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Auction 38 Lot Number 1

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” Rom und Jerusalem” – Moses Hess – First Edition – Leipzig, 1862

Rom und Jerusalem, die letzte Nationalitätsfrage, Briefe und Noten, von M. [Moses] Hess. Leipzig: Eduard Wengler, 1862. German and some Hebrew. 1st edition.
"Rome and Jerusalem, the last National Question, Missives and Notes".
Moshe (Moses) Hess (1812-1875), author, philosopher and socialist, one of the founding fathers of the socialist movement in Europe, of the first Zionists, and generator of the Zionist socialism. Hess published essays, founded and edited social periodicals with a socialistic agenda.
Together with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels was one of the founders of the Allied Communist Party. After alienating himself for many years from Judaism he went through a radical transformation in view of the 1848 revolutions and the movements to unite Germany and Italy which made it clear to him that the national aspect is central in modern existence. In 1861 he completed his book "Rome and Jerusalem". At first he could not find a publisher but in 1862 he managed to publish the book in Leipzig. In this book, Hess introduces a Zionist theory, opposes assimilation and calls Jews to settle in Eretz Israel and to resume a life of labor. XVI, 239, [1] pp, 18 cm. Hard cover, no original cover. Good-fair condition. Significant spotting. Title page and some other leaves are partly detached. Signature in pen on title page.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 2

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Letter from “Hovevey Zion” in Mir to “Hovevey Zion” Kovno, 1885

Letter from "Mazkeret Moshe", "Hovevey Zion Mir" to "Hovevey Zion…Kovno". Mir, [November 1885]. Hebrew.
The letter includes a copy of a different letter sent by "Hovevey Zion" to their friends in Bialystok and to the president of "Hovevey Zion", expressing their opinion regarding the Katowice Conference held one year earlier (mainly concerning financial and general matters). It also includes a copy of a second letter, added to the above mentioned letter. Signed (twice!) with ink stamp "Hovevey Zion Mir Mazkeret Moshe" and hand signed by eight of the committee members.
The letter expresses the disagreements between the various branches of the movement which, in the end, led to its dismantling. [6] pp, 22 cm. Good condition. Spotting, creases and folding marks.

Opening300$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 3

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Collection of Zionist Booklets – Germany, 1897-1911

22 booklets bound in one volume, compositions concerning Zionism and Jewish settlement in Eretz Israel. Germany, 1897-1911 (most booklets printed between 1901 and 1911). German.
Max Mendelstam, Max Nordau, Yehudah Leib Pinsker, Leo Motzkin, Franz Oppenheimer, Max Kollenscher and others.
Amongst the booklets, a copy of Der Baseler Congress by Theodor Herzl (Vienna, 1897); the booklet “Was ist und will der Judische Nationalsfonds?” about JNF (Cologne, 1907), with pictures; report no. 5 of "Bezalel" (Berlin, 1911), with photos; books catalogue of "Juedischer Verlag" concerning "The Jewish Renaissance" (Cologne, 1910), and other booklets. Volume 24 cm, fair-good condition.

Opening350$ Sold For431$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 4

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Ost und West – Berlin, 1901-1920 – Lilien

Ost und West, Illustrierte Monatsschrift für das Gesamte Judentum [East and west, illustrated monthly journal]. Berlin, 1901-1920. German.
16 volumes: volumes of the years: 1901-1908, 1910-1914, 1915-1916 (one volume), 1917-1918 (one volume), 1919-1920 (one volume).
The Zionist monthly journal Ost und West (East and West) was published in Berlin in the years 1901-1923. The founder and editor was the author and Zionist activist Davis Trietsch. His deputy was the author and poet Arthur Silbergleit. "East and West" tried to bridge between modern, western Judaism to the traditional, east-European Judaism. The journal's attitude was that Judaism is a culture rooted in the East (both in the Levant and in Eastern Europe). Amongst the writers: Martin Buber, Max Nordau, Ludwig Geiger, Alfred Nossig, Avraham Epstein, Arno Nadel (edited the music supplement) and many others. Photos and b/w reproductions of art works were integrated into the journal. The illustration on the journal's covers was created by Ephraim Moshe Lilien. 16 volumes, 29 cm. Condition varies. Most of the volumes in good condition. Damages to bindings. The volumes have not been examined thoroughly.

Opening3,000$ Unsold

Auction 38 Lot Number 5

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Early Photograph of Theodor Herzl – Budapest, 1868

Photo of Theodor Herzl, photographer: Doctor és Kózmata. Budapest, ca. 1868. Photo of young Herzl, about 8 years old, leaning on a chair and holding a straw hat. Annotated in pencil on the reverse of the cardboard. 9X5.5 cm, cardboard: 10X6 cm, good condition. Minor spots.

Opening800$ Sold For3,690$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 6

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Portrait of Theodor Herzl – Hermann Struck

“Theodor Herzl” – Etching showing Herzl standing, leaning on a chair, by Hermann Struck, [1915].
This portrait of the father of Zionism was the third and last created by Struck and is considered the most accomplished of the three. Published by the Judischer Verlag, Berlin, for distribution in Zionist circles. Only a small portion of the edition was signed by the artist. Signed in pencil in lower left corner and in the plate. 50X39 cm, framed. Very good condition (not examined out of frame).

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Auction 38 Lot Number 7

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Photograph of Herzl’s Speech in the Sixth Zionist Congress – Basel, 1903

Photograph of Herzl's speech in the 6th Zionist Congress. Basel, 1903. Photographer: Robert Spreng. The photo portrays the participants of the 6th Zionist Congress during Herzl's opening speech (Herzl's figure is blurred). The "Zionist Miracle" flag is seen in the background (Star of David encircling seven stars and the emblem of "Gur Aryeh Yehudah"). Mounted on cardboard with an inscription " VI. Zionisten-Congress, Basel, 1903". On the lower part of the cardboard: "eröffung des congress" [opening of the congress).
Robert Spreng (1890-1969), photographer and artist, a pioneer of modern photography and one of the first "new objectivity" movement; was an owner of a photography studio in Basel. Photo 23X30 cm, cardboard 46X35 cm. Good condition. Tears and some spotting on cardboard. Photo slightly torn.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 8

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“Buch der Narrheit” – Theodor Herzl – Leipzig, 1888

Buch der Narrheit, Theodor Herzl. Leipzig: F. Freund "Buch und Kunst", 1888. 1st ed. German.
A book by Theodor Herzl, offering humorous texts and philosophical stories. This is the third book which Herzl published during his life, when he was 28 years old, right after graduating Law school, when he devoted his time to journalism, theater and literature, and before he married. [6], 266 pp, 17 cm. Fair condition. Original cover (spotting, missing spine). Detached leaves. Creases in corners of leaves.

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Auction 38 Lot Number 9

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Booklet in Memory of Theodor Herzl – Cologne, July 1904

Zur Erinnerung an die Trauerfeier der Zionistischen Vereinigung Köln für Dr. Theodor Herzl am 19. Juli 1904. [Cologne, 1904].
A booklet issued for a ceremony in memory of Theodor Herzl, held in the city of Cologne (two and a half weeks after his passing), by the city's Zionist Organization. The booklet contains Herzl's portrait as well as texts and poems in his memory. [4] leaves, 23 cm. Fair condition. Folding marks and creases. Minor tears. Inscriptions in pencil.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 10

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Der Judenstaat – Theodor Herzl – First Edition, 1896

Der Judenstaat, Versuch Einer Modernen Lösung der Judenfrage, Theodor Herzl. M. Breitenstein publishing, Vienna-Leipzig, 1896. First edition. German.
“The Jewish State: Proposal of a modern solution to the Jewish problem”. The famous book by Theodore Herzl, in which he portrays the Jewish problem and the need to find a political-national solution.
86 pp., 21.5 cm. Good condition. Ink stamps on title page. Title page and end-paper are reinforced with adhesive tape. Back end-paper is missing. A tear between pages 16-17. Spotting and damages on cover. Hard cover.

Opening3,000$ Sold For5,904$ Including buyers premium
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