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Auction 38 Lot Number 1

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” Rom und Jerusalem” – Moses Hess – First Edition – Leipzig, 1862

Rom und Jerusalem, die letzte Nationalitätsfrage, Briefe und Noten, von M. [Moses] Hess. Leipzig: Eduard Wengler, 1862. German and some Hebrew. 1st edition.
"Rome and Jerusalem, the last National Question, Missives and Notes".
Moshe (Moses) Hess (1812-1875), author, philosopher and socialist, one of the founding fathers of the socialist movement in Europe, of the first Zionists, and generator of the Zionist socialism. Hess published essays, founded and edited social periodicals with a socialistic agenda.
Together with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels was one of the founders of the Allied Communist Party. After alienating himself for many years from Judaism he went through a radical transformation in view of the 1848 revolutions and the movements to unite Germany and Italy which made it clear to him that the national aspect is central in modern existence. In 1861 he completed his book "Rome and Jerusalem". At first he could not find a publisher but in 1862 he managed to publish the book in Leipzig. In this book, Hess introduces a Zionist theory, opposes assimilation and calls Jews to settle in Eretz Israel and to resume a life of labor. XVI, 239, [1] pp, 18 cm. Hard cover, no original cover. Good-fair condition. Significant spotting. Title page and some other leaves are partly detached. Signature in pen on title page.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 2

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Letter from “Hovevey Zion” in Mir to “Hovevey Zion” Kovno, 1885

Letter from "Mazkeret Moshe", "Hovevey Zion Mir" to "Hovevey Zion…Kovno". Mir, [November 1885]. Hebrew.
The letter includes a copy of a different letter sent by "Hovevey Zion" to their friends in Bialystok and to the president of "Hovevey Zion", expressing their opinion regarding the Katowice Conference held one year earlier (mainly concerning financial and general matters). It also includes a copy of a second letter, added to the above mentioned letter. Signed (twice!) with ink stamp "Hovevey Zion Mir Mazkeret Moshe" and hand signed by eight of the committee members.
The letter expresses the disagreements between the various branches of the movement which, in the end, led to its dismantling. [6] pp, 22 cm. Good condition. Spotting, creases and folding marks.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 3

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Collection of Zionist Booklets – Germany, 1897-1911

22 booklets bound in one volume, compositions concerning Zionism and Jewish settlement in Eretz Israel. Germany, 1897-1911 (most booklets printed between 1901 and 1911). German.
Max Mendelstam, Max Nordau, Yehudah Leib Pinsker, Leo Motzkin, Franz Oppenheimer, Max Kollenscher and others.
Amongst the booklets, a copy of Der Baseler Congress by Theodor Herzl (Vienna, 1897); the booklet “Was ist und will der Judische Nationalsfonds?” about JNF (Cologne, 1907), with pictures; report no. 5 of "Bezalel" (Berlin, 1911), with photos; books catalogue of "Juedischer Verlag" concerning "The Jewish Renaissance" (Cologne, 1910), and other booklets. Volume 24 cm, fair-good condition.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 4

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Ost und West – Berlin, 1901-1920 – Lilien

Ost und West, Illustrierte Monatsschrift für das Gesamte Judentum [East and west, illustrated monthly journal]. Berlin, 1901-1920. German.
16 volumes: volumes of the years: 1901-1908, 1910-1914, 1915-1916 (one volume), 1917-1918 (one volume), 1919-1920 (one volume).
The Zionist monthly journal Ost und West (East and West) was published in Berlin in the years 1901-1923. The founder and editor was the author and Zionist activist Davis Trietsch. His deputy was the author and poet Arthur Silbergleit. "East and West" tried to bridge between modern, western Judaism to the traditional, east-European Judaism. The journal's attitude was that Judaism is a culture rooted in the East (both in the Levant and in Eastern Europe). Amongst the writers: Martin Buber, Max Nordau, Ludwig Geiger, Alfred Nossig, Avraham Epstein, Arno Nadel (edited the music supplement) and many others. Photos and b/w reproductions of art works were integrated into the journal. The illustration on the journal's covers was created by Ephraim Moshe Lilien. 16 volumes, 29 cm. Condition varies. Most of the volumes in good condition. Damages to bindings. The volumes have not been examined thoroughly.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 5

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Early Photograph of Theodor Herzl – Budapest, 1868

Photo of Theodor Herzl, photographer: Doctor és Kózmata. Budapest, ca. 1868. Photo of young Herzl, about 8 years old, leaning on a chair and holding a straw hat. Annotated in pencil on the reverse of the cardboard. 9X5.5 cm, cardboard: 10X6 cm, good condition. Minor spots.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 6

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Portrait of Theodor Herzl – Hermann Struck

“Theodor Herzl” – Etching showing Herzl standing, leaning on a chair, by Hermann Struck, [1915].
This portrait of the father of Zionism was the third and last created by Struck and is considered the most accomplished of the three. Published by the Judischer Verlag, Berlin, for distribution in Zionist circles. Only a small portion of the edition was signed by the artist. Signed in pencil in lower left corner and in the plate. 50X39 cm, framed. Very good condition (not examined out of frame).

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Auction 38 Lot Number 7

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Photograph of Herzl’s Speech in the Sixth Zionist Congress – Basel, 1903

Photograph of Herzl's speech in the 6th Zionist Congress. Basel, 1903. Photographer: Robert Spreng. The photo portrays the participants of the 6th Zionist Congress during Herzl's opening speech (Herzl's figure is blurred). The "Zionist Miracle" flag is seen in the background (Star of David encircling seven stars and the emblem of "Gur Aryeh Yehudah"). Mounted on cardboard with an inscription " VI. Zionisten-Congress, Basel, 1903". On the lower part of the cardboard: "eröffung des congress" [opening of the congress).
Robert Spreng (1890-1969), photographer and artist, a pioneer of modern photography and one of the first "new objectivity" movement; was an owner of a photography studio in Basel. Photo 23X30 cm, cardboard 46X35 cm. Good condition. Tears and some spotting on cardboard. Photo slightly torn.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 8

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“Buch der Narrheit” – Theodor Herzl – Leipzig, 1888

Buch der Narrheit, Theodor Herzl. Leipzig: F. Freund "Buch und Kunst", 1888. 1st ed. German.
A book by Theodor Herzl, offering humorous texts and philosophical stories. This is the third book which Herzl published during his life, when he was 28 years old, right after graduating Law school, when he devoted his time to journalism, theater and literature, and before he married. [6], 266 pp, 17 cm. Fair condition. Original cover (spotting, missing spine). Detached leaves. Creases in corners of leaves.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 9

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Booklet in Memory of Theodor Herzl – Cologne, July 1904

Zur Erinnerung an die Trauerfeier der Zionistischen Vereinigung Köln für Dr. Theodor Herzl am 19. Juli 1904. [Cologne, 1904].
A booklet issued for a ceremony in memory of Theodor Herzl, held in the city of Cologne (two and a half weeks after his passing), by the city's Zionist Organization. The booklet contains Herzl's portrait as well as texts and poems in his memory. [4] leaves, 23 cm. Fair condition. Folding marks and creases. Minor tears. Inscriptions in pencil.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 10

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Der Judenstaat – Theodor Herzl – First Edition, 1896

Der Judenstaat, Versuch Einer Modernen Lösung der Judenfrage, Theodor Herzl. M. Breitenstein publishing, Vienna-Leipzig, 1896. First edition. German.
“The Jewish State: Proposal of a modern solution to the Jewish problem”. The famous book by Theodore Herzl, in which he portrays the Jewish problem and the need to find a political-national solution.
86 pp., 21.5 cm. Good condition. Ink stamps on title page. Title page and end-paper are reinforced with adhesive tape. Back end-paper is missing. A tear between pages 16-17. Spotting and damages on cover. Hard cover.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 11

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Documents related to “Neve Shalom” Society – Bak’a, Jerusalem, Late 19th century

Four documents related to "Neve Shalom" society and the estate which the society purchased in Bak'a, Jerusalem, by the name of "Kerem Na'ib" (an estate consisting of 200 parcels). Late 19th / early 20th century. Hebrew.
1. Single leaf – advertisement concerning payment for the month of Tamuz and lottery of housing parcels [1890s].
2. "Neve Shalom…", certificate equivalent to a deed specifying payments (Kushan), size of parcel and conditions, 1891. Not in the NLI collections.
3-4. Two documents written in Arabic with ink stamps and stamps.
Sizes and conditions vary.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 12


One Hundred Regulation Booklets of Jewish Cooperatives, early 20th century

An extensive collection of 100 regulation booklets of Jewish cooperatives for loans and craftsmen, various societies and organizations. Most of the booklets were printed in Eretz Israel in the 1920s-30s. Several booklets were printed in East Europe and Germany. Yiddish, English and Hebrew.
A complete list of booklets will be sent upon request. Several booklets appear in multiple copies. Varying size. Fair-good condition.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 13

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Collection of Humor and Satire Booklets

Twenty three literary- humorous, illustrated booklets. Eretz Israel, 1910s – 1940s (most of the booklets are from the1930s). The booklets were printed for Jewish Holidays (mainly for Purim, Passover and Shavu'ot) and for major events in Eretz Israel such as the Levant Fair and the 19th Zionist Congress in Luzern. Most of the booklets are illustrated. A complete list of booklets will be sent upon request. Size varies. Overall good condition. Six booklets in a folder bound with a thread.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 14

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Collection of Booklets and Books – Jerusalem, 1920s / Grayevsky

1. "Har Hatzofim… leaflet dedicated to the opening of the Hebrew College in Jerusalem" Lvov, [1925]. Hebrew and German.
2. "Bnot zion VeYerushalayim, a book in memory of the names and actions of our sisters of Zion and Jerusalem, in substance and in spirit…" by Pinhas ben Zvi Grayevsky. Jerusalem, 1928. Ten booklets bound together. Hebrew.
3. "HeCharash VeHaMasger BeYerushalayim, a book in memory of the first artisans and craftsmen in Jerusalem since the beginning of the Ashkenzi settling there". Pinhas ben Zvi Grayevsky. Jerusalem, 1930. Second edition with "additions and pictures". Hebrew.
4. Souvenir Hotel Warshavsky – "HaNetz", a hundred years calendar, including the months, Parshiot, holidays and fasting days, Sefirat HaOmer, Pirkei Avot, Hosha'anot, Bi'ur and Bedikat Chametz, and Eruv of dishes, by Nahum Aryeh Zelniker. Jerusalem, 1924. Hebrew.
The owner of the hotel, Ya'akov Yossef Herling, used to present calendars such as the one presented here as a gift to the hotel's guests.
5. The Jerusalem Young Men's Christian Association. USA, 1933. A book including essays about the YMCA in Jerusalem. English.
Sizes and conditions vary.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 15

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Two Booklets about Tel-Aviv, 1930s

1. City of Tel-Aviv – its needs and its future…collection of articles in anticipation of the elections for the fifth city council. Tel-Aviv, [1932]. 32, [2] pp. 31 cm. Fair condition, detached cover. Spotting.
2. Program of Tel-Aviv's 25th anniversary celebrations, 1934. Hebrew, English and German. Attached to the booklet is a small book with photos and a poem composed by H.N. Bialik in honor of the celebrations. 27, [1] pp. 21 cm. Fair condition, spotting and minor tears. Not in the NLI collections.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 16

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Collection of Booklets – Tel-Aviv-Jaffa

Sixteen booklets published on behalf of societies and institutions in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, [1910s-1930s]. Hebrew, English and Yiddish.
Including: Development of Tel-Aviv, by Meir Dizengoff (1932); Report and plan of Music School in Jaffa (1911), booklet "Needs of the city…", booklets about construction and public works, and more. Sizes and conditions vary.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 17

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Certificate – First Maccabiah – Tel-Aviv, 1932

This certificate was granted to a participant in the first Maccabiah. "Arieli" printing press, Tel-Aviv, 1932. An illustration, signed, on the upper part: "S. Zeitlin". "This certificate was granted to H. Poper for his active participation in the 'first Maccabiah' in Eretz Israel, 1932, in fencing: dagger prize IV and sword prize VI". Hand signed: members of the Maccabiah council, technical director and judges. 35X49.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Spots. Creases and folding marks. Minor tear.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 18

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Two Booklets Concerning the First “Maccabiah”

Two booklets printed for the first Maccabiah in 1932. Hebrew.
1. The Stadium, a one-time booklet about sports, devoted to propaganda anticipating the "Maccabiah" in the spring of 1932. Tel-Aviv, [1931]. 24 columns, [7] pp of advertisements. 31 cm. Good condition. Minor spotting.
2. Maccabiah. Tel-Aviv, [1932]. Hebrew and English, illustrations, portraits, schedule and drawing of the stadium. [36] pp, 30 cm. Fair condition, minor spotting. Tears on cover.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 38 Lot Number 19

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Collection of Maccabiah Items and Sports in Eretz Israel

Collection of Maccabiah and sports items, 1930s – 1950s.
1-4. Four pins: two "Sadran" pins with "Maccabi" emblem; enamel pin with "Sailors' Club" of Tel-Aviv; pin of the National Conference of "Maccabi", Jerusalem, Hanukkah, 1954.
5. Cloth badge, "Sadran Maccabi Tel-Aviv" [ca. 1930s].
6. Small cloth flag with emblem of "Sailors' Club", Tel-Aviv, [mid 1940s].
7. Red arm band of the Football Association, "In Charge", [1940s].
8-19. A dozen arm bands for ushers and supervisors' assistants, third Maccabiah, Tel-Aviv, 1950.
20-23. Four printed items: "Maccabiah Book" for the 2nd Maccabiah, Tel-Aviv, 1935; schedule of national rowing competitions, Tel-Aviv, 1946; program of 8th convention of Maccabi. Tel-Aviv, 1946; Achievements and champions board of the seven "Maccabiot", 1965.
Sizes and conditions vary.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 20

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Three Telephone Directories – Palestine, 1944

1. Palestine (Eretz Israel) Telephone directory for Jerusalem and the South, April 1944.
2. Palestine (Eretz Israel) Telephone directory for Tel-Aviv-Jaffa and the West, January 1944.
3. Palestine (Eretz Israel) Telephone directory for Haifa and the North, January 1944.
[Jerusalem]: Palestine Post, Telegraph & Telephone.
The third countrywide telephone directory published in Eretz Israel and the first published in separate volumes for the different cities (for the previous directories a single volume sufficed). The seal of the British Mandate High Commissioner appears on the first page of the Jerusalem directory, with the telephone numbers of the private secretary and staff of “His Highness the High Commissioner.” The pages of the directories display anecdotal advice for using the telephone: “Wrong number! Say ‘I am sorry’”, etc. 44 pp.; 68 pp.; 44 pp., 23 cm. Condition varies, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa directory is worn and the binding somewhat torn. The two other volumes in Very Good condition.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 21

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Collection of Documents – Kibbutz Genigar – Yehoshua Hankin

1-3. Three documents concerning transfer of Genigar lands so as to register them in the name of JNF, 1922,1924,1925. One document concerns an appeal regarding some plots of Genigar lands which, seemingly, belong to Arabs.
4. Document regarding Nuris Mills (Emek Yizrael), signed by Yehoshua Hankin.
5. Report consisting of eight leaves (stencil), regarding sale of crops of Tel-Adash, Genigar and Mahalul (Nahalal), 1921.
Size and condition varies.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 38 Lot Number 22

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Architectural Plans for the Development and Expansion of Tiberias as the Spa of the Middle East

1. Aménagement et extension de Tibériade, station thermale en Palestine. [Development and expansion of Tiberias as a hot springs spa in Palestine]. Paris, 1931. French.
Town planning proposal concerning the development of Tiberias as a hot springs spa in the Middle East, in Palestine, drawn by architect Arieh Cohen. Plans were submitted to the Town Planning Institute of the University of Paris in 1931. Photos of maps and drawings are attached to the book's leaves. [5], VI, 229 leaves, 28 cm. Good condition. Spotting. Minor damages to binding. Dedication in French on first leaf.
2. Proposed Town Planning Scheme for the Appropriation and Expansion of Tiberias As The SPA of The Middle East in Palestine, presented by Arieh Cohen. Jerusalem, 1943. English.
Booklet which sums up the proposal submitted by architect Arieh Cohen to the University of Paris. With maps and drawings and a large (folded) drawing, colored by hand – zoning outline scheme of Tiberias. 23 pp, 26 cm. Good condition. Spotting, binding somewhat loose, fastened with adhesive tape.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 23

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Collection of Booklets and Documents

Varied collection of booklets, papers and single leaves, mostly of the first half of the 20th century:
• Circulars and single leaves of the 1910s, from Eretz Israel and Europe. • Pamphlet "Aleph Beth Lechag HaNeti'ot BeYafo [1908]", with a song for Tu Beshvat by S. Ben-Zion. • Circular concerning a memorial monument on the grave of Devorah Ben Yehuda (ca. 1892). • Booklets "HaTzofeh HaOved" and "HaShomer HaTza'ir", 1920s. • Booklet "Yediot HaVa'ad HaArtzi shel HaKakal", 1943; additional JNF booklets. • Issue of "Davar" newspaper of November 30,1947, one day after the UN declaration of the Partition Plan.• Issue of "HaBoker" newspaper of May 16, 1948, title:"The State of Israel was Born". • Five "Battle Leaves" of "Mifkedet HaHar HaYarok", August 1952; additional items. Lot of 32 items. Sizes and conditions vary.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 24

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Documents Archive concerning Lands in Safed

Archive containing hundreds of documents concerning lands in the city of Safed and its vicinity (Mount Canaan, Ein Zeitim, Arab villages in the vicinity, Rosh Pinah), [1920s - 1950s. Most of the documents of 1940s].
The archive contains nineteen architectural drawings of various areas in Safed and the vicinity, tens of large paper sheets "Land Settlement of Palestine" (1947) with information about rights of land owners and correspondences concerning transfer of ownership, buying and acquisition; document of 1876, signed by Shmuel Heller; official documents with instructions how to register citizens right after the establishment of the state (from the Central Bureau of Statistics). Numerous documents are addressed to Asher Barshad (1901-1953), the "Mukhtar" of Safed who registered with much precision births, deaths and the civil registry in the city. Attached: account books, postcards of Acre, maps from the 1950s-60s, and additional items. Sizes and conditions vary.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 25

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“Palestine Report” – London, 1919

Palestine, Report by Sir Douglas Fox and Partners, and Sir Charles Metcalfe Bart, London, 1919. English.
A report about the current situation in Palestine and its future as far as population, industry, etc. are concerned. Composed by the British engineer Douglas Fox and the colonial administrator Charles Metcalfe, who were requested, following the Balfour declaration, to investigate the agricultural and industrial potential of Palestine. Two (folded) maps appear at the end of the booklet.
[2], iv, 30 pp+[2] maps. 33 cm. Fair condition, spotting, loose front cover. Back cover and the two maps are detached. Some creases and tears at borders of leaves. Tears on maps.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 26

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Booklet with Speeches by the British People to the Jewish People – London, 1920

Redes fun Britòishe shtòaatòsmener tsum Yudishen folkò [speeches by British people to the Jewish people]. London, 1920. Yiddish.
Booklet with speeches delivered by Arthur Balfour, Marquess of Crewe, Lord Robert Cecil, Ormsby-Gore, Colonel Wedgwood, and D. Kiley. 23 pp, 24 cm. Good condition. Not in the NLI collections.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 38 Lot Number 27

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Newspapers of the 1936 Riots and Revisionist Publications

1. Issue of "D'var HaYamin Haele". Tel-Aviv, Friday, 30.8.29. In charge and publisher: Avraham Aharoni.
2. Issue of "D'var HaYamin". Tel-Aviv, Sunday, 1.9.29.In charge: Meir Bilik. Lists of victims in Hebron, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Safed and the Moshavot as well as survey of the incidents in each area.
3. Galed Sefer HaZikaron Leshmira UleHagana shel Beitar VeHaOved HaLeumi, edited by Dr. I. Yevin, Tel-Aviv: Keren Tel-Hai BeEretz- Israel, 1937. Photographs.
4. Hazit HaNo'ar, issued by Lochamey Herut Israel, Tevet 1949. Essays and poems (including a poem by Yair).
5. Min HaMetzar, one-time edition, "Yizkor Am Israel et Haleley Nissan 1936".
Sizes and conditions vary.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 28

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Collection of Leaflets and Newspapers – Jewish Brigade / Jewish Army, 1943

Collection of documents and newspapers related to the Jewish Brigade, to WW II and to the arms search conducted by the British police in Kibbutz Ramat HaKovesh, 1943.
Collection includes:
1-5. Five issues of the bi-weekly "Hachayal HaIvri", paper of Eretz-Israeli unit 178 – Jewish Unit for General Transportation, issues 31;33;37;42;45.
6-9. Four printed leaflets regarding the search conducted by the British police in Kibbutz Ramat HaKovesh (during the search a fight occurred during which the British arrested 35 people and injured 14, one of them died later).
10. Proclamation about the "Jewish Army" (English).
11. Issue of "Aleph-Bet – collection of news", November 21 1943 [Po'aley Eretz Israel party].
12. Handwritten letter (in pencil), on stationery of the national committee for the Jewish soldier, 1943.
Size and condition varies.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 29

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Collection of Documents, Letters and Various Items of an Etzel Fighter

1-4. Four letters sent by Etzel fighter nicknamed "Zeev" (probably Yosef Danoch-Avni, but maybe Menachem Shif?) from Atlit detention camp, to his girlfriend Shifra. December 1947 until February 1948 (in both letters "Zeev" mentions the "Polish" and it is possible that he refers to Menachem Begin who was called like that under cover).
5. Two handwritten leaves, text regarding "26 months to the Shneller action", dedicated to Yehoshua Goldshmidt who fell in the line of duty in North Jerusalem.
6. Single leaf with a handwritten poem.
7-8. Embroidered cloth-badge of Etzel and a printed arm-band.
9-10. "Soldier's Certificate" of Etzel and "Beitar Certificate" in the name of Yosef Danoch.
11-19. Nine various items: telegrams sent to Yosef Danoch and his wife on their wedding day (in one – a greeting from Menachem Begin), “Shana Tovah” card, receipt for payment for a “Beitar Certificate” and other documents.
Sizes and conditions vary.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 30

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Collection of Documents – Israel Waks – Senior Etzel Member

Collection of personal documents of Israel Waks (1905-1991). Waks, native of Grajewo, served as the secretary of the Revisionist Movement in Poland and as the secretary of Zeev Jabotinsky in Paris for three year. He married in 1934 Luka Waks (née Kahana) and in the same year they made Aliya. The home of the couple Waks on Sheinkin Street in Tel-Aviv served as a "mail box" of Etzel headquarters and as a meeting point for the organizations' commander, Menachem Begin, for various meetings (see attached material).
The collection presented includes:
•About 60 different documents: circular letters, personal letters both handwritten and typewritten, related to Waks's activities in Poland and in Eretz Israel. Grajewo, Warsaw, Brussels and Eretz Israel, [1910s through 1930s]; letters from Z. Jabotinsky Brit Hahil in Poland, Brit Trumpeldor in Eretz-Israel, World "Brit HaZohar", Histadrut Zionit Hadasha in Eretz Israel, Brit Hazionim HaRevisionistim in Brussels and in Eretz-Israel, and more.
• About 110 ephemera items and postcards sent to Waks; Waks's personal membership-booklet, tickets, receipts and labels (Poland, 1920s), two glass transparencies, portraits of Waks in uniform, an underground Etzel paper-note with a coordination of a coded reply to be used by two Lehi members during a meeting, and some other additional items.
Sizes and conditions vary.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 31

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“Kol HaChayal HaIvri” – 1942-1943

"Kol Hachayal HaIvri", journal of Jewish soldiers in the British army calling for the establishment of a Jewish army. [Tel-Aviv], Adar; Kislev; [1942-1943]. Hebrew and English.
Two issues. Issue no. 2 (Hebrew and English), issue no. 4 (Hebrew). [8]; 4 pp, 21 cm. Good condition, minor tears.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 32

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In Asmara Exile – Handwritten Newspaper of Etzel and Lehi Exiles,1946

In Asmara Exile, Asmara detention camp, Eritrea [Africa], April 8, 1946. Issue no. 135. Hebrew.
A single handwritten leaf, in newspaper format (two columns), which includes news from Eretz Israel and from around the world. Due to paper shortage the newspaper was written on the reverse of a "Sniper Certificate" of the Royal Italian Army.
Etzel and Lehi exiles in African detention camps started, from their first days in the camps, to print daily newspapers, mainly informative, bringing radio reports concerning Eretz Israel and the conflicts between the underground organizations and the British Mandate administration; some issues reported
also about the detention camps.
Leaf 38 cm. Good condition. Folding-mark. spotting.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 33

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Lehi – Memorandum to the UN Committee, June 1947

For Justice, Freedom and Peace. Lohamey Heruth Israel (fighters for the freedom of Israel) to the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine [Tel-Aviv?], June 1947. English.
"For Justice, freedom and peace". Memorandum issued by Lehi organization for the special committee on behalf of the United Nations Organization.
Written in the accompanying letter: "In the memorandum which we will submit in the next few days to the committee we shall mention the crimes committed by Britain against us in Israel and in the Diaspora…"
[1], 55 pp+ [4] leaves, attached. 35 cm. Good condition, minor spotting, memorandum gathered in a folder with a string.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 34

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Kol Tzfat, 1948

Kol Tzfat, two first issues [edited by Yesha'ayahu Ashani]. Safed, Shvat 1948, Adar A, 1948.
Two issues printed in besieged Safed during the War of Independence. The issues were of great importance in encouraging the Jewish population during the war and in passing on information, as well as personal greetings, poems and humorous passages. Illustration on the cover by M. Aryeh [Moskovitch]. 18, [2]; 22,[2] pp, 16 cm. Good condition. Tears to covers.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 35

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Booklets and Documents – War of Independence

Collection of booklets and documents of the War of Independence period:
1-3. "Hed HaTichon", Alexandroni Brigade paper. Issues a,b,c, 1948.
4-5. "Har HaTzofim", daily paper. Stenciled on Mount Scopus during the siege. Issue no. 2 (11.4.48) and issue no. 7 (29.4.48). Issue no. 2 printed towards Passover and ends with an alternative "Ma Nishtana" text.
6-7. "Hed HaModi'in", paper of Gadna "Modi'in", Jerusalem, 1948. Issues 2 and 3. Issue no. 3 is devoted to Passover with alternative Haggadah texts.
8. "Hed HaPortzim", GAHA"L paper, Regiment 4, HaPortzim, Harel-Palmach. Issue no. 1, January 1949. Yiddish.
9. "Combat Leaf" in Yiddish for "Givati" soldiers, 17.10.1948. "Combat Leaves" were composed by Abba Kovner.
10. Single leaf, "Day Order of South Region Major General", Sinai War (1956).
Sizes and conditions vary.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 36

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Items related to Drafting Yeshiva Students to IDF – War of Independence

1. Printed circular letter from Yisrael Galili, Chief of Staff of the Haganah. Titles: ”Matkal, March 9,1948”. Addressed to all of the infantry and Palmach divisions: Golani, Carmeli, Alexandroni, Kiryati, Givati, Etzioni and “Bulgarim” (name of Palmach).
The letter states: ”a decision has been made that Yeshiva students, according to approved lists, are exempt from military service. Students who are capable will get self-defense training where they study, by order of the Knesset [Knesset – nickname of “Haganah” organization]…training of Yeshiva students has to be arranged in a way that will not interfere with the study regime in the Yeshivot. Therefore, it has to be discussed with the heads of the Yeshivot how free time can be arranged for training…this instruction means that all Yeshiva students will be
2. Letter handwritten by Rabbi Avraham Ya’akov Klein (Agudat Israel rabbi in Haifa), addressed to Rabbi Amram Blau. Haifa, [October/November 1947]. Using sharp words Rabbi Klein protests against not receiving information concerning the rabbis’ decisions about drafting Yeshiva students. Rabbi Klein complains that there is no cooperation: “the opponents are united while we are going each one his way…”. [1] leaf written on both sides, 24 cm. Fair condition. Tears, creases and spots.
3. Printed circular letter from Religion Service Headquarters, September 29, 1948. Addressed to the Minister of Defense, Chief of Staff, branches, frontiers, divisions, forces and Po'aley Agudat Israel. The circular wishes "Ketiva VeHatima Tovah! A Year of Victory, Peace and Construction, Prosperity for the State of Israel, Return of the Exiles and Strengthening the Status of Torah in our Land". 21X16 cm. Good condition. Torn filing holes. Minor spots.
4-6. "Curfew Pass" – pass for curfew hours of Yisrael Berchenko [Galili], issued in February 1939 + two photos of Galili (press photos). part of the non-drafted “Guarding Forces”.
The order in the document presented here is the first official confirmation of its kind that Yeshiva students are exempt from military service; this order, was followed later by the “Torato Omanuto” (Torah study is his artistry) arrangement, that allows Yeshiva students to complete their studies before their conscription in the IDF. In the report of “the committee for consolidating an appropriate arrangement regarding drafting Yeshiva students” (headed by judge Tal) this order is mentioned.: “the formal first stage of this arrangement stems from the order issued by Yisrael Galili…”
Leaf 22X11 cm. Lower part of leaf – missing. Fair condition. Tears to left margins (with omission of one word), dark spots.
7. Supplement to "Alonim" paper of "Ezra" movement, youth movement of Po'aley Agudat Israel, with an article titled "do not give up military service of Yeshiva students" (by "Peretz Tura"). The editors did not publish the article in 'Digleinu' suspecting that it will cause damage and it was sent as a supplement only to individuals and, in secret".

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“Iton Rishmi” No. 1 – The Declaration of the State of Israel

"Iton Rishmi" No. 1. Tel-Aviv, 14.5.1948.
Includes the "Scroll of Independence" and a manifest by the Provisional State Council. On top of the leaf: "Israel, Provisional Council". 4 pp, 33 cm. Good condition. Spotting, folding marks and creases.

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“Iton Rishmi – ” Issues 1-25

“Iton Rishmi”. Issue no. 1 (14.5.48) through issue no. 25 (1.10.48), bound together in an original binding and with an index. Printed by permission from the Provisional Government, "HaPoel Hatza'ir" printing press. The papers were printed separately and bound together towards the end of 1948.
Issue no. 1 is printed on lighter paper, like the original. The issues contain information about the emergency situation in the country and the organization of various institutes of the young state.
VIII, 167 pp, 33 cm. Good condition. Some stains.

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“Yom HaMedina” Newspaper

"Yom HaMedina", a joint issue of Israeli newspapers. Friday, May 14, 1948. Leaf 44X57 cm. Good condition. Minor spotting, minor tears to borders and creases. Folded leaf.

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Special Paper Concerning the Altalena Affair

Altalena. A one-time edition. Editor in chief and publisher: Ben Ami Gur. Tel-Aviv, July 15, 1948.
A one-time paper, most probably printed on behalf of Etzel, criticizing harshly the government’s decision regarding “Altalena”. On the cover appears an illustration showing David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharett bombing the boat “Altalena” which is burning and a pile of skulls next to the Tower of David. 8 pp, 34.5 cm. Good condition. Spots. Minor tears. Horizontal folding line.

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Military Police Leaflet, 1948

A leaflet issued by the National Military Police's department of culture. Issues 1-5, August-December 1948.
Five first issues of the Military Police's internal leaflet, published during its first days as an official corps. The leaflets were published monthly and contained information, humorous texts, caricatures, texts by the corps' commander and by the chief culture officer, etc. Bound together in a volume, 27 cm. Good condition. Minor tears found at covers' edges and some spotting.

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Independence Haggadah – Aharon Megged

Independence Haggadah. Published by IDF / Human Resources – Information branch, 1952. Hebrew.
The Haggadah was written by the author Aharon Megged while in reserve-duty service in the chief education and culture officer, and was initiated by the Minister of Education Ben-Zion Dinur. Ten thousand copies were printed and the soldiers were meant to read the text on the eve of Independence Day. The religious units and the military rabbinate objected and the Haggadahs were destroyed.
[20] pp, 20 cm. Good condition. Minor spotting.

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“Rimon – “Weekly Magazine – Two Volumes and a Photograph Archive, 1956

1. Two volumes of "Rimon" issue, 1-22 from 1956, 1-26 from 1957.
"Rimon – Photographed Magazine", edited by Shlomo Tanai. 1956-1957. The magazine was first published in 1956. Founded and financed by Isser Harel, Head of General Security Services, with the aim of competing with the popular "HaOlam Hazeh" that attacked the Security Services and called for granting rights to the Palestinian people. The magazine got information from the Security Services and directly attacked "HaOlam Hazeh" and its editor, Uri Avneri. The public regarded "Rimon" as a paper issued by the Establishment which strengthened the position of "HaOlam Hazeh". Volumes 34.5 cm. Good condition.
2. Extensive archive of photos of “Rimon”, 1956, arranged on leaves, in a filing folder; about 12 photos on each leaf (some leaves are blank). Amongst the photos: life in the “Triangle”, Kfar Qasim trial, prisoners camps, Mapai convention, convention of HaShomer veterans, beauty parlors and public figures: Natan Zach, Ben-Gurion visiting his son Amos with his grandchildren, and while dancing, Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan during the evacuation of El Arish, Major General Laskov, Lieutenant General Dori, Shlonsky, Menachem Begin in a closed meeting, Mania Shochat in a Jewish-Arab gathering in Haifa. With names of photographed in handwriting. Hundreds of photos, 5.5X5.5 cm. Good condition.

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Documents concerning Registration of the “Arab Front” as a Non-Governmental Organization, 1958-1960

About 50 documents related to the registration of the "Arab Front in Israel" (later called "the National Front in Israel") as an NGO according to the law of NGO's, 1958-1960. Hebrew and Arabic. "The Arab Front" was founded in 1958 for the national rights of the Arab people and was the first national Arab organization in Israel. The documents present the organization's goals, members' names, etc. Members are signed on some of the documents (including the historian Dr. Emile Toma, one of the Israeli-Arabs public leaders). Some of the goals mentioned in the documents are: to let Arabs return to their villages, to return confiscated lands to their owners, to cancel martial law, to cancel racial discrimination, to use Arabic as an official language in all government offices, to let refugees return, etc. In a cardboard folder bound with a lace, 34.5 cm. Sizes and conditions vary.

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Collection of Documents – Early Days of “Shinuy” Party

Collection of documents related to "Shinuy" – "Movement for Political and Social Change", of the early days of its existence, 1974-1977.
Amongst the documents: protocols, platform, stickers ("I joined Shinuy"), 14 issues of the movement journal, information leaflets, accounts book, receipts, newspaper cuttings and other items.
"Shinuy" was a center-party founded in 1974. The background for its establishment were the protests that followed the Yom-Kippur War. Shinuy focused on liberal-secular ideals. Lot of about 190 documents. Varying sizes and conditions. Some documents appear in several copies.

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Collection of Photos and Two Pendants” – Let my People Go – “Prisoners of Zion

1-23.Twenty three photos (press photos) documenting the activities of "Shalach et Ami" – the organization for assisting prisoners of Zion and Jews in the Soviet Union; mass-demonstrations and vote in the Knesset in relation with the "Leningrad Trial" (where 11 Jews were judged for trying to hijack a plane and go to Israel). Size varies, 13X8.5 cm to 24X18 cm. Fair-good condition. Numerous photos are annotated.
24-25. Two pendants issued by the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews, on the pendants appear the name of Prisoners of Zion Valeri Kukui and Hillel Butman. The leaves attached to the pendants contain biographical information about both and propaganda calling to release them. Very good condition.

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“Friki” – Anarchist Comic Book, 1973

"Friki, the most popular children's paper in Israel", comic book [illustrated by Ido Amin]. [Tel-Aviv, 1973].
A satiric Comics booklet which criticizes militarism, patriotism and sexual conservatism in Israel, and mocks Israeli leaders. Illustrations by Comics artist Ido Amin, 17 years of age.
The booklet was created in the summer of 1973 by a group of teenagers from Tel-Aviv. Towards the end of 1973, after the Yom Kippur War, the creators were arrested being accused of incitement and cooperation with Syrian Intelligence trying to affect and harm national morale. When no relation between the boys and the Syrian Intelligence was proved, the conviction was changed to “distribution of abomination material”. They were convicted and following an appeal were acquitted. [44] pp, 24 cm. Spotting and creases. Inscription in pen on the reverse.

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Travels of Thomas Shaw in the Levant – Oxford, 1738

Travels, or Observations Relating to Several Parts of Barbary and the Levant, Thomas Shaw. Oxford: "Printed at the Theatre", 1738. English.
Survey of Algiers, Tunisia, Syria, Egypt and Eretz Israel, by Thomas Shaw, 1694-1751. Accompanied by 29 plates – maps and illustrations. Including: three large maps (two folded and one map on two pages) of Algiers, a large map (folded) of Tunisia, illustrations of plants, animals, structure, etc. The chapter concerning Eretz Israel includes a drawing of Jerusalem (folded), a large map (folded) of the Middle East, illustration of the Mount of Sinai, and more. [4] leaves; XV, 442, [2],60,[8]pp + [29] plates. 34.5 cm. Good condition. Spots. Moth holes (also to some plates). Several leaves with adhesive tape. Damages to binding. Front binding detached.

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Travels of James Silk Buckingham in the Middle East – London, 1821

Travels In Palestine Through The Countries Of Bashan And Gilead, East Of The River Jordan, Including A Visit To The Cities Of Geraza And Gamala, In The Decapolis, J. S. Buckingham. London: Longham, Hurst, Rees, Orme&Brown, 1821. English. 1st edition.
Travels of James Silk Buckingham through Eretz Israel, Bashan, Gilead and East of the River Jordan. Accompanied by illustrations and nine map-plates including a large map (folded) of Eretz Israel, two maps of Jerusalem ("Ancient Jerusalem" and "Modern Jerusalem"), map of the city of Jerash and sketches of buildings and temples in the city. James Silk Buckingham, (1786-1855), an English writer, native of Fleshing. Went on a journey to the Middle East in 1815. During his tour he went through Egypt, Lebanon, Acre, Nazareth, Caesarea, Jaffa, Ramla, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, Jerash, and more.
XXV, [2],553 pp + [9] plates. 28 cm. Good condition. Foxing marks. Damages to spine and to binding. Front binding partly detached.

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“Pictures of the Holy Land” – Stuttgart, 1839 – Lithographs

Bilder Aus dem Heiligen Lande. Vierzig ausgewaehlte Original-Ansichten biblisch-wichtiger Orte treu nach der Natur gezeichnet von J. M. Bernatz, mit erläuterndem texte von G. H. v. Schubert, Stuttgart: J.F. Steinkopf, [1839]. German.
Pictures of the Holy Land, forty biblical landscapes after paintings by J.M. Bernatz, with text by Gotthilf Heinrich von Schubert. 39 lithograph plates portraying views and sites in Eretz Israel and the vicinity – Damascus, Hebron, Tiberias, Mount Carmel, Nazareth, Mount Tabor, Joseph's tomb in Nablus, and more. Including a folding panorama of Sinai. [42] leaves + [39] plates. 42.5X29 cm. Good condition. Minor tears. Significant foxing marks, some dark. Panorama in good condition.

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“History of Egypt under the Government of Mohammed-Aly” – Volume of Lithographs – Paris, 1823

Histoire De l'Egypte sous le gouvernment de Mohammed-Aly, ou Recit Des Evenements Politiques et Militaires qui ont eu lieu depuis le depart des Francais jusqu'en 1823. Atlas.[History of Egypt under the government of Mohammed-Aly, or depiction of the political and military events since the French departed in 1823]. Paris: A. Bertrand, 1823. French.
The volume of lithographs which accompanies the “History of Egypt under the government of Mohammed-Aly” by Félix Mengin. The volume contains 13 illustration-plates and maps: • Portraits in color of Mohammed-Aly, Egyptian ruler, The Mameluk governor Murad Bei and Abdallah Ibn Saud, ruler of the first Saudi state. • Large map, folded, of the Nejd area (etching). • Large map (folded), in color, of the Mahmudiya Channel in Alexandria. • Additional illustrations of figures and sites in Egypt. • Table with information about import-export between Egypt and Europe. [15] leaves, 40 cm. Good condition. Foxing marks, minor creases. Minor tears to borders of folded maps. Front binding detached.

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“The Holy Land – History, Sites and Monuments” – Two Volumes – Victor Guיrin, 1884

1. La terre sainte, Son histoire - ses souvenirs - ses sites - ses monuments [The Holy Land – History, Remembrances,Sites and Monuments], Victor Guérin. Paris: E. Plon, Nourrit et Cie, 1884. First volume, 2nd edition.
2. La Terre Sainte, Liban, Pheìnicie, Palestine occidentale et meìridionale, Peìtra, Sinaï, Egypte [the Holy Land – Lebanon,Phoenicia, Western and Southern Palestine, Petra, Sinai, Egypt]. Paris: E. Plon, Nourrit et Cie, 1884, second volume, 2nd edition. The text describes the archaeology of the Holy Land with biblical and Talmudic citations, as well as writings by Jewish travelers like Binyamin Metudela and Yitzchak Hilu.
In addition appear citations from Greek mythology and researchers of the Levant, the author's contemporaries as Robinson. Visual descriptions of views, characters, architecture and archaeology are integrated into the text.
The author, Victor Guérin (1821-1891), was a French intellectual and amateur archaeologist who arrived in Eretz Israel eight times between the years 1852 and 1888. Volume I: 468 pp; Volume II: 512 pp. 39 cm. Etchings in various sizes. Good condition, spotting on some of the leaves, contemporary binding.

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Picturesque Palestine – Comprehensive Research of Eretz Israel – New-York, 1881 – Etchings

Picturesque Palestine, Sinai and Egypt, Edited by Sir Charles Wilson, New-York: D. Appleton & Co. 1881. 1st edition. Two volumes. A detailed guide to Eretz Israel, written by several expert researchers. Each page features a detailed etching portraying the area's views, inhabitants' garments, customs, etc. First volume: 480 pp, Second volume: 476 pp. 33 cm. Edge-gilded leaves. Good condition. Contemporary bindings, wear to edges.

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A Cruise to Egypt, Palestine, and Greece – London, 1834

A Cruise to Egypt, Palestine, and Greece, during Five Months' Leave of Absence, by W. E. Fitzmaurice. London: John Hill printing press, 1834. English.
Tour of William Edward Fitzmaurice to Egypt, Eretz Israel and Greece. Accompanied by eight etchings: view of Jerusalem from the Beth-Lehem road, the Dead Sea viewed from the Mount of Olives, view from Mount Tabor, view of the Pyramids in Giza from the direction of the Nile, etc. On the leaf preceding the title page appears a letter handwritten by the author, in English. [2], 75 pp + [8] plates 29 cm. Good condition. Spots. Not original binding, damaged.

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Travels of Ulrich Jasper Seetzen – Two Volumes – Berlin, 1854 – Description of Travels through Eretz Israel

Ulrich Jasper Seetzen's Reisen durch Syrien, Palastina, Phonicien, die Transjordan-Lander, Arabia Petraca und Unter-Aegypten. Herausgegeben und commentirt von Professor Dr. Fr. Kruse. Berlin: G. Reimer, 1854. German. Two volumes.
"Travels of Ulrich Jasper Seetzen through Syria, Palestine, Phynicia, Trans-Jordan countries, Petra and Lower Egypt", edited by Dr. Friedrich Kruse. Seetzen's travel diaries were published in four volumes in 1854-1859. Presented here are the first two volumes dealing, in addition to other places, with his tour through Eretz Israel.
Ulrich Jasper Seetzen (1767-1811), German physician, scientist and traveler, was known as a researcher of Eretz Israel and the Arab Peninsula, and was considered one of the most important German Orientalists. In 1802 he went on a geography research trip to Turkey, the Middle East and the Arab Peninsula, a trip that lasted nine years. His first stop was in Constantinople. From there he continued to Izmir and Aleppo. During that period he learned Arabic and got familiar with the Arab way of life. He then toured Eretz Israel and Transjordan. During the years 1806-1807 Seetzen stayed in the area of the Dead Sea and was the first to conduct scientific observations of the Dead Sea. His journey ended in Yemen where he was murdered by order of San'a's Imam.
Two volumes. Volume 1: [4] leaves, LXXV, 432 pp. Volume 2: [2] leaves, 400 pp. 22 cm. Good condition. Significant spotting (mainly foxing marks). Ex-library copy.

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Travel Book Through Holy Scriptures, Heinrich Bünting – Magdeburg, 1597 – Including the Cloverleaf Map and Other Maps of Eretz Israel and the World

Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae. Das ist Ein Reisebuch, Uber die ganze heilige Schrifft, in zwei Bücher getheilet. Printed by Paul Donat (in Vorlegung Ambrosii Kirchners). Magdeburg, Germany, 1597. German. Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae [Travel book through Holy Scriptures], by Heinrich Bünting, (1545-1606), a German pastor, theologian and cartographer, native of Hanover. This is one of the most important travel books, and when first published in 1581, provided the most comprehensive description of biblical geography available. Since then, the book has been printed in several editions and has been translated into many languages. The book describes the Holy Land by following the travels of various notable people from the Old and New Testaments. Four parts (separate title pages for each part, with the exception of the first part): Part 1 is the longest and deals with the Old Testament recounting the travels of the Prophets, Kings, Judges and various other Biblical figures. Part 2, Itinerarium Noui Testamenti, describes the travels of Joseph, Maria and other figures from the New Testament. Part 3, Uber das Buch Josua, deals with the Book of Joshua; Part 4, De Monetis et Mensuris Sacrae Scripturae is about money and means of payment mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. The book includes 12 maps (woodcuts), most of the maps are double-spreads (printed on two pages), depicting the world and Eretz Israel. Three of the maps are figurative maps drawn by Bünting: The first and most well known is the map which portrays the world in the shape of a cloverleaf with three points (the cloverleaf appears on the emblem of the city of Hanover, where Bünting was born). The triple cloverleaf represents three continents, Asia, Europe and Africa. In the center of the leaf, representing the center of the world is the city of Jerusalem. The second map presents the Asian continent in the shape of Pegasus (a winged horse that appears in Greek mythology). On the third map, the European continent is drawn in the shape of a queen wearing a cape and a crown (depicting the Phoenician princess, Europe). In addition to these figurative maps, the book also contains more conventional maps: a map of the African continent, two world maps, four maps of Eretz Israel, a map of Jerusalem and a sketch of the Holy Temple. Part 1: [14], 240, [7] pages (lacking another title page?); Part 2: [6], 102, [8], pages; Part 3: [1], 34, pages, [one empty]; Part 4: [6], 15, [2], 14-21 pages. Many mispaginations. Volume 30 cm. Spots, moth damages, minor tears. Some leaves (primarily with the maps), have ancient repairs – tears restored with glued paper. The first title page is detached and damaged, glued on paper for reinforcement. The maps are in fair condition. Most have stains and restored tears (ancient restorations). Some have cutoff margins. The cloverleaf map is detached, with spots, minor tears to margins, paper glued on folding mark. The margins of the queen-shaped map of Europe and the Pegasus map are slightly cut off. Spotting. Restored damage to the folding marks. Restorations with glued paper and tape (the Pegasus map has two strips of tape, 8 and 4 cm. long). Contemporary binding, with clasps for closing (one clasp is lacking).

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Study of the Holy Land with Maps of the Tribal Territories – Christian van Adrichom

Study of the Holy Land with Maps of the Tribal Territories - Christiaan van Adrichom. [Most probably 1st edition: Cologne, 1590]. Latin.
Christian van Adrichom (1533-1585] – Catholic priest, native of Delft (Holland), composed several essays about Eretz Israel. This book is a comprehensive description of the Holy Land, accompanied by ten maps (etchings) of the Tribal territories. Two large maps are missing from the copy presented here (one map of Eretz Israel and one of Jerusalem).
A chapter focusing on sites in Jerusalem during the period of Jesus appears at the end of the book, with a chronological description of Biblical events starting with the creation of Adam. The book was published in six editions, the first one in 1590, and was translated into several languages.
[12], 286, [18] pp + [10] maps (one map spread on two pages). Two maps are missing as well as twelve pages of the index, in the end of the book. 38 cm. Good-fair condition. Spotting. Minor tears. Moth holes. Restoration with adhesive tape to title page. The maps are restored with paper or cloth. The edges of two maps are cut. Corrections in ancient handwriting. Contemporary parchment binding, partly restored (new end paper). Ex-Libris.

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Maps of Jerusalem and Eretz Israel – 13 leaves from “Cosmographia” by Sebastian Münster – Basel, 16th Century

13 leaves from “Cosmographia” by Sebastian Münster. Including four maps. [Basel, second half of 16th cent.]
13 leaves of the book, concerning Eretz Israel and the vicinity, with illustrations and four maps (woodcuts):
1. Map of Eretz Israel and Syria. 17X26 cm. Laor 528.
2. Die heilige statt Jerusalem contrafehtet nach form uns gestalt wie sie ietz erbauwen ist. View of Jerusalem. 38X15 cm. Laor 1087.
3. Syria/Cypern/Palestina/Mesapotamia/Babylonia / zwey Arabia/mit Bergen, Wasseren und Stetten. Map of the Midle East. 36X30 cm. Laor 531.
4. Das Heilig Landt mit ausztheilung der zwolff Geschlechter [Holy Land, with division into the Twelve Tribes territories]. In spite of the title, the borders of the Twelve Tribes are not marked. 36X31 cm. Laor 523.
The book "Cosmographia" deals with geography, history, zoology, botany, ethnography and astronomy and is accompanied by hundreds of maps and illustrations of lands and cities around the world. The first German edition was published in 1544, and is considered the earliest German description of the world. Numerous editions have been published later in German, Latin, French, Italian and Czech. The leaves presented here were printed in one of the German editions of the book. [13] leaves, 34 cm. Fair-good condition. Spots, minor tears, library ink stamp and label of a book store on three of the leaves. Tears, moth-holes, spots and a tear restored with adhesive tape to the fourth map. Damages to binding.

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Jerusalem – Hand-Painted Woodcut, 16th Century

Ierusalem ciuitas sancta, olim metropolis regni iudaici, hodie uero colonia Turcae [Jerusalem the Holy City, formerly the capital city of the Kingdom of Judah, today a Turkish colony.] From Sebastian Münster's book "Cosmographia". Basel, 1550. A hand-painted woodcut.
The map presents Jerusalem from the east, surrounded by a wall of mid-16th cent. Names of important sites such as: Omar Mosque and the Gate of Mercy are written in Latin and in German. On the lower part appears a text about Jericho. On the reverse appear lines of Hebrew and Latin texts praising Jerusalem (chopped), on the left appear an imaginary description of Acre. 20.5X39 cm. Good condition, central folding mark, creases and tears at the edges, minor moth holes. Passe-partout.
Laor no. 1085.

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Two Maps of Eretz Israel, 16th century

1. Terra Sancta XVI nova tabula [Modern map of Palestine 16th century], Sebastian Münster. Basel, 1542. Colored woodcut.
Eretz Israel spans on both sides of the Jordan River according to the Tribes' territories. An illustration of Sodom and Gomorra burning, appears on the Dead Sea. On the reverse appears a text in Latin. 29.2X35.5 cm, good condition, central folding mark, minor spotting on borders and to map. Laor no. 616.
2. Tabula Asiae IIII [map of Asia no. 4], Claudius Münster. Basel, 1542. Woodcut.
The Middle East is portrayed from Cyprus to Babel. The Holy Land coast line is stretching from Acre to Ashkelon. 30X39 cm. Central folding mark, somewhat torn. Several moth holes. Laor no. 615.

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Map of the Land of Canaan – Benito Arias Montano – Belgium, 16th century – Hebrew

Terre Israel Omnis Ante Canaan [map of Canaan prior to its conquest by the Israelites], engraving by Benito Arias Montao. Antwerp, 1572. Copper engraving.
Part of the inscriptions appear in Hebrew. 39X49 cm, fair condition, small moth-holes in lower left corner, minor spotting and folding marks. Laor no. 46.

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Colored Map –”Life and Wanderings of Abraham –” Abraham Ortilius

Abrahami Patriar chae Peregrination Et Vita – "Life and Wanderings of Abraham", engraving colored by hand. [Antwerp, Belgium, early 17th cent.]
Cartographer and publisher: Abraham Ortelius, design: Franz Hogenberg. The map portrays the land of Canaan and parts of Egypt; pointing to north. The map is surrounded by 22 medallion vignettes showing the history of Abraham's life: expulsion of Hagar and Ishmael and the binding of Isaac. Under the cartouche on the right, appear three scale rulers for three different methods of measurement. The map is designed as a hanging map, in accordance with the popular custom to hang such maps in private households around the Low Countries area. A citation from the book of Genesis surrounds the map. 35X45.5 cm, framed: 60.5X70 cm. Good condition. Folding marks. Not examined out of frame.
See: The Land of Israel in Maps from Madaba to the Sattelite, the Israel Museum (editor: Ariel Tishbi, 2001), p.98.

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Map of Eretz Israel – Amsterdam, 1792

Generaale Kaart van het Beloofde Land tot verlichting voor de Geschiedenisse Berat in den Bybel [map of the Promised Land for a historic maps book]. Elwe Jan Barend, Amsterdam 1792. Copper print, partly colored.
On the upper part appears an inscription with details about the map surrounded by a wreath of flowers held by two angels. The map presents the Holy Land from the west. On the lower part – the Tabernacle, the Tribes' tents and the figures of Moses and Aaron with the Tabernacle's holy ceremonial vessels.
55.8X65.7 cm, good condition, central folding mark, minor tears to lower borders. Laor no. 267.

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Hebrew Map – Eretz Israel and the Wanderings of the People of Israel in the Desert – Warsaw, 1879

"Map of Eretz Israel and the wanderings of the People of Israel in the desert…till they reached Canaan….printed by…Zvi Hirsch Boyrsky". Bomberg lithography printing press, Warsaw 1879. A fine map, hand colored. In the Eran Laor Map Collection appears a similar map which was printed in Warsaw in 1883.
Paper leaf 34.5X43 cm. Fair-poor condition. Spotting, tears, moth-damages and folding marks. Cloth backed.

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Map of Eretz Israel in Romanian, 1948

Statul Evreesc Independent Israel si Palestina [Independent Jewish State and Palestine], 1948. Romanian. Two parts.
On the upper part of the map appears a historic description of settlement in Eretz Israel since 1855 noting the sites of settlements and numbers of inhabitants. The second map bears an approval of the press censorship (no. 1,1948), "no copying by order". Part one: 70.5X50 cm, fair condition, folding marks, tears to borders. Part two: 40.5X50.3 cm, fair condition, tears and spots on borders.

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Collection of Forty Lithographs – Petra and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, 19th century

40 lithographs portraying mainly Petra ruins and the vicinity, three of the lithographs feature the Holy Sepulcher Church. David Roberts and others, London, 19th century.
David Roberts (1796-1864), lived and worked in London. Was one of the first artists who arrived during the 19th century in the Near East to paint and introduce the European public to views of the region. The British were familiar with the written history of the region but they did not know its landscapes and views. Roberts arrived in Egypt during a long tour in 1838. He drew watercolor paintings which he made available to the public as lithographs. His paintings are of a realistic and romantic style. When Roberts returned to London he was assisted by the lithographer Louis Haghe in turning his original creations into lithographs.
1. "Mount Seir – Wady el Ghor", painted lithograph, David Roberts, ca.1840. Addition of paint was probably done around the year 1900. 31.4X42.1 cm, fair condition, brown spotting around the edges and the center. Printing stamps of 1842, London. Inscription on the lithograph indicates that it was painted in 1839. The figure "9" is written in pencil on the margins. Attached is a letter confirming authenticity.
2-28. Twenty seven lithographs – Petra ruins, David Roberts. Printed in London,1845. Sixteen of the lithographs are taken from a book about the Holy Land. The lithographs were done by Louis Haghe after David Roberts’ paintings, 1838, 1st ed., size 65X48 cm. The other lithographs: five lithographs: 28X20 cm, six – 21X27 cm.
29-32. Petra and its surroundings, three lithographs of Mount Hor, David Roberts, 1842. Two lithographs: 26X21 cm, one: 37X34 cm. One lithograph of Aqaba, 26X21 cm.
33-40. Various artists. Mid 19th cent. Five lithographs in color – Petra and the Map of Petra; two lithographs and an etching of the Holy Sepulcher church (a. etching, O. Dapper, 1677; b. lithograph, W.H.Bartleft, 1850. c) lithograph, Marilhat, 1842.) Average size: 42X29 cm.
Size and condition varies. All of the lithographs, except for no. 1, are in very good condition. All placed in a Passe-Partout.

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Josephus Flavius – Volume about Jerusalem, 1575 – Woodcuts

Egesippi, des hochberühmten fürtrefflichen christlichen Geschichtschreibers, fünff Bücher, vom jüdischen Krieg vnd endlicher Zerstörung der herzlichen vnd gewaltigen Statt Jerusalem [fifth book of the Jewish War by Josephus, Destruction of Jerusalem]. Theodosius Rihel? Strassburg?, [1575].
This volume is about the city of Jerusalem and includes 22 plates with woodcuts, portraying the last days of Jerusalem. [12], 214, [10] pp, 32.5 cm. 22 plates, good condition, spots and moth-marks, professionally restored, with handwritten comments in brown ink.

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Oil Painting – Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel. Oil on canvas. Titled "Mount Carmel". Unsigned.
The painting portrays Mount Carmel with a monastery on its top and a few houses at its foot, viewed from the sea. A sail boat is seen in the sea with stormy waves and some birds on the left. The gloomy atmosphere of the painting is reached through the color palette of brown, grey and white shades.
On the reverse of the canvas appears an ink stamp "Reeves & Sons/Manufacturers" – a company which produced and supplied art supplies and was active in London starting in 1766. Judging by the company name printed on the canvas it is possible to date the painting between the years 1830-1890. 18X15.5 cm. Framed 29X37 cm. Good condition. Frame is flaking.

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Sefer Eretz Israel – Eliezer Ben Yehuda, 1883

Sefer Eretz Israel, about nature, the sea, rivers, mountains, vallies, climate, the flora and fauna, cities and villages, written by eliezer Ben Yehuda. Jerusalem: Yoel Moshe Salomon press, 1883. Hebrew.
One of the first Hebrew books concerning the geography of Eretz Israel. [11], 96 pp.18 cm. Good condition. Spotting. Handwritten inscriptions. Damages to binding. S. HaLevi 413.

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Album of Pressed Flowers from Holy Sites in Eretz Israel

1. Album "Souvenir from Jerusalem. Collection of flowers and paintings From the holy places", Yehiel Zvi Zimrinsky – workshop for olive wood, N. De Simini (Ed.), Jerusalem [early 20th cent]. Hebrew. A dozen illustrations in color of Eretz Israel's views: Tiberias, Jordan River, Rachel's Tomb, Mount of Olives, Western Wall, Jerusalem, etc. Each illustration is titled in seven languages. Pressed flowers are pasted at the back of each illustration. Olive wood binding with a relief of Absalom's Tomb and an inscription "Yad Avshalom"; "Yerushalem"; "Jerusalem". [13] leaves, 11X17.5 cm. Good condition.
2. Memories in a Book, natural flowers growing in Eretz Israel, Avraham Moshe Lunz. Published by Avraham Moshe Lunz, Jerusalem, [late 19th cent.] Hebrew. Album with pressed flowers, typical of various areas in Eretz Israel. [12] leaves, 15.5X12 cm. Good condition. Original binding, somewhat damaged. Several detached leaves.

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Structure and Evolution of Palestine – Leo Yehudah Picard – Copy with Author’s Comments

Structure and evolution of Palestine, with comparative notes on neighboring countries, by Leo Picard. Jerusalem: The Geological Department, The Hebrew University,1943. English and Hebrew.
Study concerning the geological structure of Palestine. This copy includes numerous comments, handwritten by the author, as well as illustrations colored by hand. A letter signed by the author appears on the first page. At the end of the book is an envelope with writings and illustrations by the author.
Attached is a map in color: Map of the Wady el Arabah from the surveys of Major Kitchener, R.E. and reduced from the 3/8 inch map(printed in London; fair condition). [14],134,[6] pp, 22 cm. Good condition. Original binding, with leather corners and spine. Minor wear to binding. Enclosed is the book "Leo Yehudah Picard – Study of geology in Eretz Israel", Jerusalem, 1996.

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Jerusalem – Photography Workshop of the Armenian Monastery

Jerusalem as viewed from the city's walls, near St. Anna Church. [1870s]. Photographed in the photography workshop of the Armenian monastery in Jerusalem.
39X28 cm. Pasted to paper 47X35.5 cm. Good condition. Minor creases.
See: "First Photographs of Eretz Israel…". Editors: Eli Shiller and Menachem Levin with the participation of Dan Kiram. Jerusalem: "Ariel", 1989. Page 111.

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Collection of Stereoscopic Photographs – Fine Stereoscope Device

1. One hundred Stereoscopic photos. Black and white photos, portraying figures and views in Eretz Israel and its surroundings, late 19th cent. Produced by Underwood & Underwood. Contained in the original box, in the shape of two book volumes. Descriptions of the various sites are printed on the photos while on the reverse appears a more detailed description. Cover in fair condition, somewhat unraveled.
2. Traveling in the Holy Land through the Stereoscope. Produced by Underwood & Underwood. New-York – London, 1905. English. Notes about the one hundred photographed sites. Five folded maps appear at the end, including maps of Eretz Israel, Jerusalem and the Galilee.
3. A fine Stereoscope device.

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Collection of Stereoscopic Photographs – Stereoscope Device

1. One hundred Stereoscopic photos. Black and white photos, portraying figures and sites in Eretz Israel and its surroundings, late 19th cent. Produced by Underwood &Underwood. Contained in the original box, in the shape of two book volumes. Annotations in English are printed next to the photos.
2. A Stereoscope device made of wood and aluminum, with engraved decorations. Signed Sun Sculpture U & U trade mark, dated 1901.

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Postcard Set with Stereoscopic Photographs – Paris, late 19th century

La Stereo-Carte La Terre Sainte, 24 postcards with stereoscopic photos of Eretz Israel (complete set). Producer: Léon & Lévy.[Paris, late 19th cent].
Postcards with stereoscopic photos of cities and sites in Eretz Israel: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jordan River, Nazareth, and more. In the original cover. 9X14 cm. Postcards in good condition. Tears and spotting on cover.

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Views of Eretz Israel and the Jewish Colonies – Yesha’ayahu Raffalovich – Jerusalem, 1899

Views of Eretz Israel and its Moshavot, painted and written by Yesha'ayahu Raffalovich and his partner Moshe Eliyahu Sachs. Photographed in Jerusalem. Jerusalem, 1899. Hebrew and German.
Booklet of photographs taken during a tour of Eretz Israel (from Gedera to Metula) which Raffalovich held in 1898, with his friend Eliyahu (Elija) Meyers, an "American Colony" photographer. The tour was held following a request addressed to Raffalovich to prepare an Album of photos for the third Zionist Congress which took place in Basel one year later. Some of the photos are particularly large, on folding plates. An English edition was published in the same year.
[45] pp, 57 photo-plates, 17X24 cm. Fair condition, unraveled leaves, binding stained and worn.

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Photo Album of Eretz Israel, 19th century – Decorated Olive-Wood Cover

Photographies de Terre Sainte Boulos Meo, Jerusalem. Produced by Meo Boulos, Jerusalem, [late 19th cent].
25 photos of Eretz Israel are mounted on the album sheets, mainly of the cities of Jerusalem and Jaffa. Photos by French photographer Félix Bonfils, 1831-1885 and the brothers Adelphi and Konstantin Zangaki, active between the years 1880-1890. The photos are annotated in the plates, some in French only and others in English as well. Among the photos: Jaffa and its shore line, market in Jaffa, streets in Jerusalem, Jerusalem within the walls. Absalom's tomb, Holy Sepulcher Church, interior of El-Aksa, Robinson Arch and Mamila Pool. Three photos are unsigned.
The album was produced by Meo Boulos, a shop for souvenirs and photos in Jerusalem founded by a family of Italian origin. The shop opened next to Jaffa gate in 1872 and sold mainly photo albums of pilgrimage sites in olive-wood covers made locally. The album presented is bound in an exceptional olive wood cover. Carved on the front cover are the walls of Jerusalem with a gate and the Tower of David. On the back side appears the inscription “Jerusalem”. Embossed in gold on the spine: Album de Terre Sainte, with two frames of flowers and a Jerusalem Cross. Average size of photos: 22X28 cm. Album 25X32 cm. Photos in good condition, album in fair condition. Leaves somewhat loose. A small green spot on the front cover, spine is not attached to the album, tears on spine.

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Photo Album – “American Colony” – Dabdoub Brothers, late 19th century

Album containing 48 photos by "American Colony" photographers, mounted on heavy cardboard leaves. Produced by the brothers Gabriel and Abrahim Dabdoub, Jerusalem, [between 1890 and 1900].
Photos of Jerusalem and Eretz Israel views, most of them by "American Colony" photographers, signed in the plate "American Colony Jerusalem" (of the early days of American Colony photography studio). Olive wood binding, printed on the front – "Jerusalem". Leather spine, with an embossing of the word "Album" and a Jerusalem Cross. For a similar item, see "Kedem" catalogue no. 24, item no.31. Photos: 11X15.5 cm. Good condition. Some loose plates, tears and spotting to borders of plates. Album 14.5X21 cm. Fair-good condition. Torn spine.

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Photo-Album of Jerusalem – George Robinson Lees, 1893 – First Book Printed in Jerusalem in English

Jerusalem Illustrated with Original Photographs, by G. Robinson Lees, F.R.G.S. Jerusalem: The London Jew's Societys House of Industry,1893. English.
A dozen original photos of Jerusalem by photographer George Robinson Lees. Mounted on heavy cardboard plates. Includes photos of Jaffa Gate, Dome of the Rock, Kidron Valley, Antonia Fortress, and more. Texts about the city accompany the photos. This is the first book in English printed in Jerusalem.
[25] leaves + [12] photo plates (cardboard plates with photos). 17X24 cm. Good condition. Spotting. Ink stamps on first leaves. Fine binding with an embossed illustration of Jerusalem and the title. Minor damages on cover.

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Photographs of Eretz Israel – Glass Transparencies

25 glass transparencies, photos of Eretz Israel (b/w). Unknown photographer, [late 19th or early 20th cent.].
Photos of views and people of various sites in Eretz Israel: market in Jaffa, Western Wall, Dead Sea, Jericho, Nazareth etc. Handwritten annotations on the paper frame surrounding the glass plate. It seems that the photos are private and were taken by a couple or a group of travelers; one photo is annotated: Sheik of Abu Dis, Our Guide in Wilderness. Contained in a designated wooden case, original.
Transparencies: 8X10 cm. Good condition. Tears to some of the paper frames. Marks of a sticker and scratches on the case.

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Two Printed Panoramas – Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Two panoramas printed in b/w, of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Jerusalem: Sions Verlag, [ca.1923-1925].
Printing of good quality. A printed leaf is attached to the Jerusalem panorama – index of thirty five sites which appear in the photo (English, German, French and Spanish). Jerusalem 25X200 cm, Bethlehem: 25X160 cm. Very good condition. Minor spotting.

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Photo Albums – The Twenty Third Psalm – American Colony

The Twenty Third Psalm. Views Taken Chiefly at the Pastoral Spring of Ain Farah, Generally accepted as the scene of the inspiration for this sublime Psalm of Trust by the "Sweet Psalmist of Israel". Jerusalem (American Colony): F. Vester & Co., [1920s]. English.
Album published by "American Colony" with thirteen b/w photos of shepherds, mounted on cardboard sheets. On the dividing sheets, opposite each photo, appear verses of Psalm no. 23. Most of the photos were taken in the area of Ma'ayan Ein Prat (Ein Fara). Enclosed is another copy of this album, in a smaller format (20.5 cm) and in the original cardboard box. Album: 29X25 cm. Size of photos: 17X23 cm. Photos in good condition. Tears on dividing sheets. Original leather binding with the inscription: "The Twenty Third Psalm Illustrated"(Fair condition).

Opening300$ Unsold

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Photo-Album – “American Colony” and E.M. Lilien

Album with about 470 photos of Eretz Israel and the vicinity [1920s].
Photos portray the Old City of Jerusalem, Hurva Synagogue, Rachel's Tomb, Western Wall, Tower of David, Gethsemane, churches in Jerusalem, numerous photos of the Temple Mount, main streets in the new city of Jerusalem (Jaffa, Ben Yehuda, King David, etc) and prominent buildings ("Bezalel", Sun Dial of Zoharey Hama Synagogue on Jaffa Street, Yeshurun Synagogue, YMCA, Hebrew University and the Military cemetery on Mount Scopus, Government House and Rockefeller Museum); landscape photos and photos in the city's neighborhoods; about 40 portraits of Jerusalemite characters, some identified as photos taken by E.M. Lilien (some of which are used by Lilien for etchings); numerous photos (mainly of Jerusalem and the vicinity) were taken by "American Colony" photographers. Within the album are photos of Arab villages, the cities of Jaffa and Haifa, Jericho and the area of Wadi Qelt, Arnon spring, settlement in the Galilee (Metula area), Tiberias, Naharayim, Kinneret area, Safed and nearby cities in the Galilee, archaeological sites, Petra. Average Size 9.5X7.5 cm, album 25X33.5 cm. Photos in good condition. Several detached photos. Album binding – detached.

Opening2,000$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

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Eighteen Photographs by Zadok Bassan

Eighteen photos by photographer Zadok Bassan (1882-1956). Jerusalem, [early 20th cent.] Photographer's ink stamp or embossed signature.
Interesting and unconventional photos, of the families Bassan, Zaksh, Tiktin and Bardaki of Jerusalem (Leah Bassan nee Zaksh, appearing on some photos, was Bassan's wife).
1-5. Five large photos, mounted on cardboard: disguised youngsters riding horses; studio photo of Lea Bassan in an Arab garment; two group-family photos in front of a building in Jerusalem; in a boat on the Jordan River. 23X15 cm to 28X38.5 cm. Fair-good condition.
6-12. Seven medium sized photos, mounted on cardboard: nice studio photos, some of the photographed wear Arab garments. Average size 14X10 cm. Good condition.
13-18. Six postcard-sized photos: three studio photos and three photos of a journey to the Jordan River. 8.5X14 cm. Good condition.

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Seven Photographs by the Photographer Shimon Corbman – Soccer Games in Tel-Aviv, 1925

Seven photos by photographer Shimon Corbman (1887-1978), documenting soccer games. Tel-Aviv, 1925.
Four of the photos presented are documented and annotated in the exhibition- catalogue “Corbman – A Different Tel-Aviv Photographer, 1919-1936” (curator: Batia Karmiel, Eretz Israel Museum and Ben-Zvi Institute, 2004. Page 161,164-166).
For list of photos see Hebrew Text.

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Seven Photographs of “Tachkemoni” School in Tel-Aviv

Seven photos of "Tachkemoni" school in Tel-Aviv and of some events which took place in the school, [1920s].
The photos portray central events (all annotated): farewell from the school shack in Tel-Aviv (Rabbi Fishman is seen in this photo), the Police orchestra welcomes the pupils while they approach the new building, inauguration of a Torah Scroll, a group photo in the school's yard where Bialik and Rabbi Uziel are seen, and more.
Average size: 12X17 cm. Fair condition. Damages and spotting.

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Photographs Collection – Kluger, Kalter and other Photographers

Forty five photos of Eretz Israel [late 1930s and early 1940s].
Various photographers: Zoltan Kluger, Yitzchak Kalter, Z. Loewenheim, Alfons Himmelreich and Hella Fernback; most of the photos were taken by Zoltan Kluger. Stamped with photographers' ink stamps.
Portrayed in the photos are industrial plants, buildings, aerial photos, dining room in a Kibbutz, Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, Hora dance, etc. Size varies, 9X22 to 24X20 cm. Condition varies. Handwritten instructions for printing; leaves pasted to reverse of some photos. Creases and minor tears.

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Synagogues and Anti-Semitic Masks – Lithuania, 1920s

Eleven Real Photo postcards. Lithuania, [1920s]. Four are ink stamped with photographer's stamp B. [Balio] Buračo.
1-6. Photos of interiors and exterior facades of synagogues in Lithuania: Holy Ark and the Bimah, in Šiauliai synagogue and some other synagogues in Lithuania.
7-11. Photos of masks for Užgavėnėn, a Lithuanian masks holiday, some are masks imitating a ridiculed Jewish look.
Good condition. Some are annotated on the reverse, in handwriting; instructions for the printer.

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Group Photograph of Haim Weizmann’s Visit to Kharkiv, 1901

Group photo taken during Haim Weizmann’s visit to Kharkiv. [Kharkiv, 1901]. Haim Weizmann appears in the center of a group of people. Photo 22.5X16 cm, mounted on cardboard 31.5X24.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Minor damages to photo. Spotting on cardboard. Lower left corner of cardboard is missing.

Opening300$ Unsold

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Photograph – “First Meeting of Hebrew Teachers in Russia”, 1902

Group photo of teachers in Russia, early 20th century. Mounted on cardboard.
Each figure is marked with a number, and on the cardboard appear printed names according to the numbers. Written on the reverse: "First Jewish Teachers' Meeting in the City of Orshow (Mogilev region in Russia)… 1902".
41.5X32.5 cm, fair condition, tears, spots, creases and wear to corners.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

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Frederic Brenner – “Survivors” and “Belmonte Marranos Celebrate Passover in Secret”

Two photos – "Survivors", 1991 and "Belmonte Marranos Celebrate Passover in Secret", 1988, of the series "Diaspora" by the photographer Frederic Brenner (not signed).
The photo "Survivors" portrays four men holding a wooden stick with clenched fists; three of the men have a tattooed Auschwitz number. The gestures of their hands and their facial expressions transfer victory, overcoming and sadness. The four photographed men are a memorial monument to the Thessaloniki community which flourished prior to the war, and in 1943, 45,000 of its members were deported to Auschwitz. 38X50 cm, mint condition.
"Belmonte Marranos celebrate Passover in secret" is a portrait of a Belmonte, Portugal, family that bakes Matzot in an attic. The family is part of the Belmonte Marranos community that conducted Jewish ritual in secret until the 1980s. In 1988 the community members decided to stop the secret ritual and conduct them in the open. 50X37.5 cm.

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Collection of Photographs by Aliza Holz – Jerusalem, 1950s-60s

Collection of about 400 b/w photos by the photographer Aliza Holz (1898-1994). The collection is composed mainly of portraits of women and family photos, interiors of living rooms and some outdoors photos in Israel and abroad.
With Hitler’s rise to power Holz left Berlin, where she was born and raised, and moved to Jerusalem. Specialized in taking photos of children with photographer Alfred Bernheim. The photos feature many of Rehavia neighborhood inhabitants where she lived. Size varies, between 10X17 to 30X24. Good condition, minor tears to borders of some photos.

Opening250$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

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Photographs of Architectural Models – Benjamin Edelsohn and Gershon Zippor

Four ring binders binding photos of architectural models (black/white) of buildings planned and designed by architects Benjamin Edelsohn and Gershon Zippor. Israel, 1950s-60s.
Among the models: Neot Aviv building – Tel-Aviv, regional school Merkaz HaBessor, children's day care center, plan of a hospital 1968 (signed by Edelsohn and Zippor), plan for a hotel next to Yeshivat Ponevez in Bnei Brak (not carried out), Hebrew University Campus on Mount Scopus, architectural plans for a hospital in Petach Tikva, Kirya B Tel-Aviv-Jaffa. Some of the photos portray the buildings after construction has been completed. 35X26 cm, each ring binder contains 40 pp, total of about 132 large photos and 14 small photos. Good Condition.

Opening500$ Unsold

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Forty Photographs by Moshe Vorobeichic – Eretz Israel, 1934-1940

40 photos by the photographer Moshe Vorobeichic, which were published in the supplements "Davar LaGolah" and "Devar HaPo'elet". Eretz Israel, [1934-1940]. Hebrew.
The photos portray daily life in various settlements: agricultural work, guard, establishment of "Tower and Stockade" settlements, etc. These publications were weekly supplements to the daily Hebrew newspaper "Davar". 19 photos are ink stamped on the reverse:"M. Vorobeichic, Tel-Aviv, 10 HaMagid Street", the others are not signed but it seems that they were also photographed by Vorobeichic. On the reverse appear instructions for the printing. Sizes and conditions vary. Average size 12X18 cm. Overall good condition.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,968$ Including buyers premium

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The Jewish Street in Vilnius – Moshe Vorobeichic – German and Yiddish

Ein Ghetto im Osten. Zürich–Leipzig: Orell Füssli, 1931. German and Yiddish .
Sixty-five photos by Moshe Vorobeichic (Raviv), documenting the pre-war atmosphere of the Jewish ghetto in Vilnius. Introduction by Zalman Shazar. This edition in Yiddish and German is the rarest of the three editions of the book. 7 pp, 64 photo-plates, 8 pp, 19.5 cm. Good condition. Minute holes to German title page. Ex-Libris label on the inner side of back cover.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

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“HaHalutz” Organization – Postcard Binder – Warsaw, 1928 – Moshe Vorobeichic

A pioneers' album, for the tenth anniversary of "HaHalutz" organization. Postcard binder issued by the central committee of "HaHalutz" in Poland. Warsaw, [1928].
14 postcards with photos portraying the operation of "HaHalutz" training Kibbutzim in Poland: "Kibbutz Hotzvey Avanim in Klesow", "an agricultural group in the area of Shetsotsin", "Group of Builders in Kobryn", and more. Annotated in Hebrew, Yiddish, English and Polish. Name of photographer is not mentioned but it seems that most of the photos were taken by the photographer Moshe Vorobeichic (Raviv) who used to visually document "HaHalutz" activities in Poland until he immigrated to Eretz-Israel in 1934. A handwritten dedication appears on the cover as well as an ink stamp of "Committee for assisting the Halutzim in West Galicia and Silesia in Krakow". 14 postcards, 14.5X10.5 cm. Good condition. Tear to one postcard. Minor creases and tears to cover.

Opening250$ Sold For443$ Including buyers premium
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