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Auction 33 Lot Number 505

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Megillat Hitler – Casablanca – Judeo-Arabic

Megillat Hitler. Printed by Hadad, Casablanca, [1943?]
Printed booklet with a poem in Judeo-Arabic describing the miraculous saving of the Jewish communities in North Africa from the Nazi oppressor, with the American conquest of the area in 1942. An introduction in Hebrew precedes the poem.
[5] pages. 21 cm. Good condition, stains and wear, moth holes

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Auction 33 Lot Number 506

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HaDerech, Budapest, 1944 – First Edition with Sermon of Rabbi of Belz upon Escape from Holocaust to Eretz Israel

HaDerech, booklet 1, “Derech Tzadikim” – farewell sermons of esteemed… Rabbi Mordechai Rokeach, rabbi of congregation of Biłgoraj… which he delivered at celebration of completion of tractate at Tiferet Bachurim. “Derech Kedoshim” – holy sermon by righteous Torah giant of the generation… Rabbi Aharon Rokeach holy rabbi of Belz… which he delivered in capital city of Budapest prior to immigration to Eretz Israel. Edited by Rabbi Menachem Aharon Levovitz, young rabbi of congregation of Tshop. Budapest, 13 Shvat 1944. First edition.
After miraculously escaping from Ghetto Bochnia, the rebbe of Belz and his brother, rabbi of Biłgoraj, arrived in Budapest, where they resided from Iyar 1943 until Tevet 1944. In this booklet which was published on 13 Shvat (Feb 7, 1944) the farewell sermon of rabbi of Biłgoraj of Hungarian Jewry, in which he relates the atrocities of the Holocaust in Poland and Galicia, and the necessity to assist refugees of these countries, was printed. Later on he apologizes for their journey to Eretz Israel, and confidently states that disaster will not reach Hungary. He clarifies that they are not departing to Eretz Israel for this reason, but rather for his intense passion for the holiness of the Holy Land and the love of his brother for the Holy Land. “… I am obligated to inform you, dear friends, scholars of Ungarn… that anybody who knows my older brother… certainly knows that he is not retreating… as if escaping; he only desires to immigrate to the Holy Land… and he foresees peace – the righteous rabbi perceives that residents of this city will live in peace and serenity…” (page 19). Later on the rebbe states that his journey to Eretz Israel is temporary with intention to return, and his brother, rebbe of Biłgoraj, explains that according to tradition of their holy forefathers, there is no value in settlement in Eretz Israel prior to the coming of Mashiach (page 26). After approximately ten days, on February 17, 1944, an additional edition of this pamphlet was published with many revisions and with the omission of the reference to his intention of immigration to Eretz Israel. After approximately a month a third edition was printed in Budapest with caption “second publication, Adar 1944”, which, too, is censored. This is the first and rare edition which includes the complete sermon of the Rebbe.
[2], 28 leaves. 19 cm. Good condition, stains on printed cover.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 507

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Collection of Family Letters from Family of Rebbe Rabbi Yehuda Leibush Ehrlich of Nordhaus – Period of Holocaust

Collection of family letters, from family members of rebbes and rabbis: Ehrlich, Hollander and Halberstam. Nordhaus (Hungary), between 1943-1944.
Letters from his son-in-law, Rabbi Yosef Shmuel Hollander and letters from other family members. Letters regarding illness of grandfather Rabbi Yehuda Leibush, and his death at age 63, day preceding Yom Kippur 1943. Wording of epitaph. Letter from his son and letter from his grandson, young man Alter Tuvia Halberstam. Letters describe daily hardships during period of War: labor camps [Arbeitslager], recruitment of rabbis and teachers to Hungarian army. Difficulty attaining food and clothing, and concern for family members. It should be noted that copy of epitaph in these letters notes that “death is not mentioned, since he bestowed blessing, generation of righteous G-d fearing Torah giants, who merited longevity”, however, unfortunately within several months the majority of his family including writers of the letters perished in Auschwitz concentration camp in summer 1944.
Rebbe Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh Leibush Ehrlich (1880-1943), son of Rebbe Rabbi Chaim of Brezna, from dynasty of Rebbe Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch of Ziditchov, Maharam of Linsk and author of Be’er Mayim Chaim. Following First World War served as rebbe in city of Nordhaus (for additional information related to him see “Shem HaGedolim Me’Eretz Hagar”, p. 379). His sons-in-law: Rabbi Yosef Shmuel Hollander and Rabbi Meshulam Zusha Halberstam son of Rebbe Rabbi Shalom Eliezer of Ratzport.
10 items; some contain letters from several writers. Various sizes and conditions, some letters damaged from dampness with missing sections.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 508

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Letter by Rabbi Asher Ze’ev Werner to Rebbe Aharon of Belz – About Ashes of Those Exterminated in the Concentration Camps

Letter by the Chassid Rabbi Asher Ze'ev Werner Rabbi of Tiberias, to Rebbe Aharon Rokeach of Belz. Tiberias, 1956.
Query on deep kabalistic matters, about a Slonim Chassid who labored in the concentration camps and did not find the Luz bone in the ashes of those exterminated there. At the end of the letter he signs his name and the name of his mother: Asher Ze'ev ben Dina.
Rabbi Asher Ze'ev Werner (1894-1958), a renowned Torah genius and mekubal, Slonim Chassid. Born in Jerusalem, disciple of Rabbi Moshe Klirs in the Ohr Torah Yeshiva in Tiberias. During World War I, he ended up in the US where he was appointed rabbi of Peterson. After Rabbi Klirs died in 1934, he was called to succeed Rabbi Klirs as Rabbi of Tiberias and to head the yeshiva as Rabbi Klirs directed. He was friendly with Rabbi Yehuda Leib Ashlag. Served as Rabbi and President of Po'alei Agudat Yisrael and member of Mo'etzet Gedolei HaTorah.
Official stationary, 21X18.5 cm. Fair condition, wear and moisture damage.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 509

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Letter of Responsa Concerning an Aguna from the Holocaust – Rabbi Hillel Lichtenstein Rabbi of Crasna

Letter of halachic responsa handwritten and signed by Rabbi "Hillel ben Leah Lichtenstein, the Rabbi of Crasna", sent to Jerusalem to Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Rabbi of Niemce. Budapest, 1946. Query concerning an aguna from Hungary, whose husband was arrested in Poland right before the Holocaust and his fate was unknown.
Rabbi Hillel Lichtenstein (1910-1979), grandson of Rabbi Hillel Lash of Kolomyya. Served as junior rabbi of Crasna, under his father Rabbi Bendit Lichtenstein Rabbi of Crasna. Son-in-law of the Gaon of Shamloy Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Erenreich. After the Holocaust, he established a yeshiva in the DP camp in Landsberg (Germany). Afterwards, he moved to Paris and subsequently to Williamsburg New York where he established his Beit Midrash and was one of the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox circles in the US. In his book Kavanat HaLev, The Rabbi of Crasna writes a booklet Rani Akara on his responsa concerning Holocaust agunot where he also brings foundations heard from the "Exceptional Gaon of Niemce author of Be'er Chaim Mordechai".
The letter's recipient: Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Roller (1868-1947, Otzar HaRabbanim 6487), a leading Hungarian rabbi. Torah genius and renowned tzaddik. In his youth he printed his novellae on the Talmud Chidushei Ben Ya'ir (Tschernovitz 1900) [Rabbi Chaim of Brisk was especially fond of this book]. Also known as a posek and after World War II, he was very active in finding ways to permit agunot to remarry. His halachic responsa were printed in the three volumes of his book Be'er Chaim Mordechai Responsa.
2 written pages, 27.5 cm. Good condition.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 510

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She’erit HaPleita Ketuba – Reichenhall 1946

Handwritten ketuba, on the marriage of the groom Natan Aryeh ben Rabbi Gedalia David with the bride Eli bat Rabbi Moshe Leib, signed by witnesses Chaim Michaeli and Ya'akov Wengersky. Reichenhall, Sivan 1946.
Ketuba on the marriage of Holocaust survivors from the DP camp in Bad-Reichenhall in Bavaria (Germany).
Leaf 27 cm. Good-fair condition. Minor wear to leaf folds.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 511

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Booklets of Prayer and Contemplation – Second World War – England

See list in Hebrew description.
7 booklets, various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 512

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Babylonian Talmud – Munich, 1949 – Complete Set

Babylonian Talmud – complete set. Munich- Heidelberg, [1949]. “Published by Union of Rabbis in American region of Ashkenaz”.
Upon termination of Second World War and congregation of surviving Jews in displaced persons camps, there was need for Gemarot and holy books to be used by refugees. From 1946 the “Union of Rabbis” in Germany, in conjunction with the American army and JOINT (American Jewish joint distribution committee) began a campaign of printing of the Shas for survivors. At first only several tractates were printed in various formats. In 1949 the complete edition of the Shas was printed for the first time, which is this edition. Each volume contained two title pages. First title page designed especially for commemoration of printing of the Shas on scorched soil of Germany. On Top, illustration of Jewish town with caption “From slavery to redemption and from darkness to great light”. On bottom of title page, illustration of barbed wire fence and labor camp, with caption: “Labor camp in Ashkenaz during Nazi era”. “They had almost consumed me upon earth; but I forsook not thy precepts”.
19 volumes. 39 cm. Very good condition, with complete original bindings.

Opening2,500$ Sold For4,674$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 513

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Booklet of Prayers for Children – She’erit Hapleita Camp in France, 1946

Seigneur Ouvre mes Lèvres…[G-d, open my lips…]. Booklet of prayers and texts for children. Published by Eclaireuses éclaireurs Israélites de France [Jewish Scouts Movement in France], Yehuda the Macabi group, Chambon Camp, Moissac, 1946. French and Hebrew.
A compilation of texts for the camp children. Has Shacharit, Shmona Esre and Shabbat evening songs in Hebrew and French, as well as texts from world literature translated into French. Manuscript, typewritten and illustrations, stencil copied.
The Scout Movement and the Jewish Scouts in France (E.E.I.F - Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Israélites de France) was one of the most active youth movements of French Jewry busy with educational activities before the country was occupied by the Germans during World War II. With the beginning of the German occupation, the movement members went underground and began taking various steps to save French Jews from the Nazis and the Vichy rule. At that time, the name of the movement was E.I.F. (Jewish Scout Movement in France). The movement's leaders lived in the city of Moissac and it became the movement's center as well as the administrative center of all Jewish institutes for children who had lost their parents during the war.
[1] cover title page, [1], 14, XXVII, [1] back cover, 21 cm. Overall good condition. Minor tears and stains. Tears with lacking on front and back covers, some restored. Rebound in hard cardboard binding.

Opening500$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 514

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Manuscript, Exegesis of Ibn Rushd (Averroës) to Aristotle’s Ethics, with Commentary – 17th Century

Manuscript, exegesis of Ibn Rushd (Averroës) to Aristotle’s Ehtics, with Commentary on the exegesis. Oriental writing, [17th Century].
“With the help of G-d I begin an exposition of the ethics of Ibn Rushd with the exposition of the theologian Thomas Aquinas”. [The commentary is attributed to the Christian philosopher Thomas Aquinas in several manuscripts, but it has already been proved that this is incorrect. See Steinschneider, HU, Pages 218-219].
Averroës (called Ibn Rushd in Hebrew), a famous philosopher and physician, who was active in the 12th century in Muslim Spain. He greatly influenced Medieval European philosophy. All his important works were translated into Hebrew and he had much influence on the sages of Israel. The Rambam in one of his letters writes about him: “I have received recently all that Ibn Rushd wrote on the books of Aristotle, and I have seen that his explanations are correct…”
The manuscript ends in the middle of a subject. 98 written pages. 30 cm., wide margins. General condition good. Tears in a number of pages, as a result of deterioration of the ink. New binding.

Opening750$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 515

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Parchment Leaf – Verses and Forms Used for Writing Amulets, 16th Century

Parchment leaf, Samaritan manuscript containing verses from the Torah and forms used for writing amulets, [16th century].
Begins with 10 sayings used to create the world. Later are verses used for writing amulets for requesting cures: Abraham prays for Avimelech, Moshe for Miriam, etc. The charts contain word abbreviations and letter combinations and at the bottom are names of G-d. Star of David with the letters of G-d's name.
In the 16th century, the Samaritans ceased processing skins for writing Torah scrolls but continued to process skins for binding Torah scrolls and prayer books.
Length: Approximately 30 cm, Width: 14-21 cm. Good-fair condition. Wear, tears, several repairs with tape.

Opening2,000$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 516

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Form of the Tabernacle – Samaritan Tradition

Form of the Tabernacle and its vessels, drawn on paper, according to Samaritan tradition. [Beginning of 20th century].
18.5X26.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Folding marks. Stains. Minor tears, reinforced with paper. Samaritan illustrations on the Torah are rare.

Opening2,500$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 517

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Letter in Honor of the High Priest Ya’akov ben Aharon

A letter in Samaritan handwriting, by Avraham ben Marchiv Tsedaka of Jaffa, to the High Priest Ya'akov ben Aharon at Mount Gerizim. 1329 from Hijra, [1911].
Written and sent by Abraham ben Marchiv Tsedaka of Jaffa (1852-1928) to the High Priest Ya'akov (lived 1840-1916, served from 1874 until his death). Abraham ben Marchiv Tsedaka blesses him with peace and sends his wishes that in 1329 from Hijra he shall rejoice in his remaining son, Av-Hasda (1885-1959), after his brother Azi died during the life of his father the High Priest Ya'akov. At the end are a few lines in Arabic letters.
Leaf 26.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Folding and wear marks. Stains. Tears to folding lines.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 518

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Supplication – Samaritan Manuscript, 18th Century

Supplication, manuscript on paper. Writing: Ab-Sakuwah ben Abraham Haddanafi. [18th century].
Written in Samaritan writing on the inner part of a leaf folded into two. Divided into 22 stanzas by alphabetical order [this manuscript has only Stanzas Aleph-Samech]. The writer signs his name in the first stanza Ab-Sakuwah, in an acrostic. On the outer side of the leaf is a decorated inscription in Samaritan writing in especially large letters, on the front, "The L-d our G-d the L-d is One" and on the back: "For your salvation we have hoped our L-d"; added on the front are nice illustrations of branches with leaves and fruit, in purple ink. Ab-Sakuwah son of Abraham Haddanafi – Head of the Danafi family lived at the end of the 17th century and at the beginning of the 18th century. See also next item.
[4] pages, 33.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Fold and wear marks. Stains. Tears to fold lines.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 519

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Supplication – Samaritan Manuscript – Copy by Ab-Chisda ben Ya’akov

Supplication, manuscript on paper. Copy, written by the Cohen Ab-Chisda ben Ya'akov (High Priest), [first half of 20th century, between the 1930-s and the 50-s]. Booklet in Samaritan writing; copy of Supplication authored by Ab-Sakuwah ben Abraham Haddanafi in the 18th century (see above, previous item), with minor changes. The copier, Ab-Chisda ben Ya'akov the High Priest, changed the acrostic Ab-Sakuwah and instead the acrostic Ab-Chisda ben Ya'akov Cana appears in the first lines of the new acrostic, to attribute the supplication to himself. Divided into stanzas in alphabetical order [this manuscript has only Stanzas Aleph to Samech].
[10], handwritten pp. 25 cm. Good condition. Stains, creases and minor tears to leaf margins.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 520

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Booklet of Prayers for the Festival of Shavuot

Handwritten booklet, prayers for the Shabbat preceding the festival of Shavuot. Writer: Marchiv ben Yehoshua Hamarchivi, [end of 18th century (?); 19th century].
Prayers in Samaritan writing, from the book of prayers for the Shabbat preceding the festival of Shavuot (according to the Samaritan custom, Shavuot always falls on Sunday).
On Page 13 is another handwritten inscription, testifying that the machzor has been transferred from the ownership of "Abad HaRachaman ben Abad the Danafi rich man" to the ownership of Abraham ben Marchiv Hamarchivi, 1246 from Hijra [1830]. On Page 14 are two piyutim for the Shabbat after Shavuot, copied by the High Priest Ya'akov ben Aharon, which were added in 1287 from Hajira (1870). In Page 15 are two short piyutim said on the day of the receiving of the Torah on Mount Sinai; at the bottom of the page a comment was added that the page had been copied by the High Priest Amram ben Shlomo in 1255 from Hijra [1839].
[15] handwritten pp, 20.5 cm. Good condition. Stains to inner leaf margins. Tears and creases to margins.

Opening1,200$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 521

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Two Leaves of Handwritten Piyutim, 18th/19th Centuries

Two leaves in Samaritan handwriting, piyutim for Yom Kippur and in honor of the book Molad Moshe, by the High Priest Shlomo ben Tabiah and by Mashallamah ben Ab-Sakuwah Haddanafi, [18th/19th centuries].
1. Section of an unknown piyut for Yom Kippur. Apparently, the High Priest Shlomo ben Tabiah wrote the piyut (served from 1798-1855) and apparently it was copied in his handwriting. Incomplete.
2. Piyut by the poet Mashallamah ben Ab-Sakuwah Haddanafi; signed with an acrostic Mashallamah ben Zohar HaRamachi, 17th century. The work relates the story of the birth and activities of Moshe until Israel left Egypt and his praises). Colophon (in Arabic): "Poem written by the honored uncle elder in Israel the elder uncle Mashallamah ben Uncle Ab-Sakuwah Haddanafi, wrote it at the time of the call of the Molad called by Uncle Ab-Sakuwah Haddanafi when he dwelled in the new home". Copied by Abraham ben Ya'akov Haddanafi (lived 1710-1787).
[6] handwritten pp. written on two leaves, 16 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains. Tears to fold lines and margins. On one leaf, paper was glued to reinforce the vertical fold line.

Opening600$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 522

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Sefer Hanukat Habayit – Venice, 1696 – Drawings of the Temple and its Vessels

Sefer Hanukat Habayit, explanation of the form and shape of the Temple that was destroyed. Rabbi Moshe Hefetz. Venice [1696].
Fine copy, with many drawings of the Temple and its vessels. The book was printed in two stages, when printing the text empty spaces were left for the drawings, and later the drawings were added using a different technique, by imprinting from etched copper plates. The current copy contains all the drawings except for the map at the end,
Stamp of “Aharon Elnakaveh from Algiers". On the sheet before the title page is recorded “I purchased it in 1941 … with G-d’s help I have to reprint it … in Modern Hebrew, Y.Z. Sasson, here Algiers”.
[4], 52 leaves, quality paper. 20 cm. Good condition, stains, moth damage.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 523

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Zeved Tov, Warsaw, 1814

Sefer Teved Tov, fine commentary on building of Temple as described in Sefer Yechezkel and explanation of borders as written in Sefer Yehoshua. Rabbi Zev Wolf Altschul substitute leader of congregation of Lutzin. Warsaw, 1814. Second comprehensive edition. At end, illustrated sketch of Temple, according to Rashi and according to author.
34, [4] leaves. 21.5 cm. Good-fair condition, stains and wear. New binding.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 524

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Sefer Elim – Amsterdam 1628-9

Sefer Elim, Rabbi Joseph Solomon Delmedigo. Amsterdam, [1628-1629]. Printed in Beit Menashe Ben Israel.
Essays on mathematics, astronomy, mechanics, physics and astrology, with many detailed and impressive schemes.
Originally the book included five essays: Elim, Ma'ayan Ganim, Chukot Shamayim, Gevurot Hashem and Ma'ayan Chatum. This copy contains only the first essay.
The author, Rabbi Yosef Shlomo Delmedigo – The Yashar Mi-Qandia (1591-1665), a doctor, philosopher, astronomer and mathematician, a student of Galileo Galilei. This book was the focus of polemics amongst the sages of his generation, Jews and Christians alike.
Signatures and owners' inscriptions: "Moses Viterbo”, and others.
[8], 83 pages (without the portrait). 18 cm. Good condition, stains, moth damage on some pages.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 525

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Sefer Ebronot – Offenbach, 1722

Sefer Ebronot, astronomy and new months (molad). Offenbach, [1722].
Illustrated title page [at the top is the solar system and constellations]. Inside the book are illustrations and wheels for calculating the new months and the tekufot, and many charts.
Ownership inscription and signature from time of printing: "This Sefer Ebronot I have purchased… Elazar Lazi ben Eliyahu from… 1726" [partly cutoff]. Several corrections and glosses. Many inscriptions on binding leaves. Long inscription on the subject of new months.
[2], 40 leaves. 19 cm. Good condition, stains and minor wear. Professionally restored tears. Antique leather binding, damaged.

Opening600$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 526

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Kol Mussar – Mantua, 1715

Kol Mussar, mussar poetry. "Fifty sections of song, the voice of ethics and the voice of song". Rabbi Shimshon Cohen Modon. Mantua. 1715. Illustrations and many printed decorations (the form of the sun with a face; human figures; Cohen's hands etc.).
32 leaves. 25 cm. High-quality thick light-colored paper. Fair condition, moth damages. Fabric binding.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 527

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Sefer Tchunat HaShamayim – Amsterdam, 1756

Book of heavenly bodies and their orbits. Matters pertaining to astronomy and laws of blessing for new moon, including illustrations and tables. By Rabbi Raphael HaLevi of Hannover. Amsterdam, [1756].
Ownership notations of “Shlomo son of philanthropist Rabbi Yitzchak Rosenthal… 22 Tamuz, 1825”, “belongs to… Rabbi Eliezer Martzbach” and signatures of Rabbi “Simcha, son of Aryeh Leib Bakst”.
[2], 38 leaves (missing 2 leaves of “Last Pamphlet” which appear in minority of copies). 19.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and wear. Several detached leaves. Notations and quill pen attempts on binding leaves. Ancient binding with worn parchment spine.

Opening600$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 528

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Sefer Tikun Eruvin – Kraków, 1888 / Sefer Porat Yosef – Frankfurt 1914 / Handwritten Map of Eruv in Frankfurt

* Seder Tikun Eruvin, “About permission to carry on Shabbat, here in our city of Krakow”. Rabbi Haim Arieh Leib Halevy Horovitz Krakow 1887. Signature of Rabbi Joshua Halevy Hirschhorn – Montreal. Self dedication “ Received from son of author” and long handwritten gloss.
* Sefer Porat Yosef “ Booklet on the correction of the Eruv in Frankfurt-am-Main, Rabbi Nehemiah Zvi Nabel. Frakfurt-am-Main, 1914. * In the booklet there is a handwritten map: “Die Grenzen des Eruv” [The borders of the Eruv] of Frankfurt-am-Mein.
Various sizes, Good general condition, dry paper (loose pages in Porat Yosef).

Opening200$ Sold For443$ Including buyers premium
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