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Auction 16 Lot Number 97

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Likutei Torah Mahari – Lemberg, 1886 – Handwritten Glosses

Sefer Likutei Torah Mahari, Hassidic and Kabbalistic sayings on the Torah and festivals, by Rabbi Yissaschar Berish of Dolina, Lemberg, 1886. First edition.
Handwritten glosses.
The Rebbe Rabbi Yissaschar Berish Eichenstein (passed away in 1886), son of the Rebbe Rabbi Yitzchak Eizik of Zidichov. Among the prominent disciples of his father in the concealed wisdom, served as rabbi in Dolina.
[1], 46, [1] leaves. (Missing title page). 20 cm. Dry paper, good condition, torn and detached binding.
Very rare, majority of copies of book were burned in the conflagration which took place in Dolina in 1887.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 98

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Sefer Beit Aharon (Karlin) – First Edition

Sefer Beit Aharon, on the Torah and prayer, by Rabbi Aharon Perlov the Rebbe of Karlin. Brody, 1875. First edition.
Beginning of book contains collection of letters and Hassidic customs by the Karlin-Stolin Rebbes: the"Great" Rabbi Aharon of Karlin, his son Rabbi Asher (the first), his son Rabbi Aharon (the second, the"old"), and his son Rabbi Asher (the second, the"young").
Two title pages, first abridged. Variant copy. Following second title page:"To reveal and publicize that the most righteous and famous of our generation have endorsed the publication of this book¦ as well Torah scholars and rabbis of Spain have approved while others have banned¦". In some of the copies this passage appears in a different version, and does not include the censorship on the other side of the title page. [Concerning the stages of publication and various corrections during the printing process, which resulted in various versions of the book, see: A. Schor, regarding the methods of the writing and printing of the Beit Aharon books, Beit Aharon V'Yisrael, year 6 issue 1 (31), pp. 139-147].
Signatures and ownership notations."This book¦ by the Rebbe Rabbi Aharon Karliner belongs to¦ Rabbi Aryeh Leib Shereshevski HaCohen of Balet adjacent to Lodz¦","Rabbi Shmuel Ze'ev Katz Shereshevski", and more.
[4] leaves, 316, [5] pages (two title pages). 28 cm. (Wide margins). Good-fair condition. Stains and wear, tears, detached binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 99

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Chesed L’Avraham (Radomsk)

Sefer Chesed L'Avraham, Section 1 - on the Torah, by the Rebbe Rabbi Avraham Yissaschar Ber HaCohen Rabinowitz (1843-1892) son of the Rebbe Rabbi Shlomo of Radomsk. Piotrkow, 1893. Only edition.
434 pages. 26 cm. Good condition. Original semi-leather binding, slightly worn.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 100

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Shulchan Aruch HaRav – New York-Germany, 1948

Shulchan Aruch HaRav, Kahat Publication (Published by Otzar HaChassidim"), Brooklyn, [1948] (printed in Germany).
Five sections in three volumes, includes responsa by Rabbi Shneur Zalman and facsimile of chapter 14 of his holy handwriting. Introduction by the publisher, Rabbi Menachem Schneershon. Three volumes, 21 cm. Good condition. Damaged bindings, slightly loose.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 101

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Amarot Tehorot, by Rabbi Menachem Azaria of Fano – Signature and Gloss

Amarot Tehorot, five articles from the book Asarah Ma'amarot by Rabbi Menachem Azaria - the Rama of Fano. With the Yad Yehuda commentary, by Rabbi Yehuda Leib "from the group of bnei Yeshiva in Frankfurt and Rabbi of the community and the countries of Magentza". Frankfurt am Main, 1698. Illustrated title page.
Ancient handwritten signature from the time of print, of "Simcha son of Ya'akov Segal". On Leaf 33 is a long gloss in same handwriting.
[2], 143 leaves; 98 leaves. 19.5 cm. Good-fair condition, many moth damages. Decorated leather binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 102

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Reshit Chochma – Two Editions (Constantinople and Korets)

1. Reshit Chochma, by Rabbi Eliyahu Di Videsh disciple of the Ramak, with the book Chai ben Mekitz, a book of ethics written in riddles by Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabirol. Constantinople, [1736].
[1], 304, [20] leaves. C. 20 cm. This copy is combined of two copies, varied condition, good to good-fair. Stains and minor damage to title page and several leaves. Newly bound.
2. Reshit Chochma, Korets, [1781].
162, 164-341 leaves. [Leaves 159-172 were not bound in their correct place], c. 19 cm. Fair condition, wear, stains and moth damage.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 103

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Pri Etz Chaim – Dubrovno, 1804

Sefer Pri Etz Chaim by Rabbi Chaim Vital. Dubrovno, 1804. Includes approbation of Rabbi Uri Shraga Feivish of Dubrovno (disciple and son-in-law of the Vilna Ga'on) as well as additional approbations.
150, [1] leaves. 34 cm. White and greenish paper. Good condition, minor moth damage (restored), especially to binding. Fine leather binding, damaged.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 104

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Hadrat Melech by Rabbi Shalom Buzaglo – London, 1770-1773

Sefer Hadrat Melech, commentary on profound articles of the Zohar, [second section], by Rabbi Shalom Buzaglo, includes: commentary on Idra Zuta and Siphra D'zeniouta, by Rabbi Chaim Vital; Sefer Hadrat Pnei Melech, commentary of the Adarot by the Ari; Sefer Hadrat Hod Melech, on Siphra D'zeniouta, by Rabbi Chaim Vital; Sefer Hadrat Kvod Melech, commentary on articles of the Tikunim. London, [1770-1773/4].
First section of composition of Hadrat Melech printed in Amsterdam 1766. Second section printed without title page, and beginning of first page lists"London press" along with year. Special title page for Sefer Hadrat Pnei Melech. In remaining compositions, book title printed at head of pages.
Ancient stamp with symbol of vulture:"Shlomo Friedman" [apparently Rabbi Shlomo son of the first Rebbe Rabbi Avraham Ya'akov of Sadigura (Encyclopedia of Hassidism, 3, 713) and brother-in-law of Rabbi Nachum Dover Friedman.
138-177, 178-193, [1], 178-244, 158-161, 129-132 leaves. 20 cm. Good condition. Stains, moth holes and number of tears. Scotch tape restorations on last leaves. Magnificent leather binding, with moth damage.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 105

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Olam Barur – Zholkva, 1800 / Olam Va’ed – Lvov, 1811

Olam Barur, "Explanations¦ truthful introductions¦ lofty wisdom¦" [kabbalistic homiletics], by Rabbi Eliezer Fishel of Strzyֵ¼ֳ³w. [Zholkva], [c. 1800].
Bound with: Olam Va'ed - Kuntress HaEbronot, about calculations of Tkufot (Jewish periods of time), by Rabbi Eliezer Fishel of Strzyֵ¼ֳ³w. [Lvov], [1811].
Rabbi Eliezer Fishel of Strzyֵ¼ֳ³w (1740-1812, Encyclopedia L'Chachmei Galicia 211-212), a mekubal and preacher. His other kabbalistic works also start with the word Olam (Olam Echad, Olam Hafuch, Olam HaGadol). Served as preacher in Brody.
[2], 56; [8] leaves. 18.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains, moth marks. Worn, detached binding. Stamps and owners' inscriptions on Vorzats.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 106

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Igrot HaRamaz – Livorno, 1780

Sefer Igrot HaRamaz, including Elef Alfin supplication, by Rabbi Moshe Zacuto. Livorno, [1780]. First edition.
The Ga'on and Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Zacuto (1610- 1698, Otzar HaRabbanim 14674), studied the wisdom of Kabbalah from his rabbi Rabbi Binyamin HaLevi, disciple of Rabbi Chaim Vital, and was one of the greatest Kabbalists and teachers in Italy. Served as Rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva in Venice and Mantua. Authored and proofread numerous compositions in the revealed and concealed facets of Torah, among them: Kol HaRamaz, Shoda Dedeina and others. Many of the letters in this book discuss various matters of Kabbalah and were sent to his famous disciples, Rabbi Binyamin HaCohen (HaRabach) and Rabbi Avraham Ravigo.
[4], 48 leaves. 20 cm. Good condition. Stains, mildew stains in number of leaves. Restored tear on title-page. Fancy leather binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 107

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Shnei Luchot HaBrit (Shla) – Amsterdam, 1698

Shnei Luchot HaBrit, Amsterdam, 1698. Printed by the young man Emanuel ben Yosef Atiash.
In his letters, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn of Lubavitch (Letter b 853), writes about the book Shnei Luchot HaBrit that was printed in 1698 (458 nachat in gematria) in a fancy edition. This is a sign from above that the revelation of this holy book caused "nachat" above, and that same year the Besht was born. The Besht used to say that he was born in the year that the Shla was printed to illuminate the world with the light of Hashem, of Torah and Fear of Heaven with the service of the heart.
Missing and damaged copy; [3] 263 leaves, (originally: [4], 422, 44, [12] leaves - missing illustrated title page and from Leaf 264 until the end. 31 cm. Poor condition, many moth damages and wear. Leaves 213-230 are damages and torn (substituted with ancient manuscript). Handwritten inscriptions [Yemen?]. Worn binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 108

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Single Leaves – Incunabula

Four Incunabula leaves.
Three leaves of Bible edition, with translation and commentary of Radak and Ralbag. Liria (Portugal), [1494]. (Leaves 4-6, of pamphlet 47 [Shmuel 2, 21]. Damages with omission of text on upper margins, professionally restored).
Leaf of Sefer Mitzvot Gadol (Smag) by Rabbi Moshe of Kotzi. Soncino, [1488]. (Leaf 4 of pamphlet 5 [chapter 81- negative commandments]. Professionally restored margins).
Total of 4 leaves. Various sizes. Good condition, stains.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 109

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Rashba Responsa Attributed to the Ramban – Venice, 1519 – First Edition – Fancy Copy

Responsa of Rabbi Moshe Bar Nachman. Venice, [1519].
A collection of queries and responses by Rabbi Shlomo ben Aderet (Rashba), mistakenly attributed to the Ramban. 288 responsa. In the introduction, the proofreader writes: "For the sake of the truth¦ I am informing¦ that these responsa attributed to¦ Rabbi Moshe Bar Nachman. Indeed, many others are written in them such as the Rashba and his followers and such in many places from the Torah geniuses that have learned their Torah from him¦ ". The book has been attributed to the Ramban because of Siman 284, where there is an explicit responsum of the Ramban to Rabbeinu Yonah, but really only that responsum is by the Ramban and the remainder are by the Rashba. (See the words of Rabbi Yosef Karo in his introduction to Beit Yosef: "I have seen a few responsa of the Rashba printed with a metal pen and lead, introduced as if they are from the Ramban").
94 leaves, 26 cm. Fancy copy, wide margins and light-colored paper, professionally restored wear and moth damage to margins. Fancy leather binding.

Opening3,500$ Unsold

Auction 16 Lot Number 110

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Nevi’im Achronim with Abarbanel Commentary – Soncino Press – Pesaro, 1520

Nevi'im Achronim with commentary by Don Yitzchak Abarbanel. [Pesaro], Soncino Press, [1520].
Title page printed in ornate frame. In some copies reverse side of title page is blank; this copy contains a song of 52 stanzas, with acronym"Yehudah ben Yitzchak Abarbanel". At end, additional short song.
This copy is divided into two volumes; first volume contains first 200 leaves until Sefer Yirmiya; second volume contains 197 following leaves until Sefer Malachi. Last leaf (blank) - missing."Pesaro, 1512" mistakenly imprinted upon spine of second volume, however, it is the continuation of the first volume of the Pesaro press, year 1520.
First volume: Title page, 11 first leaves and last leaf contain restored tears and damages. Single moth holes upon title page and 11 first leaves. Stains and mildew damage on some leaves. Ancient glosses in Oriental handwriting.
Second volume: Restored tears and damages on margins and corners of many leaves. More severe damage on last leaves, with damage to text. Stains. Few comments in Sephardic handwriting.
[397] leaves (originally [398] leaves, leaf 398, missing in this copy -blank), 29.5 / 31 cm. New magnificent leather bindings.
From Dr. Israel Mehlman's private collection.

Opening12,500$ Unsold

Auction 16 Lot Number 111

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Tractate Me’ila-Tamid – Venice, 1528 (Fancy Copy with Ancient Glosses)

Tractates Me'ila, Kinim, Midot and Tamid, with the commentaries of Rashi, Tosfot and Piskei Tosfot. Venice, 1528. Daniel Bomberg Printing.
Second edition of the Talmud by Bomberg. Printed according to the first edition, Venice 1520-1523, with variations, see attached material. Tractate Midot has empty spaces for adding charts and illustrations.
Many glosses and notations in early Ashkenazi handwriting from the time of print.
37 Leaves, 35.5 cm. Very good condition, good quality light-color paper, light stains, restored light wear damage. Fancy leather binding.
Rare, does not appear in Bibliography Institute CD.

Opening7,500$ Unsold

Auction 16 Lot Number 112

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Abudraham – Constantinople, 1513

Abudraham, [commentary on prayers], by Rabbi David son of Yosef Abudraham]. Constantinople, Tevet [1513].
Rashi letters, two columns on each page. Leaves numbered in double pagination, on both pages. Colophon written in form of song. See also: Hebrew Press in Constantinople, Avraham Ya'ari. Jerusalem, 1967. Pages 17-21, 69.
99, [1] leaves, 26 cm. Title page and last leaf damaged and torn, missing sections completed with photocopy. Restored tears and moth damage on margins of first and last leaves. Stains. Ownership notation in Sephardic handwriting on leaf 18.
From Dr. Israel Mehlman's private collection.

Opening4,000$ Unsold

Auction 16 Lot Number 113

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Gal Shel Egozim – Constantinople, 1593

Sefer Gal Shel Egozim, [sermons on Bereshit and commentary on sayings of Chazal], by Rabbi Menachem son of Moshe Egozi. Bil Vidir in close proximity to Constantinople, [c. 1593-1595]."Printed in the home of the glorified Mrs. M. Reina Nasi¦ widow of the great minister and duke Prince Don Yosef¦ by Yosef son of Yitzchak Ashkeloni".
53 [instead of: 61, faulty pagination], [1] leaves, 28 cm. Ownership notation on title page: Moshe Ashkenazi. Good-fair condition. Moth damage, especially on first and last leaves. Mildew stains, some dark. New binding.
From Dr. Israel Mehlman's private collection.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 114

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Mahari ben Lev Responsa – Salonika, 1557 – Constantinople, 1573 – Signatures and Glosses

1. Mahari ben Lev Responsa. Salonika, [1557?]. First edition that the author printed in his lifetime. [At beginning of book, the author writes: "I have commanded to print them in my lifetime because I do not know when I will die, to leave blessing after myself¦"]. Glosses and signatures, an Oriental signature: "Bought by Chaim Shlomo HaCohen", and glosses by several people in Oriental handwriting [two are signed "Meir"].

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Auction 16 Lot Number 115

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Maharshach Responsa – Two Parts – Salonika-Venice, 1592-1595 – First Edition

Two parts of first edition of book of responsa that the Maharshach printed in his lifetime - Rabbi Shlomo HaCohen (1520-1602, Otzar HaRabbanim 18471), a leading posek, Rabbi of Salonika and one of the most prominent rabbis of his generation, at the end of the life of Maran the Beit Yosef.
1. Second Book of Responsa, by Rabbi Shlomo Cohen. Venice, 1592. (Handwritten dedication on title page).
181 leaves [attached to some of the copies are 21, [1] leaves that were printed in Salonika that year, and are not in this copy]. 25 cm. Good condition. Stains. Light moth marks, restored tears on title page and last leaf. New binding.
2. Responsa of the Maharshach, Part 3. Salonika, [1594-1595]. Printed without title page. (Handwritten dedication to Yehoshua Shem Tov Moreno HaLevi of Izmir).
126 leaves. 30.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and wear. Moth damages. Restored tears to several leaves. Old binding.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,200$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 116

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Masoret HaMasoret – Tuv Ta’am – By Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur – Basel, 1539

Sefer Masoret HaMasoret, about grammar and mesorah, by Rabbi Eliyahu "the linguist". Basel, [1539].
Printed with his book Tuv Ta'am (Sefer HaTe'amim), on Ta'amei HaMikra [a separate title page, with the year "1539"], and another book with a Latin translation of the two books above [with title page in Hebrew and Latin: Sefer HaTe'amim V'Sefer Masoret HaMasoret]. The Hebrew text has vowels [except the title pages].
Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur-Ashkenazi (1470-1549, Otzar HaRabbanim 2069), an Italian Torah scholar and a leading linguist. He is called by his book HaBachur, in addition he wrote many books on grammar, including HaTishbi and this book.
184 leaves; 109, [2] leaves. 15 cm. Good condition. Stains, moth marks, taped first page for reinforcement. Old binding.
From Dr. Israel Mehlman's private collection.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,600$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 117

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Avodat HaLevi – Venice, 1546

Avodat HaLevi, sources for the 613 mitzvot in the Rambam's order, by Rabbi Shlomo son of Eliezer HaLevi. Venice, 1546.
Sources for the six Sidrei Mishna, Midrashei Chazal, and literature of Rishonim [The Rif, Smag, Smak, Arba'a Turim, Rabbeinu Yerucham, HaRokeach etc.].
28 leaves. 20 cm. Good condition. Stains, light moth marks.
From Dr. Israel Mehlman's private collection.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 16 Lot Number 118

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Responsa by the Rosh – Venice, 1552 – Signatures

Responsa by Rabbeinu Asher (the Rosh). Venice, [1552]. Second edition.
Ownership signatures in Sephardic handwriting upon first leaves of book:"Yitzchak Gattenyu son of Rabbi Shmuel","Avraham Menachem", signatures of the Gattenyu family [of Salonika] and others. Several comments throughout book.
Ink-stamp of M. W. Kahan from Sighet and signature"Menahem Ze'ev son of Rivka". Inscription in Ashkenazi handwriting of"Menahem Ze'ev Kahana" and inscription stating that the book belongs to Rabbi Yitzchak Eizik Rosenbaum Av Beit Din of Zutchka.
158 leaves, 29.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains. First and last leaves worn, tears glued for reinforcement. New magnificent leather binding.

Opening450$ Sold For450$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 119

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Sefer HaZohar – Cremona, 1559-1560

Sefer HaZohar on the Torah, by the Tanna Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Cremona, [1559-1560]. Notations and corrections in Oriental and Ashkenazi handwriting.
This edition of the Zohar is the first and second printing of the Zohar books [after permission was denied by the rabbis to print the Zohar for approximately 90 years after printing was discovered. Mantua printers began printing the books of the Zohar a year earlier, however, the Cremona printers succeeded in completing the printing of all sections prior to the Mantua printers].
Incomplete copy: 5-132; 99; 143 leaves (instead of: 132, 122, 146 leaves. Missing total of 30 leaves). 29 cm. Fair condition. Stains, wear and tear. Detached leaves. Unbound.

Opening350$ Sold For2,600$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 120

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Arba’a Turim – Riva Di Trento, 1561

Arba'a Turim, by Rabbeinu Ya'akov bar Asher. Riva Di Trento, 1561.
Signature and owner's inscriptions from 1679: "I, Yeshaya son of Mordechai Shalit". On last leaf, lists of births from 1669.
6, 9-80; 66; 42; 104 leaves + folded leaf of leap year calendar [found after Leaf 51, slightly cutoff]. 28.5 cm. Good-fair condition, stains. Slight wear (restored). New fancy leather binding.

Opening3,500$ Unsold

Auction 16 Lot Number 121

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Goren Nachon – Tikkun Midot HaNefesh by Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabirol – Riva Di Trento, 1562

Goren Nachon - Sefer Tikkun Midot HaNefesh (Correcting Characteristics), by Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabirol, with the book Musarei HaPhilosophim [by Chanin Ibn Aschak], and Sefer HaTapuach by Aristotle. Riva Di Trento, [1562].
First edition of the first two books, that were originally written in Arabic. Rabbi Yehuda Ibn Tibon translated Tikkun Midot HaNefesh, and Musarei HaPhilosophim was translated by Rabbi Yehuda Alcharizi.
17; 28 [should be: 30] leaves. 18.5 cm. Good condition, stains, few moth holes.
From Dr. Israel Mehlman's private collection.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 122

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Sefer Torat HaBayit HaKatzar – Cremona, 1665 – First Edition

VeZot Torat HaBayit - Sefer Torat HaBayit HaKatzar by the Rashba. Cremona, [1665]. First edition.
Ex-libris upon inner biding of book:"Belongs to the great genius Rabbi Leib Berlin Av Beit Din of Bamberg¦". - The Ga'on Rabbi Aryeh Leib Berlin (1739-1814), among the greatest Torah scholars of his generation, among the leaders of the Fֳ¼rth communities during the years 1773-1778; served as Av Beit Din of Bamberg in 1790 and from 1794 served as Av Beit Din of Kassel and Hessen. His glosses on the majority of the tractates of the Shas were lost and only the glosses on Shvu'ot Tractate were printed in the Vilna Edition of the Shas. His brother, Rabbi Noach Chaim Tzvi Berlin author of Atzei Almogim greatly admired him and named his book Atzei Arazim after him [see attached material].
Leaf 21/2 contains handwritten signature:"Shlomo son of Avraham of Pesselburg, from Bohemia", [Rabbi Avraham Pesselburg, Av Beit Din of Prague and friend of Rabbi Yehonatan Eibeshitz, passed away in 1746].
48, 13-15, 53-72 leaves [faulty pagination]. 21 cm. Fair condition. Stains, moth damage and tears. Detached leaves. Moth damage. Worn and detached binding.

Opening400$ Sold For400$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 123

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Tur with Beit Yosef – Venice, 1564 – Second Edition During Lifetime of Author – Glosses

Arba'a Turim, Yoreh De'ah,"with commentaries and Chiddushim of the wholesome scholar Reish Mativta in Safed Rabbi Yosef Karo¦ known as Beit Yosef¦". Venice, [1564]. Second edition printed during lifetime of author.
Ownership notations and signatures."Heirs of Yosef Otlingo" [Rabbi Yosef Otlingo, Rosh Yeshiva and printer in Cremona - passed away in 1570],"Avraham son of Mordechai Otlingo". Glosses and notations on margins in Italian handwriting.
[31], 398 leaves. 33 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and wear, moth damage. Damaged binding.

Opening2,000$ Sold For850$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 124

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Mishneh Torah – Venice, 1574-1575 – First Edition with Kesef Mishneh – Glosses by author of “Admat Kodesh”

Mishneh Torah by the Rambam, on critique of the Ra'abad [Rabbi Avraham Ben David] and Maggid Mishneh, including commentary Kesef Mishneh by Rabbi Yosef Karo. Set of five volumes. Venice, [1574-1575]. First edition of the Kesef Mishneh.
Rabbi Yosef Karo passed away during the process of the printing of this book. Margins of sheets contain dozens of glosses and notations in Oriental handwriting, by several writers. Fifth volume contains numerous handwritten glosses by the Ga'on Rabbi Nissim Chaim Moshe Mizrachi author of Admat Kodesh, some signed in his name [Moshe Mizrachi, Nissim Moshe Mizrachi and Nissim Chaim Moshe Mizrachi]. Ownership notation:"Book of exalted scholar and Dayan¦ Reish Metivta¦ Rabbi Nissim Moshe Mizrachi¦". [Some glosses cut off].
The Ga'on Rabbi Nissim Chaim Moshe Mizrachi (passed away in 1749, Otzar HaRabbanim 16054), Av Beit Din of Jerusalem and among its greatest scholars, first bearer of the title "Rishon LeTziyon" in Jerusalem. He and his brother, the Ga'on Rabbi Yisrael Chaim Mizrachi, author of Pri HaAretz, were known as the"Nerot HaMizrachi'im" [Eastern Candles]. The Chida writes about him:"Would conduct himself in piety and extreme modesty with peace and righteousness". Author of Admat Kodesh Responsa. The names Nissim and Chaim were added to his name after he was imprisoned twice due to tax debts of the Jerusalem congregation.
Volume 1 (Mada-Zemanim): [21], 316 leaves (missing title page). Volume 2: (Nashim-Kedusha): [9], 217 leaves (missing title page and last leaf). Volume 3: (Hafla'a-Zera'im): [18], 164 leaves (missing: two first leaves). Volume 4 (Avoda-Tahara): 165-450 leaves (missing two last leaves). [4], 227, [5] leaves (missing: leaves 155-156, 6 leaves from beginning and 4 leaves from end. Last leaf appears). 28 cm. Condition of leaves varies, good-fair. Stains and mildew marks, moth damage. New bindings.

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Mishneh Torah – Venice, 1575 – Handwritten Glosses

Mishneh Torah by the Rambam, section 4 [Nezikin-Shoftim]. Venice, [1575].
First edition printed with Rabbi Yosef Karo's Kesef Mishneh commentary. While this edition was being printed, Rabbi Yosef Karo passed away.
Margins of leaves contain glosses in Sephardic handwriting [some cut off].
[10], 297, [9] leaves (missing: title-page and two leaves at beginning of book as well as 8 index leaves at end). Good-fair condition. Stains and moth damage, mildew stains on number of leaves. Worn and detached binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 126

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Reshit Chochma – Cracow, 1593-1594

Reshit Chochma, by Rabbi Eliyahu Vidash. Cracow, [1593-1594].
Second or third printing of the famous book of ethics which later appeared in many editions [that year, an edition of the book was printed in Venice and written on the title page is "Printed for the second time"]. Ancient owners' inscriptions [from 1723 and 1736] by Ya'akov son of Shlomo Levi.
10, 418; 32 leaves (missing: 4 first leaves). 20 cm. Fair condition. Stains, wear and tears with omissions in several leaves, primarily in the last leaf of the index. New binding.
From Dr. Israel Mehlman's private collection.

Opening500$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 127

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Tvu’at Shor [First] – Lublin, 1616 – Glosses

Sefer Tvu'at Shor, abridgement the Beit Yosef [section 1-4], by Rabbi Ephraim Zalman Schor. Lublin, [1615-1616]. Only edition.
Number of glosses and illustrations in antique handwriting [close to the period of the printing] and erased ownership notation [preceding Even HaEzer section].
Rabbi Ephraim Zalman Schor (d.1634, Otzar HaRabbanim 3101), author of"First" Tvu'at Shor, was among the greatest Torah scholars of Poland, contemporary of the Bach, and son-in-law of Minister Rabbi Shaul Wahl. Served in the rabbinates of Horodna, Brisk and Lublin. Uncle of author of"Tvu'ot Shor Im Simla Chadasha" on laws of slaughtering and non-kosher food". (For additional information related to him see: Zachor LeAvraham, 1994-1995, pages 60-76).
Section 1 - Orach Chaim: 143 leaves (missing: title-page, replaced by title-page of Yoreh De'ah - which is partially torn, and leaves 2-4). Section 2 - Yoreh De'ah: 176, 77-115, [1] leaves. Section 3 - Even HaEzer: 54 leaves (separate title-page). Section 4 - Choshen Mishpat: 105, [1] leaves (missing from leaf 102 until end. Separate title-page). 18.5 cm. Fair condition, stains and tears, moth stains. Paper pasting on margins of number of leaves with damage to text. New binding.

Opening1,500$ Unsold

Auction 16 Lot Number 128

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Rinat Dodim – Basel, 1600

Sefer Rinat Dodim, commentary on Shir HaShirim, by Rabbi Eliyahu son of Rabbi Moshe Luantz. Basel, [1600].
Rabbi Eliyahu Ba'al Shem of Luantz (1565-1636) studied in the yeshiva of the Maharal of Prague; was involved in the study of Kabbala and the writing of amulets. He arrived in Basel after leaving his community in Frankfurt am Main, and published this book because"when something is written in a book, it is as if it has been spoken to thousands and myriads" (from the title page).
[1], 30 leaves, 20.5 cm. Fair condition. Mildew stains on all leaves. Restored tears on edges of majority of leaves. Unoriginal binding, partially detached. Several signatures and ownership stamps as well as several comments.

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Sefer HaTishbi – Basel, 1601 – Signatures and Glosses

Sefer HaTishbi, book of roots from the Talmud and Midrashim of Chazal, by Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur. Basel, [1601]. Second edition.
Signatures, ownership notations [some faded]:"Belongs to Rabbi Naftali Katz","Avraham son of M. Kalman ---,"David Frankel son of Ya'akov M--- , year 1865","Ze'ev Wolf Cohen - Rabbi David Cohen of Brody".
Glosses by several writers. Two signed glosses by"Yitzchak son of Yosef Segal Horowitz". Glosses in Rashi-Italian handwriting from the 18th century, signed Shafan [initials]. Last page contains interesting riddle in handwriting of Shafan.
99 leaves. 18.5 cm. Condition of leaves varies, good-fair. Stains and wear, scotch tape. New binding.

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Sefer Arugat HaBosem – Venice, 1602 – Signature by Rabbi Chaim Yitzchak Musafi

Sefer Arugat HaBosem, wisdom of the grammar and Holy Language, by Rabbi Shmuel Archevolti. Venice, [1602]. First edition.
Signatures and ownership notations in Italian handwriting. Last leaf contains signature in Oriental handwriting. Additional signature by Rabbi Chaim Yitzchak Musafi [inner margin also contains notations in his handwriting?]. Signatures"Avraham Ezriel" [Rabbi Avraham Ezriel, rabbi, Dayan and prominent community activist.
119 [instead of: 118] leaves (leaves 2-3 mistakenly bound after leaves 4-5). 19 cm. Good condition. Stains, restored tears on title page. Moth stains. Notations, stamps. Worn binding.

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Urim Ve-Thummim – Venice, 1603

Urim Ve-Thummim, commentary on Yeshaya and Yirmiya by Rabbi Meir Arama (son of the"Akedat Yitzchak"), Venice, 1603. First edition.
With a foreword by Rabbi Menachem Ya'akov son of Rabbi Eliezer of Safed who tells:"¦I served many Torah scholars throughout my life¦ and enjoyed my work selling holy books, I had to leave my area and wander in many foreign countries for financial reasons¦ this book was brought to me from Heaven¦ a wonderful man of faith gave me this paper and money and I have witnessed amazing miracles¦".
76 leaves, 18.5 cm. Good condition, light stains. New semi-leather binding.
See the article written by Y. Rivkind (enclosed material), about typographic variations of this book's copies.

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Me’ir Netiv – First Hebrew Concordance – Venice, 1523

Me'ir Netiv Concordance, by Rabbi Yitzchak Nathan. Venice, 1523. Daniel Bomberg Printing.
The first Hebrew concordance. Arranged by the same method of the Latin concordances used at that time; Rabbi Yitzchak Nathan labored eight years on compiling the concordance, but it was first printed only fifty years after his death. Since then, it has been acclaimed in many editions.
Missing copy - [397] leaves instead of [406] damaged title pages. 37.5 cm. At end, one leaf has handwritten substitution. General good condition. Moth damage to first leaves. Stains and creases to first and last leaves. Not bound.

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Concordance – Basel, 1632 – Fancy Copy

Concordantiae Bibliorum Hebraicae, by Johannis Buxtorfi (Senior). Basel, 1632. At the end, a chart of the parshiot. Has Hebrew title page: Concordance on Daniel and Ezra; Printed at end of chart of parshiot is a colophon: "Printed in Basilea by the order of the Praiseworthy Master Ludwig Koenig and in his home in 1630, [but actually the book was printed two years later].
At beginning of book, a Roman introduction of Johannis Buxtorfi Junior, who completed the concordance, based on the concordance Me'ir Netiv of Rabbi Yitzchak Nathan (see previous item).
Thick fancy volume, 19 pages, [456] leaves, 41 cm. Good condition. Second leaf missing and substituted with photocopy and likewise the bottom part of the tenth leaf. Tears and damage to margins of first and last leaves. Stains. Thick wooden binding covered with leather (partly new) and antique parchment, with buckle remnants.

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Torah and Nevi’im Rishonim – Hollow Letters

Torah and Nevi'im Rishonim, [Hamburg, 1588].
First vol. of one of the Bible editions printed between 1586-1589 in Hamburg where "root" letters (letters which comprise the word's etymologic root) appear in regular font, and "non-root" letters are printed in a hollow font. Root letters were inserted in smaller fonts on top of every word.
pp. 3-772. [Incomplete copy, missing the Nevi'im Acharonim, the Ketuvim, the Latin title pages and introductions. Includes the Nevi'im Rishonim title page]. 34.5 cm. Good-fair condition, wear and restorations. Numerous remarks in antique Latin handwriting. Damaged binding.

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Kohelet with Rashi Commentary – Early Printing – Bibliographically Unknown

Kohelet with Rashi commentary. Seven leaves of an early printing, bibliographically unknown. [Italy? c. 1530-1558].
Text and commentary, both printed in square letters. On page headings:"Kohelet" and"Rashi". New pamphlet begins on fourth leaf and numbered ׳ž׳‘ (42). Apparently, printed as part of Five Megillot or Bible. Last leaf missing. Previous owners wrote on envelope which contains the leaves:"Incunable" [incunabula].
[7] Leaves, 21 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains, tears on margins.

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Five Megillot / Nevi’im Rishonim – Venice, 1594-1595

Five Megillot; Nevi'im Rishonim. Venice, [1594-1595].
Two sections of the Bible which was printed in Venice in the same year, with Rashi's commentary.
1. Five Megillot. Abridged title page and"introduction for Rashi on Shir HaShirim". 258-296 leaves.
2. Nevi'im Rishonim. Illustrated title page. [297]-447 leaves.
Volume of 20 cm. Fair-poor condition. Tears and moth damage. Old leather binding.

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Arba’a Ve’Esrim – Basel, 1611-1612

Arba'a Ve'Esrim - edition of Pentateuch, Prophets and Scriptures. Basel, [1611-1612].
Edition ornamented with red ink, with delineated frames and lines for columns, titles and title-page.
Contains full Pentateuch, Five Scrolls and Prophets. [Missing: Minor Prophets; Scriptures]. The Five Scrolls are printed after the Pentateuch. Two columns on each page. Each fifth verse is marked with a letter.
224; 1-300 pages. (Missing: 301-334; 187, [7] pages). 16.5 cm. Good condition. Stains and signs of wear, number of detached leaves. Missing binding. Ownership notations and markings of verses in handwriting.

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Mikra’ot Gedolot – Nevi’im Achronim – Venice, 1618

Mikra'ot Gedolot, Nevi'im Achronim, with Targum, Rashi, Radak and the Mesora. Venice, 1618.
[1], 442-668. 41 cm. Fair condition. Moisture stains, mildew marks. Moth marks on binding. Restorations to title page and last leaf. Censor erasing and handwritten substitutes, owners' inscriptions.
Contradiction between the Hebrew date (5377), and the Gregorian date MDCXVIII (1618).

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Bible – Amsterdam, 1630 – Menashe ben Yisrael

Chamisha Chumshei Torah, with Nevi'im and Ketuvim. Open and closed parshiot according to the Rambam, proofread and exact for copying a Sefer Torah. Amsterdam, 1630. Menashe ben Yisrael Printing.
Printed without vowels, in two columns. Each fifth verse is marked with a letter. Separate sections for Nevi'im Rishonim and for Nevi'im Achronim. One of the only Bible editions that was printed at that time in holiness by Jews. Two columns on each page, [like the Bible traditionally used by Rabbi Aryeh Levine for Goral HaGra lots - see attached material].
612 pages. 16 cm. Good condition, stains. Pencil inscriptions. Old binding.

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Bible – Menashe Ben Israel – Amsterdam, 1638-1639

Esrim V'Arba'ah, which includes Chamisha Chumshei Torah, [Megillot], Nevi'im Rishonim and Achronim and Ketuvim. Amsterdam, (1639?). Menashe Ben Israel Press.
One of the only Bible editions that was printed at that time in holiness by Jews. Two columns on each page [like the Bible traditionally used by Rabbi Aryeh Levine for Goral HaGra lots - see attached material].
112; 144, 144-166; 94, [4] leaves. 15.5 cm. Fair-poor condition. Loose binding and detached leaves. Number of leaves with omissions due to tears and wear.
Hebrew and civil date on title page do not coincide. For additional information see Bibliography Institute CD.

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Nevi’im Rishonim – Venice, 1649

Nevi'im Rishonim with commentary of Rashi. Venice, 1649.
[1], 306-462 leaves. 19.5 cm. Good-fair condition, stains and minor damages. Erased stamps. New simple binding.

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Michlal Yofi – Leket Shichecha (Variant Copy)

Michlal Yofi, Perfectio pulchritudinis. Definitions of hard words and topics found in the 24 holy scriptures. By Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Melech. With a new addition of"Leket Shichecha" by Rabbi Ya'akov Abendana. Amsterdam, 1660. Most of the title page is in Latin. Latin introductions.
(Without the illustrated title page), [3], 219, [1] leaf. 29 cm. Good condition, light stains and wear. Rebound.
Variant copy, with two additional leaves. (One Latin leaf, and leaf 219 as"book conclusion", the poems appearing on leaf 219 in the other copies appear on leaf 120 of the present copy, at the end of the book [faulty pagination, it should have been 220 instead of 120]. Refer to the Bibliography Institute CD record 0106282 which mentions [3], 219 leaves. Leaf 219 which appears on the Otzar Ha-Chochma completely differs from the one in the present copy.

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Toldot Aharon / Toldot Ya’akov, Amsterdam 1652 – Einei Avraham, Amsterdam, 1627-1628

Toldot Aharon, an index to Chazal sayings in the Talmud, arranged according to the order of the Bible. Rabbi Aharon of Pesaro. Amsterdam, 1652. With Toldot Ya'akov, a supplementary to this index by Rabbi Ya'akov Sasportas. Amsterdam, 1652. Shmuel ben Sueiro Printers.
Bound with: Einei Avraham, an index to Chazal sayings in the Midrashim arranged according to the order of the Bible. Rabbi Avraham Di Ponshika. Amsterdam, 1627-1628. Daniel Di Ponshika Printing.
[158] leaves; [32 leaves]; 5-153, [2] leaves. (Einei Avraham is missing 6 leaves - the original: 153, [4] leaves). 18 cm. High quality paper, good-fair condition, stains and wear, moth marks. New binding.

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Bible – Amsterdam, 1676-1678

Torah, Nevi'im and Ketuvim, "in Ashkenazi language". Translated into Yiddish-Deitsch [in Tzena Ur'ena letters]. Amsterdam, 1676-1678.
The translator Rabbi Yekutiel Blitz. Approbations by the rabbis of Va'ad Arba HaAratzot and Amsterdam rabbis. The title page with fancy copper engraving. Added to the last pages is a translation of "To'aliyut HaRalbag". Soon after this edition, a similar translation was printed in Amsterdam by the printer Yosef Atiash (see next Item), which caused a dispute to erupt between the printers while each side accused the other of stealing (see a lengthy description of this affair: A. Haberman, Prakim B'Toldot HaMadpisim HaIvri'im, pages 299-309).
[6], 63, [1] 64-257; 18 leaves (without the second title page after the illustrated title page. Separate title pages for Megillot, Nevi'im Rishonim, Nevi'im Achronim and Ketuvim). 31 cm. Good condition. Stains. First title page partially detached and slightly worn. Antique binding, wood covered with leather, worn and detached. Remnants of buckles, legs (metal buttons for raising when opening book).

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