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Auction 33 Lot Number 481

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Book of Laws – Rhode Island, 1822

The Public Laws of the State of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations Published by Miller & Hutchens, Rhode Island, 1822. English
Volume binding all the laws legislated in Rhode Island on January 1822.
Two of the laws concern Rhode Island Jews. Act that all the professors of the Jewish Religion shall be permitted to labor in their respective professions or vacations on the first day of the week.
- Act that any marriages which may be had and solemnized among persons professing the Jewish religion, according to their rites and ceremonies shall be good and valid in law.
524, XLVI pages, 23.5 cm. Good condition. Stains and moisture damage. Front binding detached.

Opening3,000$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 482

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Book of Laws – Pennsylvania, 1806

Acts of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Printed by Francis Bailey, Octoraro (Pennsylvania), 1806. English.
Volume binding the laws approved by the legislative authority of Pennsylvania in December 1805.
Among the laws is an act authorizing members of the Hebrew congregation of the city of Philadelphia to raise by way of lottery a sum of money for the repairs of their synagogue and burial place, and for other purposes of relief. The act determines the maximum amount that may be raised - $4000, and the lottery regulation. The names of those responsible for raising funds are noted as well.
684, XII, [18] pp. 21 cm. Good condition. Stains. Tear to title page, restored with tape. Slightly damaged leather binding. Possibly, lacking first title page.

Opening1,500$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 483

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Book of Laws – New York, 1831

Laws of the State of New York, Passed at the Fifty-Fourth Session of the Legislature, Begun and Held at the City of Albany. Printed by E. Croswell, Albany, 1831. English.
Volume binding the laws of NY State from 1831.
One of the laws regularizes the establishment of a charity organization named The society for the education of poor children and relief of indigent persons of the Jewish persuasion, and determines its rights and obligations. In one section, the names of the organization members are mentioned that includes Mordechai Manuel Noach, a journalist, diplomat, lawyer, judge and sheriff, an American Jew who was active in establishing a city of refuge for Jews (Ararat) in Grand Island, NY. 487 pp. 23 cm. Good condition. Stains, tears to leaf margins. Some sheets are uncut.

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 484

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The Leper – Book of Poetry – First Edition – Philadelphia, 1853

The Leper and other poems, by Mrs. Rebekah Hyneman. Published by A. Hart, printed by Mirror and Keystone Press, Philadelphia, 1853. English. First edition.
Mrs. Rebekah Hyneman (1816-1875) – American poet who publicized poems, stories and articles in American periodicals during the 19th century (some of her poems appear in "the Occident" volume auctioned in this catalogue, see next item). Hyneman was born in Pennsylvania to a Jewish father (Abraham Gumpert) and Christian mother. In 1835, she married a Jewish merchant Benjamin Hyneman (who mysteriously died in Texas during a business trip in 1839). In 1845, she converted together with both her sons under the auspices of Avraham Hart and Yitzchak Leeser (see next item and item 478), leaders of the Mikve Yisrael community of Philadelphia.
Many of Ms. Hyneman's poems are about the Jewish religion and the Jewish people. In this book, many poems are dedicated to women as well: Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah, Miriam, Ruth and Naomi, Esther, Yocheved, Devora, Hulda, etc. and poems about the destruction of the Temple, Prayer Of Solomon, Lament of Judah, Day of Atonement and the Song of Maccabeus.
VIII, [1], 10-216 pp. 19 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains. Former library copy, stamps. Bookmark. Original binding, worn, tears to spine.

Opening2,000$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 485

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The Occident – Periodical Edited by Yitzchak Leeser – Philadelphia, 1845-1846 – Third Volume

The Occident and American Jewish Advocate. A Monthly periodical devoted to the diffusion of knowledge on Jewish literature and religion, edited by Isaac Leeser. Volume 3, Issues 1-12 (full year, Nissan 1845-Adar 1846) bound consecutively, without cover title pages. Philadelphia, 1845-1846. English.
The Occident periodical was first published in Philadelphia, in 1843. Its founder and editor for twenty five years was Yitzchak Leeser (see item 478), who besides serving as Rabbi of the Spanish-Portuguese community of the city, Mikveh Yisrael, was considered the leader and most eloquent speaker for all the traditional Jewish population in the USA in the period preceding the Civil War. The Occident appeared each month (with the exception of a two-year period, 1859-1861, when it appeared weekly). After Leeser died in the beginning of 1868, his spiritual son (and later Judge) Meir Sulzberger succeeded him. Approximately one year later, the periodical ceased.
The Occident is considered the central Jewish periodical, the most important and earliest journal published in the US which did not only review internal events but also discussed practical topics concerning Jewish religion and the status of Jews among US citizens. Even the name of the journal was carefully chosen with political intonations: The Occident [the West] was chosen following Der Orient [the East], the name of a paper founded by Julius Fürst three years previously in Leipzig. At the same time, Leeser was also wary of the influence of the widely distributed Christian media in the US, especially the missionary magazines intended for the Jewish English reader, therefore he gave his periodical a subtitle: American Jewish Advocate, in response to the missionary paper's name Israel's Advocate, founded by the American Society for Improvement of Jewish Status (published form 1823-1827).
Throughout its whole existence, the Occident protested prejudice against Jews by the American public and greatly contributed to the efforts expended in protecting the Jewish religion in the American arena.
VII, 628 pp. 21 cm. Overall good condition. Stains. Former library copy (stamps and inscriptions). Original binding, partially detached and damaged (especially the spien).
Singerman S315; Goldman 1192. See also: Hebrew Printing in America 1735-1926, by Yosef Goldman (Brooklyn, NY, 2006), Vol. 2, page 775; 1041. See attached material.

Opening300$ Sold For418$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 486

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Sefer Sod Hashem – Amsterdam , 1745 / – Circumcision Record Book from England, 1760-1769

Sefer Sod Hashem, prayers and explanations on the commandment of circumcision, Rabbi David from Lida. Amsterdam, 1745.
The front and back binding pages were used as a Mohel’s notebook. Handwritten records of 41 circumcisions between the years 1760-1769, mostly in the city of London. Records of circumcisions performed in Birmingham and Bristol.
Number of handwritten glosses.
30 leaves + [4] pages of manuscript. 16 cm. Good condition, stains, wine stains. Number of tears. Original binding.

Opening200$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 487

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Sefer Da’at Kodshim – London, 1773

Sefer Da’at Kodshim, summary of rules of Hebrew grammar. By Rabbi Binyamin Shimon HaLevi of Amsterdam. London, [1773].
Ownership notation on title page: “Given as gift to my son Rabbi Moshe, Avraham Hannover”.
[1], 30 leaves. 20 cm. Good condition, stains. Worn binding.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 488

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Prayer in Honor of Queen Victoria – London, 1887

Jubilee Service Prayer and Thanksgiving for Her Majesty our Queen Victoria. Printed by Wertheimer, Lea and Co., London, 1887.
Jubilee prayer in honor of Queen Victoria [ruled for 63 years and 7 months, longer than any British king before and after her rule], "in the first synagogue in London, Sha'ar HaShamayim and in all Spanish and Portuguese synagogues" Hebrew and English, page per page. Noted on the English title page is that the prayer was led by Rev. Dr. Moses Gaster, Chief Rabbi of London Sefardi Jews [spiritual leader of Spanish and Portuguese Jewish communities in England].
11, [1] page, 22 cm. Good condition. Stains, primarily to cover and first and last pages. Creases.
Rare. Only a copy can be found in the National University Library, copied from the Etz Chaim Library.

Opening500$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 489

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The Statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, 1858

The Statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, 21&22 Victoria, 1857-58, by George Kettilby Rickards. Printed by George E. Eyre and William Spottiswoodf, London, 1858. English.
Volume binding the laws approved by the parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland during 1857-1858.
Among the laws is an act that enables Jews to omit the oath of allegiance "by the true faith of the Christian" from the oath required at the swearing in ceremony for the parliament. One of the sections of this act determines that although Jews are permitted to serve in the parliament, they are not entitled to hold certain senior positions, such as judge or ruler. XXIII, 741pp. 22 cm. Good condition. Tears to spine.

Opening2,000$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 490

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Catalogue of Jewish Museum of London – London, 1974

Catalogue of the Permanent and Loan Collections of the Jewish Museum, London, edited by R. D. Barnett. London, 1974. English.
Collection of Jewish Museum of London contains more than 1,000 items which document Jewish history; comprehensive catalogue, divided according to topics: synagogue, holidays, worship of G-d, and more. Includes details of exhibitions and more than two hundred colorful and black and white photograph plates.
414, XXVI pages, 30 cm. Very good condition. Slight wear to paper cover.

Opening350$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 491

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Ohel David – Hebrew Manuscripts of Sassoon Library – Oxford, 1932

Ohel David; Descriptive catalogue of the Hebrew and Samaritan manuscripts in the Sassoon Library. Oxford Publication, London, 1932. Two-volume catalogue with detailed description of 1153 of 1220 Hebrew and Samaritan manuscripts of Sassoon Library. Includes 73 facsimiles (one colorful) and detailed indexes. Very good condition.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 492

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Satire of the Approaching Downfall of the King of France – Greifswald, 1689

“Satire of the Approaching Downfall of the King of France” Greifswald (Germany), 1689.
Rare booklet printed in Hebrew, polemic against Louis XIV, King of France, about the evils which he is causing to neighboring countries, especially the destruction in the Rhine area in Germany. The writer brings many proofs from the Bible that his downfall is close. Apparently the writer is not Jewish.
“Today my ears were filled with the tidings of violence and the arrogance of the King of France. There is none amongst us who does not know of his evil ways…He violated a covenant with the Kaisar our king by sending his troops to our land to destroy and burn and spill innocent blood. behold it is made clear that his downfall is close …And now Princes of Germany, come and tell us of all manner of violence which the King of France committed against you .. for he with his craftiness he incited Germans against Germans and city fought city because of his lies. Was it not because of his jealousy that he turned his soldiers on the inhabitants of the banks of the Rhine and destroyed your cities and set fire to your houses and your houses of worship …”.
11 pages 17 cm. Good condition, stains, pen marks. Ink peeling in one place. New binding.
Only one other copy known in the world, the source of the record in the Bibliography Institute.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 493

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Laws of the French Empire – Seven Volumes – Laws and Regulations Concerning the Jews – Paris, 1806-1814

Bulletin Des Lois de L'empire Francais, 4e Serie [Laws of the French Empire, Series no. 4]. Volumes no. 4, 6, 8, 9, 13, 14 and 19. Paris, 1806-1814. French.
More than 200 booklets with laws and regulations of the French Empire under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte, bound in seven volumes. The booklets have regulations and laws related to French Jews which illuminate Napoleon's attitude towards the Jews. Among the regulations concerning the Jews, you can find the following:
*Regulation from March 1808 (Booklet no. 186), restricting trade and loans by Jews for a period of ten years. The regulation determines that debts which soldiers, minors and married women owe Jews shall be canceled as well as all the loans granted by Jews with interest over ten percent. Also, Jews are forbidden to move to another residence or to live in certain areas in France unless they purchase land for agriculture and commit themselves not to deal in trade. This regulation was part of Napoleon's attempts to wipe out Jewish businesses of lending with interest and to encourage Jews to deal in crafts or agriculture. This was in order to allegedly promote equality between Jews and the other French citizens.
*Regulation from July 1808 (Booklet no. 198), which determines that all Jews must adopt last names (until then French Jews did not have permanent last names). The regulation prohibited Jews to adopt names from the Old Testament or of the family's city of residence.
*Regulation from February 1811 (Booklet no. 351), grants full French citizenship to all Jews living in Livorno who are part of the Jewish community as of the publication of the regulation.
Other regulation concerning French Jews appear in Booklets no. 94, 140, 187, 197, 206, 207, 210, 315, 351, 549.
Seven volumes, approximately 21 cm. Overall good condition. Stains. Moth holes to one volume. The booklets which compose Vol. 19 are not bound. Some title pages have ink inscriptions.

Opening5,000$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 494

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Seder Tefillat Yisrael – Paris, 1856 – Bibliographically Unknown

Seder Tefillat Yisrael according to Sefardi custom, nicely arranged by Alexander ben Baruch Créhange. Paris, 1856.
In the years 1855-1865, a number of siddurim were published in Paris in Hebrew and in French translated by Alexander Créhange (for information about him, see attached material). This siddur, which has not been bibliographically listed, was printed completely in Hebrew and only the titles and instruction were printed in French.
[4], 397 pp, 15.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Handwritten inscriptions (pencil). Cardboard binding, slightly worn.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 495

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Sefer Goren Nachon – Lunéville, 1807

Sefer Goren Nachon – Correction of the Morals of the Soul by Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabirol, with the book "Ethics of the Philosophers" [by Hunayn ibn Ishaq], and the book “The Apple” by Aristotle. Lunéville, [1807].
This is the second edition, the first being printed in Riva Diterento in 1562.
Printed on the title page is the royal emblem of the emperor Napoleon I, who was crowned emperor three years before in December 1804.
20, 4, 4-15, 15-27, [2] leaves. 26 cm. Especially wide margins. Good condition, stains moth damage, tears in title page.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 496

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Chamisha Chumshei Torah, Luneville, 1809 – Complete Set

Chamisha Chumshei Torah, with Rashi commentary and Onkelos translation. Huge elegant edition, Luneville, [1809].
5 volumes: Section 1, Bereshit: [1], 91; [1], 8 leaves. Section 2, Shemot: [1], 81; [1], 10; 7 leaves. Section 3, Vayikra: [1], 53; [1], 11; 8 leaves. Section 4, Bamidbar: [1], 70; 8; 3 leaves. Section 5, Devarim: [1], 61, [1], 14; 5, 12 leaves.
Approx. 25 cm. Clear print upon thick quality paper, good condition, usage stains and foxing. First leaves of volume of Bereshit damaged at bottom with damage to text. Ancient ownership signatures “Hirsch Wolf son ---“. New elegant bindings.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 497

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Chamisha Chumshei Torah, Luneville, 1807-1809 – Complete Set

Chamisha Chumshei Torah, with Rashi commentary and Onkelos translation. Basic edition, Luneville, [1807-1809].
5 volumes: Section 1, Bereshit: 159, [1], 15 leaves. Section 2, Shemot: 146, [2], 22 leaves. Section 3, Vayikra: 96, 24 leaves. Section 4, Bamidbar: 127, [1], 16 leaves. Section 5, Devarim: 115, [1], 30 leaves.
Approx. 19.5 cm. Clear print upon thick quality paper, good-fair condition, wear, usage stains and foxing. Signatures and various notations. New elegant bindings.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 498

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Set of Machzorim, Luneville, 1797

Machzor as customary in Ashkenaz and Poland, with commentaries and laws. Luneville, [1797]. Approbations of chief rabbis of Metz and Nancy (France).
Volume one: prayers for Rosh HaShanah (and High Holy Days). Volume two: prayers for Yom Kippur. Volume three: prayers for Pesach, Shavu’ot and Sukkot. Commentary, laws and “Kavanat HaPaytan” printed in Yiddish, in Tzena U’Rena letters.
3 volumes: [2], 30, 96 leaves; [2], 30, 181, [1] leaves; [2], 30, 126 leaves; [2], 79 leaves; [2], 66, 66-109 leaves. 25.26 cm. Good condition. Quality paper with margins. Some wear and stains. Ownership notations and signatures from various periods. Original leather bindings, slightly damaged.
+ 2 leaves of “E-l Melech” prayer, which were printed separately for use while reciting Slichot. 21.5 cm. Fair condition.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 499

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Sefer Likutei Tzvi – Lunéville, 1798

Sefer Likutei Tzvi, selection of laws, prayers and Mishnayot for the yearly festivals. Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch of Fürth. Lunéville, [1798].
Order of releasing vows, The order for the “Night of Rosh Hashanah "[with Masechet Rosh Hashanah], Tashlich, the works of Rabeinu Yonah “Letter of Repentance” and “Basis of Repentance” order for the “Night of Yom Kippur [with Masechet Yoma], Order of Temple Service for Yom Kippur according to the Rosh, Ne’ila prayer, Masechet Succah, Tikun Adar 7, Matters concerning the month of Nissan, Masechet Beitza, Brit Mila, Birkat Hamazon, Tikun Hatzot and additional prayers. [The masechtot are with the commentary of Rabbi Ovadia Bartenura].
In the colophon: “May the L-rd assist us to complete the order of selichot which we have begun…” [see next item]
[2], 90, [18], 91-120 leaves, 20 cm. most pages in good condition, a number of pages in fair condition. Stains, dampness marks and wear. Title page torn at corners [partly restored]. New binding.

Opening200$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 500

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Seder Selichot Vetachnunim – Lunéville, 1799

Seder Selichot Vetachnunim, for the High Festivals and Four Fasts in accordance with the customs of France and Germany . Lunéville, [1799].
Book of Selichot in large format, includes morning service, with the full order of Selichot. Laws and commentary in “Ashkenazit” [Yiddish-Deutsch in traditional letters] and the order of Kapparot.]
Two title pages, the first illustrated with the figures of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob [Dream of the Ladder] and Jonah the Prophet [hinting at the name of the publisher Rabbi Jonah Willstadt?]
[2], 261 leaves. 24 cm. Wide margins. Very good condition. Stains. Signature “Kapil Frankel Segal”. Original binding, damaged.

Opening200$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 501

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Mesillat Yesharim – Lunéville, 1806 / Derech Tevunot, Offenbach, 1788

Sefer Mesillat Yesharim by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato, Ramchal, Lunéville [1806].
Bound before it: Sefer Derech Tevunot by Ramchal. Offenbach, 1788. Second edition.
Ownership inscription: “ Yozpe son of Rabbi Jacob Frank of Tauber Konigshaffen”.
Mesillat Yesharim: 66 leaves. Pale blue paper. 15 cm. Margins cut to edge of text. Very good condition. Isolated stains. Derech Tevunot: [3], 9, [7], 13-17 leaves, last page [index?] missing. Good condition, dark paper, isolated stains. Original binding, some damage.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 502

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Sefer Minhagim – Lunéville, 1806

Sefer Minhagim by Rabbi Issac Tirna, “of all these lands, Poland, Bohemia, Moravia and Germany”. Lunéville, [1806].
At the end of the book there is an additional work: “Orhot Haim (by the Rosh).
24, 24-35, 35-88 leaves (leaves 63-66 are not bound in order). 20cm. Good to very good condition. Stains, damage to spine of binding.

Opening200$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 503

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“Five Books” – Lunéville, 1807

‘Here are Five Books”, Volume includes 5 works: Masechet Derech Eretz [Raba and Zuta], Sefer Hagan [by Rabbi Yitzhak ben Eliezer], Sefer Zichron Teruah [by Rabbi Mordechai Brandes], “Orhot Haim (by the Rosh) and the book Binah Le’ittim [by Rabbi David Meldola]. Lunéville [1807].
Pocket format. Separate title page for each work, except for “Orhot Haim (by the Rosh). General title page at the beginning of the volume and after it an introduction. Printer’s introduction on reverse side of second title page.
Owners’ signatures: “In memory of the year of the generations I signed my name Pinhas Israel Zaks 1824".
4, 47; 88 leaves. 12 cm. Good condition, stains number of tears. Tiny moth holes on a few pages. Owners’ inscriptions. New binding.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 504

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Sha’ar Limud – Lunéville, 1806

Sha’ar Limud, “to teach the sons of Judah….”. Lunéville, [1806].
Aid for students. Explanations of the words in the Torah [divided into “parshiot”] in “the Ashkenaz language” [Yiddish- Deutsch]. Based on the book “Sefer Melamed Siach" by Rabbi Elyakim Ben Ya’akov of Comarno (Amsterdam, 1710), with changes.
67 leaves. 16 cm. Good condition, stains, slight wear. Without binding.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium
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