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Auction 56 Lot Number 97

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Collection of Press Photographs of Tel-Aviv, 1945-1948

11 press photographs of Tel-Aviv from the time of the British Mandate and the Israeli Independence War (most photographs are from the end of the British Mandate). Tel-Aviv, 1945-1948.
Among the photographs:
* British soldiers patrol a street where stones were thrown; a British flower truck burning; a mob raids the British food chain "Spinney"; sale of milk during a British curfew intermission; British soldiers investigate suspects for being involved in underground actions (on a wall in the background - a graffiti supporting the Soviet Union); the old central bus station after an Egyptian air raid (on May 18,1948); swimmers on the beach during a temporary truce (photograph by Beno Rothenberg, signed with his ink stamp); and more.
Most of the photographs are described on the reverse on a press information label (English). On some appear ink-stamps: "Keystone", "New York Times Photos", and other ink stamps.
Size and condition vary. Average size: 20.5X15.5 cm. Overall fair-good condition.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 98

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Collection of Press Photos – War of Independence

Eight press photos documenting the end of the British Mandate and the Israeli War of Independence, 1946-1947.
Press photos, captioned and dated on reverse by the news and photo agencies that published them.
* Explosion of a freight train carrying crude oil. * Curfew on a Jerusalem street. * Aerial photo of the Jewish Agency building in Jerusalem, occupied by British forces. * British soldiers at their post in Tel Aviv, in reaction to Jewish terrorist acts. * British soldiers performing searches in Netanya. * Funeral of the British victims of the bombing of the King David Hotel. * A British soldier at his post on the Tel Aviv-Jaffa road. * Gathering of a Jewish crowd in Jerusalem following a terrorist attack.
Average size: 19X22.5 cm. Good overall condition. Some photos with stains, a few creases and gluing marks (to reverse).

Opening600$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 99

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Two Press Photographs – March-May 1948

Two press photos taken near the end of the British Mandate in Palestine. Captioned and dated on reverse by the news and photo agencies that published them.
1. Arab forces (the Arab Legion) in tank movement, near the end of the British Mandate in Palestine.
Photo from May 15, 1948 (additional stamp of the news agency from May 18, 1948). 25.5X20 cm. Good condition. Stains and some creases.
2. "Hagana" soldiers during training, March 10, 1948. 25.5X20.5 cm. Good condition. Some stains and creases.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 100

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David Ben-Gurion – Collection of Photographs – Ephraim (Efrem) Ilani and other Photographers

About 60 photographs of David Ben-Gurion, most of them taken by the photographer Ephraim (Efrem) Ilani and a small part by other photographers. Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Sde Boker, Ovdat and other places in Israel, late 1940s until early 1970s.
Among the photographs: Last session of the "Provisional Government" in Tel-Aviv (on 10.2.1949); Reading the "Declaration of Independence" (signed on the reverse: "Fred Csasznik"); Visiting injured soldiers during the Independence War; Ben-Gurion, Chaim Weizmann and Yigael Yadin on the podium during the first military parade (on 23.4.1950, in Jerusalem); Meeting between Ben-Gurion and the Chancellor of West Germany Willy Brandt; Ben-Gurion as godfather in a circumcision ceremony, in "Bet Lid" new immigrants camp; Speech in the archaeological site of Ovdat; and more.
Some of the photographs are titled by hand and ink-stamped on the reverse: "Efrem Ilani"; "Foto Erde" (Ephraim Erde); F. Schlesinger; and other ink stamps. Some photographs appear in two copies.
Total of about 60 photographs. Size and condition vary. Average size: 20X22 cm. Overall good condition. Some creases and defects at margins. Traces of glue on the reverse of some of the photographs. Adhesive tape on the reverse of few photographs. One photograph in fair condition with many creases and defects at margins.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 101

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Collection of Photographs from the Estate of Arieh Dulzin

About 290 photographs from the estate of Arieh Leon Dulzin, president of the Zionist Organization in Mexico and in Palestine and Director of the Jewish Agency (for more information about him see item no. 41). Palestine, USA, South Africa, South America and Europe, [ca. 1930s till the 1980s; most photographs are from the second half of the 20th century].
About 150 of the photographs are arranged in albums. Some photographs bear handwritten dedications on the reverse.
Most photographs portray Dulzin in Zionist conventions in Israel and worldwide, with Zionist leaders, presidents and heads of states (among them Golda Meir, David Ben-Gurion, Yitzchak Ben-Zvi, Yitzchak Navon, Menachem Begin, Yigal Alon and others); about 35 photographs from IDF Independence Day parade in 1961, including an official invitation from the Israeli government; souvenir album from
the 29th Zionist congress when Dulzin was elected as Chairman of the Zionist executive committee; photo-album from the third convention of the General Zionists in Mexico, 1960; photo-album, reception in honor of former president of the United States, Gerald Ford, in Jerusalem, 1979; photo-album - the 37th convention of South African Zionists in Johannesburg, 1982; and more photographs.
Size varies, approx. 9X11.5 cm to approx. 25X34 cm. Condition varies.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 102

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Two Albums and Photograph Collection – Construction of Engineering Facilities at the Dead Sea and Ashdod, 1960s

Two albums and a photograph collection documenting the construction of the "new potash plant", pumping station P-6 and the loading facility at Ashdod Port. Dead Sea and Ashdod, [ca. 1960s].
* "Pumping station P-6": souvenir album with 43 photographs, captioned by hand, documenting the construction of the facility stage by stage. Dedicated on the title page to "E. Shahar" (Emanuel Shahar, director of "Dead Sea Works").
* "Inauguration of the new potash plant, 19 Kislev 1964": souvenir album with nine large photographs (ca. 20X25 cm) documenting the inauguration ceremony of the plant and the facilities in November 1964. Enclosed: color postcard with a photograph of the plant, sent by Emanuel Shahar.
* 43 unbound photographs documenting the construction of the loading facility at Ashdod Port. About half are signed on reverse with the ink stamp of photographer Shimon Fuchs, and some are dated with an ink stamp. The photographs include two panoramas. Enclosed: printed page with the inscription "photographic journal from the construction of the loading facility at Ashdod Port" (Hebrew), with a dedication to Emanuel Shahar, apparently from an album that held the photographs.
Total of 95 photographs. Albums: 30X40 cm and 27.5X37 cm. Size and condition of photographs vary. Good overall condition. Stains to some of the photographs. Gluing traces on reverse of most of the unbound photographs. Cut corners to some of the unbound photographs. Albums in good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 103

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Collection of Press Photographs – Ma’abarot

Nineteen photographs documenting Ma'abarot (immigrants' camps) around Israel. Different photographers, [1950s-early 1960s].
Photographs documenting new Ma'abarot in Pardess Hana, Kisalon, Tel Yeruham, Amishav (Petach Tikva), Beer Ya'akov, Kiryat Eliyahu, Ma'abara in Upper Galilee, the "New Ma'abara" established by strikers of Ma'abara "B" in Ramla in the municipality yard, and other immigrants' camps. Most photographs are titled by hand on the reverse; some are dated and signed.
Size varies, 9X14 cm to 16X22 cm. Overall good condition. Tears to some photographs. Some stains. Holes. Pieces of paper (with headline for a newspaper) are mounted on one photograph.
Provenance: "Maariv" newspaper archive (Photo by Hans H. Pinn).

Opening400$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 104

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Collection of Press Photographs – “Black Panthers” Movement

Fifty six photographs recording the Israeli Protest Movement "Black Panthers". Different photographers, [1970s].
Among the photographs are photographs depicting the demonstrations of the "Black Panthers" movement in different locations in the country, confrontations with defense forces and photographs of the movement's activists. Most photographs are titled by hand on the reverse, some are dated and signed. Size varies, 12X17.5 cm to 16.5X24 cm. Overall good condition. Creases and stains to some photographs.
Provenance: "Maariv" newspaper archive (Photo by Micha Bar-Am).

Opening500$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 105

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Moshe Vorobeichic – Collection of Books with his Works

Twenty seven books with photographs, photo-montage works and graphic design works by Moshe Vorobeichic-Raviv (Moi Ver). Warsaw, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Ein Harod. 1935-1963.
Moshe Vorobeichic (Raviv) - photographer, painter and designer who was considered as an innovative photographer mainly in the field of photo-montage. Born in Vilnius in 1904, studied at the university of Vilnius in the department of arts and architecture and in 1928 was accepted to the "Bauhaus" school in Dasau, Germany, where he continued his education with Paul Klee, Vasily Kandinsky and Josef Albers. In 1930 continued his studies in Paris in the photography school Ecole de Photo Ciné. In the early 1930s Vorobeichic was in charge of the visual documentation of "HaChalutz" operations in Poland until he immigrated to Palestine in 1934. In Palestine he worked as a graphic designer and a photographer, independently, as well as for some of the Zionist institutes and Histadrut HaOvdim. He was one of the first artists who settled in the artists' colony in Safed where he passed away in 1995. Among the books: * "Hevraya", (1935). * "Gvat (a Kvutza named after the Pinsk martyrs), sources and history" [1937]. * "HeChalutz HaTzair", journal of the union "Freiheit - HeChalutz HaTzair", Warsaw, 1938. Bound volume of issues from 1938, issues 27-34. "HaGodrim BaZafon" [1939]. * "Bishviley HaMoledet", Shlomo Farber. Published by "Am Oved", [1945]. * "Tenuat HaPoalot beEretz Israel" [1946]. * "Safad, 12 photographs by Moshe Raviv" [1963]. * And more. A detailed list will be sent upon request.
Total of 27 books. Size and condition vary. Overall good to fair condition.

Opening2,500$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 106

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Remah Synagogue in Krakow – Photograph Album following the Synagogue’s Destruction – Submitted to the Director of Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, Abraham Bankier, 1950

"Memorial Album Dedicated to Abraham Bankier" (Hebrew), photograph album of the Remah Synagogue in Krakow. Dedicated to Abraham Bankier for his work in saving the Jews of Krakow during the Holocaust, by the synagogue's board of directors. Krakow, Iyar 1950. Photographs from ca. late 1940s.
Album with 16 photographs: * Eight photographs of the cemetery near the synagogue (the Remah Cemetery), a short time after the war, documenting the remains of graves and the beginning of restoration works. * Eight photographs of the synagogue and its wings, a short time after the war: commemorative plaque with dozens of lighted candles, the book room, view of the façade from the street, and more. An appeal from the synagogue board is mounted on the first two pages of the album, calling for donations to restore and revive the building.
On the front cover of the album is a dedicatory leaf in handwriting (Hebrew): "Memorial Album Dedicated to Abraham Bankier, from the board of the Remah Synagogue, Krakow, Iyar [1950]". Bankier (1910-1956), the close assistant of Oskar Schindler and the director of his factory, assisted him in saving the lives of 1,000 Jews.
The Remah Synagogue in Krakow ("The Small Synagogue") was founded in 1557 near the city's ancient cemetery. Miraculously, the synagogue survived the war, and a short time later it resumed its activities. The nearby cemetery, by contrast, was almost entirely destroyed by the Germans, and its restoration was lengthy.
Total of 16 photographs. Photograph size: 9X14 cm, album: 19X12 cm, bound with string. Good condition. Light scrapes to some of the photographs. Creases to album cover. Stamp on front cover.

Opening400$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 107

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Photograph Album – German Theater Actor during World War II – Photographs of Polish Jews

Album of photographs of a German theater actor. Annaberg, Schwarzenberg, Radom, Boleslawiec, Warsaw and other places in Germany and Poland, [ca. 1938-1940; several photographs from the post-war years].
About 120 photographs, captioned by hand (German) on the leaves of an album that belonged to a German theater actor. The album includes photographs of play performances and cabaret nights, photographed portraits of theater workers (mostly of the album owner), towns and villages in Germany and Poland and a number of personal photographs. The album's later photographs (from 1940 onward) were taken in the territories of occupied Poland, and they include, among other things, 21 photographs of Jews in the places where the actor visited.
Album: 29.5 cm. Photograph size varies, most are 6X9 cm. On the reverse of many photographs is a handwritten inscription. One photograph appears in two copies. Good overall condition. Some of the photographs are partly detached from the album leaves. Damage to binding.

Opening400$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 108

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Photo Album – World War I – Photographs of Jews in Eastern Europe

Photo album which belonged to a German soldier during World War I. [Most photographs are from Eastern Europe, ca. 1914-1918].
97 photographs, mounted on the album leaves, some titled by hand (in German; the handwriting is blurred and partly faded), from the World War I period.
Depicted in the photographs are ruined and destroyed towns, convoys of regiments, tent camps, refugees, war casualties in the battle field, digging pits, bombed bridges, crossing rivers on temporary bridges and airplanes. The album also contains seven photographs of Jews.
Album size: 31X24.5 cm, bound with a string. Handwritten inscription on the front cover (blurred). Photographs approx. 10.5X8 cm (one photograph approx. 16.5X12 cm). Condition varies. Overall good condition. Defects and stains (most of them slight, at corners and margins). Some photographs are scratched and stained in the center. Album in fair-good condition. Some stains and tears to binding of album.
Provenance: Collection of Dr. Simon Cohen.

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 109

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Humorous Postcards – Illustrations by Menachem Birnbaum – Warsaw

Ten postcards with color illustrations by Menachem Birnbaum. Warsaw: "Central" (printed in Germany).
Humorous postcards with illustrations of figures depicting life in Warsaw and Eastern Europe, with short humorous texts. All are signed in the plate.
Condition varies. Stains, mostly to verso. All of the postcards have defects to corners and margins, corrected with white paint.

Opening700$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 110

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“Jewish Ghetto in Vilnius” – Illustrated Postcards, Early 1920s – Dedication by Chaikl Lunski

"Vilner yidishe geto, serye numer 1" [Jewish Ghetto in Vilnius, series no. 1], ten postcards with illustrations by Ber Zalkind. Vilnius: "Kunst", [ca. early 1920s].
Among the illustrations: Strashun Library, Ramailis Yeshiva (R' Mailis), glaziers street (glezer gas), butchers street (yotkever gas), Jewish figures, and more. The postcards are titled in Yiddish and French. On the reverse are short passages in Yiddish by Ch. Lunski (Chaikl Lunski, chief librarian of the Strashun Library). On the reverse of one postcard - inscription written by hand: "Present to Dr. A. Haimsohn from Ch. Lunski. Vilnius, Tamuz 6, 5686".
The artist, Ber Zalkind (1878-1944), was one of the founders of the Vilnius Art Association and its chief secretary. Studied art in Paris. When World War II broke out he moved to Grodno and from there to Soviet Russia where he passed away.
10 postcards (complete series) 13.5X8.5 cm. Enclosed is an original paper banderole with the title of the postcard series printed in Yiddish. Condition varies. Overall good condition. Stains and some tears to the paper banderole.
Provenance: Collection of Dr. Simon Cohen.

Opening400$ Sold For1,169$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 111

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Collection of Synagogue Postcards

88 postcards with illustrations and photographs of synagogues. Different publishers, places and dates of publication, mostly from the 1900s and 1910s.
The postcards show, among other things, the Fabric Synagogue (Romania); the Subotica Synagogue (Serbia); The synagogue in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic); the Old Synagogue, Essen (Germany); The synagogue in Liepāja (Latvia); the Grand Synagogue in Algiers; and more.
22 of the postcards are undivided. About 40 are used. Two postcards appear in two copies. Condition varies. Good overall condition. Stains, creases and slight defects to some of the postcards.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,968$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 112

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Collection of Anti-Semitic Postcards

About 175 anti-Semitic postcards. Berlin, Leipzig, Paris, New York, Algiers and other places. [Ca. 1895-1940 (mostly from the first decade of the 20th century)].
Collection of anti-Semitic postcards, presenting stereotypical figures of Jews accompanied by slogans and ditties. Including about 95 early postcards (undivided), many postcards from the series "Little Cohn" (Der kleine Cohn), two hand-painted postcards (one in pencil and the other in ink and watercolor), and more.
About 90 of the postcards are used. Some appear in more than one copy. Size and condition vary. Average size: 9X14 cm. Good overall condition. Stains, creases and small tears to margins of some of the postcards. Tears to some postcards.

Opening2,500$ Sold For4,674$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 113

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Collection of High Quality Postcards – Jews of North Africa, Greece and Syria

410 postcards with illustrations and photographs of Jews from North Africa, Greece and Syria. Various publishers, [first half of 20th century].
A rich collection of high quality postcards, depicting Jewish figures from North Africa, Jewish customs and Jewish sites, and numerous postcards portraying the Jewish "mellah" quarters in different Morrocan towns. The collection is arranged in a designated postcard-album from early 20th century (made in France). Some of the postcards appear in several copies. It is possible that several postcards have no Jewish context.
Album: 38 cm. Condition varies; overall good condition. Some postcards were used. Album cover is slightly damaged and loose.

Opening1,500$ Sold For1,968$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 114

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Collection of Postcards – Western Wall

About 125 postcards with illustrations and photographs of the Western Wall. Jerusalem, Jaffa, Tel-Aviv, Cairo, Berlin, Dresden, Paris, New-York and other locations. Ca. 1901-1965 (most postcards from early 20th century).
The collection includes, among others, twenty undivided ostcards, real-photo postcards as well as some greeting cards and "Shanah Tovah" cards.
Size and condition vary. Average size: 9X14 cm. Overall good condition.
Provenance: Collection of Dr. Simon Cohen.

Opening1,500$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 115

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High Quality Collection of “Shanah Tovah” Postcards

396 "Shanah Tovah" Postcards. [Europe and USA, early 20th century].
A high quality collection of "Shanah Tovah" postcards, most of them American or European. The collection is arranged in a designated postcard-album from early 20th century and it includes unique postcards as well as numerous postcards which are parts of series.
Album: 34 cm. Condition varies; overall good condition. Some postcards were used. Some of the album leaves are detached. Some of the cuts in the paper intended to stabilize the photographs on the album leaves are torn. Cover with leather spine and corners; tears and defects to spine and corners.

Opening1,500$ Sold For3,444$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 116

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Collection of “Shanah Tovah” Greeting Cards / Jewish Brigade

1-6. Six "Shanah Tovah" greeting cards sent by soldiers who served in the British Army or the Jewish Brigade, 1942-1945. Printed greeting cards of the 1st Palestinian Light Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Army Service Corps, company 508 ATS and more.
7-18. A dozen "Shanah Tovah" greeting cards [Palestine, second half of 1940s].
19. A photographed "Shanah Tovah" card, "Shulamit" studio, Haifa, 1927.
Size and condition vary. Overall good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 117

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Collection of Pop-Up “Shanah Tovah” Cards

Seventeen Pop-Up "Shanah Tovah" cards, with printed greetings, "LeShanah Tovah" and "Shanah Tovah". Germany, early 20th century.
Elaborate pop-up cards for the New Year. Among the images: carriages, ships, panorama of Tel-Aviv, synagogue scenes and other subjects. It is possible that the cards were printed in Germany for "Hebro [Hebrew] Publishing Company" in the first and second decades of the 20th century.
Size and condition vary. Average size: 27X23 cm. Overall good condition. Small tears and defects to some cards.
Provenance: Collection of Dr. Simon Cohen.

Opening2,000$ Sold For2,460$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 118

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Fathers and Sons – Mendele Mocher Sforim – Author’s Dedication

Fathers and Sons, a Love Story by S.J. Abramowitch [Mendele Mocher Sforim]. Odessa, 1868. Hebrew.
In this book Mendele Mocher Sforim contrasts the world of the fathers with that of the sons: the enthusiasm of the new generation and the decay of the old.
On the inner side of the front cover is a dedication in the author's hand: "To the rabbi, the magnificent speaker… Zvi Hirsch Dainow… a souvenir of love from his admiring and respecting friend, S.J. Abramowitch" (Hebrew).
[1] Front cover, [5], 162, [2] pp, [1] back cover, 20.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains and wear. First leaves partly detached. Original binding, worn and with damaged margins.

Opening400$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 119

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“Provisional Certificate of Palestinian Citizenship” of Jacob Israel De Haan – With his Photograph and Signature

"Provisional Certificate of Palestinian Citizenship" provided to Jacob Israel de Haan in Jerusalem, September 1922. Hebrew and English.
Printed certificate, one side in Hebrew and the other in English, with details filled in on a typewriter. Signed by de Haan in Hebrew and in English. A photograph of de Haan is attached to the English side, above a stamp of the "Department of Immigration and Travel", Government of Palestine.
De Haan (1881-1924), Jewish attorney, journalist and poet, born in the Netherlands. In 1919, after becoming religious and a Zionist activist, he immigrated to Palestine with the hope of joining the Zionist Movement. After being rejected by the circles and institutions he wished to enter, he joined the ultra-Orthodox (haredi) circles in Jerusalem and began acting against the Zionist community. Among other things, he organized a haredi delegation to Emir Abdullah, King of Jordan. De Haan was assassinated in what is considered the first political murder in Palestine.
[1] leaf (two pages), 23.5 cm. Fair condition. Folding marks and numerous creases. Some stains. A number of minute holes and an open tear (with slight damage to text). Tears (including one about 5 cm. long) reinforced with non-acidic adhesive tape.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,722$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 120

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Abraham Isaac Kook – Two Handwritten Drafts of Letters – Early 1930s

Two drafts of letters handwritten by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook. Palestine, [ca. 1930-1934]. Hebrew.
1. Draft of a letter to Abba Ahimeir, handsigned by Rabbi Kook. [1934].
Written after Ahimeir was cleared of charge for being involved in the assassination of Arlozorov. "Dear author…I congratulate you - Mazal Tov - as justice has been done and I hope that with G-d's will it will soon be proved that hands of a holy people are not stained with blood…".
[1] leaf, approx. 14X12.5 cm. Fair condition. Tears, adhesive tape remnants, and stains (not affecting text). A small piece is detached and fastened with adhesive tape.
2. Draft of a letter to Meir Dizengoff, concerning the estate of Mordechai (Vladimir) Haffkine (Chavkin). [early 1930s]. Written on official stationery, Not signed.
[1] leaf, 21X14 cm. Good condition. Stains and slight defects to margins. Horizontal folding mark.

Opening300$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium
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