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Three Books – Glosses

* Chacham Tzvi Responsa. Rabbi Tzvi Ashkenazi. Lvov, 1858. Bound with: Noda B’Yehuda responsa, Tanina edition. Rabbi Yechezkel Landau. Lvov, 1858. Several lengthy glosses in handwriting of Rabbi Gedalia Vestil Av Beit Din of Moineşti [signed by him], with leaf of Divrei Torah in his handwriting and signature.
* Jerusalemite Talmud – Tractate Berachot, with commentary Rabbi Shlomo Sirilio. Published by Rabbi Meir Lehmann. Mainz, [1878]. Stamps Rabbi “Avraham Tzvi son of Yosef Klein Av Beit Din of Silash-Balash”. Several glosses in his handwriting [some cut off].
* Sefer Shushan Edut, commentary on the Mishnayot, tractate Eduyot. Rabbi Zev Wolf Boskowitz. Paks, [1903]. (6 index leaves and list of subscribers at end of book unlisted in Bibliography Institute). Bound with: Sefer LeBinyamin Amar, commentary on Agadot Rabbah Bar Bar Chana, by Rabbi Zev Wolf HaLevi Boskowitz. Paks, [1905]. Ownership notations, signature Rabbi “Avraham HaLevi Ish Horowitz”, lengthy gloss in his handwriting upon back binding leaf (signed: A.H.).
Various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 386

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Four Books – Glosses

* Sefer Ha’Orah attributed to Rashi; rulings and Halachot. Sections 1-2. Lvov, [1905]. * Midrash Tehillim – Shocher Tov, sections 1-2. Vilnius, 1891. * Sefer Reshit Chochma. Rabbi Eliyahu Vidas. [Unidentified edition, 19th century] (incomplete at beginning and end). * Sefer Nezer Yisrael, section one – laws of Shabbat. Includes Sefer Mikra Kodesh. Section two – laws of holiday and Chol HaMo’ed. By Rabbi Yisrael Matityahu Auerbach. Biłgoraj, 1909.
All books contain handwritten glosses by unidentified writer. Ink-stamp “Zev Yedidya” and ownership notation “Yishaya son of Yitzchak Ya’akov”.
Various sizes and conditions. Three books missing bindings.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 387

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Collection of Books with Glosses

For complete list, see Hebrew description.
4 books, various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 388

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Letter by Rabbi Moshe Zacuto – Mantua, 1681

Letter of authorization in holy handwriting and signature of Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Zacuto – The Ramaz. Mantua, 7 Tishrei [1681].
“I have received… five hundred on account of the wages due to me from the holy congregations for the past three months; Tamuz, Av and Elul of 1681, and I have signed my name attesting to this here in Mantua, Moshe son of Rabbi Mordechai Zacuto”. Followed by signature of Rabbi Yehuda Briel [member of Beit Din of the Ramaz, successor to him in the rabbinate of Mantua and leading Torah scholar of Italy during that period – see attached material].
The Ramaz – Rabbi Moshe Zacuto (1612-1698, Otzar HaRabbanim 14674), divine genius and Kabbalist. Among transmitters of wisdom of Kabbalah in Italy and throughout countries of Europe. Native of Amsterdam; studied Kabbalah by Rabbi Shaul Mortira. Studied in Poland with Rabbi Yitzchak of Poznan and Rabbi Elchanan of Vilnius under whom he grew tremendously in Torah. He received the essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah from Kabbalist Rabbi Binyamin HaLevi, among disciples of the Ari (some ascribe him as author of Chemdat Yamim – see “Chemdat Yamim Treasury”).
In Shem HaGedolim, the Chida notes that he was granted a heavenly spirit. Rabbi Gur Aryeh HaLevi of Mantua testified that he heard the inner spirit speak from within him.
Served in the rabbinate of Venice together with Rabbi Azarya Figo. From 1673 served as rabbi in Mantua until his death on Sukkot (1697) – year of birth of the Ba’al Shem Tov.
His disciples include: Rabbi Binyamin HaKohen (the Rabach) father-in-law of Rabbi Yeshaya Basan among rabbis of the Ramchal, and Rabbi Avraham Reggio.
His books include: Rabbi Moshe Zacuto Responsa, Kol HaRamaz on the Mishnayot, Igrot HaRamaz (most of which were written to his disciple the Rabach), Shoda Dedeina, commentaries on Sefer HaZohar, Tifteh Aruch, Yesod Olam, Tikun Shovevim and more. Composed many poems and arranged many of the prayers which are customary until today according to Kabbalah – for additional information related to him see attached material.
9.5 cm. leaf. Very good condition. Folding marks, tear (not damaging text). Placed in especially elegant blue and red leather case with gilded imprints and protective glass cover.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 389

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Two Halachic Rulings – Signed by Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Rabbi of Tarnów – 1773

Two halachic rulings concerning estates, signed by the city rabbis Rabbi "Zvi Hirsh [of Pres---?] Tarnów", Rabbi Reuven ben Ma'azal [Arenfreind?]", Rabbi "David ben Shemaya" and Rabbi "Yitzchak Isaac". Tarnów, 1773.
One ruling refers to a Badatz ruling in regard to distribution of the estate in the keeping of the Rabbi of Chodzieź.
Leaf 34.5 cm. Signed by Rabbi Zvi Hirsh and signatures of two dayanim. Leaf 21 cm. with signatures of three dayanim, and four handwritten lines with the signature of Rabbi Zvi Hirsh the city rabbi. Good-fair condition, wear and light tears.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 390

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Letter of Ordination by Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan Rabbi of Kovno

Letter of ordination handwritten and signed by Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan, to Rabbi Shraga Meir Leizerowitz. Kovno, 1885.
Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan Spector (1817-1896), a foremost rabbi of his generation, known for his genius, diligence and tremendous righteousness. Considered the top Torah authority of his generation who led Lithuania and Russian Jewry for many years with wisdom and serenity. Served in the rabbinate at a young age, from c. 1837. In 1864, was appointed Rabbi of Kovno, where he became famous all over the world as one of the greatest "poskim". His responsa and novellae were printed in his series of books: "Be'er Yitzchak", "Nachal Yitzchak" and "Ein Yitzchak".
The recipient of the ordination is Rabbi Shraga Meir Leizerovitz, born in Kelm in c. 1940. A childhood friend of Lithuanian "mekubalim", Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv, Rabbi Leib Lipkin and Rabbi Aharon Shlomo Maharil. In c. 1890, he reached England and served there in the "Chevrat Shas" rabbinate for many years. Died in Jerusalem in 1929.
Leaf 20 cm. good-fair condition. Wear and tear, pasted on paper for conservation.
Enclosed is a copy of the "semicha" writ, in the handwriting of the bibliography of Vilnius and London Mr. Eliyahu Eliezer Skolsky (died 1951).

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Auction 30 Lot Number 391

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Letter of Ordination by Rabbi Bezalel HaCohen of Vilna (Rabbi of the “Chafetz Chaim”)

A letter of ordination handwritten and signed by Rabbi Bezalel HaCohen of Vilna, to Rabbi Shraga Meir Leizerovitz. Written on a journey to Vilnius, 1874.
The letter was written at the inn at the train station to Vilnius: "While passing today on the iron rails which go to our community, we chanced in one inn". He writes of Rabbi Shraga Meir: He has great capability to judge and rule the laws of "Yoreh Deah" and "Choshen Mishpat" and "Apparently, he has spent much time studying the words of the earlier and later 'poskim' to know… and to respond according to 'halacha'… well-versed in the words of the later 'poskim' and their sources in the Talmud and 'Rishonim'… Undoubtedly, he will be one of the generation's Torah leaders".
Rabbi Bezalel HaCohen of Vilna (1820-1878), an outstanding rabbi in his generation, known from his childhood as an exceptional genius. At his bar-mitzvah meal which was also his marriage feast, he made a "siyum" on the whole Talmud and gave a homily that astonished all of Vilnius's great Torah scholars. At the age of 18, the author of "Mishkenot Ya'akov" already sent him his book to look over. At 23, he was appointed rabbi of his city, Vilnius (at a time when it was full of exceptional outstanding Torah geniuses), and for decades he was the chief posek and spiritual leader of the Vilnius community. Some of his renowned disciples: his younger brother Rabbi Shlomo HaCohen of Vilna, author of "Cheshek Shlomo" and Rabbi Yisrael Meir HaCohen, author of the "Chafetz Chaim". He wrote the "Reshit Bikurim" responsa, his glosses "Mareh Cohen" printed in the Vilna Talmud and in the Vilna "Shulchan Aruch"; the "Minchat Bikurim" glosses on the "Tosefta", etc.
32 cm. Fair condition, much wear to paper folds, pasted on paper for preservation.
A copy of the "semicha" writ is enclosed, in the handwriting of Mr. Eliyahu Eliezer Sakolsky from Vilnius and London (died 1951).

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Auction 30 Lot Number 392

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Letter by Rabbi Zalman Sender Cahane Shapira Rabbi of Malsch and Krinek

Letter by Rabbi Shlomo Sender Cahane Shapira to Dr. Avraham Eliyahu Harkabi. Malsch, 1901. His handwriting and signature, with his stamp and the yeshiva stamp.
An application to Dr. Harkabi known for his connections and influence to help strengthen the yeshiva that Rabbi Cahane established in Malsch.
Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Sender Cahane Shapira (1851-1923), one of the most phenomenal Torah geniuses of Lithuania. Great-grandson of Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin, disciple of the Netziv and of the author of Beit HaLevi. Lithuanian Torah leaders and heads of yeshivas held him in unusually high esteem. In 1885, he was chosen as Rabbi of Malsch where he established his yeshiva Anaf Etz Chaim [named for the Etz Chaim Yeshiva in Volozhin which closed at that time], which became one of the most important yeshiva in Lithuania. In 1903, he moved to serve as Rabbi of Krinek and moved his yeshiva there. His son is Rabbi Avraham Dober Shapira, author of Dvar Avraham Rabbi of Kovne. In 1921, he moved to Eretz Yisrael, settled in Jerusalem and died after a short while. From his novellae, the two volumes of Chidushei HaGarzas were printed (Machon Yerushalayim, 1993).
28 cm. Good condition, stains and folding marks.

Opening750$ Unsold

Auction 30 Lot Number 393

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A Letter by Rabbi Yosef Zundel Hutner rabbi of Deretchin and Eišiškės

Letter of Torah thoughts and rabbinical matters, by Rabbi Yosef Zundel Hutner. Deretchin, 1887.
The letter was sent to his brother-in-law the renowned Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Leib Rottenberg-Mishkovsky, Rabbi of Stavisk (1836-1898), a renowned Lithuanian Torah genius and tzaddik. The letter begins with a halachic discussion regarding treifot of the sinews. Further in the letter, Rabbi Hutner discusses a recommendation for attaining a rabbinic position for "My brother, dear as my own self, the great rabbi famous for his sharp mind and his breadth of knowledge, learns Torah in depth and has straight logic and a dear soul Rabbi Avraham Ya'akov".
Rabbi Yoseph Zundel Hutner (1846-1899), a great Lithuanian Torah genius. Was a learning partner of Rabbi Meir Simcha HaCohen for several years. When Rabbi Yoseph Zundel was offered the rabbinate of his native city, Dvinsk, he feared that the rabbinate of such a large city may hinder his studies, so he passed the offer on to his companion, author of Or Same'ach. From 1881, Rabbi Yoseph Zundel served in the rabbinate of Deretchin and from 1897, as Rabbi and Head of Yeshiva in Eišiškės. He wrote Chevel Yoseph [a general name for his renowned books on the four parts of the Shulchan Aruch, Ulam HaMishpat, Chedrei Deah, Ginzei Chaim and Chukei Ha'Azara]. His father-in-law was rabbi Avraham Kretchmer, emissary of the Volozhin Yeshiva, who was also the father-in-law of the recipient of this letter Rabbi Chaim Leib of Stavisk.
The Chafetz Chaim admired him as a holy man and often sent people who turned to him for advice and salvation to Rabbi Yosef Zundel saying, "He is a great tzaddik – go to him and he will pray for you". A famous story is told about the Chafetz Chaim who sent a special emissary to Rabbi Yoseph Zundel for a blessing on behalf of the Chafetz Chaim. The emissary did not understand the meaning of the blessing and therefore he feared delivering Rabbi Yoseph Zundel's blessing who blessed the Chafetz Chaim that he merit going barefoot and carrying stones [e.g. that he should merit being a Cohen Gadol who carries the stones of the choshen and goes barefoot in the Beit HaMikdash]. When the Chafetz Chaim heard the blessing, he responded that even one of the blessings is sufficient, meaning he should merit serving in the Beit HaMikdash as a regular Cohen… The Chafetz Chaim even asked him for an approbation for his book Likutei Halachot.
2 pages, 21 cm. More than 20 lines in his handwriting and with his signature. Fair condition. Wear and tear. Pasted on paper. Stains.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 30 Lot Number 394

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Letter by Rabbi Chaim Elazar Wachs Author of Nefesh Chaya – Includes Lengthy Response by Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kara

Letter in handwriting and signature of the Ga’on Rabbi Chaim Elazar Wachs Av Beit Din of Kalush author of Nefesh Chaya, regarding citrons of Land of Israel. Kalisz, 1873.
Leaf contains brief letter in handwriting and signature of recipient of letter, the Ga’on Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kara Av Beit Din of Włocławek. Other three pages contain draft in handwriting of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kara consisting of an interesting response letter regarding value of citrons of Land of Israel, and virtue of citrons of Geneva, which are superior to citrons of island of Corfu and other islands.
Rabbi Chaim Elazar Wachs (1826-1889), among Torah giants of his generation and leaders of Jewry of Poland. Served in rabbinate of Tarnogród, Kalush and Piotrkow, however was mainly known as “Rabbi of Kalisz”, and was eventually known by the name of his book Nefesh Chaya. Was son-in-law of the Ga’on Rabbi Yehoshu’a of Kutna author of Yeshu’ot Malko and together were active for the benefit of settlement of Eretz Israel. From 1869 served as president of Poland Kollel for poverty-stricken of Eretz Israel and even purchased plots of land in village of Chitin near Tiberias, and planted orchards of citrons, in order to establish an economic basis for Jewish settlement in Eretz Israel. Among his famous disciples: Rabbi Meir Dan Plotsky Av Beit Din of Devhart author of Kli Chemda.
Recipient of letter and writer of response: The Ga’on Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kara (1803-1895), Av Beit Din of Włocławek and among elderly rabbis of Prussian-Poland (North-Poland). Known for his books “Kol Omer Kara”, “Minchat Shabbat” and “Tavo’ach Ve’Hachen”, which were printed in many editions.
4 pages, 22 cm. Good-fair condition, foxing and ink stains, wear on folds.

Opening1,200$ Sold For4,182$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 395

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Letter by Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski to Rabbi Shmuel Salant – Vilnius, 1903

Lengthy and interesting letter in handwriting and signature of the Ga’on Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski. Vilnius, Isru-Chag Pesach 1903.
Letter sent to the Ga’on Rabbi Shmuel Salant, rabbi of Jerusalem, concerning monetary matters of the “Kollelim” in Jerusalem. In the letter he harshly opposes sending money in a manner which directly passes through the hands of a specific individual, and he notes: “Regarding the funds sent to a specific individual, I am requesting that in the future they avoid doing so and we will refuse to accept them, because eventually it will be unclear who the money belongs to”. He forewarns of rumors spread by other sects opposing the collection of funds for Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNess, which negatively affects fundraising. “This obstacle arises from those searching for a pretext who wish to use the fund of Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNess for other matters, or by those who have futile dreams and make use of the fund of Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNess, and therefore fabricate tales about the emissaries and claim that they will send them directly…”.
2 pages, 20.5 cm. More than 25 lines in his handwriting and signature. Fair condition, scorching on leaf margins without damage to text.

Opening1,200$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 396

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Letter by Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski – Recommendation for Veterinarian

Letter of request by Avraha Vigdorchik of Vilnius, to Rabbi Aryeh Lavit the veterinarian of the Tel Aviv Municipality to employ his son the veterinarian Dr. Mordechai Avigdori. Vilnius, 1935.
On the reverse side is a letter by Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzensky, in his handwriting and with his signature, joining the letter of recommendation: "I shall be happy to ask about the wellbeing of my friend and relative… at the same time I shall request for Dr… Vigdorchik to recommend him to be accepted as a doctor, I hope that you will do kindness to a resident of your city…".
Leaf, 27 cm. Good condition, stains, wear to margins and folding marks.

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 30 Lot Number 397

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Two Letters of Recommendation by Rashei Yeshivot in Kremenchuk, 1920 – One Sent to Chofetz Chaim and Son-In-Law

* Letter of recommendation to young man Binyamin Trachtman who studied in Sha’arei Torah Yeshiva in Kremenchuk (Ukraine) for two years. Letter in handwriting and signature of the Ga’on Rabbi Shlomo Hyman among teachers of Yeshiva. Elul 1920.
The well-known Ga’on Rabbi Shlomo Hyman (c. 1890-1945), disciple of Radin Yeshiva and disciple of Rabbi Baruch Ber
Leibowitz in Halosk Yeshiva. Served as teacher in Yeshiva of Rabbi Baruch Ber during World War I when the Yeshiva exiled from Slabodka to Kremenchuk. He was later on summoned by his rabbi and mentor, the Chofetz Chaim, to the Yeshiva in Smilavichy which was started by Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman. After the Chofetz Chaim returned to Lithuania together with his Yeshivot, Rabbi Shlomo resumed teaching Torah in Kremenchuk [in Yeshiva of his brother-in-law, Rabbi Eliezer Yitzchak Berman]. This document is a rare and significant item from that mysterious period of his life. Upon returning to Lithuania was appointed in 1923 as teacher in Yeshiva of Rabbi Elchanan Wassermann in Baranovich. Afterwards he moved to Vilnius and served as Rosh Yeshiva of “Ramailes” Yeshiva. In 1935 began serving as Rosh Yeshiva of Torah Vo’Da’at in the USA. His Chidushim were printed by the Ga’on Rabbi Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz [who was his disciple from period of Ramailes] in two volumes of “Chidushei Rabbi Shlomo”.
* Letter of recommendation for young man “submitting this letter”, sent to Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Levinson son-in-law of the Chofetz Chaim, by his “disciple”. Kremenchuk, [Elul 1920].
Letter unsigned [apparently out of concern of “evil eye” of authorities]. Written in handwriting upon stationery (printed in Russian) of the righteous Rabbi “Chaim Ber Gringras of Kremenchuk” [among respected personalities of community of Rabbi Baruch Ber in Kremenchuk. Father-in-law of Rabbi Shlomo Harkavi, Rabbi Avraham Ya’akov Gordon, Rabbi Baruch Ya’akov Zmodzak and Rabbi David Rapoport author of Mikdash David, who married his youngest daughter in 1931, after the demise of her father in 1928]. In the letter it is mentioned that the young man studied in the Yeshiva of the Ga’on Rabbi Eliezer Yitzchak Berman in Kremenchuk.
At conclusion of letter the writer sends regards to family of his rabbi and mentor “I send regards to rebbe, rabbi of the Diaspora, the honorable Rabbi Yisrael Meir HaKohen”.
Presumably, the writer is the righteous genius Rabbi Shlomo Harkavi (c. 1890-perished in Holocaust), prominent disciple of Radin Yeshiva, who married eldest daughter of Rabbi Chaim Ber Gringras in Kremenchuk where he taught Torah. For approximately twenty years served as spiritual director of Sha’ar HaTorah Yeshiva in Grodno headed by Rabbi Shimon Shkop, and was considered leading personality of ethics in Yeshivot of Lithuania.
Two letters, 21 cm. Good-fair condition, wear damage on folds and margins.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 398

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Letter from the Radin Yeshiva – Signed by Two Grandsons of the Chafetz Chaim

Letter from the Chafetz Chaim Yeshiva in Radin, signed by the managers of the yeshiva, Rabbi "Yehoshua Leib ben Rabbi T. Levinson" and "Rabbi Eliezer Ze'ev Kaplan". Radin, Nissan 1936.
A thank-you letter in Yiddish sent to Philadelphia in the USA for a donation to the Radin Yeshiva.
The yeshiva's official stationary, 29.5 cm. Good condition, light creases.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 399

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Two Halachic Responses by Rabbi Seckel Bamberger

* Letter with a halachic query, if a "Torah aliya" is permitted to be given to someone who is in the Synagogue but does not put on "tefillin". Lithographic printing of a letter written by Rabbi "Seckel ben Rabbi Simcha Bamberger", [this letter was apparently sent to several rabbis]. Bad-Kissingen, 1905.
2 leaves, 33 cm. Fair condition, wear to margins and folds.
* Letter with a halachic query, regarding "chatzitza" in "tevila", to Rabbi David Zvi Hoffman author of "Melamed L'Ho'il". Handwritten and signed by his son Rabbi Simcha Bamberger who wrote the query "as commanded by his father Rabbi Seckel".
3 pages, 22.5 cm. Good condition.
Rabbi Seckel Yitzchak HaLevi Bamberger Rabbi of Bad-Kissingen and its region (died 1934, "Otzar HaRabbanim" 11312). Son of Rabbi Simcha Bamberger Rabbi of Aschaffenburg and grandson of Rabbi Yitzchak Dov (Rabbi Seligman Ber) Bamberger Rabbi of Würzburg, in his youth published the novellae of Rabbi Avraham Bing, "Zichron Avraham" and added enlightening comments. He also published his father's book "Zecher Simcha". After the death of his father-in-law and uncle Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Leib Bamberger Rabbi of Bad-Kissingen (son-in-law of the "Aruch LaNer"), he succeeded him as Rabbi of Bad-Kissingen where he served until his death in 1934.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 400

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Collection of Various Letters

* Letter of Torah thoughts, by Rabbi Seckel HaLevi Bamberger to Rabbi Moses Chaim Litch-Segal (Rosenbaum). Schrimm, 1902. * Printed letter by Hungarian rabbis, concerning budgeting the kindling of a light in synagogues during the war. Budapest, 1916. * Letter by Rabbi Moshe Avigdor Amiel. Antwerp, 1935. * List of those who belonged to "Kollel Chabad" in Jerusalem who died from Tishrei until Sivan 5679 (1919). Signed by "Head of the Flag" Rabbi Yisrael Shimon Shain. * Letter to Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, protesting the situation of the "Bikur Cholim" Hospital. Signed by 11 Jerusalem community leaders. 1931. * Interesting letter by Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe-Schlesinger to his family. 1976.
6 items, various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 401

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Letter by Rabbi Shlomo Av Beit Din of Karcag

Letter by Rabbi Shlomo Schick Av Beit Din of Karcag, to leaders of community of Carlsburg. Kacag (Hungary), [1877].
The Ga’on Rabbi Shlomo Tzvi Schick (1844-1916), disciple of the Maharam Schick (his relative, Rabbi Shlomo Tzvi Schick composed books on him and on genealogy of the Schick family); served as rabbi of Karcag from 1869. Famous rabbi, authored Rashban Responsa, Siddur Rashban and additional books.
28 cm. Good condition, folding marks.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 30 Lot Number 402

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Authorization of Ordination as “Shochet” Handwritten and Signed by the Maharitz Dushinsky

Authorization of inspection of a "shochet"'s knife, handwritten and signed by Rabbi Yosef Zvi Dushinsky Rabbi and "Ga'avad" of the "Eda HaCharedit". Jerusalem, Elul 1940.
The Maharitz – Rabbi Yosef Zvi Dushinsky (1868-1948), a prominent Hungarian Torah scholar, served as Rabbi and yeshiva dean in Chust and Galanta. In 1933, he immigrated to Eretz- Yisrael to serve in the rabbinate of the "Eda HaCharedit" and to lead the "Charedi" community in Eretz-Yisrael. He participated in the "Agudat Yisrael" delegation to the Peel Commission and to other UN committees, preceding the establishment of the State of Israel.
Official stationary, 21 cm. Good condition, folding marks.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 403

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Letter by Ga’on Rabbi Aharon Walkin Av Beit Din of Pinsk

Letter in handwriting and signature of the Ga’on Rabbi Aharon Walkin to natives of Pinsk residing in New York. Pinsk, 2 Shvat [1930].
Heartfelt letter of request to “faraway members of our city who are close to our hearts” in appeal to support the Yeshiva in Pinsk in which over two hundred young men study “and although their spiritual sustenance is abundant… the Yeshiva students are direly lacking material needs and are nearly starving to death… it is painful to observe the dear students, studying Torah day and night, ...suffering from the pangs of poverty…”.
The Ga’on Rabbi Aharon Walkin (1865-1942, Otzar HaRabbanim 1548), among leading rabbinical authorities and teachers of Torah in Lithuania. Studied in Vizhnitz and was among prominent disciples of the Netziv. Later on he studied in Kollel of the Prushim in Kovno and was closely associated with Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan Spektor. Served in the rabbinate of communities of Gruzd, Siad and Amtzislav. During World War I was apprehended by the Russians and while in prison authored his composition Beit Aharon on tractate Bava Kamma. Miraculously escaped to Poland where he was appointed as rabbi of the city and Rosh Yeshiva in Pinsk-Karlin. Composed Beit Aharon, Choshen Aharon, Metzach Aharon and Zkan Aharon Responsa. Perished in the Holocaust.
27 cm. Good condition, tears on folding marks.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 30 Lot Number 404


Rabbi Kook – Two Letters

Two letters in handwriting and signature of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook. Jerusalem, [1934].
Both letters directed to Rabbi Chanoch Henoch Bornsztain, son of Rebbe author of “Shem MiShmuel”, who was appointed as Rebbe of Sochatchov following the Holocaust.
Two letters, approx. 13 cm. Good-fair condition.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium
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