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Auction 37 Lot Number 20

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Shtarot Tena’im Rishonim and Tena’im Achronim – Signature of Av Beit Din of Bytom

• Shtar Tena'im, signed by the groom and parents of the bride and groom, the witnesses and the city rabbi, Rabbi "Menachem Mendel ben Yosef HaCohen of the Praszka community". Bytom (Upper Selsia), Elul 1802.
36 cm. Thick paper, fair condition, stains and wear damage. Government stamps.
• Shtar Tena'im Achronim, [Shtar drawn on the wedding day or close to the date of the wedding], with detailed obligations [kest] of supporting the newly married couple during their first year of marriage. Witnesses' signatures. Bytom, Elul, 1803.
31 cm. Thick paper, fair condition, stains and wear damage.

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Auction 37 Lot Number 21

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Ketubah and Shtar Chalitza, Germany, 19th Century

• Handwritten Shtar Ketubah, recording the marriage of Rabbi Shimon son of HaChaver Rabbi Yehuda Moshe and the bride Barbara Shanet bat Rabbi Mordechai HaLevi. Witnesses' signatures. Darmstadt, Nissan 1845.
34 cm. Good-fair condition, stains, tears to leaf margins.
• Shtar Chalitza, [obligation to perform chalitza by the groom's brothers], for the marriage of the bridegroom Asher ben Rabbi Reuven Strauss from the village of Endingen with the woman Mahlchen bat Rabbi Leib Zundheim of Muizenberg. Witnesses' signatures and signature of Rabbi Shlomo ben Moshe Pormastacher. Offenbach, Shevat 1847.
34 cm. Fair-poor condition, tears to margins with lacking text. Stains.

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Auction 37 Lot Number 22

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Collection of Ketubot and Shtarot Chalitza – Germany 19th Century

Collection of printed Ketubot, and Chalitza bills by the brothers of the groom, Frankfurt am Main.
Completed and signed forms for marriage in the cities of Giessen and Butzbach in Germany, from 1874-1877. One Ketubah completed for a marriage in the city of Giessen in 1909.
6 leaves (4 Ketubot and two Chalitza bills), 30-34 cm. Varied condition, good to fair, damages to leaf margins, some with lack to the adorned frame.

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Auction 37 Lot Number 23

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Get for an Arusa – Constantinople, 1853 – With the Handwriting and Signature of Rabbi Natan Amram – Thebes, 1854

Get for an Arusa (divorce document for a fiancée), written for “Chaim ben Moshe” and his Arusa Miriam. Constantinople, Adar Aleph 1853.
On the reverse side of the Get is an inscription written a year later in the handwriting and with the signature of Rabbi Natan Amram, Rabbi of Thebes (Alexandria, Egypt): “In the past, this Get has reached my hands and did not have a tear of the Beit Din…on the seventh day of the month of Nisan 1854, Natan Amram” [curly signature in Latin letters]. This inscription was to prevent improper use of this Get which did not have a tear of the Beit Din [which indicates that the Get was delivered in accordance with Jewish law].
The famous Torah genius Rabbi Natan Amram (1791-1871), author of Kinyan Perot and Kinyan HaGuf and Noam HaMidot, was born in Damascus to Rabbi Chaim Amram, author of Mi’ta’am HaMelech. In 1805, he ascended with his father to Safed and from 1826, he began to make rounds as a Shadar (emissary) of the Tiberias and Hebron Kollelim, first in Thebes (Alexandria) Egypt and afterward also throughout the Jewish communities of Turkey and Greece. During the years he served as emissary, he printed some of his own books and his father’s books. Finally, he returned to Egypt and after the death of Rabbi Yisrael Moshe Chazan in 1863, he was appointed his successor as Av Beit Din in Thebes.
31 cm. Thin paper, good-fair condition. Stains, tiny moth holes. Folding marks and wear.

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Auction 37 Lot Number 24

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Tena’im Renewal Contract – Tetouan, 1855

Tena'im renewal contract (Shtar), arranged between Rabbi Moshe ben Rabbi Shmuel Koriat and wife Chefziba daughter of Rabbi David Chasan. Tetouan (Morocco), 1855.
Arrangement of the estate after death of one of the parties, in case that they will not have children: “At present, they have not been blessed with children, G-d should grant them… and were concerned lest they will not merit children… and since they live in love and harmony… and the [mentioned] wife is his sister's daughter…”. The parties annul the original ketubah which was arranged as 'custom of expelled Jews' [custom originating from Jews expelled from Spain who arrived in North Africa] and stipulate new conditions.
Signed by two Tetouan scholars: Rabbi Avraham Anhori (Malchei Rabanan, Leaf 14/2) and Rabbi Reuven Elmaliach (Malchei Rabanan, Leaf 104/2).
Leaf, 28.5 cm. Good condition, stains, folding marks and several tears.

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Auction 37 Lot Number 25

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A Colorful Illustarted Ketubah in Pamphlet Form – Tehran, 1920

A Colorful ketubah in the form of a pamphlet. Written section by section on five pages [!] on high-quality paper. Adorned with gold, silver and other colors.
Signatures of witnesses and Rabbis. Tehran (Persia), Cheshvan 1920.
6 illustrated pages, approximately 22 cm. Good-fair condition. Wear and detached leaves. Wear damage to margins. Stains. Original velvet binding, damaged.

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Auction 37 Lot Number 26

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A Large Collection of Wedding Invitations – Rebbes and Rabbis

A large collection of wedding invitations, from families of Chassidic Rebbes of our times (Sadigura, Lalov, Nadvorna, Skver, Vizhnitz, Satmar, Lublin, Sanz, Skulen, Spinka, Slonim, Shomrei Emunim). From approximately 1970-2010.
Approximately 75 items. Some invitations have handwritten inscriptions.

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