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Auction 56 Lot Number 49

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Early Tel Aviv Cinema Poster – “Luna Park” Cinema in Jaffa, 1922

Advertising poster for a "Farewell Evening" at the Luna Park Cinema with a performance of "The Secretary" - a show combining theater and cinema. HaNafir Printing Press, Haifa, [probably, 1922]. Hebrew.
The headline of the poster reads, “This is the final evening at the Luna Park Cinema… The apex of art with the performance of ‘The Secretary.’ This performance is half theater and half cinema […] With the famous actor Amin Atallah". The poster is illustrated with two photographs showing scenes from the performance, surrounded by texts with the names of the actors and details about the film.
The Luna Park Cinema was one of the first in Tel-Aviv. It operated during the years 1919-1922 in the central square in Jaffa (today, Shderot Yerushalayim). In addition to a cinema, the Luna Park compound featured a Ferris wheel and other attractions. In 1922, the name of the theater was changed to "HaTehiya".
31X45 cm. Fair condition. Stains and creases. Repaired closed tears at the creases (reinforced verso with tape). Small tears at margins. A piece about 16.5X17 cm is lacking in the upper right corner (without damage to the text; repaired with paper).

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 50

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Two Advertising Posters, in Arabic, for a Performance of the Egyptian Theatre Company “Ramses” – Jaffa, 1930

Two advertising posters for a performance of the "Ramses" theatre company led by the Egyptian director and actor Youssef Wahbi, at the Abu Shakush Café in Jaffa, 1930. Arabic.
The text of the two posters is slightly different.
1. 68X48 cm. Mounted on cardboard. Good condition. Folding lines and slight defects. Defects to left corners (bottom left corner torn and partly detached).
2. 47X61.5 cm. Fair condition. Folding marks and creases. Extensive foxing near margins. Tears to margins (coarse, open tears to top and bottom margins). Ink-stamp with date.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 51

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“Twelfth Night” – Advertising Poster for Habima Theater in Arabic, 1931

Advertising poster for a production of "Twelfth Night" by Habima Theater at the "Mughrabi Opera" hall in Tel Aviv (the play's premiere in Palestine). "Maloul" Press, Jerusalem, 1931. Arabic.
This production by Habima Theater was the first professional production of a Shakespearean play in Hebrew. The play was translated by Shaul Tchernichovsky and first staged in Berlin in 1930.
70X50 cm. Good-fair condition. Folding marks and creases. Slightly faded printing. Some stains. Tears to margins. Coarse, open tears to upper corners. Ink-stamp with date.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 52

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Poster – Rally of the “Palestine Boy Scouts” – Jaffa, 1931

District Scout Rally, advertising poster for a rally of the Palestine Boy Scouts Local Association, Southern District, which took place in Jaffa in 1931, under the patronage of High Commissioner John Chancellor. Arabic and English.
The rally featured various competitions such as tent pitching, signaling, and more.
69X50 cm. Good-fair condition. Folding marks and creases. Foxing. Tears (some open), mostly to margins. Ink-stamp with date.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 53

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Arabic-English Advertising Poster for a Quinine Beverage (Tonic) – Rishon LeZion Wineries

Ferro-Quina 'Richon'. Advertising poster for a beverage-remedy, Ferro-Quina, of Rishon LeZion wineries. "Hasolel" press, [Jerusalem, 1932]. Arabic and English.
Linocut printed in red, black and green. On top appears an illustration depicting an Arab doctor serving "Ferro-Quina" to a patient. A paper label is pasted on the illustration of the bottle, with a printed recommendation to drink the beverage as Tonic water, a glass or two before every meal (in the past Tonic water was used medically since it contained a significant amount of Quinine). An ink-stamp from May 1932 appears on the upper margins.
93X61 cm. Good condition. Folding marks. Some tears at folding marks, professionally repaired. Creases. Linen-backed for display and preservation.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 54

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“Dried Eggs” – Two Posters – Hebrew and Arabic

"Dried Eggs", two illustrated posters issued by the "Food Supplies Inspector". Printed by the Government printer, Palestine, [1940s]. Hebrew and Arabic.
The same illustration appears on both posters: a rooster on an egg-shaped background surrounded by the inscription "Dried eggs sold here". On one poster the inscription is printed in Hebrew and on the other poster in Arabic.
Two posters on thick paper. 29.5X39 cm. Good condition. Small tears to margins of Hebrew poster.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 55

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“Filasṭīn al-shahīdah” – Photographed Documentation of Atrocities Committed by British and Jews against Arabs in Palestine

Filasṭīn al-shahīdah, "photographed documentations of some atrocities committed by British and Jews, 1921-1938". [no publisher, location of printing or date are indicated. It is possible that it was published in Turkey, 1938 or 1939]. Arabic.
A booklet with about 145 photographs recording the atrocities against Palestinian Arabs during the 1920s-30s, committed by British and Jews: "Destruction, fires, loot, eradication of towns and villages, vandalism, torture, murder of women and children, desecration of Allah's books, destruction of mosques…". On the cover of the booklet - a signature from 1929, "Abd El-Razzak Al-Imam" - it is possible that he edited this booklet.
[1] title-cover, [1], 84 pp, 24.5 cm. Good condition. Some creases to cover and to first leaves. Tears at margins of cover and spine.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 56

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Booklet on the Subject of the Rights of Palestinian Arabs – “The Arab Club” – Jerusalem, 1920

An Open Answer to the Open Letter of A. Berline from an Arab to the Zionists, by A. H., Jerusalem: Arab Club (al-Nadi al-'Arabi), Jerusalem [ca. 1920]. English.
An essay written in response to a composition titled "An open letter from the Zionists to the Arabs", written by the Parisian attorney A. Berline in light of the Jewish immigration to Palestine. In the present essay, written as an open letter to the Zionists, the author expresses his reservations regarding Berline's statements about the Palestinian Arabs, and refutes at length Berline's claims, and those of the Zionist Movement, regarding the right of the Jewish people to establish a state in Palestine. The essay was published by the Jerusalem branch of the Arab Club - an organization that sought to end the immigration of Jews to Palestine and aspired to incorporate Palestine in the Arab Kingdom of Syria. The branch's president was Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, later the Mufti of Jerusalem [he may have been the author of the pamphlet].
17 pp, 21.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains and dampstains. Numerous creases. One of the sheets is uncut at the upper margins.
Not in OCLC.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 57

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Collection of Documents – Arab-Palestinian Delegation to London, 1921-1922

Collection of documents which record the activities of the Palestine Arab delegation to London in the years 1921-1922, from the estate of one of the delegation members, Ibrahim Shammas (al- Shammas). Most of the documents are from London, ca. 1921-1922. Arabic and English.
In 1919, after World War I and following the British occupation of Palestine, some groups of Muslims and Christians in Palestine united and organized the Palestine Arab Congress. During the years 1920-1928 the congress convened six times, focusing on opposition to the Zionist Movement and demanding the renunciation of the Balfour declaration. In 1921, during the third congress, the politician Musa Kazim Pasha al-Husayni was elected to head The Palestine Arab Delegation to London. This was the first of several delegations that were sent to London during the years 1921-1930. While in England, members of the delegation tried to draw attention to the Arab-Palestinian issue and met with many leaders and politicians (including the Pope, representatives of the League of Nations, secretary of state for colonies Winston Churchill, and others). In 1922 the delegation returned to Palestine as a protest against the approval of the text of the Mandate of Palestine. The delegation did not achieve any significant results but succeeded in gaining support by British Parliament members mainly from the conservative party.
The documents in this colection shed light on the activity of the Arab-Palestinian delegation in London. Among the documrnts:
* Nine copies of circulars (duplication of manuscripts) on official stationery of the delegation. Eight are signed by hand by the head of the delegation,
Musa al-Husayni. One circular is partly handwritten (most probably by al-Husayni) and not signed. London, April-July 1922. Arabic.
The circulars include protocols of meetings with British politicians, including the High Commissioner, Herbert Samuel, and with the representative for Palestinian matters of the Minister for Colonies Winston Churchill; details of the endeavors invested by the delegation members to cancel the Balfour declaration, and to amend the British Mandate for Palestine command and Treaty of Sèvres; and more. A meeting with Chaim Weizmann is mentioned in one of the circulars. In the same circular Winston Churchill is quoted as saying that the Balfour declaration is "Inheritance from the war".
One circular is not complete. Enclosed are additional copies of some of the circulars.
* Seven copies of printed letters from the head of the delegation. Not signed. May-July 1922. English.
Among them: copy of a letter about the situation in Syria, May 1922 (two copies, one addressed to the US ambassador to Britain and the second to Prime Minister of Britain); copy of a letter to Winston Churchill concerning the leasing of lands in Haifa to JCA, June 1922; Copy of a letter about the refusal of the Palestinians represented by the delegation to accept the Balfour declaration, July 1922 (two copies, one addressed to the President of the League of Nations and the other to Winston Churchill); copy of a protest letter against the Mandate (two copies, one to the President of the League of Nations and the other to the British Foreign Minister).
* Copy of a printed letter on behalf of Winston Churchill, in response to a letter by the delegation, April, 1922. Two copies.
* Leaf with copies of telegrams from the delegation with a notice about the decision of the Arab Congress to return the delegation; following Churchill's declaration that the Balfour Declaration is an "indivisible part" of the Mandate. July 1922. English.
* Remarks on the Interim Report of the High Commissioner on the Civil Administration of Palestine from July 1st to June 30th 1921. A long document (duplication of a typewritten document) with comments by the delegation on the interim report of the High Commissioner on the civil administration Palestine.
* Letters and other documents, including documents to Ibrahim Shammas, a letter hand-signed by the delegation secretary Shibly Jamal, a printed document dealing with the British policy in Palestine and the significance of the Balfour Declaration in the framework of the Mandate, and more.
Total of about 25 documents. Enclosed are additional copies of some of the documents. Size and condition vary. Overall good to fair condition. Tears, creases and stains. Dampstains on some documents.

Opening5,000$ Sold For8,610$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 58

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Collection of Personal Documents, Business Documents and Photographs – Shammas Family

Extensive collection of documents, letters and photographs, from the estate of the Shammas (al-Shammas) family. [Early 20th century]. Arabic and English.
The collection includes: * About 100 documents and personal and business letters, sent to and from the brothers Alexander and Ibrahim Shammas. * Invoice notebooks of Shammas brothers. * A dozen family photographs (most of them studio-photographs), among them are photographs by the photographers Khalil Raad, Savvides, Krikorian and others. * About 100 letters from the estate of Dr. Michael Shammas (son of Ibrahim Shammas), among them: about 40 letters sent to and from Michael Shammas, about 25 receipts and business documents, tens of medical documents related to his work as a physician, invoice notebook of Dr. Shammas, several documents from the time Shammas served as an interpreter for the British army in World War I, and other items.
Total of more than 200 items. Size and condition vary. Some items in fair-poor condition with significant water damages, tears and stains.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 59

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Collection of Items – Orthodox Charity Societies in Jerusalem

Six paper items from the archive of Dr. Michael Shammas (al-Shammas), son of Ibrahim Shammas. Jerusalem, 1920s-30s. Arabic.
1-3. A letter handwritten by Dr. Shammas addressed to the Society for the Relief of Destitute Sick, in which Dr. Shammas offers his services as a physician, voluntarily; Two handwritten letters (on stationery of the Society for the relief of destitute sick) stating that the society accepts his offer and praises him for his kindness.
4. Printed broadside sent by the Orthodox Charity Society during the first year of its operation; the society calls the members to donate to the needy towards Christmas.
5. Booklet recording the budget of the Orthodox Charity Society in Jerusalem and the operation of the society in the years 1933-1934; names of members and their roles, and two photographs. "HaAchdut HaAravit" printing press, Jerusalem [1934?].
6. Handwritten leaf, (part of a letter), in which the writer criticizes the government and the law it legislated which harms the church and implies a serious intervention in its matters.
Size and condition vary. Overall good condition. Tears, folding marks and slight stains to some items.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 60

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Collection of Documents – “The Freemasons” in Palestine, 1920s-1930s

Collection of printed documents of the Freemasons Organization in Palestine, from the archive of Ibrahim Shammas - one of the founders of the Golden Throne Lodge of the Freemasons, a member of the permanent committee of the National Grand Lodge of Palestine and a member of the Arab delegation to London in the years 1921-1922. Most of the documents are from Jerusalem, from the 1920s-1930s. English, Arabic, Hebrew and French.
The collection includes: about 75 printed booklets and invitations to conferences of various lodges of the Freemasons. These documents shed light on the organization's activities in Palestine, and include lists of the names of members of the different lodges (Arabs and Jews), the timetables of the conferences, and more. Items include: * Official invitations to conferences of the Golden Throne Lodge in Jerusalem from 1926 (the year the lodge was founded) to 1934. * Official invitations (in French) to conferences of the Jerusalem no. 262 lodge (the lodge was active under Egyptian authority, and its activities were held in French); and an English program printed for the Consecration of the Lodge ceremony in 1926. * Official invitations, in English, to the conferences of the Mount Sinai No. 293 lodge in Jerusalem from the years 1929-1932, and a menu for a festive meal at the lodge. * Printed invitations and booklets of the lodges Pax, Jordan, Mizpah, Mount Zion, Nur Ul-Hikmah, El-Shams, HaKochav [The Star], and more.
* Typewritten documents of the National Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Palestine from 1933 - invitation to a conference, signed in the handwriting of the lodge's general secretary; and a list of names of the members of the lodge's various committees.
Total of about 75 items. Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition. Stains, creases and tears (coarse tears and dark stains to a number of items).

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Auction 56 Lot Number 61

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Broadside and Two Elections Leaflets in Arabic – “Haganah”, “Herut” and “Reshimat HaLochamim”, 1947-1949

Broadside on behalf of the "Haganah" and two elections leaflets on behalf of "Herut" and "Reshimat HaLochamim"' addressing the Arab population. Israel, ca. 1947-1949. Arabic.
1. "Broadside on behalf of the "Haganah", warning the Arab population to stop all acts of hostility and turn to peace. Printed on December 4, 1947 - five days after the break out of the Independence War.
2. Elections leaflet on behalf of "Reshimat HaLochamim" (party of ex-Lehi members), towards the elections for the first Knesset. Moriah printing press, [ca. 1949]. In the center is a picture of Yusuf Abu Gosh, who was active in the Lehi underground movement and the Independence War battles.
3. Elections leaflet on behalf of "Herut Movement", folded as a booklet. [ca. 1949].
Size and condition vary. Good overall condition. Creases and some stains. Folding marks and small open tears to margins of the "Haganah" broadside.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 62

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The Palestinian Resistance – Collection of Broadsides and Paper Items, Late 1960s

16 broadsides and paper items of the Palestinian organizations Fatah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the PLO and others. Israel, ca. late 1960s. Arabic, Hebrew and English.
Items include:
1. Early broadside of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, dating from the first exchanges of fire leading up to the Battle of Karameh (the first military conflict between the IDF and the Palestinian organizations, on 21 March 1968). Written in Arabic and English, it blames the Zionist leadership for the killing of Palestinians.
2-7. Bilingual (Hebrew-Arabic) broadside, printed on both sides, on behalf of the Al-Asifah Forces. The broadside addresses the "Zionist invaders" with a sharp message: "Al-Asifah will persecute you at all times and in all places to destroy your entity …". Six copies.
8-9. Broadside in Arabic on behalf of the Fatah organization, on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the death of Ahmed Musa, the organization's first "shahid", killed during an attempt to blow up the national water pipeline. Two copies.
10. "The Masses Oppose the Occupation", early Palestinian pamphlet of the resistance organizations, compiling news items related to the struggle between the IDF and the Palestinian resistance.
11. Propaganda broadside for Palestinian schools on behalf of the Fatah military wing, calling on citizens to join the struggle for the Palestinian homeland.
12. Illustrated postcard marking the Fatah's day of establishment. Illustration of a groaning horse with the Fatah emblem.
13-14. Two illustrated envelopes of the French airmail service, apparently printed by the PLO embassy in Paris. The envelopes convey a seemingly peaceful message of co-existence under Palestinian rule in Palestine.
15. Issue of a monthly periodical of Fatah, November 28, 1968. Includes an article about women in revolution and war, news items, poems for soldiers, and more.
16. Photocopy of a booklet with a political manifest of Fatah, "for the fourth year of the revolution" (the establishment of Fatah).
Size and condition vary. Fair overall condition. Folding marks, closed and open tears to some of the broadsides. Light stains. Slight damage to text on a few posters. Pen inscriptions.
Provenance: Shlomo Shva collection.

Opening500$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 63

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Collection of Posters – Palestine Liberation Organization

77 posters concerning the rights of the Palestinian people. Most posters were printed on behalf of PLO. Most were printed in France in 1974-2015 (most posters from the 1970s-80s). Arabic, French and some English.
Posters on the subject of "Land Day", refugee camps, children injured in war, liberation of prisoners, Israeli soldiers and more. Some posters appear in two copies.
Size and condition vary. Approx. 59X37 cm - 57X99.5 cm. Overall good condition.

Opening3,800$ Sold For4,674$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 64

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Gerardus Mercator – Atlas Minor – Amsterdam, 1610

Atlas Minor Gerardi Mercatoris. Amsterdam, [1610]. Latin. Third edition.
Atlas by the geographer and cartographer Gerardus Mercator (1512-1594). Illustrated title page, an allegoric engraved plate and 143 maps (engravings) of different countries worldwide, including a map of Palestine. Some of the maps are colored by hand. Lacking ten maps.
Mercator was considered the most important cartographer in the 16th century. The first two maps created by Mercator were a map of Palestine (1537) and a world map (1538). One of his most important contributions to cartography is the projection he created in 1569 (on which he based a word map), called today the "Mercator Projection". Mercator was the first to use the word "Atlas" to define a book with maps.
[4], 536, 545-664 pp [originally: [4], 684 pp. Lacking pages 537-544 (with two maps), and pages 665-684 (with eight maps)], 22X18 cm. Fair condition. Stained. Tears at margins of some of the leaves. Worming. Markings and inscriptions (contemporary), in ink, on part of the leaves. Vellum binding, worn and torn, almost totally detached (with pieces of cloth pasted between the cover boards and the first and last leaves).

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,460$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 65

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“Palaestina”, by Hadriani Relandi – Maps of Palestine and other Engravings – Utrecht, 1714

Hadriani Relandi [Adriaan Reland/Reelant]. Palaestina ex Monumentis Veteribus Illustrata, Tomus I-II. Utrecht: Guilielmi Broedelet (Trajecti Batavorum), 1714. Latin, some Greek, Hebrew and Arabic. Two books in one volume. First edition.
Study of Palestine. Titles in red and black. Contains 15 engraved plates of which six are folding, including a portrait of the author, nine maps of the Holy Land, various charts, and an engraving preceding the title page. Also includes 15 additional engravings in the text.
Adriaan Reland (1676-1718) was a Dutch geographer, cartographer, philologist and polylinguist, and one of the first Orientalists. Professor of Oriental Languages at the University of Utrecht from 1701 and lecturer on the history of the Jewish people. In 1695, Reland was sent to Palestine, where he conducted an exhaustive geographical survey of biblical Eretz Israel. Reland journeyed to 2,500 sites mentioned in the Bible, Mishnah and Talmud, identified every site with the source of its name, and mapped it. He also conducted a census of each site. The results of his extensive survey are recorded in this book.
[10], 1068, [94] pp + [1] leaf (title page of the second book) + [15] plates (six folded), 20 cm. Good condition. Some stains. Worming throughout the book. Tears at margins of some leaves. Tears to first folding plate (author's portrait). Contemporary vellum binding with manuscript spine, loose (first and last gatherings shaky).

Opening400$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 66

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Travel Book to Palestine and the Surrounding Countries – Richard Pococke – London, 1743-1745 – Two Volumes – Numerous Engravings

A description of the East, and Some other Countries by Richard Pococke. Printed by W. Bowyer, London, 1743-1745. Two volumes. English.
The English anthropologist and bishop Richard Pococke (1704-1765) traveled to the Near East in 1737-1741. These two volumes record this journey. The first volume is dedicated to Egypt and the second volume to Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia, Cyprus and other places.
The two volumes include 177 engravings (74 plates in the first volume and 103 plates in the second. Missing one plate). Among the engravings: maps (a folding map of Palestine and Syria, a folding map of Jerusalem, and many others), plans, illustrations of important sites, illustrations of local vegetation, and more. At the opening of each volume appears an engraved plate with a printed dedication by the author.
Vol. 1: [1] leaf, VI, [8], 310 pp (last pages are bound out of order) + [75] plates. One engraved plate is missing (no. 64). Vol. 2: XI, [1], 268, VII, [1], 308 pp + [104] plates. 40.5 cm. Good condition. Ink-stamps. Some stains. Small tears at margins of some leaves (mainly to first and last leaves of both volumes). New bindings and endpapers.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,599$ Including buyers premium

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Book on the Ottoman Empire – Nuremberg, 1789 – Engravings

Abbildung des Türkischen Hofes nach den Gemälden welche Herrn von Ferriol. Nuremberg: Christoph Weigel and Adam Gottlieb Schneider, 1789. German.
"Illustrations of the Turkish Royal Court", book describing the Ottoman Empire in the early 18th century, with 77 engravings after paintings by the Flemish painter Jean Baptiste Vanmour, commissioned by Charles de Ferriol, who was the French ambassador to the Ottoman Empire.
Seventy-four of the etchings depict Turkish figures, including the Turkish Sultan Ahmed III and his entourage, military men and various officials, local figures - including some Jewish figures - and more. The other three engravings depict a wedding, a funeral and a dervish dance (all three are folded).
The French-Flemish artist Jean Baptiste Vanmour (1671-1737) gained renown for his paintings depicting the Ottoman Empire. In 1699 he joined the entourage of the French ambassador to Istanbul, Charles de Ferriol, where he painted the portraits of the senior officials of the Ottoman government, clerics and military men, and other figures (he continued doing so after de Ferriol returned to France in 1711). In 1714 de Ferriol published, in Paris, a book with a series of engravings after paintings he commissioned from Vanmour. The book garnered instant success, was translated into a number of languages and republished in several editions, including the present one.
XII, 136 pp + 77 engraved plates (three of which are folded), 20.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Repaired tears to several leaves. Cardboard binding with leather spine and corners.
Not in NLI.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 68

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Johann Ludwig Burckhardt – “Travels in Syria and the Holy Land” – London, 1822 – Maps

Travels in Syria and the Holy Land, by the late John Lewis Burckhardt; published by the Association for Promoting the Discovery of the Interior Parts of Africa. London: John Murray, 1822. English and some Arabic.
Description of the travels of the Swiss orientalist and traveler Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in Syria and Palestine. Includes seven plates - portrait of the author (lithograph facing title page) and six maps and plans (engravings). Including: a large (folded) map of Syria, Palestine and Egypt; a folded map of Hauran; plans of Jerash and Amman; and more.
Johann Ludwig Burckhardt (1784-1817) was renowned mainly for his rediscovery of the remains of Petra in Jordan. In ca. 1806 he received approval from the London-based Association for Promoting the Discovery of the Interior Parts of Africa to embark on an investigative journey aiming to locate the sources of the Niger River (this is the institution that published the present book). In preparation for this journey, and since he intended to present himself as a Muslim during the research work, he studied Arabic and traveled to the East in order to learn and become familiar with Muslim customs. In 1809 he traveled to Syria, and while there embarked on a number of trips. While traveling he took a Muslim name - Sheikh Ibrahim Ibn Abdallah - and attempted to integrate in the communities he visited. Burckhardt fell ill and died in Cairo before embarking on his journey in Africa, and was buried there in a Muslim cemetery.
[1] leaf, XXIII, [3], 668 pp, + [7] plates. 27 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Dark dampstains to some of the leaves (mostly in the beginning and end of the book). Small tears to the large folded map. One leaf (table of contents) is detached and torn at the margins. Worn, torn and detached binding (as a result, a number of leaves at the beginning and end of the book are detached). Pen inscription on the inner side of the front binding.

Opening600$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

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“Jerusalem Explored” – Ermete Pierotti – London, 1864

Jerusalem Explored, Being a Description of the Ancient and Modern City, with Numerous Illustrations Consisting of Views, Ground plans, and Sections, by Ermete Pierott Translated by Thomas George Bonney. London: Bell and Daldy, 1864. English. Two volumes.
English translation of a survey of Jerusalem by the Italian engineer and archaeologist Ermete Pierotti. Volume I: Text; volume II: 63 plates, some folded, with lithographs depicting Mount Zion, David's Tomb, Jewish Hospital Misgav Ladach, Absalom's Tomb and other sites; includes a large panorama of Jerusalem from Mount of Olives.
Pierotti arrived in Jerusalem in 1854 when he was appointed to serve as a consultant to the renovation works of the Temple Mount. He took part in various construction enterprises in Jerusalem and shortly he was appointed as the City Engineer of Jerusalem. This position enabled him to visit sites which were closed to western scholars, in particular the Temple Mount and the Mosques. The book "Jerusalem Explored" is the outcome of a long historic and archaeological study in Jerusalem.
Volume I: XII, 339, [1] pp. Vol II: [8], [63] pp + LXIII plates. Overall good condition. Creases and foxing. Pencil inscriptions. One of the panorama parts, at the beginning of Part II, is detached. Bindings with leather spines (tears and wear to spines).

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Auction 56 Lot Number 70

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“Sefer Yerushalem” – Tuvia Salomon – Jerusalem, 1884 – Miniature

"Sefer Yerushalem", a concise history of Jerusalem, by Tuvia Salomon. Jerusalem, [Salomon printing press], 1884.
A book about Jerusalem in a particularly small format with drawings of the holy places (some in golden frames). Bound in an olive-wood binding.
The author, Tuvia Salomon (1862-1951), printer, poet, author and scholar, was the son of Yoel Moshe Salomon.
[2], 54, [14] pp, 7.5 cm. Fair condition. Dampstaining and some stains. Binding connected to the book with new endpapers. Loose connection of body of the book to the binding. A handwritten dedication on the front endpaper (from the month of Elul 1962).
S. Halevi 456 (Halevi notes "contains very interesting material about Jerusalem").

Opening400$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 56 Lot Number 71

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Palestine Pilgrims’ Text Society / Palestine Exploration Fund – Collection of Publication

Nineteen booklets about study of Palestine:
1-16. Sixteen booklets of the Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society. London, 1894-1897. Approx. 22.5X15 cm. Overall good-fair condition. Tears and stains to wrappers (one back wrapper is detached).
17-19. Three booklets of the Palestine Exploration Fund. London, 1909-1927. Approx. 22X14.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and tears to wrappers. One detached wrapper.
Provenance: Shlomo Shva collection.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 72

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Early Guide to Palestine and Syria – for Official Use Only by the British – Cairo, 1918

Handbook on northern Palestine and southern Syria, on behalf of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force (a force stationed in Egypt during World War I). Government press, Cairo, 1918. English.
An early guide to Palestine and southern Syria, printed in the early days of the British Mandate for Palestine, for official use by the British Army (Printed on the front cover and on title page: "Secret" and "For Official Use Only"). The guide includes information about central towns and the local populations, roads between the different towns (distances, sites along the route, condition of roads, necessary means of transportation, and more), and several maps (including maps of Nablus, Nazareth, Haifa, Damascus, Beirut and Tripoli).
IV, 368 pp + [8] plates (maps). Lacking one folding map enclosed with the guide (folded in rear pocket). 18 cm. Good condition. Stains and creases. Defects to binding.
Provenance: Shlomo Shva collection.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium
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