethiopian priests.
Handwritten in black, red and some blue and brown ink, on 11 parchment booklets. Number of leaves is different in each booklet. A few sketches and two illustrations: snakes and an angel.
Bound in a dark wooden binding with thick threads, no spine.
[70] leaves, 10 cm. Fair-good condition. On some leaves ink is somewhat faded or slightly deleted. Dark stains to borders. Front cover broken into 3 parts sewn with thread, and almost totally detached.
It is not clear to us whether this is a copy or commentary, and whether this is a traditional Book of Psalms or one with additions from foreign religions.

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Soldiers Praying on Yom Kippur 1871 – Metz – Cloth Printing

Black and red printing on cotton cloth, for hanging on a wall. Germany, c. 1880.
In the center of the printing, we see a large group of soldiers praying around a bima, in the Franco-Prussian War. Inscription on bottom: Yom Kippur services, 1871, in the camp overlooking Metz".
In the four corners, there is a German song, and on top – words in Hebrew from the liturgy: "We all have one Father, One G-d Who created us", and pictures of angels.
Hebrew and German.
Approx. 68x65 cm, in a wooden frame of 75.5x79. Fair condition. Sewn onto cloth. Slightly torn at edges, stained in the center and on top. Not checked out of frame.

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Meggilat Ester on Prchment in a Fine Case

Meggilat Ester. Ink of parchment (5 sheets), in a decorated silver case. Turkey? The 19th century.
The case is decorated with nice floral designs and with leaves. Six large leaves are seen on the top part and they hide the handle connection at the lower part while becoming attached to a Torah crown-like decoration on the upper part.
Height of case: 16 cm. The Scroll: 9 cm. Good condition.

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Maharchas Responsum, Salonika, 1651 – Signatures and Glosses Rabbi Avraham Amigo

Responsum on Even Ha'ezer by Rabbi Chaim Shabtai (Maharchash), Salonika, 1651.
Signatures of Rabbi Avraham Amigo, and many glosses in is handwriting, mostly cropped.
Rabbi Avraham Amigo (1610-1683), one of the foremost halachic authorities and kabbalists in his generation, in Turkey and Jerusalem, disciple of the kabbalist Rabbi Ya'akov Tzemach. When Shabtai Tzvi came to Jerusalem in 1664, Rabbi Avraham Amigo led the Rabbis who opposed him. Rabbi Avraham was also the emissary of the Rabbis of Constantinople and Venice to Gaza, to find out from Nathan of Gaza about Shabtai Tzvi's true nature. His conclusions from this visit were publicized throughout the Jewish world. See more about him in enclosed material.
One the title-page, the signature of Rabbi Chaim Nissim Abalafia (1774-1861) appears. He was on Tiberius's leading rabbis. From the year 1815, he served as Rishon Litzion Chief Rabbi in Jerusalem.
On the introduction page, there is an elaborate oriental signature of [Navon? Danon?].
[2], 222 leaves, 29 cm. Light, high quality paper, fair condition, moth damages, stains, top corner of pages is worn. New binding.

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Copy of Wording on the Tombstones in the Jewish Cemetery of Iasi

Archive documenting tombstone wordings from Iasi's old cemetery, spanning a period of approximately 200 years, 1665-1864.
The cemetery no longer exists; it was demolished in the 1870 and completely destroyed at the beginning of the 20th century. The notes with the wordings and dates on the tombstones were written by a member of the community who wished to document the cemetery before its destruction. The notes contain the wordings in Hebrew, in Romanian translation.
There are notes to which older notes are attached, from which the information was copied. For Rabbis with a tent over their graves, the writer noted in parentheses "(a shtibel)".
These notes document the Rabbis and Rebbes of Iasi and environs, their families, and families of the fathers of chasidut who lived in those areas.
The names mentioned include:
1. Rabbi Yoske of Woloshisk, Rabbi of Iasi, d. 1807. (Encyclopedia of Chasidut, B, pages 148-149) was the son of Rabbi Aryeh Leibush Horowitz of Woloshisk, disciple of the Maggid of Mezrich, who made aliya to Israel – see item 120 – Taharat Hakodesh.
2. The modest… Batsheva, daughter of Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heschel, Rabbi of Apta and Iasi… d. 1811. Died before her father, who succeeded Rabbi Yoske in the Iasi Rabbinate. This daughter was not mentioned in the Encyclopedia of Chasidut, A, page 87.
3. Rabbi Dov Berish son of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh of Botshash. Served as Rabbi for forty years. Son-in-law of the Neta Sha'ashu'im – see item 100 and brother-in-law of Rebbe Avraham of Botshash.
4. Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef Rokeach, ben Rabbi Binyamin Ze'ev, d. 1858. He was a descendant of the Ba'al HaRokeach, disciple of Rabbi Israel of Ruzhyn, known as a miracle worker. There was a large tent over his grave. See Toldot Ma'aseh Rokeach by Aharon Hoizman. The Rokeach and Ludmir families are descended from him.
5. Rabbi Yosef Landa, Rabbi of Iasi, d.1853. Author of Bircat Yosef, disciple of Rabbi Israel of Ruzhyn and of Rabbi Yitzchak of Berdichev. Grandson of Rabbi Mendel MiBe'er, who was in turn a disciple of the Ba'al Shem Tov. See Toldot Yosef, Bnei Brak 1997.
These are just a few of many listings of Rabbis, their families, grandsons of Rebbes (the Ba'al Shem Tov, Rabbi Ze'e of Zhitomir – author of Ohr HaMeir, Rabi Moshe of Pshevarsk), cantors, doctors and midwives, people killed al Kiddush Hashem, and more.
241 leaves [mostly 12x17 cm]. Good condition. Numbered from 19-610, with skipped numbers. The major part are from 1800-1850.
Rare historic documentation of an early, central Jewish community. Also valuable as family documentation of the fathers of chasidut.

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Yesod Hanikkud – Amsterdam, 1730 – Signature of Maharitz (Salach)

Yesod Hanikkud, on the grammar of the Holy Language, by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Hanau. Amsterdam, 1730.
Signature of the Maharitz on title-page.
Rabeinu Yichye Salach – the Maharitz (1804-1859, Otzar Harabbanim 9119), the leading rabbi in Yemen in the 18th century, and one of the leading halachic authorities in the last generations. At the age of 43 he was appointed Chief Rabbi of all Yemenite communities. His authority was accepted in Yemen unanimously, and up to this date many Yemenites act according to his rules. See his Shulchan Aruch glosses item number 378.
[4], 82 leaves, 21.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Moth damages. Remnants of ancient binding, worn out and detached.

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Zevach Shmuel – with Manuscript of Laws of Ritual Slaughter by Rabbi Ya’akov of Lisa, the Ba’al Hanetivot

The book Zevach Shmuel on laws of ritual slaughter, by Rabbi Shmuel MiLisa, a famous "shochet, bodek umenaker" (ritual slaughterer, examiner, and "extractor of sinews"). Contains "D'rishat Haze'ev" glosses, from the grandson of the author, Rabbi Shmuel Ze'ev who was a shochet, bodek and head of the minakrim in Lisa. Dihrenfurt, 1822.
Many handwritten glosses (mostly short), signatures and ownership inscriptions of Rabbi Efraim ben Rabbi Yosef of Lisa, who was a shochet ubodek in Libben [he probably wrote the glosses], as well as signatures of additional owners.
At the end of the volume, there are about 18 pages of handwriting, containing novellae of the Rabbi of the town – Rabbi Ya'akov MiLisa – on the topic. These rulings were published, partially and differently, based on a different copying, in "Moria" from 2000 (see enclosed photocopy). What we have before us is the full manuscript as was written in the rabbi's lifetime in 1819.
RAbbeinu Ya'akov Luberbaum of Lisa (1770-1832), author of Netivot Hamishpat, Chavat Da'at, Mekor Chaim, and more. One of the leaders of his generation – the generation of the Ketzot Hachoshen and Rabbi Akiva Eiger.
[4], 57, [3] leaves. + notebook of manuscript, 22 pages. 18.5 cm. Good condition. Slight wear and usage stains. New cloth binding.

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Beit Middot – Dedication in the handwriting of the author Rabbi Yehuda Leib Margaliot

The book Beit Middot, on mussar and Emunah. By Rabbi Yehuda Leib Margaliot, Rabbi of Boznav. Dihrenfurt, [1778]. First edition.
Signatures and inscriptions of owners. Above the title-page there is a nice dedication, in the handwriting of the author, to Rabbi Ze'ev Wolf Openheim.
Rabbi Yehuda Leib Margaliot (1747-1811, Otzar haRabbanim 7348) was one of the leading rabbis in his generation. At the age of 18, he received rabbinic ordination from the Noda Biyehuda. In Aliyot Eliyahu, Note 77, there is a description of his visit by the Vilna Ga'on. He served in the rabbinate of many cities, the last of which were Lesla and Frankfurt de-Oder.
He wrote many additional books: Korban Reishit Responsum (FRAnkfurt de-Oder 1778), Ohr Olam (Navi Dower 1782), Atzei Eden (Frankfurt de-Oder 1802), and more. See comparisions of his handwriting and signature in Kedem Catalogue, Sale 4 item 387.
45 leaves. 13 cm. Good condition, stains. Worn cloth binding.

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Halachic Response by Rabbi Nissim Zerachya Azulay – Safed 1926

Long Halachic response handwritten and signed by Rabbi Nissim Zerachya Azulay, grandson of the Chida. Safed, 1826.
The response concerns a financial (historical) matter between the communities of Tiberias and Safed, regarding payment of taxes to Ibrahim Pasha. Rabbi Avraham Anhori, Rosh Beit-Din of Safed, joins the writing with his handwritten signature in the end of the response.
Rabbi Nissin Zerachya Azulay (1780-1836) was born in Jerusalem to Rabbi Avraham, son of the Chida, and learned in Livorno. Served as Av-Beit-Din of Magenza near Izmir and Rabbi Chaim Palagi who knew him at the time refers to him as the "the Rabbi, the pious and holy one". As of 1826 served as dayan in Safed. Was killed in the earthquake. When he was found in the ruins in his Talith and Tefilin, he died saying that he is that last reincarnation of Assa the Cripple, King of Judea. His writings and the writing of the Chida on Sefer Ha-Zohar were lost in the rubbles. [Up till now it was known that Rabbi Nissin Zerchaya arrived in Safed in 1830 – by the response herewith it seems that he arrived in 1826].
Rabbi Avraham Anhory, was appointed Av-Beit-Din of Safed in 1826, and was also killed in the 1836 earthquake. See about them in enclosed material. Enclosed is also a partial copy of the response.
13 pages 25.5 cm. Good condition, water stains and creases to paper.

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Parashat Derachim – Constantinople, 1728 – Important Glosses

Parashat Derachim, twenty six homiletics and a booklet "Derech Mitzvotecha" by Rabbi Yehuda Rozanis. Constantinople, 1728. First edition.
On upper part of second leaf handwritten owners' inscription: "…Raphael Alfandari". Rabbi Raphael Chizkiyahu Chaim Alfandari a sage of Constantinople – see enclosed material. Mentioned by his cousin Rabbi Michael Raphael Shabtai Abulafia in introduction to Chidushei Ha-Meiri Yavamot in Salonika (1794).
An additional owner's inscription:"…Raphael Yitzchak Amado"; and ink-stamps "…Library of Rabbi Amado".
Tens of scholarly glosses handwritten in fine Sephradi-Turkish handwriting. Long lists on empty leaves.
The writer is grandson of Rabbi Chaim Alfandari and Rabbi Chaim Abulafia, and he mentions often Rabbi Chaim Abulafia in the books "Mikray Kodesh" "Yosef Lakach" and "Etz Ha-Chaim" and a few time he mentions Rabbi Chaim Alfandari in his book "Esh Dat".
[5], 75 leaves, 30 cm. Poor condition. Leaves partly detached, moth damages to text, moisture marks. Paper pasted to borders forreinforcement.

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Chamudi Daniel with Rachavat Yadayim – Author’s Manuscript Glosses

Sefer Chamudi Daniel, on Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De'ahh. By Rabbi Daniel of Horodna. Third edition with Rachavat Yadayim commentary by Rabbi Chaim Yuda Segal Deutsch of Makowa, and glosses of Rabbi Yesha'aya Zilbershtein of Waitzen, 1908.
Many handwritten glosses by author of Rachavat Yadayim – Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Segal Deutsch. Dayan and Rabbi in Makowa.
Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Segal Deutsch (1875-1937. Otzar Harabbanim 6338), was a great and pious scholar. Dayan and Rabbi in Makowa for 35 years. Student of author of "Arugat Ha-Bossem". Spent time with Rebbe Yeckezkel of Sieniawa and Rebbe Yissachar Dov of Belz. Wrote many Halacha, Aggada and Chasidut books.
[16], 184 pages, (last leaf missing – attached an additional copy for completion). 21.5 cm. Dry paper, good condition, new cloth binding.

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Slavita Mishnayot – Three Volumes

Three volumes of Slavita Mishnayot, with commentary of the Ge'onim Rabbeinu Ovadia of Bartenura and Tosfot Yomtov. Slavita, 1815-1816. Printed by Rabbi Moshe Shapira.
1. Third Part: Seder Nashim. 174 leaves.
2. Fourth Part: Seder Nezikin. 216 leaves.
3. Sixth Part: Seder Taharot. 262 leaves. This volume does not appear in the Bibliography Institute CD.
Fair-poor condition. Partially detached covers, loose pages. Ommissions on title pages and last pages of all volumes. In the second volume, some pages are detached. Leather binding.

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Manot Ha-Levi – Venice, 1585 – 19th century Jerusalem Binding

Manot Ha-Levi (Divrei Shlomo), commentary on Megilat Ester by Rabeinu Shlomo Ha-Levi Elkabetz. Venice, 1585. At the end of this copy of the book, following Rabbi Ya'akov Birav's essay, is a commentary by Rabbi Menachem Azarya of Panno which does not appear in all the copies.
Old leather binding, on its front decorations and in its center an inscription: "Present for… Nathan Haler Segal… from me, Natan Margaliot of Jerusalem – 1871".
Preceding the title page appears a signature of Rabbi "Chaim Ya'akov Naftali…" and an ownership inscription.
The Ga'on Rabbi Avraham Zilberberg of Wiershov (1839-1887), son of the Ga'on of Kotna Rabbi Moshe Yehudah Leib Zilberberg. Disciple of Rabbi Avraham of Tchekhnow.
His son the Ga'on Rabbi Chaim Ya'akov Naftali Zilberberg (1850-1930), Rabbi in Warsaw and publisher of Maharal Tzintz books.
[1], 135 (should be 141), [3] leaves, 19 cm. Good condition. Moth holes to part of the leaves. Title page and additional leaves were professionally restored. Leather binding somewhat worn.

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Chavat Da’at – Copy of Rebbe Shalom Halberstahm of Sieniawa-Stropkov – Glosses

Chavat Da'at on Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah by Rabbi Ya'akov of Lissa . [Dyhernfurth], 1810.
Signatures of first Rebbe of Stropkov, "Rabbi Shalom Halberstahm son of Rebbe of Sieniawa".
Some scholarly glosses in two different handwritings [from early 1840's?]. Different inscriptions on covers.
Rabbi Avraham Shalom Halberstahm author of "Divrei Shalom" (1855-1939, Encyclopedia of the Chasidut, A, page 137), son of Rabbi Yeckezkel of Sieniawa, and grandson of "Divrei Chaim" of Sanz. Rabbi in Stropkov as of 1897. Many Chasidim were guided by him, and thousands came to receive blessings from him. Was famous for his scholarliness and diligence. During First World War moved to Budapest, Ungvar and Kashowy. His sons and sons-in-law succeeded him as Rebbes and Rabbis in Stropkov and Ungvar.
Title-page missing, [2] 57 leaves. 36 cm. Fair condition, worn and stained, moth damages to inner margins.

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Description of the Danube River Flooding – Ofen, 1838 – Issue Unknown

Coutzgepeste Shilderung der in Pesta im Yahre 1838. Ofen (Budapest), 1838. Der Kenige Unger Uniferzitest Buchdrukeria. Description of the Danube river flooding in 1838 and the destruction caused to the city of Budapest. Single sheet, uncut, as it left the printing press.
In that year a composition was published in Budapest "Days of Distress and Disturbance" by Rabbi Yitzchak Itzek Hersch Cohen with a description of the "Terrible flood in the city of Ofen…….in the year 1838", see Bibliography Institute CD, 0140212.
[1] sheet 8 pages.
Unknown bibliographically.

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The Talmud of Rabbi Herzog and his Father – Glosses in their Handwriting

Six volumes of the Talmud of Rabbi Yoel Herzog and his son Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Herzog. (Berachot, Yavamut, Gittin, Baba Kamah, Baba Metzia, and Nida Taharot). Warsaw , 1886.
The volumes contain hundreds of glosses and comments, notes and scholarly comments (some are signed "Yod-Aleph"). The glosses are hadwritten by father and son.
Rabbi Yoel Leib HaLevi Herzog (1865-1934) famous rabbi and preacher. Born in Lomzha. He wrote the book "Imri Yoel" (5 parts, London, 1921-1930) and other books. His son was the famous Rabbi Itzhak Isaac Ha-Levi Herzog, Av Beit-Din Dublin, Ireland, and Chief Rabbi of Israel.
Six volumes, 26.5 cm, dry paper, fair-poor condition, damaged by use. Part of the comments were written in pencil. Worn and restored bindings.

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Remnant of Ketuba Document on Parchment, Cairo, 1603

Remnants of Ketuba document from 1603, from "Cairo, situated on the Nile Banks".
This document was probably extracted from the binding of a book.
19x13 cm. Poor condition, stained by glue, moths and time, the book's end is missing.

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Apei Ravrevei, Feurda, 1726 – Copy of the Corrections Signed by the Publisher Rabbi Shmuel Bonept Shneuri

Apei Ravrevei – Shulchan Aruch Even Ha'ezer with Chelkat Mechokek and Beit Shmuel. Feurda, 1726.
On the head of the title-page: 1726, Shmuel Boneft Shneur of Feu[rda].
Over 160 glosses and corrections in handwriting, [some cropped]: scholarly glosses, references, erasings and corrections, moving letters to their places and pagination corrections.
The first edition of Shulchan Aruch Even Ha'-ezer printed with both of the two major commentators, Beit Shmuel and Chelkat Mechokek. This edition was reviewed by the great Rabbis of Feurda, and became the basis for all later editions. Even the mistakes in this edition, minor and major, became part of most of the later editions of Even Haezer. [For example: see omissions in chapter 51-52, sub-chapter 141].
The publisher, Rabbi Shmuel Boneft ben Rabbi Yosef Shneur [Shneuri], disciple of Rabbi Moshe Katzenelbogen, rabbi of Ansbach region. He published books in Feurda during 1724-1728 [Ashlei Ravrevei, Tapuchei Zahav, NAchalat Shiva and more]. He died in 1728, and in the last book published by his publishing-house, Em Hayeled Vichinuch Hakatan, he is refered to as "the deceased".
It seems that the copy we have is a copy which he prepared for a second edition, but he did not merit to publish it, and he died at a young age in 1728.
From a partial examination, it is evident that many of the corrections n this draft were not admitted in following editions, even the Lemberg edition (Balaban Print, photocopied in most of the new editions) was almost completely copied from this edition. According to a comparison made with the edition of the Rosh Pina Institute, it was found that some of the corrections were made in the name of later commentators, who made the corrections based on their own opinion, and some are not corrected even in this version.
The personal copy of the publisher which was recently discovered, has not yet been used in any of the latest editions of the Shulchan Aruch.
[2], 192 leaves. (Leaf 112 is double, and also the gloss on it was written twice), 33 cm. Good condition, some of the leaves are detached from the binding, red cutting of pages, worn and torn leather binding.

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Manuscript of Novellae by the Ga’on of Chust, Rabbi Yitzchak Frankel

Two handwritten notebooks, by Rabbi Yitzchak Frankel of Chust, member of the rabbinic court of Jerusalem. [1920?]
The Ga'on of Chust, Rabbi Yitzchak Frankel (1863-1933, Otzar Harabbanim 10943), son of Rabbi Elihayu of Levelek, grandson of Rabbi Yoel Tzvi Rotte of Chust. He was a sharp chasid and one of the greatest scholars and rabbis in Hungary. In 1900, he made aliya to Jerusalem, and was a member of the rabbinic court headed by Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld and Rabbi Yitzchak Yerucham Diskin. He signed proclamations and bans against schools, football, and also against Harav Kook.
He published he Beit Hayotzer Responsum, written by his grandfather, the Ga'on of Chust, and added in them his own novellae under the titles "Pri Yitzchak" and "Imrei Pi". He also added appendixes father's books, named Avnei Eliyahu, Ateret Eliyahu, and Orot Eilim.
Autographic writing of the author with erasings and additions. 1. A bound notebook, out of which 36 pages are written. 20.5 cm. Excellent condition. 2. Notebook without cover, 42, [3] written pages. Good condition.
See Kedem Catalogue, Sale 6 item 488.

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Masechet Nida and Mishnayot Taharot – Vienna, 1831 – Hundreds of Glosses

Masechet Nida from Talmud Bavli and Mishnayot from Seder Taharot. Vienna, 1831.
Hundreds of glosses on Masechet Nida and on Mishnayot margins. Many comments are long and scholarly. In some of the comments the writer mentions references to what he wrote in other Tractates and in the Yerushalmi. It is rare to find deep novellae interpreting complicated topics on Mishna Taharot. Part of the glosses are somewhat cropped.
[4], 87; [2], 196 leaves, 38.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Binding and first leaves are detached. Spine missing, worn binding.

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Yeshuot Ya’akov, Lvov, 1811 – Glosses

Yeshuot Ya'akov on Shulchan Aruch Even Ha-Ezer by Rabbi Yosef Karo. Lvov, 1811. Part II only on laws of Gittin, by Rabbi Ya'akov Meshulam Orenshtein.
Scholarly glosses and criticism in ancient handwriting from the period of printing [Lithuania? Poland?].
[1], 75 (should be 76) leaves (disrupted pagination), 36 cm. Good condition. Thick paper. Moth damages affecting text. Stains. Modern half-leather binding.

Opening200$ Sold For950$ Including buyers premium

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Rashi on the Torah – Manuscript from Yemen

Manuscript of Rashi's commentary on the Torah, Yemen, [18th-19th century].
Colophon on the page before the title-page, "This Rashi belongs to Sa'adia ben Shlomo Atzbari, blessed be whoever reads it, and cursed may be whoever steals it – a snake should bite him".
[1], 280 leaves. 16 cm. High-quality paper, elaborate writing, wide margins. Very good condition. The binding has a leather spine.

Opening800$ Sold For900$ Including buyers premium

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Machzik Bracha – Esa Einai Glosses

The book Esa Einai, by the Chida. Levorne, 1785. First edition.
On the title-page, there is a signed ownership inscription of Rabbi Yosef Zonana, saying that the book belongs to his father, Rabbi Yosef Zonana [of the great Sages and leader of the Constantinople community in the second half of the 18th century).
Several handwritten glosses inside. Some are handwritten by Moharsha Elfandri, one gloss opens with the title Esa Einai, which was the way the holy Grandfather Elfandri signed his glosses in books. Esa stands for Eliezer Shlomo Elfandri. [See comparison to photocopy of his handwriting in the Esa Einai glosses on the book Divrei Emet.]
Rabbi Shlomo Eliezer Elfandri (1813-1930) was one of the great rabbis of Turkey. In his youth he maintained correspondence with Rabbi Akiva Eiger. He was the Chief Rabbi of Constantinople and Damascus. In his old age, he came to serve as Rabbi in Safed. He died at a very ripe old age in Jerusalem.
[2], 136, 114 leaves. 28.5 cm. Fair-poor condition, restored wear and moth damage. Some of the glosses are cropped.

Opening700$ Sold For900$ Including buyers premium

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Chanoch Lana’ar – Nikolsberg 1767

The Chanoch Lana'ar book was "printed in the grand community of Nickolsberg" in 1767.
Examples of receipts, elementary rules of penmanship, useful abbreviations, multiplication tables, examples of informal and business letters.

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Eshle Ravreve – Amsterdam, 1711 – Hundreds of Glosses

Sefer Eshle Ravreve [Shulcan Aruch Yoreh De'ah] by Rabbi Yosef Karo. Amsterdam, 1711.
Hundreds of glosses in two different handwritings. Most glosses are short. About one hundred of them are longer and scholarly.
Owners' signatures on title-page "Avraham", "Shlomo Dickstein of Lublin" and ink-stamps of "Yitzchak Kipferberg Shochet and Dayan".
[2], 172, [2] leaves, 37 cm. Good condition. Many stains. First and last leaves creased and worn. Some glosses somewhat cropped. A number of leaves strengthened with glued paper. The illustrated title-page is missing. Ancient, worn, leather binding.

Opening450$ Sold For850$ Including buyers premium

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Manuscript Kelalim MiMaha”ri Elgazi on Even Ha-Ezer – Unprinted Essay

Manuscript, collection of laws in alphabetical order, Tur Even Ha-Ezer. Copied from manuscript by Maha"ri Elgazi [after 1796]. Probably unknown manuscript that was never printed.
It seems that this was copied from writings by Maha"ri Elgazi in his copy of the Shulchan Aruch.
Under the letter "Lamed", it says "From Rabbi Mordechai Ha-Levi, emissary from from Jerusalem, who honored us with his visit in 1796, known as Rabbi Hameli"tz".
[ Rabbi Hameli"tz was on mission from Jerusalem in Italy during 1793-1795. We did not find where he was in Adar 1796. In "Shluchei Eretz Yisrael" by A. Ya'ari p. 552, it is assumd that on the way back from that journey, he crossed Turkey. It is therefore possible that the manuscript was copied there from manuscripts held by Rabbi Hameli"tz].
Kabbalist Rabbi Yisrael Ya'akov Elgazi (1680-1756, Otzar Harabbanim12226) born in Izmir to his father Rabbi Yom Tov. Came to Jerusalem before 1737. One of the heads of the Beit El Kabbalist Yeshivah at the time of Rabbi Gedalyah Hayon and the Rasha"sh. From 1755 served as Rishon Le-Tzion and Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. Of his books: Shalmei Tsibur, Shema Ya'akov, Ar'ah De-Rabanan and others. Author of the book "Hemdat Yamim".
Of his disciples are the Hid"a and his own son Maha"rit Elgazi.
Rabbi Mordechai Ha-Levi – Harav Hameli"tz, one of the most important sages of his generation, was appointed in 1805 as Rishon le-Tzion, and died in Constantinople in 1807. (See enclosed material).
30 pages, 21.5 cm. Poor condition, moth and mold damaged (omission of text only in last pages).

Opening350$ Sold For850$ Including buyers premium

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Tikkunei HaZohar – Slavita, 1826

The book Tikkunei HaZohar, by the holy Tanna Rabbi Shmin Bar Yochai. Slavita, [1826], printed by Rabbi Moshe Shapira.
Approbations of Rabbi Nachum of Chernobel-Berdichev, Rabbi Chaim Ha-Cohen of Pinsk and Rabbi Efraim of Sadilkov. The book's name and place of print are in red ink.
One the title-page there is a handwritten owner's signature: Baruch Cahana [Rabbi of Safed at end of 19th century?] and ink-stamp of Dov Ber' Segal of Mahlov [possibly connected to the partners of the publisher, Rabbi Moshe Shapira of Slavita].
50, 49-155 leaves, 21 cm. Fair-good condition. Many moth damages, professionally restored. Stained.

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Collection of Manuscripts – Hungary

Impressive collection of tens of pages and various notebooks, of Torah novellae, on different subjects. Most Austro-Hungary, (Pressburg, Budapest, Ungvar and more). From 18th and 19th centuries.
Not thoroughly checked; however, it seems that the collection contains items of great importance.
About 80 leaves,15.5 cm. Various sizes and conditions.

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Mishneh Torah by the Rambam – Nezikin-Shoftim – Venice, 1576 – Glosses

Mishneh Torah by Rambam, with Kesef Mishneh and Maggid Mishneh. Part IV – Tractates Nezikin to Shoftim. Venice 1576?. First edition of "Kesef Mishneh".
About twenty glosses [somewhat cut] in Sephardi handwriting on borders of sheets. Six scholarly glosses. Some open with writer's signature [said that…].
Owner's signature in pencil on inner cover: "Daniel Angil".
[7], 207 leaves, [3] pages, 30.5 cm. Missing copy, opens on leaf [7] "Detailed Index of Laws in Rambam, and ends with [3] pages "Alphabetical Index to Rambam". Fair condition. Moth damages. Foxing, ink and moisture. Margins cut to some leaves. Binding worn out.

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Manuscript of Yad Ha-Levi on the Rambam’s Sefer Hamitzvot

Manuscript of Yad Ha-Levi on the Rambam's Sefer Hamitzvot. By Rabbi Yitzchak Simcha HaLevi Horwitz Rabbi of Hartford, Connecticut. (United States).
First part of the book was printed in Jerusalem (1931). In the manscript herewith there are parts that have not been printed. [The Roots of the Mitzvot were printed, but not the mitzvot themselves].
Rabbi Yitzchak Simcha Horwitz (1868-1935), was born in Novardok to his father Rabbi Yosef Dov Ha-Levi (died in 1898, the book Yad Ha-Levi was named after him), studied in Yeshivot Mir and Volozhin. In 1891 emmigrated to the United States and served as Rabbi in Hartford for forty-four years.
Participated in the first convention of Agudat Harabbanim. Corresponded with Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan, Rabbi Chaim of Brisk and the Aruch HaShulchan. Studied Rambam in depth and wrote Shai Lamoreh on all of Moreh Nevochim. Only a small part was printed in the 1931 Jerusalem edition, in the forward.
[112] written leaves, 35 cm. Good condition. Leather binding somewhat worn.

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Siddur Tefilot Yisrael – Budapest, 1838 – Unknown Edition – Uncut Sheets

Tefilot Yisrael year-round siddur, with German translation. Budapest, 1838.
33 uncut paper sheets as they left the printing press. On sheet 25 - an additional title-page.
Hebrew and German in Hebrew letters.
33 sheets, 40.5 cm. Good condition. The outer margins and some of the inner margins are stained. Folded. Bibliographically unknown.

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Tractate Avoda Zara and Tractate Avoth – with Many Handwritten Glosses

Babylonian Talmud – Tractates Avoda Zara, Avoth, and small tractates. Lemberg, 1865.
Over a hundred long handwritten glosses, both in Tractate Avoda Zara and Tractate Avoth, learned comments, full of comments. [Enough to make up a complete composition].
[3, 159 pages], 1-44 leaves, 1-179 leaves; 102, 18 leaves. 22 cm. Very good condition. [Some of the glosses in Chapters 4-5 are slightly cut off]. Cloth cover.

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Nefesh Chaim – Salonika, 1842 – Many Glosses by Six Writers

Nefesh Chaim, novellae and halachic and aggadic treatises in alphabetical order, by Rabbi Chaim Palagi. Salonika, 1842. First edition.
Tens of glosses in Sephardi handwriting, some of them exceptionally long. Glosses are by six writers. Most of the glosses are by Rabbi Chaim Cohen and by Rabbi "Eliyahu Lavie" who signed each of his glosses. Many glosses are signed by Rabbi Chaim David Kaliphi. On leaf 3 and leaf 104, glosses signed by Rabbi "Ezra Chaim Lachmi". On leaf 24 a gloss signed "Yar" and a few glosses in the last leaves signed "P"N".
148; 12 leaves, 20.5 cm. Title-page and some leaves in the beginning and the end are missing. Fair-poor condition. Moth damages, dark stains, tears to some leaves, loose binding.

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Rav Alfas- Seder Nezikin – Venice, 1552 – Antique Glosses

Halachot Rav Alfas, by Rabeinu Yitzchak Alfassi (The Rif). Venice, 1552.
Part of Seder Nezikin volume (Baba Batra – Avodah Zarah).
Many glosses in ancient Italian writing from the period of print.
In the beginning of the year 1553 the Talmud books were confiscated and burnt by order of the Vatican, the leading rabbis continued their studies from the Rif, which were permitted. Thus many compositions were written on the Rif - Shiltei Ha-Giborim, novellae by Rabbi Moshe Kazis, Alfassi Zute and other books. (See enclosed material and see also: A. Ya'ari, Sreifat Ha-Talmud Be-Italia; M. Bnayahu, Ha-Defus Ha-Ivry Be-Crimona; S. Simonson, Toldot Ha-Yehudim Be-Duchasut Mantova). In the volume herewith, the writer tries to reconstruct the Gemarah topics and discuss them in the margins of the Rif, probably due to the command against studying Talmud.
[156-212] leaves only, 36.5 cm. Good condition. White clean leaves. Moth-damages, sometimes with slight damages to text.
Some of the leaves are glued with paper for reinforcement. In Tractate Avodah Zarah there are many censorship deletions.

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Gufai Halachot – the Copy of Rebbe Nosson Dovid (the First) of Shidlovtza

The book Gufei Halachot, containing novellae and commentaries on Tractate Nidda by Rabbi Ya'akov, Av Beit Din of Lodwinau. Warsaw, 1822.
On the title-page and on many other places throughout the book, there are owner's stamps: "Nosson Dovid son of the Holy Rabbi of Persicha". Rebbe Nosson Dovid Rabinowitz, the first Rebbe of Shidlovtza (1814, 1866, Encyclopedia of Chasidut 3, pages 501-503) was the son of Rabbi Yerachiel of Pshischa, son of the Yehudi Hakadosh of Pshischa. He was the progenitor of the Chasidic dynasties of Shidlovtza, Biala and Munkach.
42 leaves. 21.5 cm. Heavy paper, good condition, slight moth damage. Cloth cover.

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Get Pashut – Constantinople, 1719 – Important Glosses

Sefer Get Pashut, on Halachot Gitin, by Rabbi Moshe Ben Chaviv. Constantinople, 1719. First Edition.
Tens of long and important glosses in nice, legible oriental handwriting [some are somewhat cut], disagreements and additions to the book, part of them starting with the words "so said the writer". On page 96 he refers to a "volume which I wrote".
[2] 141 leaves (2 last leaves 142-143 are missing). Quality paper, fair condition, moth damages. New leather binding.

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The 1500’s – five Books

1. Drashot Ha-Torah by Rabbi Shem-Tov Ibn-Sham-Tov. Padova, 1567. Printed in square letters. Title-page torne, causing omission (restored), second page photocopied. Owner's signature on title-page.
2. Ta'amei Ha-Mitzvot, Rabbi Menahem Ben Binyamin Recanati. Basel, 1581. Forward and conclusion by Rabbi Ya'akov Lutzat. 12 pages at the end are missing. On page 12 - interesting handwritten comment.
3. Torat Ha'Adam, Al dibrat bnei ha'adam ubeit moed lekol hai, Rabbi Moshe Ben Nachman (Ramban). Venice, 1595. In the beginning of the book a song praising the book by Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh from Modena. (Comments and signatures).
4. Minchat Cohen, Rabbi Shmuel Ben Yosef Cohen. Venice, 1598. Part I – Ner Mitzva. First and last pages are missing. No title-page. (Comments and signatures in Hebrew and Italian).
5. Beit Moed, compiled of five sermons, Rabbi Menahem Ben Moshe Rabba. Venice, 1605. Haskamot by Italian Rabbis. Professionally restored. Part of title-page and the page before last are not original. (Owner's name deleted on title-page).
Various sizes and conditions. Fair to poor condition: some are ex-library copies, with stamps. Moth damages. Torn and damaged leaves, stains, worn leaves.

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Sidur Ohr Hashnayim – Mishnat Gur Aryeh – Konigsberg, 1765

Sidur based on the holy Arizal, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria. Konigsberg, [1765-1768].
"With the book Mishnat Gur Aryeh, which is the final edition of the book Ohr Hashnayim… written by myself… Aryeh Leib ben Mordechai Epstein, Prince of the Levi'im".
This sidur includes the Mincha and Ma'ariv prayers, the secret of eating and Grace after meals, k'ri'at shema and tikkun chatzot. Special title-page "This Small Composition".
Contains approbations by Rabbi Shalom ben Rabbi Elazar Rokeach, Rabbi Avigdor ben Rabbi Shmuel of Vilna, Rabbis of Lithuania, and other Rabbis.
5, [2], 56, [3]; [1], 16, 8, 25-31 leaves, 20.5 cm. Fair-poor condition. Many leaves have restored damage, causing text omissions. Many leaves are absent: 7 first leaves are absent and photocopied, the eighth page is partially missing, leaves 54-55 and the leaf after 56 are missing and photocopied; from the second count, the middle eight leaves as well as leaf 31 are missing.
Very rare, probably printed in parts and not printed fully.

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Collection of Hasidic Books

1. Noam Elimelech, Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk (Weisblum). Lvov, [1850].
2. Keter Shem Tov, by Rabbi Yisrael Ba'al Shem Tov. Lvov,[1851]. Cropped margins. (Owner's stams and stamp of Rabbi Aharon Gad Ha-Cohen, Av Beit-Din of Nimozca).
3. Sefer Hazechirot, Rabbi Raphael Ben Zecharia Mandel. Chernowitz, 1857. (With penciled notes).
4. Iggeret Hakodesh, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Ben Moshe Mi-Vitbesk. Lvov, 1858. (Owner's signature).
4-6. Ahavat Shalom by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Hager of Kosov. Lvov, 1859. Bound with: Dibrat Shlomo, Rabbi Shlomo of Lutzk. Lvov, 1859. (Owner's signature).
7. Divrei Torah, Rabbi Moshe Wertman.[Lvov,1860]. Not bound.
8. Divrei Shmuel, remarkable essay on the Torah by Rabbi Shmuel Shmelka Horowitz. [Lvov, 1862]. First Edition. (missing pages).
9. Sefer Imrei Binah by Rabbi Dov Ber ben R' Shneur Zalman of Liadi. Lvov (as printed in Kapost), 1862.
10. Knesset Yisrael, anthology by Rabbi Yisrael mi-Rozin and his sons. Rabbi Reuven Zak of Ustila. Warsaw, 1906. First Edition.
Various sizes and conditions.

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Manuscripts of Sermons Given in Philadelphia, Mid-19th Century

1. Sermon held by Dr. L. Salomon in "Rodef Shalom" synagogue in Philadelphia on April 27 1841. Subject of the sermon: Foundations of the Law of Moses, Book of Mishlei 25/4. Includes a citation from Nachlat Avot by Abarbanel. Hebrew and German. [6] leaves with [9] handwritten columns.
2. Sermon by Marks Gretz in Salomon Hofheimer and Miss Shiela's wedding dinner. Philadelphia? 30.09.1849. [4]leaves written on both sides.
3. Translation into English of German sermon held on Yom Kippur (the United States, no date) in "Temple" synagogue in Hamburg, Germany. Name of preacher is not mentioned, it might be Dr. L. Solomon. [2] written pages.
4. Sermon held by L. Solomon of "Rodef Shalom" synagogue in Philadelphia (No date). German, with two citations in Hebrew. [13] pages handwritten.
25 cm approximately. Good condition. stains and slight tears to edges.

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Yizkor Book – Elaborate Manuscript

Yizkor book, for perpetuating the names of the departed beloved of the community's donors and members, includes prayers. [London, [19th century?].
Elaborate copy on heavy paper, which is an imitation of marked parchment, with elaborate calligraphy. The community is probably German [based on the title "Chaver" and most of the names]. On Leaf 7, there is also mention of names of Jews who were exiled from Spain: Abarbanel, and the wife and daughter of the philanthropist Yosef Elya Montefiore [the mother and sister of Sir Moses Montefiore].
15 written pages, 27 cm. Thick, high quality paper, very good condition.

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Manuscript Glosses – Rav Yitzchak Alfas Basel 1602

Halachot Rav Alfas. Poscket edition. Part two: Seder Nashim and Masechet Chulin and the book Sha'arei Shavuot, Basel, 1602.
"For boys to carry…R'…Gimplen of Pozna agreed to print with no additions and commented".
Many comments in ancient handwriting from the period of printing.
130, 135-182 leaves; 56 leaves. Title-page and pages 2-8 missing. In the book Mishpatei Shavuot last page is missing. 15 cm. Fair condition, stains. Slight moth damages. No binding.
According to Bibliography Institute CD, the book Mishpatei Shavuot is attached to Part III. Here, Mishpatei Shavuot is attached to part II.

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Two Trees of Life with Copper Handles – Poland

Two Trees of Life for Torah, wood and copper, Poland.
Copper made handles, at its tips bearing some simple decorations. On one handle is an engraved inscription: "This Torah belongs to… Fishel son of Yitzchak."
Hight: 86 cm. Maximum width: 11 cm. Good condition.

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Jewish Associations in the United States – Constitutions and By-Laws

1. Constitution and by-laws of the progressive Slutzker Young Men's Benevolent
Association (immigrants from Slutzk?). New York, ca. 1933. Regulations of association which was established in 1904. Yiddish and English.
2.Constitution and by-laws of the Linas Hatzedek-Sephard Anshei Poland Association. New York, 1936. Yiddish.
3. Constitution – Progressive Workingmen's Benevolent Association. [New York], 1937. Yiddish and English.
4. Constitution and by-laws of the Brotherly Benevolent Association Linas HaZedek of Hudson County. Constitution of "Linat Ha-Zedek" association which was established in 1892. Yiddish and English.
5. Constitution and by-Laws of Chevrath Tikvoh Chadoshoh, Inc. established 1943. Philadelphia, ca. 1949. English.
Various sizes, very good condition.

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Sha’ar Hamitzvot – Salonika – Gloss of Rabbi Yedidya Rafael Abulafia

Sha'ar Hamitzvot, fifth "gate", out of the eight "gates" (chapters) written by Rabbi Chaim Vital, based on the teachings of his master the Arizal, Salonika [1852].
Several glosses in Sephardic handwriting. On leaf 44, there is a long gloss signed at the beginning and end "The Yareh" – which stands for Rabbi Yedidya Rafael Abulafia (1807-1869); this is also a name by which he was known, as it stands for "the Rabbi who fears G-d". Rabbi Abulafia was the dean of the Kabalist Yeshiva Beit El, and "teacher of teachers" in the hidden Torah. (His disciples included Rabbi Moshe of Lelov, and the Rabbi of Jerusalem, author of Imrei Binah – upon whose advice he made the ruling against having numerous musical instruments played at weddings in Jerusalem).
Signatures and ownership inscriptions from 1803, by the kabalist Rabbi Efraim Shmuel Paperman (Lerner).
[2], 76 leaves. 19.5 cm. Good condition, folding marks. Worn and detached cardboard cover.

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Painting of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Ashkenazi “Chacham Zvi”

Color painting of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Ashkenazi (On Bakelite?)
Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Ashkenazi (1660-1718). Rabbi of Altoona, Hamburg and Andsbek, Rabbi of the Ashkenazi community in Amsterdam. Went through many communities in Ashkenaz and Poland and served as rabbi in Lvov. Author of Chacham Zvi responsum book. His son, Rabbi Ya'akov Amedin, the Yabetz, tells that when Chacham Zvi visited England, his oil-painting was drawn in secret, in an accurate way, and when he saw the painting "I stepped backwards as if I stood there alive". He also told that "many reproductions were made of this painting and were sold expensively".
Set in a frame with golden decorations 14.5 X 12.5 cm. Good condition. Domed glass.

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Belz Chasidut – Manuscripts and Letters

Collection of notes and letters, novellae and stories from Rabbi Aharon of Belz. Most came from the editorial board of the book "The Holy Rabbi of Belz", published in 1967. (Some of the things are from The Admor Shalita from his youth).
"The Holy Rabbi of Belz – The Life of Rabbi Rabbi Aharon of Belz", published by Rabbi Bezalel Landau and Rabbi Natan Ortner. Introduction by Rabbi Israel Klapholtz. The publication of this book marked the first extensive gathering of material about the holy Rabbi Aharon of Belz.
In this collection, there is correspondence between editorial board members. Letters from Chasidic elders about various facts and novelties. Letters and notes containing Torah thoughts, by Rabbi Shalom Foigel, the Rabbi's assistant. Notebooks of Torah thoughts, the first publication of printed Torah thoughts by Rabbi Aharon in the Otzrot Yerushalaim collection, which was published the day after his passing, and more.
Interesting and varied collection, size and condition vary.

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Message of the President of the United States Concerning Discrimination of Jews in Switzerland, 1860

Message of the President of the United States concerning discriminations in Switzerland against citizens of the United States of the Hebrew persuation. [Washington, 1860].
Official announcement of the government of the United States in which the 15th President James Buchanan refers to the discriminations against Jews in Switzerland together with a collection of many letters to and from official representatives, delegates and ministers in the U.S.A. and in Switzerland discussing this subject.
101 pages, 22.5 cm. Good condition. A few stains.
Singerman 1691.

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Purim and Pesach – Four Booklets

1. Haggada Le'leil Shikurim, Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Zomerhoizen. Hamburg 1842. "To enhance the joy of Purim". A parody in the style of the Pesach Haggada with "Echad Mi Yode'a", "Chad Gadya" etc.
2-3. Purim Tractate of the Shikorim (drunken) Talmud, including Pirsha and Tosfot Merube and Mahasha commentaries; a Haggada for the night of drinking by an expert on the science of drinking, a descendant of wine; Selichot for Purim by one of the elderly Rabbis. Lemberg 1845. Bound with: Kol Bo Purim, including Drunkards Responsa by Rabbi Avraham Menahem Mendel Morr. Lemberg 1855.
4. Leil Shimurim, Rabbi Chaim Yoseph Chutshner. Breslau 1884. "This book is capable of saving anyone who reads it from harmful demons…". For Erev Pesach. Varying size and condition.

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Two Public Letters by the Chazon Ish

Two letters concerning public charity matters, by the "Chazon Ish", written by his famous assistants. These letters prove his involvement in deepening and strengthening biblical and halachic studies throughout the country.
1. Letter by Rabbi Ya'akov Halpern, founder of "Zichron Meir" neighborhood and very close to the Chazon Ish. Nissan 1953. In the letter addressed to Rabbi Ya'akov Pinchas Shir of Chuassah transit camp, the writer sends money for the Yeshivah in this camp.
2. Letter by Rabbi Zelig Ha-Cohen Shapira to Rabbi Ya'akov Pinchas Shir regarding construction of a Mikveh, Sivan 1953. Official stationery of Merkaz Taharat Ha-Mishpachah. The letter was handwritten by Rabbi Ya'akov Yisrael Kaneivsky – the Steipler (brother-in-law of the Chazon Ish), and only the signature is by Rabbi Zelig Ha-Cohen Shapira. [See enclosed material from "Pe'er Ha-Dor" book page 61, where it is told that Chazon Ish built ninety three [!] Mikveh's with his own money through Rabbi Zelig Ha-Cohen Shapira of Warsaw].
Very good condition, filing holes. Various sizes.

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Sefer Siduro Shel Shabat, Part II – First Edition –Rebbe of Bender’s Signature

Sefer Siduro Shel Shabat, Part II, Kabbalistic and Chasidic Shabat matters and halachic responsum. By Rebbe Chaim of Tchernowitz, Mahlov, 1813. First edition.

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Homiletic Manuscript of Katzin Family, Aleppo

Manuscript, essays on homiletics, Mussar and dialectics. [Aleppo], 19-10th century.
Autographic writing of the author in oriental script. [By the contents it seems that the essays were written by an exceptional sage]. On the cover it says "this book written by the rabbi in Aleppo – and it was not completed because of a sickness' and this will be a remembrance in our community…". Above the inscription "Harav Katzin".
[14] leaves, 15-16 cm. Fair condition, edges of some pages are cut and damaged. Worn binding.

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Manifest Against Jewish Merchants – Holland, 1770

Official announcement by the Austro-Hungarian empress, Maria Theresa. Holland, 1770.
According to the empress's instruction, all the policemen, military, mayors of cities and villages and civil servant should prevent all beggars, merchants, and Jewish peddlers from trading used clothes and rags, in order to avoid the spreading of the leprosy plague which originated in Poland, and all the parcels containing such merchandise should be burnt.
This announcement is signed (in print) by A.C. Vendernbergh, head of Gelderland county in Holland. In that period Holland was ruled by the Austo-Hungarian empress. Dutch.
[1]leaf, [3] printed pages, 36 cm. Good condition. Tears to borders and stains. Folding mark is professionally restored.

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Degel Machane Ephraim, 1820 – Second or Third Printing

Sefer Degel Machane Ephraim by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Ephraim Ashkenazi. Printed in Russia-Poland, [ca. 1820]. Second printing after Koretz 1810 or third [Berditchev 1815].
According to Bibliography Institute CD it is possible that the book was printed in Galicia, in Zholkiev ca.1840. With approbations from the first edition of the years 1803-1808.
This edition was registered by Weiner, Kheliat Moshe, Number 2310: "First printing, Chamud, [Berditchev 1809-1810], with a mistake in the number of leaves and without having seen the Koretz 1810 edition.
Owners' signatures and ink-stamps on the title-page and preceding leaf.
[2], 41, 47 [should be 46] leaves, 22 cm. Good condition. Stains. Detached cardboard binding.

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Fine Embroidered Cloth, 1869

Blue velvet embroidered with golden threads and metal threads (Matzah cover?). Turkey? 1869.
The borders are embroidered with geometrical and vegetal designs. In the center a large flowers with eight petals.
An inscription is embroidered: "Bylie di Moshe Yehuda Arye… the year 1869".
Two yellow threads are sewn to the opening of the cover.
52X46 cm. Very good condition. Velvet is worn in a few spots. Part of borders embroidery are unraveled. Cloth loops were sewn to back-side corners.

Opening600$ Sold For600$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 441

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Manuscript anthology and novellae by heads of Unsdorf Yeshivah and others

Manuscript, anthology and novellae on the Torah, holidays and Pirkei Avoth, homiletics and Jewisth ethics, and Hasidut. By Rabbi Chaim Hertz. Unsdorf-Preshov (1920-1927).
Pages 1-96: Notes on Parsha classes given by the Rosh Yeshiva of Unsdorf Yeshiva.
On page 96, there is a comment saying that the rabbi's teachings end there, and that all of the writing to follow are the writer's own novellae.
Pages 97-113: the writer's novellae. At the end of the volume - short anthology of teachings of Hungarian Geonim, great rabbis from throughout the generations, and Hasidic masters. Also contains teachings that the writer heard from Rabbi Moshe Chaim Lau, a Rabbi in Preshov.
Owner's signature on page preceding title-page: the writer - Chaim Hertz; Yisrael Ehrlich, Kosice.
On pages 1-3 - preface from 1926, in which the head of the Yeshivah tells the students, that apparently there is no need to lecture about morals to the students in Unsdorf Yeshivah, because it is obvious that the young men come to study in Unsdorf only to study the Torah as there are no gardens nor orchards to enjoy walks, like in other sities. The head of the Yeshivah continues to tell his students that he was offered positions as a Rabbi and Av Beit-Din, but he prefers to toil in the Yeshivah, in a city where he is not burdened with matters of the community.
The Rosh Yeshivah is Ha-Gaon Rabbi Yosef Yonah Horowitz, whom the writer names "Admo'r Ha-Avrech Shalit'a".The grandson of the Gaon Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg writer of "Be'er Shmuel" (died in 1918). In the text appear many citations in the name of "Admo'r Zi''a" author of "Be'er Shmuel".
On page 49 he writes about "the Zionists who wish to go to Eretz Yisrael not for Heaven's sake but rather the opposite to build teatere[=theatres] and so forth…"
In last pages, there is a sermon heard from Rabbi Me'ir Shapira, founder of the Daf Yomi Movement. This sermon was said the day after Rabbi Moshe Chaim Lau was appointed as Rabbi of that city. (Rav Moshe Chaim Lau, may the L-rd revenge his blood, was appointed in 1927 as Rabbi in Pressov Slovakia, before replacing his cousin Rabbi Meir Shapira in Pietrekov. His son is Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, Chief Rabbi of Israel and Tel Aviv-Jaffa).
117; 22 written pages, 23 cm. Fair condition, dry paper well kept with slight damages. Cover loosened and damaged.

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Heichal HaBracha Pentateuch – 3 Volumes

Three volumes of the Pentateuch, with commentary of Rabbi Yitzchak Isa'ac Safrin of Komrna. (Breishit, Shemot, Vayikra). Lemberg, 1866-1869.
In Vayikra, leaf 3, there is an introduction by the author and approbation by his teacher, Rebbe Yitzchak Isa'ac of Zidichov. [This leaf is rare and missing in many copies – see Bibliography Institute CD, listing 0311493].
The Heichal HaBracha Pentateuch, by Rabbi Isa'ac of Komrna, is one of the fundamental books of Hasidic thought and Kabala. Rebbes of all courts treasured it greatly (Zidichov, the Divrei Chaim and his offspring, Rabbi S.B. of Lubavich and more).
Breishit – [the two title pages are missing], 283, [9] leaves. 26.5 cm. Fair condition. Damage (dry paper) on the first and last pages.
Shemot and Megillat Esther – [2], 320, [46] leaves. 28 cm. Fair-poor condition. Heavy scotch-tape stains and tears on the first and last pages.
Vayikra and Shir Hashirim – [2 title pages and introduction page], 106, 108-300, [11] leaves; [1 title-page] [3], 15-62 leaves. 28 cm. Good condition. Staines .
Damaged, unoriginal bindings.

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Calendars – Venice

7 calendars in Italian, printed in Venice.
Years: 1854, 1859, 1863-1864, 1866-1868.
12 cm. Fair to good condition. Some don't have a cover.

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Dr. Aharon Yelinek of Vienna – Sermons and Essays

Eight sermons and various essays by Aharon (Adolph) Yelinek (1821-1893), Jewish-German scholar, bibliographer and Judaism researcher. Of the leaders of "Chochmat Yisrael" movement and establisher of Beit Midrash Le-Rabanim in Vienna. Edited the Midrashim and Kabbalah collections "Beit Ha-Midrash".
1. Schma Jisraël! Fünf redden uber das israelitische gottesbekenntniss. Vienna, 1869. Shema Yisrael! Five sermons on the Jewish religion.
2. Die Judische Stamm – Ethnographische studien. Vienna 1869. The Jewish Roots – Ethnographical Studies.
3. Der Dekalog : Rede am Wochenfeste 1876 gehalten. Frankfurt am-Main, 1876.
4. Die Hebräische sprache. Vienna, 1878. Sermon about the Hebrew language, given on Shemini Atzeret.
5. Rede zur feier der Goldenen Hochzeit des herrn und der frau Josef Ritter von Wertheimer. Vienna, 1879. Sermon on the occasion of the golden anniversary of Josef Ritter von Wertheimer and his wife. (About Josef Ritten von Wertheimer, see item number 554 in this catalogue).
6. Bein Ha-Metzarim - Rede zur Förderung der Israel. Allianzen. Vienna, 1879. Sermon on the alliance between the People of Israel and G-d.
7. Der abfall von Judenthum. Vienna, 1880. The fading of Judaism, words of rebuke.
8. Rede am Sarge des Herrn Ignaz Edler v. Kuffner. Vienna, 1882. Sermon said by the coffin of Ignatz Adler [head of Ottakring Quarter in Vienna].

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Spice Box – Silver – Filigree

Silver tower-shaped spice box. Filigree craftsmanship.
The tower stands on four widespread legs. Bottom is decorated with flowers. A round ball-like decoration at the connection of the base to the upper part. Arches and flower buds appear above the door. A flattened-ball shape decoration on upper part.
Flag is not original.
Height: 22 cm. Maximum width: 5 cm. Good condition.
Previous owner: Herman Mayer Collection (see Kedem Catalogue number 5, page 131).

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Ketubah of Rabbi Eliyahu Klachkin – Jerusalem 1927

Ketubah printed in gold letters. With illustrations and drawings of the holy places, "with the consent of Beit-Din of the Perushim and Chasidim", Levi Printing House. Jerusalem, [1920's].
Ketubah for the wedding of Rabbi Eliyahu Klachkin and the widow Mussa Chen. Jerusalem 1927.
The Ga'on Rabbi Eliyahu Klachkin (1851-1931) Rabbi of Lublin, a famous Ga'on of his generation. After the death of his wife in 1925, he moved to Jerusalem by himself and married for the third time in 1927. (See enclosed material. Compare his attached handwriting with the Ketubah filled out by the groom himself).
38.5 cm. Good condition, slight tears to folds.
Levi Printing was active untill 1921, so that the Ketubah was printed in 1921 at the latest.

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Chabad Tehilim – Shanghai, 1946 – Unknown

Sefer Tehilim, divided into seven for seven days of the week and into five books for the five books of Moses, and into thirty for the thirty days of the month. Printed by Talmud Torah, Shanghai , 1946.
Following the title page are some writings including parts of letter by the Rebbe of Lubavitch.
[5], 144 pages, 13 cm. Good condition. Moth damages to inner margins.
Unknown bibliographically.

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Slavita and Zhitomir – Three Books

1. Tractate Chulin, Babylonian Talmud. Slavita 1822 published by Rabbi Moshe Shapira. Page 29 was accidentally bound after the title-page. Missing pages, some detached and damaged pages.
2. Nofet Zufim, Yiddish book of ethics, stories from the Zohar according to the weekly Torah portion, Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Chutch. Zhitomir, 1863 published by the grandchildren of the Slavita Rabbi. Page 151 is partially missing; the text was completed by hand.
3. Tractate Rosh Hashana, Babylonian Talmud. Zhitomir, 1864, published by the grandchildren of the Slavita Rabbi.
Sizes and conditions vary.

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Responsum of Rabbi Akiva Eiger – Glosses of the Ga’on of Shemlau

Responses by Rabbi Akiva Eiger, Warsaw, 1892.
Signatures, Torah novellae, references and many glosses by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich, Rabbi of Chaba [and Shamlau].
In one of the notes on the page before the title-page, he writes that "on page 91 Chapter 128, it is written that the Chatam Sofer wrote one of his responses with Ru'ach Hakodesh, see inside".
Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich, Av Beit Din of Chaba and Shamlau (1863-1944, Otzar Ha-Rabbanim 18739) was the grandson of Rabbi Avraham Yehuda Schwartz, author of Kol Aryeh, Av Beit Din in Mad. He was a pious Kabalist, among Hungary's leading Orthodox Rabbis and halachic authorities, a close chasid of the Kedushat Yom Tov of Sighet, and a close friend and admirer of the Rebbe's son, Rabbi Yoel of Satmar. Among his books: Responsum Lehem Mishneh, Tiyul Ba-pardes, Rachmei Ha-Av and more. Rabbi Shalom Eliezer of Recpert said of him that in giving halachic responses he was unparalleled in his generation, and Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Freund of Nassaud, himself a leader of thousands of chassidim, humbled himself before him. The Darchei T'shuva called him "The Second Sha'agat Aryeh".
145 leaves, 14 pages. 31 cm. Dry paper, fair condition.

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Writings of Salonika Sages– 17th Century

Handwirtten pages probably taken out of binding [Salonika],[about 1640].
First page contains the question by Rabbi Avraham Falcon (signed) with part of reply by Rabbi Daniel Estrosa. He was among the sages of Salonika in the first half of the 17th century].
This reply was printed (a hundred years after it was written) in shut magen giborim (Salonika 1753). The writing in front of us is probably the autographic writing of Rabbi Avraham Falcon.
Rabbi Avraham Falcon (d. 1657), one of Salonika's great Sages, was a teacher in the Yeshiva of Rabbi Shlomo Ben Mayer in Ba'aley Teshuvot [synagogue of Marrano community]. His friend Rabbi Daniel Estrosa (1581(?)-Tishrei 1653) also one of the most remarkable sages in Salonika. Pupil Rabbi Mordechai Kalai and Rabbi Yitzchak Franco. Rosh Yeshiva and Dayan of Yichya Community [of the Portugese Synagogue in Salonika], his students were "great in wisdom and in good deeds" and some of them were appointed rabbis in of Turkey. Hundreds of pupils learned in his Yeshivah. One of his better known pupils was Rabbi Daviv Konforti, author of "Kore Hadorot" and Rabbi Yitchak Dalba the Rabbi of Shabtai Zvi (see enclosed material).
8 pages. Varying size and condition, fair to poor. Glue stains and tears with omission.

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Avraham Ezkor – Author’s Signature and Glosses by Rabbi Raphael Saban/Letter from Aleppo Beit Din

Avraham Ezkor, Talmudic Encyclopedia on Halachic matters, in alphabetical order, by Rabbi Avraham Palagi, Izmir, 1889.
On the inner side of front binding author's dedication.
On inner side of back binding a long letter is pasted to Rabbi Raphael Saban of Aleppo Beit Din [Aleppo, 1934]. Signed by Rabbi "Ezra Yitzchak Chamawi".
More than 20 handwritten glosses within the book [signed by Rabbi Raphael Saban, Chief Rabbi of Turkey, from whose library this book arrived].
[2], 101 leaves, 30.5 cm. Book in good condition, slight stains and creases to corners. Binding almost detached and somewhat worn out.

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Letter and Notes from the Emunat Moshe of Alexander

Letter and notes of Divrei Torah and stories of Chasidim, handwritten by the Rebbe of Alexander, Rabbi Yehuda Moshe Tahiberg, author of the Emunat Moshe.
The letter is addressed to "Harav Hachasid R' Noach" [probably R' Noach Gad Weintraub], in which he copies short words from his brother Rabbi Avraham Shraga Tahiberg, who survived, together with his wife and two sons, from the Nazi hell in Lodz, Poland. The Rebbe requested of his to "make a place for these Torah thoughts in one of the booklets that you print".
In the notes, the Rebbe writes tales of Chasidim, told by the Ba'al Shem Tov and the Rebbes of Alexander.
Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Tahiberg (1893-1973, Encyclopedia of Chasidut B, pages 43-44) was a son-in-law of Rabbi Bezael Ya'ir Danziger. He made aliya to Jerusalem, and after the holocaust, in which most of the Rebbes of Alexander were murdered, he was appointed as Rebbe.
Altogether 6 leaves, of varying sizes and conditions. Mostly good condition.

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Devar Eliyahu – Signatures and Glosses by Rabbi Shapiro of Lublin

Sefer Devar Eliyahu, response by Rabbi Eliyahu of Pulawy, Vonvolitz and Tarla. Warsaw, 1884.
On leaves preceding title-page are signatures of Rabbi "Meir Shapiro Pietrekov". And ins-stamps of "Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin". Handwritten glosses on leaves 65-66.
Rabbi Meir Shapiro (1887-1934), served as dean of Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin, founder of the Daf Yomi movement, and was one of the leading rabbis of his time. He was a member of Mo'etzet Gedolei HaTorah, and also served as Rabbi in both Pietrekov and Lublin.
[4], 248 pages. 31 cm. Very good condition. Old, worn out binding.

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Baba Kama – Baba Metzia – Solzbach – Signatures and Glosses

Baba Kama and Baba Metzia of the Babylonian Talmud. Solzbach, 1760 – 1769. Bound together.
Handwritten signatures and inscriptions by "Baruch Asher Perles". Ink-stamps and signatures by Rabbi Dr. Yosef Eli' Perles and additional signatures.
Long scholarly glosses, in Baba Kama leaf 27 page 2 the writer notes "study my booklet where I have detailed the things even more". The writer is most probably Rabbi Baruch Asher Perles, Dayan of Baya (Hungary), a relative of Rabbi Itzchak Moshe and his son Rabbi Meir Perles of Bonihad.
[1], 146;[1], 156 (should be 159) leaves, 34.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Many moth damages. Ancient leather and wood binding, very worn, remainders of ornaments.

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Founding Documant of a Synagogue in Horochow – 1786

Manuscript, founding of a synagogue in Horochow [Horochow province of Tiberia, Crimea].1786.
A long and poetic document 5 pages, about the synagogue and the donors. 3 pages with lists and signatures of "nummer" [seat number] buyers.
At this period Jews arrived from Lithuania and Russia to settle in the Crimea area. The old Jewish communities were Crimean Jews, one of whom signed the document [in writing similar to oriental writing] and communities of Kara'im that lived separately from the Jewish communities.
Interesting historical document.
6 leaves, 8 written pages. 33 cm. Quality paper, very good condition.

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Supplications and Requests, Vienna / with Supplications Manuscript

Sedder Techinot U-Bakashot, Vienna, 1805. Yiddish.
Bound with a fancy manuscript notebook, various supplications in Yiddish. Owner's signature [maybe he himslef wrote the supplications?] "Moshe Leib Treibetch".
56 printed; [2], 21; [2];22-54 leaves manuscript. 17.5 cm. Quality paper, good condition, stains. Detached title-page. Ancient leather binding somewhat worn.
(Rare, Not in Bibliography Institute CD).

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Halachic Responsum and Bill of Sale – From the City of Medina

Two important documents from Medina, Italy.
1. Copying of question and response: halachic question concerning matchmaking and financial obligations, the enquirer is Rabbi Ya'akov Chiya Ben Rabbi Reuven Yichye. Medina, Elul 1775; response by Rabbi Yishma'el Ha-Cohen of Medina (author of Zera Emet) "Yishma'el Cohen….writing and signing here in Medina 1775"; Response by Rabbi Avraham Israel (of Rhodes) Av-Beit-Din Ancona, Tevet 1776.
3 pages, 28 cm. Fine dense handwriting. Very good condition.

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Shiviti – Mizrah

"Mizrah – Shiviti" for wall. With drawing of the Menorah, and a law by Hashla Hakadosh to study every day the Torah the Mishnah and the 613 Mitzvot. Vilna. 1912 (?) Defus and Hotza'ah Publishing.
On both sides of the menorah 2 handpainted trees were added with the Aleph-Beit order of the Mishnayot to study at Yahrzteit.
64X46 cm. Good to fair condition, tears and foxing on folds (no omission of text) Rare and interesting.

Opening500$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium
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