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Auction 33 Lot Number 245

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Leaf with the Signature of Rabbi Yisrael Najara Author of “Ka Ribon Olam”

Title page for Sefer Vayikra, from commentary Rabbeinu Behaye. Pesaro, 1507, Gershom Soncino Printing Press.
Signature at beginning of leaf: “Yisrael son of Rabbi Moshe Najara” – holy signature of Kabbalist and poet Rabbi Yisrael Najara (1555-1625, Otzar HaRabbanim 11998), among Torah scholars of Safed during period of the Ari. Composed many holy poems (some of which were printed during his lifetime in his book Zmirot Israel, Safed 1587). The Chida [Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai] writes in name of the Ari who stated that “his songs bear significance in Heaven”. His famous song “Ka Ribon Olam Ve’Olmaya” was accepted throughout the Diaspora and is traditionally sung at Shabbat meals. Towards end of his lifetime settled in Gaza and was appointed as rabbi and teacher. His halachic responses were printed in Maharitatz [Rabbi Yom Tov Tzahalon] Responsa.
26 cm. leaf. Good condition. Stains. Tears on margins.
Attached, authorization of expert, identifying signature.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 300

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Beit Din Document with Three Signatures of Rabbi Chaim Pinto Senior – Essaouira (Morocco), 1802-1803

Beit Din document regarding sale and possession of lot. Includes three signatures of righteous Rabbi Chaim Pinto. Essaouira (Mogador, Morocco), 1802-1803.
Leaf contains three bills concerning the abovementioned lot: * Bill of sale of lot in Essaouira for Rabbi Yitzchak son of Rabbi Moshe Atia, written in Beit Din of Rabbi Chaim Pinto, on Friday, 25 Tishrei 1802, signed by Av Beit Din Rabbi Chaim Pinto and member of Beit Din Rabbi David Lachzan. * Bill of authorization licensing construction in abovementioned lot, written in Beit Din in Marrakech, with signatures of rabbis of city: Rabbi Avraham Pinto, Rabbi Shlomo Asbad and Rabbi Yosef Charosh. * On reverse side of leaf: bill of sale of lot by Rabbi Yitzchak Atia to Rabbi Shlomo son of Rabbi Avraham HaKohen. Written in Beit Din in Essaouira on Tuesday 4 Iyar, 1803, signed by Rabbi Chaim Pinto. (It is possible that this bill is entirely written in holy handwriting of Rabbi Chaim Pinto). * Following signature of Rabbi Chaim Pinto, clarification added regarding liability for lot, followed by additional signature of Rabbi Chaim Pinto together with Rabbi David Lachzan.
Divine Kabbalist and scholar Rabbi Chaim Pinto (Senior) Av Beit Din of Mogador (passed away 1845). Among glorious personalities of Moroccan Jewry and righteous Torah giant. Arrived at Essaouira (Mogador) as an orphaned youth, where he was disciple of Rabbi Ya’akov Bibas and soon after became famous as one of leading Torah scholars of the generation. Following the demise of his rabbi, succeeded him as rabbi of city despite his young age; established first local Beit Din and headed a Yeshiva for prominent students. Famous as Kabbalist and miracle worker; it is related that messengers were sent to him from heaven and he merited revelation of Elijah the Prophet. Famous throughout countries of Europe as well, from where he received requests for prayer. The Chida [Rabbi Chaim David Yosef Azulai] sent him his book ‘Chaim Sha’al’ [alluding to his name – Rabbi Chaim]. Stories of salvation ascribed to him are well-known among Jews of Morocco [some collected in Sefer Mekor Chaim written by his son, Rabbi Moshe Pinto]. His grave has been visited by multitudes from time of his death until today.
Ga’on Rabbi David ben Lachzan, signed alongside Rabbi Chaim, was among righteous scholars of Morocco and served as Dayan in his Beit Din.
Leaf, written on both sides, 29 cm. Good-fair condition. Folding marks. Tears, some with damage to text, some repaired with adhesive tape.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 339

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Leaf Remnants from a Siddur of Anusim, in Ancient Castilian-Spanish – First Half of 16th Century

Collection of manuscript leaves removed from the "Binding Geniza", remnants of an ancient siddur used by Anusim.
Dozens of sections from a prayer book, translated into ancient Spanish, apparently Castilian, copied by Anusim after the Expulsion from Spain (1492) and Portugal (1496). Written in one of the early places where the expelled Jews scattered during the first half of the 16th century, before the Anusim communities settled and became established in the Protestant cities (Hamburg, Amsterdam etc.).
These are sections of the daily prayers. See examples in attached material.
More than 100 written pages. 15 cm. Poor condition. Varied damages caused by binding. Enclosed: a few additional leaves from the same binding
Written according to the attached article stating the opinion of Prof. Shlomo Zucker of the Manuscript Department of the National Israel Library. We did not examine the manuscript thoroughly.

Opening20,000$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 322

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Huge Collection of Manuscripts from Yemen – Autographs, Illustrated Manuscripts and Significant Compositions

Huge and significant collection of approximately 125 Yemenite manuscripts [17th century until early 20th century]. Diverse collection, various compositions: including significant autographs, unprinted compositions, illustrated and ornamented manuscripts, Kabbalistic illustrations and symbols. Halacha books and Taj books – Keter Torah, books of Haftarot and Megillot, prayer books, divans, books of poems, destinies and Sgulot. Some manuscripts contain list of “colophons” of authors, glosses and signatures of rabbis. Following is a partial list of the collection (a complete detailed list will be provided upon request): * Ancient prayer book from Sana, large format (30 cm.). Fine writing with upper vowelization. Prayers, with laws and instructions. Version of bills, poems, Passover Haggadah, Hoshanot, Azharot, Slichot, eulogies, Ashmorot, Keter Malchut, Seder Avoda, Haggadah of Hasmonean dynasty, and more. Calendars begin with year 1689; scribe noted (in Jewish-Arabic) that he begins the calendars from 1689, present year. * Prayer book for weekdays and holidays. Poems, Slichot, Passover Haggadah, Azharot, tractates, Megillot. Fine writing, upper vowelization, intercalary [leap year] table, beginning with year 1732. Two volumes. Kabbalistic composition ‘Tola’at Ya’akov’ by Rabbi Meir ben Gabai integrated with prayer book. * Version of bills and calendars (remnant of prayer book). Colophon from 1640 “… flower Yona ben Yosef ben Me’oded ben Yona… writer… Avraham ben Aharon ben Zecharia…”. Upper vowelization. Additions from later period. * Sefer Kneh Chochma Kneh Bina (Kabbalah), by Rabbi Avigdor Kara. (Uncommon in Yemenite manuscripts). 18th-19th century. Signature of Rabbi Avraham ben Shlomo Almashta. * Prayer book. C. 1820-1860. At end, passage in Jewish-Arabic pertaining to Jews and Mohammed, founder of Islam. * Sefer Me’ah She’arim, by Rabbi Yitzchak Shani (printed in Thessaloniki, 1543). Including glosses, 19th-20th century. * Laws of slaughtering. Colophon with calligraphic signature. * Seasons, from 1786. Illustrated title page. * Collection. Laws of slaughtering. Logical basis “reasoning of the Ari”, matters of Kabbalah. In middle of manuscript: receipt for slaughtering from city of Al-Qaeda from 1786. Bound with a miniature manuscript on laws of slaughtering. * Laws of slaughtering from Tur, Yemin Moshe and Zevach Toda. Tzeda. Colophon from 1807. * Shir HaShirim with translation. Colophon from city Alcazar. Signature. (1818). Autographic manuscripts of well-known authors and copyists, Yemenite scholars: * Sefer Reshit Chochma, second section of composition, beginning with Sha’ar HaKedusha until middle of Or Olam. Copy autograph in handwriting of leading Torah giant of Yemen – Maharitz [Rabbi Yichyeh Tzalach – who copied books for livelihood]. * Sefer Sha’arei Tahara. Sana. Close to period of author, Rabbi Yichyeh Tzalach. [Possibly his handwriting? Heading with his name in different handwriting]. * Three Megillot, 19th-20th century. Including collection of commentaries on three Megillot, possibly autograph of author. Colophon on other side of title page: Shmuel HaKatan Korach, (1886). * Notebook of Tijan. Signature and stamps of Rabbi Yichyeh Omsi Av Beit Din of Reda, including lengthy list in his handwriting at beginning of each book: “How do I express my appreciation to the Almighty… that he assisted me in purchasing this book…”. At end of manuscript, copies in his handwriting from 1930. Response from court of justice of Sana. [“Sa’id Yichyeh ben Yichyeh Omsi”]. Fine ornamented manuscripts: * Shulchan Aruch with commentary "Shtilei Zeitim", large and elegant copy which served as basis for the first printed edition in Jerusalem. [Gloss in handwriting of Ashkenazi copyist; addition of gloss of Rabbi Moshe Isserles [Rama] omitted by author, Rabbi David Maserki, who omitted glosses of Rama which are not customary in Yemen. This gloss indeed appears in first printing, however, was omitted in recently printed edition]. * Three Megillot with Tikkun Leil Shavu’ot. Elegant manuscript. Illustrated title page. Ornamentation in red ink. Includes poems and Azharot. Colophon: “Written for good friend… Sa’adi ibn Salam Al Kapach… (1864). * Book of translation of Haftarot, Fine manuscript. Written for Rabbi “Saliman ben Ibrahim Alkara” (Av Beit Din of Sana?). Signature: “David ben Shlomo Agori?”. * Collection (small fine manuscript): Sha’arei Tahara. Prayer for Rabbi Shalom Shabzi. Laws of divorce. Explanation of Ketubah. Reasoning. Tragic occurrence in city of Damascus. On last leaf, colophon: “Shlomo son of Avraham Elnadaf, rabbinical emissary of Yemenites of Jerusalem who signed above, I have arrived for Ten Days of Repentance…”. Notation in different handwriting: “Time in which Yichyeh ben Nachum… visited us…”. * Three Megillot, with translation and commentary of Rashi. Fine copy. Ornamentation in red ink. Illustrated title page. Upper vowelization. “Copied in congregation of Rada”. Glosses ‘Shoshanat Ha’Amakim’. Copied glosses by Rabbi Yichyeh Tzalach (“I have found written in manuscript of Rabbi Yichyeh Tzalach…”). Signature of Rabbi Avraham ben Chaim Elnadaf. Rada. * Zohar on Sefer Shemot. Complete copy in fine handwriting from 19th century. Approx. 125 manuscripts, various sizes and conditions; very good to poor. Research and cataloguing of manuscripts is based only on preliminary examinations; it is possible that this collection contains significant discoveries which we have not addressed.

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