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Auction 7 Lot Number 78

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British Poster – “Wanted” – 1947

Wanted – a British poster published by the Palestine Police Force. Jerusalem, February 1947.
On the sign there are pictures and information about 18 Irgun and Lechi fighters, including Menachem Begin, Aryeh ben Eliezer and Natan Yelin [Mor]. It also says that monetary prizes would be given by the Palestine government to anyone who would provide information leading to their arrest.
Printed on thin cardboard. Hebrew, English and Arabic.
100x70 cm. Good condition. Stains.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 206

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Photograph of paratroopers at the Western Wall – Six Day War

Photograph of paratroopers following the conquering of the Western Wall, David Rubinger, 7 June 1967.
The photograph shows three soldiers from the 66th regiment of the paratrooper division (Haim Osher, Yitzhak Yifat, and Zion Krasanti) as they look at the Kotel immediately after it had been conquered.
13x18 cm. Very good condition. Small stain on the upper portion. Inscription in pen on the reverse side.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 28

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Archive of Pinchas and Avraham Rutenberg

Pinchas Rutenberg (1879-1942) was an engineer, pioneer of modern industry in Eretz Israel and founder of the electricity company. He was one of the initiators of the Jewish Legion. When he made aliya in 1919, he did a survey of all of the water sources, and proposed thorough plans for development of water industries, drainage, damming, ground development, and building power plants between the Litani river and the Dead Sea. He was one of the founders of the Hagana, one of its first commanders, and head of the National Council. In 1923, he founded Palestine’s Electricity Company when he received a permit to use the waters of the Jordan and Yarmuch waters, and built a hydro-electric power plant in Naharayim; he also built power plants which provided electricity for Tel-Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa and Tiberias. Later, he built the motor-driven Power Plants “Reading” in Tel Aviv and “Haifa A” in Haifa.
Avraham Rutenberg, Pinchas’s younger brother, worked as a surveyor in Jordan, and was also involved with the Hagana. He helped it by purchasing equipment, and by making the power plant available for production of weapons and warfare. He was the chairman of the power plant after Pinchas’s death.
The archives contains thousands of items in various languages, from the 20s-40s: several passports of the Rutenberg brothers, approx. 100 photographs, mostly connected to building power plants, showing industrial buildings and machinery, building plans, newspaper cuttings, wide correspondence about a variety of subjects: reports, licenses, receipts, requests and personal correspondence. The documents include letters signed by Chaim Weizmann, Herbert Samuel, HaRav Kook, Lord Reading, David Yellin and more. The collection includes many handwritten documents as well as postcards and envelopes.

Opening12,000$ Sold For18,143$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 261

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Yingl, Tsingl Khvat – Mani Leib and El Lissitzky – Kiev-St. Petersburg, 1919

Yingl Tsingl Khvat [The Mischievous Boy], Mani Leib. Illustrations by El Lissitzky. Published by Yiddisher Folksfarlag, Kiev-St. Petersburg, 1919.
First edition – soft cover printed in black and red, the illustrated colored title page is missing. Many black and white illustrations in the body of the book. Yiddish.
The last page has an advertisement for books containing Lissitzky’s illustrations.
[12] pages, 26 cm. Good condition. Slight staining, slight foxing. Most of the pages have water marks. Generally a nice copy.

Opening9,000$ Sold For11,562$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 268

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Troyer – David Hofstein and Marc Chagall – Kiev, 1922 – author’s dedication

Troyer – [Sadness], David Hofstein. Illustrations by Marc Chagall. Published by Kultur-Lige, Kiev, 1922.
Poems relating to the Ukrainian pogroms, typography on the cover and drawings within the book by Marc Chagall. The drawings show a man with dropped arms or a stack of houses connected to the ‘body without a head,’ which also portray the pogroms. Yiddish.
On the title page is a handwritten dedication by the author (Yiddish) from 1922.
XXIII, [1] page, 34 cm. Fair condition. Stained, creased with fold marks. The margins of page 17 are torn. Moth holes on the margins of some of the pages. Tears on the cover, mainly around the spine. Some have been professionally repaired.

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Auction 7 Lot Number 234

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Leah Goldberg – Collection of letters and sketches

Collection of letters and postcards sent by Leah Goldberg to Rivka Gvili-Broida and her husband Alexander, 1940s–1960s. The collection includes:
Seven postcards sent by Leah Goldberg to Rivka and Alexander Broida; Shanah Tovah greeting with leaves attached (designed by Goldberg); eight letters from Leah Goldberg, most are handwritten; printed Shana Tova greeting, with handwritten addition: “I have already eaten the good chocolate and smoked the cigarettes!”; Three sketches by Goldberg; Color draft ex-libris to Gvili-Broida with attached letter and invitation to the opening of Goldberg’s collage exhibition.
In a letter from May 1948 Goldberg writes: “In the meantime I am living, and that has become something more important that indicates the obvious fact… I have been busy with my work this year, which is very pleasant for me: translating ‘War and Peace’ by Tolstoy. If all goes well, this will take another year and a half at least. […] Yesterday I was at Gan Shmuel, and I saw an hour of trees bent by the wind…”

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Auction 7 Lot Number 264

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October Poem – Mayakovsky – Cover design by Lissitzky – Moscow, 1927

Good! October poem. Vladimir Mayakovsky. Moscow, 1927.
The front cover is designed in the constructivist style by El Lissitzky in red and black.
The suprematist influence on Lissitzky’s constructivist typography is evident.
3,000 copies printed. Russian.
104 pages, 21 cm. Good condition. Pages 5-12 are loose. Stains on the cover and on some of the pages, light tearing on the margins of the cover and on one of the pages, no text omitted.

Opening2,250$ Sold For2,768$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 282

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Lenin – Illustrations by Natan Altman – St. Petersburg, 1921

Lenin, illustrations by Natan Altman. St. Petersburg, 1921.
Cover with illustration in the suprematist style by Altman. The body of the book has Lenin’s signature in print and 10 plates with Altman’s illustrations: Nine have Lenin’s portrait and one shows the view from his office. Russian.
[3] leaves, [10] plates, [2] leaves, 23.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. The cover and first three pages are cut; the cover has been professionally repaired. The base of the spine has been professionally repaired.

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Auction 7 Lot Number 298

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The Archer – Natan Altman, Chagall, and others – St. Petersburg, 1922

“The Archer,” art and literature anthology edited by Alexander Belenson, issue no. 3 (last issue). St. Petersburg. 1922.
Stories and poems alongside 14 plates with illustrations by Natan Altman, Marc Chagall, Lev Bruni, Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Nikolay Kulbin, Vladimir Lebedev, and others. Several illustrations are in color.
300 copies printed. Russian.
175 pages with [14] illustrated plates, 28 cm. The body of the book is in good condition. The cover is in fair condition. The back cover is detached and torn on the margins with pieces missing. The front cover is slightly detached and torn on the margins with pieces missing. Stains on the cover.

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Auction 7 Lot Number 273

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Br. Grimm Meiselach – Illustrations by Joseph Tchaikov – Kiev, 1922

Br. Grimm Meiselach [Grimm Brothers Fairytales] translated into Yiddish by N. Lurie. Kultur-Lige, [Kiev 1922].
Three tales by the Grimm Brothers translated into Yiddish. Cover and front page designed by Joseph Tchaikov. 13 additional illustrations by Tchaikov appear in the booklet, 10 of which are full page. Titles of stories are also designed by Tchaikov. Yiddish.
48 pages, 18 cm. Fair condition. Booklet was professionally restored but has humidity damages, ink-stains, foxing and tears to margins. Slight damages to text.
Rare. Not in Shmerok's catalogue.

Opening1,300$ Sold For2,091$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 80

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Hebrew Army – Collection of Booklets

Ten booklets published by Committee for a Jewish Palestine, Anglo-American Committee for a Jewish Army, American League for a Free Palestine:
1. Towards a Jewish army. Publication no. 1. London, 1942.
2. From Evian to Bermuda. New York, 1943.
3. Repatriated Palestine Jewish soldiers. London, 1944.
4. We cannot have both imperialism and peace. New York, 1945.
5. The Jewish Struggle – Jewish fighting organ. Issue 6, London, August 1946.
6. Irgun Press. Issue 4, New York, April 7th, 1948.
7-8. Committee for a Jewish army of Stateless refugee and Palestinian Jews and Jewish Brigade group – Souvenir Booklet. London, 1944. On the cover there is a drawing by Arthur Szyk + additional booklets from London, 1945.
1. Are The Jews fighting? London, year of print not noted.
2. American Tradition and Hebrew Freedom, Guy M. Gillette. New York, year of print not noted.
Varying sizes, fair through very good condition.

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Auction 7 Lot Number 266

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My Paris – Ehrenburg – Cover and arrangement by Lissitzky – Moscow, 1933

My Paris, Iya Ehrnburg. Moscow, 1933.
Dozens of photographs by Ehrenburg presenting daily work life in Paris, with all its images. Cover and inner design by El Lissitzky.
The original paper cover is missing. Russian.
235, [2] pages, 16.5x20 cm. Body of the book is in good condition. Professional repairs have been made to pages 193, 208 and 225. The cover is in fair condition. Non original endpapers and spine. Light tears on the cover, worn margins.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 317

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Alef Bet – Ze’ev Raban and Levin Kipnis – Berlin, 1923

Alef Bet, illustrations by Ze’ev Raban, rhymes by Levin Kipnis, Bezalel-Jerusalem.
By “HaSefer” Publishing, Berlin, 1923.
[32] pages, 25 cm.
Excellent condition. A children's book in such nice condition is rarely seen.

Opening900$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 180

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“Shana Tova” postcards

81 postcards with Shana Tova greetings. Various publishers, and publication dates. Some with gilded decorations, some Real Photo, some of sites in Eretz Israel and more.
Various conditions, fair to good.

Opening900$ Sold For1,132$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 62

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Sefer HaChaim – Aryeh Group – Tzofei Tel Aviv (Scouts), 1926-1931

Sefer HaChaim – Aryeh group in Tel-Chai league IV. HaTzofim community (Scouts), Tel-Aviv, 1926-1931.
"Book of Memories" of a Scout group, including philosophy and thought, memories from shared activities, biography, letters, songs, stories, riddles, many original pictures, and photographs of members of Aryeh group of Tel Aviv scouts.
Interesting document from the early years of the Scouts movement in Eretz Israel. The Scouts movement was established on Passover 1919, and the first branch in Eretz Israel was established in Haifa in 1925.
235 written pages in a 382 page notebook. 27 cm. Good condition. Stains. New cloth binding.

Opening850$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 173

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Postcards of synagogues

38 postcards depicting the synagogues of Libau, Torino, Prague, Breslau, Nuremberg, Dusseldorf, Munich, Essen, Trencin, St. Petersburg, Kattowitz, Lodz, and more. In the postcard depicting Dortmund, a “window” opens with small folded pictures inside. 9 are undivided. 19 have not been used.
Very good condition.

Opening800$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 102

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Journey and Research Books – Eretz Israel

1. A relation of a journey begun anno dom 1610, London, 1637. Etchings.
2. A journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem at after, A. D. 1697. Oxford, 1714. Folded etching-plates.
3. L'univers – Historie et description de tous les peoples – Jerusalem. Paris, 1845. 70 attached plates, maps, etchings and two folded maps.
4. Twenty-one years' work in the Holy Land. London, 1886. Folded map of Jerusalem.
5. Palestine, Major C. R. Conder. London, 1889. Colored maps.
6. Those Holy Fields – Palestine. London, late 19th century. Prints of illustrations in pencil and pen.
7. The HolyLand, Robert Hichens. New York, 1910. Colored illustrations.
Various sizes. Various conditions. Fair to good condition.

Opening750$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 105

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Four ancient maps of Jerusalem

1. Panoramic map of Jerusalem, unidentified. 28.5x70 cm. Poor condition. Rough tears with pieces missing, some have been repaired.
2. Map of Jerusalem by Christiaan van Adrichem, [Amsterdam, 1657]. Comprising two separate sheets each 37x47 cm.
3. Map of Jerusalem by Sebastian Münster, 1550. Laor 1087. 15.5x37.5 cm. A few pinholes.
4. Map of Jerusalem by Bernardino Amico, mid-17th century. 30x35 cm.

Opening750$ Sold For2,091$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 196

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Gymnasia Herzliya – rare photographs

23 rare photographs of the Gymnasia Herzliya, its students, classrooms, teachers, and principals from its first years. Some were photographed by Y. Ben-Dov, although not signed. All the photographs are attached to cardboard, with a handwritten description of the subject:
1. Students and their teachers: preparatory classes 1-3, classes 1-6.
2. Supervising committee, administration and pedagogic committee.
3. Appliances, the hallway, physics room, gymnastics lesson, school hall.
4. 15th Shvat on Herzl St.; Gymnasia students on trips: Next to Kever Rachel, Solomon’s Pools, Jericho, the Dead Sea and on a rowboat in the Jordan River.
The photographs are 10x15.5 cm, the cardboard 16x20.5 cm. Poor to fair condition. Stains on the cardboard and moth holes to some of them. Stains on the photographs, most are worn.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 210

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Photographic album – Dedication of Bruchsal synagogue – Germany, 1925

Photographic album “Synagogue Dedication” [1925]. Bruchsal, Germany.
Ten quality photographs 17x23 cm, showing the synagogue from several angles, with an emphasis on wall murals, Hebrew writings, the Torah Ark, and various decorations.
The Bruchsal synagogue was built in 1881, renovated in 1923, and destroyed on Kristallnacht, November 1938.
The album is bound with string. On the cover and title page is an illustration of the synagogue.
[11] leaves, 30x38 cm. The photographs are in very good condition. The album is in good condition. Minor foxing on the leaves and the pergament separation papers, with some creasing or folds.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 232

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David Ben-Gurion – Autographed Print

Woodcut – face of David Ben-Gurion in brown and light blue, Marvin Jules.
Autographed at the bottom by David Ben-Gurion in Hebrew and English (two large signatures).
51x66.5 cm. Good condition. Some light foxing

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 169

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Caricatures – Jews

17 postcards with caricatures of Jews. Various publishers and publication dates.
9 are undivided, 8 have been sent by post.
Various conditions, fair to very good.

Opening600$ Sold For886$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 265

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Architecture in the Soviet Union – Lissitzky – Vienna, 1930

Russland, Die rekonstruktion der architektur in der Sowjetunion, El Lissitzky. Vienna, 1930.
Reconstruction of architecture in the Soviet Union. First volume in a series dealing with modern building throughout the world, with text and 104 illustrations, architectural plans and photographs of models by Lissitzky.
103, 29 cm. Fair condition. Cover with creases and tears, mainly on and around the spine.

Opening600$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 170

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17 Postcards with anti-semitic illustrations. Various publishers and publication dates.
8 are undivided. 11 have been sent by post.
Various conditions, fair to very good.

Opening600$ Sold For836$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 48

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Collection of items – Purim celebrations in Tel-Aviv – 1920s-1930s

Program for the Festival of Masks and Costumes in Tel-Aviv, Purim 1924; guide to the celebrations and carnival, Purim 1931; Purim songs to be distributed among the people, Purim 1932; guide to Purim celebrations and Adloyada, Purim 1932; Poster with details of Purim celebrations; a number of leaflets for Purim celebrations; a dozen printed and handwritten documents with arrangements for a Purim parade, the Adloyada, details of various events, etc., some internal documents of the organizing committee from the first Purim celebrations in Tel-Aviv.
20 documents. Various sizes, fair to good condition.

Opening500$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 27

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Documents “Chevrat Yessod HaMa’ala” – 1883

1. "Power of attorney from the people of "Chevrat Yessod Ha'Ma'ala" to Rabbi Baruch Meir Rosenblum "to compromise and do all that is necessary for the good of the society including cashing debts due from all the members as well as compromise with whoever it will be necessary… he also is empowered to do all for the good of the society…" Mezrich, 1883. With signatures of the society members and Rosh Av Beit Din.
Baruch Meir Rosenblum was one of the founders of the society and of Yessod HaMa'ala although not amongst its builders or residents.
[2] handwritten leaves, 21 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Tears to folding lines, almost detached.
2. Tables with list of expenses spent by the society. The founders of Yessod HaMa'ala are mentioned: R' Baruch Meir, R' Ephraim Fishel Salomon, R' Leib Rubin and others. Including expenses on traveling to Eretz Israel and bringing objects there. [3] pages, 20 cm. Good condition.
The society "Hevrat Yessod HaMa'ala was founded in 1883 in Mezrich. R' Leib Rubin and R' Fishel Solomon, who later became the leader of the Moshava handled the purchase of land in Eretz Israel. In the spring of 1884, 7 families settled there, 6 of those families from Mezrich.
Important documents which describe the procedure of founding one of the first Moshavot in the Galilee.

Opening500$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 7

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Archive of Rabbi Moshe HaMeiri Ostrovsky – HaMizrachi”

Rabbi Moshe HaMeiri Ostrovsky, born in Karlin, made aliya to Eretz Israel in 1897 and learned in the Torat Chaim Yeshiva in the Old City of Jerusalem. Served in the Rabbinate of Moshav Ekron (Mazkeret Batya). One of the planners of the religious education in Eretz Israel, and one of the founders of the Mizrachi Movement. Served as a Mizrachi representative in the 12th, 15th and 20th Zionist Congresses, and was a member of the National Council. He was also among the founders of the Chief Rabbinate, and was a founder and later the Rabbi of the Kiryat Moshe Neighborhood in Jerusalem. Died in Jerusalem in 1957.
The archive contains 20 official files, tens of printed booklets, and thousands of documents: correspondence relating to the Mizrachi Movement, The Zionist Management and Management of the Jewish Agency, Memos to the UN, and more. Mostly from the 30s and 40s. Most of the documents are printed, some are handwritten.
Varying sizes and conditions.

Opening500$ Sold For713$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 263

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The Unleashed Theater – Cover design by Lissitzky – Potsdam, 1927

Das entfesselte theater, Alexander Trairoff. Potsdam, 1927. Second edition.
Cover of the book was designed by El Lissitzky. The body of the book has a number of plates with photographs and illustrations of theatre costumes. German.
112 pages, [12] plates, 25 cm. Fair condition. Signature from 1934, ink stamps. Stains and peeling on the cover, tears on the spine.

Opening500$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 200

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Gymnasia Herzliya and the Girls School

1-2. Two photographs of students in class – Gymnasia Herzliya
3. Photograph of Gymnasia Herzliya building [Photographia Zalmon].
4. Menachem Ussishkin with teachers and management committee of the Girls School, 1911. Some of the figures were originally attached as a photomontage.
5. Group photograph, described in pencil “Girls School.” Attached to cardboard.
12x16.5 cm – 22.5x29 cm. Fair condition.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 192

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Zadok Bassan – five photographs – residents of Old Age home

1. Four photographs 15.5x21.5 cm. attached to cardboard 30x36 cm. The name of the photographer is impressed on the cardboard: “Photographer Zadok Bassan Jerusalem.” A few stains on the photographs. Creases and tears on some of the cardboard.
2. Photograph 12x16.5 cm. attached to cardboard 21x26 cm. On the cardboard is the ink stamp of the photographer “Zadok Bassan Photograph Jerusalem.” The photograph is in very good condition. The margins of the cardboard are torn and creased.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 281

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Petersburg stories – Gogol – illustrations by Natan Altman, 1937

St. Petersburg stories. Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol. St. Petersburg, 1937.
Engraved illustration on the cover and 16 illustrations in the body of the book, by Natan Altman. All the illustrations are singed in print. Russian.
138, [3] pages, 35.5 cm. Good condition. Foxing on the first and last pages. Original material cover, slightly worn with stains and tearing on the spine.

Opening480$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 46

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Collection of Letter to and from Jewish Soldiers, 1940s

Letters and envelopes sent to and from Jewish soldiers in the British Army, 1940s.
Letters to a soldier in the Royal Air force in Teheran; Letters from a soldier in Bahrain; Letter on stationary of the Committee for the Hebrew Soldier in Cairo and the National Committee for the Jewish Soldier; Letter of a soldier to the School of Economics and Political Sciences in London, requesting to be admitted after the military service; A letter from 1941 reads: "we feel the Egyptian melody playing through us. During the day we enjoy the sunlight warming our bones, and at night we feel how much the mosquitoes love us".
86 letters; 38 envelopes many of which contain original letters; a few additional documents.
Various sizes, good condition.

Opening450$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 250

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Hebrew Press in Basel from 1492-1866

Dis Basler Hebräischen Drucke (1492-1866), Joseph Prijs. Olten and Frei Burg, 1964.
Comprehensive book on Hebrew printing in Basel, including a large number of photographs and quotes in Hebrew, lists of books, and detailed indexing.
LXIII, 583, [1] page, 31.5 cm. The book is in very good condition. A few parts from the original pergament covering are missing or torn.

Opening450$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 135

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Ya’akov Ben-Dov – Various series

Fifty four PCs with photographs, published by Ya'akov Ben-Dov.
Amongst the cards: seventeen cards of Jerusalem from various series, including cover of folder "Jerusalem" Y.Gafni publishing; Eleven cards of Haifa; Seven cards "Surroundings of Kineret and the Jordan" including front of folder; Moshavot cards,"Geula Titnu LaAretz" and more. Some cards have writing in German.
Various conditions.

Opening450$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 142

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Drawings by E.M. Lilien

Forty four PCs with drawings by E.M. Lilien, part of them from his books "Lieder des ghetto" , "Jude", "Erez Israel und sein Volk", various publishers, various printing periods.
One card, "Shlomit", with orange background.
Fair to good condition. Foxing to many cards. Were not in use.

Opening400$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 133

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The Jewish Legion – Full Postcard Booklet – Y. Ben-Dov

“The Jewish Legion in Eretz Israel”, Postcard booklet by Y. Ben-Dov Publishers – 20 postcards, complete set. Cover design by Ze’ev Raban.
Fair condition. Few stains, slight wear to cover and small tear to spine. Stains on back of last card.

Opening400$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 177

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Shana Tova postcard with turning wheel – Vienna

Shana Tova postcard with turning wheel – Vienna.
Ten small pictures of synagogues in Vienna with a ‘window’ in the center. There is a cardboard turning wheel attached to the postcard. The Ten Commandments appear in the window, one after the other when the wheel is turned.
Very rare. Good condition. Peeling and glue remnants on the four corners of the postcard (on the reverse side).

Opening400$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 39

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Two postcards of the Jewish Legion in Egypt

Two postcards, originally joined, with an image of Herzl and a map of Eretz Israel. Published by “Mashiach,” Cairo, [1917] “Dedicated to the Jewish Legion.”
The reverse side has the motto of the Jewish Legion: “For our people, and for our country” with a picture of a lion, Magen David and Menorah, with the inscription “Home of the Jewish Army.” Addressed to David Zonenshein at the Sarafend [Tzrifin] camp by Moshe Feldstein in 1919, both of them soldiers in the Jewish Legion.
“I am healthy and in Rafah [Rafiah]…they are now considering not to trust our delegates committee (Va'ad HaTsirim), and to again commence operating without the old delegates committee… I also think that not everything is ‘happy’ with you… what’s happening in your battalion?”
Fair to good condition. Stains, creases, wear and tear.

Opening400$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 253

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America – Hermann Struck – numbered and signed

Amerika, Hermann Struck. America, 20 etchings by Hermann Struck, with text by Arthur Holitscher. Published by Hans Heinrich Tillgner, Berlin, 1922.
20 etchings in various sizes; views and people in America. Printed in 300 copies signed and numbered on thick quality paper. German.
Copy No. 268, signed by Struck.
31 pages, 34 cm. Fair condition. Foxing on the pages and on some of the etchings. Half parchment binding, damage in the corners and margins.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 243

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Phaedon – Moshe Mendelssohn – First edition, 1767

Phaedon oder Über die Unsterblichkeit der Seele, in drey Gesprächen, [Phaedon, or on the immortality of the soul], Moshe Mendelssohn. Berlin and Stettin, 1767.
First edition of the book by the philosopher Moshe Mendelssohn (1729-1786), which was translated into many languages.
The book, called by the name of Appelton’s dialogue and written as a dialogue between the Greek philosopher Socrates to his students, brings evidence of the immortality of the soul and deals with eternity and immortality. German.
[1] plate - engraving; 11, 309, [1] pages, 15 cm. Good condition. Stains on the pages of the book. Ex-libris. Cardboard cover with marble paper.

Opening400$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 222

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Collection of wrapping paper for Jaffa oranges

81 wrapping papers for exporting Jaffa oranges (not intact), most are illustrated and colored. Among the companies stamped on the papers: Ben Hur, Titan, Migdal [David], Picnic, Tavor, Ophir, Lily, Yona, Yarden, and others (the names appear in English). Most have printed “Importé de Palestine” or “Produce of Palestine.”
Cut to an average size of 10x10 cm. Very good condition. Printed on very thin paper, creased.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 160

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Intellectuals and Zionist Leaders

Forty postcards, intellectuals and Zionist leaders. Various publishers, different periods. Shalom Ash, Y.L. Peretz, Frug, Chlenov, Weizmann, Herbert Samuel and others.
Fair to good condition

Opening400$ Sold For566$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 171

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Caricatures – Jews of North Africa

Twenty colored postcards featuring caricatures of North African Jews. Printed in Morocco. Algiers, Tunisia and France, different printing dates.
Two undivided, 11 unused.
Good to very good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 167

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14 anti-Nazi postcards, which ridicule Hitler’s character, the swastika and Nazism. Most are from the US.
Good to very good condition.

Opening380$ Sold For554$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 143

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Bezalel postcards

Five ‘Chad Gadya’ postcards; seven postcards with Ludwig Bloom illustrations; 10 with silhouettes by Meir Gur-Aryeh (part of the original cover); 10 silhouettes of ‘Jerusalem sites’ – Meir Gur-Aryeh, complete set in original cover.
Fair to good condition.

Opening350$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 103

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HaMe’amer – Avraham Moshe Lunz

HaMe'amer – anthology of Eretz Israel literature, by Avraham Moshe Lunz. Jerusalem, 1905, 1912, 1920. Three volumes.
"All of the essays on Holy Land studies printed in the last century, arranged together with notes, detailed indexes and more".
Volume I includes geographic and topographic articles, Volume II contains archeological and historic articles, Volume III contains travel logs, lists of graves, statutes, memoirs and more.
[3], 276 pages; [12], 585 pages; [4], 331, [4] pages. Good condition. Volumes are in their original covers and rebound in hard bindings.

Opening350$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 280

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Journey to Russia – Illustrations by Vladimir Lebedev – Hague, 1930

De reis door Rusland, C. Marschak, with illustrations by Vladimir Lebedev. Hague, [1930].
Color illustrations by Vladimir Lebedev on the cover and in the body of the booklet. Dutch.
[9] pages, 22 cm. Good condition. Stained.

Opening325$ Sold For400$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 108

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The 11th Zionist Congress in Vienna, 1913

1. Official postcard, the 11th Zionist Congress in Vienna, 1913. Sent from Vienna to Yassi, Romania on 9.9.1913.
Published by Ben-Dov, Bezalel, Jerusalem. With the Congress ink stamp. The stamp has been torn off. Stains in the corners.
2. Stamp attached to paper, ink stamp of the 11th Congress. Vienna, 1913.

Opening320$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 217

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Poster – Adloyada, 1934

Colored poster "Adloyada 1934, Tel Aviv". Strod publishing, Tel Aviv, 1934.
Printed in orange, yellow and blue.
95x63.5 cm. Poor condition. Major tears to edges.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 260

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Mephisto – Uri Tzvi Grinberg, 1922 / Trit-Tziklus – Melekh Ravitch, 1920

1. Mephisto, Uri Tzvi Grinberg. Literatur Fond Publishing, Warsaw, 1922.
The second edition of the poem by Uri Greenberg, which is one of his most important works in Yiddish. The cover was designed by Wolf Weintraub, the font of the title-page was designed by Grinberg himself. The book also contains an illustration by Henryk Berlewi – a portrait of the author.
85, [2] pages, 29.5 cm. Good condition. The page with the drawing of Uri Tzvi Grinberg is detached. The back cover is missing. The front cover and first page are restored in inner margin.
Bound together with:
2. Trit Tzikos fun: Ber Horowitz, Moshe Zilburg, Melech Chmielnitzki, Moishe Livshitz, Mani Leib, Albert Ehrenstein, David Fogel, A. M. Fuchs, Melekh Ravitch. Der Kwall Publishing, Vienna-Warsaw-Lemberg, [1920].
Literary almanac, one of the many publishing projects of Melekh Ravitch from the beginning of the 1920s. The almanac also includes Yiddish translations from Russian and German. The cover was designed by Melekh Ravitch himself.
15 pages, 29.5 cm. Good condition. The front cover is detached and slightly torn on the margins. The other leaves are in very good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 293

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Shul un Pionern Bibliotek – Mark Epstein – 1925-1928

1. Saaid un Adinde [Saïdjah en Adinda], Multatuli, no. 2, 1925.
2. Weiser Puddel, A. Kuprin. No. 18, 1926.
3. Kotuko, R. Kipling. No. 29, 1928.
All three are from the series Shul un Pionern Bibliotek – Yiddish translations of children's literature written by Russian and European artists, Kultur-Lige publishing, Kiev.
The series' cover is designed by Mark Epstein.
Varying condition, fair through good.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 176

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15 postcards, synagogues in Warsaw, Florence, Dijon, Anvers (Belgium), Szeged, Oplan, and others.
5 are undivided; 7 have not been posted.
Good to very good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 123

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Haifa and Tiberias

152 postcards of Tiberias, the Kinneret and Haifa. Various publishers and publication dates. Most are modern, but some are undivided.
A few are similar versions of the same postcard.
Fair to good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 231

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David Ben-Gurion – Letter to students of the “Remez” school Tel-Aviv, 1971

David Ben-Gurion, handwritten letter to students of the “Remez” school in Tel-Aviv. Sede Boker, 22.3.71.
“Dear students, When I came to Eretz Israel – I did not come in order to be Prime Minister – but rather to work the land… in Petach Tikva in those days (that was in 1907). […] It is true that I am now writing my memoirs, and the first volume came out two weeks ago… With friendship and respect, D. Ben-Gurion…”
12x21 cm. Good condition. Very thin paper. Fold marks. Creasing on the margins.

Opening300$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 254

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Song of Songs – Fancy bibliophile edition – Düsseldorf – 1969-1970

Holzschnitte zur Bibel von Hanns H. Heidenheim, Das lied der lieds, übertragen von Max Brod. Düsseldorf, 1969-1970.
17 woodcuts by Hanns Heidenheim from verses of Shir Hashirim, each page signed by the artist, printed on handmade Japanese paper and bound with a soft leather cover. In its original box.
Numbered, copy number 138 from an edition of 325 copies.
Attached: One-page explanation in German and English on other woodcuts by Heidenheim for biblical stories, in an additional bibliophile edition; translation of Song of Songs to German by Max Brod, printed on quality paper and bound with string; leaf with unsigned print, adhesive tape at the top.
All these are in the original cardboard box, 37 cm. Good condition. Foxing on some of the woodcuts and on the first pages. The cardboard box is partially torn and is worn.

Opening300$ Sold For431$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 201

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Photograph of students and teachers from the Hebrew Gymnasia – Jaffa

Group photograph – students and teachers of the Hebrew Gymnasia – Jaffa, 1905-1909 approximately (before moving to Herzl St. in Tel-Aviv).
Signed “Photographia Zalmon Jaffa [Soskin?].
22.5x29 cm, attached to cardboard 24x30 cm. Fair condition. Numerous stains, scratches with a tear in the corner.

Opening300$ Sold For763$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 224

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Nezer Gaba’ut Certificates

1. Nezer Gaba'ut, Etz Chaim Talmud Torah and Yeshiva, Bikkur Cholim Hospital. [Monzon Print].
2. Nezer Gaba'ut, green, gold and purple printing. S. Tzukerman print, Jerusalem.
3. Nezer Gaba'ut, Sha'ar HaShamayim Yeshiva and branch of Kehal Chasidim. Monzon Print.
4. Nezer Gaba'ut, Kuppat HaRabbanim [Diskin and Sonnenfeld]. Goldberg print, Jerusalem.
5. Nezer Gaba'ut Kodesh, Chibat Yerushalaim Kollel for Galician Jews. Monzon Print.
6. Nezer Gaba'ut VeNesi'ut Kodesh, the Meah She'arim Yeshiva, Talmud Torah and Soup Kitchen.
7. Nezer Gaba'ut, Kollel Chibat Yerushalaim. Monzon Print.
Varying sizes. Fair through good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 11

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Herzl – Posters by Gymnasia Herzliya and Girls school students

1. Illustration of Herzl with inscription “If you will it, it is no dream.” Unsigned 64x69.5 cm. Good condition. Creases and tears on the margins.
2. Herzl and the Tower of David. Signed Yitzhak Prolov, 1929. Ink on Bristol. 50x70 cm. Good condition.
3. Herzl planting seeds that form the sentence “If you will it, it is no dream.” Signed Ahuva Payis, Girls School. Ink on Bristol. 50x65 cm. Fair condition. Tears with pieces missing from the Bristol.

Opening300$ Sold For443$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 183

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Pop-Up – Two large blessing cards

“LeShanah Tovah – two large pop-up greetings. Picture of a man, boat, doves and flowers.
13x23x24 cm. Good condition. Small parts are slightly torn or have been repaired.

Opening280$ Sold For418$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 279

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The Three Goats – illustrations by Vladimir Lebedev

The Three Goats, Vladimir Lebedev. Petrograd, between 1918-1924.
Booklet with illustrations by the Russian painter and graphic artist Vladimir Vasil'evich Lebedev (1891-1967).
The cover has a colored illustration, the body of the book contains black and white illustrations. Russian.
[8] pages, 26 cm. Good condition. Stain on the first page. The margins of the booklet are cut, without damaging the text or illustrations. The page joins have been professionally repaired.

Opening280$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 257

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Kultur Lige – First and Second Collections – Warsaw, 1921

1. Kultur Lige – Ershtes Sammelheft. Warsaw, April 1921.
2. Kultur Lige – Tzveites Sammelheft. Warsaw, May 1921.
Two collections of Kultur-Lige documents, which were publicized after some of the members of its central committee were forces to move from Kiev to Warsaw due to pressure from the communistic government. The documents reflect the organization's activities in the Ukraine, and its leaders' attempts to establish a Kultur-Lige for all of Poland.
52; 48 pages, 21.5 cm. Good condition. Ex library copy. The binding is detached from the book.

Opening250$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 172

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Postcard – Vizhnitz Beit HaMidrash

Postcard with four photographs: Beit HaMidrash, two hotels, and the house of the president of the Vizhnitz Yeshiva, Romania (Ukraine today). 1935.
Good condition. A number is written in the center. Glue remnants and rough fold marks on the reverse side.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 311

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Octioberl – Children’s Monthly with illustration by Mark Epstein – Kiev, 1931

Octioberl, illiustrirter khoidesh far Octioberlerch. Published by Centerfarlag, Kiev, June 1931. Issue No. 6.
Many color illustrations, cover illustrated by Mark Epstein. On page 21, “Der Dekret Fun Hunger” [Law of Hunger] with illustration of people giving money to a large hand whose sleeve has a swastika drawn on it.
23 pages, 26 cm. Good condition. Creases on the margins of the pages. Tears to binding of pages and cover.

Opening250$ Sold For332$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 13

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File Regarding Publishing of Herzl’s Writings by Mitzpe Publishing

Approx. 50 documents regarding publishing of Herzl's writings by Mitzpe publishing, 1920s-1940s. "Selected Writings of Herzl" were published by Mitzpe Publishing during the 1930s.
The file includes a letter from Herzel's son, paper orders, matters concerning publishing license, Claim of Mrs. Neuman-Herzl (his daughter) against Mitzpe Publishing, contracts and copies of contracts, letters and correspondence.
Varying size and condition.

Opening250$ Sold For467$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 110

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Herzl – Rare postcard, 1904

Portrait of Herzl in an illustrated wood-like frame, with a cardboard “foot” for resting the postcard as a picture on a shelf.
Written on 23.11.1904 and sent on 28.11.1904 (four months after Herzl’s death).
Addressed to Moshe Zmora, the first President of the High Court in Israel.
Very good condition. Light creasing in the corners.

Opening250$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 186

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Two photographs of Jaffa – Lichtbildstelle – Vienna

1. Ship and rowboats at the (Jaffa?) port, view from the beachfront to the sea. Signed on the reverse side Lichtbildstelle, Wien and numbered 1796.
2. Sabil Mahmoud Abu-Nabut in Jaffa. Signed on the reverse side, Lichtbildstelle, Wien and numbered 1798.
23.5x29.5 cm in passé-partout 35x50 cm. Very good condition.

Opening250$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 114

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Postcard Binder – Luria, Safed

Colored postcard binder published by M.S. Luria, photographer, Safed, the 1930's
Ten colored postcards attached (accordion). The cards show building and sites in Safed and Meron, including the tomb of RASHBI and the tomb of Rabbi Yochanan HaSandlar, a spring in Meron and the houses of the city of Safed. First postcard has text in German, the other postcards have text in Hebrew and English.
The postcards are in very good condition. Cover is in good condition, some tears.

Opening250$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 157

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Folders of postcards and flowers – souvenir from the Holy Land

11 folders of postcards and flowers “Souvenir from the Holy Land” and “Souvenir from Jerusalem.” Various publishers and printing dates. Two of the folders contain dried flowers from the Holy Land. Two folders have the same postcards, but in different sizes, both with text in Hebrew. The other booklets have English text.
Fair condition. Some of the booklets are torn or the postcards are detached, flowers are missing, or the cardboard is broken.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 84

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Speech of the High Commander of the Etzel – May 15, 1948

Speech of the High Commander of the Irgun Tzvai Leumi to the people in Zion, [Menachem Begin]. Jeruaslem, May 15 1948.
“Broadcast on 6 Iyar 1948... on the ‘Voice of Freedom,’ broadcast station of the Irgun Tzvai Leumi.”
Deals with the victory of the War of Independence following the Holocaust, the difficulties of the struggle, the need for a strong and trained army, the necessity of a foreign policy with the United States and the Soviet Union, the return to Zion, and other subjects. “The soldiers of Israel will yet hoist our flag over the Tower of David…”
8 pages, 23 cm. Good condition. Minor stains. Tears on the margins. Two leaves are folded and not connected.

Opening250$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 267

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Literarishe Revi – Paris, 1926 – Chagall illustrations

Literarishe Revi (Einmoliker Numer) [Literary Survey – One-off publication] edited by Ozer Varshavsky. Paris, 1926.
Literary anthology with the participation of Peretz Markish, Y.Y. Singer, Ilya Ehrenburg, and others. Illustrations by Marc Chagall.
31, [1] page, 27 cm. Fair condition. Stains on the cover. Creases on the cover margins and pages.

Opening250$ Sold For467$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 182

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Pop-up – Large panorama of Tel Aviv

Panorama fon Tel-Aviv, large Shanah Tovah pop-up greeting. Printed in Germany.
Picture of trees, a woman holding a flag, the sea, and Tel-Aviv homes.
8x21x22 cm. Good condition. A corner is missing, stained.

Opening240$ Sold For295$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 165

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13 postcards with illustrations, some humorous, showing a circumcision. Various publications (US, Algeria, Tunisia), various publication dates. Four of them with no PC division to back side.
Good condition. Three have been sent by post.

Opening240$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 120

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Moshe Ardman Publishing

Forty three colored postcards, Moshe Ardman Publishing, Tel Aviv.
Streets and sites in Tel Aviv, Balfour's visit, Jerusalem, Safed and Moshavot in Eretz Israel.
Very good condition.

Opening220$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 175

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7 postcards, synagogues in Pforzheim, Pressburg, Marienbad, and more.
Three are undivided; 5 have been posted.
Good condition

Opening220$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 145

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The British Army

22 postcards of the British Army, British Official Photograph.
Camel-riding forces at the entrance to Be'er Sheva, mosques and churches, the Dead Sea, Nablus, Sinai, and more.
Two have been used. Various conditions, most are in good condition.

Opening220$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 235

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Uri Tzvi Grinberg – Min HaChachlil U-Min HaKachol – Signed – Limited Publication

Min HaChachlil U-Min HaKachol – Uri Tzvi Grinberg. HaAretz Print, Tel-Aviv, 1950. Before the title-page there is a dedication by the author in his handwriting, "to Rabbi Moshe Mordechai of Jerusalem and Brooklyn, from Uri Tzvi". In colophon: "The poems… were rearranged for print… with several corrections… and changes… the book was published in 77 copies, in accordance with the author's will".
41, [2] pages, 24.5 cm. High-quality paper, title-page with letters in red ink. Fair condition. Stains. The original paper cover is missing.

Opening220$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 22

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Zionist Shekel Booklets and Letters

1. "Shekel" booklet – India, 1938. Complete booklet, unused.
2. "Shekel" booklet – England, 1928. One note only, all stubs exist with names of donors.
3. "Shekel booklet – Eretz Israel, 1937. Complete booklet, unused.
4-6. Two letters and an envelope from the Management of the Zionist Organization, "Karoz HaShekel" and a letter concerning the "Karoz HaShekel".
Various sizes, fair to good condition.

Opening200$ Sold For295$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 193

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Views of Israel – Photographic folder published by Keren Hayesod

Views of Israel, published by Keren Hayesod, 1950s.
Folder with a one-page foreword in English printed on handmade papyrus paper from the Hula Valley with 17 quality photographic plates describing the activities of Keren Hayesod in Israel (Olim, transit camps, settlement and building, industry, cotton picking, and more). Photographer’s name is not mentioned.
4 pages, 17 photographic plates. Photographs are 12x17 cm. Very good condition, with a stain on the first page andslight warp to the folder.

Opening200$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 225

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Membership Card and Various Prints

1. Membership card of the Pri Etz Chaim Yeshiva and Talmud Torah, Jerusalem, 1920s.
2. Receipt for donor, Ezrat Yerushalaim Warsaw and Poland Kollel of Jerusalem, Hebron, Safed and Tiberias.
3. Al Naharot Bavel; colorful illustrations with two poems. Monzon print, Jerusalem.
4. Page in colorful frame, Torat Chaim Yeshiva. Monzon Print, Jerusalem.
5. Membership card of the Eda Charedit – City Committee for Ashkenazi Jews. Goldberg Print, Jerusalem.
6. Membership Card, yeshivat Hebron Knesset Yisrael. Goldberg print, Jerusalem.
Varying sizes, fair through good condition.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 312

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Yiddish Children’s periodicals – New York, 1920s-30s

1. Kinderland, monthly illustrated newspaper for children, New York. Six issues, April 1922 – April 1923 (not consecutive). In most issues illustrations are by Z. Maud and A. Godel. Yiddish.
2. Kinder Zhurnal, New York. Five folders, from 1921, 1925-1932 (some are consecutive). Each folder has 10 issues. Illustrations by Yossel Kotler, A. Godel, Nate Kozlovsky.
Varying number of pages, 24 cm., 26.5 cm. respectively. Good to very good condition. Some of the pages are detached, torn or missing small pieces on the page.

Opening200$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 99

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Collection from manifests and leaflets – left-wing organizations – 1980s

Collection of about 90 single leaves, leaflets, manifests and printed newspaper clippings from a variety of organizations.
Jerusalem, end of the 1970s beginning of the 1980s
Most deal with the Lebanon war or its results, election campaigns, and political organizations, Israel-Soviet Union relations, Aliya from Ethiopia, and more.
Among the organizations: The Committee Against the War in Lebanon; Sheli Camp; The Israeli Committee for Solidarity with Bir-Zeit University; Plan for Israeli-Palestinian Peace published by Israeli and Palestinian communist parties; Citizen and Human Rights League; Peace Now: Israel-Soviet Union Friendship Movement; Chadash; Progressive Peace list; Israel Union of Anti-Fascist Fighters and Victims of Nazism; Public Committee for the Jews of Ethiopia; Committee Against Settlement in Hebron; The Committee for a Just Peace Between Israel and the Arab countries, and other organizations.
Varying sizes: Good to very good condition. Many of the documents are folded.

Opening200$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 4

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Stencil document for the establishment of the Hebrew Union – signed by Ruppin, Hissin, and others

Handwritten document copied by stencil calling for the establishment of a general union for the Jews of Eretz Israel. The document is signed by “Members of the Palestine Council office,” Dr. Chaim Hissin, Dr. Arthur Ruppin, Dr. Ya’akov Ta[h]on, and two others.
The document calls for all Jews in the country to send representatives to the general meeting and to choose “an ongoing Eretz Israel council.” It apparently relates to a 1913 initiative by Ruppin and Tahon to establish a general Hebrew Union to stand against the Arabs in Eretz Israel and the Ottoman government.
Single leaf, 29 cm. Fair condition. Fold marks, some of which were torn and been repaired professionally with adhesive tape. Foxing. Filing holes.
See attached material.

Opening200$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 47

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Tal HaShacharut – Herzliya Gymnasia newspaper, 1914

Tal HaShacharut – newspaper of the third grade of the Hebrew Gymnasia “Herzliya,” [1914]. Issues 1-4 bound together.
Handwritten, copied by stencil, with stories, poems, quizzes, crosswords and pictures by school students, many anonymous or under pseudonyms.
Issues 3-4 include three works by the poet Avraham Shlonsky who studied at the Herzliya Gymnasia that year, when he was 14 years old.
30 cm, fair condition. Many tears and stains. Some of the writing is unclear or has been erased.

Opening200$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 90

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Establishement of the State of Israel – Newspapers

1. ‘Yom HaMedina’ newspaper, 5 Iyar 1948. Single leaf, 57.5 cm. Tears along the margins, stained, folded.
2. ‘Ha’aretz’ newspaper, 7 Iyar 1948. “The dream of generations has realized: the State of Israel is established.” A few stains, folded.

Opening200$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 218

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Poster – Independence Day 1954

Independence Day poster 1954. Designers: ‘Roli’ [Rothschild and Lipman]. Lithographic print A. Kaufman and Partners, government printers.
66x97 cm. Poor condition, creases and dark stains.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 304

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Ten fairy tales – Tom Seidmann-Freud, 1923

Ten fairy tales, by Andersen, Grimm, and others. Published by “Ophir” - “Moriah,” Jerusalem-Berlin, 1923. Editor: Ch. N. Bialik. 10 fairy tales in Hebrew, with unique illustrations by the artist Tom Seidmann-Freud (1892-1930),.
[23] pages, 20.5x25 cm. Fair condition. Moisture damage in front of the title page and at the back of the book. Ex libris. Cover is loose and peeling with severe moisture damage and stains.

Opening200$ Sold For1,169$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 219

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The Chamam – Arab Parables – Dan Ben Amotz and Chaim Cheffer – Jean David

Printed poster announcing evening of The Chamam's Arab Parables, in the Beit Rothchild Amphitheater in Haifa, 1962. Designed by Jean David.
"Arab Parables" was written by Dan Ben Amotz and Chaim Cheffer. With Uri Zohar, Rachel Atas, Arik Einstein and Aliza Rosen. Staged by Samuel Bunim. 50x69 cm. Slightly stained and folded.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 241

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Bertrand Russel – Introduction to Book, with his Signature

1. Colorful advertising paper announcing publication of Bertrand Russel's book Unarmed Victory, 1964.
2. Five printed English pages – forward to the Hebrew edition of Unarmed Victory. The last page bears Russel's signature.
Bertrand Russel was a British philosopher, who influenced the development of mathematics and logic, and was involved in acting against nuclear warefare and the war in Vietnam. In 1963, he was the first to win the Jerusalem Prize. In 1950, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Various sizes, good condition. Stains.

Opening200$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 156

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Williamsburg Publishing

Thirty nine postcards, Williamsburg publishing, New York.
A variety of the publisher's series. Many cards with text "LeShana Tova Tikatevu"
Various conditions.

Opening200$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 82

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Eshnav – Mapai’s internal newspaper — 1941-1947

Two volumes with 157 issues “Eshnav - compilation of information / articles” 1941-1947.
Volume 1: Issues 1-84 (the newspaper changed its name in the middle); Volume 2: Issues 85-157.
On each issue is written: Internal for members / Not for sale,” The “Eretz Israel Workers Party” appears in the first issue.
The newspaper was published several times a month, reflecting in a comprehensive and captivating manner, the history of Eretz Israel and the region on a political level from August 1941 to May 1947 including reference to Jews in the Diaspora. Among the headlines: “We turn to the Governor regarding the renewal of the Supreme Arab Committee,” “Weizmann opposes partition,” Israel’s Refugees in Italy in a terrible state,” “How the Ma’apilim were released from the camps at Atlit.”
The book’s previous owner wrote in pencil in front of the title page “Illegal publication?”
On average, 8 pages per issue, 25 cm. Good to very good condition. Fine, delicate paper. Foxing with cut margins on some of the issues. Issues 111-112 are incomplete.
Complete collection, rare.

Opening200$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 146

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Hoory Publishing – Baghdad

Three postcards published by J.S. Hoory, Baghdad: Schoolgirls in "Kaduri" School, Baghdad; Rabbi Moshe Ftayya (cut, missing parts); "Mo'adim LeSimcha – Berachot MeAram Naharayim" with a few photographs (slits to edges). Fair condition.

Opening200$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 306

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Di bobe shlak un ir kabak – Leib Kvitko – Kharkov, 1928

Di bobe shlak un ir kabak, L. Kvitko (Leib Kvitko). Kharkov, 1928. Illustrations by George Fisher
Booklet for children with seven large color illustrations printed in yellow and orange next to verses by Leib Kvitko.
[6] leaves, 25 cm. good condition, slight damage on left margin. Few stains on the cover.

Opening200$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 40

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Shanah Tovah postcard – The Jewish Legion, 1920

The Jewish Legion – LeShanah Tovah – 1920 – for our nation and for our land.
Magen David decoration with the symbol of the Jewish battalion “Kadima” in the center.
Reverse side has an inscription in pencil “Camp of the Eretz Israel battalions by Sarafend [Tzrifin]…”.
8x13 cm. Good condition. Stains. Creased in the corners. Tears on the top margins.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 244

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On Spinoza’s Philosophy – Letters to Moses Mendelssohn – Breslau, 1785

Uber die lehre des Spinoza in briefen an den herrn Moses Mendelssohn, Friedrich H. Jacobi. Spinoza’s philosophy detailed in letters to Moses Mendelssohn, Friedrich H. Jacobi. Breslau, 1785.
First edition.
[8], 215, [1] page, 17.5 cm. Good condition. Light stains. Torn bookmark. Original leather cover, with small tear on the spine.

Opening200$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 31

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Album – Souvenir von Jerusalem, views of Eretz Israel

Souvenir von Jerusalem, album with photo sheet folded in a hard cover. [Jerusalem, 1936].
“Jerusalem the holy city and the holy cities and holy sites and the colonies established by the benefactor, Minister Baron Edmund fon Rothschild, and by the Zionists”. Many pictures of Jerusalem alongside Hebron, Jaffa, Bethlehem, Safed and the Moshavot. Hebrew, Russian, English, German, French.
[14] picture-plates printed on one folded sheet, with a hardcover 19.5 cm. Good condition. Some of the joints have been professionally repaired. Cracks or small tears in the joints of several sheets.

Opening200$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 95

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Micrography – Israel’s 25th anniversary – Avraham Chaba

Original micrographic work. Ink on cardboard: Illustration of Menorah, Magen David and the number 25, work of the artist Avraham Chaba. The text: The Scroll of Independence. Autographed by the artist.
“Yad Sarah” in Jerusalem houses the Avraham Chaba Museum where the artist’s works are displayed.
13x15 cm. Good condition. Stains.

Opening200$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium
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