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Machzor – Aleppo Version – Venice, 1527 – rare

Machzor, version of Aleppo congregation. Sections 1-2 [two volumes]. Venice, [1527]. Daniel Bomberg Printing Press. Prayers, supplications for weekdays and Shabbat, Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot, Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur, Chanukkah and Purim. Poems for Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Slichot for Asara BeTevet and Ta'anit Esther, songs for Pesach, Mila, Chatan and more. All the above-mentioned according to version of the customs of the Aleppo congregation. Includes unknown poetry which was not found in other Machzorim.
Section 1 contains leaves: 58-59, 61-136, 138-153, 156-174, 176-183, 202-258, 249 (instead of: 259, etc.)-254, 257-264, 273-287, 289-296, 321-384, 386-391 leaves (missing total of 103 leaves of approximately 438 leaves). Section 2 contains leaves: 545-568, 570-736, 738-751, 754-759, 785-815, [9 leaves] + double illustration plate (2 leaves). (Missing total of 29 leaves).
14.5 cm. Condition of leaves varies. Fair-good. Stains, tears, creases and wear. Several leaves with omission of text. Section 2 bound with fine binding, section 1 without binding. Exceptionally rare. A very limited number of copies of this Machzor are known, all of which are incomplete.

Opening7,000$ Sold For23,370$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 36

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Sefer Tehillim with Ma’amadot – Slavita, 1827

Sefer Tehillim, with Metzudat David and Metzudat Zion. Includes Seder Ma'amadot. Slavita, [1827]. Printing press of Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapiro son of Rabbi of Slavita.
Prayer books printed by sons of Rabbi Shapiro of Slavita and grandsons of Rabbi Pinchas of Koritz are well-known for their unique quality, who intended in their actions to evoke mercy for the through the prayers of the Jewish nation.
Complete copy. Separate title page for Seder Ma'amadot.
[2], 178 leaves. 19 cm. Good condition, stains and wear. Title page and number of leaves reinforced with tape. Old, damaged and loose leather binding.

Opening8,000$ Sold For20,910$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 266

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Manuscript – Sefer HaShorashim by the Radak – Spain, 14th century

Manuscript, Sefer HaShorashim by Rabbi David Kimchi - the Radak. [Spain, late 14th century].
Two columns on each page, fine medium-sized Spanish writing, in brown ink. Water stains throughout the manuscript resemble water stains which appear on paper produced during the second half and end of the 14th century.
In a sample examination of the manuscript minor version modifications were observed in comparison to a few printings.
Several missing leaves completed in more recent Yemenite writing. Vowelization of verses, source notations upon margins of columns and several corrections - in Yemenite writing. Yemenite signatures and ownership notations.
[270] leaves [leaves completed in Yemenite handwriting: 2, 18-25, 269-270]. Leaves [15, 16-17] bound out of order and supposed to be between leaves [1-2]. Several pages bound upside down [8-9, 145-146, 186-187, 189-190]. 26 cm. Majority of leaves in good condition. Tiny tears, stains along all leaves. Several leaves in fair condition (tears and stains, scotch tape). Approximately ten leaves in fair-poor condition (coarse tears with omission of text, non-professional restoration with scotch tape upon text). Paper cutting adorned with green dots. Fine scuffed semi-leather binding.

Opening7,500$ Sold For17,220$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 348

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Letter Handwritten and Signed by Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik of Brisk

A letter handwritten and signed [and stamped] by Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik, Av Beit Din of Brisk. [Brisk], 1911.
A letter of recommendation to his disciple Rabbi Ya'akov Moshe Zimmerman: "The rabbi great in Torah and fear of Heavenג€¦ Rabbi Ya'akov Mosheג€¦ met with me and we discussed a halachic issue and this man is great in knowledge of all the details and has sharp understanding and breadth of knowledgeג€¦ because he is full of blessing and honesty and is a treasureג€¦".
Rabbi Chaim HaLevi Soloveitchik (1813-1918, Otzar HaRabbanim 6090), an outstanding Rosh Yeshiva in Lithuania and a leader of his generation, author of "Chidushei Rabbeinu Chaim HaLevi" paved a new manner of studying Torah in depth. Born in Volozhin to his father Rabbi Yoseph Dov Soloveitchik, Head of Volozhin Yeshiva and author of "Beit HaLevi", he married the daughter of Rabbi Refael Shapira Head of Volozhin Yeshiva and granddaughter of the Netziv. Later, appointed as Head of Volozhin Yeshiva. After its closing, moved to serve as rabbi in Brisk succeeding his father. In Brisk, chosen disciples gathered around him to learn Torah. His son is Rabbi Yitzchak Ze'ev Soloveitchik "the Brisker Rav".
His disciple, recipient of the letter, is Rabbi Ya'akov Moshe Zimmerman (1881-1961), son of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Zimmerman - son-in-law of Rabbi Baruch Dov (Ber) Leibovitz. In his youth, he traveled to Volozhin and learned Torah from Rabbi Chaim, after which he moved to learn in the yeshiva of his brother-in-law Rabbi Baruch Ber in Slobodka. After his marriage, served as Av Beit Din of Konotop, and in 1930, immigrated to the US with his family, where he taught Torah to many disciples. His son is the renowned Rabbi Chaim Zimmerman.
Seven rows in his handwriting and signature. 21 cm. Fair condition. Stains, tears to folding marks. Pasted on cardboard for restoration.

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Auction 19 Lot Number 347

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Engagement Contract of the Ktav Sofer’s Daughter

Document of marriage contract and tena'im, of the groom R' Refael Deitsch and his father Rabbi Mendel, with the bride and her father Rabbi Shmuel Wolf Sofer. Pressburg, April 1855.
The document is written in German and signed by Rabbi Shmuel Wolf, Av Beit Din: Rabbi Menachem Mendel and his son the groom Faul (Refael); the bride Regina (Rachel). Witnesses: Rabbi Mendel Cohen (disciple of the Chatam Sofer, scribe and community trustee of Pressburg); Rabbi David Neiman (Head of Pressburg Beit Din, author of Nir L'David).
Rabbi Refael HaLevi Deitsch, son of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Nִƒpradea, married the daughter of his rabbi, author of "Ktav Sofer", Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Binyamin Sofer (called Rabbi Shmuel Wolf). They lived in Schopfloch and had five sons and a daughter. After he died at a young age, his wife remarried her cousin Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Weiss Av Beit Din of LִƒpuֵŸ and Dִ…browa (died 1897 and she died in 1907, Igrot Sofrim Volume 2 page 86 note). See: HaChatam Sofer V'Talmidav, page 538.
Three pages, 34 cm. Good-fair condition, restored damage to paper folds, stamped government postage stamps at top of document, in fancy leather cover.
Hebrew [partial] translation of document attached.

Opening6,000$ Sold For7,380$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 37

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Chamisha Chumshei Torah – Slavita, 1826 – Magnificent Set

Chamisha Chumshei Torah with Rashi commentary, Onkelos translation, Ba'al HaTurim and Siftei Chachamim. Includes Megillot [with second translation of Megillat Esther]. Five sections in five volumes [Bereshit-Devarim]. Slavita, 1826. Press of Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapiro, son of Rabbi of Slavita. [According to approbations, publisher of the Chumash is the Rabbi of Slavita - Rabbi Moshe Shapiro, son of the righteous Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz. Name of Chumashim and place of print in red ink. Sefer Shemot is mistakenly dated 1836. Oriental ownership signatures.
Five volumes: 222 leaves; 222 leaves; 150 leaves; 175 leaves; 176 leaves. Sefer Bamidbar missing leaves 21-24. 20-21 cm. General condition very good. Bluish paper. Stains on some leaves (last leaves of Sefer Shemot contain prominent stains). Tears without omission on several leaves. Ancient and magnificent damaged leather bindings. Includes three antique leather boxes for the Chumashim.

Opening2,500$ Sold For5,904$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 297

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Manuscript of the Book Avnei Zikaron, by Rabbi Shmuel Barazani – Copy from 1686

Manuscript, Zot Zikaron - Avnei Zikaron, on the laws of Shechita by Rabbi Shmuel son of Rabbi Netanel Ha-Levi, fine copy. [From year 1686]. Colorful adornments on the title page and frames.
The colophon reads: "This Shechita book has been completed in the month of Tammuzג€¦in the year of 1686, by the one who serves his rabbis, Binyamin son of Rabbi Ovadia".
The author, Rabbi Shmuel Adoni-Barazani, (passed away in 1633), of the leading rabbis of Kurdistan, served as rabbi of Assyria [Mosul] and Amadea. Well versed in both the exoteric and esoteric aspects of the Torah, a holy man and miracle worker. Founded a great Yeshiva in Mosul, which attracted disciples from all around Babylonia. Many miraculous stories have become known about him and it is said that he has had the merit to see Eliyahu Ha-Navi many times. Visions and discoveries he and his father had are brought in Rabbi Chaim Vital's Sefer HaChezionot, who writes "He is a wise and G-d-fearing man, who engages in the learning of Torah and lives away from people". Authored his books on the laws of Shechita and other essays, some of which were first printed in 2003 and some of which are still manuscripts.
Forty-eight leaves, 15 cm. Thick, high quality paper. Good-fair condition, stains and moth damage. Rebound.

Opening1,300$ Sold For5,412$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 1

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Torah Scroll Gevil-skin [Morocco, 18th Century]

Torah Scroll upon pale yellowish Gevil-skin. [Morocco, 18th century].
Sephardic scribal writing typical of the Maghreb (northwest African) countries, especially fine writing. Two writers from the same period; the writing of one is exceptional in many Halachic minutiae; the second is elegant and similar to the first writing. Height of parchment approx. 53 cm. Good condition.

Opening3,500$ Sold For4,305$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 231

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Rabenu Bachye – Hundreds of Kabbalistic Glosses, Italy, the 1540s

Biur Al Ha-Torah by Rabenu Bachye. [Venice, 1544.]
Hundreds of lengthy annotations and novellae [with Kabbalistic content] appear in the book sheets in Italian handwriting contemporary to the time of print.
Incomplete copy: 3-241 leaves (instead of 243 leaves). 28 cm. Fair condition, moth damage and stains. Some of the notes are cut. Slightly worn, antique semi-leather binding.

Opening3,500$ Sold For4,305$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 157

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Miniature Chamisha Chumshei Torah – Geneva, 1617

Chamisha Chumshei Torah, Geneva, 1617. Kafa Eilon printing. Ancient stamps, signatures and bookmarks of dedication to Beit Midrash "Etz Chaim" in Amsterdam.
Five volumes, 11 cm. Good to good-fair condition, some with moth damage and use marks. Antique leather bindings, fancy and decorated with gold etching (Dutch style), slightly rubbed out.

Opening3,500$ Sold For4,305$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 95

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Raziel HaMalach – First Printing – Segula Book

"This book was given to ancient Man by Angel Raziel". Kabbalah and Segulot [supernatural cures]. Amsterdam, 1701. Moshe Mindis Quotinu Press. First edition. Many Kabbalistic illustrations.
This book is the source of many known Segulot; for retaining material studied, amulet for protection of woman giving birth. Having this book at home is a verified Segula for protection against disaster and fire as written on the title page of this book: "Excellent Segula to have wise sons and for success and blessing and to put out the fire and protect against any demon and disasterג€¦ anybody who owns this book will have blessing in his wealth and will have a salvation at the time of need. All Torah observant Jews will testify to this". Some say that it is a Segula for childless couples and for women experiencing difficult labor.
Forty five leaves. 21.2 cm. Good-fair condition, wear and mildew stains on sheet margins. New binding.
Handwritten prayers and Segulot glued on leaves of binding.

Opening3,500$ Sold For4,305$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 290

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Manuscript, Commentary on Passover Haggadah

Manuscript, complete essay on the Passover Haggadah. Autographic writing by the Rabbi author with additions, deletions and corrections. [Russia-Poland, c. 1830s].
Homily based essay, with references from the Zohar and Haggadah commentators. The manuscript and paper are typical of the 1820-1850s. Handwritten inscription on the first page: "this booklet is [a compilation] of novellae by -- the eldest, best known Torah scholars, nobleman [Yitzchak?]". Additional caption from the city of Blaszki [near Kalisz, Poland].
Stamped by Rabbi David Halberstam, Rabbinical Committee of Sosnowiec and the surrounding region [Gaon Rabbi David Halberstam (1895-1942) of the Sosnowiec Rabbis (Poland), son of Admor Rabbi Sinai of Zemigrad and son in law of Admor author of the "Knesset Yechezkel" of Radomsk], killed during the Holocaust.
Fifty-five leaves, varying sizes 20-22cm. Good-fair condition, water marks, restored wear damage (affecting some of the leaves' corners). Luxurious, new leather binding.

Opening3,000$ Sold For4,059$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 267

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Manuscript – Homiletics (Complete Work), Italy 1700

Manuscript of homiletics, halacha and aggada on the Torah, a large complete work, from Bereshit until Teruma, [Italy, c. 1700].
Long homiletics full of scholarly, kabbalistic and philosophical content. Manuscript dated according to references from books printed c. 1600-1700, including: Birkat Shmuel (Frankfurt am Main, 1682); "Tzofnat Pa'aneach Chadash (Frankfurt an der Oder, 1694); Ketonet Pasim (Lublin, 1691); "Ma'amarei R' Berech" (Zera Berech, Krakow, 1642); Maharash Algazi (Toldot Adam, Venice, 1605); Leket Yosef, Hamburg 1688); "That which was written by Rabbi Yechiel Michel of Kalish" (Sha'arei Shamayim, Prague, 1675) and other books of homiletics from that time.
52, [1] leaf, 32 cm, most of the leaves have four written columns, in Italian script (Rashi and regular script). Good quality paper, good-fair condition, stains and wear.

Opening2,000$ Sold For3,936$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 315

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Colorful and Illustrated Manuscript of Poems – 18th Century

Manuscript of various poems in Oriental handwriting [18th century]. Some leaves are in illustrated and colorful frames. Opening poems according to famous Maqִm melodies [Maqִm is system of melodic modes used in traditional Arabic music], "Lekol Havarat Nava" "Lekol Havarat Chuseini" as well as additional Maqִms (Tzava, Iraq, Shiga, Baiyat, and others).
The usage of holy poems for these Maqִm melodies was prevalent especially in the Middle-Eastern countries (Turkey, Babylon, Aleppo and Egypt).
Over 160 written pages. 15.5 cm. Good-fair condition, stains. Ownership notation of "Matzliach Fnans", original leather binding.

Opening3,000$ Sold For3,690$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 39

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Chumashim Bereshit-Shemot with Or HaChaim – Slavita

1. Chumash Bereshit, with Targum and commentaries and Or HaChaim commentary. Slavita, [1824]. Printed by Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapira son of the Slavita Rabbi. Approbation by Rebbe Avraham Yehoshua Heshel of Apta and other approbations.196 leaves. Approx. 26 cm. Blue-greenish paper, good condition, wear and use stains. Inscriptions of births and deaths. Damaged, detached leather binding.
2. Chumash Shemot, and Megillat Esther, with Or HaChaim commentary. Slavita, [1824]. Printed by Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapira son of the Slavita Rabbi.Owners' inscriptions of Rabbi Ze'ev Wolf of Kopychintsy. On cover leafs: handwritten inscriptions of births from 1890 and deaths from 1907 [in sanctification of G-d's name in pogroms at the end of World War I].182, 24 leaves. Approx. 26.5 cm. Blue-greenish paper, varied condition, good to fair, damage and restoration to title page and several leaves. Most leaves in good condition, wear and stains. Leather binding, damaged.

Opening600$ Sold For3,690$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 342

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Ruling of Rabbi Moshe Chizkiya HaLevi – Pesaro (Italy) 1575

Ruling of Rabbis of Pesaro, Rabbi Moshe Chizkiya HaLevi and others - Pesaro (Italy), (1575). The ruling, pertaining to a monetary dispute between the executors of the estate of Rabbi Yitzchak of Volterra, regarding rental payments to Rabbi Gershon, the father of the maidservant in his home. Written and signed by the arbitrating Dayanim. Signed: "Beit Levi Moshe Chizkiya son of Rabbi Yitzchak HaLeviג€¦" [arbitration], along with writing and signature of two additional Dayanim [not deciphered], one of them signs: "I [?] grandson of Moshe Ibn Nachman".
The Ga'on Rabbi Moshe Chizkiya HaLevi, among the greatest scholars of Italy in his generation (his ruling from the year 1566, on the Tamari-Vintorotzo divorce, is mentioned in the Mabit responsa. His signature appears at the top of the list of rabbis banning the book Ma'or Einayim by Rabbi Azaria of the Adumim, along with his colleague the Ga'on Rabbi Yechiel Tarbut of Pesaro). For additional information about him see attached material.
Approx. 28 cm. High quality paper, good condition, folding marks, small hole in center of leaf. Embossed notary stamp (city authorities? with symbol ?) upon glued paper

Opening750$ Sold For3,198$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 369

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Letter of Recommendation by Rabbi Meir Abuchatzeira – The “Baba Meir”

A letter of recommendation for charity for Rabbi Eliyahu Hayun by Rabbi Meir Abuchatzeira, (Morocco), 1944.
"To Yisrael and Rabbis and their disciples wherever they may beג€¦ by Meir Abuchatzeira" - 13 lines in the handwriting and signature, of Rabbi Meir Abuchatzeira (died 1983) son of the holy Kabbalist Rabbi Yisrael the "Baba Sali".
A holy kabbalist, known as "Baba Meir", served as Rabbi of Midelt, Morocco, next to Meknes, but lived most of his life in ascetic service of G-d, barely leaving his home, until his great father modestly said that Rabbi Meir was greater than himself. Torah scholars, Rabbis and heads of yeshivot swarmed to his home in Ashdod, seeking advice and inspiration. His sons are the renowned rabbis of the Abuchatzeira family: Rabbi Elazar in Be'er Sheva, Rabbi David in Naharia, Rabbi Yekutiel and Rabbi Rafael.
27 cm. Good-fair condition, stains and pasting of folding tears. In fancy frame, not examined out of frame.

Opening1,800$ Sold For3,198$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 280

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Handwritten Leaf by Rabbi Yehuda Leib Ashlag

Leaf in the handwriting of the Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Leib Ashlag, on matters of Kabbalah, profound questions for revision and contemplation on the content of lesson sixteen of his book "Talmud Aseret HaSefirot" pertaining to matters of creation, formation, and action. The questions differ from the questions printed in the book and it is possible that they were not printed.
The holy Ga'on Rabbi Yehuda Leib Ashlag (1885-1955), genius and erudite scholar, holy divine Kabbalist. Served in the rabbinate of the city of Warsaw, immigrated to Jerusalem in 1922, where he established the "Itur Rabbanim" Yeshiva for the study of the revealed Torah, aside from his many classes in Kabbalah which he delivered to select students. Eventually, a large group of students and Chassidim were drawn to him and he served in the leadership. Composed and published books about Kabbalah, the masterpiece being his commentary "Sulam" on the Zohar.
Two pages, 28 cm. Good-fair condition, damage to margins in stapled area.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,952$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 308

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Huge Collection of Manuscripts From Yemen – Books of Destinies, Cures, Amulets and Practical Kabbalah

Large and diverse collection of manuscripts from Yemen, volumes, notebooks and single leaves which contain books of destinies and cures. Charts and calendars. Zodiac books (astrology), homilies and Chiddushei Torah. Various prayers and complete prayer book. Practical Kabbalah, amulets and destiny notations. Letters and more. [Yemen, 18th-20th century. Possibly contains material from earlier periods].
Five volumes and dozens of notebooks and leaves, which contain a total of hundreds of leaves, various sizes and conditions.

Opening700$ Sold For2,952$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 3

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Collection of Megillot Esther

Collection of Megillot Esther on parchment from various countries:
* Megillah on Gevil-skin, Sefardic writing according to Kabbala [Babylon?, c. 19th century]. * Megillah on Gevil-leather, Sefardic writing [Morocco?, 18th-19th century?]. * Megillah on parchment, Sefardic writing in Spanish ancient writing style, [Greece?/Balkan countries?, 18th-19th century]. Stylish wooden pole, faded letters replaced in later writing. * Megillah on parchment, simple Sefardic writing, [c. 19th-20th century], stylish wooden pole. * Megillah, 42 rows, Ari writing (Ashkenazi Chassidic), [Poland?, 19th-20th century].
Five megillot, various sizes and conditions.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 5

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Sefer Trei Asar – Parchment Scroll

Parchment scroll, Sefer Trei Asar. Fine "Beit Yosef" calligraphy [Russia-Lithuania style, c. 19th century].
Crafted based on the opinion of the Vilna Gaon, who reinstated the custom of public Haftara reading from a scroll written in accordance with the laws pertaining to the writing of a Sefer Torah.
Parchment sheets are approx. 24 cm high. 38 columns. Good-fair condition, slightly faded ink, stains, wear damage affecting some of the sheets.

Opening1,800$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 319

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Shira Chadasha, Aleppo, 1888 / Anthology of Handwritten Poems and Supplications – Copy of Author, Kabbalist Rabbi Raphael Tabbush – Antebi

Sefer Shira Chadasha, poetry, Rabbi Raphael Tabbush-Antebi, [Aleppo, 1888]. Handwritten glosses and additions. Bound together with additional book in Oriental handwriting, large anthology of poetry [Aleppo, c. 1890].
Signatures and ownership notations of Rabbi "Raphael Tabbush" and more. Leaf 2 of the manuscripts contains full signature "Raphael Yitzchak Antebi Tabbush" - The author, the Kabbalist Rabbi Raphael Antebi (1854-1919) author of the book "Shira Chadasha" was a man of great holiness and the majority of his poetry was established on the wisdom of Kabbalah. His tombstone contains an epitaph "G-d fearing man, complete and total scholar, pleasant singer of Israel" - For additional information about him see attached material [Rabbi Raphael was blind and these signatures are apparently from an early period before he became blind].
Additional ownership signatures in Oriental handwriting: "Nissim Ya'akov ---". "Yosef Khafif".
Content of printed book and manuscript: Poetry composed especially according to the known Maqִm melodies [Maqִm - system of melodic modes used in traditional Arabic music]. On the title page of the book and its introduction the author writes at length regarding the damage to the soul caused by the Arabic flirtatious and lustful melodies, and therefore composed a holy poem appropriate to the known melodies. Some of the poems have the initials of Raphael after the author. [Many of these songs are known until today and are presented in prayer books and supplication books].
The manuscript also contains songs with the initials of Raphael and additional songs from his family members and from scholars of Aleppo (Halab). Among the song titles of the manuscripts: "composed by Rabbi Raphael", "Raphael Tabbush", "composed by Rabbi Mordechai Tabbush", "Rabbi Eliyahu Hamoi, "composed by Rabbi Ya'akov Sukri", "Ovadia Tabbush", "Sasson son of Rabbi Moshe" [author of Shemen Sasson] and more.
(Missing title page) 2-38, [2], 33-37, 37-38 leaves. Bound with handwritten notebook: 22, 24-198, [12] leaves. (Of which approx. 180 written pages). 14 cm. Fair condition, wear and stains, mildew damage. Semi-leather binding.
The pagination in the printed book is greater than that which is listed in the Bibliography Institute CDs, apparently this is a variant edition which contains double leaves which were printed twice with changes.

Opening400$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 145

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Commentary of Abarbanel on Torah – First Edition – Especially Fine Copy – Significant Signatures and Glosses

Commentary on the Torah by the scholar Don Yitzchak Abarbanel. Venice, [1579]. John Bragadin Press at home of Johnny Di Gara. First edition.
Signatures "Yechiel Zev son of Rabbi Ezriel Tarbot" - The Ga'on Rabbi Ezriel Tarbot of Ascoli (Otzar HaRabbanim 9164), among the greatest Halachic rulers of Italy, author of Ma'arvei Nachal Responsa. For additional information about him see: Shem HaGedolim by the Chida under entry of his grandfather Rabbi Yechiel Tarboto Tzarfati Kolon. Glosses and notations in Italian handwriting [apparently some in his handwriting].
Additional signatures: "I have purchased the book from Rabbi Yosefג€¦ in the winter, MarCheshvan, 1813, Maharam Ettlingen", "Given to me as a gift by my above-mentioned Torah leader, Kapal Segal".
425 [instead of: 424], [1] leaves. 30 cm. Stains. Moth stains on several leaves. Especially fine copy upon white pages, high quality paper, antique leather binding.

Opening2,000$ Sold For2,460$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 2

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Torah Scroll Upon Gevil-skin [Babylon, 19th Century]

Torah Scroll upon yellowish Gevil-skin. [Babylon, 19th century].
Sephardic scribal writing typical of the Babylonian countries (Iraq), height of parchment approx. 47 cm. Good condition.

Opening1,500$ Sold For2,337$ Including buyers premium
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