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Auction 36 Lot Number 134

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Two Brass Plaques – Portraits

Two brass plaques (cast) made by L. Horovitz (signed). [Germany, 1910s or 1920s].
1. Portrait of the Hungarian-German Rabbi and historian Márkus Horovitz (1844-1910). 22X17.5 cm, attached to a 31X26 cm. frame.
2. Portrait of a person with pince-nez glasses. Diameter: 17 cm, attached to a 22X22 cm. frame.

Opening350$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 135

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Brass Plaque – Portrait of Elvira Herzog

Brass plaque (cast) with a portrait of Elvira Herzog, made by Hans Relmbach (signed). [Germany, ca. 1920s].
Titled on the lower part: "Elvira Herzog". Hook for hanging on the reverse.
Length: 28 cm, width: 17.5 cm.

Opening250$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 136

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Enamel Pin – “Kadima” Gymnastic organization, Oswiecim (Auschwitz)

Enamel pin, made by the gymnastic organization "Kadima". Oswiecim (Auschwitz), Poland, [the 1920's].
In the center of the pin is a Star of David on blue background, and the inscription "Ź.K.S, Kadimah - W Oświecimiu" . The gymnastic organization "Kadima" was established in Oswiecim in 1921.
Diameter: 2 cm. Length of the pin: 4.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening250$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 137

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Sports Awards and Medals – “Hakoach” Vienna

Five awards and medals granted as prizes to sports competition winners on behalf of the "Hakoach" Vienna sports organization, 1926-1937.
* Octagonal silver medal, first prize in a boxing championship in Bratislava. * Plaque with two enamel decorations – prize in a swimming competition. * Medal with an enamel decoration (emblem of "Hakoach" Vienna), "JG Wassb. Meistersch". * Medal, boxing competition prize, "Hakoach-BSE". * Medal, "B.A.K. – Hakoach Wien",with original ribbon. Sizes and conditions vary.

Opening500$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 138

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Badges Belonging to a Jewish Brigade Soldier / Sports Medals

Cloth badges of the soldier Theilhaber, who served in the British Army and the Jewish brigade and medals that were given to him for participating in sport contests. In some of these contests he probably participated when he served in the British army, in Egypt and Germany. Eretz Israel, Egypt and Germany, 1943-1945.
1-4. Three cloth medals of a Brigade soldier, [mid 1940's] + a metal plaque "The Jewish Soldier Day" 1941, attached to the wooden plaque.
5-6. Two medals awarded at the sports contests of the Rhine Army. Düsseldorf, 1945.
7-10. Four prizes and medals awarded at the sports contests: Chempionnat D’Egypte, EAF, 1943;,R.A.P.C. Athletic Meeting, in April 1943; Olympic Relay Wadi Sarar,August 1943; “Tahag” (?), May 1944. Attached is a cloth badge with the letter Gimel.

Opening300$ Sold For418$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 139

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A Medal and a Memorial Plaque – War of Independence

1. Silver memorial plaque (marked 925), third regiment of the Palmach. In memory of Moshe [Mussa] Ne'eman killed in the battle on Nabi Yosha (Metzudat Koach) on 20.4.1948. Engraved inscription: "His friends stand to attention". 70X45 mm.
2. Medal (cast brass), "for bravery and courage in the War of Independence 1949". Embossed on one side only. Diameter: 85 mm.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 140

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Medal – “Relief Society for Hungarian Jews”, 1940

Medal granted to donors for the OMZSA organization [Orszagos Magyar Zsido Segito Akcio] – Relief society for Jews of Hungary. Cast bronze. Hungary, 1940.
Obverse: relief of a mother and child, and an inscription in Hungarian: "Testvéremet Ne Hagyd El"[do not forsake your brother]. Stamped: O. Strasser [Örkényi István Strasser].
Reverse: the OMZSA emblem (with Tablets of the Law) and inscription in Hungarian stating that the medal is granted as a prize for a donation, and the Jewish year 5700 (1940). The name of the donor (the recipient of the medal) does not appear on the medal.
Diameter: 77 mm. Contained in a box.

Opening200$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 141

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Medal – Dr. Hofrat Adolf Theilhaber

Large copper medal in honor of Dr. Hofrat Avraham Theilhaber's 75th birthday. Germany, [1929].
Obverse: portrait of Dr. Theilhaber and the inscription "Dr. Hofrat Adolf Theilhaber. Signed: "K.T.".
Reverse: "Zum 75. Geburtstag" [for his 75th birthday].
Dr. Theilhaber (b. 1854) was a well know gynecologist, researcher and court physician in the court of the King of Bavaria, Ludwig II.
Diameter: 100 mm.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 142

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Proprietary Rights – Emperor Franz Joseph I, 1860

Medal minted to note a decree issued by Emperor Franz Joseph I, granting some of the Jews in his domain the right to purchase land. Austro-Hungary, 1860.
Obverse: relief – woman holding a scroll with a Hebrew inscription "Din Echad LeAm Echad" (one law for one nation) facing a boy holding a wreath. Between them is an altar with the portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph and above it the Tablets of the Law with an inscription in Hebrew "one law for all of us". Around the relief appears an inscription in German. On the lower part an inscription:"thanks to his Highness, Emperor Franz Joseph I, Jews in the Austrian Empire have the right to own land".
Reverse: Inscription in German – text of the decree published in February 1860.
Diameter: 74 mm.

Opening300$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 143

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Three Medals – ” Edict of Tolerance” – Emperor Franz Joseph II – 1782, 1882

1-2. Two medals issued to note the " Edict of Tolerance" published by Emperor Franz Joseph II, which granted rights to Austrian Jews. 1782.
Obverse: Relief of Franz Joseph II, the inscription "IOSEPHVS II ROM IMP SEMP AUG "and the inscription:" TOLERANTIA IMPERANTIS [tolerance rules]. Marked: Reich.
Reverse: Rabbi, Catholic Bishop and Protestant priest – praying. Above them an eagle (emblem of the empire) holding a sign: "In Deo". On one medal the inscription "tolerance rules" does not appear nor does the manufacturer's name. Diameter: 45 mm.
3. Medal noting 100 years to the " Edict of Tolerance". 1882.
Obverse: Portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph II and the inscription: "Kaiser Joseph II". Reverse: Inscription in German: "zur erinnerung an die 100 jährige feier der ertheilung des toleranz edictes am 13 oktober 1781 [100 years to the "tolerance edict"], diameter: 30 mm. Hook for hanging and ribbon.

Opening200$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 144

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Collection of Medals – Souvenir of Emperor Wilhelm II Visit to Eretz Israel, 1898

Eighteen medals, souvenir of Emperor Wilhelm II visit to Eretz Israel in 1898.
1-8. Eight medals. Obverse: Emperor’s portrait. Reverse of five medals: Church of the Redeemer.
9-14. Six medals. Obverse: Portrait of the Emperor and his wife, Empress Augusta Victoria. Reverse of three medals: Church of the Redeemer, and on other medals inscription in German and a woman holding two bouquets of flowers.
15. Souvenir medal. Obverse: A cross and a text in German. Reverse: Church of the Redeemer.
16. Souvenir medal. Obverse: The Emperor riding a horse. Reverse: Church of the Redeemer.
17. Souvenir medal. Obverse: The Emperor riding a horse. Reverse: Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
18. A medal struck on the occasion of the Great Industrial Exposition of Berlin, 1879. Obverse: Portrait of the Emperor and his wife. Reverse: an inscription in German.

Opening2,000$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 145

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Medal Commemorating the Coronation of King Edward VII – English Zionist Federation, England, 1902

Medal commemorating the coronation of King Edward VII. Minted on behalf of the English Zionist Federation. Aluminum. [England, 1902].
Obverse: Relief of the portrait of King Edward VII and his wife Alexandra. Inscription: "Edward the Seventh King and Emperor and Queen Alexandra". "In his and our days Judea will be redeemed". Relief signed: "R.N.".
Reverse: Relief – Jews looking towards the Promised Land and an inscription "There is hope for your future" (Jeremiah 32/16).
Diameter: 40 mm.

Opening250$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 146

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Two Medals – Salomon Heine Hospital – Germany

Two Medals, Salomon Heine Hospital. One medal is made of bronze and the other made of silver. Germany, 19th century.
Obverse: portrait of Salomon Heine and an inscription (in German).
Reverse: illustration of the hospital's facade. The hospital was established in 1841. Inscription: "Krankenhaus d d Israel. Gemeinde" and an additional inscription (in German).
Diameter: 45 mm.

Opening200$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 147

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Three Medals – Max Donebauer – Prague

Three medals in memory of the coins collector Max Donebauer (1838-1888). Two medals are made of bronze and one is made of silver (marked). [Prague, late 19th cent.].
Obverse: relief - Max Donebauer's portrait. Marked: "Jauner" [Heinrich Jauner].
Reverse: the inscription "Gewidmet von den Freunden der Münzkunde in Prag" [dedicated by friends of numismatics in Prague].
Diameter: 57 mm.

Opening450$ Unsold

Auction 36 Lot Number 148

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Two Medals – Jewish Institute for Loans – Hamburg, 1841

Two medals noting the 25th anniversary of the Israelit Vorschuss-Institut – institute for loans in Hamburg. Hamburg, 1841.
Obverse: bee-hive (institute's emblem). Reverse: Inscription – "Zum 25 Jähr Jubiläum 1841" [25th anniversary, 1841]. On both sides of the medal appear biblical verses concerning loans and assisting the needy.
Diameter: 45 mm.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 149

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Two Medals – Rabbi Isaac Bernays – Hamburg, 1847 / Inauguration of a Synagogue in Cologne, 1861

1. Medal in honor of Rabbi Isaac Bernays, one of the first Modern Orthodox Jews, commemorating 25 years of duty as rabbi of the Orthodox Congregation. Hamburg, [1847].
Obverse: Dedication in German. Reverse: Dedication in Hebrew and an acrostic poem of twelve columns in his honor. Diameter: 50 mm.
2. Medal in honor of the inauguration of the Glockngasse Synagogue in Cologne, August 1861.
Obverse: Illustration of the synagogue, inscription: "Synagogue zu Coeln Eingeweiht Am 29 August 1861" [inauguration of the synagogue in Cologne, August 29 1861], and name of the building's architect. Reverse: Synagogue interior, inscription: "Avraham Oppenheim constructed the synagogue for Cologne's congregation…"' and a manufacturer mark: J. Wiener F. (Jacob Wiener).
The Glockengasse synagogue was constructed in 1861 with Avraham Oppenheim's financial support and was one of the largest synagogues in the city of Cologne prior to WW II. In November 1938 the synagogue was demolished by the Nazis during the Kristallnacht.
Diameter: 59 mm.

Opening300$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 150

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Two Medals – Inauguration of Vercelli Synagogue / Albert Cohn – Italy

1. Medal commemorating the inauguration of a new synagogue in Vercelli (Italy), September 1878. Cast bronze.
Obverse: Relief of the synagogue's facade and an inscription: "I. Muggia. Vercelli". Reverse: inscription -"Inaugurazione del nuovo tempio israelitico in Vercell Settembre 1878" [inauguration of the new synagogue in Vercelli…]. Diameter: 46 mm.
2. Medal in honor of Albert (Avraham) Cohn, consultuat to James (Ya'akov) Meir Rothschild for charity matters, 1855. Cast bronze.
Obverse: relief of Tablets of the Law, Menorah and various vessels surrounded by an inscription in Hebrew. Reverse: dedication in Italian "for Alberto Cohn for charity actions for Jews" on behalf of Italian Jews. Diameter: 53 mm.

Opening350$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 151

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Medal – Jewish Orphanage in Amsterdam

Medal commemorating the establishment of the Jewish orphanage in Amsterdam. Cast bronze. [Amsterdam, ca. 1865].
Obverse: relief of a woman holding two children, with a shield bearing a Star of David and the Hebrew inscription "Megadlei Yetomim ".
Reverse: Relief of the building of the Jewish orphanage in Amsterdam, established in 1865 and an inscription in German.
Diameter: 70 mm.

Opening200$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 152

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Medal – Napoleon’s Grand Sanhedrin

Medal commemorating the "Grand Sanhedrin" convention in 1807.
Obverse: Napoleon's portrait and an inscription "Napoleon Emp. Et Roi" (Napoleon – Emperor and King).
Reverse: Napoleon holding the Tablets of the Law. The kneeling figure symbolizes the Sanhedrin and under it the inscription "Grand Sanhedrin" and the date.
Diameter: 40 mm. Contained in a box.

Opening200$ Sold For443$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 153

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Medal Commemorating the Siege on Acre, 19th century

Bronze medal, "St. Jean D'Acre" commemorating the siege on Acre in the 12th cent. Ottoman Empire, Constantinople, [ca. 1840].
Obverse: Acre Citadel, with an Ottoman flag, topped by six stars.
Reverse: The Tughra (monogram) of the Turkish Sultan. Original ribbon.
Diameter: 30 mm.

Opening200$ Sold For295$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 154

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Medal – Twenty Years Since the Death of Sabbatai Zevi

[Satiric?] Zinc medal, minted to note twenty years since the death of the Messiah claimant Sabbatai Zevi, by Christian Wermuth, Germany, 1696.
Obverse: a mountain surrounded by water, with snakes, a lion and other beasts. On the right, a metal craftsman working and lightening coming out of the sky. Inscription (Latin): " STATVS ECCLESIAE PRAESENTIS FLORENTISSIMVS" and " DIES LABORIS. IIIIII PRIORA TEMPORA DAN.11.40". Inscribed on the mountain "MONTES ESAV" (Mount Esav) and on the lower part a citation from the books of Zachariah and Obadiah. Inscription on lower part: "CARDU' ET SPINIS FLORET / PALLURUS AGUTIS./ 1696".
Reverse: Sheep standing on top of a mountain, next to it a dove with an olive branch in its beak with the digit "7" and horns turning downwards. Inscription: "SABBATISMVS POPVLO DEI RELICTVS . HEBR.IV.9 / SABBATVM" (Epistle to the Hebrews, 4,9) and " SABBATVM, MONS ZION / APOC.14. / OBAD.V.17.& 21. / 144000". On the lower part:" ASPICE VENTURO LAETEN / TURUT OMIA SECLO. / 1000". On the rim appears the inscription: "TEMPVS PRAESENS ESAV / FVTVRVM IACOB | 4.ESDR.VI.V.9"..
Diameter: 43 mm. Minor damages.

Opening700$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 155

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Three Medals – Biblical Figures

1. Medal – Abraham and the three angels, [Italy, 16th cent.?].
Obverse: portrait of the Italian Cardinal Ippolito d'Este, surrounded by an inscription in Latin. Reverse: Abraham and the three angels, surrounded by an inscription in Latin: "ne transeas servumtuum"[from your servant].Diameter: 42 mm.
2. Medal – David and Bathsheba, [Germany, 16th cent.].
Obverse: David looks at Bathsheba bathing. Surrounded by an inscription in German. Reverse: Lot and his daughters. The city of Sodom is burning in the background. Surrounded by an inscription in German. Diameter: 43 mm.
3. Joseph and his brothers, medal designed by Johann Christian Reich [Germany, ca. 1772]. Obverse: Joseph's brothers bow down to him. Surrounded by the inscription: "DIE THEURUNG IM LAND MACHT IOSEPH BEKANT". Reverse: Long inscription - price list of food products (German). The medal was issued during a period of rising inflation. The inscription implies, probably, that the Jews (Joseph) are to blame for the severe economic situation in Germany. Diameter: 28 mm.

Opening600$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 156

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Eight Medals – David and Jonathan

Eight medals with the figures of David and Jonathan.
1-3. Three German "Friendship Medals" [17th-18th cent.].
Obverse: David and Jonathan are shaking hands surrounded by a German inscription: "ICH WILL DIR THUN WAS DEIN HERZ BEGEHR"]" Whatever you want me to do, I'll do for you",Samuel A, 20,4].
One medal is marked: P.H.M. [Philipp Heinrich Muller].
Reverse: Abraham meets Lot, surrounded by an inscription: "GEN.13.V.8 WIR SIND GEBRUDER"[We are brothers, Genesis, 13, 8]. Diameter: 52 mm; 40 mm; 38 mm.
4-5. German "Friendship Medals" [17th-18th cent.].
Obverse: David and Jonathan shaking hands surrounded by an inscription: " Whatever you want me to do, I'll do for you " (German). On the lower part of both medals appear two different inscriptions in German referring to David and Jonathan. Both medals are marked C.W. [Christian Wermuth]. Reverse: Figure of a woman next to a palm tree surrounded by inscription: "VERGIS DEINES FREUNDES NICHT" [do not forget a friend] and an additional inscription in German. Diameter: 43 mm; 33 mm.
6. German medal. Obverse: A tree with two shields – one with the inscription "David" and the other: "Ionathan". Reverse: crossed hands illuminated by light beams coming out of the clouds. Diameter: 42 mm. Hook for hanging.
7. Medal with figures of David and Jonathan and David and Goliath, [Bohemia].Obverse: David and Jonathan. David holds a harp. Reverse: David and Goliath. Diameter: 41 mm. Hook for hanging.
8. Medal. Belgium, 1774. Obverse: David playing the harp surrounded by an inscription in Latin. Reverse: figure of a woman with a shield on which appears the Dutch Republic emblem. Diameter: 32 mm.

Opening1,500$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 157

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Three Medals – Moses / Early Medal from the 16th century

1. [Germany, 16th cent.].Obverse: Profile portrait of Moses with horns on his head. On his collar – an inscription in Hebrew: "Moshe" and in the center the inscription: "Moise". On the margins- an additional inscription in German. Reverse: Hebrew inscription - "Thou shall have no other G-d".Diameter: 35 mm.
2. [Germany, 18th cent.?].Obverse: Moses at Mount Sinai.Reverse: Tablets of the Law with the Ten Commandments in German. Diameter: 36 mm.
3. [Germany, 19th cent.?].Obverse: Moses with Tablets of the Law, and the inscription "Honour thy father and thy mother"(in German).Reverse: Cornucopia and a German inscription.
Diameter: 29 mm.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium
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