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Auction 33 Lot Number 19

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Ketubah DeIrchesa [Lost], Signed by Rabbi Ya’akov Moshe Ayash and Rabbi Chananya Michael Aryeh – Jerusalem, 1805

Ketubah DeIrchesa [lost Ketubah] written for Rabbi Moshe son of Rabbi Markado son of deceased Rabbi Yosef Zarka, and his wife Ms. Clara. Jerusalem, [1805].
Signed by husband Rabbi Moshe Zarka and witnesses: Rabbi Ya’akov Moshe Ayash and Rabbi Chananya Yitzchak Michael Aryeh.
Following signatures, statement of obligations for dowry brought by wife, resigned by husband and abovementioned rabbis.
Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Ya’akov Moshe Ayash (1750-1817, Otzar HaRabbanim 10254), son of Ga’on Rabbi Yehuda Ayash, among Torah scholars of Algeria and Jerusalem. Prior to 1779 was sent as emissary of Jerusalem to cities of North Africa and afterwards to Italy. Served in rabbinate of communities of Siena and Ferrara where he had notable students. At old age returned to Eretz Israel and was appointed chief rabbi and Av Beit Din of Jerusalem succeeding Rabbi Moshe Yosef Mordechai Meyuchas. Brought his father’s compositions as well as other compositions to print. The Chida [Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azuliai] referred to him as: “Ya’akov, the humble… wholesome scholar…, emissary…”.
Rabbi Chananya Yitzchak Michael Aryeh (Otzar HaRabbnim 6705), member of Beit Din of Jerusalem during that period. Authored Sha’arei Chaim – commentary on Sefer Mekach U’Mimkar by Rav Hai Ga’on (printed in Thessaloniki, 1819).
Handwritten leaf, 25 cm. Good condition, dark stains, folding marks and tiny holes. Signatures of first rabbis faded.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 20

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Collection of “Tosefet Ketubah” Shtarot – Germany, 1774-1828

Collection of handwritten shtarot, testimony on Tosefet Ketubah, written in various communities of Bavaria (Germany).
*Tosefet Ketubah of Rabbi Yonah ben R' Naftali Shmuel of Oettingen in Bayern to his wife Talin bat R' Moshe of Hainsfarth, Tamuz 1774. [Hainsfarth is a settlement on the outskirts of Oettingen in Bayern]. *Tosefet Ketubah of Rabbi Yitzchak Aryeh called Zeligman Leib ben R' David to his wife Rechla bat R' Avraham Heidenheim – signed by the local rabbi: "Mordechai Segal Dayan in Gunzenhausen and its surroundings and Rabbi of Cronheim". Cronheim, Kislev 1795. * Tosefet Ketubah of Rabbi Chaim ben R' Yehuda Yoel of Oberndorf to his wife Nanle bat R' Binyamin called Wolf HaLevi, Elul 1814. Tosefet Ketubah of Rabbi Shlomo ben R' Eliezer called Lipman to his wife Hindel bat R' Yehuda Neuberger of Oettingen in Bayern, Pflaumloch, Shevat 1825.
4 ketubot, 8 leaves. Varied size, good condition. Placed in a new binding.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 21

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Two Wedding Ketubot and Shtar Tenaim – Ofen, Pest and Bacău

* “Shtar Tenaim”, between R’ Zalman Livner, for his son the Groom Pinchas and R’ Yosef “The Schatz, here” for his daughter the Bride Sheryl. Ofen [or Buda, today part of Budapest], 26 July 1825. Handsome Ashkenazic writing. Heading at top of sheet: “Mazal Tov, they shall grow to great heights”. Signatures of the fathers of the couple and the groom, and signatures of the witnesses Jacob son of Zvi Hazan of Pest, and Mordechai Schwartz, Shochet at Ofen.
* Handwritten Ketubah recording the marriage of the groom Moshe son of Haver R’ Dov Ber with bride Yetel daughter of Yerachmiel, Pest [today part of Budapest], September 4, 1852. Signed Meir son of Solomon Kuhnshtetter, and Joshua son of R’ Lipman from Estich.
* Handwritten Ketubah for the marriage of the groom Abraham Haim Altir son of Shabtai to the bride Esther daughter of Isaac Yehuda Leib, Bacău (Romania) 22 December 1852. Signed: HaKadosh Isaac Av Bet Din Bakoi son of Israel Issar, and Dov Ber son of R’ Abraham Segal.
Shtar Tenaim: 34 cm., two ketubot: approx. 22 cm. general condition good, stains folding marks.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 22

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Ketubah on Parchment – Prague, 1847

Ketubah on parchment, recording the marriage of “Rabbi Levi son of Rabbi Moshe Shimon” and bride “—Chaya known as Caralina”. Prague, 13 Tamuz, 1847.
Witness signatures: “Yosef known as Yosef Ivlis, faithful beadle of community of Prague”. Governmental tax stamps authorizing Ketubah, at beginning of leaf.
25.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains, folding marks, worn or blurry text in several places.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 23

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Ketubah on Parchment – Strasbourg, 1910

Ketubah, written in fine scribe writing upon parchment; recording the marriage of groom Shlomo known as Sali son of Rabbi Moshe Tzvi and bride Viali known as Pelis daughter of Rabbi Meir. Strasbourg, Tevet 1910.
25.5 cm. Very good condition, filing holes.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 24

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Kebubah Recording the Marriage of Ga’on Rabbi Moshe Frankenthal – Jerusalem, 1877

Handwritten Ketubah, recording the marriage of groom Moshe Shlomo [Frankenthal], and bride Sarah Nechama daughter of Rabbi Yeshaya [Orenstein]. Jerusalem, 15 Av, 1877.
Groom is well-known Torah giant of Jerusalem, Rabbi Moshe Shochat-Frankenthal (1859-1942), son-in-law of Ga’on Rabbi Yeshaya Orenstein. Sharp genius, proficient in all realms of Torah, considered one of greatest Torah scholars of Jerusalem. In his youth he already established the study group by Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin, together with his brother-in-laws Rabbi Ya’akov Orenstein and Rabbi Shlomo Blau; all three were his prominent disciples who frequently visited his home. As instructed by his rabbi, Rabbi Moshe became chief slaughterer of Jerusalem, however, upon reaching the age of forty he retired and spent the rest of his days studying Torah.
Approx. 29 cm. Fair condition, wear damage and stains.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 25

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Colorful Illustrated Ketubah Recording the Marriage of Rabbi Avraham Pilosof – Jerusalem, 1879

Colorful illustrated and ornamented Ketubah in Moroccan-Oriental handwriting, recording the marriage of the groom “charming young man, may he be blessed, prominent scholar Rabbi Avraham Pilosof”, and bride Joya daughter of Rabbi Raphael Moshe HaKohen. Signature of groom and rabbinical signatures of witnesses Rabbi “Shlomo son of Rabbi Avraham” and “David son of Gij”. Jerusalem, 13 Sivan, 1879. Groom Rabbi Avraham Pilosof (1864-1940), later on known as one of leading rabbis of Jerusalem, born in Larissa (city neighboring Thessaloniki, Greece); when he was approximately one year old immigrated with his parents to Jerusalem. Studied Torah by scholars of Jerusalem; disciple of Rabbi Baruch Pinto who was relative of his wife. Associate of “Beit E-l” and studied Kabbalah by Rabbi Yitzchak Sharim. In 1897 was appointed Dayan in Beit Din headed by Rabbi Ya’akov Shimon of Tallinn together with his rabbi, Rabbi Yitzchak Sharim. Upon establishment of office of rabbinate in 1921 was appointed as chief Av Beit Din of Sephardic rabbinical court. Served in communal positions and led Sephardic congregation of Jerusalem. 77X53 cm. Colorful illustrations, decorations and writing. Fair condition, stains, wear and tear. It is interesting to note that in book Yehudei HaMizrach by Moshe David Ga’on, p. 551, he writes that the marriage of Rabbi Avraham and Ms. Joya daughter of Rabbi Raphael Moshe HaKohen took place in Sivan 1881, whereas in this Ketubah it is verified that he married in Sivan 1879.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 26

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Jerusalem Ketubah – 1926

Ketuba printed with gilded ink, adornments and pictures of the Holy Sites, Rothstein printing press. Jerusalem.
Completed by hand, recording the marriage of the groom Rabbi Mordechai Ya'ir ben R' Chaim David with the bride Esther Raizel bat Rabbi Ya'akov Asher HaLevi. Witnesses' signatures: Rabbi "Michel Avraham Harrison" [Rabbi Michel Menker] and Rabbi "Fishel Kaplan" [Rabbi Fishel Melamed] and stamps of the Badatz. Jerusalem, Sivan 1926.
The groom, Rabbi Mordechai Ya'ir Houseman (1902-1984), son-in-law of the famous Jerusalem Torah genius Rabbi Ya'akov Asher HaLevi Grayevsky, (1866-1946), author of Brit HaLevi and Shevet HaLevi.
41 cm. Fair condition, stains, wear damage to paper fold.
The Bibliography Institute CD does not have any titles of the Rothstein printing press in Jerusalem. This press in mentioned in the book B'She'arayich Jerusalem (Jerusalem, 1949).

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Auction 33 Lot Number 27

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Three Ketubot

* Handwritten Ketubah, Garwolin (town adjacent to Warsaw, in region of Siedlce, Poland). 1894. * Handwritten Ketubah, Łódź (Poland), 1920. * Ketubah printed in gold ink (Printing press of Levi and Co., Jerusalem, c. 1910). Filled in in handwriting for marriage in holy city Rechovot. 1926.
3 Ketubot, various sizes, good to good-fair condition.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 28

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Collection of Ketubot – Eastern Countries

* BeSimana Tava U’BeMazal Ya’eh – handwritten Ketubah recording the marriage of groom Ya’akov son of Rabbi Moshe Ochanuna and bride Zohara daughter of Yosef Pachima. Tagazut (Morocco?), [1908]. Witness signature: “Mordechai bar Sa’id, known as Amos“.
* BeShem Rachaman Maleh Rachamim – handwritten Ketubah recording the marriage of groom Shalom son of Rabbi Moshe Waltzulcher and bride Sarah daughter of Tzadkiel Pensporcher. Tzirner (India?), Adar [1928]. Signatures of witnesses and groom in Marathi writing, and signature of leader of wedding ceremony: “Yosef Moshe Sporcher”.
* BeSimana Tava – handwritten Ketubah recording the marriage of groom Moshe son of Yosef Adban and bride Masouda daughter of Shlomo Asbag. Sijilmasa (Tafilalet, Morocco), 17 Kislev [1937]. (Frame in Oriental-architectural style).
* BeSiman Tava – Eshtecha KeGefen Poriah – printed Ketubah in printing press of Abuhav in Galata (Turkey). Filled in in handwriting, recording the marriage of groom Yosef Tzvilia. Galata adjacent to Constantinople, [1921]. Signature of witness “Ya’akov Palagi” and additional signatures. Official stamps and entry stamps.
Various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 33 Lot Number 29

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Printed Ketubot – Various Countries

Printed blank marriage certificate forms. * Ketubah from America [“according to count… in North America”], 1915. * Ketubah. Enyng [Hungary]. * Ketubah. Király [Romania?]. * Two similar Ketubot, without listing of location.
Various sizes, general condition good.

Opening200$ Unsold
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