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Auction 19 Lot Number 413

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Printed Leaf – Synagogue Prayer Schedule – Vienna, 1935

Printed leaf, Gottesdienstordnung in den synagogen - Vienna Synagogue Prayer Schedule, from Pesach until Rosh HaShana. Vienna, 1935.
One leaf. 21 cm. Very good condition.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 34

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Historical Photograph of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook and Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld

Historical photograph in which Rabbi Kook, Chief Rabbi of Israel is sitting together with Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, Rabbi of "Eida HaCharedit" of Jerusalem [congregation which was established as a result of the opposition to the rabbinate of Rabbi Kook and the establishment of the Chief Rabbinate by the Zionistic Delegate Committee] together with other rabbis of Jerusalem. Apparently the photograph was taken during the "cornerstone-laying" of one of the new neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Despite the public rivalry between the two rabbis they had a deep friendship and appreciation of one another. This is also apparent in this interesting photograph.
Approx. 12x17 cm. Clear photograph in very good condition, imprinted stamp of photographer "Tzakov Basan, Jerusalem".

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Auction 19 Lot Number 423

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Printed Leaflet for US Rabbis – New York, 1899

A letter to the Rabbis and Torah Leaders of Yisrael. By Rabbi Dov Ber Avramowitz. New York, 1899. A printed leaflet addressed as a letter to US rabbis demanding treatment of various halachic problems, reflecting the way of life in the midst of the community of Jewish immigrants in the US at the end of the 19th century.
The writer deals with various topics that arose as a result of the new reality of the US: Possibility of sha'atnez in clothing manufactured in the US, various problems of machine matzot and the kashrut of various foods, permission to read newspapers printed on Shabbat, traveling by boat from New York to Brooklyn on Yom Tov, traveling by train and elevator on Shabbat, etc.
[3] pages. 30 cm. Good-fair condition, lengthwise tear on first leaf [without omission], folding marks.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 264

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Leaves Prepared for Print – Rabbi Yosef Mashash – Fez

Pamphlets and leaves prepared for print of compositions by Rabbi Yosef Mashash (1892-1974, rabbi of Tlemcen, Meknes and Haifa).
1. Two pamphlets: "Ma'aseh Purim Shel Megaz", "Sefer Ma'aseh Yehudit". Both included later on in the book "Ner Mitzvah". Fez, (1939). The author sent the pamphlets to the printer or publisher, and wrote on the cover: "All material for end of book, and I will send to his honor the material for the beginning of the book. All material for the book Ner Mitzvah" (two handwritten corrections on first pamphlet).
2. Leaves prepared for print of "Drushim L'Bar Mitzvah", homilies and poems in honor of Bar Mitzvah, by Rabbi Yosef Mashash (printed only on one side of leaf). Title page contains area for filling out the day, month and year in which the boy becomes Bar Mitzvah. Fez, [1961].
Various sizes, general condition good. Stains and wear.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 31

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Rabbi Akiva Eiger (Portrait by Herman Shtruk)

"Rabbi Akiva Eiger", lithographic printing of coal sketch, by Herman Shtruk. Berlin, c. 1910.
The artist Herman Shtruk (1876-1944) Berlin-Haifa, a leading Jewish artist of the 20th century.
20.5 cm. Good condition, tiny moth holes to margins.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 10

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Two Protection Leaves – Vilna, 1870

Two protection leaves: "Mazal tov for a male" and "Mazal tov for a female". Vilna, 1870. Name and place of printing in Cyrillic letters.
[2] leaves. 20 cm. Fair condition, stains, wear to margins.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 203

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Kuntress Po Eliyahu – Lublin, 1938 – The Author’s Dedication

Kuntress Po Eliyahu, "A sermon that I have preached here in honor of the siyum of the Talmud of the World Daf HaYomiג€¦", by Rabbi Eliyahu Rozen. Lublin, 1938.
A long dedication with the author's handwriting and stamp from 1938 [additional inscriptions in his handwriting are on back cover]. The author, Rabbi Eliyahu Rozen [born c. 1840], son of Rabbi Avraham Aryeh Leib Av Beit Din of Falatycze. Rabbi of Hessen (Germany) and afterwards Av Beit Din of Oswiecim (Auschwitz) in Poland, was murdered in the Holocaust in 1943. Of all his works (mentioned in the title page of this pamphlet) only this sermon has survived.
40 pages. 15 cm. Good condition. Bound with printed cover.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 15

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Chafetz Chaim – Two Printed Articles

1. "Derech HaTorah Article" - Printed proclamation by the "Chafetz Chaim" regarding "order of proper study and educationג€¦ according to the Talmud and our Sages" opposing the new methods of study "which are a debasement of our holy Torahג€¦" (Signed in print: "Yisrael Meir son of Rabbi Aryeh Ze'ev HaCohen of Raduֵ„"). Piotrkow, 1903.
[2] pages (printed on 2 leaves). 34 cm. Fair condition. Professionally restored tears with damage to text.
2. "Avad Tzadik Min HaAretz - The Chafetz Chaim has departed from us." Printed leaf attached to Kol Yisrael newspaper. "Telegram from Warsaw published in my newspaper this morning, announcing the death of the Chafetz Chaimג€¦ the funeral was scheduled for today, Sunday". Jerusalem, [1933].
[1] page. 34.5 cm. Fair condition. Tears, wear and stains.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 22

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Collection of Printed Leaves – Jerusalem

Collection of various leaves, notices, receipts and documents, lithographic, colored etc. Jerusalem, [most are from 1900-1940].
For complete list, see Hebrew description.
Various sizes and conditions, very good-fair.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 54

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Three Volumes of Mishnayot – Zhitomir

1. Mishnayot, Seder Kodshim. Zhitomir, 1851. Shapira Brothers Printing, Rabbi Chanina Lipa, Rabbi Aryeh Leib and Rabbi Yehoshua Heshel, grandsons of the Rabbi of Slavita. (Good-fair condition. Stains and wear, original leather binding, decorated and worn).
2. Mishnayot, Seder Nashim. Zhitomir, 1860. Printed by Rabbi Aryeh Leib Shapira grandson of the Rabbi of Slavita. (Fair condition, moth damage and stains, original leather binding, decorated and worn).
3. Mishnayot Seder Nezikin. Zhitomir, 1860. Printed by Rabbi Aryeh Leib Shapira grandson of the Rabbi of Slavita. (Good condition, stains. Owners' inscriptions "Belongs to R' Chaim Dov Tumarkinג€¦").
3 volumes, various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 118

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Collection of Pamphlets and Prayer Books

For complete list, see Hebrew description.
Nine volumes and pamphlets, various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 374

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The Rebbe of Mukachevo – Three Letters

Three letters on stationery of the Rebbe of Mukachevo, Rabbi Baruch Rabinowitz, 1978-1984.
The letters deal with construction of a mikveh next to the Rebbe's synagogue in Petach Tikva, and are addressed to the Religious Council of Petach Tikva and to the Ministry of Religious Services in Jerusalem.
All three letters are signed by the Rebbe. Attached to one of the letters is a letter of authorization from the head of the Petach Tikva Religious Council regarding activities which take place in the Rebbe's synagogue and Beit Midrash.
Rabbi Baruch Yehoshua Yerachmiel Rabinowitz (1915-1998), son of Rebbe Nathan David Rabinowitz of Parzew-Biala married the only daughter of the Minchat Eliezer of Mukachevo and succeeded him as Av Beit Din of Mukachevo for three years until the Holocaust. After much travail, he reached Jerusalem. In 1945, after the death of his first wife, he remarried and moved to Brazil where he served in the Sֳ£o Paulo rabbinate and studied at the local university. In 1963, he returned to Israel to serve in the Holon rabbinate and in 1976, moved to Petach Tikvah where he established his Beit Midrash and wrote his books "Binat Nevonim" and "Divrei Nevonim". His sons from his first wife are the famous Rebbes of Munkatch and Dinov in the US.
Various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 33

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Assembly of Rabbis in Kaunas – Two Photographs

Two photographs from assembly of "Association of Rabbis in Lithuania", in the city of Kaunas, 6th of Iyar 1926.
One photograph depicts the directorate table, surrounded by the genius rabbis: Rabbi Yosef Leib Bloch, Rabbi Avraham Dovber Shapiro, Rabbi Zelig Reuven Bengis, Rabbi Baruch Horowitz and additional rabbis. Additional photograph from far, in which the participants appear as well.
Two photographs. Divided as a postcard. Stamped with stamp of "Executive Committee of Association of Rabbis of Lithuania".

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Auction 19 Lot Number 65

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Kedushat Levi – Hrubeshov, 1818

Kedushat Levi on the Torah. By the Rebbe Rabbi Levi Yitzchak, Av Beit Din and leader of the congregation of Berdichev. [Hrubeshov, 1818]. Edition printed in accordance with first edition printed in Berdichev by sons of author.
Incomplete copy: 3-78, 27, 14 leaves (originally: [1], 78, 27, 15 leaves). 21 cm. Fair condition, paper cut bordering on text, stains and wear on several leaves. Old semi-leather binding.
Bound with incomplete and damaged copy of the book Shevet Mussar from the Russia-Poland printings.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 193

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Collection of Printings of Jerusalem

For complete list, see Hebrew description.
Eight books in six volumes, various sizes and conditions. Signatures and ownership notations.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 257

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Sefer HaMachria – Glosses by Rabbi Chaim David Kalifi

Sefer HaMachria, rulings and Tosfot [Rid] on Tractate Ta'anit, by Rabbi Yishaya Ditrani. Livorno, [1779].
Glosses in Oriental handwriting, by two authors. Majority of glosses signed "Chaim Midbar [acronym]" or with his full name "Chaim David Kalifi" - The Ga'on Rabbi Chaim David Kalifi, among the greatest scholars of Tripoli, author of manuscript Orach L'Chaim, passed away in 1886.
[4], 80 leaves. 19.5 cm. Fair condition, stains and moth damage. Binding not original.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 417

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Sefer HaMiddot by Aristotle – Berlin, 1790 – Signatures

Sefer HaMiddot by Aristotle, sections 1-2, annotated by Itzik Santov. Berlin, 1790. The book is approbated by the author of the "Pri Megadim", among others.
Title page of book contains ownership signatures, stamp of Rabbi "Binyamin Aryeh HaCohen Weiss", Av Beit Din of Czernowitz author of Even Yekara Responsa. Interesting handwritten notation: "This book belongs to the Beit Midrash of the late Rabbi Ya'akovג€¦ from where it was taken without permission of the ownersג€¦ and still has not been returned to us!ג€¦".
[9], 75; [1], 76-151 leaves. 19.5 cm. Good condition, stains. Omission on margins of last leaf with damage to text from colophon. Colorful paper cut, binding without spine.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 44

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Sefer HaMaggid on Ketuvim – Slavita, 1819

Sefer HaMaggid [Yiddish-Deitsch translation], Part 6, Ketuvim: Job, Daniel, Ezra, Nechemia. Inside of book has translation, Rashi commentary, Metzudat David and Metzudat Zion. Slavita, 1819. Printed by Rabbi Moshe Shapira.
Many owners' inscriptions ("belongs to Rabbi Yitzchak Mosheג€¦ Avertin" etc.).
178 leaves. 28.5 cm. Good condition, wide margins, light blue pages. Stains, holes and tears to leaf margins, damaged binding.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 172

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Tur Yoreh De’ah – Uncut Sheets, Pressburg 1845

TurYorehDe'ah. Pressburg, 1845. Anton Schmidt press. Uncut and unbound printed sheets. Printing order differs from page order (e.g: the title page was printed on the same sheet as leaves 129 onward in the book).
[1], 289 leaves in the wrong order. 43.5 cm. Good condition. Stains.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 364

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Letter by Rabbi Shaul Brach Av Beit Din of Mogendorf

Letter in the handwriting, signature and stamp of Rabbi Shaul Brach of Nitra, Av Beit Din of Mogendorf. Mogendorf, 1897.
The Ga'on Rabbi Shaul Brach, Av Beit Din of Kosice (1865-1940), among the disciples of the "Chatam Sofer" and among the leading rabbis of his generation. Served in the Mogendorf rabbinate from the year 1892, between 1910-1923 served as rabbi of Carei until he became rabbi of Kosice (he was replaced by Rabbi Yo'el of Satmar). Throughout his years in the rabbinical leadership he headed a Yeshiva and many of the Hungarian rabbis were his disciples. Authored many books on all Torah subjects. His biography was published in the book "Shaul Bechir HaShem".
Postcard, 14.5 cm. Very good condition, postmarked.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 396

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Rabbis’ Letters on Postcards

1. A letter by Rabbi Alter Eliezer Horwitz (1870-1943) Av Beit Din of Ryglice and Staszֳ³w. Son of Rabbi Avraham Simcha Rabbi of Baranov and son-in-law of Rebbe Moshe Epstein grandson of the "Good Jew" of Neustadt.
2. Letter in German by Rabbi Gershon Stern Av Beit Din of LuduֵŸ (1861-1936), about the distribution of his renowned books "Yalkut HaGershoni". 1898.
3. Letter in foreign language, by Rabbi Yehoshua Krohn, Rabbi of Arezzo.
4. Letter in German, with a list of the men who received the honor of an aliya or opening the Aron Kodesh in Beit HaKnesset, Lֳ¼beck, 1922.
Four postcards, very good condition.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 428


Collection of History and Bibliography Books

For complete list, see Hebrew description.
Total of 26 books. Various sizes and conditions.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 55

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Jerusalem Talmud – Zhitomir

Complete set of Jerusalem Talmud, Zhitomir, (1860-1867). Publication of the partnership of the brothers, grandsons of the Rabbi of Slavita, Rabbi Chanina and Rabbi Yehoshua Heshel Shapira.
The five sections are in four volumes. Approx. 37 cm. First title page missing for Seder Mo'ed 1, (six title pages out of seven), good condition, worn and torn bindings.

Opening200$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 183

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“Cherev Nokemet” – A Rare Pamphlet from the “Yerushalmi Kodshim” Forgery Polemic

Cherev Nokemet, "An open response to Mr. [!] Meir Dan Plotsky of Dvartaג€¦ on his polemic writing called Sha'alu Shelom Yerushalayim", by "Yosef HaCohen" from the city of Vienna, with the pamphlet "Kalya Orev" by Rabbi Refael Gordon Av Beit Din of Vasylivka Grodno region. S. Warahl (Seini), [1911].
A sharp polemic composition, the rarest pamphlet of all the polemic pamphlets written by Shlomo Friedlander the Yerushalmi Forger [who was used to hiding behind fabricated names]. Most of those who researched the Yerushalmi Forger did not see this pamphlet. Rabbi Meir Dan Plotsky's handwritten response to this pamphlet is known (see Tzfunot, 6, pages 67-70) stating that most of the rabbis' letters in this book are forged (it becomes evident by reading the pamphlet). Amongst the forged letters in this book is a "letter" by the Chafetz Chaim from Sivan 1911 where he "writes" that "in my opinion, there is no doubt about this matter and the dispute over this matter is an act of the Satan".
See attached material (photocopy of the articles written by Rabbi S. HaCohen Weingarten, Rabbi L. Eisenstein and a letter by Rabbi M. D. Plotsky) about this pamphlet and its rarity.
Bound with: Beit Va'ad LaChachamim, Rabbi Shmuel Shwimmer, IaֵŸi, 1909 (missing: cover with title page and last printed leaf); Mesamchei Lev, homiletics, Rabbi Gedalia Silverstone, [Washington?], 1925; a leaf of a list of "Selichot for Yom Kippur... what we say here in Kiskunhalas", 1909.
40 pages; 3-74 pages (originally 76 pages); 32 pages; [1] leaf. 20.5 cm. Good-fair condition, stains, leaves cut bordering on writing. Fabric and paper binding.

Opening200$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium
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