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The Auction was held on 12/03/19

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Auction 65 Lot Number 380

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Silver Crown for a Small Torah Scroll – Russia or Poland, 18th Century

Crown for a small Torah scroll. [Eastern Europe - Russia or Poland, 18th century].
Silver (marked), cut and sawn, repoussé and embossed; rivets; gemstones; gilding.
A small-sized Torah crown intended for a small Torah scroll. The crown's base is made of silver openwork attached with rivets to a silver loop and decorated with vegetal and geometric patterns and three pairs of heraldic animals [a pair of lions, langued, a pair of oxen (?) and a pair of wolves (?)]. Six arms extend upwards from the crown's base, topped by another, small and gilt crown decorated with tiny flowers, gemstones, globular silver beads of various sizes and silver threads. The crown's arms are decorated with vegetal patterns and rocaille. Between the arms are six (identical) decorations that combine rocaille and large birds (each of the decorations has two holes, apparently intended for bells or other missing decorations).
Height: 19 cm, base diameter: 13 cm. Good overall condition. Slightly bent. Some of the bells are marked with English stamps. Missing bells. Decorations missing from upper crown and from the rocaille-and-bird pattern.

Opening7,500$ Unsold

Auction 65 Lot Number 381

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Pair of Torah Finials -Vienna 1846 – Dedication

Pair of Torah Finials. Vienna (Alt Wien), 1846.
Silver (marked), cast, embossed and engraved.
Round base. Shafts, bases and body of finials are decorated with bands of floral and foliate patterns. The finials are surmounted by crowns, topped in turn with bud-like foliate knops. Six decorated chains are suspended from each finial, each consisting of a flower-shaped elongated link between two round links and ending with small medallions embossed with flowers (four medallions on one finial were replaced with 19th-century Persian coins). A Hebrew dedication is engraved on the base of one finial: "Eliezer [with his spouse] / Gittel Gestetner".
Height: 37 cm. Good overall condition. Some bends and cracks to crowns. Loose knop. Soldering repairs to one finial. Missing bells (?).

Opening3,000$ Unsold

Auction 65 Lot Number 382

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Torah Finials – Austro-Hungary 1864 / Dedication for a Wedding

Pair of Torah finials decorated with flowers and three rows of bells. Austro-Hungary, 1864. Dedication for a wedding.
Silver (marked with Austrian hallmarks and maker's marks), repouseé, engraved and cast.
Torah finials in a typical Austro-Hungarian style, decorated with foliate patterns and flowers, and with three rows of bells.
On the shaft of one finial appears a dedication for the Craiova community in Romania. A Sephardic community existed in Craiova since the early 18th century. Dedication in Hebrew: "Donation from Elisha Ben Menachem Hacohen…on Shabbath, wedding of my daughter Bida with…Avraham Eliahu HaCohen…".
Height: 32 cm. Good-fair condition. Fractures and breaks. Soldering repairs. Bends. Corrosion. Missing hooks and bells.

Opening500$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 383

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Pair of Miniature Torah Finials – Holland, 19th Century

Miniature Torah Finials. Holland [19th century].
Silver (marked), cast and chased.
The finials are designed as three-tier towers, narrowing from the base towards the top, in a typical 18th century Dutch style. Decorated with foliate patterns; openings for bells (lacking). Surmounted by crowns.
Height: 9.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Bends. Corrosion and stains. Lacking bells. Remnants of gilding to crowns.

Opening400$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 384

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Torah Finials Decorated with Eagles – United States, 1924

Torah finials. United States (?), late 19th or early 20th century. Dedication dated 5684 (1924).
Silver (Marked "84" and "sterling"), cast, repouseé, cut and engraved.
Tall finials, consisting of two tiers and a crown, decorated with openwork and engraved foliate patterns. An eagle spreading its wings surmounts the finials.
A dedicatory inscription in Hebrew appears on the shafts: "…Shlomo David Ben Yosef Bushel and his wife Leah Bat Mordechai in memory of their daughter Sarah ….1924".
Height: 40 cm. Fair condition. Most bells are missing. Bends. Corrosion.

Opening300$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 385

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Torah Finials – Greater Iran

Torah finials. [Greater Iran?, 19th or 20th century].
Silver, repouseé, soldered and engraved.
Pear-shaped Torah finials with a spherical base, surmounted by a dome. The body of the finials is decorated with foliate and floral patterns. Two rows of chains ending with bells are hanging on the finials. A dedication is engraved on the shafts: "Tova Bat Moshe Shem Tov".
Height: approx. 29 cm. Fair-good condition. Bends. Fractures. Soldering repairs. Missing chains and bells, some were replaced.

Opening300$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 386

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Torah Finials – Star of David with the word “Zion”

Torah finials ornamented with a Star of David. [Iraq?, first decades of the 20th century].
Silver, cast and engraved; granulation.
Conical rhombus-shaped finials, topped with a spherical knop and a Star of David with the word "Zion" within. The finials are decorated with engraved foliate and floral patterns and granulation, and with five chains with bells.
Height: approx. 27 cm. Good condition. Bends. Some fractures.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 65 Lot Number 387

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Torah Finials – Community of Livornese Jews in Tunisia – Tunisia, First Half of the 20th Century

Torah finials in the style of the Grana community (Livornese Jews). Tunisia, [first half of the 20th century].
Silver (Marked with Tunisian hallmarks), cast, repouseé and engraved.
The finials combine local influences with motifs from Italian sources: the lower part is inverted pear-shaped and decorated with engraved foliate and floral patterns in a style typical to North Africa. The upper part, inspired by Italian finials, consists of a six-faceted prism in vegetal patterns, with decorative plaques shaped as urns, hands pouring water, Tablets of the Law and more. Fixed on the edges are six stylized hooks with long chains ending with bells. On the shaft of one finial appears an engraved dedication in Hebrew: "For the rest of Maima Zribi, may she rest in peace."
A Jewish community of Livornese Jews, descendants of Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal, started growing in Tunisia in the 17th century. This community, named "Grana" (or "Gorni"), maintained close ties with its mother-community, and imported many Italian influences. Such Torah finials were created both in North Africa and in Italy.
Height: 38 cm. Good-fair condition. Numerous bends. Slight fractures. Hook, chains and bells are missing. Some of the bells are not original.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 388

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Torah Scroll Case and a Pair of Finials – Iraq, 20th Century

A case and a pair of finials for a Torah scroll. Iraq, [first half of the 20th century].
Cloth covered wood; alpaca sheet and copper sheet, repouseé, cast and engraved; no parchment; silver plate.
The case is covered with sheet metal decorated with a repetitive geometric and vegetal pattern and red tacks. The dome is made of alternating copper and alpaca strips, while the pear-shaped ornament on top is entirely covered with copper and decorated with chains and bells. The dome is surrounded by a coronet consisting of a repeating bud motif and decorated with red beads.
Two dedicatory text-strips appear on top and on the bottom of the case: "this case…for the late…Baruch son of Israel… wherever the owners of the Torah scroll wish to take and place it, they are allowed to do so…".
Enclosed are two silver-plated finials, in a typical Iraqi style. On each finial are seven loops for chains with bells suspended at the ends of the chains (some chains and bells lacking).
Height: 89 cm. Diameter: 26 cm. Fair-good condition. Fractures. Bends. Corrosion. Lacking parts from the metal cover and from the dedication. Dedicatory plates which generally appear inside the case are lacking. Torn chain; chains and bells lack from the ornament on top of the dome. Lacking beads. The tacks are faded and peeling. Finials in good-fair condition. Bends, corrosion, lacking chains and bells.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 389

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Tower Torah Finials – Inlaid Gemstones

Torah finials set with gemstones. Late 20th century.
Tall and massive Torah finials, designed as two-tiered towers topped with crowns, in the style of the well-known Dutch tower finials. Six openings in each tier with suspended bells.
Height: Approx. 39 cm. Good condition. Bends. Significant rust stains. False hallmarks.

Opening500$ Sold For1,722$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 390

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Hand-shaped Torah Staves – Atzei Chaim – Morocco

Torah Staves. Morocco [probably from the area of Fes, early 20th century].
Carved and painted wood; engraved silver.
The top part of the staves is made of carved wood shaped as a hand holding a wooden shaft. The wrist is surrounded by a frill cuff, above a wide gadrooned band with spiral silver threads. Above the band and below it are narrow silver bands, engraved with vegetal patterns. An inscription is engraved on the top bands (identical in both staves): "Simcha Bat Yosef Attar".
The bottom part of the staves is carved in a stepped design.
Height: 112.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Fractures and defects to wood. Faded color. The top part is detached from the poles.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 65 Lot Number 391

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Spice Tower – Three Turrets – Germany, Late 19th or Early 20th Century

Spice tower. Germany, late 19th or early 20th century.
Silver (marked "800"), engraved, repouseé and chased.
A tower with three pointed medieval turrets topped with flags, decorated with bricks and windows. A door with engraved pattern of wood planks. Footed; the base is decorated with vegetal pattern and rocaille.
Height: approx. 18 cm. Good-fair condition. Bends. One flag is missing. Soldering repairs.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 392

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Silver-Plated Hanukkah Lamp – Lions and a Menorah – Warsaw, Late 19th Century

Hanukkah lamp decorated with lions and a Menorah. Warsaw, late 19th century.
Stamped, cast and engraved copper alloy; silver plate, and appliqué; marked "B. Henneberg Warszawa".
The back plate is surrounded by a frame of Acanthus leaves , with a pair of lions supporting a seven-branched Menorah in the center. A Shamash is fixed on the left side, and on the right side there is a base for an oil jug (missing).
Height: 27 cm. Width: 25 cm. Good condition. Worn silver plating. Bends. Corrosion. Ornament on top of the lamp (probably a crown) is possibly missing. Oil jug is missing.

Opening300$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 393

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Upright Hanukkah Lamp Decorated with a Star of David – England, 1925

Hanukkah lamp decorated with a Star of David. London, 1925.
Silver (hallmarks indicating location, date and manufacturer, most probably Morris [Moses?] Salkind), turned and soldered.
Upright Hanukkah lamp on a round base with plain arms, decorated with a Star of David on top of the middle arm.
Height: approx. 35.5 cm. Good condition. Some bends.

Opening750$ Unsold

Auction 65 Lot Number 394

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Hanukkah Lamp – Tablets of the Law and Birds – Holland, 1967

A Hanukkah lamp decorated with lions, Tablets of the Law and birds. Holland, 1967.
Silver (Dutch hallmarks and maker's mark Th.H.J. De Droog). Cast, embossed, engraved and chased.
The back plate, shaped as an arch on two pillars, is made of openwork in a foliate and floral pattern with two lions in the center, supporting the Tablets of the Law. A fruit basket appears on top of the plate, flanked with birds. A Shamash is fixed on the right pillar.
Height: 23 cm. Width: 22 cm. Good condition.

Opening500$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 395

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Hanukkah Lamp – Enamel Decorations

A large Hanukkah lamp, inlaid with enamel and gemstones. Late 20th century.
The back plate is encircled with Acanthus leaves, with a crown on top. In the center is a pair of lions supporting a seven-branched Menorah, flanked by Stars of David, all surrounded by inlaid enamel and gemstones in a dense and stylized pattern. The jug-like oil fonts rest on a stage encircled by a stylized banister. Positioned on both sides of the back plate, on thin poles, are two additional oil fonts.
Height: 31 cm. Width: 30.5 cm. Good condition. Bends. Fractures and breaks to one leg. False hallmarks.

Opening500$ Sold For2,952$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 396

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Silver Kiddush Cup – “Ben Porat Yosef”

Kiddush cup. [North Africa? Early 20th century].
Engraved silver.
The cup is designed as a twelve-faceted cup up to half of its height; from the middle to the top it is cylindrical. Engraved foliate bands, and an engraved caption on the upper part: "Ben Porat Yosef Ben Porat Ale Ayin".
Height: 8.5 cm. Diameter: 7.5 cm.

Opening400$ Sold For541$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 397


Silver Kiddush Cup – Iraq

Kiddush cup with a lid and saucer. [Iraq or Eretz Israel, first half of 20th century].
Low-grade silver, cut, engraved and cast.
A narrow-waisted cup, with a lid surmounted by a bird. A matching saucer, with scalloped margins. The lid and the saucer are decorated with engraved symmetric patterns.
Height of cup with lid: approx. 14 cm. Diameter of saucer: approx. 13.5 cm. Good condition. Some bends. The base of the cup has been repaired and replaced with a new one.

Opening400$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 398

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Silver Vase with a Matching Plate – Iran, 20th Century

A large decorated vase with a matching plate. Iran, ca. mid-20th century.
Silver (marked), cast, engraved and repouseé.
A gadrooned vase, decorated with symmetric vegetal patterns and medallions. Narrow-waisted, widening towards its rim. The vase is accompanied by a matching scalloped plate, decorated with finely engraved vegetal and symmetric geometric patterns.
Height: 14.5 cm. Diameter of rim: 8.5 cm. Diameter of plate: 16.5 cm. Good condition. Some bends.
Literature: Lights and Shadows, the Story of Iranian Jews (Hebrew). Tel Aviv: The Museum of the Diaspora, Museum of the Jewish People, 2010. P. 195.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 65 Lot Number 399

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Decorated Wedding Silver Bowl – Biblical Scenes – Iran, 20th Century

Large bowl, decorated with biblical scenes and with one of the wedding blessings. Iran, [mid-20th century].
Silver (marked) engraved and repouseé.
Large footed bowl. The bowl is decorated with delicate vegetal patterns and biblical scenes, among them the daughter of Pharaoh saving Moses from the water, Moses receiving the Tablets of the Law, the spies carrying a cluster of grapes, and more. The symbols of the Twelve Tribes are engraved on the base of the bowl. A blessing in Hebrew is engraved on the rim of the bowl: "….Sasson veSimcha, Chatan veKalah…".
Height: 33 cm. Diameter: 34.5 cm. Good condition. Some bends. Weight: 2.160 Kg.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,952$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 400

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Passover Seder Plate – Bezalel

Passover Seder plate designed by Ze'ev Raban. Made by Bezalel. Jerusalem, [first decades of the 20th century].
Brass; repoussé.
The text of "Ma Nishtana" appears in the center, surrounded by five depressions for the traditional foods of Passover. Five scenes depicting the exodus from Egypt appear on the margins, with small medallions inscribes with captions describing the scenes set between them. On the back of the plate is a soldered plaque, inscribed: "Made in Palestine".
Diameter: 32.5 cm. Good condition. Some bends. Corrosion. A suspension loop on the back.
Provenance: Purchased at the Hammersite auction house. According to the auction house this item is from the estate of Prof. Victor Deutsch, and was purchased at Sotheby's in May 1998 (item no. 36).

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 65 Lot Number 401

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Silver Snuff Box – Holy Places – Europe, Early 19th Century

Snuff box, decorated with images of the Holy Places. [France, early 19th century].
Silver (marked with manufacturer's mark - Charles-Antoine Fasquelle [Paris] and with French marks from ca. 1798-1809), engraved.
An oval snuff box with three images of Holy Places in Eretz Israel: The Western Wall, Cave of the Patriarchs and "Rashi's Synagogue" (apparently, The grave of Rabbi Simeon bar Yochai), in a symbolic naïve style based on the prototype made popular by the painter and scholar R. Yehosef Schwarz.
Decorating silverware with depictions of the Holy Places in Eretz Israel was common among East European Jews during the 19th century.
9X5X2 cm. Good condition. Some scratches and bends. Traces of tobacco within the box.

Opening500$ Sold For2,214$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 402

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Silver Trowel – Souvenir from the David Lewis Hostel & Club Cornerstone Laying Ceremony – Liverpool, 1901

Fine trowel with a dedicatory inscription: "Presented to Herbert Wolfe Levy on the occasion of laying the foundation stone of the David Lewis Hostel & Club, 3rd Dec. 1901". [Liverpool], 1901.
Silver (marked; manufactured by George Maudsley Jackson and David Landsborough Fullerton, London, 1899). Cast and engraved; bone handle, turned and carved.
An ornate Victorian presentation trowel, ornamented with vegetal patterns, with a carved bone handle.
David Lewis (Levy; 1823-1885), merchant and philanthropist, founder of a famous chain of department stores. Lewis donated to various charity purposes; one of his best-known donations is the Bimah in the Princes Road Synagogue. David Lewis and his wife Bertha had no children and in his testament he donated a significant part of his assets to charity.
After the death of Lewis, the foundation that managed his assets initiated many enterprises for the public's welfare, among them the David Lewis Hostel & Club for people with epilepsy. The trowel was awarded to a nephew of Lewis, Herbert Wolfe Levy (born in Australia, later member of Liverpool's city council) on the occasion of laying the cornerstone for the shelter. The building of the shelter was completed in 1906.
Approx. 8X27 cm. Good condition. Some stains to handle.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 65 Lot Number 403

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Torah Ark Curtain and Valance – Wedding Dedication – The Jewish Community in San Francisco, California – Breslau, 1853

A Torah ark curtain, commemorating the wedding of a Jewish couple in San Francisco during the early years of the Jewish community in the city. Breslau, Prussia (present day: Poland), 1853. / A valance with a dedication from 1831.
Velvet and cotton; metal-thread embroidery on cardboard; sequins.
The curtain is made of floral fabric and green velvet. A dedication embroidered with silver-grey metal threads appears in the center, on antique-pink background, indicating that the curtain was donated in honor of a wedding held in San Francisco, California, in 1853, to a synagogue in Breslau following the Leszno rite. A Torah Crown is embroidered in metal thread and sequins above the frame.
Until 1848 San Francisco was a remote fishing village on the west coast of the United States. When the Gold-Rush began, in January 1848, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, including many Jews, started to flow into the town. During the High Holidays of the year 1849, more than 100 Jews were in the town, and in 1850 two Jewish congregations were founded, Emanu-El, where most members were American and German Jews, and She'erit Israel, where most members were immigrants from Poland and England. The synagogues of these two congregations were inaugurated concurrently in 1854. Lack of pre-existing order and social hierarchy permitted Jews to achieve key positions in the city and the Jewish congregation flourished. In 1870 San Francisco was an advanced city with more than 150,000 inhabitants, among them over 15,000 Jews.
The valance is made of green velvet in a similar shade to that of the curtain and of a wine-colored floral fabric, decorated with ribbons, flowers and fringes, and an inscription from 1831.
Curtain: 198X174 cm. Fair-poor condition. The fabric on the background of the dedication is falling apart. Unraveling and tears. Lacking decorations. Large patch. Most suspension rings are lacking.
Valance: 39X158 cm. Fair-good condition. Lacking decorations. Unraveling and wear. Lacking suspension rings.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,952$ Including buyers premium
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