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Auction 19 Lot Number 1


Torah Scroll Gevil-skin [Morocco, 18th Century]

Torah Scroll upon pale yellowish Gevil-skin. [Morocco, 18th century].
Sephardic scribal writing typical of the Maghreb (northwest African) countries, especially fine writing. Two writers from the same period; the writing of one is exceptional in many Halachic minutiae; the second is elegant and similar to the first writing. Height of parchment approx. 53 cm. Good condition.

Opening3,500$ Sold For4,305$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 2


Torah Scroll Upon Gevil-skin [Babylon, 19th Century]

Torah Scroll upon yellowish Gevil-skin. [Babylon, 19th century].
Sephardic scribal writing typical of the Babylonian countries (Iraq), height of parchment approx. 47 cm. Good condition.

Opening1,500$ Sold For2,337$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 3


Collection of Megillot Esther

Collection of Megillot Esther on parchment from various countries:
* Megillah on Gevil-skin, Sefardic writing according to Kabbala [Babylon?, c. 19th century]. * Megillah on Gevil-leather, Sefardic writing [Morocco?, 18th-19th century?]. * Megillah on parchment, Sefardic writing in Spanish ancient writing style, [Greece?/Balkan countries?, 18th-19th century]. Stylish wooden pole, faded letters replaced in later writing. * Megillah on parchment, simple Sefardic writing, [c. 19th-20th century], stylish wooden pole. * Megillah, 42 rows, Ari writing (Ashkenazi Chassidic), [Poland?, 19th-20th century].
Five megillot, various sizes and conditions.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 4


Megillat Esther – Especially Beautiful Writing

Megillat Esther, with artistic and especially beautiful scribal writing, decorations on the letters' crowns and more, Sefardi writing (similar to the handwriting known as "Mor U'Ketzia"), [Eretz Israel?, beginning of the 20th century].
Some places in the megillah have enlarged letters that form names of G-d. The name of G-d is not mentioned in all of Megillat Esther, but those who homiletically explain hints have found acronyms and initials of names of G-d and additional Holy Names. The custom to emphasize the "Names" in the megillah is a common Chassidic custom although according to the Vilna Gaon, letters that are not enlarged according to the Mesorah (tradition) should not be enlarged. It is very rare to find a Sefardic megillah with these letters emphasized.
Parchment height, approx. 43 cm. Good-fair condition, creased parchment and cracked letters, stains and minor tears.

Opening250$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 5


Sefer Trei Asar – Parchment Scroll

Parchment scroll, Sefer Trei Asar. Fine "Beit Yosef" calligraphy [Russia-Lithuania style, c. 19th century].
Crafted based on the opinion of the Vilna Gaon, who reinstated the custom of public Haftara reading from a scroll written in accordance with the laws pertaining to the writing of a Sefer Torah.
Parchment sheets are approx. 24 cm high. 38 columns. Good-fair condition, slightly faded ink, stains, wear damage affecting some of the sheets.

Opening1,800$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 6


Pocket Chart for Listing on Shabbat – Morocco

Sewn leather and paper pocket chart, for listing on Shabbat [of Mitzvot in synagogue, or other listing?]. [Morocco?].
The chart is divided into list of 88 names [first name] and list of 180 nicknames [last name]. The names are typical of Morocco. Chart pockets contain small notes of paper with names of people.
30x46.5 cm. Good-fair condition, wear and tear, stains.

Opening200$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 7


Miniature Megillat Esther

Miniature Megillat Esther, printed and rolled on colorful wooden handle. [Twentieth century].
6 cm. Handle: 11 cm. Good condition, stains.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 8


Handwritten Calendar Wheel for Daily Times

Handwritten calendar, for times of "Alot Hashachar", sunrise and chatzot. [Oriental scribal writing and Oriental soletreo writing, Jerusalem?], 1868.
The calendar is made on a wheel for several years' use. It is for the autumn months of Tishrei-Kislev, September-January for the English [Gregorian calendar?] and Greek [Julian calendar?]. [The times of day differ from year to year in the Hebrew calendar which is determined by the lunar months. Therefore, the times of sunrise and chatzot can only be determined by the European calendar that is calculated according to the solar months].
Another note is pasted at top of calendar with various contradicting dates. [Apparently, the calendar was written in autumn of 1867, as indicated by dates counted from Creation and the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash].
37.5x46.5 cm. Wheel diameter 21 cm. Fair condition, damage with omissions and stains. Ottoman bullet stamp on paper.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 19 Lot Number 9


Shema Israel – Hand-illustrated Placard

Synagogue placard, illustrated and written by hand. Prayer for the leading of the Sefer Torah from the Aron HaKodesh to the Bima where the Torah is read: "Shema Israelג€¦" - "Lecha Hashem HaGedula VeHaTehila VeHaTiferetג€¦", "Al Hakol Yitgadal VeYitkadash Shemo shel Melech Malchei HaMelachimג€¦" . [Romania, 1940s].
The following caption: "Donated by Zvi Laufmann in memory of his father's soul Tuvya son of Zvi who passed away in Transnistria, Spring 1942 in the town of Malov" appears on the bottom of the placard.
During the Holocaust years of 1941-1942, the Romanian Fascist Regime exiled 180,000 Jews from Chernovtsy, Bukovina and Serbia to the swamps of Transnistria, where most of them died of cold, hunger and disease.
69.5x61 cm. Good condition, stains and wrinkles.

Opening180$ Unsold

Auction 19 Lot Number 10


Two Protection Leaves – Vilna, 1870

Two protection leaves: "Mazal tov for a male" and "Mazal tov for a female". Vilna, 1870. Name and place of printing in Cyrillic letters.
[2] leaves. 20 cm. Fair condition, stains, wear to margins.

Opening150$ Sold For185$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 11


Collection of Prayer and Protection Leaves

Collection of prayer leaves, piyutim and protection leaves, most printed in Oriental countries.
For complete list, see Hebrew description.
Approx. 16 leaves. Various sizes and conditions, some damaged and missing.

Opening200$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 12


Poem for Dedication of Beit HaKnesset in Reggio – Modena 1857

Poem "On dedication of G-d's temple in Reggio, that was inaugurated in a magnificent building and the honor of this house is greater than the first". Signed "Baruch D. Cohen". Modena, 1857.
Printed without vowels. Vowels filled in by hand.
44 cm. Especially high quality thin paper, good condition, folding marks, minor tears.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 19 Lot Number 13


Two Printed Leaves – Songs in Honor of Inauguration of Synagogue – Florence, 1859

Two printed leaves - songs. Florence, [1859]: "Song in honor of inauguration of study hall sung by Rachmiג€¦". * Song in honor of inauguration of synagogue and Torah hall in Florence.
[2] leaves. 39 cm. Good-fair condition. Wear and tear on margins. Moth holes, few stains.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 14


Poem for the Dedication of the Beit Knesset in Chieri – 1844

"Poem for the dedication ג€¦ on Shabbat Parshat Eikevג€¦ of the Beit HaKnesset in the city of Chieri, which they reinforced and renovated all around to make it greater than ever". Chieri [north-west Italy], 1844. The poem opens with the refrain "Come my brothers, old and young, to honor the House of the Creator, let's lift our voices in song".
Two pages, 32 cm. Good condition, folding marks and light creases.
Lithograph stone printing of scribal handwriting.

Opening200$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 15


Chafetz Chaim – Two Printed Articles

1. "Derech HaTorah Article" - Printed proclamation by the "Chafetz Chaim" regarding "order of proper study and educationג€¦ according to the Talmud and our Sages" opposing the new methods of study "which are a debasement of our holy Torahג€¦" (Signed in print: "Yisrael Meir son of Rabbi Aryeh Ze'ev HaCohen of Raduֵ„"). Piotrkow, 1903.
[2] pages (printed on 2 leaves). 34 cm. Fair condition. Professionally restored tears with damage to text.
2. "Avad Tzadik Min HaAretz - The Chafetz Chaim has departed from us." Printed leaf attached to Kol Yisrael newspaper. "Telegram from Warsaw published in my newspaper this morning, announcing the death of the Chafetz Chaimג€¦ the funeral was scheduled for today, Sunday". Jerusalem, [1933].
[1] page. 34.5 cm. Fair condition. Tears, wear and stains.

Opening180$ Sold For221$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 16


Three Printed Leaves of Prayers

1. "LeDavid HaShem Ori", large printed leaf (53x67 cm.), to hang in synagogue during month of Elul-Tishrei. Galanta (Hungary), [early twentieth century].
2. "Menucha Nechona Prayer", with prayer "De'etpater Min Alma HaDinג€¦" (With German titles). Bratislava-Galanta, [unknown date].
3. Prayers for funeral and burial, and order of condolence to mourner in cemetery. (With German titles). [Location and date of print unknown].
Various sizes and conditions.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 17


Collection of Proclamations – Rabbi Yosef Zvi Dushinsky

Collection of proclamations "on behalf of the Ga'avad Shlita" - Rabbi Yosef Zvi Dushinsky (1868-1948), from the time he served as Ga'avad of the Eida HaCharedit in Jerusalem from 1936-1948. The proclamations are on matters of kashrut and shechita, draft of Yeshiva students and other topics.
For complete list, see Hebrew description.
Seven proclamations, various sizes and conditions.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 18


Collection of Printed Leaves and Proclamations – Charedi Settlement in Eretz Israel

* "Building Eretz Israel by Charedim" - Detailed memorandum by Rabbi Ya'akov Yosef Dzimitrovsky, Rabbi in "Nachlat Shiva" neighbourhood. * "Kol Barama Nishma" - Rabbis' call to purchase land near "Rachel's Tomb". Jerusalem, 1908. * "Call for Assistance"; "Summary of the Association's Spiritual Regulations" - various publications by the Ramatayim Tzofim association, Jerusalem, 1924-1931. ["Ramatayim Tzofim" was an association for establishing charedi settlements in Eretz Israel, its primary activity was purchasing land near the tomb of Shmuel Hanavi. The association's secretary and one of its founders was Rabbi Amram Blau renowned as head of "Neturei Karta". Later, the Ramot neighborhood was built on some of the association's land that was expropriated].
Six items, various sizes and conditions (half of one document is missing).

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 19 Lot Number 19


Collection of Proclamations and Leaves – Issues of Public Libraries and Book Printing

Varied proclamation collection, most from Jerusalem printing.
For complete list, see Hebrew description.
Approx. 15 proclamations and single printed leaves, various sizes and conditions.

Opening200$ Sold For295$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 20


Collection of Proclamations – Polemics and Kashrut Issues – Jerusalem, 1900-1950

Most of the proclamations deal with various issues that caused uproar in the Jewish community in Jerusalem: the polemic of the Rabbinate and elections of Rabbi Kook; the prohibition and ban on "schools"; the joining and elections to the national "Committee" and separation from the Eida HaCharedit; internal struggles in the charity organizations (distribution "kollels"); various kashrut issues (shechita warnings and polemic, etc.).
For complete list, see Hebrew description.
More than 50 proclamations and printed leaves. Various sizes and conditions.

Opening250$ Sold For443$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 21


Collection of Proclamations on Strengthening Religion and Modesty – Jerusalem

Huge and varied collection of various publications: booklets and leaves to strengthen religious practices; polemic proclamations, street and board notices, street flyers (pashkevilim) and signed notices by Badatz and other organizations. Most of the proclamations were printed in Jerusalem 1900-1980.
For complete list, see Hebrew description.
More than 90 items and printed leaves. Various sizes and conditions.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 22


Collection of Printed Leaves – Jerusalem

Collection of various leaves, notices, receipts and documents, lithographic, colored etc. Jerusalem, [most are from 1900-1940].
For complete list, see Hebrew description.
Various sizes and conditions, very good-fair.

Opening200$ Sold For541$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 23


Collection of Printed Leaves – Proclamations, Receipts and Documents – Safed

Collection of printed leaves from the city of Safed, most from 1910-1940.
Varied collection: certificates, advertisements and receipts of institutes and Batei Midrash of Safed. * Printed recommendations * New Year greetings * A printed agreement [typewritten] of the Management of Beit Midrash Chassidei Sanz with the cantor. * Official leaves [empty] of Safed rabbis: Rabbi Avraham Leib Zilberman, Rabbi Nachum Etrog [his signature is on leaf margin], etc. * Printed account of income and expenses of Kollel Romania in Safed, 1924. * Proclamations of the Chief Rabbinate of Safed, etc.
Approx. 30 items. Various sizes and conditions [most in good condition].

Opening250$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 19 Lot Number 24


Proclamation Opposing Modern Schools – Jerusalem, 1930

Proclamation opposing modern schools in Jerusalem, "This is the language of prohibition carried out in 1857ג€¦" - a reprint of the version of the ban signed by Jerusalem leaders [headed by: Rabbi Yeshaya Brodky, Rabbi Yosef Zundel of Salant and Rabbi Shmuel of Salant], in 1857, as a rejoinder to the establishment of Lemel School by Dr. Ludwig Frankel. [Jerusalem], [c. 1930].
61X46 cm. Fair condition. Folding marks and tears, file holes in the center of the proclamation.

Opening120$ Unsold
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