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The preview and auction will take place at our office, 8 Ramban St. Jerusalem.
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Thursday March 7, 2019 12:00 – 20:00
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The Auction was held on 12/03/19

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Olat Yitzchak – Prague, 1606 – First Edition

Olat Yitzchak, laws and halachic riddles, by R. Yitzchak son of R. Yoshia son of R. Avraham HaRofeh. Prague, 1606. First edition. Title within illustrated woodcut border, depicting figures (angels, men and animals) and Jewish symbols (Star of David and Priestly hands).
Book of Halachic riddles in the form of Heichi Timtza questions (where do you find…), following the style of the book HaChazon composed by the author of HeAgur (see Shem HaGedolim by the Chida, Maarechet Sefarim, Sefer HaChazon).
[14], 9-12, 21-68 leaves. Mispagination. 18 cm. Fair condition. Extensive wear and dark dampstains. Severe worming affecting text. Approx. 10 leaves trimmed with loss of text. Detached leaves. Old binding, worn and detached.

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