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Invitation to the Wedding of the Steipler with the Sister of the Chazon Ish

A printed invitation card, to the wedding of the bride Miriam with the groom "Rabbi Mr. Ya'akov Yisrael son of R' Kanievsky", in Vilna on the 7th of Adar Bet 1927. Signed by the bride's mother, Rebbetzin "Resha Karelitz – widow of R' S.Y. Av Beit Din of Kosova". [Vilna, 1927]. Invitation to the wedding of Rabbi Ya'akov Yisrael Kanievsky "the Steipler" (1899-1985), an outstanding student at the Navahrudak Yeshiva, with the bride Pesha Miriam Karelitz (1899-1973), the youngest daughter of the Rabbi of Kosova, Rabbi Shemaryahu Karelitz (1852-1916). The matchmaker was her brother, Rabbi Avraham Yeshaya, author of Chazon Ish, who saw the book Sha'arei Tevuna written by the Steipler in his youth and immediately announced that he has found the match for his sister Miriam. He then applied to Rabbi Chaim Ozer and to their brother Rabbi Meir Karelitz to suggest the match to the Steipler. The wedding took place in Vilna in the home of the eldest Karelitz son, Rabbi Meir Karelitz, Av Beit Din of Bilohirya (Lachovitz) [he divided his time between Bilohirya in capacity of Rabbi, and Vilna dealing with public issues together with Rabbi Chaim Ozer]. After their marriage, the couple lived for three months in Vilna, after which the Steipler was summoned by Rabbi Shmuel Weintraub to head the Navahrudak Yeshiva in the city of Pinsk. 7.5X11.5 cm. Fair condition, stains, creases and wear.

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Polemic Manuscript on the Topic of the Measures of Mitzvot – In the Handwriting of the Steipler

Manuscript leaves, written in the stages of preparation of the book "Eifat Tzedek" on halachic measures, in the handwriting of the author, Rabbi Ya'akov Yisrael Kanievsky (the "Steipler"), author of Kehillot Ya'akov. [Bnei Brak, before 1949]. The book Eifat Tzedek, was written at the height of the halachic polemic between the Chazon Ish and his brother-in-law the "Steipler", on the one hand, and Rabbi Chaim Na'eh of Jerusalem, on the other, on the matter of halachic measurements. Following the opinion of the Chazon Ish that the measure of an amah and a revi'it are larger than the measures published by Rabbi Chaim Na'eh in his book Shiurei Torah, the Steipler was asked by his brother-in-law to write his book Shiurin D'Orayta to prove that the halacha is according to the Chazon Ish. Rabbi Chaim Na'eh responded with his book Shi'urei Zion in which he attacked the Steipler's claims and proofs. The Steipler rejoined with his book Eifat Tzedek (1949). In the introduction he writes: "The book Shi'urei Zion written by the Gaon author of Shi'urei Torah was brought to me and its entire purpose is to oppose my teachings and my book Shi'urin D'Orayta…". In this book he sharply replies to the objections of Rabbi Chaim Na'eh. Only after the death of the Chazon Ish and Rabbi Chaim Na'eh in 1954, did the Steipler republish his final opinion in the book Shi'urin Shel Torah, Jerusalem, 1957, in which he included all his opinions on the subject of the measures of mitzvot, omitting the words of polemic found in his two previous books. These are draft leaves of the book Eifat Tzedek with variations from the printed version. A photocopy is enclosed for comparison. [3] leaves, written on one side. 22 cm. Varying condition, good to fair. Stains and wear, one leaf has a tear with damage to text.

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Books by the Chafetz Chaim – The Steipler’s Copy

Volume containing three books of the Chafetz Chaim, with various stamps of Rabbi Ya'akov Yisrael Kanievsky, the Steipler: · Chafetz Chaim, Warsaw, [ca. 1890]. · Shemirat HaLashon, Warsaw, 1890. · Ahavat Chesed, Warsaw, [1888]. First edition. Signatures and inscriptions of previous owners [inscriptions of death from the 1900s]. Stamp of the Steipler from the days of his youth: "Ya'akov Yisrael Kanievsky – Author of Sha'arei Tevuna", and several stamps after his immigration to Eretz Israel: "Ya'akov Yisrael Kanievsky, head of the Beit Yosef Yeshiva, author of Sha'arei Tevuna and Kehillot Ya'akov – Bnei Brak, Eretz Israel". Sha'arei Tevuna is the first book written by the Steipler in his youth in 1925. Kehillot Ya'akov Part 1 was printed in 1936 and Part 2 was printed in 1938, therefore these later stamps were made after 1938. On all the title pages and censor authorizations, the Christian dates were erased, characteristic to the Steipler's well-known conduct. He was careful to further himself as far as possible from anything even remotely connected to Christianity and avodah zara. 78 leaves; 44 leaves; 56 leaves. 22.5 cm. Brittle paper, fair condition, wear and tears, worming. Torn original binding.

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