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Auction 7 Lot Number 25

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Zionist Shekel – Three Receipts

1. Voucher for donation of Zionist Shekel, 1916. Whoever pays a shekel a year "is entitled to take part in elections for the members of the next Zionist Congress". Hebrew, German, Yiddish and English. Poor condition.
2. "The Shekel", with inscription: "Herzl" and "Jewish State", 1935. Fair condition.
3. Prowizoryczny szekel – Receipt for donation of Shekel, Cracow. Polish. Fair condition.

Opening120$ Sold For148$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 26

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The Jubilee Shekel – 1948 – Geula Camp, Aden

Two receipts of the Jubilee Shekel of the World Zionist Organization. Geula Camp, Aden (Yemen), 1948. The Geula Camp served as a transition camp for Yemenite Jews en-route to Israel in the Magic Carpet Aliya. 10x11 cm. Fair condition. Tears, creases and foxing.

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Auction 7 Lot Number 27

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Documents “Chevrat Yessod HaMa’ala” – 1883

1. "Power of attorney from the people of "Chevrat Yessod Ha'Ma'ala" to Rabbi Baruch Meir Rosenblum "to compromise and do all that is necessary for the good of the society including cashing debts due from all the members as well as compromise with whoever it will be necessary… he also is empowered to do all for the good of the society…" Mezrich, 1883. With signatures of the society members and Rosh Av Beit Din.
Baruch Meir Rosenblum was one of the founders of the society and of Yessod HaMa'ala although not amongst its builders or residents.
[2] handwritten leaves, 21 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Tears to folding lines, almost detached.
2. Tables with list of expenses spent by the society. The founders of Yessod HaMa'ala are mentioned: R' Baruch Meir, R' Ephraim Fishel Salomon, R' Leib Rubin and others. Including expenses on traveling to Eretz Israel and bringing objects there. [3] pages, 20 cm. Good condition.
The society "Hevrat Yessod HaMa'ala was founded in 1883 in Mezrich. R' Leib Rubin and R' Fishel Solomon, who later became the leader of the Moshava handled the purchase of land in Eretz Israel. In the spring of 1884, 7 families settled there, 6 of those families from Mezrich.
Important documents which describe the procedure of founding one of the first Moshavot in the Galilee.

Opening500$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 28

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Archive of Pinchas and Avraham Rutenberg

Pinchas Rutenberg (1879-1942) was an engineer, pioneer of modern industry in Eretz Israel and founder of the electricity company. He was one of the initiators of the Jewish Legion. When he made aliya in 1919, he did a survey of all of the water sources, and proposed thorough plans for development of water industries, drainage, damming, ground development, and building power plants between the Litani river and the Dead Sea. He was one of the founders of the Hagana, one of its first commanders, and head of the National Council. In 1923, he founded Palestine’s Electricity Company when he received a permit to use the waters of the Jordan and Yarmuch waters, and built a hydro-electric power plant in Naharayim; he also built power plants which provided electricity for Tel-Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa and Tiberias. Later, he built the motor-driven Power Plants “Reading” in Tel Aviv and “Haifa A” in Haifa.
Avraham Rutenberg, Pinchas’s younger brother, worked as a surveyor in Jordan, and was also involved with the Hagana. He helped it by purchasing equipment, and by making the power plant available for production of weapons and warfare. He was the chairman of the power plant after Pinchas’s death.
The archives contains thousands of items in various languages, from the 20s-40s: several passports of the Rutenberg brothers, approx. 100 photographs, mostly connected to building power plants, showing industrial buildings and machinery, building plans, newspaper cuttings, wide correspondence about a variety of subjects: reports, licenses, receipts, requests and personal correspondence. The documents include letters signed by Chaim Weizmann, Herbert Samuel, HaRav Kook, Lord Reading, David Yellin and more. The collection includes many handwritten documents as well as postcards and envelopes.

Opening12,000$ Sold For18,143$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 29

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Bnei Brith, 1889

A book of customs of the Bnei Brith Association, copied by David Yelin. Published by the Jerusalem Chamber. Jerusalem, 1889.
Customs of the Bnai Brith Association, including "Seder Kidushim", appointments of clerks before the General Assembly, prayer for the deceased and more. Punctuated.
[1] Cover title page, 36 pages, 17 cm. Fair condition. Foxing. Detaches leaves, tears to cover. Set in a thick postage envelope, probably originally mailed in this envelope.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 30

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Holy Land album – views and flowers, Monzon Print, published by “Zvi Kodesh”

Holy Land album – views and flowers, folder with olivewood cover in pre-Bezalel style. Eretz Israel, end of the 19th century.
Ten plates by Monzon lithographic print, Jerusalem, dried flowers on the reverse side.
One plate with a map of Eretz Israel, 8 plates of Jerusalem neighborhoods and a “Remember the destruction – by the rivers of Babylon” plate with a painting of the Temple location and Mt. Zion. On the pictures it notes: “Published by Zvi Kodesh Jerusalem” and they are similar to the postcards of the same publisher. The cover is engraved with the Dome of the Rock.
9x15 cm. Fair condition. Stained, one pergament paper missing. Some of the flowers are missing. The wooden cover is partially detached.

Opening900$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 31

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Album – Souvenir von Jerusalem, views of Eretz Israel

Souvenir von Jerusalem, album with photo sheet folded in a hard cover. [Jerusalem, 1936].
“Jerusalem the holy city and the holy cities and holy sites and the colonies established by the benefactor, Minister Baron Edmund fon Rothschild, and by the Zionists”. Many pictures of Jerusalem alongside Hebron, Jaffa, Bethlehem, Safed and the Moshavot. Hebrew, Russian, English, German, French.
[14] picture-plates printed on one folded sheet, with a hardcover 19.5 cm. Good condition. Some of the joints have been professionally repaired. Cracks or small tears in the joints of several sheets.

Opening200$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 32

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Letter from Jaffa to Rabbi Shmuel Mohilever

Letter from the Gabbai of the Talmud Torah and Yeshivat “Sha’arei Torah” in Jaffa to Rabbi Shmuel Mohilever, approximately 1898.
“We saw in "HaMelitz"… the decision of the committee to recline our request and not provide the smallest support to complete the building and this is mis-judgement and stealing from the poor…”
The Gabbaim are requesting that Rabbi Shmuel Mohilever recommend to the committee to support the Talmud Torah. Ginzburg (Ahad Ha’am?) is also mentioned who criticized the undertaking of settling in Eretz Israel and of Hovevei Zion. With the stamp of the Talmud Torah.
[3] handwritten pages, 27 cm. Good condition. Stains. Fold marks. Small tear in the center.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 33

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Volume of copies of letters – Gedalyahu Wilbushevitz, 1911-1912

A volume of the carbon copies of letters sent by Gedalyahu Wilbushevitz between 1911-1912.
Wilbushevitz (1865-1943) – engineer and architect, one of the founders of Jewish industry and building in Eretz Israel, a member of the ‘Hovevei Zion.’ Born in Belarus, trained as a building engineer at the High Technical School in Berlin. Arrived in Eretz Israel with the First Aliya, founded ‘The company for the development of industries in Eretz Israel,’ established the first iron-casting factory in Eretz Israel, and other factories (see attached material).
Letters are in various languages; few of the documents are in Hebrew. The top of each copy page has handwriting in pen which was added at a later date) which gives a short description: To the hospital and Jewish aged home in Grodno (donations), matters relating to workshops, factories, and more. A small notepad is attached with lists and engineering calculations made by Wilbushevitz.
140 written leaves, 28 cm. Good condition. Foxing. Fine paper, with occasional damage caused by the ink.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 34

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Documents and posters – Magen David Adom Tel-Aviv, 1940s

1. Two official stationeries and an official envelope - blank.
2. Two ‘members’ leaflets’ from 1942-1943; ‘Niv HaGdud’ No. 1-2, 1948; Booklet commemorating 13 years of MDA.
3. Seven general documents, letters, report on delivering first aid and more.
4. 17 posters: Caution prevents disaster; Warning! Danger!; In war as in peace – Magen David Adom is on alert; new first aid course to commence shortly; ball in honor of 5 years of Magen David Adom’s establishment; festive ceremony for receiving the Magen David Adom Gush Dan ambulance; invitation to ball with the participation of Gertrud Kraus; announcement of introduction of first aid course and more.
30 items. Various sizes, fair to good condition.

Opening12,000$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 35

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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1. Entry ticket for the foundation stone-laying ceremony for The Hebrew University of Jerusalem building, [1918].
2. Entry ticket to the opening celebration of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1925, (standing room).
3-4. Two documents dated 15th Av [1918], program of the foundation stone laying ceremony.
Various sizes, bad to fair condition.

Opening180$ Sold For283$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 36

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Pinchas Grayevski – Photo-Album of the People of Jerusalem, 1932

Photograph collection (album) of native Jews of Eretz Israel, published in Jerusalem. Pinchas Ben Zvi Grayevski publishing [1932].
Photographs and short biographies of "rabbies, scholars and writers, go-getters, merchants and landlords".
[1] cover title page, [52] photographic plates. Fair condition. Foxing. Cover partly detached.

Opening100$ Sold For295$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 37

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Lebanon – Land of Tourism and Vacation, 1935

The Lebanon, land of tourism and vacation. Published by the Government of Lebanon’s economic department, Beirut, 1935.
Booklet including a map of Lebanon, many photographs and practical details for visitors to Lebanon: climate, transport, sanatoriums, hotels, and more. Divided according to sites: Beirut, Baalbek, Zahla, and more.
[3], 4, 68 pages, 16x18 cm. Good condition. First page is torn. Cover is partially detached as is the last page. Spine is torn.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 38

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The Jewish Battalion – silk print

The Jewish Battalion for Palestine – printed on a strip of silk in blue and red, with a picture of the Israeli flag.
Good condition. 10.5x34 cm. Very delicate. A number of tears and unraveling points.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 39

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Two postcards of the Jewish Legion in Egypt

Two postcards, originally joined, with an image of Herzl and a map of Eretz Israel. Published by “Mashiach,” Cairo, [1917] “Dedicated to the Jewish Legion.”
The reverse side has the motto of the Jewish Legion: “For our people, and for our country” with a picture of a lion, Magen David and Menorah, with the inscription “Home of the Jewish Army.” Addressed to David Zonenshein at the Sarafend [Tzrifin] camp by Moshe Feldstein in 1919, both of them soldiers in the Jewish Legion.
“I am healthy and in Rafah [Rafiah]…they are now considering not to trust our delegates committee (Va'ad HaTsirim), and to again commence operating without the old delegates committee… I also think that not everything is ‘happy’ with you… what’s happening in your battalion?”
Fair to good condition. Stains, creases, wear and tear.

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Auction 7 Lot Number 40

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Shanah Tovah postcard – The Jewish Legion, 1920

The Jewish Legion – LeShanah Tovah – 1920 – for our nation and for our land.
Magen David decoration with the symbol of the Jewish battalion “Kadima” in the center.
Reverse side has an inscription in pencil “Camp of the Eretz Israel battalions by Sarafend [Tzrifin]…”.
8x13 cm. Good condition. Stains. Creased in the corners. Tears on the top margins.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 41

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Official envelopes – The Jewish Legion

1. Official envelope, The Jewish Legion. Symbol of the battalion with the slogan “Kadima” printed in blue ink on a white envelope. 8x13.5 cm. Good condition. 1 cm. tear in the lower section.
2. Official envelope – The Jewish Legion, with the symbol of the battalion and the slogan “Kadima.” Alongside is a picture of a small Magen David and the inscription “Magen David Adom.” Red ink on greenish paper. 12.5x16 cm. Very good condition. A few stains and a slight defect in the corner.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 42

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Stationery – The Jewish Legion

1. Three blank letterheads, each different in design and with the slogans: “Iddisher Legion,” “In blood and fire Judea fell, in blood and fire Judea will rise,” “The Judaeans,” “The Jewish Legion.” Two are in good condition, one is in bad condition.
2. Letter from Moshe Feldstein to David Shimshi (Zonenshein) on Legion letterhead, [1919].
“Someone by the name of Esterzon told me… that Shimshi (Zonenshein) died two days ago and therefore if this is the case and you have already been buried… I wish you the earth you lie in is pleasant for you… If you are alive write to me and if you are already there… indeed be at rest and don’t come to scare me, because it’s been a few years since I prayed ‘Sh’ma Yisrael'.
[2] leaves, 21 cm. Fair condition.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 43

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Di Tribune – Newspaper edited by Meir Grossman – Copenhagen, 1915-1922

Di Tribune, edited by Meir Grossman, from the Revisionist Zionist movement. Copenhagen, 1915-1922. 20 issues bound together (most from 1915-1916). The newspaper’s founders included Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Grossman and Jabotinsky also collaborated in supporting the idea of the Jewish Battalions, an idea also expressed in the issues of the newspaper. Many of the newspaper articles are by Jabotinsky and Grossman.
22.5cm. Very good condition. Issue 8 has a tear of approximately 5.5cm.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 44

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Documents – The Jewish Brigade

1. Jewish troops in the Middle East, advertisement printed with two photographs. London, [circa 1943]. Good condition. Ink stamp.
2. Guide for a trip to Gent and Brugge [Belgium], published by the Ministry of Aid of the headquarters of the H.I.L. [Jewish Fighters Division / Jewish Brigade], May-June 1946. [6] pages with a map and symbol of the Brigade. Slightly worn.
3. Invitation to the wedding of Geula Nahari of Kfar Yehoshua (600 company ATS) and Dan Eliovitz from Kfar Giladi (650 company YAEL) in Naples, 1946. Very good condition. Inscription in pen.

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Auction 7 Lot Number 45

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Join A.T.S – Women’s Assistance Corps

Join the A.T.S and see the world! Booklet. Eretz Israel, 1940s.
A.T.S. (Auxiliary Territorial Service) was the Assistance Corps for women in the framework of the British Army, initiated by women’s organizations in the Yishuv. In the booklet: “We need woman drivers… clerks… stock keepers… mechanics…”
“Join the women’s service and you have freed a man for battle.” Hebrew and English. Colorful cover covering.
6, 6 pages, 17 cm. Good condition. A few stains and some damage to the spine.

Opening100$ Sold For148$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 46

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Collection of Letter to and from Jewish Soldiers, 1940s

Letters and envelopes sent to and from Jewish soldiers in the British Army, 1940s.
Letters to a soldier in the Royal Air force in Teheran; Letters from a soldier in Bahrain; Letter on stationary of the Committee for the Hebrew Soldier in Cairo and the National Committee for the Jewish Soldier; Letter of a soldier to the School of Economics and Political Sciences in London, requesting to be admitted after the military service; A letter from 1941 reads: "we feel the Egyptian melody playing through us. During the day we enjoy the sunlight warming our bones, and at night we feel how much the mosquitoes love us".
86 letters; 38 envelopes many of which contain original letters; a few additional documents.
Various sizes, good condition.

Opening450$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 47

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Tal HaShacharut – Herzliya Gymnasia newspaper, 1914

Tal HaShacharut – newspaper of the third grade of the Hebrew Gymnasia “Herzliya,” [1914]. Issues 1-4 bound together.
Handwritten, copied by stencil, with stories, poems, quizzes, crosswords and pictures by school students, many anonymous or under pseudonyms.
Issues 3-4 include three works by the poet Avraham Shlonsky who studied at the Herzliya Gymnasia that year, when he was 14 years old.
30 cm, fair condition. Many tears and stains. Some of the writing is unclear or has been erased.

Opening200$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 48

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Collection of items – Purim celebrations in Tel-Aviv – 1920s-1930s

Program for the Festival of Masks and Costumes in Tel-Aviv, Purim 1924; guide to the celebrations and carnival, Purim 1931; Purim songs to be distributed among the people, Purim 1932; guide to Purim celebrations and Adloyada, Purim 1932; Poster with details of Purim celebrations; a number of leaflets for Purim celebrations; a dozen printed and handwritten documents with arrangements for a Purim parade, the Adloyada, details of various events, etc., some internal documents of the organizing committee from the first Purim celebrations in Tel-Aviv.
20 documents. Various sizes, fair to good condition.

Opening500$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium
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