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Auction 30 Lot Number 193

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List of 160 Synagogues and Batei Midrash in Vilnius – With a Photograph of the Great Synagogue

"160 Vilna Batei Knesset, Batei Midrash and minyanim" – list of 160 Synagogues in Vilnius. With photographs of the inside of the fancy "Urban Beit Knesset". [20th century].
Among the synagogues are special lists of synagogues in the central site of the "Shul Hoif [including the kloiz of the Gra "Ga'on's kloiz – Yesod"]; synagogues of the charity and chessed associations, of the working class "Ba'alei Melachishe kloizen", list of 13 Chassidic minyanim in the "mitnaged" Vilna – which is specially noted in the title of this list: "Chassidic kloizen un minyanum in der mitnagedishe Vilna".
A large leaf in colored lithographic printing, 53 cm. Good-fair condition, stains. Placed in wood and glass frame. Not examined out of frame.
Yiddish and Hebrew.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 194

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Photograph of the Sha’ar HaShamayim Synagogue in Gibraltar

Large photograph of Sha'ar HaShamayim Synagogue. Gibraltar, 1930.
Sha'ar HaShamayim Synagogue was built in Gibraltar in 1724. The photograph is glued on cardboard, with a dedication from Sivan 1930, with the signatures of community members.
Photograph 22.5X27 cm. cardboard 34.5X43.5 cm. Good condition. Tears to cardboard margins.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 195

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Signature of Rabbi Chaim Pinto – Essaouira (Morocco), 1803

Signature of Rabbi Chaim Pinto. Essaouira (Mogador, Morocco), [1803].
Bill of ruling pertaining to monetary issues; torn and missing on upper half, contains conclusion of ruling and signatures of Dayanim.
The first signatory is the divine Kabbalist and scholar Rabbi Chaim Pinto (Senior) Av Beit Din of Mogador (passed away in 1845). Among glorious personalities of Moroccan Jewry and among its greatest and most righteous individuals. He arrived in Essaouira (Mogador) as an orphaned youth where he became disciple of Rabbi Ya’akov Bibas and shortly after became famous as one of the scholars of the generation. Following the demise of his rabbi, was appointed as his successor as rabbi of the city despite his young age. He established the first Beit Din in the city and served as Rosh Yeshiva of prominent disciples. Was famous as miracle worker and Kabbalist. It is related that he merited the revelation of Eliyahu HaNavi. Was also well-known throughout countries of Europe from where he received requests for prayer. The Chida sent him his book Chaim Sha’al [alluding to his name – Rabbi Chaim]. Salvation and miracle-working stories attributed to him are well-known among Jews of Morocco [some are collected in the book Mekor HaChaim written by his son Rabbi Moshe Pinto]. His tombstone in Mogador has became a source of attraction and is visited by many from the time of his death until today.
Alongside Rabbi Chaim Pinto, the Ga’on Rabbi David ben LeChazan also signed [among righteous scholars of Morocco, Dayan in Beit Din of Rabbi Chaim Pinto], as well as additional signature “Raphael ben --“.
Section of leaf, restored and bound in binding. 9.5 cm. Good condition, professionally restored damage. New binding, gilded imprint.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 196

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Rabbinic Rulings – Morocco

Three" Beit Din" documents on matters of estate signed by rabbis:
1. "Shtar Siluk", on matters of the estate of Rabbi Chaim Abuhav. Signed by Rabbi Reuven Elmaliach and Rabbi Yitzchak ebn Margi. Tituan, 16th of Kislev 5605[1844]. At the bottom of the document is a "Shtar Siluk" of other heirs who received their part in money, signed by Rabbi Avraham Anhori and Rabbi Shlomo Nahon. Tituan, Sivan 5606[ 1846].
2." Shtar" on matters of estate. Signatures of Rabbi Reuven Elmaliach and Rabbi Shlomo Nahon. Tituan, Shvat 5609 [1849].
3. Shtar with signatures of Rabbi Moshe ben Walid and Rabbi David A--- Rabat, Shvat 5685[ 1925].
3 documents, varied size. Good condition.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 197

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Remnants of Manuscripts of Rulings and Responsa– Morocco

Collection of remnants of manuscript leaves removed from the "Binding Geniza". Sections of Beit Din rulings, lists and letters. [Morocco, 16th century?].
Among the signatures: Ya'akov Adahan", "Menachem Tzeva", "Se'adya Chas—", "Refael Agai--".
Approximately 25 paper sections. Poor condition, varying damages from bindings.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 198

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Archive of Rabbi Shalom Mashash – Halachic Responsa – From the Period of his Residence in Morocco

Collection of Halachic responsa in handwriting of the Ga’on Rabbi Shalom Mashash. * Five responses in his handwriting and signature [most of which were written during period of residence in Morocco]. * Leaves in his handwriting, with lists and drafts referring to his rulings. * Large collection of leaves in preparation for printing of four sections of his book – Tevu’ot Shemesh Responsa [Jerusalem, 1979-1981]. Includes: Halachic responsa, typewritten [it is related that Rabbi Mashash himself printed them with his own hands], some signed with his ink-stamp or handwriting (stamps from period of service in Morocco); photocopy leaves of his manuscript, with handwritten revisions and additions.
* Sefer Nachalat Avot by Rabbi Yitzchak Koriat. Livorno, [1899]. Personal inscription: “Given to me by Rabbi S. Abuchatzira, Shalom Mashash”. [Apparently, received it from Rabbi Shimon Abuchatzira who served as Dayan in his Beit Din in Casablanca].
The Ga’on Rabbi Shalom Mashash (1909-2003), among leading Dayanim and Halachic authorities of his generation. From 1955 served as chief rabbi and Av Beit Din of Casablanca, Morocco; in 1976 immigrated to the holy city of Jerusalem in order to serve as chief rabbi and chief Av Beit Din of the city. Composed many books in Halacha and Aggadah: Mizrach Shemesh, Beit Shemesh, VeCham HaShemesh, Tevu’ot Shemesh Responsa, Shemesh U’Magen Responsa and more.
Hundreds of leaves. Various sizes, general condition good.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 199

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Manuscript – “Yada DeTbacha” – Morocco

Manuscript, "Yada DeTbacha". [Meknes, early 20th century].
Laws and customs pertaining to food ritually unfit for eating by Rabbi Shlomo son of Rabbi Daniel Berdugo (1854-1906," Malchei Rabanan"), rabbi and rabbinical authority in Meknes. At end of manuscript copyist signed his name: “May G-d merit me to outline the writing… rabbis of Meknes… Shlomo C. Adahan” [apparently one of disciples of Rabbi Shlomo Berdugo].
[62] written pages. 30 cm. Good condition, stains, blurred ink in several places. New binding.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 200

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Collection of Manuscripts – Morocco and Oriental Countries

Varied collection of handwritten leaves, sections of compositions, signatures, paper items. [Morocco and Oriental countries].
Among the leaves: * Four pages of a composition on practical kabbalah. * Dozens of handwritten leaves, homiletics. [Morocco? 20th century]. * Handwritten leaf, "I have heard a remez to the words of the Ari… Lag LaOmer 1851". * Shtar Shiduchim. Taza [Morocco], 1830. * Handwritten pamphlet [partial], prayers for livelihood and about gilgulim.
Dozens of leaves, various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 201

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Lecha Shlomo / Mayim Chaim – Two Books Printed in Morocco with Photographs of the Author and Dedications

*"Lecha Shlomo", responsa. Rabbi Shlomo HaCohen. At the beginning of the book is the article "Yachas Duvdo". Casablanca, 1937. Title page in blue and red ink. On the introduction page is a colored printed photograph of the author. The author's printed dedication leaf is completed in the handwriting of Rabbi Yehuda ben Shimol.
*"Mayim Chaim". Responsa on "Orach Chaim". Rabbi Yosef Mashash. Fes, [1940]. Title page in red ink. Large photograph of author. Author's dedication completed with scribal writing.
2 books, size 30-32 cm. Good condition, detached worn bindings.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 202

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Manuscript, Pirkei Hechalot, Unidentified Composition – Kabalistic Illustrations – Persia

Manuscript, Pirkei Hechalot with commentary "Tefillat Ilui HaNeshamot", Passover Haggadah . [Persia, 19th century?].
Pirkei Hechalot with commentary. Unidentified composition on the seven hechalot. In the author's introduction, the work is attributed to Rabbi Nechunya ben Hakane, and it is written that "These seven hechalot were written in Mi Zahav writing and were hidden in the grave of Rabbi Nechunya be Hakane until the generation of the Arizal, when Eliyahu the Prophet appeared to the Ari with this book in his hand which has the merit to fix souls and gilgulim and this was in the year 310 of the sixth thousand…". Following the author's introduction is the "printer's" introduction signed by "David ben Zlata Mindis Kvitinew" [see attached material].
All the chapters of the work begin with the words "Rabbi Yishmael said", and it is composed of sections of Midrash Hechalot with the addition of a commentary [in the continuation of Hechal HaRishon is an addition beginning with "The printer says", possibly, he wrote the commentary].
Several Kabalistic illustrations in black and golden ink: a tree of the sefirot, Jacob's ladder designed as a tree of the sefirot and a diagram of the Garden of Eden and the rivers which flowed from it.
Appearing in the Seventh Hechal are 13 chapters of "Prayers for the elevation of souls". Prayers said on each day of the month of Nissan until Passover. At the end of the prayers is a handsome illustration of the Menorat HaAri [the chapter of Lamenatzeach].
It seems that this is a copy [relatively late] of a manuscript which was supposed to have been printed [in Amsterdam?] but apparently never was printed [this composition has not been extensively compared to the common Midrashei Hechalot].
*At the end of the manuscript: Passover Haggadah [partially with vowels], including verses said before Seder night, a sermon for Shabbat HaGadol and intentions of Kadesh Urchatz. *Composition on the "Names of mazalot and months" (incomplete).
Several glosses by Rabbi Shlomo Cohen Tzedek (1874-1962), Rabbi in Gulpayigan in Persia, and later Rabbi of Tehran. Had responsa contact with the Ben Ish Chai. Renowned as erudite in kabalistic wisdom and as a tzaddik who writes amulets.
[165] pages. Some leaves are mispaginated, apparently several leaves are lacking from the Haggadah . 15 cm. Good-fair condition (varies amongst the leaves, most leaves are in good condition), stains, wear and tear.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 203

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Sefer Mazalot / Seder Arba Tkufot / Tefillot – Elegant Manuscript – Persia, 19th Century

Manuscript, book of zodiac constellations, seasons and prayers. [Persia, 19th century].
Elegant manuscript, contains several compositions: “Sefer Mazalot Rabbi Avraha[m] Ebn Ezra Hu Shneim Asar”, astrological composition attributed to Rabbi Avraham Ebn Ezra, with illustrated title page in colorful ink. Continuation of composition: “Zodiac of diseases based upon Sefer Refu’ot [book of remedies] of Chizkiya King of Yehuda” – Sgulot [supernatural cures] for healing, version of talismans, tables and names of angels. * “Sefer Misrat Moshe HaLevi” – indications for seasons of the year [thunder and lightening]. * “Seder Arba Tkufot Esrim VeTesha Shana”. Preface by “Moshe son of Shlomo HaMa’aravi of Jerusalem son of Rabbi David resident of Safed”. Book of seasons for years 1794-1839 [with handwritten revisions for later years]; version of Birkat HaChama [Blessing on the Sun], in Hebrew and in Jewish-Persian; “blessing recited at cave of burial of righteous” at grave of Yechezkel HaNavi and graves of Mordechai and Esther; “blessing recited prior to blessing of Megillah for night and day”. In this section, all leaves are ornamented with verse frames and multi-colored headings.
Binding leaves contain notations in Hebrew and Arabic (in Arabic letters) and colophon: “… Aba Chaim son of Gad Shochat”.
[132] pages. 17 cm. Fair-good condition. Wear on margins. Detached leaves. Worn and detached leather binding.

Opening500$ Sold For2,952$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 204

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Sefer Yetzira – Mantua, 1562 – First Edition / Manuscript – With Glosses, Practical Kabbalah – Persia

Sefer Yetzira attributed to Avraham Avinu, with four commentaries: Rabbi Sa'adia Gaon, Rabbi Eliezer of Germiza, Ramban and Ra'avad. Kabalistic outlines and charts. [Mantua, 1562]. Printed by Ya'akov Cohen of Gazulo. First edition.
Signatures of Rabbi Shlomo Cohen Tzedek (1874-1962), Rabbi of Tehran, renowned as erudite in kabalistic wisdom and as a tzaddik who writes amulets.
On the sheet margins are handwritten glosses and long notations, most with versions for amulets, charts, incantations and names of angels ["For gathering Shedim", "To untie a groom", "For speedy arrival to destination", "For hate" etc.].
*Bound with: manuscript, Sefer HaYetzira. [Persia, 19th/20th century]. Several pages with kabalistic diagrams. Ownership inscriptions ["My purchase… David Tatzach" etc.].
Sefer HaYetzira: 2-105 leaves (lacking title page and diagram leaf). Manuscript: approximately 24 pages. 20 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and moisture marks, wear and tear to leaf margins. Antique leather binding [binding leaves made from Jewish-Persian manuscript], damages.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 205

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Three Manuscripts – Practical Kabbalah, Lots, Mazalot and Amulets – Persia

Three volumes of manuscripts, practical kabbalah, cures, amulets and segulots. [Persia, c. 19th century].
Hundreds of leaves with segulot and hashbaot, versions and guidelines for writing amulets for various problems and situations. Two volumes Sefer HaGoralot and Sefer Mazalot are attributed to Rabbi Avraham Ebn Ezra. The third manuscript is written on bluish paper.
The manuscripts have dozens of kabalistic illustrations, charts and diagrams, incantations and Holy Names.
Three volumes, hundreds of leaves. Among the leaves of the volumes are handwritten leaves and amulets. (Possibly lacking leaves). Various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 206

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Three Manuscripts – Books of Cures and Segulot – Jewish-Persian

Manuscript collection, cures and segulot. [Persia, 19th/20th century]. Jewish-Persian.
Manuscript of an amateur book of cures, prescriptions of medications and segulot, some on blue and bluish paper. Various writers.
Three volumes + two booklets [partial works, incomplete], hundreds of leaves (possibly lacking leaves). Various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 207

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Sefer Segulot – Bombay, 1863 / Sefer Malachei Kodesh – Jerusalem, 1862 – Talismans and Signatures – Persia

Book of supplications, Segulot [supernatural protections] and Derech Eretz [desired mode of behavior]. Bombay, [1863]. Lithography. * Bound with: Sefer Malachei Kodesh, prayers and ethics, Shir [song] HaYichud “composed by sons of Moshe beyond riverbank of Sambatyon…”, Igeret HaRambam, commentary by the Ba’al Shem Tov and more. Jerusalem, [1862]. (S. HaLevi 66).
Signatures and stamps of Rabbi Shlomo Cohen Tzedek, Av Beit Din of Tehran (See item 202). Binding leaves at beginning and end of book contain instructions for his Segulot in Hebrew and in Jewish-Persian in his handwriting. Several handwritten talismans found between leaves of book [one talisman upon parchment].
Book of supplications and Segulot: 48; 112 pages; Sefer Malachei Kodesh: 20, [2], 25-28 leaves. 17 cm. Good-fair condition, stains and tears. Damaged binding.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 208

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Two Books – Signatures and Glosses – Persia

*"Shevet Mussar", Parts 1-2. Jerusalem, 1863. Signatures and Torah inscriptions by Rabbi "Moshe son and grandson of the Holy Rabbi Or Shraga".
*"Zichron Moshe", Parts 1-2. Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Maman. Jerusalem, 1908. On Part 1 title page is a dedication handwritten and signed by Rabbi "Yechezkel HaCohen Rabbi of the Baghdad community".
On Part 2 of both books are stamps and various signatures by Rabbi "Shlomo ben Yisrael Cohen-Tzedek", Av Beit Din of Tehran (See item 202).
2 books, various sizes and conditions, wear and tear. Among the leaves are papers handwritten by Rabbi Shlomo Cohen-Tzedek.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 30 Lot Number 209

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Three Manuscripts – Tafsir on the Bible / Ma’ase Merkava / Shahin Torah – Jewish Persian

Three handwritten volumes. Jewish-Persian. [Persia, 19th century]: *Tafsir [Jewish-Persian] on the Bible. *Long composition, explanation of verses [Tafsir?] etc. At the end is a work on Ma'ase Merkava. Colophon from 1818. *Shahin Torah, poem with rhymes on Torah stories. A section of a whole composition from the sale of Joseph until his death.
Three volumes, hundreds of leaves (possibly leaves are lacking). Various sizes and conditions.

Opening600$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 210

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Six Manuscripts – Various Works – Persia

Six volumes of manuscripts. Various works [Persia, 19th and 20th centuries].
Manuscripts of various topics: *Sefer Pitron Chalomot. *Sefer Mazalot. *Homiletics and Novellae. *Targum Sheni on Megillat Esther. *Handsome and full copy of two works on the laws of shechita: Yemin Moshe, by Rabbi Moshe Vintura, and Shochatei HaYeladim by Rabbi Yisrael Nagara. *Likutei Tehillim, with prayers. (Colophon of copier from 1865 for Rabbi Shlomo Cohen-Tzedek. Mentioned in one of the prayers is the Gulpayigan community in Persia, where Rabbi Shlomo Cohen Tzedek served as rabbi before coming to Tehran). *Dozens of manuscript leaves. One volume mainly consists of sections of compositions and single leaves [among them are sections of Sefer HaYetzira, amulets in Jewish-Persian, etc].
Hebrew and Jewish-Persian. Signatures and glosses by Rabbi Shlomo Cohen-Tzedek (1874-1962), Av Beit Din of Tehran (See item 202).
Six volumes, hundreds of leaves (possibly lacking leaves). Various sizes and conditions.

Opening800$ Sold For1,599$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 211

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Manuscript – “Matamei Binyamin” on “Haftarot” in Jewish-Persian

Manuscript," Matamei Binyamin", homiletics in Jewish-Persian, on" haftarot "of "Devarim" and "haftarot" of festivals, [Kashan], 1885.
At the end of the volume is a finale by the author, Rabbi Binyamin ben Eliyahu from the city of Kashan, Persia, and a long colophon by the author Rabbi Avraham ben Yitzchak Kashani, Kislev 5646.
258 pp. 22 cm. High-quality shiny paper, good-fair condition, use and wear. Tears to Leaves 11-17 (missing Leaf 18) coarse leather binding, decorated with etchings.
Additional known manuscripts of the book" Matamei Binyamin" appear in the Lewinger list, "HaTzofeh LeChochmat Yisrael", 13, Budapest 1929, pp. 187-188, no. 8, which mentions an additional manuscript of" Matamei Binyamin" on Adler's list: Cat. Of. Hebr. Ms. In the Collection of Elkan Adler, p. 17 no. 173. [See further Kedem Catalogue Auction 27 Item 463].

Opening200$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 212

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Manuscript of “Zivchei Shelamim” with Glosses

Manuscript, "Zivchei Shelamim", on the laws of "shechita". [Oriental country, 18th century].
Copy of the Constantinople 1729 edition. Decorated title page. On last leaf is a colophon (erased) of the copier "Moshe ben Mordechai Mizrachi" [on the title page is a colophon of the first copier name "Sheva"]. Scholarly glosses in margins, on Leaf 36/b the proofreader, Shlomo Chai ben Nissim writes of an event which happened to him when slaughtering a cow in 1894.
[1] 59 leaves. 15 cm. Fair condition, wear damages and moisture stains.

Opening200$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 213

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Letters of Rabbis and Notables of the Yazed Community to the Rishon L’Zion Rabbi Ya’akov Meir – 1935

Letter by rabbis and notables of the Yazed community, to the Rishon L'Zion Rabbi Ya'akov Meir. Yazed (Persia), 1935.
Large sheet of paper, beginning with a long letter in Rashi script applying to the Rishon L'Zion in regard to a dispute which erupted in the community. The letter contains denial of false accusations told to Rabbi Ya'akov Meir about the shochet Rabbi Yosef Chaim Or Shraga and a request to permit his shechita.
The letter is signed by rabbis and notables of the Yazed community. Approximately 70 signatures, some with stamps. Among the signatures in the first line: "Moshe Refael ben Moshe", "Rachamim ben Yechezkel" "Chacham David ben – Yosef", "Or ben Rabbi Moshe Shraga".
42X55 cm. Good condition, several stains and tiny tears. Folding marks and creases. Placed in frame.

Opening1,200$ Unsold

Auction 30 Lot Number 214

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Rambam – Glosses by the Maharitz Rabbi Yichye Salach and Yemenite Torah Scholars

"Mishne Torah" L'HaRambam, Part 4, "Nezikin-Shoftim". [Jieznas, 1741]. On the first leaf is an ancient ownership inscription: "This belongs to Yichye Ebn Yosef Salach". Many glosses on book sheets. Most glosses are written by another Yemenite Torah Scholar, but some are in the handwriting of Rabbi Yichye Salach. The glosses on the flyleaf are also written by the Maharitz. Rabeinu Yichye Salach – the Maharitz (1804-1859, "Otzar Harabbanim" 9119), the foremost Yemenite rabbi in the 18th century, and one of the leading later halachic authorities. At the age of 43, he was appointed Chief Rabbi and "Ra'avad" of all Yemenite communities. His authority was unanimously accepted throughout Yemen, and until today, many Yemenites conduct themselves according to his customs and rulings.
(Lacking title page) 135, 138-154; 157, [1] leaves. 34.5 cm. Fair condition, stains, wear and moth damage. Has no binding.
Enclosed is certification by an expert of the identity of the glosses' writer.

Opening800$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 215

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“Kol Bo” – Venice 1547 – Completions and Glosses in Yemenite Handwriting

"Kol Bo", [Venice, 1547. Justinian printing]. The title page and two leaves of the "Simanim" [indexes] are completed in ancient Yemenite handwriting. Many glosses in Yemenite handwriting [from the 18th-19th century]. In one gloss, the writer mentions things from the manuscript of Rabbi Avraham ben HaRambam.
(3 first leaves are lacking and completed by hand) Leaf 4, 158 leaves. Approximately 30 cm. Poor condition, missing text, wear and stains. Heavy moth damages. Damaged binding.

Opening450$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 216

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Blessings and Prayers – Yemenite Manuscript

Manuscript, "Blessings and prayers, according to the custom of the Sana'a community and all Yemenite cities" – Siddur for everyday and Shabbat, and blessings. Handsome writing. [Yemen, after 1859].
167 leaves. 12 cm. High-quality paper, good-fair condition, use stains, tears and moth damage. Velvet fabric binding.
Writing characteristic of the 19th century, but certainly written after the death of the Maharitz in 1859, as he is mentioned with the addition "May his memory be blessed".

Opening600$ Unsold

Auction 30 Lot Number 217

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Tiklal Manuscript – Yemen, 19th Century

Manuscript – Tiklal; prayers and poems for Pesach, Shavu’ot, Sukkot, Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, Chanukah and Purim, as well as for four fast days. [Yemen, c. 19th century].
Uniform scribe writing, with upper vowelization symbols. Instructions in Hebrew and in Jewish-Arabic. Includes Agadata DePischa, Azharot for festival of Shavu’ot, Hoshanot, Seder Simchat Torah, Slichot and poems [‘Keter Malchut’ by Shlomo Ebn Gabirol and more].
[426] pages. 16.5 cm. Good condition, stains. Slight wear on some leaves. Loose pamphlets. Moth damage on binding and several leaves. Leather binding with clasps, damaged.

Opening700$ Unsold

Auction 30 Lot Number 218

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Two Manuscripts – Yemen

* Siddur for Morning Prayer for everyday and for Shabbat. Yemen, [c. 19th century].
35 leaves, 17 cm. Fair condition, stains and wear, with damages to margins. New binding, rubbed.
* Tzidduk HaDin prayer, and prayers for mourners and burial. [Yemen?, 19th-20th century?].
7 leaves. Approximately 17 cm. Fair condition, ink damages to paper. New binding.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 30 Lot Number 219

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Yemenite Manuscripts – Goralot, Amulets and Segulot

* Manuscript of goralot and constellations, cures and practical kabbalah matters. Hebrew and Jewish-Arabic. [Yemen, 19th century]. * Manuscript of segulot and amulets, in Hebrew and Jewish-Arabic. With kabalistic illustrations and seals of angels. Volume has leaves from various times [Yemen, c. 19th century]. * Manuscript from a siddur, songs and prayers for everyday, amateur writing [Yemen, 19th century].
3 miniature manuscripts, varied size, fair condition, two last manuscripts are missing leaves. Unbound.

Opening200$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 220

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Collection of Amulets – Yemen

24 handwritten amulets and one printed. [Yemen, first half of 20th century]. Various amulets for protection, safety, finding a match and other matters (most are rolled). The collection contains 12 handwritten amulets, without names filled in, with the words: "Give love in the heart – bat ---, to the love of --- ben ---, love with all her heart and soul and might…". Written on another amulet, "I request that my wife --- and sons and daughters obey all that I say to them". The name of Rabbi Shalom Shabazi is mentioned in many of the amulets. Two amulets are tied with a string. Another amulet is attached, on brown brittle paper (with many tears). Various sizes and conditions.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 221

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Yemenite Manuscript, Passover Haggadah and Selichot-Piyut for Shofar with Kabalistic Commentary

Manuscript "Seder Ha'Asiya B'Lel Pesachim" Passover Haggadah , in decorative colored writing. [Yemen, 18th-19th century]. Bound at the end is a selicha-piyut "Eshal Adon Olam" – intentions of blowing the shofar, with kabalistic commentary. The author is Rabbi David ben Rabbi Yosef ben Rabbi Chaim ben Rabbi Teveria Al-Tzeidi of Sharab. Copier's colophon: Rabbi "Yosef ben Se'adya Sheir", 1829.
Haggadah: 24 pages, approximately 16cm. High quality paper. Fair condition. Stains and wear.
Selicha-piyut: 14 pages, approximately 16cm. Poor condition,
wear and moth damages, with major text omission.
Bound in a new elaborate and decorated leather binding.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 222

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Manuscript of Rashi’s Commentary on the Torah – Yemen

Manuscript, Rashi's commentary on the Torah. From Bereshit until the end of Devarim. Yemen, [18th-19th century]. On last page is the scribe's colophon "Yosef ben Se'adya ben Yosef Al-Mechune El-Sharabi" and his signature in Yemenite calligraphic writing.
279 leaves, 22.5 cm. Heavy high-quality paper, good-fair condition, stains and wear, minor moth damages. Leather binding, Yemenite processing style, torn.
Pasted at the top of the manuscript is a leaf of a manuscript researcher written in 1973, stating that the version seems different from the known printings. [We did not examine it].

Opening400$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 223

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Manuscript – Shir HaShirim, Megillat Ruth and Kohelet

Three manuscripts, Shir HaShirim Ruth and Kohelet, with Rashi commentary and Targum. Especially beautiful writing. Yemen [c. 19th century].
In the binding of the book are hidden manuscripts from earlier times, sections of various works: kabbalah, philosophy, Menorat HaMaor, prayers and piyutim.
40 pages, 22,5 cm. Good-fair condition, stains and wear. Leather binding, Yemenite processing sttle.

Opening250$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 224

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Manuscript – Shir HaShirim, Megillat Ruth and Kohelet, with Translation – Yemen

Manuscript, Shir HaShirim, Megillat Ruth and Megillat Kohelet, with Aramaic translation. [Yemen, 19th century].
Beginning of manuscript: Order of annulment of vows for day preceding Rosh Hashanah. Translation written surrounding text of Megillot, with upper vowelization. Text of Megillot themselves written with lower vowelization.
[126] pages. 16 cm. Good condition, stains. Wear and tear on leaf margins. Several detached leaves. Leather binding.

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Translation of Haftarot – Yemen

Manuscript, book with translations of Haftarot for the whole year, decorated titles. Yemen, [c. 19th century].
72 leaves. 23.5 cm. Fair condition, worn and detached leaves, tears and paper glue. Stains. Signatures and owners' inscriptions. Leather binding, Yemenite processing style.

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Auction 30 Lot Number 226

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Manuscript, Taj Bereshit Shemot, with Targum Onkelos and Rashi Commentary and Rabbi Se’adya Gaon – Yemen

Manuscript, Bereshit, Shemot of the Five Books of Torah with Targum Onkelos and Rashi Commentary and Tafsir (Jewish-Arabic translation) of Rabbi Se'adya Gaon. Yemen, [18th century].
Colophon at the end of Shemot, with the signature of the writer in Yemenite calligraphic handwriting: "Avraham ben Moshe ---". On top of the colophon is a date in a different handwriting from 1709".
116 pages. 30 cm. European high-quality paper, fair-poor condition, many moth damages with damage to text. Stains. New elaborate leather binding.

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Two Books of Haftarot – Yemen

* Manuscript of book of Haftarot, with the Targum. Yemen, 1867.
Amateur writing with vowels below. On the last page is the author's colophon of the scribe Ya'ish ben Yosef with the scribe's apology for mistakes, a curse on women who talk of mundane matters in the Beit Knesset and other inscriptions.
* Manuscript, book of Haftarot, with Targum. Yemen, [19th century].
Amateur writing with superlinear vocalizations. Scribe's colophon at end of book that he wrote the book for himself. Under the colophon is a sales bill in a different handwriting in Jewish-Arabic, from 1895, for the sale of the book to Doud Sachar Al-Amelech Yichye Salam, witnessed by Musi Ya'akov and Me'utza Ebn Shlomo.
2 volumes, various sizes and conditions.

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Manuscript Mekor Chaim on Laws of Shechita – Yemen

Manuscript, Mekor Chaim, on laws of shechita, by Rabbi Yichye Tzalach the Maharitz. Handsome writing, colorfully decorated. Ratzaba (Yemen), 19th century.
The first and last leaves have various ownership inscriptions and signatures, some from the beginning of the 20th century (1903) and some earlier [apparently yet from the time of the author who died in 1859]. LaMenatzeach menorah, riddles etc.
45 leaves, 18 cm. Good-fair condition, stains and slight wear. New binding.

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Divan of Shabbat Songs Manuscript – Yemen

Manuscript, divan of songs and poems; songs for Shabbat, festivals and holidays, wedding songs, in Hebrew and Jewish-Arabic. Writing in black and red ink. [Yemen, 19th century]. Ownership signatures and notations in Arabic.
Some poems never printed and appear only in manuscript. [This anthology possibly contains poems which do not appear in other manuscripts. Not examined thoroughly].
Approx. 126 written leaves. Long and narrow 24X9 cm. Fair condition, stains, wear and tear, loose and detached leaves. Worn leather binding with leather and metal rings.

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Manuscript, Tikun Leil Shavu’ot with Ha’Idra Rabba – Yemen

Manuscript, Tikun Leil Shavu’ot, with the “Idra Rabba Kadisha”. [Yemen, c. 19th century].
Several pages vowelized. Glosses in more recent writing on leaf margins. [Notations on back binding leaf and symbols of Star of David].
[150] pages. 16 cm. Good condition, stains. Wear and tear on two leaves. Ancient damaged leather binding.

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Manuscript of “Mishnayot” with Commentary – Yemen 19th Century

Manuscript of "Mishnayot" (with vowels) with commentary by Rabbi Ovadia of Bartenura. Tractates "Zevachim, Menachot" and the beginning of Tractate "Chulin". [Yemen, 19th century]. Stamps of Rabbi "Shlomo ben Avraham Salach, Beit Din of Dhamar".
48 pages. 31 cm. High quality paper and handsome writing. Good condition, stains. New fabric binding.

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Passover Haggadah – Manuscript on Parchment – Yemen

De Agadata D'Pischa – Passover Haggadah , scribal writing on thin parchment. [Yemen?, 17th-18th century? or earlier].
12 pages, on dark home-processed sheep parchment, approximately 21 cm. Poor condition. Stains and mildew, wear and tear with lacking text.

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Two Passover Haggadah Manuscripts – Yemen

* "Seder Agadata D'Pischa". Most of the manuscript has handsome square handwriting, [Yemen, 18th-19th century].
18 leaves, 17 cm. Fair condition, wear and stains, without corners. Restoration. New binding.
* Haggadah in simple unsophisticated writing. [Yemen, 19th century]. Some pages are written upside down, [for Yemenite children who were also used to reading upside down].
31 leaves. Approximately 12.5 cm. Lacking beginning and end. Fair condition, tears and stains.

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“Agadeta D’Pischa” – Yemenite Manuscript

"Agadeta D'Pischa" – Passover Haggadah with commentaries and laws, in handsome handwriting. [Yemen, 18th-19th century].
22 leaves. 27.5 cm. Thick, high-quality paper, fair condition, moth damages and stains. Binding covered with velour fabric.

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Manuscript – Pesach Haggadah, Sefer Hoshanot and Simchat Torah – Yemen

Manuscript, Pesach Haggadah, Seder Hosha'anot for Sukkot and Tikun Simchat Torah. [Yemen, late 19th century or early 20th century].
Instructions in Jewish-Arabic. Preceding Haggadah: Lengthy version of ‘LeShem Yichud’ (from book Chemdat Yamim). Following Haggadah, leaf with heading “Night prayers for Rosh HaShanah”, without continuation on reverse side [Unclear whether missing from manuscript or if scribe did not continue]. At end of manuscript: “Blessing for public”.
[43] leaves. 18 cm. Good condition, stains, notations. Binding and leather clasps.

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Three Ketubot (Yemen) – Collection of Documents of “Nachalat Zvi” Neighborhood in Jerusalem

* Handwritten Ketubah, Kah Bir Elazav (Yemen) Adar 1884. * Handwritten and printed Ketubah, recording the marriage of Rabbi Shlomo ben David Karavani to the daughter of Rabbi Yichye Elnahari HaLevi. Jerusalem, Elul 1900. * Printed ketubah, recording the marriage of the bridegroom Yehoshua Berman to the widow Chamama bat Rabbi David Karavani. Jerusalem, 1930. * Signed documents, concerning the "Nachalat Zvi" neighborhood of the Yemenite community in Jerusalem, testaments, Prozbul, etc. Some of the rabbis' signatures: Rabbi Avraham Chaim Elnadaf; Rabbi Aryeh Leib Bahara'ad (Rabbi Leib Dayan); Rabbi Saliman Karavani; Rabbi Chaim Shlomo Mizrachi; Rabbi Yichye --- HaLevi; Rabbi Sa'id Sharian; etc.
13 items, various sizes and conditions.

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Important Letter by Rabbi Yichye Tzarum Rabbi of the Yemenite Community of Jerusalem, Nissan 1915

Wedding invitation, printed in gilded ink, Jerusalem, Tishrei 5675. On reverse side and on margins, handwritten long polemic article, titled He Who Hears the Call of the Poor, written and signed by Rabbi "Yechiya ben Yosef Tzarum", on Nissan 5675, about the deprivation of Yemenite Torah scholars by the heads of the Sefardic community. Mentioned in the letter are Rabbi Nachman Batito, Rabbi Chizkiya Shabtai and Rabbi Avraham Philosof.
Rabbi Yichye ben Yosef Tzarum (1843-1897), a leader of Yemenite Jews who immigrated to Jerusalem from Sana in 1882 and a head of the Yemenite community. In 1885, was chosen" Ra'avad" and Rabbi of the Yemenite community in Jerusalem. In 1903, supported the unification of the Yemenite community and the Sefardi community. However, in this letter written during the days of siege and distress of World War I, he was apparently disappointed by the city's Sefardic community and primarily by Rabbi Nachman Batito who was appointed "Rishon LeZion" at that time.
14X23 cm. Fair condition, damages to folds and leaf margins, mold stains.

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Letter for Emissary Signed by Rabbi Yisrael of Shklov and the Gra’s Disciples – Jerusalem and Safed 1830

A letter of request to support the settlements of the Gra's disciples in the communities of Safed and Jerusalem. Signed by the Gra's disciple Rabbi Yisrael of Shklov and signatures of the leading disciple of the Gra's community. Jerusalem and Safed, Kislev 1830.
Written as a personal letter of request sent to the emissary Rabbi Zvi Hirsh ben Yehuda, with an empty space for completing the name of the philanthropist by the emissary.
Signed by: "Chaim Cohen who was Rabbi of Pinsk and its region" [served approximately 20 years in the Pinsk rabbinate and was accepted also by Chassidim, ascended to Safed in 1826 and served in its rabbinate until his death in 1831]; "Yisrael author of Taklin Chadtin of Safed" [Rabbi Yisrael of Shklov disciple of the Gra]; "Nathan Neta ben the Chassid Rabbi Mendel of Jerusalem" [called the Great Rabbi Neta, one of the leaders of the group of the first aliya of the Gra's disciples in 1809, his father Rabbi Mendel of Shklov ascended one year earlier and prepared the ground for this aliya. Died in Jerusalem on Tishrei 1846, and on his tombstone are the words "Rabbi, Chassid and Humble"]. "Nathan Neta ben Rabbi Se'adya Jerusalem" [Tzaddik and Chassid, had the merit to serve the Gra and cite mishnayot by heart before him. His father, Rabbi Se'adya was the leader and rabbi of the Gra's disciples who ascended to Jerusalem. Died in 1849]; "Aryeh Leib son of Rabbi Yosef Leon" [a head of the Ashkenasic settlement in Safed]; "Aryeh the Trustee Jerusalem" [Rabbi Aryeh Leib ben Rabbi Yerachmiel Marcus of Keiden (1800-1877), trustee of the Kollel Perushim in Jerusalem and a founder of the Churva Beit Knesset]; "Shlomo Zalman ben Wolf HaCohen" [emissary from Eretz Yisrael, son-in-law of Rabbi Ya'akov Sapir, died in Calcutta, India in 1847]. See attached material about all the men who signed.
23 cm. high-quality choice paper, very good condition.
A similar certificate was printed from a manuscript in the memorial book Eshed HaNechalim, Bnei Brak, 1992, pp. 212-213.

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“Shulchan Aruch Even Ha’Ezer” with Vilna Ga’on Commentary – First Complete Edition

"Api Ravreve, Shulchan Aruch, Even Ha’Ezer". With "Chelkat Mechokek, Beit Shmuel, Be’er HaGolah and Bi’ur HaGa’on" “our esteemed mentor and teacher Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna”, Vilnius and Horodna, [1819]. First complete edition.
The Vilna Ga'on’s commentary on "Even Ha’Ezer" was first printed in partial form in Horodna, without a title page and only until chapter 26. In 1819 the partner of the Vilnius and Horodna printers printed the 188 remaining leaves of the book and added the pamphlets which were already printed in the past [as apparent in this copy, upon different paper with different letters], including chapter of approbations and introductions.
Chapters of this edition have several differing variants. See Treasury of Books of the Vilna Ga’on no. 754, [photocopies of various chapters appear there on page 333].
Four pages, 5-61 leaves; 188 leaves. 33 cm. Fair-poor condition. Moth damage. Old binding.

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Kuntress HaRe’ayot / Sefer HaPardes – Königsberg, 1759

* "Sefer Halacha Achrona" and" Kuntress [pamphlet] HaRe’ayot", by Rabbi Aryeh Leib Epstein [author of "Hapardes"]. Königsberg, [1759]. “Halacha Achrona” is the Halachic ruling surrounded by “Be’er Ha’Achronim” – "Chiddushim" of "Achronim", and “Kuntress HaRe’ayot” – "Chiddushim" by author. Approbations of Rabbi Yehonatan Eibeschitz and additional rabbis.
Originally printed and bound with: * "Sefer HaPardes", by Rabbi Aryeh Leib Epstein. Königsberg, 1759.
The printing process was interrupted [as the author notes on leaf 42/2: “Due to printing expenses the author was forced to halt in the middle of the book' Halacha Achrona' and to print several pamphlets from his remaining books and this book, 'Sefer HaPardes', was published first…”]. As a result, significant variations as to the number of leaves in each copy exist [Bibliography Institute CD lists at least four various copies of "Sefer Hapardes " as far as pagination and number of leaves, see records 111284-111286].
Pagination in this copy: "Sefer Halacha Achrona": [1], 2 [instead of: 4]; 29-35, 37-42 leaves (leaf 36 apparently missing. Total: 18 leaves). "Sefer HaPardes": 9; 23; 127-136 leaves. (Total: 70 leaves).
20 cm. Fair condition. Stains, moth stains, notations. New binding.

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Manuscript Commentary on Likutei HaGra B’Kabala – Rabbi Avraham Dov Berkowitz Rabbi of Lakhva

Manuscript, commentary on Likutei HaGra B'Kabala. By the Mekubal Rabbi Avraham Dov Berkowitz Rabbi of Lakhva. [Later than 1889]. Rashi script [Ashkenasi?]. On cover leaf are kabalistic inscriptions in Oriental handwriting.
Rabbi Avraham Dov Berkowitz (1825-1899), known from his youth as an outstanding genius who intensively studied Torah and "Wisdom of the Truth" (kabbalah). In 1859, was appointed Rabbi of Kozhan-Horodok and after a few more years became Rabbi Lakhva near Pinsk. In 1899, he ascended to Eretz Yisrael and died a month later in Tishrei 1900. His writings on halacha and kabala remained with his son Rabbi Mordechai who immigrated to Jerusalem with him and were printed in the book Zecher L'Avraham published by his descendants in Jerusalem in 1972-1978. This manuscript was printed in 1978 in Volume 2. Found among the leaves is a copy in the handwriting of his grandson Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Landau who dealt with the editing of the book.
72 leaves. + 5 detached leaves from various places in the book, approximately 22 cm. Fair condition, wear and detached leaves, light moth damages. Stains, the last leaves have fungus damage. Unbound.
This manuscript was written after the printing of the book Likutei HaGra in Warsaw 1889.

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A Bundle of Responsa and Manuscripts by Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Chaver, Rabbi of Tiktin

Dozens of leaves, manuscripts, responsa and novellae in the handwriting of Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Chaver, from the time he served in the Tiktin rabbinate. One responsum has his full signature "Yitzchak Isaac ben Rabbi Ya'akov of Tiktin and its region", 1847 and another signed responsum.
*8 first pages of a long responsum by Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan Rabbi of Rozan [and Kovno. Printed with differences in "Binyan Olam" responsa, Siman 1]. *12 pages of a long responsum by Rabbi Efraim Fishel Rabbi of Stavisk. [In the "Binyan Olam" responsa, this responsum was printed with many differences, "Siman" 9 of the old edition and "Siman" 10 of the "Musad HaRav Kook" edition.] Here are 4 pages of the responsum's introduction, 4 pages of its conclusion with his signature and 4 pages of another version in the middle of this responsum which partially matches the leaf before the end of the responsum]. *6 and one half pages, of a complete signed responsum, written to his son Rabbi Yosef Rabbi of Knishin, Tiktin 1845. [Printed in "Binyan Olam" responsa, "Yoreh Deah" " Siman" 59]. Tear with missing section in the middle of the signature. *8 pages of novellae on Tractate "Pesachim". [Apparently, they were not printed.] *4 pages of the beginning of a responsum to Rabbi Binyamin Ferin-Gold on the matter of a written oath. [This responsum apparently was never printed, but in several places in Rabbi Isaac Chaver's books we find that he discusses this matter of a written oath].
The Torah genius and "mekubal" Rabbi Isaac Chaver (1747-1853, "Otzar HaRabbanim" 11168), one of those who passed on the Vilna Ga'on's kabalistic Torah wisdom, "Second mouth of the Gra" – already at the age of 14, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Shklov (a disciple of the Gra) saw that he was fit to be taught kabalistic wisdom. While yet a youth, he became famous as a Torah genius and expert in all areas of Torah knowledge. He served as rabbi of several important communities: Pruzhany, Raseiniai and Vilkovishk. During 1837-1849, he served in the Tiktin rabbinate and in 1849 moved to Suvalk where he served four years in the rabbinate. An outstanding Torah genius, a foremost rabbi and one of the leading "poskim" of his generation. He completed the study of the entire Talmud 60 times. Wrote dozens of books on the revealed and hidden parts of Torah, only some were published, including many kabalistic books on the Gra's Torah wisdom, halachic responsa and on Talmudic topics.
Approximately 38 pages, size 22-33.5 cm. Written closely, mostly on bluish paper. Good to fair condition, stains and wear.

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Manuscript on Parchment – Mishne Torah L’HaRambam, Sefer Zemanim – Spain, 14th-15th Century

Manuscript on parchment, Mishne Torah L'HaRambam, Sefer Zemanim. [Spain, 14th-15th century].
Large impressive volume of a manuscript from the time of the Rishonim, the generation before the Spanish Expulsion. Handsome copy in Sefardi writing characteristic to its time and place. Brown ink on parchment, processed and sketched. The booklet sheets are folded and arranged in a manner that the hairy side is always placed opposite the fleshy side so that when opened the color will be uniform.
The manuscript has been proofread by an expert proofreader from the time of the copy, who reviewed the version of the Mishne Torah, completed what the copier missed and corrected mistakes.
-The manuscript is incomplete, the content is as follows: *Hilchot Shabbat: Chapter 1, Halacha 1-mid Chapter 15; Chapter 19, Halacha 1-Chapter 26, Halacha 14. *Hilchot Eruvin: Chapter 1, Halacha 11- end. *Hilchot Shevitat Asor: complete. *Hilchot Shevitat Yom Tov: Chapter 1, Halacha 1-Chapter 6, Halacha 6. *Hilchot Succah V'Lulav: Chapter 6, Halacha 5 – Chapter 8, Halacha 3. *Hilchot Shekalim: Chapter 2, Halacha 1-end. *Hilchot Kiddush HaChodesh: complete. *Hilchot Ta'anit: Chapter 1, Halacha 1 – Chapter 5, Halacha 5.
Leaf size: 24X31 cm. Original leaf numbering: 2-24, 33-48, 55-78, 94-96, 99-133. Total: 101 leaves. Booklets of eight leaves. 23 lines to each page.
Most leaves are in good condition. Approximately 7 leaves in fair condition (coarse tears and wear, sometimes with minor damage to text). Stains. On several pages, the wide margins were cut, for reuse of parchment strips. Detached leaves and booklets.
Rare manuscript in its condition and scope. Attached is an authorization by an expert on Hebrew manuscripts. We have not examined the manuscript version or compared it to other versions.

Opening60,000$ Unsold

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Manuscript Remnants from the 15th Century – The Rid’s Ruling on Tractate Gittin

Remnants of a manuscript removed from the binding geniza. Rulings of the Rid, by Rabbi Yeshaya Di Trani the first (Ba'al Tosfot Rid). [Byzantine writing, 15th century?].
The manuscript has rulings of Gittin 76a – 80b, 82a and 86a [see details on attached leaf]. Several glosses on margins, from first examination it seems that there are certain changes in the version from the version printed in the Rid rulings of the Yad HaRav Herzog edition.
Approximately 10 leaves, varied size, varied state of damages due to the binding, professionally restored.

Opening3,000$ Unsold

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Manuscript Remnants – 15th and 16th centuries

Remnants of manuscripts, removed from the "binding geniza". [Sefardi writing, 15th and 16th centuries].
*Remnants of a polemic anti-Christian work, unidentified [4 pages]. *Section of the work Norah Tehilot by Rabbi Yoel Ebn Sho'ib. *Leaves of Abarbanel commentary on the Torah [from a number of writings]. *Leaf of Pirkei Moshe [Rambam's medical articles]. *A number of paragraphs on medical matters called Gavriel.
Approximately 15 leaves and leaf sections. Fair-poor condition, varying damages due to binding.

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Manuscript, Sefer Lechem Panim – Rabbi Yitzchak HaLevi Vali of Modena

Manuscript, Sefer Lechem Panim, commentary and rulings on Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim, by Rabbi Yitzchak HaLevi Vali. [Modena?, 17th-18th century].
At beginning of manuscript: "Lechem Panim manuscript by Rabbi Yitzchak HaLevi Vali" Composition on Orach Chaim, clauses 1-27 [laws of arising in morning-phylacteries], 242-263 [laws of Shabbat], 625-639 [laws of Sukkah]. Laws of Sukkah in two columns, in different writing.
Rabbi Yitzchak HaLevi Vali (passed away in 1680, Otzar HaRabbanim 10743), rabbi in Modena, among greatest rabbinical authorities of Italy. The Chida cites in the name of his contemporary, the Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Zacuto (the Ramaz) who wrote: "Two Torah pillars of Italy, Rabbi Shmuel Abuhav and Rabbi Yitzchak HaLevi of Modena…". Son-in-law of the Ramaz, Rabbi Binyamin HaKohen Vitale (Rabach) eulogized him at great length (Gvul Binyamin, sermon 41). Passed away at a young age and did not merit to complete his great composition Lechem Panim on Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim and Yoreh De'ah. For this reason his composition remained in several manuscript collections, and the Chida notes that he has seen one of them [Shem HaGedolim under his entry].
[243] written pages. 22 cm. Good condition, stains and moth damage. Loose or detached leaves. Parchment binding, detached and damaged.

Opening2,000$ Sold For4,674$ Including buyers premium

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Manuscript, Commentary on Haftarot – Rabbi Yitzchak Chayut Author of Zera Yitzchak

Manuscript, commentary on Haftarot by Rabbi Yitzchak Chayut. [Poland, post 1726].
Commentary on Haftarot of Chumash Bereshit. Sermons, combined with composition based on the Kabbalah of the Ari [with title “Megillat Starim” or “M.S.”. Heading at head of manuscript: “Commentary on Haftarot written by Rabbi Yitzchak Chayut Av Beit Din of Skali , 1710”.
The Kabbalist Ga’on Rabbi Yitzchak Chayut author of Zera Yitzchak (1660-1726, Otzar HaRabbanim 10663), Av Beit Din of Skali (region of Lvov), among disciples of Rabbi Heschel of Krakow. Authored 13 compositions of which only the composition on the Mishnayot was printed. Grandson of Rabbi Yitzchak Chayut Av Beit Din of Prague (1538-1610) author of Api Ravreve. Two famous stories demonstrating his holiness became famous; first – of his arrival before the Heavenly court; second – of his statement that any of his descendants for ten generations who would pray at his grave at time of distress will be granted salvation. For additional information related to his biography see attached material.
[12] leaves. (According to “Shomrei HaDaf” it appears that 2 or more middle leaves are missing). 19 cm. Good condition, stains and wear. New binding.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

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Leaf of Torah Novellae by the Maharam Schick

Leaf of Torah novellae in the handwriting of the Maharam Schick, on the treatise of a kotevet (measure, dried fig) with its seeds (1831).
Rabbi Moshe (Maharam) Schick (1807-1979, Otzar HaRabbanim 15194), an outstanding Torah genius, amongst the greatest rabbis of his generation and a leader of Hungarian Jewry. At the age of 14, he joined the Chatam Sofer's yeshiva and within a short time became one of its foremost students. He served many years as rabbi of Yeregin near Pressburg, later serving as rabbi of Chust, where he established a yeshiva and taught renowned disciples until his death. He left a vast amount of Torah works including responsa, sermons, novellae on the Talmud, on the 613 mitzvot etc. He was among the fiercest rivals of the reformists.
Leaf approximately 17 cm. Poor condition, very damaged with lacking text, lack at bottom of leaf.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 249

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Chidushei Sugiyot Manuscript – Khust 1876

Manuscript, Chidushei Sugiyot and Chidushei Aggadah. Attributed to the Ga’on Av Beit Din of Pressburg (apparently author of Shevet Sofer, or his father, author of the Ktav Sofer who passed away in 1872), in name of the Ga’on Rabbi Yehoshua Aharon Tzvi Weinberger (Av Beit Din of Margareten) and in name of the Ga’on Av Beit Din of Khust (the Maharam Schick). Khust, 1876.
First leaf contains signed notation: “Gershon Tishler”, who received the notebook as a gift from his brother Rabbi “Alexander Tishler”.
Approx. 43 written pages. approx. 22 cm. Quality paper, good condition. Many blank leaves. New binding.

Opening250$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 250

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Manuscript, on the Torah, Pirkei Avot and Passover Haggadah – Unidentified Author

Manuscript, complete well-arranged composition of homiletics and commentaries on the Torah and Midrashim, prayers and Pirkei Avot, Passover Haggadah etc. [Beginning of 19th century].
Handsome "Ashkenasi" writing, autograph of unknown author. According to the type of handwriting and paper the manuscript was possibly written in c. 1830s-1850s. Has many deep novellae, apparently written by a great Torah scholar.
80 leaves. 24.5 cm. High-quality thick grayish paper. Good condition. Adorned leather binding, worn spineless.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 30 Lot Number 251

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Letter of Responsum by Rabbi Mordechai HaCohen Rabbi of Sheps to Rabbi Avraham Landau Rabbi of Tshekhanov

A long letter of halachic responsum on the laws of "niddah", handwritten and signed by Rabbi "Mordechai ben Rabbi Yehoshua Katz" Rabbi of Sheps, sent to the Torah genius Rabbi Avraham Landau Rabbi of Tshekhanov. Sheps (Sierpc, North Poland), [after 1841].
Rabbi Mordechai ben Rabbi Yehoshua HaCohen Greebaum, was certified for Torah rulings by Rabbi Akiva Eiger who described him as a Torah genius, [in the introduction to "Oznei Yehoshua" by his grandson Rabbi Yehoshua Segal (Jerusalem, 1914), a story appears about him that he used to teach the sons of Rabbi Shlomo Eiger. When he reached their home, the grandfather Rabbi Akiva Eiger tested his grandson Rabbi Leib'le and said in amazement that the teacher is a genius and not a simple "melamed". When Rabbi Mordechai appeared before him and they discussed Torah thoughts, Rabbi Akiva Eiger told Rabbi Mordechai that a genius like him must serve as rabbi and he wrote him a "hora'ah" permit]. Rabbi Mordechai served in the Neustadt rabbinate near Warsaw and from 1841 he served in the Sheps rabbinate for 18 years until his death in 1859. After his death, the Sheps community was divided into two communities, and his son-in-law Rabbi Moshe Yosef Segal was appointed Rabbi of the small community, which existed separately until 1884.
The recipient of the letter: Rabbi Avraham Landau Rabbi of Tshekhanov (1789-1875), author of "Zechuta D'Avraham", a holy man and a leading Torah genius in Poland, served in the Tshekhanov rabbinate from 1799 and many rabbis in Poland studied in his yeshiva. His sons and grandsons served as rebbes.
4 pages. Approximately 33 cm. Fair condition, wear to margins and folds, thin paper and ink blurs.

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Manuscripts of Author of “Shiltei HaZahav” – Including a Large Pamphlet of Part 2 that was Never Printed

A bundle of manuscripts by Rabbi Ya'akov Aryeh Salant. [Jerusalem, c. 1880-1900]. A Pamphlet of his work "Shiltei HaZahav" to settle the words of the "Taz" in answer to the questions of the" Shach", Part 2 that was never printed, on "Yoreh Deah Simanim 189-402"; a notebook of sermons with a "Sermon for Shabbat HaGadol of 1880"; novellae leaves on the Talmud and Mishnayot, on the Torah, matters pertaining to Eretz- Yisrael, on "Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim" and sections of his work Part 1; etc.
Rabbi Ya'akov Aryeh Leib son of Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Levinson-Salant (1835-1907), a leading Torah scholar in Jerusalem, immigrated to Jerusalem in his youth with his grandfather Rabbi Ze'ev Asya, who was a Torah scholar, tzaddik and modest person. Wrote "She'erit Ya'akov- Imrei Noam" (Jerusalem 1883) and "Shiltei HaZahav" Part 1 on" Yoreh De'ah" up to ''Siman" 110 (Jerusalem 1899, and another manuscript from Part 2 on "Yoreh Deah, Simanim 119-164", appears in "Kedem "Catalogue, Auction 19 Item 292).
More than 100 written pages, various sizes and conditions.

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Archive of Responses and Letters – Rabbi Yehonatan Eibeschutz Av Beit Din of Lashitz and Son-In-Law Rabbi Aryeh Mordechai Rabinowitz Rabbi of Kariv

Archive includes letters sent to Rabbi Yehonatan Eibuschutz by various rabbis, including: his brother-in-law Rabbi Henoch Kaminner; Rabbi Shalom Sternberg rabbinical authority of Antwerp (1855-1936); Rabbi Moshe HaCohen Feuerstein of Sarnik; letter signed by Rabbi of Lodz from year 1913; more. * Various leaves of drafts of responses containing many signatures of Rabbi “Yehonatan Eibeschutz Av Beit Din of Lashitz”. * Copies of various rabbinic letters in handwriting of Rabbi Yehonatan, including copies of letters of Rabbi Yitzchak Zelig Morgenstern of Kotzk. * Document authorizing sale of Chametz [leavened food] in handwriting of Rabbi Yehonatan Eibeschutz, and documents authorizing sale of Chametz of Rabbi Aryeh Mordechai Rabinowitz from period of service in Karov, and from period of service as rabbi of Batei Varsha in Jerusalem.
Rabbi Yehonatan Eibeschutz Av Beit Din of Lashitz (passed away in Warsaw in Cheshvan 1915), born in Kotzk, was among prominent rabbis of Poland and Chassid closely associated with Rebbes of Kotzk and Gur. Some of his Halachic responses were printed by his son-in-law the Rabbi of Kariv in the book Tiferet Yehonatan, Jerusalem 1934. Most of these manuscripts were not printed there.
His son-in-law the Ga’on Rabbi Aryeh Mordechai Rabinowitz – “The Rabbi of Bnei Brak” (1885-1955) was appointed to the rabbinate of city of Kasav at the age of 16. During the Russo-Japanese War in the year 1905 fled to the city of Brisk and spent approximately a year with the Ga’on Rabbi Chaim of Brisk with whom he formed a close affinity. From 1913 served in the rabbinate of Kariv for approximately ten years until immigrating to Eretz Israel and was among pioneer settlers in Bnei Brak where he served as rabbi. In 1929 moved to Batei Varsha in Jerusalem and was known as one of the leading rabbinical authorities and Chassidim of the city. Printed the book of his father-in-law with his Chidushim under title Klil Tiferet. Also printed the books: Keter HaYehudi containing Torah of his grandfather “HaYehudi HaKadosh”; Zechuta De’Avraham of his uncle Rabbi Avraham of Porisov; as well as other books.
Dozens of leaves and remnants of leaves, various sizes, fair to poor condition, extensive wear and tears.

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Bundle of Responsa Signed by Rabbi Asher Lippman Zarchi, a Leading Rabbi in the US – 1894

Bunch of manuscripts of responsa and novellae handwritten and signed by Rabbi Asher Lippman Zarchi, Radyvyliv (Poland), 1883-1886. Des Moines, Iowa (USA), 1894.
The responsa are part of Rabbi Asher's book of responsa on Yoreh Deah and Even HaEzer. These responsa deal with questions on the manner of writing the name of the city Des Moines in a get, a question of the acquisition a house which housed avodah zara to be used as a Beit Knesset [in that responsum, he copies a page from the responsum of Rabbi C. Y. Videravitz of Moscow, sent to him]. And more.
Rabbi Asher Lippman Zarchi (1864-1932), one of the foremost rabbis in the US was born in Kovne. He was a relative of the renowned Rabbi Shimon Zarchi, a rabbi in Tovrik, Vilnius and Jerusalem. Studied at the Volzhin Yeshiva and was ordained by leading Lithuanian rabbis. From c. 1883, he lived in the village of Radyvyliv (a village near Zembrov in the Łomża region), and according to these writings, it is apparent that he served in its rabbinate. In 1893, he reached the US and served in the rabbinate of Brownsville Brooklyn and in 1894, was accepted as rabbi of Des Moines, [Iowa]. In 1903, he moved to serve as Rabbi of Louisville, Kentucky. There he filled the position of rabbi with authority and his words were highly honored. He was one of the Charedi rabbis who founded the Association of Rabbis of the USA and Canada. See attached material.
Rabbi Chaim Ya'akov Viderowitz (died 1911), served as rabbi of the Lubavitcher Jews in Moscow. In 1893, he reached the US and served in the NY rabbinate for the Chassidic sector and was called "General Rabbi of the Sefardi community in the US".
68 written pages. Approximately 32 cm. Fair-poor condition, dark brittle dry paper, with many damages, but most of the text has been preserved.

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Collection of Manuscripts – Lithuania

Collection of manuscript leaves of novellae on the Talmud and Shulchan Aruch and sermons upon the conclusion of tractates. [Lithuania, c.1850s-1890s]
Among the leaves is a notebook with a sermon for a siyum on Erev Pesach 1886, from the city of Radziluv, signed by the writer Rabbi Asher Lippman Zarchi, [see previous item]. Apparently, the rest of the leaves also came from his archives, but some seem to have been written by other writers [a Lithuanian rabbi] at the same time and from earlier times.
Approximately 35 written pages. Various sizes and conditions.

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Manuscript of Ner David – Rabbi Nathan David Rosenblum of Apta

Large volume of manuscripts, Ner David – Or Torah, commentary on the Torah, Bereshit-Vayera. By Rabbi Nathan David ben Rabbi Yisrael Rosenblum of Apta. 1946.
Commentaries "According to Pardess – commentary, simple meaning, pilpul, philosophy, remez, hidden Torah – compiled from hundreds of books and from things I have heard from my rabbis, and from what G-d graced me and I have given sermons before gatherings, wonderful words sweeter than honey". He signs his comments on the words of other commentaries with the pseudo "Adon" [David Nathan says].
In the author's introduction, he writes about the Holocaust of European Jewry, and the holocaust of Jewish books burned by the Nazis. He tells that in his city Apta there were hundreds of thousands of books in the old Beit Midrash (study hall), besides for the thousands of books in other Batei Midrash, "All were burned by the evil enemy and his abominable servants".
Rabbi Nathan David Rosenblum of Apta, lived in Buenos Aires after the Holocaust, publicized several articles in Torah compilations, where he states that he wrote a number of works on the Torah and on the 613 mitzvot, which apparently have not yet been printed. He corresponded frequently on Torah and kabalistic issues with Rebbe Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch. Many letters sent to Rabbi Nathan David Rosenblum were printed in the Igrot Kodesh books from the years 1955-1958. In both of the first letters from 1955, Rabbi Rosenblum wrote the Rebbe memories of his acquaintance with Rebbe Shlomo Ber when in Rostov in 1920. See attached material.
[3 title pages and introduction], [555] pages, 34 cm. Good condition. Semi-leather binding, rubbed.

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Pamphlet of Torah Novellae in the Handwriting of Rabbi Elyashiv

Handwritten leaf, comments and novellae on Tractate Kritot, on the treatises of Kodshim and Shegagot, in the handwriting of Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv. [Jerusalem, c. 1940s].
Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv (1910-2012), a foremost posek for over 70 years. Known for his exceptional diligence and deep and thorough understanding of all Torah areas which enabled him to reach clear conclusions on any matter. During the last 20 years of his life, he led Torah Jewry in Israel and abroad. However, even earlier he was involved in rabbinic and halachic matters of various communities. Rabbi Elyashiv did not print his Torah novellae by himself but his disciples printed the "comments" from his lectures thereby compiling hundreds of his thousand of responsa in the four volumes of Kovetz Teshuvot.
10 written pages, 8 pages 19.5 cm and 2 smaller pages. Dry paper. Good condition.

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Collection of Leaves of Torah Thoughts and Responsa

Collection of leaves of Torah thoughts, letters of responsa and rabbis' letters. [Hungary-Romania, 19th-20th century].
*Copy of a Shabbat Teshuva sermon, Pressburg, 1844. *Leaf from the book Mareh Yechezkel on Tractate Pesachim. *Letter of Torah thoughts by Rabbi Chaim Yuda Segal Deitsch, Rabbi in Makó, to his son. (The letter is damaged and lacking, but the Torah thoughts and signature are whole). *Leaves from letters by Rabbi Moshe Stern Rabbi of Velyun and a letter written to him. (Damaged and lacking). *Letter of responsa by Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Veg of Ober-Visheve, to Rabbi David Shferber. *Long letter of responsa on the treatise of a couple who were separated during World War I. *Long letter of Torah thoughts by Rabbi Moshe Weiss of Satmar, to Rabbi David Shferber Rabbi of Borşa. Satmar, 1940. *Letter of Torah thoughts by Rabbi Ze'ev Freidman of Sydorovychi, to Rabbi David Shferber. *Several leaves of halachic conclusions on the dispute over the appointment of a rabbi in Satmar, by Rabbi Shmuel Zvi Weiss of Shimkayts, who was a "claimant" in the Din Torah on this issue. *Letter of responsa concerning the dispute against the Shochet and Bodek, who worked in Kolomyya and Stanislav, opposed by Kosov Chassidim causing a dispute. *Leaf with a copy of Torah novellae on Yoreh Deah, "From the author of Be'er Yehuda". *More.
12 items, approximately 24 leaves, various sizes and conditions, most leaves are 27-33 cm.

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Answer Pamphlet in Handwriting – Rabbi Moshe Shalom Stohl

Manuscript, lengthy Answer pamphlet by Rabbi Moshe Shalom Stohl. Freuenburg, [1914].
Concerning one who forbids himself to enjoy a citron and another person comes and uses it. Fine round writing along with signature. [Response printed at beginning of his book "Shem Olam" Responsa].
The "Ga’on" Rabbi Moshe Shalom Stohl, among rabbis of Lithuania, last rabbi of city of Bauska. Previously served as rabbi of Jieznas and Freuenburg (Courland). Authored "Shem Olam" Responsa and "Sefer Darchei Shalom". Perished in Holocaust.
13 pages. 27 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains, tears, folding marks.

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Or Tzahir – With Manuscript Leaves by Author

Or Tzahir, study and explanation of the Rambam. By Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Torbowitz. [Tel Aviv, 1961]. The author was rabbi in Amdor and later in Magdiel. Attached to the book are leaves in the author's handwriting.
Book, 136 pages, 33 cm. + [8] manuscript pages, 32 cm. Good condition, stains.

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Collection of Notebooks of Torah Discourses – Ponovitch Yeshiva, 1951-1955

Collection of notebooks of discourses on Tractates Gittin, Nedarim, Ketubot, Kiddushin, Bava Kama, Bava Metzia, Shevuot etc. Notes by the yeshiva student Shimon Levinger, of the discourses given by Ponovitch Yeshiva Heads: Rabbi David Povarsky, Rabbi Elazar Menachem Shach, Rabbi Shmuel Rozovsky, etc. Bnei Brak, 1951-1955.
Approximately 17 notebooks and pads, various sizes and conditions.

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Manuscript – Supplication Poems – Aram Zova

Manuscript, list of poems and supplications for each Shabbat of the year and for other occasions. [Aram Zova, early 20th century].
Arranged according to Torah portions; two columns per page. Each Torah portion contains listing of appropriate poems including maqams. Last leaves contain poems for festivals, circumcision, groom, father of daughter and more.
On first pages, version of poem is “Tzuri Go’ali Ka” followed by ownership signature: “Yosef Moshe Swied”.
On some leaves, ink marks prominently apparent on reverse side of leaf.
Approx. 120 pages, last leaf torn and incomplete. 13.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and tears. Worn leather binding.

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Four Manuscripts – Piyutim

* "Ketuba" Piyutim for the two days of Shavuot. Handsome writing with vowels. [Balkan countries?, 18th-19th century]. * Songs for Motza'ei Shabbat, piyutim in Hebrew and Jewish-Arabic. [Bukhara?, 19th century]. Ex-libris. * Manuscript of leaves of the Mussaf service, [taken from Tikun Chemdat Yamim]. Italian writing, [18th century]. * Manuscript of piyutim for Purim etc, in Hebrew and Ladino. Handsome square writing. [Italy or Balkan countries, c. 18th century].
4 manuscripts, various sizes and conditions. New and old bindings.

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Manuscript of Halachic Rulings, Novellae on Tractate “Horayot” and Homiletics – Rabbi Shlomo Mazuz

Handwritten notebooks, Solitreo Oriental writing. Halachic rulings on "Orach Chaim" and "Yoreh Deah"; homiletics and commentaries on Psalms, novellae on Tractate "Horayot". [Djerba, Tunisia. 1925].
Some of the things were printed in the book "Midrash
Shlomo" by Rabbi Shlomo Mazuz, a Djerba Torah scholar (1908-1982). The novellae on Tractate "Horayot" were not printed there, they may have been written by another Djerba scholar. [On the sheets of the novellae on Tractate "Horayot" are glosses in another handwriting, apparently written by the author of the novellae].
Approximately 37 written pages, varied size 27-30 cm. Good-fair condition, brittle paper with minor wear damages. New binding.

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“Birkat Hamazon” Manuscript

Manuscript, "Birkat Hamazon" and blessings, in fancy handsome writing, with color ornamentation. [Oriental country, beginning of 20th century].
Leaves bound at the end of the copy (lacking title page and introductions) of "Kohelet" with the "Shema Shlomo" commentary in Jewish Arabic. Jerusalem 1888.
82 printed leaves; 12 handwritten leaves. Good-fair condition, loose binding and detached leaves. Original worn leather binding.

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Illuminated Manuscript, Etz Chaim by Rabbi Chaim Vital – Eastern Europe, 18th Century – Numerous Impressive Illustrations and Decorations

Illuminated manuscript of the book Etz Chaim, the Ari's teachings by his disciple Rabbi Chaim Vital. [Eastern Europe, 18th century.]
Elaborate and extraordinarily beautiful manuscript, richly illustrated with impressive, decorated initials, images and adornments. Handsome Ashkenazi-style Rashi script, with emphasis and titles in square letters.
The manuscript opens with an introduction by Rabbi Chaim Vital and rules by the Ari and Rabbi Chaim Vital. This is followed by the second section (Sha'ar Drushei HaIgulim VeHaYosher), mistakenly titled "First Section." (The remaining sections are correctly numbered.) The scribe omitted Sha'ar HaKlalim (Section of Rules), the first section.
The manuscript contains glosses by Rabbi Ya'akov Tzemach, written in a smaller handwriting. The scribe added several glosses and annotations from other books, in the margins.
A similar manuscript with like illustrations – apparently by the same scribe – is in the collection of the Etz Chaim Library in Amsterdam, with the name of the scribe, "Dov Ber Ben Chaim […] of Podhajce [Galicia-Poland]", and the date, 1780. (See item 182 in "Treasures from the Library Ets Haim / Livraria Montezinos", Jerusalem: Jewish National and University Library, 1980.)
The manuscript includes dozens of lavishly illustrated title pages (She'arim), located at the beginning of most of the sections of the work. The decorations and motifs, some of which are heraldic in style, differ for each title page. Amongst them are an Ouroboros (a snake biting its own tail), two crowned lions rampant, a stork and crocodile entwined with the crocodile's head in the stork's beak, a double-headed eagle, two stags erect, and – at the beginning of the tenth section, Sha'ar HaMelachim [Kings' Section], – illustrations of imaginary ' faces of kings and others.
The ends of the sections are adorned with embellishments influenced by the Rococo style and the spirit of the period: foliage, flowers, branches, leaves, seashells; and a lion and a stag in a thicket. The end of the Arich Anpin section is decorated with an image of a crocodile biting its own tail, framing a number of portraits. At the end of Sha'ar HaAkudim is an illustration of Ya'akov Avinu with branches in the troughs, images of striped, speckled and spotted sheep, and an intricate representation of the scene of the Binding of Isaac.
Also decorated with ornately illustrated initials, some historiated, with animal, fowl and fish designs.
Owners' stamps "Shlomo […] Ben Nissan." Several owners' handwritten glosses. A gloss at the end of Section 44 notes, "Lacking an entire leaf and Chapter 1, see printed editions" (this refers to the scribe's omission of the title page and an entire section from the end of Section 44).
2-14; 1-227; 227-307 leaves (lacking one title page). 24cm. Good condition with some staining. The majority of the leaves are complete. Sporadic small tears to some leaves and drawings, caused by the ink etching into the paper. A few leaves have tears restored with paper. All edges gilded and engraved. Original binding, decorated with gilt blind stamps, slightly rubbed.

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Manuscript – Ma’amar Kodesh, About the Wisdom of the Hand – 17th Century

Manuscript, Ma'amar Kodesh by the Ari about wisdom of the hand and fingers, with commentary of Rabbi Ya'akov Temralish. Handsome Ashkenasic handwriting, with a kabalistic illustration of a palm. [17th century].
This work was first printed under the title of Ma'amar Kadishin – at the end of Sefer HaYetzira with the Gra's commentary [Warsaw, 1884] from a manuscript owned by the Gra. This is a very early manuscript written during the life of the commentary's author: "The Chassid G-dly Mekubal… Ya'akov Temralish Ashkenasi" [author of Sifra D'Tzni'uta D'Ya'akov – died in Nissan 1666]. At the top of the manuscript is an introduction: "This form I have found by an old person of esteemed countenance, an outstanding Torah scholar, and he cautioned that every man must know this". At the end of the manuscript is a colophon of the copier: "I, the writer Eliezer called Zelig".
5 pages. 18 cm. Good-fair condition, stains and light moth damages. New binding.

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Manuscript Derushei HaNukva by the Arizal – 17th Century

Manuscript, Derushei HaNukva, by Rabbi Chaim Vital, according to the teachings of the Arizal, his teacher. Handsome, early Ashkenasi writing [c. 17th century].
At the top of the manuscript is a title: "All these homiletics are from the Rabbi's writings, and apparently are not taken from the book Seder She'arim. In spite of that since they are novellae I have written them". At the end of the manuscript, is a concluding colophon: "End of the homiletics of the Nukva with G-d's help".
28 pages. 18 cm. Fair condition, stains and restored damages. Margin cutting with damage to text. New binding.

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Siddur Manuscript, Bayonne, 1706 – Kabalistic Glosses of Kabalistic Intentions

Siddur manuscript, signed and dated by the writer, Shlomo Firenendish, Bayonne (France), 1706.
Amateur writing with vowels. On sheet margins, additional glosses in Oriental handwriting, of kabalistic content and yichudim apparently written later.
Perhaps the writer of the siddur is related to Rabbi Shlomo Firenendish-Diash, one of the mekubalim at the Beit-El Yeshiva at the time of Rabbi Gedalya Hayun and the Rashash. He signed the renowned "engagement bills", together with Rabbi Ya'akov Algasi and his son the Maharit Algasi and the Chida and other leading Jerusalem mekubalim. Died in 1771 in Thessaloniki, where he sojourned to print his book Succat David.
Leaves 3-204. 15.5 cm. Varied condition, most leaves in good condition, several lacking and damaged leaves. Stains and wear, moth damage to text. New binding.
On Leaf 119/2 the writer signs: "Here in Bayonne in France on the Oder River and the Nive River – referring to the city of Bayonne in South-west France, which is situated on the estuary of the Nive and Oder rivers.

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Siddur HaRashash Manuscript, For Counting of Omer and Chanukah

Manuscript Siddur HaRashash [Rabbi Shalom Sharabi], with combinations of holy names, for intent upon reciting blessings for counting of Omer and lighting of Chanukah candles. [Fine and orderly scribe and Oriental writing. 18th-19th century]. Manuscript written by two authors; first composed intentions upon blessing of counting of Omer, and second added glosses and adapted the intentions for blessing upon lighting Chanukah candles as well, and added several pages containing intentions pertaining to Chanukah in his handwriting at the end of the book.
15 pages, 18-19 cm. Thick quality paper. Good condition, stains of usage and wear.

Opening500$ Sold For4,182$ Including buyers premium

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Manuscript Otzrot Chaim by Rabbi Chaim Vital – Maghreb, 18th Century

Manuscript, Sefer Otzrot Chaim by Rabbi Chaim Vital. Oriental writing, Maghreb countries [Morocco or Tunisia, early 18th century].
This manuscript contains many modifications and new passages which are not included in two printed versions of the book. "Windows" within text contain comments by Rabbi Ya’akov Tzemach, Kol HaRamaz by Rabbi Moshe Zacut, passed away in 1698] and comments of “Harim” who is mentioned in blessing of deceased “of blessed memory” [Rabbi Ya’akov Margi, leading Kabbalist in Tetuán during the 17th century]. Writing modifications in sections of the book, possibly written by two authors, or written by same author during different periods. This manuscript resembles famous manuscripts from period of “Scholars of the West” who corresponded in Kabbalah with scholars of Beit El and Rabbi Shalom Sharabi.
Approx. 320 leaves. 20 cm. Part of book in fair-poor condition, mildew and moth damage, many leaves damaged from ink acidity which crumbled paper in middle of text. Torn and incomplete binding.

Opening2,000$ Sold For2,460$ Including buyers premium

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Manuscript “Toldot Yisrael Or Y’ah”, Unknown Composition

"Toldot Yisrael Or Y'ah" – manuscript, "Remez" and Kabalistic Torah novellae, on the secrets of creation and the foundation of the world. Rabbi Yisrael Uriah ben Rabbi Aharon HaLevi. [End of 19th century].
Unique writing style with "Ashkenasi" Rashi script with vowels (slightly faulty). At the end of the author's preface, he explains the name of the book, "Since I have no son to be of help to me when I lay in my grave… but the Torah novellae over which I have toiled and lost sleep to write them will be my sons…Perhaps G-d will have mercy on me and give me a son or grandson as I desire, and he will complete the entire Torah".
112 written leaves. 20.5 cm. Fair condition, brittle paper, detached worn leaves, torn loose binding.

Opening500$ Unsold

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Manuscript of “Magid Devarav LeYa’akov – Likutei Amarim” by the Maggid of Mezritch – Early Copy

Manuscript, Sefer Likutei Amarim by the Maggid of Mezritch, [Russia-Poland, c. 1773].
Begins with several handwritten leaves, with titles: “Sefer Likutei Amarim by the divine and holy Torah giant, Rabbi Dover, who received his Torah from the divine Ba’al Shem Tov who received his Torah from Eliyahu”. In one instance the Maggid is mentioned while he is still alive: “May his light shine”. On last leaf colophon by copyist: “With the help of the Almighty I have completed the book Likutei Amarim and as the Almighty merited me to write and complete the book, may he merit me… by the agent Tzvi Hirsch son of Rabbi Shmuel of community of Vilednik”.
Sefer Likutei Amarim is the first printed book containing the Torah of the Maggid of Mezritch, disciple of the Ba’al Shem Tov and transmitter of his Torah to following generations. The book was first printed in Koretz in 1781 under title Magid Devarav LeYa’akov. Several manuscripts and copies of the composition were already in existence at an earlier period, some of which differ in order or content. This manuscript is complete and arranged in a manner similar to first printed edition of book (not including introductions), however with many slight variations, and apparently it was written prior to the printing of the book. The fact that the book has no copyist errors indicates that it was written by a Torah scholar who was profoundly proficient in Kabbalah and Chassidism.
Copyist of manuscript, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch son of Rabbi Shmuel of Vilednik is possibly Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch of Ostraha son of Rabbi Shmuel, among prominent disciples of the Ba’al Shem Tov and the Maggid of Mezritch who passed away in 1789; giant in Kabbalah and most distinguished Chassid of Ostraha to whom many stories of wonder were ascribed. [For additional information related to him see book “Chassidut MiDor LeDor”, I p. 102, no. 126. and Encyclopaedia of Chassidism, III, pp. 588-589].
167 pages. 20 cm. Thick quality paper, good-fair condition, stains, moth and ink damage. Majority of leaves in very good condition. New and frayed binding.

Opening15,000$ Unsold

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Manuscript, Notebook of Approbations and subscribers to the Book Ma’ase Rokeach – Lvov, 1892 – Signatures of Leading Galicia Rabbis and Chassidic Rebbes in Their Handwriting / Work on the Talmud and Letter Journal by Rabbi Meir Rokeach of Chortkov

Manuscript, notebook of approbations and subscribers to the book Ma'ase Rokeach by Rabbi Elazar Rokeach [Rabbi of Brad and Amsterdam], reprinted by his grandson Rabbi Meir Rokeach of Chortkov in Lvov, 1892. At the top of the pages are the cities through which Rabbi Meir Rokeach passed (see Hebrew list). In these cities, Rabbi Meir received handwritten approbations and signatures and advance payment for the book from rabbis and notables. The notebook has more than 200 signatures, at times a handwritten line was added [and several approbations] some by leading Torah scholars and Chassidic Rebbes in Galicia.
For complete list of rabbis' signatures, see Hebrew list.
*The notebook of approbation is bound with: a manuscript, novellae on the Talmud [Tractates Berachot and Shabbat] and on the Mishnah [Berachot, Pe'ah, Terumot, Ma'asrot, Ma'aser Sheni, Challah, Orlah, Bikurim, Shevi'it, D'mai, Shabbat, Eruvin, Pesachim, Succah, Mo'ed Katan, Ketubot, Sotah, Avot, Bava Kama, Sanhedrin, Makot, Eduyot, Menachot, Kritot, Mikvaot, Nidah, Uktzin], handwritten by Rabbi Meir Rokeach of Chortkiv, publisher of the book Ma'ase Rokeach. Apparently, this book was never printed.
* The two parts were bound with a journal of correspondence handwritten by Rabbi Meir Rokeach, with hundreds of inscriptions and summaries of letters from 1910-1914. Correspondence with the courts of the Vizhnitz and Belz Rebbes [to whom he was related], concerning shidduchim, kvitlach, money and community affairs, details and description of his journey to Eretz Yisrael and his visit to the Holy Sites, report on the state of Chassidim in Eretz Yisrael, etc.
Notebook of approbations: Approximately 30 pages. Manuscript of novellae on the Talmud and Mishnah: 75 pages. Letter journal: 55 pages. Dry paper. Good-fair condition, stains, tears, primarily to leaf margins [some with minor damage to text]. Some of the leaves are restored. New elaborate leather binding.

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Manuscript – Sefer HaIzkarnot – Skver, 1926

Manuscript, Sefer HaIzkarnot, diverse collection. Rabbi Yitzchak son of Rabbi Aharon [Wallace?] of Skver. [1926].
Illustrated title page with symbol of Star of David, many verses consisting of name “Aharon” [alluding to name of author]. At center of Star of David: “… will be explained according to…, by author…C. Aharon son of Yitzchak of Skver descendant of the Ba’al Shem Tov”. Contains interesting collection, Gematriot [assignation of numeric values to Hebrew letters] and allusions, stories and Chassidic thoughts and more, arranged in alphabetical order. On title page, beneath detail of year: “Demise on 2nd of Shvat 1942”, apparently this refers to death of author. It seems that at least part of the manuscript was written by son of author. Detached leaves; apparently manuscript incomplete. * Attached is a leaf of Divrei Torah from same writer, and additional leaf with various blessings and greetings, in which the numeric value of each sentence in Gematria amounts to detail of year, 1926. * Attached photograph, apparently from family of author.
[35] pages. Various sizes. Fair condition, detached leaves, stains, tears and traces of mildew.

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Siftei Tzadikim Manuscript, Section II, by Rabbi Tzvi David Glaser

Manuscript, Rabbi Tzvi David Glaser, articles of Hassidism on the Torah and sayings by Rebbes of Ger and Kotzk. [Post-1948].
Rabbi Tzvi David Glaser (1868-1952), among Hassidim of Ger, author of books Chemdat Tzvi and Siftei Chachamim (Jerusalem, 1931-1946), Mevaser Tov (Jerusalem, 1940). This manuscript contains a draft of an additional composition (which was not published) written following the demise of his mentor and rabbi, the elderly Rebbe of Ger (passed away on holiday of Shavu’ot 1848). He mentions stories from Rebbe of Ger author of Imrei Emet and from his son the Rebbe author of Beit Yisrael [from early period of leadership as Rebbe].
Booklet and single leaves, total of approx. 50 written leaves, various sizes and conditions.

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Sefer Kreti U-Pleti – Altona, 1763 – First Edition – Signature Rebbe Rabbi Meir of Premishlan

Sefer Kreti U-Pleti, on Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah [with text]. Rabbi Yehonatan Eibeschutz. Altona, [1763]. First edition, only composition of Rabbi Yehonatan Eibeschutz which was printed during his lifetime.
Title page of book contains signature: “Meir Beharav” – Holy signature of Rebbe Rabbi Meir of Premishlan who occasionally signed his name in this manner. [Additional signature on title page: “Levi Yitzchak ---“].
The holy Rabbi Meir of Premishlan (1783-1850, Otzar HaRabbanim 12948; Encyclopedia of Hassidism, III, 49-51), among luminaries of Chassidism. Son of Rabbi Aharon Leib of Premishlan and grandson of “Rabbi Meir HaGadol of Premishlan” disciple of the Ba’al Shem Tov. His prominent rabbi was Rabbi Mordechai of Kremenets [son of Rabbi Yechiel Michel of Zlotchov], however he was also closely associated with the Seer of Lublin. From a very
young age was already known as possessing divine inspiration, and was famous for his foresight. Hundreds of stories of wonder and salvation are attributed to him. As well, was known for his exceptional philanthropy and generously distributed funds for charity without leaving anything for himself; it is related that he would not go to sleep before designating all charity funds which were in his possession. Was exceptionally admired by all, and the Ga’on Rabbi Shlomo Kluger who was not a Chassid eulogized him with great honor and referred to him as: “The virtuous righteous and famous exalted divine… and I have merited to see his divine image twice”. See attached material.
Complete copy in good condition, [3], 34 [instead of: 35]; 165 leaves. 31 cm. good condition, stains, moth stains, several tears and slight wear. Tear on title page, restored with scotch tape. Damaged leather binding.
Authorization of expert confirming authenticity of signature as that of Rabbi Meir of Premishlan attached.

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Levushei Srad – First Edition – Signature of Rabbi Moshe David Ashkenasi of Tolcsva Rabbi of Safed

Levushei Srad, commentary on Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim, By Rabbi David Shlomo Eibeshitz [author of Arvei Nachal]. Mahlov, 1812. First edition. Approbation by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichov, the Ohev Yisrael of Apta etc.
On the title page appear the signature of "Moshe David Ashkenasi Rabbi of Safed" and other ownership inscriptions ["Dedicated to the Beit Midrash of the Sefardi Kollel of the city of Tiberias"].
The Holy Rabbi Moshe David Ashkenasi (1774-1857, Encyclopedia L'Chassidut Vol. 3, pp. 332-333), author of the books Toldot Adam and Be'er Sheva. Served in the Tolcsva rabbinate for 40 years. Ascended to Safed in 1844 and was one of the founders of the Chassidic settlements in Safed after the earthquake. Father-in-law of the author of Yitav Lev and father of Rabbi Yoel Ashkenasi Rabbi of Zlotshov. The Rebbes of Satmar and Klausenburg descend from his holy dynasty. His home and beit midrash in Safed were restored by his grandson the Klausenburg Rebbe, and today Sanz institutes reside in those structures in the city of Safed.
[2], 2-100 leaves (missing at end: Leaves 101-102). 34 cm. Varied condition of leaves: fair to fair-poor, tears, stains and moth damages. Detached title leaf, partially missing and restored with glued paper. Damaged binding.

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Nodah B’Yehuda – Signatures of Rebbe Shlomo Shapiro Rabbi of Mukacheve (author of Shem Shlomo) and Rabbi Menachem Mendel Eichenstein of Zhiditchov

Nodah B'Yehuda responsa, Vol. 2 of Mahadura Tanina. Prague, 1810. First edition.
Handwritten signatures and stamps (erased) of Rabbi "Shlomo Shapira Rabbi of Strzyzow ". Signature of Rabbi "Menachem Mendel Ish [Eichenstein]" and many stamps of his son-in-law Rabbi "Baruch Rabin Rabbi of Berezdovtsy".
Rebbe Shlomo Shapira Rabbi of Strzyzow and Mukacheve (1832-1893), son of Rabbi Elazar of Lańcut and grandson of Rabbi Zvi Elimelech of Dinow author of Bnei Yissachar. Father of Rebbe Zvi Hirsh Shapira Rabbi of Mukacheve and author of Darkei Teshiva, and father of the father of Rebbe Chaim Elazar Shapira Rabbi of Mukacheve author of Minchat Elazar.
The second owners of the book: Rebbe Menachem Mendel Eichenstein of Zhidachov (1846-1901), youngest son of Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac of Zhidachov, who was his father's favorite son. After his father's death, served as Rebbe in Mikolów. His daughter Shlomotze was the wife of Rebbe Baruch Rubin (1864-1935), who served as Rabbi and Rebbe of Berezdovtsy and Kolomyya in Galicia, and after World War I settled in Hungary in the Gerla (Mezomegyer) community where he served as Rebbe.
[1], 169, 150-159, [1] leaf. 34.5 cm. Good-fair condition, use stains and wear, few moth damages. Rubbed fabric binding.
Attached is a letter by an expert who certifies the signatures and according to its signs and attributes the book to the library of Rebbe Elazar of Lańcut (1808-1865) son of the author of Bnei Yissachar.

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Amudei Olam – Stamps of Rebbe Nachum Dovber Freidman of Ruzhin

Amudei Olam, novellae of halacha and aggada, by Rabbi Shmuel Rabbi of Shtrim ben Rabbi Azriel Melnzburg (in Neumark). Berlin, [1741]. Rare sole edition.
Stamps of Rebbe "Nachum Dovber Freidman" – Rebbe Nachum Dovber Freidman (died in 1883, Otzar HaRabbanim 15912), son of Rebbe Shalom Yosef of Ruzhin and son-in-law of his uncle, Rebbe Avraham Ya'akov of Sadigura – the holy sons of Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhin. His library was one of the most important libraries of his times. His stamp "Acquired with my money" is stamped on all the books he purchased.
In the introduction of the Rabbi the author, he tells of the blood libel in Pozna in 1736.
48 leaves. 19 cm. Good-fair condition, damages and light stains. New binding.

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“Magid Devarav L’Ya’akov – Likutei Amarim” – Lvov 1863 – Copy of Rebbe Rabbi Yechiel Heschel of Karilowitz

"Sefer Magid Devarav L’Ya’akov – Likutei Amarim", by the Maggid of Mezeritch. Lvov, 1863.
Leaf following title page contains ink-stamps by Rebbe Rabbi “Yechiel Heschel Karilowitz…”.
The righteous Rabbi Yechiel Heschel of Karilowitz (1843-1916, Encyclopedia of Hassidism II, pp. 195-196), Rebbe of Apta-Zinkiv. Direct male descendant of the "Ohev Yisrael" of Apta. Son-in-law of Rebbe Rabbi Yehoshua Rokeach of Belz. Served as Rebbe in town of Karilowitz in Podolia. Passed away during a visit to his "Chassidim" in Kishinev.
30 leaves. 25 cm. Good condition. Stains, moth stains.

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“Atzei Chaim”, Sighet 1934 – Signature of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich, Av Beit Din of Shamloy

"Atzei Chaim", on "Moadim". By Rebbe Chaim Zvi Teitelbaum Rabbi of Sighet. Sighet, 1934. First edition.
Signed by "The Holy Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich" – Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich, Rabbi of Shamloy (1863-1944, Otzar HaRabbanim 18739), grandson of the" Kol Aryeh" rabbi of Mad. A Torah genius,"mekubal" and "chassid", prominent "posek" and leading Hungarian rabbi, a close "chassid" of the author of "Kedushat Yom Tov" of Sighet. Also a close friend and admirer of the Rebbe's sons, Rabbi Chaim Zvi of Sighet and Rabbi Yoel of Satmar. Among his books: "Lechem Shlomo" Responsa, "Tiyul BaPardes","Rachmei Ha'Av" and more.
[2], 158 leaves. 25.5 cm. Wide margins, brittle paper, good-fair condition, slightly damaged original binding.

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“Shev Shmat’ta” – Signatures of Rabbi Naftali Shwartz Rabbi of Mad and his Descendants and Signature of Rebbe Mendel Horowitz Rabbi of Melitz

"Shev Shmat'ta", with glosses by Rabbi Baruch Frankel. Lemberg, 1864. First edition of "Baruch Ta'am" glosses.
Several handwritten glosses. Many signatures on title page: "I bought it for ---Naftali HaCohen Shwartz"; "R' Shmuel HaCohen Shwartz"; "This great book belongs to my father and teacher, I, his son and disciple… 1923, Moshe Leib Ehrenreich". Stamp of Rabbi "Moshe Leib Ehrenreich son of the Rabbi of Mad"; signature of "Menachem Mendel Horowitz Rabbi of Melitz and its region".
*Rabbi Naftali Shwartz, author of "Beit Naftali" (1846-1897) son of the "Kol Aryeh", from 1884 served in the rabbinate of his ancestors, in G-d's city of Mad. *His son-in-law and cousin was Rabbi Chaim Zvi Ehrenreich, who served many years as "Dayan" and rabbi in Mad and from 1932 served as" Av Beit Din" of Mad. After his death in 1937, his son Rabbi Moshe Leib Ehrenreich succeeded him in this position. *Rabbi Menachem Mendel Horowitz (1883-1903), who succeeded his father as rabbi and rebbe in the city of Melitz was renowned as a tzaddik and Torah scholar. (See attached material).
[2], 50, 32 leaves. 24.5 cm. Fair condition, wear and tear.

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“Ner Moshe” – Stamps of Rebbe Aharon of Stretin

"Ner Moshe", on kabbalah and the Saragosa scroll. Jerusalem, 1882.
Many stamps like the handwritten signature: "Aharon ben R' Zvi Aryeh of Olik Stretin".
Rabbi Aharon Brandwein (died 1907), son of Rebbe Zvi Aryeh of Pleschen (of Olik-Stretin dynasty), was raised in the house of his mother's uncle Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzin, who appointed him Rebbe while yet a youth and even gave him "kvittel" and "pidyon". Immigrated to Eretz- Yisrael and settled in Safed, where he became a focal point of the Chassidic community. Buried in the cave of Rabbi Chaim of Tchernowitz where his father is also buried.
[3], 80, [9], 81-92 leaves. 17.5 cm. Good-fair condition, damage to title page, wear damage.
S. HaLevi no. 407.

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“Avodat HaKodesh”, Ofen 1820 – Stamps of Rebbe Menachem Mendel Hager of Visheve

"Avodat HaKodesh" of the Rashba, laws of "yom-tov" and "techumim". Ofen, 1820.
On title page is the stamp of Rebbe "Menachem Mendel Hager of Vizhnitz Rabbi of Obervishe". Rabbi Menachem Mendel Hager the Visheve Rebbe (1885-1941," Encyclopedia L'Chassidut", Vol 3, pp. 95-96), son of the "Ahavat Yisrael" of Vizhnitz. From 1908, served as Rabbi of the city of Vizhnitz. From 1921, as Rabbi of Visheve where he founded the "Beit Yisrael Yeshiva". A leader of the "Agudat Yisrael" movement and member of "Moetzet Gedolei HaTorah".
13 leaves. 34 cm. Good condition, slight wear. New elaborate binding.

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Special Edition of Sefer Divrei Chaim – With Inscription of Rebbe of Chakava-Sanz

Sefer Divrei Chaim on the Torah and holidays. Chidushim on Bava Metzia, by Rebbe Rabbi Chaim Halberstam. Jerusalem, New York, (1946). Special edition published by Rebbe of Chakava-Sanz in honor of the 70th death anniversary of his grandfather, Rebbe Chaim Halberstam of Sanz, author of the Divrei Chaim.
Title page contains impressive inscription from 1946, in handwriting and signature of publisher Rabbi Ya’akov Halberstam Rebbe of Chakava-Zanz, to Rabbi Avraham Englard Av Beit Din [Rebbe of Razdin]. Various stamps of Rabbi Avraham Englard and two glosses in his handwriting.
Rabbi Ya'akov Halberstam (1897-1968) son of Rabbi Sinai Rebbe of Zemigrad (son of Rabbi Baruch of Gerlitz, son of author of Divrei Chaim). Son-in-law of Rebbe Rabbi Shalom of Schatz. From 1925 served as Av Beit Din of Chakava. In 1934 envisioned the approaching Holocaust, resigned from the rabbinate and immigrated to Jerusalem where he established his Beit Midrash. During the Holocaust years resided in the USA and was active in the Rescue Committee. Following the war he returned to Israel and later on emigrated to the USA. His sons are the famous geniuses Rabbi Moshe Halberstam and Rabbi Naftali Halberstam, Rebbe of Chakava and among leaders of the Eda HaCharedit.
Recipient of book: Rabbi Avraham Yissachar Englard (1910-2006), Av Beit Din of Sosnowiec, son-in-law of Rebbe Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Elazar of Radzin. Administrator of Radzin Yeshiva network in Poland and assisted his brother-in-law, Rebbe Rabbi Shmuel Shlomo Leiner with the leadership of the Chassidism. His entire family and family of his father-in-law perished in the Holocaust while he miraculously survived, emigrated to the USA and in 1954 was crowned Rebbe of Radzin and immigrated to the Holy Land where he served in the rabbinate and leadership.
[2], 82, [2], 116 leaves. 26.5 cm. Good-fair condition, stains, extensive usage wear. Torn binding.
This edition was printed in New York, however, due to the sanctity of the Holy City of Jerusalem, the Rebbe had the title page as well as an additional leaf reprinted in Jerusalem. He removed the original title page from each copy and replaced it with the two pages printed in Jerusalem. [For additional information pertaining to this see article of bibliographer Naftali Ben Menachem, Sinai 30, 1954, p. 154).

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Sefer Shnot Chaim – Lvov, 1855 – Stamps and Glosses Rebbe Rabbi Yehuda Horowitz of Dzikov

Sefer Shnot Chaim, section one. Rabbi Shlomo Kluger. Lvov, 1855.
Title page contains stamps [in Hebrew and in Latin letters] Rabbi “Yehuda Hager Dayan in Klausenburg”, two glosses and notations in his holy handwriting.
Rebbe Rabbi Yehuda Horowitz-Hager of Dzikov (1905-1989, Encyclopedia of Hassidism II, pp. 3-4), son of Rebbe Rabbi Alter Yechezkel Eliyhau of Dzikov, from the Ropshitz dynasty. Was raised in home of his grandfather [from his mother’s side] Rabbi Yisrael of Vizhnitz in Grosswardein. Son-in-law of his uncle Rabbi Chaim Meir Hager of Vizhnitz [from whom he received his family name, Hager]. Served as Dayan and rabbinical authority in Klausenburg for a period of time. During the Holocaust found refuge in Romania until immigrating to the Holy Land. Refused to serve in the leadership however many Chassidim and admirers congregated around him. Toward the end of his life resided in London and served in the leadership.
[1], 9, [10], 2-62, 65-102 leaves. 36 cm. Fair condition, stains, extensive moth damage. New binding.

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Sefer Orchot Chaim, Spinka – Sighet, 1898 – Stamps and Glosses

Sefer Orchot Chaim on Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim, by Rabbi Nachman Kahana Av Beit Din of Spinka. Sighet, [1898]. Sections one and two, in two separate volumes.
Title pages of both volumes contain stamps of author Rebbe Rabbi Nachman Kahana of Spinka. Second volume contains stamp of his grandson, Rabbi Nachman Kahana (1905-1977), Rebbe of Spinka in Bnei Brak, from period when he resided in Carlsberg, several handwritten glosses and revisions, apparently in his handwriting. Includes draft leaves with handwritten revisions for new edition printed by him in 1962 together with his brother, Rebbe Rabbi Yosef Meir Kahana of Spinka-Jerusalem.
Section 1: Clauses 1-216. [3], 178 leaves. Section 2: Clauses 117-697. [2], 203 leaves. 30 cm. Good condition, stains, tears on several pages. Fragile paper. Worn bindings.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium
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