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Auction 7 Lot Number 217

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Poster – Adloyada, 1934

Colored poster "Adloyada 1934, Tel Aviv". Strod publishing, Tel Aviv, 1934.
Printed in orange, yellow and blue.
95x63.5 cm. Poor condition. Major tears to edges.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 260

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Mephisto – Uri Tzvi Grinberg, 1922 / Trit-Tziklus – Melekh Ravitch, 1920

1. Mephisto, Uri Tzvi Grinberg. Literatur Fond Publishing, Warsaw, 1922.
The second edition of the poem by Uri Greenberg, which is one of his most important works in Yiddish. The cover was designed by Wolf Weintraub, the font of the title-page was designed by Grinberg himself. The book also contains an illustration by Henryk Berlewi – a portrait of the author.
85, [2] pages, 29.5 cm. Good condition. The page with the drawing of Uri Tzvi Grinberg is detached. The back cover is missing. The front cover and first page are restored in inner margin.
Bound together with:
2. Trit Tzikos fun: Ber Horowitz, Moshe Zilburg, Melech Chmielnitzki, Moishe Livshitz, Mani Leib, Albert Ehrenstein, David Fogel, A. M. Fuchs, Melekh Ravitch. Der Kwall Publishing, Vienna-Warsaw-Lemberg, [1920].
Literary almanac, one of the many publishing projects of Melekh Ravitch from the beginning of the 1920s. The almanac also includes Yiddish translations from Russian and German. The cover was designed by Melekh Ravitch himself.
15 pages, 29.5 cm. Good condition. The front cover is detached and slightly torn on the margins. The other leaves are in very good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 293

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Shul un Pionern Bibliotek – Mark Epstein – 1925-1928

1. Saaid un Adinde [Saïdjah en Adinda], Multatuli, no. 2, 1925.
2. Weiser Puddel, A. Kuprin. No. 18, 1926.
3. Kotuko, R. Kipling. No. 29, 1928.
All three are from the series Shul un Pionern Bibliotek – Yiddish translations of children's literature written by Russian and European artists, Kultur-Lige publishing, Kiev.
The series' cover is designed by Mark Epstein.
Varying condition, fair through good.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 176

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15 postcards, synagogues in Warsaw, Florence, Dijon, Anvers (Belgium), Szeged, Oplan, and others.
5 are undivided; 7 have not been posted.
Good to very good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 123

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Haifa and Tiberias

152 postcards of Tiberias, the Kinneret and Haifa. Various publishers and publication dates. Most are modern, but some are undivided.
A few are similar versions of the same postcard.
Fair to good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 231

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David Ben-Gurion – Letter to students of the “Remez” school Tel-Aviv, 1971

David Ben-Gurion, handwritten letter to students of the “Remez” school in Tel-Aviv. Sede Boker, 22.3.71.
“Dear students, When I came to Eretz Israel – I did not come in order to be Prime Minister – but rather to work the land… in Petach Tikva in those days (that was in 1907). […] It is true that I am now writing my memoirs, and the first volume came out two weeks ago… With friendship and respect, D. Ben-Gurion…”
12x21 cm. Good condition. Very thin paper. Fold marks. Creasing on the margins.

Opening300$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 254

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Song of Songs – Fancy bibliophile edition – Düsseldorf – 1969-1970

Holzschnitte zur Bibel von Hanns H. Heidenheim, Das lied der lieds, übertragen von Max Brod. Düsseldorf, 1969-1970.
17 woodcuts by Hanns Heidenheim from verses of Shir Hashirim, each page signed by the artist, printed on handmade Japanese paper and bound with a soft leather cover. In its original box.
Numbered, copy number 138 from an edition of 325 copies.
Attached: One-page explanation in German and English on other woodcuts by Heidenheim for biblical stories, in an additional bibliophile edition; translation of Song of Songs to German by Max Brod, printed on quality paper and bound with string; leaf with unsigned print, adhesive tape at the top.
All these are in the original cardboard box, 37 cm. Good condition. Foxing on some of the woodcuts and on the first pages. The cardboard box is partially torn and is worn.

Opening300$ Sold For431$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 201

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Photograph of students and teachers from the Hebrew Gymnasia – Jaffa

Group photograph – students and teachers of the Hebrew Gymnasia – Jaffa, 1905-1909 approximately (before moving to Herzl St. in Tel-Aviv).
Signed “Photographia Zalmon Jaffa [Soskin?].
22.5x29 cm, attached to cardboard 24x30 cm. Fair condition. Numerous stains, scratches with a tear in the corner.

Opening300$ Sold For763$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 224

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Nezer Gaba’ut Certificates

1. Nezer Gaba'ut, Etz Chaim Talmud Torah and Yeshiva, Bikkur Cholim Hospital. [Monzon Print].
2. Nezer Gaba'ut, green, gold and purple printing. S. Tzukerman print, Jerusalem.
3. Nezer Gaba'ut, Sha'ar HaShamayim Yeshiva and branch of Kehal Chasidim. Monzon Print.
4. Nezer Gaba'ut, Kuppat HaRabbanim [Diskin and Sonnenfeld]. Goldberg print, Jerusalem.
5. Nezer Gaba'ut Kodesh, Chibat Yerushalaim Kollel for Galician Jews. Monzon Print.
6. Nezer Gaba'ut VeNesi'ut Kodesh, the Meah She'arim Yeshiva, Talmud Torah and Soup Kitchen.
7. Nezer Gaba'ut, Kollel Chibat Yerushalaim. Monzon Print.
Varying sizes. Fair through good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 11

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Herzl – Posters by Gymnasia Herzliya and Girls school students

1. Illustration of Herzl with inscription “If you will it, it is no dream.” Unsigned 64x69.5 cm. Good condition. Creases and tears on the margins.
2. Herzl and the Tower of David. Signed Yitzhak Prolov, 1929. Ink on Bristol. 50x70 cm. Good condition.
3. Herzl planting seeds that form the sentence “If you will it, it is no dream.” Signed Ahuva Payis, Girls School. Ink on Bristol. 50x65 cm. Fair condition. Tears with pieces missing from the Bristol.

Opening300$ Sold For443$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 183

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Pop-Up – Two large blessing cards

“LeShanah Tovah – two large pop-up greetings. Picture of a man, boat, doves and flowers.
13x23x24 cm. Good condition. Small parts are slightly torn or have been repaired.

Opening280$ Sold For418$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 279

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The Three Goats – illustrations by Vladimir Lebedev

The Three Goats, Vladimir Lebedev. Petrograd, between 1918-1924.
Booklet with illustrations by the Russian painter and graphic artist Vladimir Vasil'evich Lebedev (1891-1967).
The cover has a colored illustration, the body of the book contains black and white illustrations. Russian.
[8] pages, 26 cm. Good condition. Stain on the first page. The margins of the booklet are cut, without damaging the text or illustrations. The page joins have been professionally repaired.

Opening280$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 257

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Kultur Lige – First and Second Collections – Warsaw, 1921

1. Kultur Lige – Ershtes Sammelheft. Warsaw, April 1921.
2. Kultur Lige – Tzveites Sammelheft. Warsaw, May 1921.
Two collections of Kultur-Lige documents, which were publicized after some of the members of its central committee were forces to move from Kiev to Warsaw due to pressure from the communistic government. The documents reflect the organization's activities in the Ukraine, and its leaders' attempts to establish a Kultur-Lige for all of Poland.
52; 48 pages, 21.5 cm. Good condition. Ex library copy. The binding is detached from the book.

Opening250$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 172

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Postcard – Vizhnitz Beit HaMidrash

Postcard with four photographs: Beit HaMidrash, two hotels, and the house of the president of the Vizhnitz Yeshiva, Romania (Ukraine today). 1935.
Good condition. A number is written in the center. Glue remnants and rough fold marks on the reverse side.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 311

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Octioberl – Children’s Monthly with illustration by Mark Epstein – Kiev, 1931

Octioberl, illiustrirter khoidesh far Octioberlerch. Published by Centerfarlag, Kiev, June 1931. Issue No. 6.
Many color illustrations, cover illustrated by Mark Epstein. On page 21, “Der Dekret Fun Hunger” [Law of Hunger] with illustration of people giving money to a large hand whose sleeve has a swastika drawn on it.
23 pages, 26 cm. Good condition. Creases on the margins of the pages. Tears to binding of pages and cover.

Opening250$ Sold For332$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 13

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File Regarding Publishing of Herzl’s Writings by Mitzpe Publishing

Approx. 50 documents regarding publishing of Herzl's writings by Mitzpe publishing, 1920s-1940s. "Selected Writings of Herzl" were published by Mitzpe Publishing during the 1930s.
The file includes a letter from Herzel's son, paper orders, matters concerning publishing license, Claim of Mrs. Neuman-Herzl (his daughter) against Mitzpe Publishing, contracts and copies of contracts, letters and correspondence.
Varying size and condition.

Opening250$ Sold For467$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 110

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Herzl – Rare postcard, 1904

Portrait of Herzl in an illustrated wood-like frame, with a cardboard “foot” for resting the postcard as a picture on a shelf.
Written on 23.11.1904 and sent on 28.11.1904 (four months after Herzl’s death).
Addressed to Moshe Zmora, the first President of the High Court in Israel.
Very good condition. Light creasing in the corners.

Opening250$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 186

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Two photographs of Jaffa – Lichtbildstelle – Vienna

1. Ship and rowboats at the (Jaffa?) port, view from the beachfront to the sea. Signed on the reverse side Lichtbildstelle, Wien and numbered 1796.
2. Sabil Mahmoud Abu-Nabut in Jaffa. Signed on the reverse side, Lichtbildstelle, Wien and numbered 1798.
23.5x29.5 cm in passé-partout 35x50 cm. Very good condition.

Opening250$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 114

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Postcard Binder – Luria, Safed

Colored postcard binder published by M.S. Luria, photographer, Safed, the 1930's
Ten colored postcards attached (accordion). The cards show building and sites in Safed and Meron, including the tomb of RASHBI and the tomb of Rabbi Yochanan HaSandlar, a spring in Meron and the houses of the city of Safed. First postcard has text in German, the other postcards have text in Hebrew and English.
The postcards are in very good condition. Cover is in good condition, some tears.

Opening250$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 157

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Folders of postcards and flowers – souvenir from the Holy Land

11 folders of postcards and flowers “Souvenir from the Holy Land” and “Souvenir from Jerusalem.” Various publishers and printing dates. Two of the folders contain dried flowers from the Holy Land. Two folders have the same postcards, but in different sizes, both with text in Hebrew. The other booklets have English text.
Fair condition. Some of the booklets are torn or the postcards are detached, flowers are missing, or the cardboard is broken.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 84

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Speech of the High Commander of the Etzel – May 15, 1948

Speech of the High Commander of the Irgun Tzvai Leumi to the people in Zion, [Menachem Begin]. Jeruaslem, May 15 1948.
“Broadcast on 6 Iyar 1948... on the ‘Voice of Freedom,’ broadcast station of the Irgun Tzvai Leumi.”
Deals with the victory of the War of Independence following the Holocaust, the difficulties of the struggle, the need for a strong and trained army, the necessity of a foreign policy with the United States and the Soviet Union, the return to Zion, and other subjects. “The soldiers of Israel will yet hoist our flag over the Tower of David…”
8 pages, 23 cm. Good condition. Minor stains. Tears on the margins. Two leaves are folded and not connected.

Opening250$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 267

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Literarishe Revi – Paris, 1926 – Chagall illustrations

Literarishe Revi (Einmoliker Numer) [Literary Survey – One-off publication] edited by Ozer Varshavsky. Paris, 1926.
Literary anthology with the participation of Peretz Markish, Y.Y. Singer, Ilya Ehrenburg, and others. Illustrations by Marc Chagall.
31, [1] page, 27 cm. Fair condition. Stains on the cover. Creases on the cover margins and pages.

Opening250$ Sold For467$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 182

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Pop-up – Large panorama of Tel Aviv

Panorama fon Tel-Aviv, large Shanah Tovah pop-up greeting. Printed in Germany.
Picture of trees, a woman holding a flag, the sea, and Tel-Aviv homes.
8x21x22 cm. Good condition. A corner is missing, stained.

Opening240$ Sold For295$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 165

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13 postcards with illustrations, some humorous, showing a circumcision. Various publications (US, Algeria, Tunisia), various publication dates. Four of them with no PC division to back side.
Good condition. Three have been sent by post.

Opening240$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium
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