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Auction 19 Lot Number 353

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Letter of Ordination by Rabbi Refael Shapira

A letter of ordination ["Yoreh Yoreh Yadin Yadin"] handwritten and signed by Rabbi Refael Shapira of Volozhin to Rabbi Ya'akov Moshe Zimmerman. Volozhin, 11th of Iyar 1910.
"The rabbi sharp and proficientג€¦ passed through here and I spoke with him a lot in words of Torah and I found him full of Torahג€¦".
Rabbi Refael Shapira (1837-1921), son of Rabbi Aryeh Leib Shapira Av Beit Din of Kaunas, and son-in-law of the Netziv. Renowned for his genius and diligence. From 1862-1881, served as Head of Volozhin Yeshiva together with his father-in-law, the Netziv. Served in the rabbinate of Bobruisk and other cities. In 1899, when the yeshiva was re-established, he returned to Volozhin and was appointed as Av Beit Din and Rosh Metivta. During World War I, he exiled to Minsk where he taught Torah for five years until his death. His son-in-law is Rabbi Chaim HaLevi Soloveitchik, Rabbi of Brisk, author of "Chidushei Rabbeinu Chaim HaLevi".
The recipient of the ordination is Rabbi Ya'akov Moshe Zimmerman (1881-1961).
28 cm. Fair condition. Stains, tears to folding marks and margins. Pasted on cardboard for restoration.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,722$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 354

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Letter of Ordination (“Yoreh Yoreh”) – By Rabbi Baruch Ber Leibovitz

A letter of ordination ("Yoreh Yoreh"), handwritten and signed by Rabbi Baruch Ber Leibovitz, Head of "Beit Yitzchak" Yeshiva, "For my brother-in-lawג€¦ sharp and truly proficient, dear and astounding in his pure fear of Heaven and straight attributesג€¦", Rabbi Ya'akov Moshe Zimmerman. Slobodka, 1906.
Rabbi Baruch Ber writes; "He has grown up near meג€¦ therefore I speak his praise and qualitiesג€¦ the rabbi's honor is great, he is proficient and fearful of the word of G-dג€¦", and he praises him extraordinarily.
Rabbi Baruch Dov (Ber) Leibovitz (1864-1939) was an outstanding disciple of Rabbi Chaim of Brisk in the Volozhin Yeshiva. Son-in-law of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Zimmerman Av Beit Din of Hlusk. When his father-in-law moved to serve in Kremenchuk, Rabbi Baruch Ber succeeded him in the Hlusk rabbinate. After thirteen years, he was asked to serve as Head of "Knesset Beit Yitzchak" Yeshiva in Slobodka, wandered with his yeshiva to Minsk, Kremenchuk (after his father-in-law's death) and to Vilna and finally established it in Kamenets. Counted amongst the greatest Torah teachers of his generation. Author of "Birkat Shmuel" on Talmudical topics. His oral and written Torah are fundamental to deep yeshiva study.
The recipient of the ordination is his brother-in-law and disciple Rabbi Ya'akov Moshe Zimmerman (1881-1961).
Sixteen lines. 23 cm. Stains, tears to folding marks and wear. Pasted on another paper for restoration.

Opening1,200$ Sold For2,091$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 355

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Letter of Ordination (“Yadin Yadin”) – By Rabbi Baruch Ber Leibovitz

A letter of ordination ["Yoreh Yoreh Yadin Yadin"], handwritten and signed by Rabbi Baruch Ber Leibovitz Head of "Beit Yitzchak" Yeshiva, to his brother-in-law and disciple Rabbi Ya'akov Moshe Zimmerman. Slobodka, 1913.
"To my brother-in-law the sharp and proficient Torah geniusג€¦ I know him well from his youth until today when he has grown in Torah and sharpness and proficiencyג€¦ and is fitting to serve gloriously in one of the important communitiesג€¦ and any city that will choose him will be completely satisfiedג€¦".
Rabbi Baruch Dov (Ber) Leibovitz (1864-1939), was a leading Torah teacher of his generation, see previous item.
The recipient of the ordination is his brother-in-law and disciple Rabbi Ya'akov Moshe Zimmerman (1881-1961).
Twenty two lines. Rabbi Baruch Ber's signature is on reverse side of leaf. 20 cm. Fair condition, tears, stains and wear. Partially pasted on leaf for restoration.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,968$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 293

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“Tehila LeDavid” Manuscript – Tehillim Commentary by Rabbi David Shperber

Handwritten notebooks, "Tehilla LeDavid" and "Yalkut David". Essay and commentary on the book of Tehillim, handwritten by Gaon Rabbi David Shperber. 1915. Unprinted essay.
Gaon Chasid Rabbi David Shperber (1875-1962, Otzar Ha-Rabbanim 5075), of the leading rabbis of Galicia and Romania. Born in Zbletow to a family of Kosov-Vizhnitz Chasidim. Disciple of Gaon Rabbi Meir Arik. Served as rabbi from year 1905 and was rabbi of BraֵŸov from year 1922. Authored the "Afarkasta DeAnya" and the "Michtav LeDavid". Became famous through the work he did, releasing Holocaust Agunot. Immigrated to Israel in 1949, where he became known as the "Brasov Rabbi" and was among the leaders of the "Moetzet Gedolei HaTorah" and of the "Chinuch Atzma'i" in Israel.
Notebooks and handwritten leaves, 185 leaves approx. Various sizes and conditions. Comes in fine cover binding.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 179

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Or Yisrael Responsa, Kleve 1770 – Original Edition with Polemic on the Issue of “The Kleve Get”

Or Yisrael, questions and answers by Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz. Kleve, 1770. Newly printed here in Kleve. The only Hebrew book printed in Kleve.
Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz Rabbi of the city of Kleve (grandfather of the author of "Tiferet Yisrael"), arranged a get for a couple from the city of Bonne. The husband who was somewhat deranged escaped from Germany to England from fear of death (or persecution complex), and on the way divorced his wife in the city of Kleve (adjacent to the German-Dutch border). Scholars of Frankfurt and Manheim invalidated the get claiming that the husband was not fit to divorce ("Get Shoteh") and they emerged with sharp proclamations against the Kleve rabbi. Conversely, most of the generation's leading rabbis (the "Sha'agat Aryeh", Rabbi Yitzchak of Hamburg, Rabbi Shaul of Amsterdam and his uncle Rabbi Ya'akov Emden, the "Nodah M'Yehuda" etc.), ruled according to Rabbi Lifshitz's opinion, that the husband was considered sane and fit for divorce. The polemic caused a storm in the Jewish world at that time.
The book deals primarily with this issue and its aftermath, printed on leaves 31-32 are responsa from Rabbi Aryeh Leib, Av Beit Din of Hanover, Rabbi Yitzchak of Hamburg and an article with very critical expressions against Frankfurt scholars. These leaves were omitted from most of the copies and were partially printed with changes on one leaf. In this rare copy, these two leaves exist (compare with the censored copy in next item). In several places, the critical expressions are erased with ink, [some of these erasures also exist in the censored copy in next item, and apparently were done in the original by the publisher who was Rabbi Lifshitz's son].
66, 69-120 leaves. 19 cm. Good condition. Stains and minor damage. Antique worn parchment binding. Owner's ancient signature "Avraham ---". Mistaken inscription on title page: "Leaves 31 and 32 were omitted because of something that occurred" [actually, the rare leaves exist].

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 275

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Manuscript by Rabbi Yisrael Isser Tauber – Disciple of the Chatam Sofer

Manuscripts of sermons and Chiddushei Torah, 1863-1895. Ir-Chadash [Neustadt].
Autographic writing of a journal which was written over a span of many years containing summaries of sermons and eulogies, by Rabbi Yechiel Isser Tauber, who served as Dayan and Maggid in Ir-Chadash and its vicinity for fifty years. The names of the settlements in which he delivered the sermons appear throughout the journal (Ir-Chadash, Boskovice, Mehrish-Leskof, Old Tura, Lubina, Brezova and many other places).
Includes: Sermons for birthday of the majestic emperor "Caesar Franz Joseph" on August 8th.
Eulogy from 1864 on Rabbi David Katz Bistritz Av Beit Din of Milchdorf and Rabbi Eliezer Prosnitz Dayan in Tapalshan; eulogy on Rabbi Pesach Frankel who served as Halachic authority in Ir-Chadash and in the adjacent settlements; eulogy on Rabbi Shlomo Kluger in 1869; eulogy from 1876 on Rabbi Chaim Halberstam Av Beit Din of Nowy Sִ…cz and Rabbi Avraham Zwebner Av Beit Din of Kobersdorf who immigrated to Jerusalem; includes Chiddushei Torah in the name of the Divrei Chaim regarding the Sugia "Reicha Milta"; eulogy on Rabbi [Avraham] Av Beit Din of Boskovice and the state.
The Ga'on Rabbi Yisrael Isser Tauber (1823-1904, The Chatam Sofer and His Disciples, pages 275-276), son of rabbinical family in Galanta. From age 13 studied in the yeshiva of the Chatam Sofer and by the Yeriot Shlomo in Mako, son-in-law of Rabbi Shlomo Leib Koenig in Ir-Chadash, and from 1852 was appointed Dayan and Maggid in the city. Authored the books Ezrach Ra'anan and Mekor Yisrael.
Approx. 158 pages in crowded writing. 19.5 cm. Good condition, minor stains and wear. Unbound.
The author's handwriting varies throughout the years, until 1895 where his writings were written in shaky and unsteady handwriting. [The last article was written in the month of Elul 1895 in extremely unsteady handwriting and from there on dozens of leaves remained blank].

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 300

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Shir HaShirim with Translation – Manuscript on Parchment -Yemen

Shir HaShirim with translation, manuscript on parchment. [Yemen, 19th century?].
Thirteen leaves, light, home-processed parchment, various sizes (18 cm average). Fair condition, tears and (original) stains (from the parchment processing), separate leaves, leather binding with very old print snippets pasted on.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 279

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Leaf Handwritten by Admor Rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Yechiel of Komarna – an Excerpt from his Book “Heichal HaBracha”

Handwritten leaf, with an excerpt of the "Heichal HaBracha" essay on Bamidbar (Parashiot BeHa'alotecha, Shlach), by Admor Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac of Komarna.
Admor Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Yehuda Yechiel (Safrin) Av Beit Din of Komarna (1806-1874), holy sage, nephew and prominent disciple of Admor Rabbi Zvi of Ziditchov. Loved by Chasidic leaders such as the "Chozeh [Seer] of Lublin" (who was also his matchmaker), the Apta Rebbe, Rabbi Moshe Zvi of Savaran, his uncle Rabbi Moshe of Sambir, Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhin and more. Authored numerous Chassidut and Kabbalah books as well as the "Heichal HaBracha" commentaries on the Pentateuch based on the esoteric teachings of the Ari and the Ba'al Shem Tov. The "Heichal HaBracha" Pentateuch volumes are among the basic books of Chassidic philosophy. They were appreciated by Admors from all courts (Beit Ziditchov, the "Divrei Chaim" and his descendants, the Lubavitcher Rashab and more) who highly valued the level of holiness held in those esoteric commentaries.
Excerpt from a large leaf, 8x10 cm approx. Fair condition, tears and wrinkles. Comes in a luxurious binding, with a photocopy from the print, for comparison.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 98

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Etz Chaim – Nahar Shalom, Jerusalem 1867 – Corrections and Manuscript Leaf by Rabbi Yehuda Petayah

Etz Chaim, by Rabbi Chaim Vital. Jerusalem, 1866. Bound with the Nahar Shalom by Rabbi Shalom Sharabi. Jerusalem, 1867. Two bibliographically unknown leaves at the end of the Nahar Shalom.
Glosses and corrections in two different handwritings, one similar to the handwriting of holy Gaon and Mekubal Rabbi Yehuda Petayah. A (torn) leaf was found within the book's sheets, written on both sides in Rabbi Yehuda Petayah's handwriting (paragraph copied from the Zohar interpretation on Shir Ha-Shirim).
154; 39 leaves, 33 cm. Good condition. Rebound.
S. Ha-Levi 135-136.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,214$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 141

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LeKol Chefetz – Venice, 1552 – Signature by Rabbi Elisha Galiko and Glosses

LeKol Chefetz, Tikun Shtarot, according to Jewish Custom and Halacha. By Rabbi Eliezer Mili. Venice, [1552]. Printed by Daniel ben Cornelio Adel-Kind.
Second leaf contains old signature in Italian handwriting: "[E]lisha Galiko". [Rabbi Elisha Galiko was among the greatest scholars of Safed during the days of the "Beit Yosef" and the Mabit; served for many years as member of their Beit Din. Was originally from Italy and it is possible that he or one of his relatives signed this book]. Several glosses of great content in Italian writing (slightly cut off) on leaves four and thirteen.
[16] leaves. 18.5 cm. Fair condition, restored damage on margins of some leaves. New binding.
Books printed by Daniel Adel-Kind in Venice are few and rare. See article 1, M. Haberman, Areshet 6, pages 76-70 (attached material).

Opening1,000$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 280

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Handwritten Leaf by Rabbi Yehuda Leib Ashlag

Leaf in the handwriting of the Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Leib Ashlag, on matters of Kabbalah, profound questions for revision and contemplation on the content of lesson sixteen of his book "Talmud Aseret HaSefirot" pertaining to matters of creation, formation, and action. The questions differ from the questions printed in the book and it is possible that they were not printed.
The holy Ga'on Rabbi Yehuda Leib Ashlag (1885-1955), genius and erudite scholar, holy divine Kabbalist. Served in the rabbinate of the city of Warsaw, immigrated to Jerusalem in 1922, where he established the "Itur Rabbanim" Yeshiva for the study of the revealed Torah, aside from his many classes in Kabbalah which he delivered to select students. Eventually, a large group of students and Chassidim were drawn to him and he served in the leadership. Composed and published books about Kabbalah, the masterpiece being his commentary "Sulam" on the Zohar.
Two pages, 28 cm. Good-fair condition, damage to margins in stapled area.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,952$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 3

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Collection of Megillot Esther

Collection of Megillot Esther on parchment from various countries:
* Megillah on Gevil-skin, Sefardic writing according to Kabbala [Babylon?, c. 19th century]. * Megillah on Gevil-leather, Sefardic writing [Morocco?, 18th-19th century?]. * Megillah on parchment, Sefardic writing in Spanish ancient writing style, [Greece?/Balkan countries?, 18th-19th century]. Stylish wooden pole, faded letters replaced in later writing. * Megillah on parchment, simple Sefardic writing, [c. 19th-20th century], stylish wooden pole. * Megillah, 42 rows, Ari writing (Ashkenazi Chassidic), [Poland?, 19th-20th century].
Five megillot, various sizes and conditions.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 238

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Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah – Important Glosses

Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De'ah "Eshle Ravreve", Amsterdam, 1711. Approved by "Chacham Zvi", Rabbi Naftali Katz and more.
Hundreds of glosses along most of the book's paragraphs, Ashkenazi handwriting (Hungary). Scholarly remarks, clarifications filled with content, references and corrections. The author mentions his novellae and books, the gloss appearing on leaf 305 reads: "[refer to] my book Shvilei David". Apparently related to the "Shvilei David" on Yoreh De'ah by Gaon Rabbi Yehuda Leib Zilberstein (1820-1884) one of the greatest Hungarian Geonim. Disciple of the Maharam Ash and Rabbi Koppel Harif. Lived in Jerusalem between 1859-1870, where he began printing his famous books "Shvilei David"; served in the Rabbinate of Sֳ¡toraljaֳ÷jhely, Zenta, Kerestor, Vac and headed the Orthodox Rabbinical systems of Hungary. His son is the famous Gaon Rabbi Yeshaya Zilberstein Av Beit Din of Vac author of the "Ma'asei LeMelech".
[3], 352, [2] leaves. 34 cm. Good-fair condition, wear and stains from use, damage on the first leaves and incomplete illustrated title page. New cloth binding.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,214$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 165

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Tehillim with Radak Commentary, Isny 1541

Tehillim (Psalms), with the commentary of Rabbi David Kimchi - The Radak. Isny, 1541, [Paulus Fagius Printing]. Printed with the "approbation" of the Caesar of Germany: "With a bill called in Latin privileges, written and signed by the Caesar His Majesty, that no one shall print it within ten years from today Wednesday, 22nd of Kislev 1541".
Owners' signatures and inscriptions in Hebrew and foreign language. Dozens of handwritten glosses in foreign language.
108 leaves, 30.5 cm. Good quality paper, good-fair condition, stains, moth damage and wear. Semi-leather binding, slightly worn.
Missing [2] leaves that were added to some of the copies, the Radak's debate with the Christians.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 40

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Chumash Vayikra Ohr HaChaim, Signature of Rebbe Rabbi Yerachmiel Yosef of Lelov and Additional Esteemed Signatures

Chumash Vayikra with "Ohr HaChaim" commentary. Slavita, [1818]. Printing press of Rabbi Moshe Shapiro.
Leaf preceding title page contains various notations and holy signatures of the Rebbe Rabbi "Yerachmiel Yosef" of Lelov, of his father-in-law Rabbi "Shlomo of Stolin" and of his father-in-law's father Rabbi "Moshe ben Pearl" of Stolin.
The holy Rabbi Yerachmiel Yosef Biederman (1866-1918), son of the Rebbe Rabbi Eliezer Menachem of Lelov, grandson of Rabbi Moshe of Lelov and of the "Chozeh [Seer] of Lublin". Was an exalted righteous individual who abstained from the pleasures of This World, involved himself solely in the study of Torah and was known for his extreme righteousness. His brother, Rabbi David Tzvi Shlomo considered him an individual who attained great levels and upon his death called out "Nafla Ateret Rasheinu" [our crown has departed].
His wife, Rabbanit Nechama, was the daughter of Rabbi Shlomo of Stolin who resided in Hebron, son of Rabbi Moshe of Stolin, son of the Rebbe Rabbi Aharon of Lechovice and son of daughter of the Rebbe the Great Rabbi Asher of Stolin (father of the Beit Aharon). [Pearl, Rabbi Moshe's mother, was the daughter of Rabbi Asher, named after his grandmother Pearl, mother of the Great Rabbi Aharon of Karlin, after whom the entire "Perlow" family is named].
176 leaves. 21.5 cm. Blue paper, fair-poor condition, moth damage and stains, wear and extensive usage marks. New semi-leather magnificent binding.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 51

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Machzor for Whole Year – Zhitomir, 1861

Machzor, for Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and the Three Festivals, according to the custom of Poland, Bohemia and Moravia, Lithuania and Raszyn. Zhitomir, 1861. Printed by the grandsons of the Slavita Rabbi, Rabbi Chanina Lipa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heshel Shapira.
564 pages. Approx. 19.5 cm. Very good condition, usage stains. Fancy new leather binding. Rare edition.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 147

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Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat Venice, 1574

Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat by Rabbi Yosef Karo. Venice, Erev Pesach 1574. Last edition printed during the Maran "Beit Yosef" 's lifetime.
164, [5 leaves]. Missing the last index leaf. 21.5 cm. High quality, light paper, good-fair condition, stains and wear. Tears on the last leaves. Signatures and listings in [Yemenite] handwriting. Not bound.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 411

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Tehillim – Parma Manuscript – Magnificent Facsimile

Facsimile, Tehillim, Parma manuscript. London, 1996.
Magnificent facsimile of illustrated manuscript from the 12th century, upon parchment-like paper, with gold paper cut. Accurate copy of source including imitation of antique binding.
No. 29 of limited edition of 550 copies. Contains printed introductory volume upon bluish paper.
Two volumes. 13 cm. Very good condition. Placed inside original case.

Opening900$ Sold For1,107$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 125

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Ten Haggadot with Commentaries

For complete list, see Hebrew description.
Ten books, various sizes and conditions, some with new bindings.

Opening900$ Sold For1,169$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 159

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Tanach Mikraot Gedolot – Venice, 1500s

Mikraot Gedolot, Tanach with commentaries from various editions:
* Nevi'im Achronim, Venice, 1568, Johannes de Gara printing with Bombirgi letters. * Nevi'im Rishonim, Venice, 1617. Bragadin printing. * Nevi'im Achronim, Venice 1618. Bragadin printing. * Ketuvim, with Targum Yerushalmi and Darkei HaNikud V'Haneginot. 1618. Bragadin printing.
Four books, approx. 37-38 cm. Good to good-fair condition, stains and moth damage, inscriptions, owners' glosses and signatures.

Opening900$ Sold For1,169$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 409

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One Hundred Blessings – Fine Numbered Miniature on Parchment

Fine facsimile of illustrated manuscript Me'ah Brachot [one hundred blessings] from Central Europe, 18th century. Includes volume which contains commentary and translation into English, London, 1994.
Facsimile includes illustrated title page and twenty nine illustrations pertaining to the blessings. An ornamental frame with the blessing appears above some of the illustrations. 550 copies published by Linda and Michael Folter, of which 400 are numbered and printed on parchment; this is copy no. 340.
[1], 35, [2] parchment leaves, 4.5x4.2 cm. Very good condition. Bound in leather binding adorned with gold and decorated with silver clasps and corners, made in Italy. Padded leather box. Includes volume of commentary, bound in leather binding.
Parchment edition sold in December 2003 for $2000.

Opening800$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 207

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Prayer Book of Rebbe Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag

Complete Tefillat Ya'akov prayer book, Sephardic version, with Tehillim and Ma'amadot. Jerusalem, (1973). Handwritten signature by the Rebbe Rabbi "Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag" along with his stamp. Handwritten notation "I have received it from the Rabbi".
The Rebbe Rabbi Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag (1907-1992), son and successor of the Kabbalist Rebbe Rabbi Yehuda Leib Ashlag, author of the "Sulam". Studied and taught Kabbalah, as he received from his holy father; established a large center for the study of Kabbalah and published his own and his father's Kabbalistic books.
[10], 3-328 pages; 112 pages. 20.5 cm. Good condition, usage marks (slight wear and usage stains). Original binding with clear plastic cover.

Opening800$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 90

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Books of the Rebbe Author of Yitav Lev

1. Sefer Yitav Lev, on the Torah, sections 1-5, by the Rebbe Rabbi Yekutiel Yehudah Teitelbaum Av Beit Din of Siget. Sighetu Marmaֵ£iei, (1875). First edition. Ownership stamps of Rabbi Naftali HaCohen Schwartz Av Beit Din of Mad and the Galilee (1846-1897) and stamps of his son, Rabbi Yosef Schwartz (1875-1944). Handwritten glosses.
2. Sefer Yitav Panim, Mussar for Shabbatot and festivals, sections 1-2. By Rabbi Yekutiel Yehudah Teitelbaum. Host, (1912). Second edition. Signatures and ownership notations.
Two volumes, 23.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening800$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 368

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Letter by Rebbe Yosef Yitchak of Lubavitch – With the Special Signature of the Last Year of his Life

A letter of recommendation signed by "The Rebbe HaRytz" [Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn] of Lubavitch. Brooklyn, 1949. Signature in his own handwriting with the addition of the words [who blesses] "with material and spiritual (blessings)".
One year before his death, the Rebbe HaRytz started to sign the letter "yud" of his second name (Yitzchak) in Ashuri (square) script, and this was an amazing hint to his near passing on the 10th of Shevat (his son-in-law the Lubavitcher Rebbe explained this fact at length in the gathering on Shabbat Va'eira 1951 - see attached material). This letter was sent a half a year before his death, where his special signature with the square "yud" can be clearly seen.
The Rytz, Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn (1880-1950, Otzar HaRabbanim 8887), the sixth Chabad-Lubavitch Rebbe, founder of Tomchei Temimim Yeshivot together with his father Rabbi Shalom Dov, became Rebbe in 1920. He was imprisoned by the Communist government and released in 1927, whereafter he reached Poland and in 1940, Brooklyn. Some of his works: Sefer HaMa'amarim, Likutei Devorim etc. His son-in-law was Rabbi Menachem Mendel Shneersohn - The Lubavitcher Rebbe.
21 cm. Official stationery, extremely thin. Good condition, wear to lower margins.

Opening800$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium
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