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Auction 56 Lot Number 73

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Colored Map – “The Wanderings and Life of Abraham the Patriarch” – Abraham Ortelius

Abrahami Patriarchae Peregrination Et Vita - "The Wanderings and Life of Abraham the Patriarch", hand-colored engraving. [Antwerp, 1590]. Cartographer: Abraham Ortelius.
The map shows the land of Canaan and part of Egypt; it is oriented to the north. Arranged around the map are 22 medallions with depictions of scenes from the life of Abraham, the expulsion of Hagar and Ishmael and the Binding of Isaac. Beneath the cartouche, on the right, are three bar scales representing three different measuring methods.
Leaf approx. 37.5X48.5 cm, framed: 53X63 cm. Good condition. Stains, folding marks and creases. Unexamined out of frame.
Laor 547.

Opening500$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 74

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Two Maps of Palestine – Amsterdam, 1660

Two maps, colored by hand, from the book "La Sainte Bible qui contient le Vieux et le Nouveau Testament". [Amsterdam, 1660]. French.
1. Situation du Paradis et du Pays de Canaan. Map of Palestine and the Middle East, with five cartouches within which appear scenes from the book of Genesis (Noah's Ark, Adam and Eve, and more).
Leaf: 42X56 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains, professionally repaired tears at margins and folding marks. Two tears to upper part. Matted and framed.
2. Sortie des Enfans d´Israel hors d`Egypt. A map depicting the Exodus from Egypt. A large illustration on the lower third of the map depicts scenes from the story of the exodus.
Leaf: 57X42 cm. Fair condition. Three long, lengthwise, tears, professionally repaired. Stains. Tears at margins. Matted and framed.
Both maps are not listed in Laor.
Enclosed: Old Jerusalem, Map (engraving) of the Old City of Jerusalem, [18/19th century?]. 35.5X24 cm. Good condition. Stains. Matted and framed.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 75

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Two Maps of the Land of Israel, 18th Century

1. Iudaea, seu Terra Sancta quae Hebraeorum sive Israelitarum. Map of the Land of Israel on both banks of the Jordan River, showing the division of land among the tribes, by Guillaume Sanson. Amsterdam, [1700?]. Hand-colored copperplate engraving.
Situated in the upper left corner is a cartouche with the map's title and printing details, alongside illustrations of Aaron the High Priest, Abraham and Isaac, and more. The bottom right corner features an illustration of the spies with a cluster of grapes.
Map: approx. 47X58 cm, leaf: 51X59 cm. Fair condition. Stains and tears. Open tears with damage to map (some are repaired with paper). Pieces of adhesive tape are taped to the poster's reverse.
Laor 683.
2. La Judée ou Palestine, sous le roi Herodes. Map of Palestine under Herod, with a division into tribal lands, by Pierre Moullart-Sanson. [Paris, 18th century]. Hand-colored copperplate engraving.
Engraving: 39X33.3 cm. Leaf margins cut, bordering the engraving margins. Some stains. Creases, tears and slight defects to margins. Several pieces of paper are glued onto the map's reverse.
See Laor 513 (slightly different map).

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 76

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Painting of Jerusalem – 18th/19th Century

Hieru[s]alem, view of the Old City of Jerusalem. [18th/19th century]. Ink and watercolor on paper.
Titled at the top of the leaf and signed on the bottom right corner (A.B.).
21X41 cm (two leaves of paper attached to each other). Good condition. Stains. Folding marks. Repaired tear near bottom margins. Piece of paper glued to the joining of the two leaves. On the reverse of the painting are two handwritten inscriptions, in ink: "Hierusalem" and "iorasalem" - which can be seen through the paper on the other side. Attached to passe-partout and framed.

Opening400$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 77

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Map of Palestine and its Holy Sites – Vienna, 1875

Panorama des Heiligen Landes [Panorama of the Holy Land]. Printed by M. Munk, Vienna, [c. 1875].
A lithograph map colored by hand, according to a drawing by Rabbi Chaim Solomon Pinie of Safed.
The map’s format is quite unique: it is divided into five horizontal strips according to the country's regions, arranged from West to East, with East on top. The map includes an impressively detailed description of the towns, sites, springs and mountains in Eretz Israel, including sites and tombs of the righteous, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, the Tombs of the Kings, Bethlehem and Rachel's Tomb, Peki'in and the Cave of Rashbi, Safed and the Tombs of the Tana’im and Kabbalists, and more. Surrounded with the Hebrew inscription: "Shape of the Holy Land, its borders, towns and villages, mountains and hills…"
The map was originally printed in 1875 in two versions, on fabric and on paper. This map is of the latter type, an original lithographic printing on paper in black and white, different from later facsimiles. The mountains, seas, some of the buildings and the walls of Jerusalem are hand colored.
61.5X45 cm. Fair condition. Age-toned paper. Tears and many creases. Open tears, affecting text and the map, some repaired. Partly mounted on cardboard.
Not in the Eran Laor Collection of Holy Land maps. Ref.: Wajntraub, Hebrew Maps of the Holy Land, maps 66-66a.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 78

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Map of Jerusalem in Hebrew – Avraham Grayevsky – Jerusalem, Early 20th Century

Map of Jerusalem and the surroundings II, edited by A. Grayevsky [Avraham Grayevsky]. Monsohn lithographic press, Jerusalem, [ca. 1909].
Map of Jerusalem and the surroundings, scale 1:8335. Names of streets and sites are printed in Hebrew. Two paper-labels of the "American and German Tourist Express Company" owned by Grayevsky and S. Isacoff in Cairo are mounted on the two upper corners of the map. Printed on one label - the map is "a souvenir for the year 5670 from the owners of the tourism company" (Hebrew).
70X49.5 cm. Fair condition. Folding marks, creases and stains. Closed and open tears, professionally repaired. A piece of about 10X5 cm is lacking at lower right corner.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 79

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Map of Palestine – Large Format for Schools – Published by the Zionist Executive Committee in Berlin, 1913

Map of Palestine after a map by Kiepert, edited by E. [Eliyahu] Sapir and the engineer A. Krause. Illustrated by Paul Krause & Sandor Kästner. Published by the Zionist General Council. Lithographic printing, Dietrich Reimer (E. Vohsen), Berlin, [1913].
Accompanied by two small maps (insets): one of the Tribes of Israel and one of Jerusalem in the days of the Second Destruction of the Temple. Mounted on two wooden sticks, for hanging on a wall, with remnants of a leather strap on top, for storing rolled.
190X132 cm. Mounted on cloth. Fair condition. Some tears at margins. Rough tears to upper part, affecting map, some of them are unprofessionally repaired. Stains and damp-staining to upper part. Tears to cloth, to upper part. Later pasting of cloth on the reverse.
Laor 901.

Opening750$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 80

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“Atlas of the Jewish World” – Davis Trietsch – Berlin, 1926

Atlas der Jüdischen Welt [Atlas of the Jewish World], by David Trietsch. Berlin: Orient, [1926]. German.
Thirty color plates (some folded), containing a variety of diagrams, graphs, charts and maps with abundant information regarding Palestine and the Jewish people (settlement areas, population growth, quarries, import and export data, and more).
[1] leaf (table of contents) + [30] separate plates, inserted in paper portfolio, approx. 25X38 cm. Plates in good condition. Light creases, mostly to corners. Some stains (mostly light, mostly to margins). Damaged portfolio.
Not in NLI. One copy in OCLC.

Opening500$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 81

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Large Collection of Maps of Palestine and Jerusalem

Large, high-quality collection of maps of Palestine and Jerusalem and illustration plates from travel and research books – about 50 engravings, woodcuts and prints, most of them hand-colored. Most of the maps and plates are from the 18th-19th centuries; several earlier or later items.
Collection includes:
* Canaan Comonly Called The Holy Land Or The Land Of Promise. Map of Palestine by Richard Blome. [London], 1687. Hand-colored engraving. See Laor 112.
* Das Heilig Jüedischland. Map of Palestine from the book "Cosmographia" by Sebastian Münster [16th century]. Hand-colored woodcut. Text in German printed on reverse (Das Heilig Land nach…).
* Ierusalem, Et Suburbia Eius, Sicut Tempore Christi Floruit… Map of Jerusalem, from the book by Christian Kruik van Adrichem, "Theatrum Terrae Sanctae et Biblicarum Historiarum", Cologne, 1682. Hand-colored engraving. See Laor 934.
* Maps from the book by Thomas Fuller, "A Pisgah-Sight of Palestine and the Confines Thereof", [17th century]: Ierusalem qualis (ut plurimum) extitit aetate Solomonis, plan of Jerusalem (see Laor 1024); map of the lands of the Tribe of Simeon; map of the lands of the Tribe of Dan. Hand-colored engravings.
* And many other maps.
Total of about 50 items. Size and condition vary. Some of maps are inserted in passe-partouts.

Opening2,000$ Sold For3,444$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 82

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Collection of Maps and Prints of Palestine and the Temple

58 maps and prints of Palestine and the Temple. [Mostly Europe, 16th through 19th century].
A diverse collection, which includes: * six maps of Palestine (among them a map of Palestine and the vicinity by Hans Rudolf Manuel, from "Cosmography" by Sebastian Münster, 1564). * Eleven prints of views in Palestine and biblical scenes. * Forty one plates from the book "Physica Sacra" by Johann Jakob Scheuchze [Germany, 18th century], depicting the Temple.
Size and condition vary. Fair-good condition.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 83

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“Historical Monuments in Syria, Palestine and Western Arabia” – Berlin, 1918 – One Hundred Photograph Plates

Alte Denkmäler aus Syrien, Palastina und Westarabien. 100 Tafeln mit beschreibendem Text. Veroffentlicht auf Befehl von Ahmen Djemal Pascha [Ancient Monuments in Syria, Palestine and Western Arabia. 100 Plates…]. Berlin: Georg Reimer, 1918. Ottoman Turkish and German.
The book includes 100 plates (most of them feature photographs) depicting sites in Jerusalem (including the Western Wall, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Tomb of Absalom), Bethlehem, Tiberias, Aleppo, Damascus, Baalbek and many other cities; with explanatory sheets in German and Ottoman Turkish. Edited by the German archaeologist Theodor Wiegand; commissioned by the Governor of Syria and Palestine, Ahmed Djemal Pasha (who wrote the book's introduction) and published shortly before the defeat of the "Central Powers" in World War I, after which the Ottoman Empire lost control of the territories mentioned in the book.
[5] leaves, 100 plates + 100 pp text, 34.5 cm. Good condition. Stains (mostly to leaf margins). Cloth-covered binding, somewhat faded and loose. Some loose leaves.
Provenance: Shlomo Shva collection.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 84

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Leo Kahn – “Palästina im Bild” – Large Format Edition

Palästina im bild [Palestine in pictures], a portfolio with twenty two photograph plates (out of twenty four), by Leo Kahn. Published by Jüdischer Verlag. Berlin, [ca. 1912].
Photographs were taken in 1912, by Kahn, during his mission to Palestine, on behalf of the newspaper Judische Zeitung and in cooperation with JNF. Out of a total of 180 photographs printed in the regular edition, 24 photographs were selected and they are printed in this edition. Among the photographs: Yemenites jewelers, a guard in the Moshava Kineret, photographs from Petach Tikva and Rehovot, "Bezalel" school and more.
Total of [22] plates (out of 24 plates). Approx. 47X58 cm. Condition varies, overall good condition. Stains. Some creases (mainly at margins). Three plates with defects to photographs. Portfolio in fair condition, damaged and worn, with detached or lacking parts.
Provenance: Collection of Dr. Simon Cohen.

Opening1,800$ Sold For2,214$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 85

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Yemenite Jews – Four Photographs – Late 19th Century

Four photographs of Yemenite Jews, taken in the studio of photographer B. Stein in Beirut. [Late 19th century].
Each one of the photographs is mounted on a cabinet card with the inscription "B. Stein / Beyrouth Syrie".
Photos: approx. 14X10.5 cm. Cardboard cards: approx. 16X11 cm. Good condition.

Opening800$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 86

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Collection of Photographs – Khalil Raad

Fifteen photographs by the photographer Khalil Raad. Jerusalem, early 20th century.
Among the photographs: * Six studio photographs (some of them portray tourists wearing Palestinian costumes; a photograph of a couple of Jewish girls, and more) mounted on original cardboard cabinet cards of Raad. * Nine postcards with photographs by Raad, depicting sites in Jerusalem and the environs, ink-stamped on the reverse with photographer's stamp (embossed stamp on one). * Enclosed: original paper envelope from the store of Raad outside Jaffa Gate (with his name and address printed on the front).
Size varies, overall good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 87

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Two Photo-Albums – Ramblers’ Association in Palestine, 1920s

Two photo-albums belonging to a member of a ramblers' association (Agudat Meshotetim) in Palestine. Palestine, 1927-1928.
176 photographs are mounted on the album's leaves, recording hikes around the country, the atmosphere among the group members, encounters with Bedouin tribes and Arab villages, archaeological and biblical sites, many water brooks, and more. Among others, the photographs record the following sites and events: Rachel's Tomb, Wadi Daraje, Ein Feshcha, Jordan Valley, an Arab wedding in Beit Shean, one of Solomon's Pools, Beit Machsir, Beer Sheba, A Bedouin child in Dahariya, gypsies near Nebi Samuel, Jericho, Jordan River estuary, Beit Guvrin, Har Tuv, Beit Zur, Hariton Cave, Herodium, Tekoa, Mar Saba, Kidron brook, Shilo, Beit El, Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, Massada, Sdom Mountain, and other places. Most photographs are titled by hand and dated, on album's leaves. See item 14.
Photographs in varying size, 6X8.5 cm to 11X8.5 cm. Mounted on album leaves, 16.5X24.5 cm, bound with a string. Overall good condition. Some of the album's leaves are partly detached.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 88

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Letter and Photograph Collection – Tel Nordau Neighborhood in Tel Aviv – Photographs by Shimon Korbman

Letter and collection of photographs showing the Tel Nordau neighborhood in Tel Aviv, [1920s].
1. Official letter (request for payment for a plot of land) from the "Tel Nordau District Committee", addressed to Z. [Zechariah?] Hayutman [Hebrew]. Tel Aviv, 1923. Handwritten on official stationery, signed with a stamp of the "Tel Nordau District Committee in Tel Aviv" and with the signatures of two committee members.
2-6. Five photographs by photographer Shimon Korbman (1887-1978), from 1924; four of them document a private cornerstone-laying ceremony by several families in the Tel Nordau neighborhood. The photographs show, among others, Yitzhak Hayutman (one of the founders of Ahuzat Bayit).
7. Group photograph of second-grade pupils and their teacher, in front of the Tel Nordau school building.
8-9. Two photographs taken on the beach.
Enclosed are two additional photographs, one of Sirkin Street in Tel Aviv, from ca. 1930s.
Size and condition vary. All the photographs are divided on their reverse for use as postcards. Some are captioned on the reverse in pen. Two contain pen markings on the photograph itself. Stains and defects to some of the photographs. In the letter: folding marks, creases, some stains and tears to margins.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 89

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Collection of Photographs – Immigrant Camps in Haifa / Photographs by Lu Landauer

1-4. Four photographs. Haifa, [1910s or 1920s]. Three are captioned in the negative: "Immigrant Camp, Haifa, Palestine", "Dining Hall, Immigrants' House, Haifa, Palestine" and "Immigration Bureau of the Zionist Workers' Union in Haifa, Palestine" (Hebrew). One of the photographs is mounted on cardboard. Approx. 17.5X12 cm. Fair condition. Creases, stains and defects.
5-8. Four photographs by photographer Lu Landauer (stamped on reverse with her stamp), documenting a tent camp on Mount Carmel and a residential structure (for immigrants), [ca. 1940s]. Two of the photographs are 13X8.5 cm and two are 17X11 cm. Fair to good condition. Creases to one of the photographs.
Enclosed is another, unsigned photograph. 11.5X8 cm.
The photographer Lu Landauer, born in Germany, immigrated to Palestine in 1933 and married Dr. Georg Landauer, director of the Department of Settlement of German Immigrants in Palestine. In 1941 she founded a photography department at New Bezalel. She often photographed architectural structures planned by German immigrants, mostly on kibbutzim, for the department directed by her husband. According to her testimony, she later lost or destroyed the glass negatives in her possession. In 1955 she left Israel; she died in 1996 in Lugano, Switzerland.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 90

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Portrait of a Girl, by Grete Ackerman – Petah Tikva

Portrait of a Girl, by Grete Ackerman. Mixed media on paper.
Signed: "Grete Ackerman, P.T." (Hebrew). Mounted on paper signed "Atelier Grete Ackerman".
The photographer and painter Grete Ackerman was born in Poland and immigrated to Palestine in the early 1920s. After her arrival she founded a photography studio in Petah Tikva, becoming the colony's first woman photographer. Most of Ackerman's works, in painting and photography, were portraits. She often painted portraits after photographs she had taken, sometimes painting directly on the photographs. Her studio in Petah Tikva closed in the second half of the 1940s.
Approx. 23.5X18 cm, mounted on paper: 34.5X26.5 cm. Good condition. Some stains. A number of minute holes.
See: "Women Photographers in the Public and Private Sphere", by Rona Sela. In: "Women Artists in Israel 1920-1970", edited by Ruth Markus. Hakibbutz Hameuhad, 2008, p. 110. Hebrew.

Opening300$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 91

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Photographs of Jerusalem, 1930s

46 photographs of Jerusalem, its people and surroundings, [ca. 1930s]. Unknown photographer, maybe Ze'ev Alexandrovich (1905-1992).
The photographs depict sites around Jerusalem, the Arab inhabitants (numerous photographs, including photographs of a Pita vendor, women carrying baskets on their head, washers in a spring, shoe shiner, porters and more), two Haredi Jews in the street, worshippers at the Western Wall, and more. The photographs are numbered on the reverse, but are not signed. Comparing these photographs with the subjects and styles of photographs in the collection of Zeev Alexandrovich in the National Library of Israel, leads to the assumption that these photographs were also taken by Alexandrovich.
Average size: 8.5X13 cm. Good condition. Glue remnants and some stains on the reverse. Numbered in pen on the reverse.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 92

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Collection of Photographs by Ya’acov Ben-Dov, Edited by the Photographer – Commemorating a Jubilee of his Life in Jerusalem

"Return to Zion in my Generation - Map of Yesterday for Tomorrow" (Hebrew) - collection of photographs by photographer Ya'acov Ben-Dov, edited by the photographer and mounted on cardboard sheets. [Photographs from 1910s to 1950s; edited in Jerusalem in 1960].
97 photographs, mounted on cardboard sheets, arranged by subjects. On the front of the first sheet Ben-Dov wrote the above title and added the sentences "Yesterday - yours, tomorrow - yours" (Hebrew) and "A map - from generation to generation - by Ya'acov Ben-Dov, Jerusalem, Talpiot" (Hebrew). It is also mentioned that this collection was compiled "for a jubilee in Jerusalem by Ya'acov Ben-Dov, 1910-1960" (Hebrew).
The photographs are arranged on nineteen folded cardboard sheets, on which Ben-Dov mounted printed labels with titles and dates, and added titles, dates and comments written by hand.
Among the photographs: Portrait of Herzl (photographer: Boris Schatz, Vienna, 1903), portraits of Herbert Samuel, Balfour, Jabotinsky, Sokolov, and Ussishkin, Herzel's cedar, Jerusalemite rabbis, Ben-Yehudah family, Hebrew Gymnasium in Jerusalem, teachers of Herzliya gymnasium in Tel-Aviv, members of "HaPoel HaTza'ir' in Jaffa, portraits of founders of Moshavot and kibbutzim, Bilu members, convention of Jewish teachers in Jerusalem, Jabotinsky in Acre prison, views of Haifa, sites in Jerusalem and the vicinity, and more.
Size varies, approx. 10X6.5 cm to 22.5X29.5 cm. Cardboard sheets: 50 cm. Piercings at right margins of sheets (with no lace which bound them). Defects to titles on front of the first cardboard sheet. Several detached photographs. Most photographs are in good to very good condition. Tears and stains to cardboard sheets.
Provenance: Shlomo Shva collection.

Opening800$ Sold For2,091$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 93

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Collection of Photographs – Jewish Yishuv during the Arab Revolt – Zadek, Weissenstein, Kluger and others – Palestine, 1936-1939

55 press photographs, documenting the Jewish Yishuv during the Arab Revolt. Photographs by Walter Zadek (about 20 photographs), Rudi Weissenstein, Zoltan Kluger and others. Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Kibutz Alonim, Nesher and other locations in Palestine, [ca. 1936-1939].
The photographs document the defense of the Yishuv and the pioneering enterprise during the Arab Revolt. Among them: night guards sleep in Kibutz "Alonim"; "Ghaffir" (guard) reading the bible near "Nesher"; formation of women presenting arms; raising an iron structure for a tower; digging watering tunnels; armed workers in an orange orchard; pest control in the Hula lake; aerial photograph of the Hula lake; and more.
About half of the photographs are ink-stamped on the reverse with the photographers' stamps: "The Orient Press Photo Co. (Photo Z. Kluger), "R. Weissnstein", "Studio Alexander" and "Foto W. Zadek". Some photographs are mounted on paper sheets. A few photographs appear in two copies.
Size and condition vary. Photographs: 13.5X8 cm - 18X23.5 cm. Overall good-fair condition. Stains. Scratches and defects (mainly slight). Pen markings on several photographs. Inscription on the reverse of one photograph. Foxing to paper sheets.
Provenance: Shlomo Shva collection.

Opening500$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 94

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Five Press Photographs – 1936-1938 Riots – Scottish Forces in Jerusalem

Five press photographs from the period of the 1936-1938 Riots.
Press photographs, captioned and dated on verso by the news and photo agencies that published them.
* Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion of the Scots Guards marching in Jerusalem. * Soldiers of "The Black Watch" and the "Coldstream Guards" at their post in Jerusalem's Old City. A Scottish or British soldier in the streets of the Old City, which are empty due to the riots.
Size varies, 20.5X12.5 cm to 30X25 cm. Good overall condition. Stains, a few creases and glue marks to some of the photographs (on verso).

Opening900$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 95

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Collection of Photographs – Children and Youths from the “Youth Aliya” / Tehran Children

Eleven photographs documenting the arrival of children and youths from Europe to Palestine and their absorption in various institutions. [Ca. 1930s/1940s].
Photographs documenting groups of children and youths upon arrival to Palestine and in various institutions. One of the photographs shows Recha Freier, founder of the "Youth Aliya" enterprise; another photograph shows children near a bus with Arabic script.
Three photographs are signed in the negative and marked with the stamp of the photographer [Julian] First (Haifa); one photograph is marked with the stamp of photographer Rudolf Jonas.
Average size: 15X9.5 cm. First's photographs: 17X11.5 cm. Good overall condition. Creases and small tears, mostly to margins. Some stains.

Opening600$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 96

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Collection of Items from the Estate of the Actress Hanna Rovina – Photographs, Letters and Other Items

Extensive and diverse collection of more than 1000 items (most of them are photographs) from the estate of Hanna Rovina (1888?-1980), Israeli theater actress who won the title of "First Lady of Hebrew Theater", winner of the Prize of Israel for Theater (1956). Rovina won great esteem and was an admired figure in Israel and worldwide; she devoted her life to theater and never left the stage almost until her last days.
Collection includes:
1. More than 900 photographs of Hanna Rovina, among them photographs of plays in which she acted (including photographs from the years prior to the immigration of "Habima" to Palestine and from the first years of "Habima" in the country); portrait photographs; group photographs with friends, "Habima" theater actors and actors from other theaters, politicians, artists and intellectuals; photographs of family members; press photographs; and more. [Israel, Europe and the USA, ca. 1925-1975]. Some of the photographs are titled and dated on the reverse. On some photographs appear handwritten dedications to Rovina.
Among the photographs: * Photographs portraying Rovina with Avraham Shapira, Reuven Rubin, Pinchas Litvinovsky, Golda Meir, David Ben-Gurion (enclosed is an additional photograph of Ben-Gurion sleeping in the field and surrounded by soldiers), Avraham Shlonsky and others. * Photographs from the film "The Deluge" with the participation of "Habima" actors, 1925 (after the play by "Habima" in the same year in Russia). * Photographs from the plays "Eternal Jew" and "Hadybbuk".
* Photograph from farewell party for Moshe Halevi (founder of HaOhel" theater), 1925. * Photographs from shooting the film "Sabra" (Israeli film from 1932 directed by Aleksander Ford, considered the first talking feature film in Palestine). * Photographs from the plays "Uriel D'Acorsta", "Hostages", "Mira'le Efrat", "Mother Courage", "Two Worlds", "Macbeth", "The Cherry Orchard", "Hagolem", and more. * Album with twenty two photographs from the play "Halehava HaKedosha" (ca. 1931). * Three portrait-photographs of Rovina by Alfred Bernheim (stamped with photographer's ink-stamp. Two are signed by hand). * Numerous photographs which Rovina received from friends, among them "Habima" actors, with dedications written by hand; and more.
2. Several letters to Hanna Rovina (in Hebrew, Russian, German and Yiddish), among them are letters from Kadya Molodovsky, Anda Pinkerfeld, S. Shalom, David Remez and others.
3. Several autograph letters or drafts of letters by Hanna Rovina, including a draft of a letter to Mordechai Ish-Shalom, Mayor of Jerusalem, letter to Simon (Shimon) Wiesenthal, and more.
4. Items related to an event held in 1958 on the tenth anniversary of the State of Israel in which Rovina read the "Declaration of Independence": photograph from the occasion; a letter to Hanna Rovina concerning this issue; text of the Declaration of Independence to which was added a handwritten letter to Rovina from the actor Aharon Meskin [who writes: "I believe that you are the person who should and must read the Declaration of Independence"].
5. Items related to the premiere of the symphony "Kadish" (symphony no. 3) by Leonard Bernstein, played by the Israeli philharmonic orchestra with the participation of Hanna Rovina (as narrator), 1963. Among the items: advertising posters for this performance; booklets and printed leaves with the narrator's text, with markings and comments written by hand by Rovina; newspaper clippings with articles about the event.
6. Letters and greeting cards given to Rovina after her participation in the play "Ha'em" (the mother), in 1964 and after being awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Tel-Aviv University in 1975.
Total of more than 1000 items. Size and condition vary. Some photographs appear in multiple copies.
Provenance: Shlomo Shva collection.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,337$ Including buyers premium
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