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Auction 44 Lot Number 457

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Passover Haggadah, with German Translation – New York, 1870

Passover Haggadah, Erzählung von dem Auszuge Israels aus Egypten. New York, 1870. L. H. Frank.
Haggadah with a German translation. Original Hebrew and German translation page by page.
70 pages. 18 cm. Good condition, many stains. Loose and worn cover.
Otzar HaHaggadot 1368. Not listed by Singerman and Goldman.

Opening1,200$ Unsold

Auction 44 Lot Number 458

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Passover Haggadah, with English Translation – New York, 1885

Passover Haggadah, Service for the two first nights of Passover. New York, 1885. F. Lewine. Haggadah with an English translation. Original Hebrew and English translation page by page. 70, [1] pages. 19 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains on some pages. Detached title page. Cellotape marks on the first two leaves. Cover with some wear. Otzar HaHaggadot 1695. Not listed by Singerman and Goldman.

Opening1,200$ Unsold

Auction 44 Lot Number 459

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Passover Haggadah – New York, 1876

Haggadah and Seder Pesach, with an English translation and illustrations. New York, 1876. L. H. Frank.
Hebrew and English, column by column.
60 pages. 22 cm. Good-fair condition. Food stains on some of the leaves. Two leaves (pp. 53-56) are detached, with wear and some tears. Original cover, with damages.
Ya'ari 1103; Otzar HaHaggadot 1470; not listed by Singerman and Goldman.

Opening800$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 460

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Passover Haggadah – New York, 1889

Haggadah and Seder Pesach, with an English translation and illustrations. New York, 1889. J. Rosenbaum.
Hebrew and English, column by column.
60 pages. 22 cm. Overall good condition. Many stains. Damaged cover.
Singerman 3811; Goldman 147.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 461

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Passover Haggadah With Illustrations – London, 1808

Passover Haggadah, “Service for the two first nights of Passover”. Hebrew and English; with illustrations. London [1808]. Hebrew and English page by page. Instructions and Yiddish translation of the songs "Echad Mi Yode'a" and "Chad Gadya".
Copper-etched illustrations. This copy contains five illustration plates [the Bibliography Institute CD lists 15 illustrations, which are missing in most copies].
7, [1] pages; 38 leaves + 5 picture-plates. 20 cm. Fair condition. Many stains, wear and tears. Detached leaves. Several very stained leaves. Damaged and partially detached cover.
Ya’ari 361; Otzar HaHaggadot 515.

Opening300$ Sold For566$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 462

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Kuzari Sheni – First Edition – London, 1714

Mateh Dan – Kuzari Sheni, "Verifies and teaches with logical assertions… the truth of the Oral Torah", by Rabbi David Nieto. London, [1714]. First edition.
The first edition was printed in three variations: Only Hebrew, only Spanish and Hebrew with Spanish. This is the combined edition, Hebrew and Spanish, the most rare of the three.
Two illustrated title pages, one in Hebrew and one in Spanish. At the top of the title pages is a drawing of Rabbeinu HaKadosh (Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi) who compiled the Mishnah. Printed between the Hebrew title page and the Spanish title page is a long Spanish dedication to the community leaders and gabai'im of the Sha'ar HaShamayim congregation in London and a Hebrew introduction to the book.
Stamps. Ownership inscriptions and quill marks on flyleaves. On back flyleaf is an ownership inscription in Italian writing: "The Great Mekubal Chassid Mohareridam [?]…".
Rabbi David Nieto (1654-1728, Otzar HaRabbanim 4926), a Torah genius with vast knowledge of science, also a Dayan, speaker and physician in Livorno and later first rabbi of the London Sephardic community. Author of the famous book Mateh Dan – Kuzari Sheni defending the truth of the Oral Torah and contradicting mistaken theories which were rampant in the midst of the Anusim communities of Western Europe.
Complete copy. [10], 254 leaves. 22 cm. The book is in a very good condition. Ink stains and paper mounting on first pages. Binding with vellum spine, damaged.
One of the first Hebrew books printed in England.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,968$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 463

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Siddur of Rabbi Shabtai Sofer – “Talmud Torah V’Chinuch Yeladim” – London, 1852

Siddur Tefillah Nechona Zaka U'Me'usheret – Siddur of Polish tradition, with Tractate Avot, Seder Chanuka and Purim and parshiot. With comments and versions from the handwritten siddur of Rabbi Shabtai Sofer. "Brought to print by those unmercenary people who pursue justice and desire good to benefit Jewish children… the society of Talmud Torah and child education in London". London, [1852]. In the center of the title page is the emblem of the "Society of Talmud Torah and child education, founded in 1817".
Third, bibliographically unknown edition of the siddur – first printed in London in 1822 by the Talmud Torah V'Chinuch Yeladim society. The addition of the commentary of Rabbi Shabtai Sofer in a manuscript found in the library of "Rabbi Shlomo Av Beit Din of our community" is mentioned on the title page of the 1822 and 1837 editions. These editions were printed during the lifetime of Rabbi Shlomo Hirshel Av Beit Din of London. Nevertheless, in this edition printed in 1852, the manuscript is mentioned on the title page as "found in the library of our community's Beit Midrash – collected by the Av Beit Din Rabbi Shlomo" [the library of Rabbi Shlomo Hirshel, which contained a rich collection of books and manuscripts, bought from his heirs after his death by the Beit HaMidrash of the Ashkenazi community of London].
On Page 112: Prayer for the health of the Queen of England "The Mistress of Kingdoms (---) Her Majesty".
112, 112-243 pages; (lacking Leaf 244) 245-246, 24, 26-28 leaves. 20 cm. Fair condition, stains and wear. Leaves cut on title borders. Old worn binding. Ancient children's signatures.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 44 Lot Number 464


Collection of Bibliographic Books

Large collection of bibliographic and research books.
For a complete list, please see the Hebrew description.
41 books. Varying size, overall good condition.
A detailed list shall be sent upon request.

Opening400$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 465

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Collection of Books of Cures and Segulot

Collection of books on the subject of cures and of preserving the body's health (home remedies, Segulot and amulets).
For a complete list, please see the Hebrew list.
11 books, varied size and condition.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 466

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HaMagid Newspaper – 7 Volumes of Issues – Including First Years

HaMagid – "Issue containing history, telling Ya'akov [the Jewish people] news from all parts of the world among all nations which is pleasant and worthy for every Jew to know". Published by Eliezer Lipman Zilberman. Lyck (Prussia), 1857-1883.
Seven volumes with hundreds of issues of the HaMagid Newspaper, beginning with the first issue and the first year issues and the subsequent years according to the following details:
• First year (1857), Issues 1-24, 26-27, 29-47, 49-50, 52-54. • Second year (1858), Issues 1-50. • Third year (1859), Issues 1-49. • Fourth year (1860), Issues 1-50. • Fifth year (1861), Issues 1-49 (part of Issue 50). • Sixth year (1862), Issues 1-42, 44-49 (parts of Issue 50 are missing). • Eighth year (1865), Issues 1-50. • Eleventh year (1867), Issues 1-37, 39-50. • Twelfth year (1868), Issues 2-11, 13-28, 31-51. • Thirteenth year (1869), Issues 1-50. • Eighteenth year (1874), Issues 1-35, 37-51. • Nineteenth year (1875), Issues 1-50. • Twentieth year (1876), Issues 1-50. • Twenty-first year (1877), Issues 1-17, 19-32, 34-50. • Twenty-fifth year (1882-1883), Issues 1-50. • Twenty-seventh year (1883), Issues 2-13, 15-38, 40-50.
7 volumes, hundreds of issues. 34 cm. Overall good condition, stains and wear, several damaged leaves. Damaged bindings.

Opening2,000$ Sold For2,460$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 467

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HaCarmel Newspaper – Volume of Second Year Issues

HaCarmel – Periodical for the Sons of Israel, edited by Shmuel Yosef Finn. Vilnius, 1861-1862. Hebrew and Russian.
Volume of the second year, Issues 1-50; with additional issues in Russian (1-20, 26-49).
414; 80, 101-196 pages (the additional Russian issues are bound at the end). 29 cm. Overall good condition, stains and wear. Tears in several places. Worn cover.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 44 Lot Number 468

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Large Collection of 51 Calendars – Vilnius, 1810-1860

Large collection of calendars. Vilnius, 1810-1860. Printed by R. Menachem Mann Romm and his son R. Yosef.
Consecutive calendars for a period encompassing over 50 years: 51 calendars for the years 1810-1861 (inclusive).
All the calendars have a chart noting years of various events which took place throughout Jewish and general history (the Rambam's writings, the founding of the city of Prague, the invention of the printing press, etc.). Some calendars include details of the Tsar’s family members (birthdays, etc.), riddles, details of “the nations and peoples who live under the Russian rule on land and on the islands in the sea”, the dates on which the post leaves Vilnius, etc.
51 calendars, overall good-fair condition [stains and wear], with the exception of the 1818 calendar which is torn and is missing many parts. Varied size (most approximately 18 cm). The calendars were bound together, several detached leaves. Without binding. Ownership inscriptions at several places.

Opening5,000$ Unsold

Auction 44 Lot Number 469

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Three Handwritten Books of Sheet Music for a Cantor – Germany, Beginning of 20th Century

Three handwritten books of sheet music. [Germany?, beginning of 20th century].
Sheet music for the prayers of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and Selichot, for Passover and other festivals.
On one binding is the signature of Cantor H. Heller.
3 volumes, varied size and condition.

Opening300$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 470

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Poems and Prayers Li’Shlom Malchut

Printed poems and prayers "for the well-being of the monarchy" from different countries:
• “Nell' occasione di manifestare l'Università' degli Ebrei di Mantova il loro cordoglio per la seguita morte di… Maria Teresa”. A lamentation on the demise of Maria Teresa. Mantua, 1781. Hebrew and Italian. • “Mizmor Le'Todah – Sound of Joy and Salvation in the Tents of Israel – on the occasion of the deliverance of Tsar Alexander II from an assassination attempt”, by Avraham Ber Gotlover. Zhitomir, 1866. • “Rinah U'Tfilla”, prayer in honor of the "Mother Queen" in Holland – Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont. Amsterdam, 1904. • “Todah Ve'Kol Zimra”, prayer for the 60th anniversary of the monarchy of Queen Victoria. London, 1897. • “Todah Ve'Kol Zimra”, prayer for the 25th anniversary of the monarchy of King George V. London, 1935.
5 items, varied size and condition.

Opening400$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 471

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Five of the Books of Rabbi Shlomo di Olivera – Amsterdam, 17th Century

Five of the books by Rabbi Shlomo di Olivera Av Beit Din of Amsterdam. Bound together: • Darkei Noam – Rules of the Talmud, with Tuv Ta'am – on the Ta'amei Hamikra, and Darkei Hashem – index of the 613 mitzvot. Amsterdam, [1688-1689]. • Letter… Ayelet Ahavim – morals taught by means of poetry. Amsterdam, [1665]. • Sharshet Gavlut – rhymes of roots. Amsterdam, [1665]. • Etz Chaim – Hebrew-Aramaic-Porteguese lexicon. Amsterdam, [1682-1683]. • Yad Lashon – Dal Sefatayim, two compositions on Hebrew and Aramaic grammar. Amsterdam, [1689]. All the books were printed by David di Castro Tartas.
5 books, bound together. 14.5 cm. Overall good condition, stains, damages and tears to several leaves. New binding, minor damages.
All the books are first editions, some were not printed a second time.

Opening600$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium
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