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Auction 16 Lot Number 3

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Miniature Megillat Esther – Baghdad

Fancy miniature Megillat Esther, nice Sefardi scribal writing, 14 rows, on thin parchment. [Baghdad, end of 19th century]. With the megillah blessings at beginning and end, and a parchment lace for tying.
6.3-6.4 cm. Maximum size including wooden pole and handle 17 cm. Very good condition.

Opening500$ Sold For850$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 462

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A Collection of Letters – From the Archives of Rabbi Yisrael Nissan Kupershtoch

A collection of various letters, from the archives of the Chassid Rabbi Yisrael Nissan Kupershtoch, Rabbi of Makova (Poland), author of Ani ben Pachma.
*A letter from "Yerachmiel Yisrael Yosef son of the Rebbe" [only son of Rebbe Yitzchak Menachem of Alexander]. *A letter from Menachem Mendel Halberstam of Warsaw, [stepson of Rebbe Aharon Menachem Mendel of Radzymin and son in law Rebbe Yitzchak Menachem of Alexander, whose father was Rabbi Nachum Halberstam Rabbi of Mostiska son of Rabbi Moshe ben Rabbi David of Kshonev, son of the Divrei Chaim of Sanz]. *A letter from Rabbi "Nachman Shmuel Ya'akov Miadaser Rabbi of Brok" (on stationary of Rabbi Yosef Eliyahu Henkin), New York. *A letter from the grandson of Rabbi Yechiel Reuven HaLevi of Kalisch. *A letter from Rabbi Ya'akov Blum of Pultusk and three letters by Rabbi Avraham Baruch Burshtein of Ryazan etc.
*A printed proclamation from Rebbe Yitzchak Menachem Mendel of Alexander and Rebbe Menachem Mendel of Biala - for the Yismach Yisrael Yeshiva in Jerusalem, headed by Rabbi Yisrael Nissan Kupershtoch].
12 items, varied size and condition.

Opening450$ Sold For850$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 123

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Tur with Beit Yosef – Venice, 1564 – Second Edition During Lifetime of Author – Glosses

Arba'a Turim, Yoreh De'ah,"with commentaries and Chiddushim of the wholesome scholar Reish Mativta in Safed Rabbi Yosef Karo¦ known as Beit Yosef¦". Venice, [1564]. Second edition printed during lifetime of author.
Ownership notations and signatures."Heirs of Yosef Otlingo" [Rabbi Yosef Otlingo, Rosh Yeshiva and printer in Cremona - passed away in 1570],"Avraham son of Mordechai Otlingo". Glosses and notations on margins in Italian handwriting.
[31], 398 leaves. 33 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and wear, moth damage. Damaged binding.

Opening2,000$ Sold For850$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 360

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Rav Alfas – Savyonita, 1554 – Signatures, Antique Glosses

Hilchot Rav Alfas by Rabbeinu Yitzchak Alfasi. With commentaries of Rabbeinu Yonah, the Ran, Nimukei Yosef, Ba'al HaMa'or and the Ramban, the Rosh [on Halachot Ketanot] and Shiltei Giborim. With the Tosephta and Piskei Mordechai, Part 1 - Seder Zera'im and Mo'ed. Savyonita, [1554].
On title page, a curly rabbinical signature, cutoff, from which the name Chaim can clearly be seen. Another signature "Avraham ---". Before the Tractate Ta'anit, a later owner's inscription of Pintzi brothers in Italy.
In the margins there are many handwritten notes. Glosses in antique Oriental handwriting [from the time of printing], some long, some have an abbreviated title of Tumat Yesharim on the Rif (Venice 1622) which were latet integrated into Chiddushei Anshei Shem. Additional glosses by someone else in Italian handwriting [an additional gloss in Oriental handwriting from a later period].
97, 97-98, [1], 100-170, [2], 171-187, 227-267, 265-403 leaves (missing: 188-266, 404-410 leaves). 37.5 cm. Varied condition of leaves - good-poor. Moth damages, tears, moisture marks and stains. Leaves 1-39 have tears [with missing text], professionally restored.
New binding.

Opening750$ Sold For850$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 300

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Manuscript of Chiddushim on Tractate Pesachim and More (Poland, 19th century)

Manuscript of Chiddushei Torah on tractates Pesachim, Yevamot and Gittin. Poland, 19th century.
Middle of booklet contains notation of identity of writer, signed by Rabbi Yisrael Nissan Kuperstock, stating:"This booklet was in my possession while I resided in Navifaleh, by Rabbi Yisrael Noach of Shedlitz son-in-law of the philanthropist Shlomo Vargan¦ by his stepson, grandson of the abovementioned Rabbi Shlomo, from his father¦ Rabbi Meir of Warsaw who was son-in-law of the abovementioned Rabbi Shlomo, and Rabbi Yisrael Noach married his widow, daughter of Rabbi Shlomo¦ and all leaves from beginning until this point are written by the abovementioned Rabbi Meir".
The continuation of the booklet contains Chiddushei Torah on tractates Bava Metzia and Pesachim, in the handwriting of the Ga'on Rabbi Yisrael Nissan Kuperstock, from the period when he served as Av Beit Din of Parshischa, in the year 1882. For additional information related to him see item 458.
Approx. 32 written pages, 34.5 cm. Good condition, few stains and wear.

Opening400$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 72

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HaMagid – Slavita – 3 Volumes

1) HaMagid, Psalms. [Slavita]. (Missing title page and end, begins in the middle of Chapter 1 and ends in the middle of Chapter 149 - minor moth damage and stains).
2) HaMagid on Nevi'im Rishonim, Part 2, Melachim, Divrey HaYamim. Slavita, [1827] Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapira Printing Press. (Restored wear damage, moth damage, unbound).
3) HaMagid, some holy writings of Ketuvim, Part 6 - Iyov, Daniel, Ezra and Nehemiah. Slavita, 1815. Rabbi Moshe Shapira Printing. (Good-fair condition, semi-leather binding).
Varied size and condition.

Opening700$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 339

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Great Manuscript Collection – Yemen

Great and diverse collection of booklets and single leaves, in Yemenite handwriting, from various times, [c.16-19th centuries].
Includes: leaves from Taj books, biblical commentaries, matters of Kabbalah and fortune, prayers and chants, Passover Haggadahs, Pirkei Avot, commentaries on the Mishnayot and more.
The collection was briefly skimmed, here are a few interesting items it includes: * Four leaves from the"Lechem Shlomo - Seder Bechinot Ha-Tikunim" [by Mari Shlomo son of David Ha-Cohen]. * Leaf from the"Eshkol Yosef" on a Passover Haggadah [unknown]. * Ashkenazi copy of fake Messiah letter"Rabbi Yehuda son of Rabbi Shalom called Muri Shukr Kuhayl". * (Signed) Halachic response on the matter of Mineket Havero.
Over 100 leaves and leaf clips. Varying sizes and conditions.

Opening300$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 374

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Tractate Eruvin – Amsterdam, 1716 – Signatures and Glosses

Tractate Eruvin of Babylonian Talmud, including rulings of Tosfot and the Rosh, and the Rambam's commentary on Mishnayot. Amstardam, [1716].
Dozens of erudite handwritten comments from the 1740's on margins of leaves, the majority of which are lengthy [especially those written in the Rosh issue]. In two instances, the author mentions his family connection to Rabbi Ya'akov Poporsh, Av Beit Din of Frankfurt am Main (1670-1740), referring to him as "my uncle, author of Shev Ya'akov". Title-page contains antique owner's signature:"Shlomo Binga Segal". Ownership notations upon forzatz, stating that the Gemara belongs to"the exalted Torah leader¦ Rabbi Binyamin¦".
130 leaves. 32 cm. Good-fair condition, wear and stains. Damaged title-page. Worn binding.

Opening400$ Sold For750$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 80

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Six Volumes of Chumashim of Zhitomir Printing

Six Volumes of Chumashim, printed in Zhitomir by grandsons of the Slavita Rabbi.
See list in the Hebrew description
Some are not listed in the Bibliography Institute CD.
Varied size and condition. Some have original leather binding. Handwritten signatures and inscriptions.

Opening600$ Sold For750$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 380

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Three Books with Glosses

1. Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat (Torat Kohanim), Vol.2, Ostraha, [1801]. (Fungal damage on first leaves). Dozens of handwritten glosses [from the 19th century].
2. Sha'ar Mishpat on Hoshen Mishpat, with the Sha'ar De'ah on Hilchot Ribit, Yoreh De'ah. By Rabbi Israel Isser, Av Beit Din of Venice. Koenigsberg (1860). Captions and ink-stamps from Rabbi"Mordechai Yampel, Av Beit Din of Wolowe Region" and from"Rabbi Moshe Astreicher, Av Beit Din of Champa". Over thirty handwritten scholarly glosses (some faded due to moisture, but still decipherable). [Rabbi Mordechai Yampel, of the Ziditchov Hasidim, served as Av Beit Din of Maidan and served as rabbi of the nearby town of Wolowe. Rabbi Moshe David Astreicher 1883-1954, rabbi and Av Beit Din of Champa, Munkatch, Arad and Brooklyn for 50 years. Author of the Siah Adam responsum].
3. Yad Meir Responsum, First Section. Rabbi David Meir Frisch, Av Beit Din of Berzan. Lemberg,1881. Two title pages and approx. twenty glosses, ink-stamps and signature by Rabbi Zvi Elimelech Shapira of Birscht [Rabbi Zvi Elimelech Blendwin-Shapira (1906-1942, Otzar Ha-Rabbanim 17480), grandson of the"Bnei Issachar" and the"Noam Elimelech". Headed the Yeshiva of Munkatch. Read more about him M. Wender, Encyclopedia of Galicia Vol. 5 p.532].
Varying sizes, good-fair conditions.

Opening200$ Sold For750$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 414

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Gevurot HaShem by the Maharal / Otzar HaKavod – Signature and Stamps of Rabbi Elimelech Shapiro of Grodzisk

Sefer Gevurot HaShem, concerning Pesach and the Exodus, by the Maharal of Prague. Navi-Dover, 1796. Contains approbation by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev and Rabbi Yisrael the"Maggid of Koznitz". Bound with: Sefer Otzar HaKavod, on Agadot of the Shas, by Rabbeinu Todros HaLevi, father of the Rama. Navi-Dover, [1808]. First edition. Includes approbations by Rabbi Yisrael of Koznitz, Rabbi Naftali of Rufshitz (in the name of his rabbi Rabbi Mendel of Riminov) as well as approbation in the name of the Chozeh of Lublin. Numerous stamps of Rabbi"Elimelech Shapiro of Grodzisk" and his signature (unclear)"Elimelech Av Beit Din of Grodzisk". Leaf preceding title page contains ownership notation:"This book belongs to the holy Rabbi Elimelech, Av Beit Din of Grodzisk".
The holy Rabbi Elimelech Shapiro of Grodzisk (1824-1892), son of Rabbi Chaim Meir Yechiel the"Saraf [angel] of Moglintza" and grandson of the Maggid of Koznitz and Rabbi Elimelech of Lizensk. Among the greatest righteous Torah giants in Poland, who was highly influential throughout Poland. His rabbi, Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhin, directed him to serve as leader and receive Kvitlach. Eventually, he sent a lengthy letter to the author of the Divrei Chaim of Sanz regarding the great holiness of Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhin and his righteous sons (see attached material).
In his old age when he already had many grandsons (many of which served in the leadership, such as Rabbi Yisrael of Grodzisk and Rabbi Yisrael Perlov, the"Yenuka" [baby] of Karlin), he remarried to the daughter of the Rebbe of Chantshin, who bore him two sons in his old age; Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman of Piaseczno (author of Chovat HaTalmidim) and Rabbi Yishayahu Shapiro (The Admor HaChalutz). After his demise his wife, the Rabbanit Chana Bracha, served in the leadership; she received Kvitlach and even wore a four-cornered garment (Encyclopedia of Hassidism, page 627). Was blessed with longevity and passed away in the year 1939. Many of the Polish Rebbes were among his disciples; the most famous of them is Rabbi Yechiel Meir HaLevi, the Rebbe of Austrovtza. Authored Imrei Elimelech and Divrei Elimelech.
[1], 102 leaves; [3], 42 leaves (missing at end until leaf 48). 21 cm. Fair condition, moth damages. Original defected binding.

Opening450$ Sold For750$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 330

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Manuscript of Novellae and Responsa from the Rebbe Author of Tzemach Tzedek

A large notebook of a manuscript, copy of halachic and responsa novellae by the Rebbe author of Tzemach Tzedek. [C. 1860s - 1870s].
Novellae and responsa of the Tzemach Tzedek edited and printed from 1871, five years after his demise. Many variations from the printed version are found in this manuscript that was copied from the original notebooks that preceded the printing, with copy of the wording of those who asked the questions (and their names) as the author arranged them for print. For example: in the responsa Yore Deah Siman 172, the Tzemach Tzedek responds regarding the laws of building a hot mikveh, in this manuscript (Page 97) the full question is found, with the names of the three people who asked the query. On Page 108 of this manuscript, a question appears signed "Your student Avraham ben Yitzchak Issac of Dubrovno". This query was partially printed in the Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer Siman 117. And many other variations - see attached material.
2-174 leaves. 24 cm. Good-fair condition, wear to several leaves. Without cover, loose leaf binding.

Opening350$ Sold For750$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 362

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Tur Yoreh De’ah, Venice 1574 – Scholarly Glosses

Tur Yoreh De'ah with the Beit Yosef, from Hilchot Nedarim to end of Yoreah De'ah, [Venice, 1574? Third edition with the"Beit Yosef"].
Dozens of glosses in Oriental handwriting from the 1640's, some of which point to responsa [the latest of which were printed during the first half of the 1640's - Maharash Ha-Levi, Sha'ar Ephraim] and some of which are lengthy scholarly glosses.
Incomplete copy: 250-400, [27] leaves (originally: 400, [28] leaves). 35.5 cm. Fair condition, wear and moisture marks, slight moth marks. Leather and cloth old and worn binding.

Opening400$ Sold For750$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 76

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Two Chumashim – Slavita

1. Bamidbar and Megilat Ruth, with Rashi, Ba'al Ha-Turim and Siftei Chachamim. Slavita, [1827]. Printed by Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapira, son of the Rabbi of Slavita.
175 leaves. 20.5 cm approx. Blue paper, good condition, stains and light moth marks. Original, detached, spineless leather binding.
2. Vayikra and Megilat Shir Ha-Shirim with Rashi, Ba'al Ha-Turim and Siftei Chachamim. Slavita, [1833]. Printed by Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapira, son of the Rabbi of Slavita.
150 Leaves. 20.5 cm. Blue paper, good condition, stains, tear on the last leaf. Old, non-original binding.

Opening200$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 418

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Single Volume of All Mishnayot – Copy Owned by the Gerer Admor Author of the”Lev Simcha”

The Shisha Sidrei Mishna in one volume, Horev publications (Berlin-Germany), [c.1920's].
Ink-stamps with the address of the Admor before the Holocaust"Simcha Bunim Alter, Warsaw, Sosnowa 8" appear on the binding leaves and his hand signature in English letters"B. Alter, Sosonowa N.8".
The holy Gaon Rabbi Simcha Bunim Alter (1888-1992), son of the"Divrei Emet" of Gur, moved to Warsaw after his wedding, invested himself in Torah while wisely hiding his righteous ways, outstanding Torah genius who had extensive knowledge of the Talmud Bavli and Yerushalmi. When his father passed away in 1948, some of the Hasidim wanted to crown him as their next Admor, but he fled the country so his younger brother, author of the"Beit Israel" could receive that honor. He became Admor of the Gerer Hasidim in 1977 and his 15 years of leadership marked a turning point for the Gerer Hasidut through the establishment of many Yeshivot and Hasidic districts. Set numerous regulations for the reinforcement of Torah learning and Tzniut. His only son is the current Gerer Admor Shlita.
1188 pp. (Missing title page and other leaves). 16 cm. Thin paper, fair condition, long tears affecting some of the leaves, light stains and wear signs of frequent use. Original worn spineless binding.

Opening250$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 344

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A (Decorated) Manuscript – Piyutim and Prayers for Passover – Morroco – Rabbi Machluf Shitrit

A manuscript - piyutim and prayers for Passover. [Morocco], [1840s].
Piyutim for saying at the end of the Seder night according to the custom of Morrocan Jews, Passover haftarot (translation of every verse) with piyutim to be said before and after, in block letters with fancy decorations combining red and orange ink (title at top of pages: Dahir). Another part of the manuscript has the order of Kadesh U'rchatz with explanations in Judeo-Arabic, piyutim for Passover in soletreo handwriting, a section of an unidentified work in Judeo-Arabic (Ta'amei HaMitzvot ? Kabbalah ?).
On Leaf 21, is a rabbinical inscription and signature: "I have completed it on Wednesday¦ 1901¦ Machluf ben Moshe Shitrit¦ ", a few of the Morrocan scholars had this name, possibly this is signed by the last one, Rabbi Machluf Shitrit that immigrated to Eretz Yisrael in 1882, settled in Tiberias and became a member of the Beit Din there - see attached material). The writer mentions his rabbi "my Teacher and Rabbi Moshe Maman".
C. 100 written pages. 18 cm. Fair condition. Stains, wear and tear to leaf margins (sometimes with missing text). Worn binding.

Opening500$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 144

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Bible – Amsterdam, 1676-1678

Torah, Nevi'im and Ketuvim, "in Ashkenazi language". Translated into Yiddish-Deitsch [in Tzena Ur'ena letters]. Amsterdam, 1676-1678.
The translator Rabbi Yekutiel Blitz. Approbations by the rabbis of Va'ad Arba HaAratzot and Amsterdam rabbis. The title page with fancy copper engraving. Added to the last pages is a translation of "To'aliyut HaRalbag". Soon after this edition, a similar translation was printed in Amsterdam by the printer Yosef Atiash (see next Item), which caused a dispute to erupt between the printers while each side accused the other of stealing (see a lengthy description of this affair: A. Haberman, Prakim B'Toldot HaMadpisim HaIvri'im, pages 299-309).
[6], 63, [1] 64-257; 18 leaves (without the second title page after the illustrated title page. Separate title pages for Megillot, Nevi'im Rishonim, Nevi'im Achronim and Ketuvim). 31 cm. Good condition. Stains. First title page partially detached and slightly worn. Antique binding, wood covered with leather, worn and detached. Remnants of buckles, legs (metal buttons for raising when opening book).

Opening700$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 177

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Haggada Leil Shimurim – Stockholm, 1934 – Swedish Translation

Seder Haggada Leil Shimurim, with Swedish translation. Stockholm, 1934. With original drawings and plates of musical notes for the Hagadda piyutim.
71 pages. 21.5 cm. Good condition, stains. Simple cover.
From Dr. Israel Mehlman's private collection.

Opening200$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 188

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Facsimile of the Talmud Bavli – Munich Manuscript, 1912

A facsimile of the Talmud Bavli, Munich manuscript. Leidin, 1912. Volume 1, photograph plates of a manuscript written on parchment in 1342. This manuscript, kept in Munich, is the only one in the world that has all the Talmud from beginning to end. This manuscript is the basis for Rabbi Refael Nathan Rabinowitz' book Dikdukei Sofrim. Among the Rishonim that saw this manuscript and used it are the author of Korban Nethaniel, the Vilna Gaon [who traveled especially to see it] and the Chida.
Volume 1 (Seder Mo'ed, Berachot, Seder Nashim, Nida); [2], 1-293 facsimile plates, printed on both sides 48X37 cm. Good condition, stains. Original fabric cover, worn. Ex-libris. Stamps.

Opening400$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 275

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Photograph of Baruch Ber Leibowitz, Printed in Honor of his Journey to the US

"Photograph of the true Gaon Tzaddik Yesod Olam Rabbi Baruch Dov Leibowitz - by Knesset Beit Yitzchak Yeshiva in Kaminetz of Lithuania Poland". In its original cardboard cover, with the photographers sticker:
Rabbi Baruch Ber traveled to the US at the end of the 1920s, to cover the expenses of Kaminetz Yeshiva, and stayed there for two years. Apparently, the photograph was taken at that time.
Photograph size c. 20X25 cm. Cardboard maximum size c. 25X35 cm. Good condition, stains and wear to cardboard cover.

Opening700$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 96

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Sefer Tzofnat Pa’ane’ach – Copy of authors of “Darchei Teshuva” and “Minchat El’azar” of Mukachevo

Sefer Tzofnat Pa'ane'ach, Rabbi Ya'akov Yosef of Polana, disciple of the Ba'al Shem Tov. Lvov, 1866.
On leaf following title-page, ink-stamps of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Shapira and Rabbi Chaim El'azar Shapira, Av Beit Din of Mukachevo [slightly cut off]. Additional ink-stamps crossed out with pen.
The Rebbe Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Shapira author of Darchei Teshuva (1845-1914, Encyclopedia of Hassidism 3, 618-620). Son of Rabbi Shlomo Shapira Av Beit Din of Mukachevo author of Shem Shlomo, son of Rabbi El'azar of Lentzhot (see item 323) son of Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech of Dynow author of Bnei Yissaschar. Among the greatest giants of Torah and Hassidism in his generation; succeeded his father in the rabbinate of Mukachevo. Established the Mukachevo dynasty and had thousands of followers; founded Kollel Mukachevo. Authored Darchei Teshuva, Be'er L'Chai Ro'I, Tzvi Tiferet and more.
His son, Rabbi Chaim El'azar Shapiro, was among his generation's leading masters in Torah, Halacha and Hassidism, in addition to being a great kabbalic master (1872-1937, Otzar HaRabbanim 6243). He fought to preserve the holiness of the Jewish people, and his opinions in Halacha and Kabbalah were adhered to throughout the Diaspora. His books include: Minchat El'azar Responsa, Sha'ar Yissaschar, Nimukei Orach Chaim, Divrei Torah 9 Sections, and more. See item 415.
[1], 27, 29-36, [60] leaves. 24 cm. Good condition, stains. New binding.

Opening600$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 75

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Collection of Books of Slavita-Zhitomir Printing

1. Kutnot Or, Ein Ya'akov, by Rabbi Ya'akov Ibn-Chaviv. Slavita, [1818]. Rabbi Moshe Shapira Printing. (Glosses and corrections in Oriental handwriting).
2. Chok L'Yisrael, Bereshit. Zhitomir, 1849. Printed by the grandchildren of the Rabbi of Slavita.
3-4. Chok L'Yisrael, Bereshit; Bamidbar. Zhitomir, 1865. Printed by the grandchildren of the Rabbi of Slavita.
5. Ein Ya'akov. Zhitomir, 1850. Printed by the grandchildren of the Rabbi of Slavita.
6. Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim, Volume 1. Zhitomir, 1850. Printed by the grandchildren of the Rabbi of Slavita.
7. Mishnayot, Seder Taharot. Zhitomir, 1860. Rabbi Aryeh Leib Shapira Printing.
Varied size and condition. Handwritten inscriptions.

Opening600$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 481

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Great Letter Collection

Large and diverse collection of letters from rabbis and public figures from Israel, the USA and from the rabbis of Holocaust Survivors in Germany. All letters are from the 20th Century.
Letter from Rabbi Yosef Eliyahu Henkin; Certificate of Good Character signed by Rabbi Isser Zalmen Meltzer for young man Sha'ul Israelite [!], [for Alyah permit purposes in 1932]; letters from Rabbi Yehoshua [Deutsch] of Pest, in a letter from 1951 he says that the Rabbinical Court of Budapest doesn't deal with conversions; Halachic response from Rabbi Aviezer Zitzewitz; interesting letter from Rabbi Yehuda Leib Maimon addressed to Rabbi Yitzchak Gerstenkorn; letter from Rabbanit Tzvia Chadash to her mother Rabbanit Hutner, in which she talks about the Bar Mitzva of Simcha Zissel Broida [who later became the head of Yeshivat Hevron]; letters from Rabbi Issachar Meir, Rabbi Asher Lichtenstein, Rabbi Isser Yehuda Unterman, Rabbi Moshe Bloy, Av Beit Din of Pardes Katz, Rabbi Avraham Werner; letters and authorizations from rabbis of the She'erit Ha-Pleita; and many more letters.
Captions on envelopes in handwriting of Rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer and the"Steipler.
The collection also includes special archives from Rabbi Avraham Yagel of Ramat-Gan, with letters from his father Rabbi Shabtay Yagel, head of the Slonim Yeshiva, letters from Rabbi Shalom Shwadron, Rabbi Chaim, Rabbi Chaim Chaykel Greenberg, Rabbi Simcha Ha-Cohen Kaplan, Rabbi Menachem Porush, the Board of the Chinuch Ha-Atzma'i and more.
Total of 60 letters and paper items. Varying sizes and conditions.

Opening450$ Sold For650$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 311

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Manuscript – Eulogies on Weekly Torah Portions – Rabbi Refael Yitzchak Charosh

Manuscript, eulogies according to weekly Torah portions, by Rabbi Refael Charosh. [Marrakech (Morocco), 19th century].
Composition for speakers and eulogizers, which contains themes for eulogies according to the weekly Torah portions [from Bereshit until VeZot HaBeracha]; each Parasha contains a passage or several brief passages intended to serve as a basis for a eulogy. In his preface the author writes:"Since death is inevitable and occasionally it is necessary to eulogize a Torah scholar and he experiences pain¦ therefore, my heart tells me¦ to compose a theme for each Parasha, so that each person on his own level can¦". At head of first passage:"Which I have eulogized for¦ Shalem Adra'i¦ 1876¦".
At end of preface and at end of each passage signatures of author [some in rabbinical looped handwriting and majority in initials"RRC" - Rabbi Refael Charosh (passed away in 1898), among the Torah scholars of Morocco and Dayan in Marrakech [for additional information related to him see attached material from book Malchei Rabanan, leaf 108].
Unbound booklet. Approx. 24 written pages. Approx. 25 cm. Fair condition, stains and wear, mildew damage and some moth stains. Tears on several leaves. Accounting notations in author's handwriting.

Opening300$ Sold For650$ Including buyers premium
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