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Auction 60 Lot Number 1


Collection of Paper Items from the Estate of Hermann Meyer – Original Sketches for “Soncino” Company Publications, Brochures and Documents

About 230 paper items, printed and handwritten, from the estate of one of the founding members of the Soncino Society, Hermann Meyer. Berlin and other places, first half of 20th century (mostly from 1920s-30s). German, some English and Hebrew.
The collections contains:
About 120 paper-items related to the Soncino Society of Friends of the Hebrew Book and to Hebrew bibliophilia, among them:
* Two original sketches for the society's symbol, painted in ink on thick paper - an illustration of a turret surrounded by the society's name (two different sketches).
* Original sketch for a title page of the periodical "Soncino Blätter" (Soncino Leaves), issue no. 1, painted in ink on thick paper. Written on the bottom: "Dassel Weil".
* Soncino-Gesellschaft, Hebräisch von Marcus Behmer [Soncino Society, Hebrew letters by Marcus Behmer]. 12 copies (out of twenty five copies) of sample prints for a font designed by Marcus Behmner for the Society. Each print includes the letters of the Aleph Beth, vowelization marks and punctuation.
* Zur Ersten Geburtstagsfeier der Soncino-Gesselschaft [For the first birthday of the Soncino Society], a poem (ten stanzas), printed on a long leaf designed as a scroll. At the end appears a "colophon" with the title and printing details. Printed by Otto v. Solten, Berlin, 1925, in 150 copies.
* Beglaubigte Abschrift aus dem Vereins-register, Nr. 4221 [Authorized copy from the Registrar of Associations no. 4221], a document, typewritten on an official form, on behalf of the District Court in Berlin, indicating that the Soncino Society was registered by the German Registrar of Associations. Issued on 28.12.1929.
* Thirteen typewritten drafts of essays, with comments written by hand, sent to Meyer by scholars and bibliographers, among them: Cecil Roth, Moshe David Cassuto, Aharon Freiman, Alexander Marx and others. Most are about Hebrew manuscripts, history of printing and bibliography.
* Invitations and ephemera items, printed for evenings and events on behalf of the Soncino Society (some illustrated); tens of booklets, proof prints and proofreading leaves of essays printed in "Soncino Blätter"; three illustrated menus for dinners held in Meyer's home; bookplates for the collection of Moses Mendelssohn and for the "Universitas" bookstore; two folded greeting cards (large) printed on behalf of "Universitas" (on each one is a print of the store's logo and a print colored by hand); and more.
About 110 personal paper items that belonged to Hermann Meyer, among them: twenty five cards with a print by Marcus Behmer (most of them signed in pencil), in honor of the engagement of Meyer and Elsa Rosenkrantz; tens of photographs, genealogic charts, letters and documents related to Meyer's parents and family; as well as photographs, letters, greeting cards and other paper items from Meyer's lifetime.
Some of the items are pasted on paper leaves and arranged in filing folders, with comments written by hand.
Size and condition vary. Good overall condition.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening3,000$ Sold For20,910$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 2


Marcus Behmer – Original Sketches – Initial Words for the Pentateuch Published by Soncino, Berlin

Five original sketches of initial words, created for the Pentateuch published by Soncino (Berlin, 1930-1933) by the graphic designer and painter Marcus Behmer. 1928-1931.
1. Initial word for "Bereshit". Ink drawing on graph paper. Signed by Behmer and dated, November 1928.
18.5X15.5 cm. Attached to a passé par-tout (with four pieces of adhesive tape) with the printed version pasted below, in which the letters were cut and pasted separately from the ornaments.
2-5. Initial words for the books of Exodus and Leviticus, Bamidbar and Book of Deuteronomy. Ink drawings on graph paper. Two are signed by Behmer and dated, February 1931.
17X4.5-5 cm. Attached at margins to Bristol paper (with pieces of adhesive tape) and the printed versions are pasted by them; in the printed version of "Ve'ele" (Exodus) the letters were cut and pasted apart from the ornaments.
The Bible of the Berliner Soncino Company, "Friends of the Hebrew Book" (of which, eventually, only the Pentateuch was published) was an attempt to publish a beautiful edition of the bible, as opposed to the "practical" and plain editions printed up to that time. The typeface and the initial words were designed by the German artist Marcus Behmer (1879-1958), and were based on typical Askenazi fonts used for printing the Prague Haggadah in 1526. Hermann Meyer was in charge of the relations between Behmer and "Soncino" (Meyer's name is mentioned in the colophon as one of the people for whom six copies were printed on vellum). The intended completion of the entire Bible was, most probably, aborted due to the dramatic political changes in Germany (Hitler was appointed chancellor in January 1933; in the summer of 1933, Abraham Horodisch left for Amsterdam, and one year later Meyer left as well).
Enclosed: proof prints (final versions) of the title page "Chamisha Chumshe Torah" and the other Chumashim; 44 gatherings (each consists of four pages), from the Pentateuch (not consecutive, several appear in many copies). Tears and creases at margins of a number of gatherings.
For more information about the process of printing the Soncino Bible and the work of Behmer and Meyer, see: Philip Messner, On the Shape of Language, The Hebrew Renaissance and typographic discourse in Germany during the Weimar Republic (enclosed).
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening1,000$ Sold For12,300$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 3


Collection of Greetings Sent to Hermann Meyer Upon the Birth of his Daughter – Berlin, 1934

A bound volume with about 75 greetings, handwritten and printed, sent to Hermann Meyer on the occasion of the birth of his first daughter, Channah. Berlin (some items from other cities), 1934. German.
Most greetings are written on calling cards and letterhead papers (pasted to paper), with names of greeters, their profession and their city of residence. Among the greeters: Heinrich Loewe (chairman of Soncino Society); Moses Marx (Jewish bibliographer and librarian, one of the founding members of "Soncino"); Hans Gosler (journalist and author, head of Prussian Journalism Chamber, murdered in Bergen Belsen in 1945); Max Flesch (anthropologist, murdered in Theresienstadt); and others.
Some other paper items are pasted on the first and last leaves.
Enclosed: card with a printed notice about the birth; printed thank-you card for sending a greeting.
Total of about 75 greetings, pasted to 22 leaves, volume: approx. 26 cm. Good condition. Folding marks, stains and creases to some items. Some of the greetings are pasted on top of other greetings and partially hide them. Stains, slight defects and tears to leaves of volume. First and last leaves have tears and open tears and are partly detached.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 4


Hermann Meyer’s “Guest Book” – Dedications and Illustrations by S.Y. Agnon, Else Lasker-Schuler, Marcus Behmer, Jakob Steinhardt and others

Guest book that belonged to Hermann Meyer, with about 60 signatures, illustrations and dedications from different writers and artists. Berlin and Jerusalem, 1930s to 1950s (a few dedications from the early 1970s). German and Hebrew.
Apparently, Meyer used the book in a number of exhibitions of his collections in Berlin and in Jerusalem, and in personal events. The book includes, among other items:
* Letter with poem and illustration in the hand of Else Lasker-Schuler (in pencil), dated 1937. Lasker-Schuler copied the poem Main Volk ("My People"), alongside which she drew two portraits. The leaf is mounted on one of the notebook leaves (the envelope in which the letter was sent is enclosed).
* Dedication in the hand of S.Y. Agnon, with a quote from poet Moses ibn Ezra. Dated 1935.
* Pencil drawing by Jakob Steinhardt, dedicated, signed and dated 1932. Self-portrait in his atelier, surrounded by Jewish figures.
* Color illustration and engraving by designer Marcus Behmer (designer of the Hebrew font of the Soncino Company). Signed and dated.
* Pencil drawing by Yossi Stern, dedicated, signed and dated 1958. Self-portrait with a European town in the background.
* About 40 signatures without dedications, of guests at Meyer's engagement party, on 8 January 1933.
* Dedications, signatures and drawings by Herman Struck, Yaakov Plesner, Chaim Hazaz, Mordechai Narkiss, Elazar Lipa Sukenik, Miriam Bat Yosef and others.
Some of the signatures and events are dated and described on the leaves in handwriting (apparently Meyer's).
21 leaves with inscriptions or drawings (many pages left blank) and six paper items mounted or inserted between the leaves, volume: approx. 20 cm. Good condition. Light stains and tears to some of the leaves. Adhesive tape along the joint between the first and last leaves and the binding. Defects to binding. Spine glued to binding with five strips of adhesive tape.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening1,500$ Sold For8,610$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 5


“Guest Book” of the “Universitas” Book Store – Signatures of David Ben-Gurion, Yitzhak Ben Zvi, Teddy Kollek and Others

Guest book of Universitas Booksellers, owned by Hermann Meyer. Includes about 230 signatures of statesmen, writers and dignitaries. Jerusalem, late 1930s to early 1970s.
The guest book includes signatures of David Ben-Gurion, Yitzhak Ben Zvi, Teddy Kollek, Bezalel Narkiss, Reuven Mass, Sholem Asch, Abraham Meir Habermann, Moshe Gardon (head of the Bialik Institute), Shmuel Gutman, foreign journalists, British officers and others.
In addition, the book contains dozens of mounted photographs, paper items and newspaper clippings documenting the store and its visitors. Mounted items include: two handwritten sketches for the store's sign made by Ismar (Itamar) David, invitations to exhibitions displayed in the store, a typewritten catalogue of maps from the Hermann Meyer collection, visiting cards of the store's visitors, and additional items.
Enclosed: photograph, postcard with a picture of the store's façade and a printed invitation to the exhibition "The Illustrated Book", held in the store in 1937.
65 pp with inscriptions or mounted items (many pages left blank), volume: approx. 33 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and creases. Defects and small tears to margins of first and last leaves. Cloth-covered binding, with the store label mounted on its inner side (worn and damaged, with tears to upper margins). Front cover detached from the first leaf.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 6


“Sipur Na’eh miSidur Tefilati” – a Story by S.Y. Agnon with his Signature – Proofreading Copy

"Sipur Na'eh miSidur Tefilati" [The Beautiful Story of My Prayerbook]. Typewritten proofreading copy, with numerous corrections written by hand. At the end of the story appears S.Y. Agnon's signature. [Jerusalem, ca. 1931].
Ten typewritten proofreading leaves with comments, corrections and instructions for the printer. Some corrections are written in square script and others in cursive script, and it is possible that some were written by Agnon while others by another proofreader. On the last leaf, following the writing "tam ma'ase hasidur" appears the signature of the author, S.Y. Agnon.
Apparently this proofreading copy was used for printing the story in issue 20-21 of the periodical "Moznaim", Tishrei 5692 (1931).
[10] leaves, 28 cm. Fair-good condition. Open tears at margins of first leaf. Stains, creases, slmall tears and pinholes to margins of all of the leaves.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Chana Sapir.

Opening600$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 7


Collection of European Bookplates – Many Engravings of Nobility Coat of Arms – 17th to the 20th Century

About 228 bookplates. Europe, 17th to 20th century.
The collection includes about 152 bookplates from the 17th to the 19th century and about 76 bookplates most of which are from the first half of the 20th century.
A diverse collection of bookplates, many of which bear nobility coat of arms, including some from the 17th century. Many of the bookplates are from central and western Europe, only a minority bear Jewish names, among them are personal bookplates as well as bookplates of institutes, societies and organizations. Numerous bookplates are engravings of very good artistic quality. Enclosed are several bindings and parts of ancient leather bindings, decorated. It is possible that some of the items are prints which were not used as bookplates.
Total of approx. 228 items. Size and condition vary. Fair-good overall condition. Stains.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening700$ Sold For1,722$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 8


World Map – Hand-Colored Engraving – England, 17th Century

A Mapp or Generall Carte of the World Designed in two Plaine Hemisphers, by Monsieur Sanson Geographr to the French King and Rendered into English and Illustrated with Figures by Richard Blome By the Kings Especiall Command. World map, by the English cartographer Richard Blome. Hand-colored engraving. [England, ca. 1670].
Map of the two hemispheres. The depiction of Australia on the map is considered an early and non-conventional depiction of the continent. California is drawn on the map as an island. A decorative frame surrounds the map - wreaths of flowers, emblems of the British Empire and a medallion with a dedication to the King of Englans, Charles II.
Leaf: approx. 58X45 cm (engraving: 52X39 cm). Good-fair condition. Folding marks and creases. Tears to map, repaired with pasted paper (on verso), and open tears at margins. Dark margins. Stains.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 9


orld Map – Hand-Colored Engraving – Augsburg, 18th Century

Diversi Globi Terr-Aquei Statione Variante Et Visu Intercedente Per Coluros Tropicorum, Per Ambos Polos Et Partciul Sphaerae Zenith In Planum Delineati Orthogranici Prospectus. World map from the atlas "Atlas Novus sive Tabulae Geographicae" by Matthäus Seutter. Hand-colored engraving. [Augsburg, ca. 1740].
Map of the two hemispheres, surrounded by several smaller maps (different projections), and illustrations of the four winds (with human faces). California is drawn on the map as an island.
Leaf: 60X52 cm (engraving: 58X50 cm). Good condition. Creases and stains. Open tears to the two lower corners and small tears to margins of leaf. Gluing traces on verso.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 60 Lot Number 10


Map of the Middle East – Engraving – Amsterdam, 18th Century

Orbis per creationem institutus. Map of the Middle East. Copperplate engraving by Romeyn de Hooghe [Amsterdam, first half of 18th century].
A circular map of the Middle East (includes Asia Minor, the Mediterranean Sea, Persia and the Arab sea). On top of the map appears the Tetragrammaton within a triangle, and on the four corners appear illustrations depicting biblical scenes and scenes from the New Testament (Adam and Eve in Paradise, Moses on Mount Sinai, the rainbow after the flood and the birth of Jesus).
The map was printed in two editions of the book "T'groot waerelds tefereel", by Jakob Basnage and Abraham Alewyn (Amsterdam, 1715; Amsterdam, 1721). See Laor 341 and 341A.
Leaf: 51.5X37.5 cm (engraving: approx. 46.5X33 cm). Good condition. Folding marks and creases. Stains. Dark margins. Several small tears. Gluing traces on verso, at margins.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening700$ Unsold

Auction 60 Lot Number 11


Map of Palestine – Woodcut – Lyon, 1535

Tabula Terre Sanctae. Map of Palestine. Woodcut from "Geographia" by Ptolemy Claudius, edited by Michael Servetus. [Lyon, 1535].
Map of Palestine, showing the territories of the Tribes of Israel. The shore line stretches from Sidon to Gaza.
Laor 611.
Leaf: 53X38 cm. Good condition. Slight stains and defects. Three pieces of paper are pasted to the upper margins, on the back. Paper slightly darkened due to framing.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening400$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 12


Map of Palestine – Engraving – 16th Century

Terrae Israel omnis ante Canaan. Map of Palestine, copperplate engraving. [16th century].
Map of Palestine, showing the territories of the tribes and the stations of the journey of the Israelites in the desert. Some of the names of sites appearing on the map were printed in Hebrew.
The map is taken, apparently, from volume no. 8 of "Biblia Polyglotta" by Christopher Plantin (Antwerp, 1572). A similar map was printed in "Antiquitatum Iudaicarum Libri IX" by Benito Arias Montano (Leiden, 1593).
See Laor 46 and 46A.
Engraving: approx. 50X34 cm. Good condition. Creases. Stains (dark stains at margins). Three pieces of paper are pasted on the upper margins of the leaf, on the back.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 60 Lot Number 13


Map of Palestine – Engraving – Belgium, 16th Century

Terrae Sanctae, quae Promissionis terra, est Syriae pars ea, quae Palaestina uocatur... edited by Gerard de Jode. Drawn after Tilemann Stella. Copperplate engraving, hand-colored. [Antwerp, 1593].
Map of Palestine, oriented to the west. On the bottom (right side) appears a panoramic view of Jerusalem. The shore line is irregular and runs from Tyre to Beersheba (!).
Laor 375.
55.5X42 cm. Fair condition. Tears and some open tears. Stains and dampstains. Right, left and bottom margins are lacking and strips of paper were pasted to replace them (ancient repair). Pasting repairs, traces of adhesive tape and color repairs.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening400$ Sold For2,091$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 14


Map of Jerusalem – Hand-Colored Engraving – Cologne, 1575

Hierosolyma, Urbs Sancta. Ludeae, Totiusque Orientis Longe Clarissima, Qua Amplitudine Ac Magnificentia Hoc Nostro Aevo Conspicua Est. Map of Jerusalem. Hand-colored copperplate engraving, from "Civitates Orbis Terrarum" by Braun & Hogenberg. [Cologne, 1575].
View of Jerusalem from the east. An inscription in Latin on the upper margins: "This is Jerusalem…" (Ezekiel 5:5).
Laor 1040.
Leaf: 46X37.5 cm (engraving: approx. 41.5X33 cm). Fair condition. Dark margins. Significant staining and dampstains. Tears at margins and vertical folding line (connection of the leaves), damaging the engraving. The connection between the leaves is reinforced with a pasted strip of paper. The text printed on the back is trimmed at right margin.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening400$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 15


Map of Jerusalem – Engraving – Augsburg, 1745

Ierusalem, cum suburbiis, prout tempore Christi floruit. Edited by Matthaeus Seutter. Copperplate engraving, hand-colored. [Augsburg, 1745?].
An imaginary plan of Old Jerusalem with the Temple in its center, after Christian Kruik van Adrichem. At the bottom of the leaf is a detailed explanatory text and index to various sites Jerusalem.
On the reverse appears a long German text in fine handwriting, about the history of Jerusalem, titled "Der II Prospect von Ierusalem".
Laor 1129.
54X63 cm. Good condition. Some tears. Stains. Dampstains. Wear.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening400$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 16


Map of Jerusalem – Ermete Pierotti – Paris

Plan De Jerusalem Ancienne & Moderne Par Le Docteur Ermete Pierotti, Architecte-Ingenieur. Map of ancient and modern Jerusalem, prepared by Ermete Pierotti, the city's engineer. Printed by Kaepellin, Paris, [1860-1861].
Map of Jerusalem surrounded by plans of sites in the city and the vicinity.
Mounted on linen, folded and inserted in a cloth-covered cardboard slipcase. On the front of the case appears the title "Map of Jerusalem 1861", in Greek (gilt embossing). See Laor 1095, where the map is dated 1860.
Pierotti arrived in Jerusalem in 1854, following his appointment as consultant for the renovations of the Temple Mount. Pierotti took part in various construction projects in the city and shortly afterwards was appointed as Jerusalem's engineer. This position opened to Pierotti sites that were inaccessible to western researchers, in particular the Temple Mount and the Mosques.
Approx. 95X64.5 cm. The map is divided into 18 separate parts. Mounted on linen and folded into a booklet. Good overall condition. Slight stains and defects. Cover of map is detached and damaged (remnants of paper and glue on back of the map, where it was pasted to the cover).
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 60 Lot Number 17


High-Quality, Extensive Collection of Maps – Maps of Palestine and the Surroundings

A large collection containing sixty nine maps of Palestine and the surroundings - numerous woodcuts and engravings from travel and research books of the 18th and 19th centuries (some colored by hand). [Europe, 16th to 19th century].
Among the maps: Map of Palestine (Das Heilig Landt mit ausztheilung der zwoelff Geschlechter) and a map of Jerusalem (Die Heylige Statt Jerusalem) - woodcuts, from Sebastian Münster's book "Cosmography", [16th century]. * Geographiae Sacrae. Map of Palestine by Nicolas Sanson. Paris, 1679. Engraving colored by hand. * Imperium Turcicum. Map of the Ottoman Empire by Johann Baptist Homann. Nuremberg, 1737. Engraving colored by hand. * Histoire-Sainte Depuis L'An 2936 Jusqu'à l'An 2958. Map of Palestine, with the territories of the Tribes. [Paris, 18th century]. Engraving colored by hand. * Regni Davidici et Salomonaei Descriptio Geographica cum vicinis regionibus Syriae et Aegypti / Schema I. Map of the kingdoms of David and Solomon, with the neighboring countries - Syria and Egypt. Engraving colored by hand, by Johann Matthias Hass. [Nuremberg, 1739]. * Intervalla locorum Palestinae. Map of Palestine. Engraving from one of the editions of the book "Palestina" by Adriaan Reland. * Carte Des Quatre Grandes Monarchies, des Assirieens, des Perse, des Grecs, et des Romains. Large map of the territories of the Roman, Greek, Persian and Assyrian empires. Engraving (attached to passé par-tout ). [Amsterdam, 18th century]. * and many more maps.
Total of 69 maps. Size and condition vary. Stains, tears and defects. Small paper-stickers are pasted to a large number of maps (mainly on the back).
Photographs of the maps will be sent upon request.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening1,000$ Sold For4,428$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 18


Large Collection of Prints – Palestine and the Near East

About 140 prints on the subject of Palestine, the Near East and biblical stories. Various printing locations, late 15th to early 20th century (most prints are from the 19th century).
The prints, including engravings, numerous lithographs and a number of early photographs - portray the country's views, holy sites, its indigenous residents, biblical stories and more. Many of the prints are in color; many were taken from books and some were independently printed.
Among the items: a number of leaves with woodcuts (among them a view of Constantinople) out of "Nuremberg Chronicle". * Two engravings - "Destruction of the Temple" (1708) and "Destruction of Jerusalem (1720) by Jan Luyken. * "Rachel's Tomb", lithograph by Luigi Mayer (1803). * Lithographs after David Roberts. * Four photographs of Palestine by the photographer Francis Bedford (ca. 1862). * The lithograph "Coffee house at Jerusalem" by Carl Werner (1868). * The engraving "Atria Templi Solominis" from the book by Thomas Fuller (1869), and many others.
About 140 prints. Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,214$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 19


Bible Accompanied by Illustrations and Maps – Lyon, 1568 – Woodcuts

Biblia Sacra Veteris Et Novi Testamenti. Published by Ioannem Frellonium. Lyon, 1568. Latin.
A Latin edition of the bible accompanied by illustrations of the Temple, the Temple vessels, pictures from biblical stories and three maps: Temple Mount, Palestine and the Near East (woodcuts).
Enclosed: Ioannem Frellonium, map of Palestine with tribal territories, On upper margins appears a printed inscription: Hoc Schema Praeponendum Est Capiti 15. Libri Losue [to attach this map before chapter 15, book of Joshua].
[8], 499 [i.e. 491], [25] leaves + [5] plates (with tables and text, one of them is possibly missing a part) and [3] maps (folded), 16.5 cm. It is possible that some plates are missing. Good-fair condition. Stains. Some creases. Small repaired tears to some leaves (affecting text). Several leaves with open tears and very small holes, detached or partly detached. Strips of paper are pasted to verso of some maps and to title page. Upper margins of leaves are slightly trimmed, with some damage to text in some leaves. Handwritten inscriptions on title page. Parchment binding, slightly defected.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 20


Anthology of Stories – Journeys to the Holy Land – Frankfurt, 1584

Reyßbuch deß Heyligen Lands, das ist ein grundtliche Beschreibung aller und jeder Meer und Bilgerfahrten zum Heyligen Lande, by Sigmund Feyerabend. Frankfurt: Sigmund Feyerabend, 1584. German. First edition.
Anthology of eighteen texts, among them sixteen stories of journeys to the Holy Land, a historic depiction of the first crusade, and a travel guide to the Holy Land. Texts were composed by pilgrims, clergymen, nobles, merchants and more, starting in the 12th century until the days of Feyerabend, one of the prominent Protestant publishers of his period. Some of the stories in the anthology were known earlier and others were printed for the first time. In the introduction Feyerabend calls his readers to release the Christians in the Holy Land from the burden of the Turks.
Numerous censorship deletions in ink and cut pieces (appearing at the beginning of the book are ownership inscriptions and ink stamps of Franciscan churches and the deletions were possibly done for religious reasons).
[6], 466, [5] leaves, 34 cm. Leaves 328 and 347 are lacking. Fair condition. Several leaves are cut and half of them is missing. Stains, tears, open tears. Deletions of text in ink. Ink stains. Handwritten comments. Ownership inscriptions and ink stamps on title page. Original vellum binding made of reused handwritten texts. Front binding and endpaper are half detached. Spine and its margins are defected and non-professionally repaired. Wear and defect to corners and margins of binding.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 21


Theatrum Terrae Sanctae, by Christian van Adrichem – Twelve Maps

Theatrum Terrae Sanctae et Biblicarum Historiarum, by Christian van Adrichem. Cologne, 1590 (dated on colophon page). First edition. Latin.
Christian van Adrichem (1533-1585) - Catholic priest, born in Delft (Holland), wrote a number of works on Palestine. This book is a comprehensive description of the Holy Land, accompanied by twelve engraved plates. Engravings include: maps of the territories of the Israelite tribes, a large map (folded) of Palestine and a large map (folded) of Jerusalem. The map of the territories of Zebulun, Issachar and Manasseh is colored by hand.
At the end of the book is a chapter focusing on sites in the city of Jerusalem during the time of Jesus and a chronological description of Biblical events, beginning with the creation of Adam.
[12], 286, [29] pp + [12] engraved plates, 36.5 cm. The margins of some of the engraved plates are trimmed (the plates are smaller than the book's leaves). The two large maps (of Jerusalem and of Palestine) and the map of the territories of Zebulun, Issachar and Manasseh are detached (with stains and defects). Some of the engraved plates may have been filled in from other copies of the book. Good-fair overall condition. Stains. Open tears to bottom of first title page (engraving), repaired with paper pasting to the leaf's reverse. Open tear to one of the engraved plates, repaired with paper pasting. One leaf torn at the top (pp. 231-232), with significant damage to text. Ink inscription on first title page (engraving). Antique binding, with tears and defects. Torn spine (part of the spine is missing).
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening1,500$ Sold For2,952$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 22


Pilgrimage to Palestine – Switzerland, 1606

Reyss und Bilgerfahrt zum Heyligen Grab [Pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre]. Rorschach, Switzerland: Bartholome Schnell, 1606. German.
Description of the journey of Ludwig Tschudi and several other pilgrims from Switzerland to Palestine. Fine copy, with gilt page edges. Bound in vellum binding (19th century) with gilt decorations to margins and spine. Part of the text on the title page is printed in red ink. Ownership inscription on title page.
[12], 360 pp, 19.5 cm. Good condition. Open tears, repaired with paper pasting, to upper corners of some of the first leaves. Stains. Slight defects to binding.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

Opening400$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 60 Lot Number 23


Journey to Jerusalem – Milan, 1616

Relatione Tripartita del Viaggio di Gierusalemme [Three-part Relation of a Journey to Jerusalem], by Stefano Mantegazza. Milan: Pacifico Pontio, & Gio. Battista Piccaglia, Stampatori Archiepiscopoli, 1616. Italian.
Description of the author's journey to Jerusalem and other cities in Palestine. Part of the text on the title page is printed in red ink.
[20], 476, [12] pp, 22 cm. Good condition. Stains. Worming. Signature (old) on title page. The inscription "Viaggio di Gierusalemme" was added to page edges (bottom). Binding partly detached, with stains, tears and defects. Spine partly detached.
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

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Journey to Jerusalem and Syria – Antwerp, 1619 – Engravings

Itinerarium Hierosolymitanum et Syriacum by Ioanne Cotovico (Johannes Cotovicus). Antwerp: Hieronymous Verdussen, 1619. Latin. Two parts in one volume. First edition.
Account of a journey by Johannes Cotovicus, Doctor of Laws in Utrecht University, to Jerusalem and Syria (through Crete and Cyprus).
The book is accompanied by three engraved plates and more than 50 engravings incorporated into the text (maps, views and plans). Among them are engravings depicting Jerusalem (view of the city, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Mount of Olives, and more), Jaffa, Rhodes, Cyprus, and other sites.
A fine copy, with wide margins. Comments written by hand appear on the margins and on endpapers. On the first title page appears a handwritten signature: "Grosley". Apparently the comments and signature were handwritten by the French historian and author Pierre-Jean Grosley (1718-1785).
[15] leaves, 518 pp, [9] leaves + [3] plates, 24.5 cm. Lacking [5] folding plates at the end of the book. Good overall condition. Stains. Two of the engraved plates are trimmed (cut at top and bottom margins; around the engraving). Original vellum binding (slightly damaged).
Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

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