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Auction 44 Lot Number 65


Sefer HaMagid – Iyov, Daniel, Ezra and Nechemya – Slavita, 1825

Sefer HaMagid, Iyov, Daniel, Ezra and Nechemya. Slavita, [1825]. Printed by Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapira.
The date on the title page is 1815.
157 leaves (last leaf is missing). 25.5 cm. Printed on bluish paper. Most leaves are in good condition. Stains. Tears on several leaves. The title page is worn and torn. Detached and damaged binding.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 360


Rabbinic Certificate on Vellum, for a Student of the Bet HaMidrash Le’Rabbanim in Berlin

Rabbinic certificate for "The young man, Yisrael ben R. Mordechai Avraham, native of city of Piatra Neamţ (Romania)" – Student of the Bet HaMidrash Le'Rabbanim in Berlin. Berlin, 1928.
Handwritten on vellum scroll. Square writing. The certificate is signed by Rabbi Dr. Yechezkel Bennet (1855-1930) one of the rabbis of the Berlin Bet HaMidrash Le'Rabbanim, founded by Rabbi Ezriel Hildesheimer.
36 cm. Stains and wear, faded ink on several letters.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 350


Collection of Books from the Library of Rabbi Yisrael Welcz – Head of the Budapest Bet Din

Collection of books from the library of rabbi Yisrael Welcz - head of the Budapest Bet Din. Among them important Responsa books of 19th century Galicia rabbis.
The Ga’on Rabbi Yisrael Welcz (1887-1974. Otzar HaRabbanim 11910), rabbi in Tinia and head of the Bet Din in Budapest; moved to Palestine in 1946 where he was acknowledged as a leading rabbi. Among other accomplishments, he participated in the editing and management of Otzar HaPoskim. Author of “Chok Le’Yisrael”.
For a complete list, please see the Hebrew description.
Total of 11 books in nine volumes. Varied size and condition. All books contain Rabbi Welcz’s stamps from different periods of time.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 374


Letters by the Rabbis of Tiberias and Hebron – To the Chief Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook

Two letters by Rabbis of Tiberias and Hebron to Rabbi Kook:
• Letters of recommendation by heads and rabbis of the community and by Rabbi "Yechiel Michel Av Bet Din of Tiberias". Sent to Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook at the time he served as Av Bet Din of Jaffa. Tiberias, Elul, 1906.
Rabbi Yechiel Michel Halprin (1857-1909), came to Palestine in 1880. From 1896, he served as Av Bet Din of the Ashkenazi community in Tiberias.
Leaf 26 cm. Good condition, foxing.
• Long letter, by Rabbi Ya'akov Yosef Slonim (signed as a kvittel: "Ya'akov Yosef Moshe ben Mushka Miriam"), rabbi of the Ashkenazi settlement in Hebron, sent to the United States to "Our rabbi…the holy Torah genius Rabbi Kook", requesting that he fulfill his promise to act on behalf of the Hebron Jewish settlement on his journey to the United States. Adar Bet 1924. [This letter was written at the time Rabbi Kook traveled together with Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Epstein, Rabbi Meir Dan Plotsky and Rabbi Avraham Duber Kahana-Shapira author of Dvar Avraham to the USA].
Rabbi Ya'akov Yosef Slonim (188—Tishrei 1937), descendant of the elder Chabad Rebbe, born in Hebron and one of the founders of the Torat Emet Yeshiva in Hebron. From 1916-1929, he served as Chief Rabbi of the Ashkenazi community of Hebron. After the 1929 riots in which his wife and most of his family were murdered, he moved to Jerusalem.
Official stationery, 28 cm. Good-fair condition, minor tears.

Opening250$ Sold For418$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 33


Collection of “Chassidut” Proclamations – Jerusalem

Collection of printed proclamations and notices, Jerusalem, c. 1930-1944.
For a complete list, please see the Hebrew description.
13 items, varied size and condition.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 385


Letter of Wedding Blessings, from Rabbi Elyashiv to Rabbi Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz

Letter of wedding blessings, handwritten and signed by Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv to his mechutan Rabbi Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz. Jerusalem, Av 1979.
Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv (1912-2012) was the mechutan of Rabbi Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz (1913-2011). Rabbi Elyashiv's son Rabbi Binyamin David Elyashiv (author of Yad Binyamin) is married to Rabbi Lefkowitz's daughter. Throughout their lives, they had a close relationship and after Rabbi Lefkowitz died, Rabbi Elyashiv said that "he protected the pure flask of oil of Torah education in our generation".
Official stationery, 24 cm. Good condition, folding marks.

Opening250$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 449


Tractate Bava Kamma with Yiddish Translation, Brussels 1952 – Interesting Publisher’s Dedication

Tractate Bava Kamma, with vowels and Yiddish translation, by Rabbi Shmuel Hibner. Brussels, 1952.
On the flyleaf are a handwritten dedication and the signature of the publisher Netanel Lefkowitz of Brussels, who writes that the translation and the vowels were done during the Holocaust in 1942-1943 during the Nazi occupation of Belgium.
In his introduction to the book, the publisher relates the circumstances of the writing of the book at that time after Hitler's plan became apparent: annihilation of the Jewish people and the destruction of all Torah study and Jewish culture which had evolved for more than one thousand years among Eastern-European Jewry. Therefore, the publisher initiated the translation of the Talmud to preserve its knowledge among the remnants of the Jewish people lest they remain a thing of the past, G-d forbid. For this purpose, he requested Rabbi Shmuel Hibner to undertake the task of translating the Talmud into spoken Yiddish in a clear coherent translation faithful to its source. This mission was done with great devotion during a time of danger and hardship, under the German occupation while experiencing hunger and war privations.
On the leaves of memorialization which appear further in the book are the names of his family members who perished during the Holocaust [most in the Warsaw ghetto], including a special memorialization of libraries and books destroyed and burnt by the Nazis.
On the title page it is noted that this book is the first volume, but no additional volumes of this translated edition of the Talmud were printed.
[4], 118, [3] leaves. 36 cm. Good condition, original binding - worn and damaged.
Numbered edition, Copy no. 221.

Opening250$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 204


Collection of Books Printed in Baghdad

Collection of rare books printed in Iraq during the 19th century.
For a complete list, please see the Hebrew description.
5 books in 4 volumes. Varied size and condition.

Opening250$ Sold For541$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 428


Collection of Election Posters of the Poalim Dati’im List – The First Elections of the State of Israel, 1949

Collection of posters and proclamations on behalf of the united list of HaPo'alim HaDatiyim, founded by the Oved HaDati (religious workers) and related circles, printed before the elections to the constituent assembly. Tevet, end of 1948 / January 1949.
The posters and proclamations call to vote for the List Shin. The party was headed by Dr. Yeshayahu Leibowitz and Rabbi S. Gur-Aryeh (Yungerleib). Among other things, the list declares that woman also "share the work, responsibility and suffering – We demand that you also receive your share of rights in the State!". Some of the posters are invitations to membership meetings in preparation of the elections. The list did not pass the electoral threshold.
Total of 10 items, two copies of one item (on different colored paper). Varied size and condition.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 460


Passover Haggadah – New York, 1889

Haggadah and Seder Pesach, with an English translation and illustrations. New York, 1889. J. Rosenbaum.
Hebrew and English, column by column.
60 pages. 22 cm. Overall good condition. Many stains. Damaged cover.
Singerman 3811; Goldman 147.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 23


Collection of Printed Items – Synagogues / Congregation Regulations – Germany

Collection of printed items from Germany: • Seating place card for synagogue, for two days of Rosh Hashannah and Kol Nidre. (seat number 217). German. • Synagoge Basel – Yom Kippur 1917. Printed card in Hebrew and German, with synagogue schedule. • Printed card filled in handwriting - prayer times in minyan of mourners, by synagogue in Schoneberg (Berlin). • Printed leaf, “Sinai – Lehrgange“. Agudat Yisrael in Berlin. • Verein für die Juden Interessen Rheinland ,Köln [organization for Jewish interests, Rheine region, Cologne]. Shabbat and holiday candle lighting times for 1922. • Invitation to meeting and lecture on Eretz Israel, by Talmud Torah organization. Koln, Germany. • Neue Statuten fur die Judische Gemeinde zu Strelitz, booklet of regulations for the Jewish community. Neustrelitz, 1868. • Satzungen fur die israelitische Kultus-Gemeinde zu Bamberg, pamphlet of community regulations Bamberg, 1910. Regulations for women’s organization. Grunstadt, 1896. • Additional leaves.
14 items, various sizes and conditions.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 279


Remnants of Handwritten Leaves, Perush HaMishnayot Le’HaRambam – 14th / 15th Century

Perush HaMishnayot Le'HaRambam, Ketubot 13-Nedarim 3. Leaf remnants removed from the "Binding Geniza". [Yemen, 14th / 15th century]. Judeo-Arabic, with the Hebrew version of the Mishna.
7 remnants and fragments of leaves. Includes leather binding with the manuscript remnants glued on its inner side. Varied size and condition of damages (overall poor condition).

Opening250$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 2


Esther Scroll with Adornments

Esther scroll. Ashkenazi Bet Yosef writing. [20th century].
HaMelech scroll [most columns begin with the word “HaMelech”]. With adornments at the top of the columns.
Height of parchment: 43.5 cm. 42 lines in each column. Fair condition, stains and creases. Tears [completed with glued parchment] on the last page. Housed in a case, with damages.

Opening250$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 258


Manuscript, Diwan – Hebrew and Judeo-Persian – Persia, 19th Century

Manuscript, Diwan – Piyutim in Arabic and in Judeo-Persian. [Persia, 19th century].
Long narrow format. Contains piyutim in Judeo-Persian and in Hebrew, some with Judeo-Persian translation (phrase per phrase).
At the beginning of the manuscript (1a-13a): Persian commentary to the piyut Avarech V'Ahallel L'Sibat Kol HaSibot (lacking at the beginning). On Leaves 68b-75a: Tafsir Petach Eliyahu.
[122] leaves. Height: 17 cm, width: 11cm. Overall good condition, stains, wear and moisture damages. Damaged leather binding.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 109


Books from the Libraries of the Shotz (Suceava) Rebbes

Tikunei HaZohar, with the Kise Melech commentary. ("As written in Brody") [Warsaw, 1883].
Many stamps and signatures in the handwriting of Rabbi Ya'akov Meir Biderman "Member of the Vaad HaRabbanim in Warsaw". Glosses and correction in his handwriting and by other writers. Self-dedication of Rabbi Yochanan Rubenstein of Haifa, who received the book in 1966 from the Ger Rebbe Pinchas Menachem Alter.
Rabbi Ya'akov Meir Biderman (1926-1996), inherited the book from his maternal grandfather Rabbi Ya'akov Meir Biderman, and used it for many years until he gave it as a gift to his mechutan Rabbi Yochanan Rubenstein.
388 pages. 22 cm. Brittle paper, good condition. Use marks. Contemporary leather binding, rubbed.
Originally bound without 12 additional pages of explanations and rules printed in that edition.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 24


Letters – Heter Meah Rabbanim

Printed letters sent by post for joining the “Heter Meah Rabbanim” [permission by one hundred rabbis]
• Letter by Rabbi Chaim Galeranter Av Bet Din of Kuty (Kitev) and its region and his Bet Din with a long halachic responsum. Kuty, 1902.
2 leaves. 3 printed pages. 30 cm. Fair condition, minor tears.
• Letter by Rabbi Ya'akov Aryeh Rabbi in Piotrków and other rabbis of his Bet Din. With letters of Rabbi Meir Dan Refael [Plotzky] and Rabbi Meir HaCohen. Piotrków, Tamuz 1923.
Leaf 33.5 cm. Good condition. Creases. Corrections, words and letters added by hand.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 184


Tehillim with the Fake Rashbam Commentary – Berlin, 1794-1797

Tehillim, with the Rashbam [Rabbi Shmuel ben Meir] commentary "found in a manuscript in the library of His Majesty, the King". With glosses by the grammarian Yitzchak HaLevi [Satanow]. Berlin, 1794-1797. Printed by "Chevrat Chinuch Ne'arim".
This commentary which is attributed to the Rashbam was apparently forged by the publisher Rabbi Yitzchak Satanow. At the end of the book the publisher half-admits to this and writes: "…I now advise that the manuscript from which I copied the commentary was eaten through, at times half-leaves and sometimes entire leaves, therefore the reader should be aware that most of the commentary is mine…and the rule is that if the reader sees something good he should attribute it to the rabbi (Rashbam), and if an error – it is my error…".
Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Satanow (1732-1804), author of VaYe'etar Yitzchak, an outstanding albeit strange Torah scholar, known for his forgery of many books that he himself wrote and attributed to early authors. He also forged letters of approbation by leading Torah scholars of past times which were allegedly written about his books.
139, [1] leaves. 17 cm. Good condition. Stains, few tears and minor wear. Ownership inscriptions. Colored edges. Original cover, with leather spine and gilt embossments (damaged).

Opening250$ Sold For566$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 344


Tosefta Tzukermandel – Dedication Handwritten and Signed by Rabbi Schach

Tosefta, according to the Erfurt and Vienna manuscripts, with sources and variations of versions and index [in German], by Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Tzukermandel. Jerusalem, 1938. Second edition, with "Tosefta completion" by Rabbi Shaul Leiberman, head of the Harry Fischel Institute for Talmudic Research. Additions and other variations [most of the book is a photocopy of the first edition printed in Pozeṿalḳ in 1881, with the appendix printed in Trier in 1882]. Picture-plate, full-page photograph of Vienna manuscript.
On the binding leaves and on the title page are owners' signatures and stamps which were later covered by a sticker, Rabbi "Yitzchak Shlomo Zilberman" of Jerusalem. On the sticker pasted on the flyleaf is a dedication handwritten and signed by Rabbi Schach: "A gift to my dear loved one Rabbi Noach Shimonowitz upon the joyous day of his marriage, the 3rd of Tevet 1945, Jerusalem. From he who loves him, Elazar Menachem Schach".
Rabbi Noach Shimonowitz (1907-1955), was an outstanding Lithuanian Torah scholar, disciple of Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman and Rabbi Baruch ber Leibowitz and close disciple of the Brisker Rav Rabbi Yitzchak Ze’ev Soloveitchik. During the Holocaust, he escaped to Jerusalem and in 1945 he married the daughter of Rabbi Chizkiyahu Mishkovsky Av Beit Din of Krynki. In 1949, he established the Knesset Chizkiyahu Yeshiva in Zichron Ya’akov, and in 1955, a few days after the yeshiva moved to its new premises in Kfar Chassidim, he suddenly died. His brother-in-law Rabbi Eliyahu Eliezer Mishkovsky succeeded him as head of the yeshiva.
Rabbi Elazar Menachem Schach (1899-2002), became Rabbi Noach’s close friend at the home of their teacher Rabbi Yitzchak Ze’ev of Brisk in Jerusalem. Due to the dire poverty at that time in Jerusalem, Rabbe Schach bought a second-hand gift from the library of the young yeshiva student Rabbi Yitzchak Shlomo Zilberman (1928-2001) who had immigrated from Berlin to Jerusalem in the 1940s and later became famous as a prominent Torah scholar and as a Jewish philosopher erudite in Torah philosophy and in kabalistic wisdom. He established educational institutes and renewed the Charedi yishuv in the Old City of Jerusalem.
63, [1]; 7, [1], 690, [2]; [LXLIV, 3] pages. [2] picture-plates. 23 cm. Good-fair condition, detached leaves and torn binding.

Opening250$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 376


Rabbi Kook – Letters and Paper Items

Several letters by Rabbi Kook and letters written on his behalf relating to Rabbi Moshe Eliyahu Birnbaum, Rabbi of Jida (Ramat Yishai) in the Jezreel Valley, and later Rabbi of Pardes Hanna: • Letter signed by Rabbi Kook authorizing Rabbi Birnbaum, Rabbi of Jida, on behalf of the Chief Rabbinate to arrange Kiddushin and Nisu'in in Pardes Hanna and its area. Jerusalem 1931. • Letter with the signature and stamp of Rabbi Kook, requesting Pardes Hanna's settlement committee to include Rabbi Birnbaum "who is the local rabbi for the past years", in the plans for renovation of the Mikveh and to ask his advice on this matter. Jerusalem 1935. • Letter written in the name of Rabbi Kook on his official stationery, in the handwriting of his son-in-law Rabbi Shalom Natan Ra'anan, to Rabbi Birnbaum with "words of Torah" (Divrei Torah). Jerusalem 1931. • Draft of a letter, type-written, to Rabbi Avraham Palovsky of Pardes Hanna, in which Rabbi Kook responds to various objections raised against Rabbi Birnbaum. (The letter was printed with variations in the Da'at Cohen responsa, Siman 16).
Enclosed: • A copy of the ruling pronounced by the arbitrators headed by Rabbi Kook (handwriting and type-written). • Booklet Le'Shlosha Be'Elul – for Rabbi Kook's third Jahrzeit. Jerusalem 1938.
6 items, varied size and condition.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 3


Miniature Esther Scroll – Carved Olivewood Case

Esther scroll, ink on thin parchment, Sephardic (Vellish) scribal writing. 14 lines. HaMelech scroll [most columns begin with the word “HaMelech”]. Rolled on a wooden pole with a carved olivewood case, with illustrations of holy sites, black inscriptions [Jerusalem, Western wall and Rachel's Tomb] and a colorful decorative frame. Jerusalem, 20th century.
Height of parchment: 5 cm. Maximum height including handles and carved case: approximately 22 cm. Good condition. break to upper handle.

Opening250$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 99


Shomer Emunim – First Edition – With Handwritten Glosses by the Author

Shomer Emunim, to instill faith in hearts. Parts 1-2, including the pamphlet Ahavat HaBoreh and the Thirteen Principles of Faith and songs of devotion and joy [by Rabbi Aharon Roth] added at the end of the book. Jerusalem, [1942]. First edition. Three title pages. Glosses of revisions [apparently in the author's handwriting]. The inscription "Proofread" appears on the last leaf.
Rebbe Aharon (Rabbi Aharaleh) Roth – (1894-1947) studied in the yeshiva of Rabbi Yeshaya Silverstein in Vietzen. Chassid and disciple of Rebbe Tzvi Elimelech of Bluzhov and Rebbe Yissachar Dov Rokeach of Belz. From his youth, he devotedly served G-d and established groups for wholehearted service of G-d in Budapest and Satmar named Shomer Emunim. In 1925, he immigrated to Jerusalem and there too established groups for serving of the Almighty with Chassidic devoutness. From 1930-1939 he returned to his group of Chassidim in Satmar and thereafter moved to Beregszász. In 1939, he returned to Jerusalem and reorganized his holy group which continues his legacy until today in the Chassidism of Toldot Aharon, Shomrei Emunim, Toldot Avraham Yitzchak, Mevakshei Amuna and other Chassidic groups . (Encyclopedia L'Chassidut, Vol. 1, 175-178). His many books (Taharat HaKodesh, Shulchan HaTahor, Shomer Emunim, Mevakesh Emuna, etc.) were published in many editions. This book, Shomer Emunim, is the most primary book of Rabbi Aharon's teaching of Chassidism and emuna which he bequeathed to future generations. This first edition was published anonymously.
[1], 7, [1], 10-37, 125 leaves; 11, [6] leaves; 55, 34 leaves; [1], 43, [4] leaves. 16.5 cm. Dry paper, good condition, tears to margins of several leaves. Without binding.
The book was printed in stages (by pamphlets) between 1941-1943, which explains the pagination. See Bibliography Institute CD, Record 0167199.

Opening250$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 387


Manuscript, Letters by Rabbi Chaim Greineman

Manuscript, copies of over 40 letters written by Rabbi Chaim Shaul Greineman, c. 1954-1980.
The letters are about strengthening Torah study, contain Torah thoughts and study methods, public issues and religious reinforcement, personal counsel, etc.
Rabbi Chaim Greineman's letters are known for their rich style, full content and significance and they are very similar to the renowned letters of his uncle and close teacher, the author of the Chazon Ish. According to the inscriptions on the margins, the copier proofread some of the letters in comparison to the originals by the recipients.
Approximately 35 leaves, varied size and condition.

Opening250$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 334


Tehillim with the Rommemut El Commentary – Amsterdam, 1695 – Signatures of Rabbi Tevli Schiff Av Bet Din of London, Teacher of Rabbi Natan Adler of Frankfurt

Rommemut El, Tehillim (without vowels) with the commentary of Rabbi Moshe Alshich. Amsterdam, 1695. Printed by David Tartas. Abridged edition by Rabbi Eliezer ben Rabbi Chanina of the Tarnogród community in Poland.
Faded signature in the center of the title page and signatures and inscriptions at the end of the book in the handwriting of Rabbi Tevli HaCohen Schiff of Frankfurt am Main (who bought the book from his uncle Rabbi Leib Zintzheim).
Rabbi David Tevli HaCohen Schiff (died in Kislev 1791), was one of the greatest Torah figures of his illustrious days, and a leading Frankfurt scholar. Disciple of the Shev Ya'akov and the Pnei Yehoshua. From 1748-1760 he headed the Worms kloiz which was established by his uncle Rabbi Leib Zintzheim. In 1760, he returned to his native city Frankfurt am Main to serve as Dayan in the Bet Din of Rabbi Avraham Abish, Av Bet Din of Frankfurt, together with his faithful friend Dayan Rabbi Natan. They had a long-standing friendship from the time they both studied in yeshiva under the Shev Ya'akov and Pnei Yehoshua until their senior years, as Rabbi David Tevli himself writes in his approbation to the book Binyan Shlomo on Tractate Sanhedrin. When Rabbi Tevli returned to Frankfurt, he taught the Torah genius Rabbi Natan Adler of Frankfurt am Main [the Chatam Sofer's teacher], who deemed him his closest teacher from whom he learned the most. In 1765, he was appointed Chief Rabbi of London and its surrounding area.
Rabbi David Tevli had a close relationship with many Torah leaders of his times such as Rabbi Shaul Av Bet Din of Amsterdam, Rabbi Yechezkel Landau author of Nodah Be'Yehuda, who writes about Rabbi Schiff (Nodah Be’Yehuda responsa, Even HaEzer, Tanina, Siman 76): “The honorable beloved friend whom I cherish, the luminary Rabbi … the famous great Torah genius…He left no angle in all the teachings of the Torah authorities which he did not quote…”. Also Rabbi Yeshaya Pik of Breslau had correspondence with Rabbi Schiff and writes: “The famous great Torah genius… sharp-minded… regularly teaches Torah to disciples, studies Torah for its own sake to fulfill its teachings”.
93, [1] leaves. Approximately 20 cm. Good-fair condition, wear, detached leaves, torn binding.

Opening250$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 25


Two Unknown Proclamations on the Printing of the Talmud – Printing Presses in Zhitomir and in Vilna

• Chatimat HaTalmud – Printed proclamation by the "Widow and the Brothers Romm". Vilnius, 1886. The Vilnius printers announce the printing of the last volume of the Talmud (Tractate Nidah and Seder Taharot) and the completion of the entire “Shas Vilna”, with details of the advantages of the edition and the price rates.
• Davar El HaKonim" – Printed leaf by the Zhitomir printers [the Shapira brothers]. Zhitomir, [1862]. The Zhitomir printers recount the travails of printing and apologize that the edition will not be completed at the date fixed in advance, and they request the buyers to pay quickly so they can complete the printing. (On the reverse side are some handwritten Torah novellae). Evidently, this leaf was attached to one of the volumes of the edition.
The two leaves are bibliographically unknown.
The Zhitomir proclamation is printed on yellow paper, and the proclamation from Vilnius is printed on a very thin paper. 30-40 cm. Fair-poor condition. Coarse tears (with minor damage caused to the text), creases and stains.

Opening250$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium
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