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Auction 56 Lot Number 8

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Moses Montefiore – Letter of Thanks from the Leaders of the Calcutta Community and a Collection of Books Printed in His Honor, Mid-Late 19th Century

1. Handwritten letter from the leaders of the Calcutta Community to Sir Moses Montefiore, 1864.
Letter of thanks for Montefiore's activities benefiting the Jews, particularly during the Damascus Affair and the Morocco blood libel, with signatures of the community leaders.
In 1863, in light of the deteriorating situation of the Jews of Morocco, Moses Montefiore set out on an urgent mission to obtain a writ ensuring their rights and protection. The leaders of the Calcutta community, many of whom had fled the riots in Baghdad half a century earlier, rejoiced in the knowledge that a similar fate had been averted for the Jews of Morocco, and decided to express their appreciation through this letter. See enclosed material.
Approx. 33.5X43.5 cm. Fair-poor condition. Torn and cut to five parts (a small piece is detached from one of the parts).
2-13. Twelve books about and by Moses Montefiore (Hebrew and English):
* "The Voice of Joy and Salvation, an Ode to Commemorate the Providential Success, which attended Israel׳s Illustrious Champion, Sir Moses Montefoire on the occasion of his mission to Roumainia", by Rev. Samson H. Rausuk. London: P. Vallentine [1867]. * "The Mission to Barbary, a Hebrew Poem in Honor of Sir Moses Montefiore… on returning from his mission to Morocco", by Rev. B. H. Ascher. London, 1864. * The Life of Sir Moses and Lady Judith Montefiore, by Ezra Benvenisti. Jerusalem, [1886]. * "Yehudit" [Judith], shortened translation of the travel diary of Judith Montefiore in Palestine. London, [1879?]. * "Mazkeret Moshe VeYerushalayim" (Andenken an Moses und Jerusalem), part 1, by Osias (Yehoshua) Falk Ze'ev ben Yosef Zvi Wolfson. Chernivtsi, 1884. [Additional title page in German]. * "A Hymn of Thanksgiving, Composed on the Occasion of the Safe Return Home of Sir Moses Montefiore from Jerusalem". London, 1866. * "Prayer and Thanksgiving… on the Occasion of Sir Moses Montefiore's Return from Roumania". London, [1867]. * "Service of Prayer and Thanksgiving… on the Occasion of Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart., Completing his hundredth Year". London, 1884. * "Owel Mosche", eulogy of Moses Montefiore, by Shlomo Aharon Wertheimer. Jerusalem, [1885]. * An Open Letter Addressed to Sir Moses Montefiore", by Samuel Salant. London, 1875. * "Order of Service at the Celebration of the Dedication of the Synagogue Founded by Moses Montefiore…". London, 1933. * "Moses Montefiore, His Life and Times", by Albert M. [Montefiore] Hyamson. London, [1951].
Size and condition vary. Good overall condition. Stains and creases. Some tears to margins of part of the items. Slight defects to bindings.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 9

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Collection of Letters and Documents – Jewish Settlement in Peki’in, 1930s

An extensive collection of letters and documents (most of them are handwritten) concerning the Jewish settlement in Peki'in, and in particular with relation to loans granted to local inhabitants. The collection includes letters from inhabitants in Peki'in, letters to and from Israel Rivlin (teacher in Peki'in who served as the representative of the settlers in their endeavors to get loans from the national institutes), official letters on behalf of the National Council and JNF, and more. Peki'in, Jerusalem, and other locations, 1930s. Hebrew.
The collection includes: * Many letters recording the efforts of Peki'in inhabitants to get loans from the Jewish institutes in Palestine: letters to Yitzchak Ben-Zvi; correspondence between Peki'in inhabitants and Israel Rivlin who represented them vis-à-vis the institutes (some letters are stamped with the ink-stamp "Council of Peki'in Jewish Congregation" and hand-signed by Peki'in inhabitants of the families Nakibli, Mizrahi, Zinati, Uda and others). * Letters from the Jewish National Council, typewritten and hand-signed by Yitzchak Ben-Zvi. * A letter on behalf of Peki'in Jews to Menachem Ussishkin, chairman of JNF. * An autograph letter to the headquarters of the Jewish Agency, the department for settlement, with list of Peki'in inhabitants and their ages. * Official letter from the Anglo-Palestine Bank (typewritten on official letterhead of "The Anglo Palestine Company Ltd.") with list of loans granted to Peki'in inhabitants. * Additional letters and handwritten lists.
Total of about 75 items, including handwritten letters and leaves (some in pen and others in pencil) and several typewritten letters. Size and condition vary. Filing holes to all of the leaves.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 10

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Collection of Paper Items on Women’s Right to Vote – Safed, 1928-1930

Five documents, printed and handwritten, regarding the opposition of the Haredi community in Safed to women voting for the "Assembly of Representatives". Safed and Jerusalem, [ca. 1928-1930]. Hebrew.
In 1926, the "Assembly of Representatives" pledged to uphold "equality for women in all spheres of civic, political and economic life of the Jewish Yishuv". The decision aroused fierce opposition from the Haredi community, which demanded its annulment, asked to be erased from the voters register and threatened to resign from "Knesset Yisrael". A struggle ensued between the Haredi factions and the women's organizations and Yishuv representatives, until the 1931 elections for the Third Assembly, when the issue was resolved de facto and women were granted legal voting status.
1. Handwritten petition calling on the public to refrain from participating in the elections for the Assembly of Representatives, due to the fact that women were also granted the right to vote. Signed by about 150 rabbis and Haredi residents of Safed, including Rabbi Aaron Ben Shimon, the city's chief rabbi.
2. Handwritten letter draft by the "Members of the Temporary Committee of Knesset Yisrael in Safed". Report on the activities of the Haredi secessionists from Knesset Yisrael, their leaders and the steps that should be taken to hinder the secession.
3. Postcard with a printed notice regarding erasure from the "Register of Jewish Adults in Palestine", sent by "Knesset Yisrael in Palestine" to Safed resident Miriam Klinger in 1929.
4. Voter's card for the Assembly of Representatives, printed and filled in by hand, issued in 1930 to Safed resident Pearl Buchner.
5. Printed booklet, "Regulations for the Organization of Knesset Yisrael, Issued by the High Commissioner in accordance with Paragraph 2 of the Religious Communities Ordinance 1926", Jerusalem, 1928.
Enclosed: voter's card for the Fourth Assembly of Representatives (elected in 1944), printed and filled in by hand, issued by "Knesset Yisrael in Palestine" to a woman named Elisheva Stark.
Size and condition vary. Fair-good overall condition. Stains, creases and tears (mostly small). Folding marks. Open tear on the bottom of the first leaf, and a coarse tear on the last leaf of the regulations booklet.

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Collection of Paper Items – 1929 Riots in Safed

Collection of letters and drafts about the 1929 riots in Safed. Safed, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Haifa, ca. 1929-1930. Hebrew and some English.
Among the items:
* "Memorandum from Safed Jews to the High Commissioner", a printed document composed by Jews in Safed, detailing the incidents, the inadequate attention and their demands to improve the situation. Dated in print: 17.11.1929. 4 pp. * "Memorandum from Safed merchants who suffered during the riots, to the central assistance committee", a printed document dealing with the deterioration in the state of Jewish merchants in Safed, their dependence on Arab customers and their economic troubles. 3 pp. * "Welfare Fund in Safed", a printed draft for an article concerning the negligence of Safed inhabitants who were affected by the riots, composed by "HaTzohar" member I. Amiel, and sent to the editorial of the revisionist paper "Doar Hayom". Hand-signed by the author. 3 pp.* A letter from Yehudh Leib Magnes, typewritten on official stationery and signed by him, sent on 20.4.1930. The letter deals with the amounts transferred by assistance funds to those affected by the riots and blames the addressee of the letter for inaccurate financial reports. 2 pp. * Additional items.
Total of 11 items. Size and condition vary. Overall good-fair condition. Stains, creases and folding marks. Tears at margins and along folding marks of some items (mostly small). Handwritten inscriptions on some of the items.

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“Agudath HaDor HaTzair” in Safed – Large Collection of Items

About 140 handwritten and typewritten paper items, recording the operations of "Agudath HaDor HaTzair" [The Association of the Young Generation] in Safed. Safed, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Rosh Pina, 1921-1937 (most of them of the early 1920s). Hebrew.
"Agudath HaDor HaTzair" was active in the early decades of the twentieth century, with the aim to encourage spiritual and cultural development among Jewish youth in Safed. Among other activities, the members organized lectures, discussions, parties and even a theater group which drew the attention of the press and received positive reviews.
Among the items: * Booklet - regulations of the Association. * Two member-cards of the association. * Seven application forms to the association. * Invitation poster to a dance, handwritten. * Nine items on behalf of "Association of the young generation, Jewish Theater Enthusiasts in Safed" (an early theater group that acted in Safed sponsored by the association). * Two letters and an envelope sent from JNF to the directors of the association. * About 40 handwritten items, including minutes of the association's meetings, copies of letters, invitations to events and other items.
Size and condition vary. Overall fair-good condition. Stains, creases and tears (mostly small, at margins). Folding marks to some of the items.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 13

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Diary – Handwritten by a Fourth Aliyah Pioneer, 1929-1936

Handwritten diary, written by a woman-pioneer from Szydłowiec in Poland. Palestine, ca. 1929-1936.A very detailed personal diary; tells about conflicts, lists names, and gives description of atmosphere and the life of a young pioneer girl, with a very obvious political awareness, member of "HaBacharut HaSocialistit". The writer describes the time she stayed in Petach Tikva, Gan Shmuel, Gesher, Hadera and other places in the country; her daily life and her relations with other pioneers; political events in Palestine; and more. The diary also contains copied passages from poems, stories or news articles. The diary was written continuously during 1929, and later only here and there, during the first half of the 1930s.
Enclosed is a small notebook with dedications written for the author of the diary, in Szydłowiec, in 1920 (most dedications are in Polish).
About [160] leaves, most of them written on both sides of the leaf, 17.5 cm volume. Overall good condition. Stains. Binding distorted and somewhat worn. Some leaves were cut by the diary's owner. Some later corrections.
Notebook: 14.5X8 cm. Good condition, some stains and creases.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 14

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“Agudath Meshotetim Erez-Israelith” – Collection of Printed Items, 1930s-1940s

About 190 printed items of the "Agudath Meshotetim Erez-Israelith" (Palestine Ramblers' Association), filed in a folder. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa (most from Tel Aviv), ca. 1933-1947. Hebrew and some English.
The collection includes dozens of circulars and news leaflets for club members, including detailed information on hiking trails, historical background and maps. Trails include: a trip to the Ramallah environs; a trip to Lebanon, the land of the Alawites and Syria; and other sites. In addition, the collection includes a number of lists of regulations, a financial report for 1934, large maps and other items.
"Agudath Meshotetim Erez-Israelith" was founded in 1916 by Pinchas Cohen (1887-1956) with the aim of deepening knowledge of Palestine and imparting it to the younger members of the Yishuv. Some of the most prominent scholars of Israeli geography were educated in the club, including Zev Vilnay, Nathan Shalem and David Benvenisti. See item 87.
About 190 items, filed in a folder, 34 cm. Some items appear in multiple copies. Some items are handwritten and stenciled. One item is handwritten. Handwritten inscriptions, drawings and scribbles appear on some of the items. Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition. Filing holes, stains, creases and folding marks. Tears to margins (mostly small) and open tears to a small part of the items. Ink-stamps and postage stamps on some of the items.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 15

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Yosef Eliyahu Chelouche House – Collection of Architectural Drawings

Collection of architectural drawings of the Yosef Eliyahu Chelouche House and other residences of the Chelouche family, drawn by architect and family member Hillel Chelouche. Palestine, [ca. 1940s].
1-19. Drawings in pencil and in color, including facades, cross-sections, and a façade illustration in pencil and watercolors. Most were prepared for the Yosef Eliyahu Chelouche House on 9 Rothschild St. in Tel Aviv. About half are signed in pencil by the architect.
20-24. Printed drawings, one with an addition drawn in pencil.
25-26. Two sketches, one in pencil and the other in print, for the logo of the architectural firm of Hillel Chelouche.
The Yosef Eliyahu Chelouche House, one of the houses built following the "Seashell Lottery", was inaugurated in 1910 and is considered one of the first houses of Tel Aviv. Hillel Chelouche, a family member who was born and raised in the house, grew up to become an architect and was charged with planning and renovating the building in accordance with the family's needs.
Size and condition vary. Good overall condition. Folding marks, creases and tears to margins. Stains. Small holes and open tears on some of the drawings.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 16

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Issue of “The Times” – November 1917 – First Publication of the “Balfour Declaration” in the Press

Issue of The Times. London, 9 November 1917. English.
On page 7, beneath the headline "Government Pledge", appears the wording of the Balfour Declaration. On the same page is an article titled "The British Victory in Palestine", reviewing the campaign of the British Army led by Edmund Allenby in Palestine.
In other copies of the issue, the Balfour Declaration is printed under the headline "Official Sympathy" (see: Kedem catalogue no. 50, item no. 33).
The Balfour Declaration, pledging British support for the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine, was signed by Sir Arthur James Balfour on 2 November 1917. A week later, on 9 November, the declaration was first printed in the press.
14 pp, 59 cm. Good condition. Cut margins. Folding marks. Tears to leaf margins. Open tears to spine, repaired with adhesive tape along the entire spine. Ink-stamp.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 17

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Response of Reform Rabbis to the Balfour Declaration – Chicago, 1918

Resolution Adopted by the Central Conference of American Rabbis at Chicago ILL., July 4th, 1918, Anent the Balfour Declaration. [Chicago, 1918]. English.
Printed leaflet containing the response of the Central Conference of American Rabbis to the Balfour Declaration. The association supports granting Jews the opportunity of immigrating to Palestine, but opposes defining Palestine as the national home of the Jewish people: "Jews in America are part of the American Nation […] our survival as a people is dependent upon the assertion and the maintenance of our historic religious role and not upon the acceptance of Palestine as a home-land of the Jewish people. The mission of the Jew is to witness to God all over the world".
[1] leaf (printed on one side), 21.5 cm. Good condition.
Not in NLI.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 18

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Two Broadsides – Appointment of Herbert Samuel as the High Commissioner of Palestine, 1920 – Hebrew and English

Two printed broadsides. Herbert Samuel's address after being appointed High Commissioner of Palestine. [1920]. One broadside is printed in Hebrew and the other in English.
The broadside opens with words on behalf of King George V regarding the British Mandate for Palestine and the appointment of the High Commissioner: "The Allied Powers whose Arms were victorious in the late War have entrusted to My Country a Mandate to watch over the interests of Palestine and to ensure to your Country that peaceful and prosperous development which has so long been denied to you…". Following are Samuel's plans to develop the country and promote the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine while maintaining balanced relationships between the Jewish Yishuv and the Muslim and Christian populations. The coat of arms of the United Kingdom appears on top.
Hebrew broadside: approx. 56.5X46.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains and creases. Worn margins (with many tears and creases). English broadside: approx. 56.5X41 cm. Fair condition. Dark stains and creases. Tear of about 6 cm. at right margins (slightly affecting text).

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Josiah Clement Wedgwood – Collection of Documents – British Mandate of Palestine

Collection of letters and documents of Josiah Clement Wedgwood (1872-1943), British parliament member, one of the leading Anglo-Christian advocates for Zionist causes. Most items are from Britain and the United States from the years 1938-1939. English (some items in German).
During his years of office in the British Parliament (first on behalf of the Liberal party and later on behalf of the Labor) Wedgwood worked tirelessly to support Zionist interests. Wedgwood criticized the moderate attitude of the Zionist leadership towards the British and was close to Revisionist leaders. During World War II he attempted to assist Jews in Nazi occupied territories and encouraged Ha'apala (illegal immigration) and underground operations in Palestine (one of the illegal immigration ships was even named after him).
The documents in this collection record Wedgwood's activity during the years 1938-1939, and mainly his pro-Zionist activity, and include copies of letters and memorandums, letters sent to him, personal documents, and more.
Among the items:
* A printed memorandum to Chaim Weizmann concerning Palestine, in which Wedgwood writes which of the territories should be under Jewish rule and which under British rule (in case the country is divided), and recommends that Weizmann treats the British more assertively, and to face them with the "threat of force". * A copy of a letter to Chaim Weizmann in which Wedgwood writes that he will be unable to assist Jews in Palestine unless Weizmann makes it clear to the British government that Jews in the country will resist by every means the establishment of an independent state as outlined by the British government. At the end of the letter Wedgwood writes: "Neither Churchill nor I will raise a finger unless you and your people show courage and take risks upon yourselves". * A printed draft of an address to the British prime minister concerning Palestine. * Two letters from the American rabbi Louis Newman from "Rodeph Sholom" congregation in New-York, typewritten and signed by hand. In one of the letters Newman announced the founding of the organization "American Friends of a Jewish Palestine". * Copy of a typewritten letter from March 1939, dealing with the initiative of an alliance between Britain and the Soviet Union against Hitler. * "An Autobiography for Great-Grandchildren". Wedgwood's autobiography, printed (17 pages). * More documents and letters.
Total of about 50 items. Size and condition vary. Filing holes to all of the leaves.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 20

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Collection of Photographs and Documents – Jewish Policeman in the Palestine Police Force

A collection of photographs and documents which belonged to Nathan Kaplan, a policeman in the Palestine Police Force and in the Israeli Police. Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Petach Tikva and Rishon LeZion. [ca. 1920s until the 1960s]. English, Hebrew and some Arabic.
* 97 photographs (some titled and stamped with an ink-stamp on the reverse), among them: photographs of a cadets' course in the British school for policemen; photograph of a police funeral of a Jewish policeman in Tel-Aviv; photograph of a soccer team of Haifa Police Force; photographs of Zionist parades during the mandate period; about 30 photographs from Kaplan's service in the Israeli Police; personal photographs. Size and condition vary. Overall good-fair condition. Creases, defects and tears to some photographs. Pen inscriptions on several photographs.
* Four certificates and registers, printed and completed by hand, issued for Kaplan: Palestine Police Service register, issued in 1933; Certificate of appointment (Superior Police Officers and Inspectors), issued in 1947; Certificate of discharge from service, dated 15.5 1948 (date of termination of British Mandate); British Passport, Palestine, 1939.
* Other documents.
Total of 105 items. Size and condition vary. Overall good-fair condition.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 21

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Collection of Broadsides and Pamphlets Published by the Underground Movements and Mapai, 1945

45 broadsides and pamphlets published by the underground movements and Mapai. Palestine, [ca. 1945]. Hebrew, some English and some Arabic.
Items include: * Twelve publications by Etzel (Irgun), including a trilingual broadside (in Hebrew, English and Arabic) calling for the evacuation of civilians from British government offices; issues 2 and 3 of the pamphlet "Trial of the Twenty" (printed following the imprisonment of twenty Etzel cadets by the British); and four issues of the pamphlet "Af Al Pi" (Despite It All). * Six publications by Lehi, including a notice regarding the execution of Yosef Davidescu on the charge of transferring information to the British secret police. * Twelve publications of the Hagana organization, including nine issues of "HaHoma" (pamphlet to be posted in the streets), and three small broadsides published by "HaHoma". * Twelve issues of "Aleph-Bet" / "Ashnav", the mouthpiece of "Mifleget Poalei Eretz Israel" (Workers' Party of Palestine) (issues 92-102 in full sequence. Issue 100 appears in two copies). * Additional items.
Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition. Stains, creases, folding marks and tears. Open tears to some items and one item with a repaired tear to its entire length.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 22

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Death of Ze’ev Jabotinsky – Collection of Newspapers and Publications

19 newspapers and pamphlets printed following the death of Ze'ev Jabotinsky. Palestine (later Israel), 1940-1964 (most from 1940). Hebrew.
1-3. Three newspapers from August 5, 1940, first notifying the public of Jabotinsky's death: "HaBoker" newspaper, the mouthpiece of the General Zionists; evening edition of "HaBoker"; issue of "Davar" (mouthpiece of the Histadrut, which devoted its editorial to an obituary of Jabotinsky, the movement's political rival).
4-11. Three issues of "HaYarden" and three issues of "HaMashkif", the official mouthpieces of the Revisionist party, dated August 6, 1940 to September 2, 1940. Two of the "HaYarden" issues appear in two copies.
12-14. Two issues of "HaBoker", dated August 6-7, 1948, reporting on Jabotinsky's funeral in New York. Issue of August 6 appears in two copies.15-17. Three booklets commemorating Ze'ev Jabotinsky: * "Why Did We Love Ze'ev Jabotinsky,
O.B.M.?", [Tel Aviv, 1940?]. * "In His Memory…", published by the Betar Headquarters, Jerusalem, [1940]. * "Ze'ev Jabotinsky 1940-29 Tamuz 1947", supplement to issue no. 5256 of "HaMashkif", 29 Tamuz (July) 1947.
18-19. Two issues of the newspaper "HaHerut" from July 1964, reporting on the arrival of Jabotinsky's coffin in Israel.
Enclosed: part of an issue of "HaBoker" from July 1941 containing an article about Jabotinsky.
Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition. Folding marks, creases and tears (mostly small, to newspaper margins).

Opening700$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 23

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Collection of Letters – a Couple of Detainees in Bethlehem and Latroun Camps, 1947

A collection of letters sent to and from the couple Yizchak (Izzy) and Adela (Lottie) Salonikio, Etzel members arrested in March 1947 and imprisoned in Bethlehem and Latroun detention camps. 1947. Bulgraian, some English and Hebrew.
Among the items: * thirteen letters that the couple Yitzchak and Lottie Salonikio sent to each other; sent while he was in the Latroun detention camp and she was in the women's detention camp in Bethlehem. * Ten original envelopes in which the letters were sent, addressed to Latroun, Bethlehem and Atlit. * Four photographs, of Yitzchak and Lottie Salonikio (among them are photographs from the detention camps) and six negatives of the photographs. Enclosed: a text written for the couple's silver anniversary (1971), and several additional documents.
Size and condition vary. Overall good condition. Envelopes in fair condition, worn, creased and stained.

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Auction 56 Lot Number 24

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Collection of Items from the Estate of an Irgun Commander – Documents, Letters and Objects / Letters from Menachem Begin

20 items from the estate of Meir Rosnak, an Irgun commander in Jerusalem's Old City and an activist in the Herut Movement. Israel, ca. 1949-1974. Hebrew.
Items include: * Two tickets to the "Old City Fighters Party", held in March 1949. * Movement order issued to the last commander of the Jewish Quarter, Moshe Rosnak, dated May 16, 1949. * Two cloth epaulettes: the Irgun emblem and the menorah emblem with the Tablets of the Law and the inscription "Brit" [Hebrew]. * Wooden baton and whip (apparently from his time as member of Irgun). * Two letters from Menachem Begin, from the years 1967 and 1974 (printed and signed in his hand). * "Summing Up the Elections", pamphlet by Menachem Begin (August 1955), signed and dedicated in his hand; list of Irgun candidates for the "Founding Conference", 1949; and other items from various periods in his life (most of them printed).
Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition. Creases and stains, small tears. Folding marks to letters and documents. Wooden baton scuffed, whip worn and slightly scuffed.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 56 Lot Number 25

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Irgun and Lehi – Collection of Publications and Proclamations from the Israeli War of Independence

42 publications and proclamations printed by the Zionist paramilitary organizations during the Israeli War of Independence, including publications concerning the Bernadotte assassination, the temporary government's ultimatum and the decision to dismantle the groups. Israel, 1948. Hebrew.
24 printed items issued by Irgun and Herut, including:
* Twelve proclamations: Proclamation announcing the organization's dismantling following the ultimatum issued by the temporary government. The proclamation is addressed to Irgun militiamen in Jerusalem, announcing the organization's acceptance of the temporary government's ultimatum out of fear of "civil war"; proclamation published following shots fired by Mapai members at Irgun members, on the direct orders of Moshe Dayan (then commander of the Jerusalem Brigade); two harsh proclamations of the Irgun headquarters in Jerusalem, condemning the decision to dismantle the organization; and more. * Two issues of "Herut": "Herut (Szabada)", issue no. 1 of the newspaper in Hungarian, October 1948; "Herut (Liberte)", issue in French [apparently published in 1948]. * Three transcriptions of Irgun broadcasts on "Kol Zion HaLohemet". * "The Hebrew War of Independence (Conceptual Foundations)", booklet containing a "general plan" for an uprising, the conduct of a war and the establishment of a Jewish state along Revisionist ideological lines. [Ca. 1946]. * Additional items.
13 printed items issued by Lehi, including:
* Seven proclamations: proclamation from Elul 1948, declaring the founding of "Hazit HaMoledet" [The Homeland Front] organization, and listing the reasons for assassinating U.N. ambassador Folke Bernadotte. Apparently published by Lehi to deflect suspicion of their involvement; notice by Lehi regarding the "trial" and "punishment" of four citizens following damage caused to the organization and misuse of its name; harsh proclamation following the outlawing of the organization, calling for its legitimacy to be reinstated; and more. * "Cornerstones of the Doctrine of Hebrew Liberty" [Hebrew], second edition from the war years, Adar Bet 1948 (this edition of the booklet is not in NLI). * Four transcriptions of Lehi broadcasts on "Herut Yerushalayim". * Issue 7 of the pamphlet "Hazit HaNoar" from Av 1948.
Additional items.
Total of 42 items. Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition. Stains, creases, small tears and folding marks to some of the items. A few items appear in two copies.

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Sinking of the “Altalena” – Collection of Newspapers and Publications – June-July 1948

Eleven newspapers and pamphlets printed during the Altalena Affair and in its aftermath. Israel, June-July 1948. Hebrew.
1. "Altalena", single-issue newspaper, apparently published by the Irgun. The initiator and publisher: Ben Ami Gur. Tel Aviv, July 15, 1948. Single-issue newspaper, severely critical of the government's decision in the Altalena affair. On the cover is an illustration showing David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharet shelling the ship "Altalena", which is going up in flames, and a pile of skulls beneath the David Citadel. 8 pp, 34.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Tears, open tears to margins (slight damage to title page illustration; no damage to text) and creases.
2-4. "Street Fights in Tel Aviv…" special issue of "HaHerut", to be hung on billboards, presenting the Irgun's version of events. Apparently printed in besieged Jerusalem, with the arrival of the first news of the ship's sinking. Three copies. [1] leaf, 36.5 cm. Condition varies. Good-fair overall condition. Folding marks. Small tears to margins of one copy.
5-10. Six issues of newspapers from the day of the ship's shelling and the following morning: issues of "Haaretz", "HaMashkif" and "Mivrak" (two copies) from June 22, 1948 and issues of "HaBoker" and "HaHerut" from June 23, 1948. Size and condition vary, good-fair overall condition.
11. "The Truth about the Ze'ev Jabotinsky Affair, By the Commander of the National Military Organization [Irgun]", Irgun pamphlet. Jerusalem, 1948. Transcription of a radio broadcast from 15 Sivan 1948 on the Altalena affair. 14, [1] pp, 23.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Horizontal folding line. Some stains. Folded corners and small tears to margins.

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Collection of Photographs and Paper Items – Palestine, 1947-1949 – Independence War – the Ship “Altalena”

About 60 photographs and paper items collected by Naomi Handelman, a Hebrew University student, who arrived in Palestine in 1947 and encountered the war. Jerusalem, Haifa, Kibutz Mishmarot, Kiryat Anavim and other locations, 1947-1949.
The items are arranged and mounted on album leaves (separate, no binding). Some are titled by hand on the leaves (English). Among the items:
* 34 photographs from Palestine: "Haganah" soldiers in Kiryat Anavim by an armored vehicle; a group of young people on Mount of Olives; Photograph of the ship "Altalena" (two navy ships are seen in the distance); a damaged bus in Jerusalem; an improvised road barrier in one of Jerusalem's streets; six photographs taken from Jerusalem rooftops; and more. * Voucher for water distribution during the siege on Jerusalem. * Certificate of approval to be "out of camp", ink-stamped with Jerusalem District stamp and hand-signed by the commander of the division headquarters. * Broadside issued by "Haaretz", on the occasion of the UN Resolution of November 29 (pasted and folded). * Two notes with the results of the vote on November 29, handwritten. * 24 items from Handelamn's trip to Palestine, documenting the stops in European cities (three photographs, transit visas and permits to stay, travel tickets, vouchers and various documents from Paris, Munich and other locations).
Nine album leaves, 37X27.5 cm, with eleven tissue guards (one is detached). Photographs: 5.5X6 cm to 8X11.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Some documents are detached. Creases, folding marks and tears (mostly small).

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The Northern Front during the Israeli War of Independence – Operative Orders and Intelligence Reports – Collection of Documents

About 30 documents and paper items from the northern front during the Israeli War of Independence. Operative orders, intelligence material and other documents, some in handwriting. Haifa and elsewhere, 1947-1949. Hebrew.

* 11 orders and directives to the forces during wartime, including:

* The "Operation Hiram"order - the official order for the operation to occupy the Galilee - the largest and most complex of the northern front operations during the war, from October 28, 1948. Names of the brigades, their roles, detailed plan of the force movements and schedule for the actions; the "ring operation" order, for the occupation of strategic hills near the village of Tira, information on weapons and the fighting force of the enemy, involvement of English instructors, planned mode of deception and other operational details; the first ceasefire order during the war, from June 10, 1948 ("The First Truce"); order from January 16, 1949 to cease all military activity in five villages on the Lebanese border, with whom agreement had been reached following negotiations; and more.

* 9 documents, assessments and information reports in anticipation of activity of the Intelligence Corps and the Haganah Corps, including:

Intelligence report preceding the "Hiram Operation", including an assessment of the enemy force, its moral condition, the mood of the local population, and more; a document classified as "top secret", surveying the enemy forces and instructing IDF officers not to allow the return of Arab refugees to Israeli territory. Interesting document, informing of the arrival of three Iraqi reinforcement units to three locations near Yehiam (at the bottom of the document a handwritten inscription reads: "According to reliable sources, Yehiam may be attacked tonight…"); report on a shooting incident from the hills near Tira (see the "ring operation" order in the previous paragraph); report of POW exchange during the war; and more.

* 4 documents on the subject of soldier instruction and weapon use practice, and other documents.

Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition. Creases, stains and folding marks. One of the intelligence reports is torn and reinforced with adhesive tape (apparently torn after reading, on order, and later repaired).

Opening1,000$ Unsold

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The Israeli War of Independence – Large and Varied Collection of Documents

Collection containing about 230 items from the Israeli War of Independence period: certificates and permits, notebooks, letters, appeals from the temporary state institutions, commemoration of the first fallen soldiers and other items. Israel, late 1940s to early 1960s (most of the items are from the war years). Hebrew and some Arabic and Yiddish.
Items include:
* Notebook in the handwriting of Holocaust survivor and founder of Lohamei Hageta'ot Kibbutz Ya'akov Drori (in some places he signs his name as "Schwarz"), documenting the kibbutz's founding efforts during wartime. Drori, who took part in the Lodz ghetto uprising, wrote the notebook in the years 1947-1949, while he was recovering in a hospital in Ra'anana, after being wounded. His notebook contains a variety of letter copies, diary entries and various writings, in Hebrew and Yiddish, documenting the history of this small group of pioneers. [158] leaves, 20 cm. The text on notebook's first fifty leaves is fully or partly erased due to water damage. Most of the diary entries are written in Yiddish. * Three certificates issued to one of the casualties of the bombing on Ben Yehuda Street (22 Feb 1948), issued by Shaare Zedek Hospital and the temporary government. * "Movement Order" from 8 May 1949 for the purpose of travel to Tel Aviv in order to "obtain soldiers". * Certificate of participation in "reinforcement works" to protect the city of Haifa, from May 22, 1948. * 14 items concerning the fallen: letter of condolences from the Reali School; two private condolence telegrams sent in January 1948; and more. * Volume of issues of "Dvar HaShavua". 41 issues, January-December 1948. Issues nos. 2-15, 20-25, 29, 32-42, 44-52. * Additional items.
Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition.

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Five Newspaper Issues – Establishment of the State of Israel – Jerusalem, May 1948

Five "State Day" issues of independent newspapers and local newspapers in besieged Jerusalem. Jerusalem, 14-16 May 1948. Hebrew.
1. Issue of "HaYom" from May 14, 1948. The headline: "Declaration of Establishment of the State will not be Postponed". 6 pp, 50 cm. Folding marks. Small tears along horizontal folding line. Stains.
2. Issue of "HaMagen", mouthpiece of "HaHagana" in Jerusalem, from May 14, 1948. 12 pp, 35 cm. Folding marks. Small tears to upper margins of some of the leaves.
3. Issue of "Yediot Yerushalayim" from May 14, 1948. The headline: "Jewish State to be Declared at Noon Today". [2] pp, 50 cm. Folding marks. Some creases. Tears to margins.
4. Issue of "Yediot Yerushalayim" from May 16, 1948. The headline: "State of Israel Reborn".[2] pp, 39 cm. Folding marks. One headline is underlined with red pencil.
5. Issue of "HaYoman", mouthpiece of Agudat Yisrael, from May 16, 1948. The headline: "State of Israel Established and Recognized". 2 pp, 50 cm. Folding marks. Small tears to margins.

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Prayer Leaflet for the State of Israel – Algiers

"Prayer for Independence Day and for Memorial Day for Independence War Casualties". Published by "departement de l'education et de la culture par la Thora dans la Diaspora" of the "World Zionist Organization". Algiers, [late 1940]. Hebrew with French translation.
Folded leaflet with two prayers composed following the establishment of the State of Israel: "Prayer for the well-being of the State of Israel" and a "Memorial Prayer" (for Independence war casualties) in Hebrew and French.
Not in NLI. A publication with identical prayers was published in Morocco in ca. 1950.
[6] pp (folded leaf). Approx. 13.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Creases and small tears. Stains.

Opening400$ Unsold
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