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Auction 47 Lot Number 481

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Two Amulets for Protection of a Baby

Two amulets for protection of a baby or infant. [Europe, 18th-19th century].
The design of both amulets is identical, but they differ in size and in some minor details. Both are slightly different from the amulet in the Feuchtwanger collection catalogue, item 966.
Obverse: the letter "Heh" in the center, within it a flower in bloom, surrounded by: "This child will grow and learn Torah, get married and do good deeds" (Hebrew). Reverse: a pair of fish, below the fish an inscription: "[Yehi Ratzon Milfanech Hashem…] that you save babies…" Diameter: 3.8 cm; 2.7 cm. Fair-poor condition.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 482

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“Legal Currency Proposal” Banknote – 250 Pruta – Consecutive Numbers / Errors

Five banknotes "Legal Currency Proposal", 250 Pruta.
Three with consecutive numbers. Two with a minor error (fold in paper). Condition: UNC.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 483

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Gold Medal – “Decade of Israel’s Liberation”

"Decade of Israel's Liberation", gold medal, 1958.
Obverse: as a symbol of "Liberated Israel" – palm tree; on one side a woman carrying a sheaf of wheat and on the other side a man holding a hoe. The word "Israel Liberata" (Latin – liberated Israel) and "Jerusalem" are integrated into the illustration surrounded by the inscription "Decade of Israel's Liberation 1958". Reverse: replica of a Roman coin "Judea Capta" and inscription "Judea in exile 70 AD". Diameter: 27 mm, weight: 14.9 gram. Original pouch.

Opening300$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 484

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Sculpture of Ze’ev Jabotinsky in Jewish Legion Uniform

Ze'ev Jabotinsky in 1919. Bust made of plaster, painted brown.
The bust portrays the chest and head of Jabotinsky wearing a Jewish Legion uniform (Jabotinsky was one of the founders with Joseph Trumpeldor), and a cap with a "Royal Fusiliers" cap badge. On the reverse appears a dedication in Hebrew. Height: 34 cm, width: 21 cm, length: 15 cm. Good condition. Slight cracks and paint flaking.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 485

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Record Issued by the Zionist Revisionists in Poland – Jabotinsky

A 78 rpm record, with two speeches by Ze'ev Jabotinsky. Issued by the Central Committee of the Zionist Revisionist Organization in Poland, [ca. 1930s].
Side I: der ginstiger shturm (Yiddish) – Z. Jabotinsky – The Morrow of the Jewish Nation. Side II: My Word to the Citizens of Palestine. Diameter: 25 cm. Good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For541$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 486

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Two Enamel Jugs – Syria

Two jugs made of copper and enamel. Syria, [early 20th century].
On both jugs appears an inscription in Hebrew characters: on one appears the verse "Ben Porat Yossef Ben [Porat] Aley Ayin" (faulty) and on the other an illegible inscription. Height: 14 cm, max. diameter: 25 cm. Fair-good condition. Bends and damages to enamel.

Opening400$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 487

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Two Pieces of Yemenite Silver Jewelry

1. Necklace for a Yemenite bride, for her wedding day. Length: 60 cm. Thread and clasp are not original.
2. Belt made of silver links, which was probably worn on the forehead and attached to the "Gargush" headdress worn by brides in Yemen. Pendants hang from the lower part. Length: 42 cm.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 488

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Torah Shield – Ludwig Yehudah Wolpert

Torah Shield, created by Ludwig Yehudah Wolpert, USA, [1950s].
Silver (marked: sterling), gilt. Maker's mark: "Tobe Pascher Workshop, the Jewish Museum / Wolpert.
Silver plaque in an oblong rectangular shape, with cut letters of the verse "Yemin Hashem Asa Hayil" (Psalms). The shield was created by Wolpert when he headed the "Tobe Pascher Workshop for Modern Jewish Art" in the Jewish Museum in New York, after he immigrated to the USA in 1956. 24X9.5 cm. Good condition. Original chain.
See: A Sermon in Metal, The Art Work at Temple Emanuel of Great Neck by Ludwig Wolpert (New York, 1960), pp. 8.

Opening400$ Sold For3,936$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 489

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Vase – Armenian Ceramic

Vase with vegetal ornamentations. Painted and glazed clay. Signed on the base.
Height: 27 cm. Some damages.

Opening700$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 490

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Vase – Armenian Ceramic – Karkashain-Balian Workshop

Vase decorated with leaves and flowers, created in Karkashain-Balian workshop.
Painted and glazed clay. Signed on the base: "Palestine" and workshop emblem.
Height: 26 cm. Some damages. Fracture at base.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 491

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Dish with a Lid – Armenian Ceramic

Dish with a lid, decorated with leaves and flowers.
Painted and glazed clay. Not signed.
Height: 7 cm. Damages at rim of dish and rim of lid.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 47 Lot Number 492

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Aharon Kahana – Coffee Set

Set including a plate, six cups and a bowl, created by Aharon Kahana.
Painted and glazed clay. Plate signed: "Kahana".
An egg-shaped plate, with a nice geometric decoration in the center; six cups and a bowl with matching decorations; cups on a triangular base, widening upwards. Plate – ca. 24X21 cm. 6 cups – height: 5 cm. Width of base: ca. 4 cm. Bowl – height: 5 cm, width of base ca. 5.5 cm. Overall good condition. Some damages. "Purchase Tax" sticker on base of plate.

Opening500$ Unsold
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