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Auction 47 Lot Number 356

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Marc Chagall – “Derriere le Miroir” no. 66-68 – Eleven Original Lithographs

Derriere le Miroir, published by Maeght Editeur, Paris, 1954. French. Issue no. 66-68.
The issue includes eleven original lithographs by Chagall (including the ones printed on the front and back covers), nine of which are in color and one is oversized; Paris-themes. Enclosed is an invitation to a Chagall exhibition in Maeght Gallery in Paris (in lithographic printing). 38.3X27.8 cm. Very good condition. Slight damages. Invitation: 18.5X13.7 cm (folding mark).

Opening7,000$ Sold For7,862$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 468

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Menashe Kadishman (1932-2015)

Draw me a Sheep (homage to the Little Prince) / Acrylic on canvas / Approx. 94X64 cm / Signed / Signed on the reverse

Opening3,000$ Sold For3,690$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 466

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Béla Kádár (1877-1956)

Composition (a tiger and a figure) / Watercolor on paper / 34X24.5 cm / Signed

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Auction 47 Lot Number 108

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Joseph Trumpeldor – Handwritten Letter – London, 1917

A letter handwritten and signed by Joseph Trumpeldor, London, May 1, 1917. Russian and some English.
The letter was written during Trumpeldor's stay in London, where he came to assist Ze'ev Jabotinsky in his efforts to establish a Jewish fighting legion. Addressed to Mrs. Gavronska.
The letter concerns setting a meeting with Mrs. Gavronska and her husband, Ya'akov Gavronski. Trumpeldor opens with apologizing for missing his former meeting with the couple: "I did not forget, but it seems that I misunderstood. I believed that I have to arrive when Ya'akov Yosifovitch will inform me of…news regarding Russian citizens about to be drafted, or when I have news about the subject…". He further mentions that he wrote a similar letter to Ya'akov Yosifovitch [Gavronski] asking to re-schedule the meeting.
Ya'akov Yosifovitch Gavronsky (1878-1948, grandson of Kalonimus Ze'ev Wissotzky), physician by profession, was involved in the political life in Russia. While still a student he managed a social-revolutionary group in Freiburg (Germany), with his first wife. Among other things he served as Russian Provisional Government high commissioner in London.
Joseph Trumpeldor (1880-1920) – one of the founders of the Jewish Legion, "HaChalutz", and the commander of the defense of Tel-Hai court in 1920. Trumpeldor was born in Russia, was the first Jewish officer to serve in the Russian army, serving also in the Russo-Japanese war, where he was hurt in battle – his left arm amputated, and he was captured by the Japanese. He came to Eretz Israel in 1912. During WWI he founded together with Ze'ev Jabotinsky the Jewish Legion and fought at the Gallipoli Campaign as deputy commander of the "Zion Mule Corps". After the war Trumpeldor headed back to Russia, where he was among the founders of "HaChalutz". In 1919 he came again to Eretz Israel and was called to assist with the protection of the settlements in the area of the Galilee Panhandle. He was killed in the battle of Tel- Hai, on the 11th of Adar, 1920; his character and bravery led to his being a national hero in the history of Zionism.
[1] leaf, ca. 22 cm. Attached to passé par-tout. Good condition. Folding marks and foxing.

Opening2,000$ Sold For4,428$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 302

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Second Maccabiah – Poster Designed by Franz Kraus, 1935

"Second Maccabiah", advertisement poster designed by Franz Kraus. Printed by "Menir" factory, Sandler & Berson, Bnei- Brak, 1935.
A nice illustration in color depicting a boy holding a flag with the Maccabiah logo, with Tel-Aviv in the background. Approx. 98.5X67.5 cm. Good condition. Folding marks and creases. Restored tears. Mounted on acid-free paper.
From the collection of Dr Simon Cohen

Opening2,000$ Sold For5,904$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 19

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Official Gazette of the Government of Palestine – Four Volumes, 1919-1924 – English

Official Gazette of the Government of Palestine / O.E.T.A. (South) – Proclamations, Ordinances and Notices.
Ordinances and regulations, municipal laws, announcement on behalf of the government of Palestine, approved trademarks, and more were published in the Official Gazette.
The first issues, duplicated from typewritten leaves, were printed immediately after the British Mandate came into effect, when the territory of Eretz Israel was called O.E.T.A. [Occupied Enemy Territory Administration], until the San Remo convention in 1920 confirmed the British Mandate. See following item.
Four volumes, July 1919 until December 1924. First volume: issues 1-33. Second volume: issues 34-81. Volume 3: issues 82-105. Fourth volume: issues 106-129.
Ink stamps of Roza Ginsberg (Ginosar), the first female lawyer in Eretz Israel, president of World Wizo.Volumes: 31-34.5 cm. Overall good condition. Creases. Tears at margins of some issues. Damages to bindings.

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Auction 47 Lot Number 195

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“Haoved Hakibbuci” – “Dror Habonim” – Hungary, 1946

Passover Haggadah. “Haoved Hakibbuci Dror Habonim” in Hungary, [Budapest], [1946], Hebrew and Hungarian.
Non-traditional Haggadah, in Hebrew and Hungarian, with many illustrations (illustrations by “Zvi Cohen – Moshe Steiner”, signed in the plate on the last page). The allegoric illustrations depict the immigration to Eretz Israel as a direct continuation of the Exodus from Egypt (pp. 14-15); and on the other hand, Jews entering a concentration camp (KZ), their souls flying out of crematoriums’ chimneys, next to the illustration of “Vayeanunu” [And we were tortured]. [1] title cover, [29] pp, 20 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains on cover. Detached leaves. Inner leaves in good condition. Inscription on front cover (with date).
In the NLI appears only a photocopy. Not listed in Aviram Paz’s book “The Exodus from Egypt – Then and Now” (2015).

Opening1,800$ Sold For2,952$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 132

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Letters from David Ben-Gurion to Mordechai Maklef / Letters and Photographs of Mordechai Maklef

Collection of letters and photographs - Mordechai Maklef (1920-1978), third IDF Chief of Staff. Including letters from David Ben-Gurion regarding Maklef assuming the role of Chief of Staff and his retirement. Ca. 1946-1953. Mordechai Maklef was born in Motza (near Jerusalem). During the 1929 riots, when he was 9 years old, most of his family members were murdered. In the years that followed he was raised by relatives in Jerusalem and in Haifa. At the age of 16 he joined the youth battalions of the Haganah and when he turned 19 he quit his studies in the Technion and enlisted in the "Special Night Squads ", a British unit established by Orde Charles Wingate. When the "Night Squads" were dismantled he was involved in agricultural work for a living. When World War II broke out he was sent by the Haganah to the British Army, participated in several training courses, fought in North Africa and in Italy and was released in 1946 as Major. Maklef stayed in Europe for a while and was engaged in illegal immigration to Israel. When Maklef returned to Israel he rejoined the Haganah as commander of Haganah forces in Haifa. When the War of Independence broke out Maklef fought with the Carmeli Brigade, took part in battles in Haifa, Acre and the Galilee, planned and took part in Operation Hiram to capture the Galilee. When the war ended Maklef headed the Israeli delegation to talks with Lebanon and Syria. Maklef was appointed in 1949 as deputy Chief of Staff and senior operations officer. In January 1952 Maklef went to study in Britain as preparation for his retirement from IDF, and returned to Israel in August of the same year. After Yigael Yadin's resignation, the Minister of Defense at the time, David Ben-Gurion. turned to Maklef and asked him to accept the role of Chief of Staff. Maklef accepted Ben-Gurion's offer on condition that it will be for one year only. On December 7, 1952 Maklef became the third IDF Chief of Staff at the age of 32. During his service he completed a plan of budget cuts, freed the army from half-civilian missions, and initiated the establishment of Unit 101 commanded by Ariel Sharon. Maklef retired in December 1953. The collection includes: 1-3. Three letters from David Ben-Gurion to Mordechai Maklef. Official letters, partly written in a personal tone and indicate that Ben-Gurion greatly appreciated and liked Maklef. · Typewritten letter on the Prime Minister's official stationery, hand signed by David Ben-Gurion. January 1, 1952. Sent towards Maklef's trip to Britain. "My dear Major General – upon leaving for studies I have a friendly obligation to wish you farewell – and add immediately – and welcome back to the IDF… I see in your studies a temporary break (a fruitful one) from your blessed service in IDF. I knew (at least partly) of your difficulties… but you are not a man discouraged by difficulties while fulfilling his duty. I appreciated your wish to be engaged in agriculture but you are destined to be a soldier – and I do not assume for one minute that you will escape from your destiny…" (Hebrew). 2 leaves, 26 cm. Attached with glue and with staples to a Bristol sheet. · Letter typewritten on official stationery, with some additions handwritten by Ben-Gurion and his signature. December 8, 1952. In the letter, sent to Maklef on the day following his appointment as Chief of Staff, Ben-Gurion lists his future missions. 2 leaves, 28 cm. · Letter typewritten on official stationery, with some corrections in Ben-Gurion's handwriting and his signature. December 6, 1953. A long letter in which Ben-Gurion expresses his regrets that Maklef is retiring: "Dear Mordechai – with great sorrow I part from you today, before I part from IDF. I owe you a deep personal thank you, for listening to me in spite of your wish and tendency... My gratitude, however, is only part of what the people of Israel owe you for seventeen years of service…since you were a boy of sixteen…the bond of arms tied us in loyal and deep friendship…may you succeed in all of your future deeds – just as you were successful so far” (Hebrew). 4 leaves, 28 cm. Condition varies. Filing holes to the three letters. Folding marks, creases, some stains and some tears to some of the leaves. 4. Typewritten letter from Mordechai Maklef to David Ben-Gurion (Marked “Strictly Personal”) in which Maklef asks to release him from the role of Chief of Staff. October, 1953. [1] leaf, 21 cm. Folding marks and tears. 5. Typewritten letter (copy), hand signed, from I.H. Gash, lieutenant in the British Army, Maklef’s commander. October 1946. English. Letter of recommendation towards Maklef’s release from the British Army. [1] leaf, 29.5 cm. Stains, folding marks and tears at margins. Upper part of letter pasted to a Bristol sheet (one of Ben-Gurion’s letters is pasted to reverse of the Bristol sheet). 6-12. Seven black and white photographs of Mordechai Maklef: · five portraits from the period of Maklef’s service as Chief of Staff (1952-1953), stamped on the reverse with the ink stamp of the photographer Zoltan Kluger. · Photograph documenting Maklef’s meeting with Frederick Augustus Irving, superintendent of the United States Military Academy. July, 1952. Titled on the reverse. · Portrait photograph of Maklef, July 1953. Average size 24X19.5 cm. Overall good condition. Some damages to some photographs.

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Auction 47 Lot Number 400

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Ludwig Meidner – Septemberschrei – Fourteen Lithographs – Signed and Numbered Edition – Berlin, 1920

Septemberschrei, Hymnen / Gebete / Lästerungen, Mit Vierzehn Stein Drucken [September Cry, hymns, prayers and blasphemy, with fourteen lithographs], by Ludwig Meidner. Berlin: Paul Cassirer, 1920. German.
The book Septemberschrei, by the artist Ludwig Meidner. Accompanied by fourteen lithographs of good quality. Copy no. 10 from an elaborate edition of one hundred copies printed on fine handmade paper. All the lithographs are signed by Meidner (in pencil, one in purple). [3] leaves, 75 pp, [2] leaves + [14] leaves-lithographs, 29 cm. Fine binding with parchment spine (slight damages). Gilt upper edges. Good condition. Some stains and damages.

Opening1,800$ Sold For3,198$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 198

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Important Archive of Letters – Early Days of the Jewish Congregation in Melbourne, Australia, 1858-1883

An important archive of letter, about the early days of the Jewish congregation in Melbourne, Australia, 1858-1883. English.
The archive contains letters written by the leaders of the congregation and by its Rabies, as well as by the chief rabbi of the British Empire Nathan Marcus Adler; letter directly related to the founding of a Beit-Din in Melbourne in 1864, the first Beit-Din in the British Empire situated out of London. Most of the letters are addressed to the President and committee of the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation.
· 6 Letters written by Rabbi Moses Rintel, 1864-1872 (one letter is a handwritten copy from the period), most of them addressed to the East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation. · 25 autograph letters signed by the chief rabbi of the British Empire, Nathan Marcus Adler (two are copies from the period), 1861-1871. · 2 letters written and signed by Abraham Philip Ornstein, 1864-1872. · 2 autograph letters, signed by Rabbi Samuel Herman, from the years 1872-1875. · 5 letters concerning the St. Kilda Hebrew Congregation, (suburb of Melbourne), 1882-1883, including 3 letters signed by Moritz Michaelis and one by Isaac Hallenstein. · Autograph letter, signed by Raphael Benjamin, one of the congregation leaders, 1875. · 30 additional letters, large part of them from congregation members who address the leaders, with various requests and questions about daily life of the congregation, 1858-1883. Enclosed are two printed items – blank letterhead leaves of the congregation’s secretary from the 1880s, a prospectus of the periodical “Colonial Jewish Monthly” from 1875.
Total of approx. 85 items. Fair condition. Some letters with dampstaining, mildew stains and open tears, some with damage to text. Most of the letters are whole and legible.

Opening1,800$ Sold For6,150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 358

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The Lithographs of Marc Chagall – Six Volumes

The Lithographs of Chagall. Series of six volumes published by André Sauret, Monte Carlo-New-York, 1960-1986. English; third volume in French.
· First volume: 11 original lithographs (most of them in color) within the book and a lithographic dust jacket. · Second volume: 11 original lithographs within the book (some in color) and a lithographic dust jacket. · Third volume: One original lithograph (facing title page) + lithographic dust jacket. · Fourth volume: One original lithograph (facing title page) + lithographic dust jacket. · Fifth and sixth volumes with no lithographs. Volumes 32 cm. Good condition.

Opening1,800$ Sold For2,214$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 215

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Behemoth Hatemeoth – on the Subject of Shechita – Montreal, 1853

Behemoth Hatemeoth, the nomenclature of the prohibited animals of Leviticus, as determined by the most eminent authorities, both Jewish and Christian, by Abraham De Sola. Printed by John Lovell, Montreal, 1853. English (and some Hebrew). Only edition.
The author, Abraham De Sola (1825-1882) was a renowned rabbi, scholar, and orientalist, born in London. In 1847, when only twenty-two years old De Sola moved to Canada and became Rabbi of the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Congregation of Montreal ("Shearith Israel") and served there for thirty years. In 1853, McGill invited de Sola to become Professor of Hebrew and Oriental Literature. In 1873, by invitation of President Ulysses S. Grant's administration, De Sola opened the United States Congress with prayer. [1] Title-cover, 16 pp, 22 cm. Good condition. Inscription on the front cover. Minor creases at the corners. Minor tears on spine.
Apparently, this is the first book on the subject of Kosher Shechita (slaughtering) printed in America. One of the first Jewish books printed in Canada.
OCLC lists only one copy.

Opening1,500$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 439

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Jacob Steinhardt (1887-1968)

Jüdische Motive, Sechs Originalholzschnitte [Jewish motifs, six original woodcuts] / Berlin: Verlag fur Jüdische Kunst und Kultur, Fritz Gurlitt, 1920 / Portfolio containing six woodcuts depicting Jewish subjects (Friday night, Tisha BeAv, and more) / Approx. 27X25 cm – 24X34 cm / Signed in pencil
Kolb 33-38.

Opening1,500$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 451

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Herbert Gustave Schmalz (1856-1935)

Hebron (steps to Cave of Patriarchs) / 1890 / Oil on panel / Approx. 24X34 cm / Signed, titled and dated
The artistic style of Gustave Schmalz (b. England, 1856) was wide, embracing historical, literary and biblical subjects, landscapes and portraits. Schmalz Visited Eretz Israel in 1890. This visit, (during which he painted the work presented here), was considered as one of the peaks of his artistic career. Following this visit he created a series of paintings on biblical topics including one of his best known paintings, The Return from Calvary.
Literature: The Art of Herbert Schmalz, by Trevor Blakemore. London, 1911 (enclosed). Photographed on the plate facing page 70.
Provenance: Collection of Miss. Horn, Hambeldon, Hampshire; acquired in 1973 through Neville Orgel, Old Masters Paintings, London.

Opening1,500$ Sold For5,412$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 477

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A Large Collection of Jewish Medals

Collection which includes approx. 350 medals of Jewish context, [19th-20th century (most medals are from the 19th century, some are earlier)].
Among the medals are some silver medals, Zionist medals, pendants, sports medals, "private" medals minted for special occasions, synagogue medals, medals with portraits of dignitaries, tokens, "Goerlitz" Shekels, Lodz Ghetto coins, cast plaques, and more. Size and condition vary.

Opening1,500$ Sold For20,910$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 296

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“Hitgayes LaAvodah” – Three Posters from the Printing Process – Rudi Deutsch

"[Shechem el Shechem] Hitgayes LaAvodah!". [Poster on behalf of the Ministry of Labor and Building, human resources administration. Lithograph 'Dafna' Bnei-Brak, ca. 1949]. Design: Rudi Deutsch (signed in the second and third version).
The posters portray a large figure of a soldier with three workers next to him. Presented are three versions from the printing process; each with an addition of color (without the final version in which dark green also appears). In the first version appear corrections and markings in pencil (including a note which suggests to locate the logo “Sherut Avodah” on the left, while in the end it was printed on the right). 61.5X93 cm; 70X100 cm; 62X91 cm. Overall good condition. Tears at margins. Miniature holes
at corners.

Opening1,500$ Sold For2,952$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 457

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Nachum Gutman (1898-1980)

Safed Mountains / Watercolor on paper / Approx. 46X32.5 cm / Signed

Opening1,500$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 187

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Lev Dickstein – Nine Booklets – Linocuts

Nine children’s booklets with illustrations by Lev Dickstein (linocuts), Tel-Aviv, [1940s]. Not in NLI.
1. Dan HaTzayar ve Hakibutz, by Eliezer Berger and Lev Dickstein. “Rodin” Publishing.
2. Dan HaTzayar ve Haofot, by Eliezer Berger and Lev Dickstein, “Rodin” Publishing.
3. Yonatan HaSapan, illustrations: Lev Dickstein, verses: A.S. Amiel. A. Lichtenstein Publishing.
4. Ma’ase BeNira…, illustrations: Lev Dickstein, verses: A.S. Amiel. A. Lichtenstein Publishing.
5. Ram “Kol Bo”, illustrations: Lev Dickstein, verse: A.S. Amiel. A. Lichtenstein Publishing.
6. HaAchot HaAduma, illustrations: Lev Dickstein, verses: A.S. Amiel. A. Lichtenstein Publishing.
7. Gan Hayot, illustrations by Lev Dickstein. Stories adapted by: S. Melzer.
8. Tzayer veSaper Li, illustrations by Lev Dickstein, stories adapted by: S. Melzer.
9. Sefer Hatziyurim, selected storied in pictures.
Size and condition vary. 6-12 leaves in each booklet. Overall good condition.

Opening1,300$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 87

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Huge Collection of Photographs by Photographer Eliyahu Cohen

Album containing about 860 photographs, by photographer Eliyahu Cohen. Eretz Israel, 1947-1950.
Eliyahu Cohen (1910-1993), born in Dusseldorf, Germany, was a member of the youth movements "Maccabi" and "Blau Weiss". With the rise of the Nazi Party into power, he left his law studies and joined an agricultural training group in Latvia organized by "HeChalutz". Immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1934, settled in kibbutz Gesher in the Jordan Valley and worked in the Naharayim Power Plant as well as in agriculture; later moved to Kibbutz Ashdot Ya'akov. Cohen taught himself photography and used to travel to Tel-Aviv to buy photography brochures and meet with Rudi Wiesenstein in his studio. In his photographs he documented mainly agricultural work, structures in the Kibbutz and various Kibbutz activities, trips of Kibbutz members and treks of the Palmach Patrol Unit in the Negev.
The album presented contains photographs portraying trips in the country, tours in Kibbutzim and in various sites in the Negev and the Galilee, agricultural work in fields and farms, and more. All of the album's leaves bear titles marking the location, some with the date. The album contains photographs of the following locations: Beit Shean, Ein Harod, Tel Yosef, Beit Hashita, ancient synagogue in Baram, Nebi Yosha, Malkiya, Tzlachya, Yiftach, Manara, Misgav, Kfar Gilady, Ma'ayan Baruch, Hagoshrim, Kfar Szold, Kfar Blum, Neot Mordechai, Dardara, Ayelet Hashachar, Rosh Pina, Machanayim, Hulata, Genosar, Kineret, Hukuk, Gvat, Gesher, Neve Or, Mount Tabor, Hanita, Bassa, Rosh Hanikra, Gesher Haziv, Ein Gedi, Ze'elim, Massada, Machtesh, Ma'ale Akrabim, Hatzerim, Ramon Crater, Apolonia, Tel-Aviv, Haifa and more. Several leaves are titled in more detail: "journey of 'HaTenua HaKelalit shel HaNo'ar HaLomed HaChalutzi, in Har HaNegev and Eilat" (1950), "Spring 1947"."From Nahariya to the vicinity on bicycles", "holiday on the beach in Nahariya, 1950", "Month of 'Modiin' in Safed (Kena'an Police), 1951", "month of a photography tour on 'HaKibutz HaMe'uchad' mission – Jordan valley, Hula, Eastern Galilee, Eastern Emek Yizrael, and more", "Half-Jubilee of Heftziba, summer 1947", "Tenth anniversary of Maoz, summer 1947". Several newspaper cuttings and booklets where Cohen's photographs appeared are integrated into the album; enclosed are two letters sent to Cohen. Size of photographs varies, 4X5.5 cm to 11.5X8.5 cm. [53] leaves (photographs mounted on both sides of the leaves), 35X50 cm. Not bound. Good condition.
For further information about Cohen, see:
1. Und sie haben Deutschland verlassen... müssen, Fotografen und ihre Bilder, 1928-1997, [Projektleitung]: Klaus Honeff, Frank Weyers, (published by Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn, Landschaftsverband Rheinland), 1997, pp 108-109.
2. Guy Raz: Photographers of Palestine Eretz Israel / Israel (1855-2000). Tel-Aviv: "Mappa", 2003. P.102.

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Auction 47 Lot Number 365

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“Jewish Graphics” – Nathan Altmann – Numbered Copy

Jüdische Graphik, Nathan Altmann [Jewish graphics, Nathan Altmann]. Berlin: Petropolis, 1923. German.
Ten lithographs by Nathan Altmann, printed on a golden background. Introduction by Max Osborne. Copy no. 106 from an edition of 250 copies. 22, [2] pp, [10] plates, [1] pp, 49 cm. Good condition. Slight damages.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,968$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 35

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“Iton Rishmi” No. 1 / “Yom Hamedina” Newspaper / Three Issues of Newspapers Announcing the Establishment of the State of Israel

1. "Iton Rishmi" no. 1. Tel-Aviv, 14.5.1948.
Includes the text of the "Independence Scroll" and a manifest on behalf of the Provisional State Council. On top of leaf: "Israel, Provisional Government". 4 pp. 33 cm. Good condition. Creases.
2. "Yom Hamedina", joint publication of local papers. Friday, May 14, 1948. Leaf: 42.5X57.5 cm. Good condition. Folded leaf. Stains. Tears at margins.
3. Issue of "Yediot Ahronot", 14.5.1948. Headline: “At 4 p.m. the State of Israel will be Established”. Incomplete (missing inner pages, no. 3-6). 42.5 cm. Folding marks, stains and slight tears.
4. “Hamashkif” newspaper, Iyar 7, 1948. Headline: “State of Israel was Established”. 55 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Folding marks. Tears at horizontal folding mark. Creases.
5. “Mandate – Beginning to End” published by “Yediot Maariv”, illustrated supplement to the newspaper of May 15, 1948. [4] pp, 47 cm. Folding marks and stains.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,599$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 291

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Poster – Elections for Sixth City Council of Tel-Aviv

"El Zibur", poster printed for the upcoming elections to Tel Aviv's sixth City Council. No printer's details. [Tel-Aviv, 1935].
"On December 15, the elections for the sixth council of Tel-Aviv will be held / after many evasions and delays the City has to face the public's judgment…" (Hebrew).
To the right side of the text appears a montage consisting of a boy calling out loud [created by Moshe Vorobeichik?]. Approx. 63X95 cm. Good-fair condition. Folding marks and creases. Stains, tears at margins. Restored tears.
From the collection of Dr Simon Cohen

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 47 Lot Number 111

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Letter to Rabbi Aryeh Levin, “Father of Prisoners” – Permission to Pray in Prison on Tisha B’av – Jerusalem, 1947 – Comment Handwritten by Rabbi Aryeh Levin

Official letter from Police Headquarters in Jerusalem to Rabbi Aryeh Levin, concerning prayer in prison on Tisha B'av. Signed by the British Commissioner of Prisons. July 17, 1945. English.
Official letter written in reply to Aryeh Levin's request addressed to the Commissioner of Prisons, in which the commissioner states that "Arrangements will be made in Jerusalem Prison whereby the Jewish prisoners will be allowed to pray in community on Tisha B'ab"
A comment handwritten by Rabbi Aryeh Levin appears on the reverse of the letter: "Permission to say lamentations in public and pray on Tisha B'av" (Hebrew).
Rabbi Aryeh Levin (1885-1969), Israeli Rabbi and Mashgiach, born in Orla (present day Poland); named "Father of the Prisoners" for his habit during the British Mandate to walk every Saturday and visit prisoners in British prisons in order to encourage them. Mainly known for his comforting attitude to underground prisoners and to those who were sentenced to death. [1] leaf, 20 cm. Good condition. Filing holes. Folding marks and creases. Tears at margins.

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Auction 47 Lot Number 357

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Marc Chagall – Issues of “Derriere le Miroir” – Original Lithographs

Five issues of Derriere le Miroir with original lithographs by Marc Chagall: · Issue no. 44-45, 1952, with two double page lithographs (cover + middle). · Issue no. 99-100, 1957, with seven lithographs, four of them in color, two double page. · Issue no. 147, 1964, with one double page lithograph. · Issue no. 225, 1977, with one double page lithograph. · Issue no. 235, 1979, with two lithographs in color. 38 cm. Good condition.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium
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