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Auction 7 Lot Number 317

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Alef Bet – Ze’ev Raban and Levin Kipnis – Berlin, 1923

Alef Bet, illustrations by Ze’ev Raban, rhymes by Levin Kipnis, Bezalel-Jerusalem.
By “HaSefer” Publishing, Berlin, 1923.
[32] pages, 25 cm.
Excellent condition. A children's book in such nice condition is rarely seen.

Opening900$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 318

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“Who Knows One” – adolescent game – Chernowitz, 1920s

Adolescent game, Who Knows One, I Know One. Published by Shalom Zilber et kamp, Chernowitz, 1920s.
Game for two players, cards with words and numbers. Instruction sheet is in Hebrew and Yiddish. Title page cover, in original printed paper cover.
[6] cards, [2] pages of instructions. The body of the game is in good condition. The paper cover is in fair condition, creased with light tears.

Opening120$ Sold For148$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 319

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Aleph Beit – Eliezer Steinberg – Chernowitz, 1921

Aleph Beit, Eliezer Steinberg. Kultur Publishing, Chernowitz, 1921.
A textbook for learning Yiddish by the poet Eliezer Steinberg (1880-1932). The illustrations were done by artists who were members of the artistic division of Kultur Lige in Chernowitz. Most of the book's illustrations were done by Arthur Kolnik, and are a rare example of his early graphics. Additional illustrations are by Rubin Zelikovitch and Solomon Lerner.
148 pages, 20.5 cm. Fair condition. Ex library copy. Binding is torn and stained.

Opening150$ Sold For418$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 320

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Sfat Moshe – London, 1929

Sfat Moshe, Hebrew Reader for Beginners, Rabbi Dr. Avigdor Schoenfeld. Sixth edition, London, 1929. Printed in Vienna.
Book for learning Hebrew, with illustrated plates, Jewish-related photographs and passages from the prayers.
[1], XIV, 112 pages.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 321

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Alef Beit booklet for learning Hebrew – Munkacz

Der Groiser Nayester Praktisher A”B Far Kinder. Munkacz, approximately 1930.
Booklet for studying the Hebrew alphabet letters, with vowels of varying sizes and examples of words, sentences, and sections from prayers. On the last page is an illustration of Moses with the 10 commandments.
[32] pages, 20.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Original paper cover is faded,
worn, and stained. Partially detached.

Opening120$ Sold For148$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 322

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Booklet for Teaching the Hebrew Alphabet – Oradea, 1938

Aller Nayester Vichtigster Aleph Bet. Esh-Dat Publication, Oradea, Romania, 1938.
Booklet for teaching children the Hebrew alphabet, without illustrations. A page is dedicated to each letter. Yiddish title-page.
[24] pages, 16 cm. Poor condition. Dark stains. Uncut sheets (as printed).

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 323

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Illustrated books for learning Hebrew – Poland and Riga

1. Safa Chaya, Pesach Leib Fishman and Menachem Mendil Liberman. Riga, 1899.
2. HaDibur HaIvri, book for learning the Hebrew language the natural way, M. Krinsky. Warsaw, first part 1904, second part 1905.
3. Sfatenu, Rafael Soferman and Zvi Sharfshten. Published by “HaSharon,” Przemysl, 1910.
4. Sfat Ami, H.A. Kaplan and Y. Berkman in collaboration with Yitzhak Katznelson. Published by “Mercaz,” Warsaw, 1914.
5. HaSafa, first book, Rafael Gutman. Published by “Mercaz,” Warsaw, 1919.
6. Limdu Ivrit, with Hebrew-Yiddish-Polish-English-German dictionary. L. Shefer. First book. Warsaw, 1935.
All booklets and books have illustrations and some have photos.
Poor to good condition.

Opening180$ Sold For443$ Including buyers premium

Auction 7 Lot Number 324

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Far Undzere Kinder – Mexico, 1947

Far Undzere Kinder [For our children], Joseph Vinietsky, Author's publishing' Mexico 1947.
Textbook and game for children. Illustrations for coloring as well as the ABC and short texts for studying Yiddish.
Yiddish with title page in Spanish.
80 pages, 27 X19 cm. Good condition, loose and stained cover.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction 7 Lot Number 325

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Alef-Bet – Leib Kvitko – Moscow, 1947

Alefbeis, Leib Kvitko. With illustrations by Michail Ya. Der Emes publishing, Moscow, 1947.
The letters of the Alef-Bet decorated by Michail Ya with plants and animals and rhymed texts by Leib Kvitko. Including Yiddish letter-combinations such as "ts" and "zsh". At the end of the book are a few poems and the Alef-Bet chart.
45, [2] pages, 25.5 cm. Fair condition. Booklet detached from cover, stamps. Stains and creases on cover, almost detached in half.

Opening150$ Sold For185$ Including buyers premium
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