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Auction 33 Lot Number 7

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Portrait of the Gur Rebbe, Author of Imrei Emet – Embroidery

Portrait of the Gur Rebbe Author of Imrei Emet, machine embroidery. Eretz Israel, [1920s?]. 16.X10.5 cm, in a 26X23 cm. frame. Good condition.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 8

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Eli and Shmuel – Picture on Fabric

Eli and Shmuel, colored picture printed on felt (?). [England? 19th century]. The picture was done according to the drawing "Samuel Learns from Eli" by the artist John Singleton Copley (1738-1815). Placed in original frame from that time. Fabric: 26X18.5 cm. frame: 36.5X30 cm. Fair condition. Tears and damage to fabric. Damage to frame.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 9

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Drawing of the Sasson Family Succah in India

Drawing (watercolor on paper) presenting the Sasson family Succah in India. India (or England?), 1931. Drawing by Ms. M. Elias(?). Signed and dated. Described and dated on bottom: "Our 'Succah': 5692: 1931". The drawing depicts half of the inner part of the family Succah, elaborately decorated. Inside the Succah is a table set for nine diners. Placed in frame, glued on the back is a typewritten note with a dedication to Saliman Sasson, from his aunt (the dedication is in English). The note has an explanation that actually the Succah was intended for 18 diners who would be hosted every evening around the long table, and a few more words were added by hand: "Blessings of the Ushpizin I'la'in (elevated guests) should by emptied upon you", etc. 27.5X23 cm. frame: 28.5X24 cm. Good condition. Breaks to frame.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,599$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 10

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Rabbi in the Synagogue – Drawing on Bakelite

Rabbi blessing a child in the synagogue, colored drawing on Bakelite. [Germany, beginning of 20th century]. Colored drawing on a piece of elliptic Bakelite. Frame with gilded decorations. Drawing: 8X6 cm. frame: 14X12 cm. Good condition. Hook for hanging.

Opening200$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 11

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HaYad HaChazaka – Illustrated Handwritten Leaf – Lachava

Yad HaChazaka, for determination of seasonal periods. Illustrated handwritten leaf. Lachava [19th century].
Illustrations of “hands”, for determination of known periods based upon “intercalary” [leap year] books and other compositions pertaining to the calendar. Writer and illustrator signed his name: “Yisrael Michel son of Rabbi Asher son of Rabbi Yisrael Yechiel Michel of Vysotsk presently residing in Lachava”.
17.5X11 cm. good-fair condition, stains, folding marks.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 12

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Portuguese Synagogue in Hague – Etching – Holland, 1730

Synagogue der Portugeesche Iooden, etching. [Delft, Holland, 1730]. Structure of the Portuguese Synagogue in Hague, etching done by J. C. Phillips. The etching was printed in the book Beschryving van's Graven-Hage [description of Hague], by J. de Riemer publiched in Delft in 1730. Etching: 27X33 cm. frame :39X45 cm. Good condition. Few stains, folding line in center.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 13

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Family Tree – Descendants of Rabbi Eliyahu Mani, Jerusalem, 1936

Genealogy tree, containing names of the descendants of Ga’on Kabbalist Rabbi Eliyahu Mani Av Beit Din of Hebron (1818-1899). Lithography. Jerusalem, 1936 . “Solomon” art, Jaffa St. Beit Mani, Jerusalem.
Approx. 35X50 cm. leaf. Good condition, folding marks, uneven cutting of margins.

Opening200$ Unsold
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