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Auction 38 Lot Number 11

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Documents related to “Neve Shalom” Society – Bak’a, Jerusalem, Late 19th century

Four documents related to "Neve Shalom" society and the estate which the society purchased in Bak'a, Jerusalem, by the name of "Kerem Na'ib" (an estate consisting of 200 parcels). Late 19th / early 20th century. Hebrew.
1. Single leaf – advertisement concerning payment for the month of Tamuz and lottery of housing parcels [1890s].
2. "Neve Shalom…", certificate equivalent to a deed specifying payments (Kushan), size of parcel and conditions, 1891. Not in the NLI collections.
3-4. Two documents written in Arabic with ink stamps and stamps.
Sizes and conditions vary.

Opening200$ Sold For295$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 12


One Hundred Regulation Booklets of Jewish Cooperatives, early 20th century

An extensive collection of 100 regulation booklets of Jewish cooperatives for loans and craftsmen, various societies and organizations. Most of the booklets were printed in Eretz Israel in the 1920s-30s. Several booklets were printed in East Europe and Germany. Yiddish, English and Hebrew.
A complete list of booklets will be sent upon request. Several booklets appear in multiple copies. Varying size. Fair-good condition.

Opening500$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 13

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Collection of Humor and Satire Booklets

Twenty three literary- humorous, illustrated booklets. Eretz Israel, 1910s – 1940s (most of the booklets are from the1930s). The booklets were printed for Jewish Holidays (mainly for Purim, Passover and Shavu'ot) and for major events in Eretz Israel such as the Levant Fair and the 19th Zionist Congress in Luzern. Most of the booklets are illustrated. A complete list of booklets will be sent upon request. Size varies. Overall good condition. Six booklets in a folder bound with a thread.

Opening700$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 14

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Collection of Booklets and Books – Jerusalem, 1920s / Grayevsky

1. "Har Hatzofim… leaflet dedicated to the opening of the Hebrew College in Jerusalem" Lvov, [1925]. Hebrew and German.
2. "Bnot zion VeYerushalayim, a book in memory of the names and actions of our sisters of Zion and Jerusalem, in substance and in spirit…" by Pinhas ben Zvi Grayevsky. Jerusalem, 1928. Ten booklets bound together. Hebrew.
3. "HeCharash VeHaMasger BeYerushalayim, a book in memory of the first artisans and craftsmen in Jerusalem since the beginning of the Ashkenzi settling there". Pinhas ben Zvi Grayevsky. Jerusalem, 1930. Second edition with "additions and pictures". Hebrew.
4. Souvenir Hotel Warshavsky – "HaNetz", a hundred years calendar, including the months, Parshiot, holidays and fasting days, Sefirat HaOmer, Pirkei Avot, Hosha'anot, Bi'ur and Bedikat Chametz, and Eruv of dishes, by Nahum Aryeh Zelniker. Jerusalem, 1924. Hebrew.
The owner of the hotel, Ya'akov Yossef Herling, used to present calendars such as the one presented here as a gift to the hotel's guests.
5. The Jerusalem Young Men's Christian Association. USA, 1933. A book including essays about the YMCA in Jerusalem. English.
Sizes and conditions vary.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 15

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Two Booklets about Tel-Aviv, 1930s

1. City of Tel-Aviv – its needs and its future…collection of articles in anticipation of the elections for the fifth city council. Tel-Aviv, [1932]. 32, [2] pp. 31 cm. Fair condition, detached cover. Spotting.
2. Program of Tel-Aviv's 25th anniversary celebrations, 1934. Hebrew, English and German. Attached to the booklet is a small book with photos and a poem composed by H.N. Bialik in honor of the celebrations. 27, [1] pp. 21 cm. Fair condition, spotting and minor tears. Not in the NLI collections.

Opening200$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 16

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Collection of Booklets – Tel-Aviv-Jaffa

Sixteen booklets published on behalf of societies and institutions in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, [1910s-1930s]. Hebrew, English and Yiddish.
Including: Development of Tel-Aviv, by Meir Dizengoff (1932); Report and plan of Music School in Jaffa (1911), booklet "Needs of the city…", booklets about construction and public works, and more. Sizes and conditions vary.

Opening200$ Sold For418$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 17

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Certificate – First Maccabiah – Tel-Aviv, 1932

This certificate was granted to a participant in the first Maccabiah. "Arieli" printing press, Tel-Aviv, 1932. An illustration, signed, on the upper part: "S. Zeitlin". "This certificate was granted to H. Poper for his active participation in the 'first Maccabiah' in Eretz Israel, 1932, in fencing: dagger prize IV and sword prize VI". Hand signed: members of the Maccabiah council, technical director and judges. 35X49.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Spots. Creases and folding marks. Minor tear.

Opening250$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 18

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Two Booklets Concerning the First “Maccabiah”

Two booklets printed for the first Maccabiah in 1932. Hebrew.
1. The Stadium, a one-time booklet about sports, devoted to propaganda anticipating the "Maccabiah" in the spring of 1932. Tel-Aviv, [1931]. 24 columns, [7] pp of advertisements. 31 cm. Good condition. Minor spotting.
2. Maccabiah. Tel-Aviv, [1932]. Hebrew and English, illustrations, portraits, schedule and drawing of the stadium. [36] pp, 30 cm. Fair condition, minor spotting. Tears on cover.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 38 Lot Number 19

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Collection of Maccabiah Items and Sports in Eretz Israel

Collection of Maccabiah and sports items, 1930s – 1950s.
1-4. Four pins: two "Sadran" pins with "Maccabi" emblem; enamel pin with "Sailors' Club" of Tel-Aviv; pin of the National Conference of "Maccabi", Jerusalem, Hanukkah, 1954.
5. Cloth badge, "Sadran Maccabi Tel-Aviv" [ca. 1930s].
6. Small cloth flag with emblem of "Sailors' Club", Tel-Aviv, [mid 1940s].
7. Red arm band of the Football Association, "In Charge", [1940s].
8-19. A dozen arm bands for ushers and supervisors' assistants, third Maccabiah, Tel-Aviv, 1950.
20-23. Four printed items: "Maccabiah Book" for the 2nd Maccabiah, Tel-Aviv, 1935; schedule of national rowing competitions, Tel-Aviv, 1946; program of 8th convention of Maccabi. Tel-Aviv, 1946; Achievements and champions board of the seven "Maccabiot", 1965.
Sizes and conditions vary.

Opening250$ Sold For443$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 20

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Three Telephone Directories – Palestine, 1944

1. Palestine (Eretz Israel) Telephone directory for Jerusalem and the South, April 1944.
2. Palestine (Eretz Israel) Telephone directory for Tel-Aviv-Jaffa and the West, January 1944.
3. Palestine (Eretz Israel) Telephone directory for Haifa and the North, January 1944.
[Jerusalem]: Palestine Post, Telegraph & Telephone.
The third countrywide telephone directory published in Eretz Israel and the first published in separate volumes for the different cities (for the previous directories a single volume sufficed). The seal of the British Mandate High Commissioner appears on the first page of the Jerusalem directory, with the telephone numbers of the private secretary and staff of “His Highness the High Commissioner.” The pages of the directories display anecdotal advice for using the telephone: “Wrong number! Say ‘I am sorry’”, etc. 44 pp.; 68 pp.; 44 pp., 23 cm. Condition varies, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa directory is worn and the binding somewhat torn. The two other volumes in Very Good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 21

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Collection of Documents – Kibbutz Genigar – Yehoshua Hankin

1-3. Three documents concerning transfer of Genigar lands so as to register them in the name of JNF, 1922,1924,1925. One document concerns an appeal regarding some plots of Genigar lands which, seemingly, belong to Arabs.
4. Document regarding Nuris Mills (Emek Yizrael), signed by Yehoshua Hankin.
5. Report consisting of eight leaves (stencil), regarding sale of crops of Tel-Adash, Genigar and Mahalul (Nahalal), 1921.
Size and condition varies.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 38 Lot Number 22

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Architectural Plans for the Development and Expansion of Tiberias as the Spa of the Middle East

1. Aménagement et extension de Tibériade, station thermale en Palestine. [Development and expansion of Tiberias as a hot springs spa in Palestine]. Paris, 1931. French.
Town planning proposal concerning the development of Tiberias as a hot springs spa in the Middle East, in Palestine, drawn by architect Arieh Cohen. Plans were submitted to the Town Planning Institute of the University of Paris in 1931. Photos of maps and drawings are attached to the book's leaves. [5], VI, 229 leaves, 28 cm. Good condition. Spotting. Minor damages to binding. Dedication in French on first leaf.
2. Proposed Town Planning Scheme for the Appropriation and Expansion of Tiberias As The SPA of The Middle East in Palestine, presented by Arieh Cohen. Jerusalem, 1943. English.
Booklet which sums up the proposal submitted by architect Arieh Cohen to the University of Paris. With maps and drawings and a large (folded) drawing, colored by hand – zoning outline scheme of Tiberias. 23 pp, 26 cm. Good condition. Spotting, binding somewhat loose, fastened with adhesive tape.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 23

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Collection of Booklets and Documents

Varied collection of booklets, papers and single leaves, mostly of the first half of the 20th century:
• Circulars and single leaves of the 1910s, from Eretz Israel and Europe. • Pamphlet "Aleph Beth Lechag HaNeti'ot BeYafo [1908]", with a song for Tu Beshvat by S. Ben-Zion. • Circular concerning a memorial monument on the grave of Devorah Ben Yehuda (ca. 1892). • Booklets "HaTzofeh HaOved" and "HaShomer HaTza'ir", 1920s. • Booklet "Yediot HaVa'ad HaArtzi shel HaKakal", 1943; additional JNF booklets. • Issue of "Davar" newspaper of November 30,1947, one day after the UN declaration of the Partition Plan.• Issue of "HaBoker" newspaper of May 16, 1948, title:"The State of Israel was Born". • Five "Battle Leaves" of "Mifkedet HaHar HaYarok", August 1952; additional items. Lot of 32 items. Sizes and conditions vary.

Opening350$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 24

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Documents Archive concerning Lands in Safed

Archive containing hundreds of documents concerning lands in the city of Safed and its vicinity (Mount Canaan, Ein Zeitim, Arab villages in the vicinity, Rosh Pinah), [1920s - 1950s. Most of the documents of 1940s].
The archive contains nineteen architectural drawings of various areas in Safed and the vicinity, tens of large paper sheets "Land Settlement of Palestine" (1947) with information about rights of land owners and correspondences concerning transfer of ownership, buying and acquisition; document of 1876, signed by Shmuel Heller; official documents with instructions how to register citizens right after the establishment of the state (from the Central Bureau of Statistics). Numerous documents are addressed to Asher Barshad (1901-1953), the "Mukhtar" of Safed who registered with much precision births, deaths and the civil registry in the city. Attached: account books, postcards of Acre, maps from the 1950s-60s, and additional items. Sizes and conditions vary.

Opening500$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 25

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“Palestine Report” – London, 1919

Palestine, Report by Sir Douglas Fox and Partners, and Sir Charles Metcalfe Bart, London, 1919. English.
A report about the current situation in Palestine and its future as far as population, industry, etc. are concerned. Composed by the British engineer Douglas Fox and the colonial administrator Charles Metcalfe, who were requested, following the Balfour declaration, to investigate the agricultural and industrial potential of Palestine. Two (folded) maps appear at the end of the booklet.
[2], iv, 30 pp+[2] maps. 33 cm. Fair condition, spotting, loose front cover. Back cover and the two maps are detached. Some creases and tears at borders of leaves. Tears on maps.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 26

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Booklet with Speeches by the British People to the Jewish People – London, 1920

Redes fun Britòishe shtòaatòsmener tsum Yudishen folkò [speeches by British people to the Jewish people]. London, 1920. Yiddish.
Booklet with speeches delivered by Arthur Balfour, Marquess of Crewe, Lord Robert Cecil, Ormsby-Gore, Colonel Wedgwood, and D. Kiley. 23 pp, 24 cm. Good condition. Not in the NLI collections.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 38 Lot Number 27

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Newspapers of the 1936 Riots and Revisionist Publications

1. Issue of "D'var HaYamin Haele". Tel-Aviv, Friday, 30.8.29. In charge and publisher: Avraham Aharoni.
2. Issue of "D'var HaYamin". Tel-Aviv, Sunday, 1.9.29.In charge: Meir Bilik. Lists of victims in Hebron, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Safed and the Moshavot as well as survey of the incidents in each area.
3. Galed Sefer HaZikaron Leshmira UleHagana shel Beitar VeHaOved HaLeumi, edited by Dr. I. Yevin, Tel-Aviv: Keren Tel-Hai BeEretz- Israel, 1937. Photographs.
4. Hazit HaNo'ar, issued by Lochamey Herut Israel, Tevet 1949. Essays and poems (including a poem by Yair).
5. Min HaMetzar, one-time edition, "Yizkor Am Israel et Haleley Nissan 1936".
Sizes and conditions vary.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 28

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Collection of Leaflets and Newspapers – Jewish Brigade / Jewish Army, 1943

Collection of documents and newspapers related to the Jewish Brigade, to WW II and to the arms search conducted by the British police in Kibbutz Ramat HaKovesh, 1943.
Collection includes:
1-5. Five issues of the bi-weekly "Hachayal HaIvri", paper of Eretz-Israeli unit 178 – Jewish Unit for General Transportation, issues 31;33;37;42;45.
6-9. Four printed leaflets regarding the search conducted by the British police in Kibbutz Ramat HaKovesh (during the search a fight occurred during which the British arrested 35 people and injured 14, one of them died later).
10. Proclamation about the "Jewish Army" (English).
11. Issue of "Aleph-Bet – collection of news", November 21 1943 [Po'aley Eretz Israel party].
12. Handwritten letter (in pencil), on stationery of the national committee for the Jewish soldier, 1943.
Size and condition varies.

Opening250$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 29

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Collection of Documents, Letters and Various Items of an Etzel Fighter

1-4. Four letters sent by Etzel fighter nicknamed "Zeev" (probably Yosef Danoch-Avni, but maybe Menachem Shif?) from Atlit detention camp, to his girlfriend Shifra. December 1947 until February 1948 (in both letters "Zeev" mentions the "Polish" and it is possible that he refers to Menachem Begin who was called like that under cover).
5. Two handwritten leaves, text regarding "26 months to the Shneller action", dedicated to Yehoshua Goldshmidt who fell in the line of duty in North Jerusalem.
6. Single leaf with a handwritten poem.
7-8. Embroidered cloth-badge of Etzel and a printed arm-band.
9-10. "Soldier's Certificate" of Etzel and "Beitar Certificate" in the name of Yosef Danoch.
11-19. Nine various items: telegrams sent to Yosef Danoch and his wife on their wedding day (in one – a greeting from Menachem Begin), “Shana Tovah” card, receipt for payment for a “Beitar Certificate” and other documents.
Sizes and conditions vary.

Opening750$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 30

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Collection of Documents – Israel Waks – Senior Etzel Member

Collection of personal documents of Israel Waks (1905-1991). Waks, native of Grajewo, served as the secretary of the Revisionist Movement in Poland and as the secretary of Zeev Jabotinsky in Paris for three year. He married in 1934 Luka Waks (née Kahana) and in the same year they made Aliya. The home of the couple Waks on Sheinkin Street in Tel-Aviv served as a "mail box" of Etzel headquarters and as a meeting point for the organizations' commander, Menachem Begin, for various meetings (see attached material).
The collection presented includes:
•About 60 different documents: circular letters, personal letters both handwritten and typewritten, related to Waks's activities in Poland and in Eretz Israel. Grajewo, Warsaw, Brussels and Eretz Israel, [1910s through 1930s]; letters from Z. Jabotinsky Brit Hahil in Poland, Brit Trumpeldor in Eretz-Israel, World "Brit HaZohar", Histadrut Zionit Hadasha in Eretz Israel, Brit Hazionim HaRevisionistim in Brussels and in Eretz-Israel, and more.
• About 110 ephemera items and postcards sent to Waks; Waks's personal membership-booklet, tickets, receipts and labels (Poland, 1920s), two glass transparencies, portraits of Waks in uniform, an underground Etzel paper-note with a coordination of a coded reply to be used by two Lehi members during a meeting, and some other additional items.
Sizes and conditions vary.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 31

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“Kol HaChayal HaIvri” – 1942-1943

"Kol Hachayal HaIvri", journal of Jewish soldiers in the British army calling for the establishment of a Jewish army. [Tel-Aviv], Adar; Kislev; [1942-1943]. Hebrew and English.
Two issues. Issue no. 2 (Hebrew and English), issue no. 4 (Hebrew). [8]; 4 pp, 21 cm. Good condition, minor tears.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 32

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In Asmara Exile – Handwritten Newspaper of Etzel and Lehi Exiles,1946

In Asmara Exile, Asmara detention camp, Eritrea [Africa], April 8, 1946. Issue no. 135. Hebrew.
A single handwritten leaf, in newspaper format (two columns), which includes news from Eretz Israel and from around the world. Due to paper shortage the newspaper was written on the reverse of a "Sniper Certificate" of the Royal Italian Army.
Etzel and Lehi exiles in African detention camps started, from their first days in the camps, to print daily newspapers, mainly informative, bringing radio reports concerning Eretz Israel and the conflicts between the underground organizations and the British Mandate administration; some issues reported
also about the detention camps.
Leaf 38 cm. Good condition. Folding-mark. spotting.

Opening250$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 33

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Lehi – Memorandum to the UN Committee, June 1947

For Justice, Freedom and Peace. Lohamey Heruth Israel (fighters for the freedom of Israel) to the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine [Tel-Aviv?], June 1947. English.
"For Justice, freedom and peace". Memorandum issued by Lehi organization for the special committee on behalf of the United Nations Organization.
Written in the accompanying letter: "In the memorandum which we will submit in the next few days to the committee we shall mention the crimes committed by Britain against us in Israel and in the Diaspora…"
[1], 55 pp+ [4] leaves, attached. 35 cm. Good condition, minor spotting, memorandum gathered in a folder with a string.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 38 Lot Number 34

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Kol Tzfat, 1948

Kol Tzfat, two first issues [edited by Yesha'ayahu Ashani]. Safed, Shvat 1948, Adar A, 1948.
Two issues printed in besieged Safed during the War of Independence. The issues were of great importance in encouraging the Jewish population during the war and in passing on information, as well as personal greetings, poems and humorous passages. Illustration on the cover by M. Aryeh [Moskovitch]. 18, [2]; 22,[2] pp, 16 cm. Good condition. Tears to covers.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium
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