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Auction 50 Lot Number 501

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Collection of Issues of Derriere le Miroir – Paris, 1949-1981

32 issues of “Derriere le Miroir”. Paris: Maeght Editeur, 1949-1981. French.
Most issues appear in a number of copies - total of 90 booklets.
The issues include reproductions of paintings and original lithographs. Among them are issues dedicated to artists Marc Chagall (issues no. 182, 199, 225, 235, 246), Wassily Kandinsky (issues no. 118, 154, 179), Saul Steinberg, Joan Miró, Alberto Giacometti, Georges Braque, and others. Full list of issues will be provided upon request.
32 different issues, most appearing in a number of copies - total of 90 booklets. Size and condition vary. Overall good condition.

Opening8,000$ Sold For9,840$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 172

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Gershom Scholem – Drafts of Essays about Sabbatai Zevi and the Ba’al Shem Tov / Letters and an Essay Draft Commemorating Zalman Shazar

Two essay drafts by Gershom Scholem, sent for publication in the periodical "Molad" (edited by Ephraim Broide), with numerous corrections and additions in Scholem's handwriting:
1. Essay draft on "The Historical Figure of Rabbi Yisrael Ba'al Shem Tov". Typewritten, with many corrections in Scholem's handwriting. Scholem added another twelve leaves in his handwriting with additions and corrections. [37] leaves, some cut or glued. Good condition. Stains and creases.
2. Essay draft on "Sabbatai Zevi before his Revelation", [ca. 1955]. Typewritten, with many corrections in handwriting. Some of the corrections were made by Gershom Scholem. [27] leaves. Good condition. Creases to margins. Some stains. Filing holes.
3. Letter handwritten by Gershom Scholem, to the administration of the periodical "Molad", regarding payment of writer's honorarium.
4-6. Two letters and a postcard handwritten by Gershom Scholem, addressed to the editor of the periodical "Molad", Ephraim Broide. 1948, 1950, 1953.
In his letters Scholem responds to letters Broide had sent him in which he requested essays for publication in "Molad". In a letter from January 1948 Scholem praises Broide for his intention to "revive a monthly similar to 'Achdut HaAvodah' from times past". Stains to letter from 1948. Filing holes to postcard.
7. Draft of an essay composed by Gershom Scholem in memory of Zalman Shazar, on the thirtieth day of his passing, 1974. Typewritten, with many handwritten corrections (apparently the corrections are not in Scholem's hand). 5 leaves.
8-9. Two copies of letters sent by Ephraim Broide to Scholem in which he requests essays to be published in "Molad", February-March 1953.

Opening1,000$ Sold For6,765$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 198

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Latin Bible – Nuremberg, 1477 – Incunabula

Biblia Latina, Latin Bible (Vulgate). Published by Anton Koberger, [Nuremberg, 1477]. Incunabula.
Early printing. Two columns per page, with titles and initial letters drawn by hand, in red ink.
The printer Anton Koberger was a leading printer of his time. He printed more than 200 books in Nuremberg, among them Hartmann Schedel's "Nuremberg Chronicle". This book represents the second time that Koberger printed the Latin Bible.
467 leaves. Missing 18 leaves (leaves 45-48, 152-157, 212-213, 220-222, 268-269, 447). Condition varies, Some signatures are in good condition, with just a few stains. Open tears to some signatures, some with damage to text, some replaced by ancient pieces of paper. Comments and additions in handwriting, stains. Contemporary wood binding, covered with leather, with remanants of buckles (worming and damages to binding). Newer leather spine (19th century?).

Opening3,000$ Sold For6,765$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 41

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Grete Wolf-Krakauer – Original Drawings from the Peel Commission Meetings, 1936

Collection of drawings by Grete Wolf-Krakauer made during meetings of the Peel Commission, and a note of thanks sent to her by Lord Peel. [Jerusalem, 1936].
1-8. Eight pen drawings on paper (some on tracing paper). Signed: G. K. W.
Illustrations of the members of the Peel Commission during the commission meetings and portrait illustrations of the commission's chairman, Lord William Robert Peel, Sir Harold Morris, Sir Laurie Hammond, Professor Reginald Coupland, and others. Approx. 14X11.5 to 27X20 cm.
* Enclosed: Issue of the "Palestine Review" (11 December 1936) and a leaf from the newspaper "La Bourse Egyptienne" (29 November 1936), in which some of the illustrations were printed.
9. Members of the Peel Commission - Sketch. Pencil on tracing paper. 34X21.5 cm.
* Enclosed is an issue of the Palestine Review from Friday, 25 December 1936, in which the final version of the illustration was printed.
10. Letter of thanks to Grete Wolf-Krakauer for her illustrations, from Lord William Robert Peel. Printed on official stationery of the Palestine Royal Commission (the Peel Commission), signed by the commission secretary. December 1936. English. [1] leaf, 32.5 cm. + original envelope in which the letter was sent.
The meetings of the Peel Commission - a British Royal Commission of Inquiry, appointed to investigate the causes of the Arab general strike in Mandatory Palestine - were held in Jerusalem in 1936. Due to the fact that photographs were not permitted in the meetings, the artist Grete Wolf-Krakauer was invited to draw the participants.
Total of 9 drawings + 5 additional items. Good overall condition.
Provenance: Collection of Dotan Family, Jerusalem.

Opening5,000$ Sold For6,150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 201

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First Edition of Baruch Spinoza’s Opera Posthuma – Amsterdam, 1677

Opera Posthuma, Baruch Spinoza. [Amsterdam]: [Jan Rieuwertsz], 1677. Latin and some Hebrew. First edition.
First edition which comprises all of the works by the philosopher Baruch Spinoza, published posthumously. The volume contains the compositions: Ethica, Tractatus Politicus [Political Treatise], Tractatus De Emendatione Intellectus [Essay on the Improvement of the Understanding], Epistolae… Et auctoris responsiones [Epistles…] and Compendium Grammatices Linguae Hebraeae [Hebrew grammar]. The text is accompanied by several diagrams and illustrations (woodcuts).
* Bound with: Arcana Atheismi Revelata… Examine Tractatus Theologico-Politici by Franciscum Cuperum (Franz Kuyper) - composition against Spinoza’s “Tractatus Theologico-Politicus”.
[40], 614, [34], 112, [8] pages; [16], 304 pages, 20.5 cm. Without the frontispiece engraving (missing in most copies). Good condition. Some stains and damages. Some ancient inscriptions in handwriting. Original vellum binding.

Opening1,500$ Sold For5,412$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 503

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Salvador Dali – “Song of Songs”, Twelve Signed Engravings – New York, 1971

The Song of Songs of King Solomon, with Twelve Original Engravings by Salvador Dali. New York: Leon Amiel, 1971. English.
Portfolio with 12 original engravings by Salvador Dali, after the Song of Songs. Copy 40/250. Includes 14 double leaves (4 pp each) that contain the text of the Song of Songs in English and the color engravings (with gold dust), signed by Dali. Held in a cardboard portfolio covered with blue cloth, with black leather spine, kept inside a matching cardboard box decorated with a metal medallion made by the artist. The printing work was executed in France by Jacques David. At the leaf corners is Dali's embossed signature.
[56] pp, 56 cm. Slight tear to leather spine, light wear to portfolio and cardboard box.

Opening2,000$ Sold For5,166$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 238

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Peretz Ruschkewitz – Hand-Drawn Game Board – Tel Aviv, 1936

Ausflug Nach 7 Mühlen, ein würfelspiel für kinder, und solche, die welche kriegen wollen. Dieses spiel ist eigens fur familie dr Becker gezeichnet [7-Mill Excursion, Dice Game for Children… painted especially for the family of Dr. Becker]. Game board, written and painted by Peretz Ruschkewitz. Hand-signed. Tel Aviv, 29 August 1936. German.
"Seven-Mill Walk" - a colorful board game, written and painted by Peretz Ruschkewitz. Dated and signed by the artist: Fritz Ruschkewitz.
On the board is a route including 82 stops throughout Tel Aviv and Jaffa. The goal of the game is to be first to reach the end of the route. Each player progresses by throwing dice and obeying the game directions at each stop. The stop descriptions and game directions for each stop were written by Ruschkewitz on the right side of the board.
The game route begins at the "Levant Fair" compound (in the lower right corner the statue of the flying camel can be seen, and on its left - the "Local Produce" pavilion), goes on in the direction of Tel Napoleon in the north of Tel Aviv, passes through the "Seven Mills" site on the banks of the Yarkon River, and ends near the beginning point. Along the route are drawings of houses and trees, as well as various figures: visitors to the Levant Fair, Napoleon, a couple sailing a boat on the Yarkon River, and more. Beside stop no. 21 is a figure of an Arab wielding a knife (the game directions for this stop send the player six steps back, to stop no. 14).
As noted at the top of the board, the game was created by Ruschkewitz for his friend, Dr. Becker, and his family.
Approx. 41X51 cm. Thick paper. Good condition. Stains and minor perforations to board margins. One tear, about 4 cm long, reinforced with paper sticker on the back side of the board.

Opening1,200$ Sold For5,166$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 561

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Rosy Lilienfeld (1896-1942)

26 Ink and pen drawings on paper / 1927-1929 / 20X25 to 24X34 cm
21 are signed and dated on a cardboard tag accompanying the drawings. Four also have titles on the cardboard tags: two are illustrations for the book Fremdling auf Erden by Julien Green, and two others have an undeciphered title. Five are unsigned. Enclosed is an etching by the artist - an illustration for the book Fremdling auf Erden by Julien Green.

Opening4,000$ Sold For4,920$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 554

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Guestbook of Trude and Hugo Graetz –Original Paintings – Germany-Israel

Guestbook of Trude and Hugo Graetz, with an original painting by Jacob Steinhardt, original paintings by other artists active in Germany in the 1920s, and greetings handwritten by friends of the couple. Germany and Israel, 1920-1961.
Hugo Graetz was a German art dealer, a member of the "November Group" - a revolutionary group of expressionist artists and architects founded in 1918, which called for greater social-political involvement of artists. In 1934 Graetz immigrated to Palestine with his wife, painter Trude Graetz. The two settled in the artists' colony founded by Sarah Levi at Mount Canaan (Safed). The settlement on Mount Canaan was not successful, and following the outbreak of the Great Arab Revolt, the seven families of artists living in the community alongside the Graetz family left the place. In 1938 the British Mandate government decided to establish a number of meteorological stations throughout the country, including a station on Mount Canaan. Lacking other candidates, Hugo Graetz was appointed director of the station. Graetz quickly learned the work of weather prediction, directing the meteorological station on Mount Canaan with devotion and for many years, until his death in 1961.
In the beginning of the guestbook are seventeen full-page paintings (in different techniques: pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolor, and more), signed by the artists. Some are accompanied by short dedications to Hugo and Trude Graetz and dated (1920-1921). Artists include:
* Jacob Steinhardt - handsome painting (ink and charcoal), with a short dedication to Graetz, dated: March, 1920. * Willy Robert Huth (1890-1977), German artist, members of the Jung-Erfurt group of expressionist artists. * Friedrich (Bedřich) Feigl, 1884-19650, Jewish painter and graphic designer, born in Prague. * Martel Schwichtenberg (1884-1965). * Franz Winninger (1893-1960). * And others.
At the end of the book are handwritten greetings and dedications to Hugo and Trude Graetz, written by friends visiting the couple in their home on Mount Canaan, from the years 1955-1965 (in German, English and Hebrew).
[17] leaves of drawings; seven leaves of handwritten greetings + empty leaves. 28 cm. Good condition. Thick, high-quality paper. Stains and slight damage. Binding partly detached. Loose leaves.

Opening800$ Sold For4,920$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 507

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Yissachar Ber Rybak (1897-1935)

Mon Village / Portfolio of 15 lithographs / 49.5X65 cm / Signed and numbered 8/250

Opening3,000$ Sold For4,182$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 465

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Marsyas – German Art and Literature Bimonthly – Original Engravings and Lithographs – Berlin, 1917-1919 – Entire Set

Marsyas. Eine Zweimonatsschrift. Berlin: Heinrich Hochstim, 1917-1919. German.
Art and literature bimonthly. Six issues with additional Ankündigung (announcement) issue. Entire set. Numbered copy, 173/235, each issue signed by the publisher Hochstim.
Published writers include Franz Kafka, Alfred Döblin, Hermann Hesse and Hugo von Hofmannsthal.
Artists whose works appear in the journal include Max Pechstein, Michel Fingesten, Hans Meid, Rudolf Grossmann, Willi Geiger, Willi Jaeckel and Robert Genin.
In total the set contains 86 engravings and lithographs, 19 of them signed - two by Pechstein and the others by Genin, Meid, Grossmann, Fingesten, Jaeckel and others.
224, 11 pp., 39 cm. Good overall condition. Damage and small tears to some of the bindings. Light stains, mostly to bindings and first pages. Light moisture damage to the binding of the first issue. Dampstaining to Ankündigung issue.

Opening600$ Sold For4,182$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 382

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“You can Shorten the Road to Victory” –Recruit of Women to the British Army – Shamir Brothers

"You can Shorten the Road to Victory, Join the A.T.S.", a poster calling on women to join the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) of the British Army, [1943]. Design: Shamir Brothers. Hebrew.
Fine illustration in lithographic printing. In the foreground is a woman driver dressed in the ATS uniform.
65X48 cm. Good condition. Creases. Tears professionally restored (with color substitutions). Linen-backed for display and preservation.
From the collection of Dr Simon Cohen.

Opening1,500$ Sold For4,182$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 89

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Large Wall Map – Living Areas of the Twelve Tribes – Amsterdam, 1662

Tribus Ruben, et Gad et partes orientales tribuum Beniamin, Ephraim, et dimidiae Manasse intra Iordanem. Map showing the regions of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, by Georg Horn and Jan Jansson, according to Adrichom (Situs Terrae Promissionis). [Amsterdam, 1662].
A large map, composed of six sheets. Oriented eastward. Impressive copy, colored by hand.
Approx. 85X180 cm (framed; unexamined out of frame). Overall good condition. Some stains. Some tears, mainly to lower part, some restored.
Laor 343-349.

Opening2,000$ Sold For3,936$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 92

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Two Sets of Maps of Palestine – PEF, 1880-1881

1. Map of Western Palestine in 26 sheets from surveys conducted for the committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund by Lieuts. C. R. Conder and H. H. Kitchener, R.E during the Years 1872-1877. London: Ordnance Survey Office, 1880. English.
2. Map of Western Palestine, From Surveys Conducted By the Palestine Exploration Fund by Lieuts. C. R. Conder and H. H. Kitchener, R.E. reduced from the one inch map. London: Stanford's Geographical Establishment, 1881. English.
Large portfolio with 26 maps of Palestine, and an index map, on a scale of 1:63,360 (one inch per mile). The shoreline and central places of settlement are hand-colored.
In addition there is a smaller set of 6 maps of Palestine from 1881, with paper wrapper. The two sets are held in the first set’s original portfolio.
[28] leaves; [6] leaves. Portfolio 69.5X59.5 cm. Foxing, small tears. Open tears to wrapper of second set. The portfolio has been restored.

Opening500$ Sold For3,936$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 380

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“To Liberate the Afflicted, To Avenge the Slaughtered” – Enlistment Poster Designed by the Shamir Brothers

"To Liberate the Afflicted, To Avenge the Slaughtered, Enlist!", an illustrated poster calling to enlist to the British Army or the Jewish Brigade. Lino. Zvi Bergman, Rohald Printing Press, Tel-Aviv [first half of the 1940s]. Design: the Shamir Brothers. Hebrew.
Illustration of a soldier standing on the map of Italy and Sicily, with a hand stretched to a family of survivors from Europe.
35X49 cm. Good condition. Folding marks and creases. Some tears at margins. Two filing holes on upper part (damage to text); on the reverse: small pieces of papers, pasted with adhesive tape.
From the collection of Dr Simon Cohen.

Opening1,500$ Sold For3,690$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 360

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Purim Festivities in Tel-Aviv, 1929

Purim festivities in Tel-Aviv, 26-27.3.29. Advertisement poster. Lithographic printing in black and orange, "Lithographic printing A.L. Monsohn, Jerusalem". Signed: "Painted: A. Nathan".
Approx. 53X71 cm. Good-fair condition. Folding marks and creases. Tears at margins. One tear restored with adhesive tape. Tiny perforations.
From the collection of Dr Simon Cohen.

Opening2,000$ Sold For3,444$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 83

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Thomas Fuller – A Pisgah-Sight of Palestine – London, 1650 – Engravings and Maps Colored by Hand

A Pisgah-Sight of Palestine and the Confines Thereof, with the History of the Old and New Testament Acted Thereon, Thomas Fuller. Printed by M.F. for John Williams, London, 1650. English.
A comprehensive study of Palestine and its history, according to the Bible and the New Testament, by the English churchman, historian and author Thomas Fuller (1608-1661).
Accompanied by 30 unbound engraved plates, colored by hand, found between the leaves: 28 folded plates - maps of Palestine, Jerusalem, the territories of the Twelve Tribes, schemes of the Temple and more; the others – an additional title page and an armorial plate.
[10], 434, [1] (mispaginated; more than 434 pp.), 202, [17] pp. + [28] engraved plates. 34 cm. Overall good condition. Signatures are detached, with some wear and creases to leaves, and small tears at margins of some plates. Original leather binding in poor condition, torn. Spine is detached.

Opening2,800$ Sold For3,444$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 479

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The Book of Jonah with Wood Engravings by David Jones – Deluxe Edition on Vellum – With Letters

The Book of Jonah, taken from the Authorised Version of King James I. With Engravings on Wood by David Jones. London: Clover Hill Editions / Douglas Cleverdon, 1979. English.
The Book of Jonah with wood engravings by the British artist David Jones. The book was published in an edition totalling 470 copies, including 10 copies printed on vellum with an additional set (portfolio) of 39 wood engravings, identical to the ones in the book, printed on vellum, Japanese paper and handmade paper - 13 of each kind. The present volume is copy B, printed on vellum. The leather binding, decorated with a gilt design of a whale and sea waves, is signed on the inner binding “Sangorski & Sutcliffe”.
The book and portfolio are held in the original cardboard slipcase. Enclosed an advertising pamphlet about the book with a wood engraving, and a client’s order form and three letters handwritten on official stationery, written by the publisher Douglas Cleverdon to the copy’s buyer.
Book: [2]. 19 pp. [1] leaf, 29 cm. + [39] wood engravings, 25 cm. Pamphlet: [4] pp, 28/5 cm. Very good condition.

Opening500$ Sold For3,321$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 90

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Maps from the Ordnance Survey of Palestine by Wilson, 1865

A portfolio of maps, being the second part of the "Ordnance Survey of Palestine" conducted by Captain Charles William Wilson (1836-1905), in 1864.
Contains five folding, cloth-backed maps, including two maps of Jerusalem and maps of the Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, and Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
The Ordnance Survey of Palestine was the first modern cartographic and archaeological survey conducted in Palestine. During the survey Wilson discovered the arch named after him, in the northern area of Jerusalem's Western Wall.
Original portfolio, 53X38 cm, wear, tears and damages (two of the three flaps of the portfolio are detached and one is missing). Maps in good condition, with some wear and stains.

Opening700$ Sold For3,198$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 401

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Exhibition of “Ha-Shomer Ha-Tza’ir” Members in Cyprus – Tel-Aviv, 1948

"Exhibition of our Movement in Cyprus", illustrated poster of "Ha-Shomer Ha-Tza'ir" [Tel-Aviv, 1948]. Design: Hilik Arad (signed in print: "Hilik"). Hebrew.
Invitation to an exhibition displaying works by members of Ha-Shomer Ha-Tza'ir movement in the Cyprus Detention Camps. Lino print in grey, black and red. Illustration of barbed wire wrapped around a pole on top of which flies a red flag. In the background - a watchtower.
The exhibition of Ha-Shomer Ha-Tza'ir members in Cyprus opened in Tel-Aviv in April 1948. Prior to that event, in October 1947, the exhibition took place in the winter camp in Cyprus. When JNF people learned about the exhibition, the organizers were requested to send it to Israel. The exhibition took place concurrently with the opening of the fourth convention of Ha-Shomer Ha-Tza’ir Union in Israel, and revenues from entrance fees were transferred to JNF. The assembling of the exhibition in Tel-Aviv was done by Shraga Weil and Kalman Grochevsky who arranged the exhibition in Cyprus and immigrated to Palestine in 1947.
35X50 cm. Good-fair condition. Folding marks, many creases. Some stains. Tears, mainly at margins (small tear at center, to folding marks). Some tears restored with adhesive tape.
From the collection of Dr Simon Cohen.

Opening1,000$ Sold For3,198$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 223


Collection of Catalogues and Scholarly Books on Jewish Art, Ketubot and Judaica

Large collection of catalogues and books on Jewish art, Ketubot and Judaica. Including: "Menorat HaHanukkah" (Hanukkah Lamp), by Mordechai Narkiss, 1939; "The Stieglitz Collection, Masterpieces of Jewish Art", Chaya Benjamin; "Omanut Ve-Umanut Be’Eretz Israel Ba-Mea Ha-Tesha Esreh" [Arts and Crafts in Eretz Israel in the 19th century], (Israel Museum, 1939); "Jewish Tradition in Art, the Feuchtwanger Collection of Judaica" by Dr. Yesha’ayahu Shachar (Israel Museum); and other important and rare catalogues.
Total of 112 books. Size and condition vary. A complete list of books will be provided upon request.

Opening1,500$ Sold For3,198$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 82

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Christian van Adrichem – Study of the Holy Land, with Maps Showing the Territories of the Tribes of Israel – Cologne, 1593

Theatrum Terrae Sanctae et Biblicarum Historiarum cum tabulis geographicis aere expressis, Christiaan van Adrichom. Cologne, 1593. Latin.
Christian van Adrichem (1533-1585) - Catholic priest, born in Delft (Holland), wrote a number of works on Palestine. This book is a comprehensive description of the Holy Land, including ten engraved maps showing the territories of the Tribes of Israel, and two large maps (folded) - one of Palestine and the other of Jerusalem.
[12], 286, [29] pp + [12] maps, 38.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Loose or detached leaves. Some tears to leaf margins. Stains. Signature on title page. All the maps are detached. Most are stained. Worming to one map. The maps may have been taken from another copy of the book. Original vellum binding, almost completely detached.

Opening2,500$ Sold For3,075$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 276

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Collection of Documents and Photographs – “The Kazet Theater” – Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons Camp, 1945-1947

Photograph album, membership card and program of the “Kazet Theater” (Concentration Camp Theater) at the Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons Camp. [Ca. 1945-1947].
1. Kazet Theater membership card, issued to the actress Sonia Buczkowska, from 1945. With photograph. [4] leaves, 14 cm. Good condition. Stains. Loose leaves.
2. Program for a performance of the “Kazet Theater” in Belgium, organized by the “World Jewish Congress” and the Committee of Jewish Organizations in Belgium. Brussels, 1947. Yiddish. [1] leaf, folded in half, 21 cm. Good condition.
3. Photo album with 25 photographs of the “Kazet Theater” actors, most photographed while performing. Theater stamps on the album leaves and on the photograph backs (some added later). Some of the photographs are stamped on the back with the stamp of Sami Feder, director of the “Kazet Theater”. Photo size varies, ca. 8.5X9.5 cm - 16.5X21 cm. Some of the photographs are later prints. Album: 29X19 cm. Good condition.
The Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons Camp led an active political and cultural life, with many active organizations and institutions, including the “Kazet Theater”. The theater was founded in 1945 by theater actor and director Sami Feder. In the course of some two years the theater actors staged performances and plays in Yiddish for the Jewish public in the DP camps in Germany. In 1947 they also performed in Belgium, Sweden, England and Paris. After many of the theater actors chose to remain in Paris, the theater’s activities ceased.

Opening2,500$ Sold For3,075$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 182

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Albatross – Uri Zvi Greenberg – Complete Set, 1922-1923

Albatross, zhurnal for dem nayem dichter un kinstler oysdruk [periodical for new poetry and artistic expression], edited by Uri Zvi Greenberg. Warsaw-Berlin, 1922-1923.
Complete set (four issues in three booklets, no additional issues were printed) of the modern Yiddish periodical "Albatross", known for its impact on Yiddish literary circles and on Jewish modernism.
The first issue contains a "manifest tsu di kegner fun der nayer dichtung" [manifest for the opponents to modern poetry] - a modernist revolutionary composition by Uri Zvi Greenberg which did not go unnoticed by the vigilant eyes of the authorities, who reacted by banning the second issue and confiscating all its copies. Consequently, Greenberg left for Berlin. The third issue, published in Berlin, contained Greenberg's poem "BeMalchut HaTzlav" ("In the Kingdom of the Cross), a visionary poem prophesizing the extinction of European Jewry. A year later, in 1924, Uri Zvi Greenberg immigrated to Palestine, where he continued to write in Hebrew.
1. First issue, Warsaw, 1922. Cover designed by Ze'ev (Wladislaw) Weintraub. With linocuts by Marc Schwartz. Front cover signed by Greenberg, Wolf (Ze'ev) Weintraub, and other artists (dedication to Mark Schwartz?). Markings on back cover.
2. Second issue, Warsaw, 1922. Linocuts on the cover and inside the booklet, by Marc Schwartz.
3-4. Third and fourth issues, Berlin, 1923. Linocuts by Henrik Berlevi, Marc Schwartz and Yossef Abu HaGlili, additional illustrations - reproductions of works by Joseph Tchaikov, Issachar Ber-Ryback and other artists.
Fair condition.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,952$ Including buyers premium
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