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Manuscript of Melechet Shlomo, Nashim and Taharot – 1604 – Handwritten Autograph by a leading commentator on the Mishna, Rabbi Shlomo Adani (disciple of Rabbi Chaim Vital and Rabbi Betzalel Ashkenazi)

A manuscript, Melechet Shlomo on the Mishnayot, Nashim and Taharot. The author, Rabbi Shlomo Adani's handwritten autograph. Hebron, 1604.
On a colophon at the end of Seder Taharot the author writes: "The book has been completed ¦ Rosh Chodesh Kislev 1604, here in Hebron, the city where our Forefathers, their merit should protect us, are buried¦ ".
This is a complete and large book of the first edition of 1604, with the author's erasings and corrections, and many additions written between the lines, on sheets and on empty leaves at beginning and end of book. An unknown edition, earlier than all the known editions.
Comparison between this manuscript and the printed edition, reveals many variations of things that are in this manuscript and have been changed or shortened in print. Also the illustrations in Tractate Keilim in this manuscript were not printed. On the other hand, some sections that were printed are not in this manuscript. [Another variation exists between all the manuscripts and that printed in the Mishnayot, since the publishers omitted a large part of the book in the printing, and they removed all that appears in the book Tosfot Yom Tov, according to what the author humbly writes in his introduction (written in 1619), see Tosfot Yom Tov (printed in Prague 1617) "and Shlomo was amazed at the sight, how in one generation it happened that one person sits alone in a corner in the city of Hebron, and is one with companions far away in the Ashkenaz countries, and they together concur to toil in Torah study and check over the Mishna and explain it almost in the same style¦ " etc. see his introduction and the publisher's introduction].
On the first leaf, the author writes more things signed several times, with a moving prayer for success: "My Elevated Master, hear my prayer and hurry to assist me, and do not be deaf to my tears¦ I am certain that I, the lowly Shlomo Adani, will not be sent away empty handed, just like from my youth until today, you have not deserted me, and allow me to offer you my toil in the Torah, my fat and blood, most of my nights and days¦ ".
The author also writes a draft of a letter in Aramaic to the heads of the Gaza community and to their renowned Rabbi Yisrael Nagara: "Shalom to our brothers and shalom to our head, our Master Yisrael, the Humble one, Chacham ben Chacham who will answer our questions¦ and will send us a good response¦ Shlomo Adana".
Rabbi Shlomo Adani (1566-1629) was born in Uzel (Tzana, Yemen). At age 4, he immigrated with his family to Safed and Jerusalem where he studied Torah from Rabbi Betzalel Ashkenazi and Rabbi Chaim Vital. He participated in the editing of the Shita Mekubetzet of his teacher Rabbi Betzalel Ashkenasi [Shita Mekubetzet on Kodshim was originally named for him: Binyan Shlomo L'Chochmat Betzalel]. In his renowned introduction to his book on the Mishna, Rabbi Shlomo Adani tells about the events and troubles of his life and about his work on the Mishna that he began when 22 years old. He also tells of his elder companion Rabbi David Amrilio of Hebron, who convinced him to copy his work from sheets and arrange them into a book for print. For this book, the author toiled in study to clarify the Mishna for decades - and the last edition known today is from 1626. The commentary Melechet Shlomo is printed today [partially] in most of the editions of the Mishna with commentaries, and Rabbi Shlomo Adani is considered one of the greatest commentators on the Mishna. (The Chida writes of him: "One of the elder rabbis of Hebron, a disciple of Rabbi Betzalel Ashkenazi and Rabbi Maharcho". He writes that the Chazon Menachem calls him "Holy" in his book, and writes that "and we have heard many things about his righteousness and his diligence in spite of his poverty").
430 Pages, c. 21.5 cm. Good quality paper, fair condition, moth damages, moisture stains and wear. Very antique worn leather binding, Yemenite binding style, with substitution with antique handwritten leaves [from the 16th-17th century?], many moth damages to binding.
See attached material: an article by Prof. Yehuda Razhabi about this handwriting (Sinai, Issue 106, 1990) and other attached material.

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Ancient Wooden Plaque -“Mitzvat HaShem Bara Me’irat Einayim” – Syria, [11th Century?]

Ancient wooden plaque, with carving of the verse"Mitzvat HaShem Bara Me'irat Einayim" with vowelization and cantillation notes, within frame set with enamel. Syria. Undated, [11th century?].
The letter"Heh" in the word"Bara" carved in the shape of the letter"Chet". On reverse side of plaque glued note, upon which the owner wrote that he found the plaque in Damascus on March 28, 1913. In parentheses he added"11th century". Apparently, the plaque was designated to be hung in a synagogue. The plaque is incomplete and it is unclear what it originally included. The frame setting is of high-quality handcraftsmanship.
Maximal size 39X7.5 cm; within wooden frame. Fair condition. Some letters damaged (see picture), sections of craftsmanship setting damaged. Worm damage apparent on reverse side.
Antique and impressive item.

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Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah – Signatures and Glosses by Rabbi Shmaryahu Yosef Karelitz (Father of Chazon Ish) – Copy of the Steipler

Ashli Ravravi, Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De'ah, first section. Vilna, (1880). Stamps and signature of Rabbi Shmaryahu Yosef Karelitz of Kosava. (Stamp of his young son-in-law, Rabbi"Ya'akov Yisrael Kanievsky - Rosh Yeshiva of Beit Yosef, Bnei Brak, Israel"). Number of erudite glosses in the handwriting of Rabbi Shmaryahu Yosef throughout sheets and back leaf of binding. In one of them he writes a Halachic critique of a Sugiya, which he ends with:"He who profoundly studies them will understand¦ and I wrote this only for myself; not to instruct others; until the individual weighs the matter for himself".
The Ga'on Rabbi Shmaryahu Yosef Karelitz (1852-1916), author of Beit Talmud, served as Av Beit Din and Rosh Yeshiva of Kosava bordering with Horodna. Son-in-law of Rabbi Shaul Katzenelbogen Av-Beit-Din of Kovrin. All nine sons and son-in-laws were famous rabbis and among the giants of their generation: Rabbi Avraham Yishayahu author of Chazon Ish, Rabbi Meir Karelitz Av Beit Din of Lechovich and among the heads of the Council of Torah Sages, Rabbi Abba Swiatycki Av Beit Din of Kosava and Tiktin, Rabbi Shmuel Greineman, Rabbi Ya'akov Yisrael Kanievsky author of Kehilot Ya'akov (the Steipler). It is told that two world-renowned Torah giants studied this book together; the Chazon Ish and his brother-in-law the Steipler, while residing together in Bnei Brak.
38.5 cm. Fair condition, very worn. Detached leaves, torn and detached leather binding.

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Chafetz Chaim, First printing with Handwritten Glosses by Author

Sefer Chafetz Chaim, laws of Shmirat HaLashon"on laws of slander and gossip, based upon Halacha derived from the Talmud and Poskim". Vilna, 1873. First edition. First book of Rabbi Yisrael Meir HaCohen of Radin, which was published anonymously; name of author listed on margins of title page, in Russian and in initials.
Number of corrections and glosses in the handwriting of the author. Page 46 contains a correction of 6 words in the holy handwriting of the Rabbi; page 159 contains gloss of 8 words in the holy handwriting of the Rabbi. [Amendments were made to the second edition based upon these corrections, Vilna, 1877 - see attached material].
The righteous Ga'on Rabbi Yisrael Meir HaCohen of Radin (1837-1933, Otzar HaRabbanim 12262) known for his first book Chafetz Chaim, founder and Rosh Yeshiva of the Radin Yeshiva and author of many books on Halacha and Mussar: Mishnah Berurah, Shmirat HaLashon, Ahavat Chesed and dozens of other books.
5, [1], 8-81 leaves, [missing 4 leaves with list of subscribers which were added to some of the copies]. 21 cm. Good-fair condition, stains and damage due to wear on corners of leaves, ownership notations. Magnificent leather binding.

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Gal Shel Egozim – Constantinople, 1593

Sefer Gal Shel Egozim, [sermons on Bereshit and commentary on sayings of Chazal], by Rabbi Menachem son of Moshe Egozi. Bil Vidir in close proximity to Constantinople, [c. 1593-1595]."Printed in the home of the glorified Mrs. M. Reina Nasi¦ widow of the great minister and duke Prince Don Yosef¦ by Yosef son of Yitzchak Ashkeloni".
53 [instead of: 61, faulty pagination], [1] leaves, 28 cm. Ownership notation on title page: Moshe Ashkenazi. Good-fair condition. Moth damage, especially on first and last leaves. Mildew stains, some dark. New binding.
From Dr. Israel Mehlman's private collection.

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Mishneh Torah – Venice, 1574-1575 – First Edition with Kesef Mishneh – Glosses by author of “Admat Kodesh”

Mishneh Torah by the Rambam, on critique of the Ra'abad [Rabbi Avraham Ben David] and Maggid Mishneh, including commentary Kesef Mishneh by Rabbi Yosef Karo. Set of five volumes. Venice, [1574-1575]. First edition of the Kesef Mishneh.
Rabbi Yosef Karo passed away during the process of the printing of this book. Margins of sheets contain dozens of glosses and notations in Oriental handwriting, by several writers. Fifth volume contains numerous handwritten glosses by the Ga'on Rabbi Nissim Chaim Moshe Mizrachi author of Admat Kodesh, some signed in his name [Moshe Mizrachi, Nissim Moshe Mizrachi and Nissim Chaim Moshe Mizrachi]. Ownership notation:"Book of exalted scholar and Dayan¦ Reish Metivta¦ Rabbi Nissim Moshe Mizrachi¦". [Some glosses cut off].
The Ga'on Rabbi Nissim Chaim Moshe Mizrachi (passed away in 1749, Otzar HaRabbanim 16054), Av Beit Din of Jerusalem and among its greatest scholars, first bearer of the title "Rishon LeTziyon" in Jerusalem. He and his brother, the Ga'on Rabbi Yisrael Chaim Mizrachi, author of Pri HaAretz, were known as the"Nerot HaMizrachi'im" [Eastern Candles]. The Chida writes about him:"Would conduct himself in piety and extreme modesty with peace and righteousness". Author of Admat Kodesh Responsa. The names Nissim and Chaim were added to his name after he was imprisoned twice due to tax debts of the Jerusalem congregation.
Volume 1 (Mada-Zemanim): [21], 316 leaves (missing title page). Volume 2: (Nashim-Kedusha): [9], 217 leaves (missing title page and last leaf). Volume 3: (Hafla'a-Zera'im): [18], 164 leaves (missing: two first leaves). Volume 4 (Avoda-Tahara): 165-450 leaves (missing two last leaves). [4], 227, [5] leaves (missing: leaves 155-156, 6 leaves from beginning and 4 leaves from end. Last leaf appears). 28 cm. Condition of leaves varies, good-fair. Stains and mildew marks, moth damage. New bindings.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 329

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Manuscript of Copy of Chabad Articles [Mitteler Rebbe] and Copies of Letters by the Ba’al HaTanya

Large manuscript of articles of Hassidism by the Mitteler Rebbe [including articles from his old age, between 1826-1827]. Copies of numerous letters by the Rebbe Sabba Kadisha, author of the Tanya, Rabbi Shneur Zalman son of Rabbi Baruch, and more. [C. 1830-1840].
This booklet consists of several booklets, by various writers from various periods, which were bound together. Numerous glosses upon margins of leaves, in various handwritings. [It is possible that some of the articles and glosses in this booklet are in the handwriting of the Chabad Rebbes and their family members - Not reliably examined].
176 Leaves. 23.5 cm. Good-fair condition, usage stains and moth damage. Ancient and worn semi-leather binding, with imprint"Writings of the Rebbe".

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Auction 16 Lot Number 123

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Tur with Beit Yosef – Venice, 1564 – Second Edition During Lifetime of Author – Glosses

Arba'a Turim, Yoreh De'ah,"with commentaries and Chiddushim of the wholesome scholar Reish Mativta in Safed Rabbi Yosef Karo¦ known as Beit Yosef¦". Venice, [1564]. Second edition printed during lifetime of author.
Ownership notations and signatures."Heirs of Yosef Otlingo" [Rabbi Yosef Otlingo, Rosh Yeshiva and printer in Cremona - passed away in 1570],"Avraham son of Mordechai Otlingo". Glosses and notations on margins in Italian handwriting.
[31], 398 leaves. 33 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and wear, moth damage. Damaged binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 348

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Seter HaPizmonim, Short Songs for Woman – Magnificent Manuscript, Italy, 1818

Manuscript. Seter HaPizmonim, short songs in Hebrew and Ladino, by Rabbi Avtalion Tilu. Modena (Italy), [1818].
Which I have composed¦ Avtalion son of Rabbi Avraham Shlomo Tilu, for the passion of the modest woman of valor Mrs. Mazal Sadodio wife of the exalted Rabbi Ephraim Nachmani¦ Modena¦".
Approximately 25 songs and poems, approximately half do not appear in the book Otzar HaShira VeHapiyut of Davidson.
Fine scribe writing upon high-quality paper with wide margins. Illustrated title page. Ancient ownership stamps.
32 leaves. 22 cm. Good condition, stains of usage. Old colorful paper binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 199

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Chiddushei Hari Migash – Signature by Malbim

Chiddushim on Shvu'ot Tractate, by Rabbeinu Yosef ibn Migash, including Chiddushei Maharish [Rabbi Shmuel Modiliano] author of Ne'eman Shmuel, and pamphlet Chiddushei Torah VeShut [responsa] by Rabbi Moshe Sofer [the Chatam Sofer]. Prague, 1826. Bound with: Sefer Imrei Tzrufa, Chiddushei Rabbi Avraham Yechiel Fischel, on the tractates of the Shas. Berlin, [1756].
Title page of first book contains signature of Rabbi"Meir Leibush Malbim" and above it previous ownership notation:"G-D has granted me this book¦ Yechiel Michel¦". Title page and additional leaf contain stamps [faded] of the Ga'on Rabbi Chaim Berlin.
The Ga'on Rabbi Leibush Malbim - [Meir Leibush son of Yechiel Michel], (1809-1880, Otzar HaRabbanim 13090), commentator on the Bible. Among the greatest Torah giants in his generation, proficient in the revealed and concealed facets of Torah (disciple in Kabbalah of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch of Zidichov). In his youth he wrote the book Artzot HaChaim on the Shulchan Aruch which received the enthusiastic approbation of the Chatam Sofer who publicized his name as an exceptional genius.
Throughout all places where he served and visited (served as Rabbi in Vorshna, Campana, Bucharest, Harson, Luntshitz, Mohali and Koenigsbourg) he was known for his unequivocal opposition to the reformists, thereby enduring much suffering and hardships. While serving in Bucharest he came out against the enlightenists of the city which resulted in blood libels against him and was imprisoned and sentenced to death; only as a result of the intervention of Sir Moshe Montefiore his decree was reduced to expulsion from Romania.
The spreading of the enlightenment led him to devote his talents to the writing of a methodical commentary on the Bible, aiming to comprehend the depths of the wisdom of Chazal and the truths of the Oral Torah, and that is how his famous commentary on the Bible, which was published in hundreds of editions, came into being.
[1], 44; [2] 82 leaves. 34 cm. Fair condition. Stains and mildew marks. Tears upon title page and upon several other leaves. Unbound.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 498

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Archive of Mrs. Yehudit Ross – Letters by Sarah Schnirer

Archive of Mrs. Yehudit Ross (Frankel). Letter and documents in Yiddish, German and Hebrew, which contain important material related to the history of the girls' school of the Beit Ya'akov movement in Poland, in the 1920's and 1930's.
Five handwritten letters [in Yiddish and German] by Ms. Sarah Schnirer, founder of the Beit Ya'akov movement, which were sent to Ms. Ross between the years 1925-1935 (one letter laminated). * Letters to Ms. Ross from the Beit Ya'akov administration in Krakow and from Mercaz Agudat Israel and more. * Printed booklets in Yiddish [booklet for study of Shmoneh Esreh prayer, printed in Pietrekov; regulations and course of study for the Beit Ya'akov schools. Printed in Krakow;"Yehudit - history program", by Sarah Schnirer - Krakow, 1921;"Program for the study of Yahadut for the Beit Ya'akov schools in Poland" - Warsaw, 1931. * Lists in German * Printed notice of sermon by Rabbi Lau of Warsaw * Printed leaf in honor of marriage of Yosef Tzvi and Le'ah Esther Ross. Typewritten copies of articles written by Ms. Ross, and additional items [attached is a booklet written in her memory and leaves which were used for the preparation of the booklet].
Yehudit Ross (passed away in 1992), native of Frankfurt, great granddaughter of Rabbi Shimshon Refael Hirsch. As a result of a meeting with Sarah Schnirer which had a deep impact upon her, she enthusiastically joined the Beit Ya'akov movement in Slovakia and Romania, where she remained in close contact with Sarah Schnirer. Among the rest she was sent to Kashoi, Slovakia to teach in the Orthodox school for girls which was established in the city. In 1935 immigrated to Eretz Israel and was principal of a girls' school in Tiberias, afterwards she founded a Beit Ya'akov school in Petach Tikva, and finally moved to Jerusalem, where she married Rabbi Moshe Reuven Perkal and educated girls for many years in Beit Ya'akov until her demise.
Approx. 22 items. Various sizes and conditions.

Opening2,000$ Sold For3,000$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 458

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Three Letters Handwritten and Signed by Rebbe the Akedat Yitzchak of Alexander

Three letters handwritten and signed by Rebbe Yitzchak Menachem Danziger of Alexander, to his relative Rabbi Yisrael Nisan Kupershtoch Rabbi of Makova who immigrated to Jerusalem. Alexander, c. 1927-1930.
Enclosed: a letter (an old lithographic copy of a handwritten letter) by the rebbe to the heads of Kollel Poland in Jerusalem, regarding the proper distribution of the kollel's money [a topic that was controversial in those days and apparently this letter was photocopied and publicized during that polemic].
The content of the letters: a request to pray for his expectant daughter at the holy places, about his book Ani ben Pachma, about matters concerning Kollel Poland etc.
Rebbe Yitzchak Menachem Danziger of Alexander (1880-1942) was a prominent rebbe of his generation. He was educated by his grandfather, the founder of the dynasty of Rabbi Yechiel of Alexander (who was the brother in law of Rabbi Yisrael Nisan, the recipient of these letters), by his uncle Rabbi Yerachmiel Yisrael Yitzchak, author of Yismach Yisrael, and by his father Rebbe Shmuel Zvi of Alexander, author of Tiferet Shmuel.
In 1924, he was crowned as rebbe, after 70 [!] leading Polish rabbis who were his father's Chassidim, requested that he continue leading the dynasty. During his leadership, the Alexander Chassidic community in Poland grew and numbered tens of thousands of Jews. With his brother Rabbi Avraham Chaim Danziger, he founded the chain of the Beit Yisrael Yeshivot in memory of his uncle the author of Yismach Yisrael. He was murdered in the Holocaust with all his children and grandchildren without leaving any survivors. After the Holocaust, what remained of Alexander Chassidim gathered around his cousin Rabbi Yehuda Moshe Tehiberg and crowned him as Rebbe. His Chassidim compiled whatever remained of his Torah writings and printed them in the book Akedat Yitzchak. The recipient of the letters: Rabbi Yisrael Nisan Kupershtoch, (1858-1930) son in law of the sister of the first Alexander Rebbe, Rebbe Yechiel Danziger. He served as rabbi of Purzyce and Makova, immigrated to Jerusalem in 1925 where he established a branch of the chain of Alexander yeshivot, see Item 299.
4 items, varied size and condition: the 3 letters in his own handwriting are in good condition, file holes. (+ a lithographic leaf, in fair-poor condition, damage to margins and tears with omission(..

Opening2,000$ Sold For4,800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 22

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Tobacco Box of Rabbi Elijah Moses Panigel of Jerusalem

Silver tobacco box (signed on inner section), with engraved ornaments. [India? end of 19th century].
Etching of illustration of"Shimshon and the Lion" upon box cover; above it - etching of name of owner of box,"E. M. Panigel" - Rabbi Elijah Moses Panigel (1846-1919, Otzar HaRabbanim 2293), genius rabbi and famous sermonizer; served as chief rabbi of Jerusalem in 1907; Dayan, sermonizer and rabbinical emissary in North African countries, Italy, India and Bukhara. Among the founders of the Misgav LaDach hospital in the Old City; was active in many Jerusalem institutions. Lower section of box ornamented as well.
7.4X5.4 cm. Good condition. Corrosion marks on inside.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 451

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A Collection of Documents and Rulings Signed by Morrocan Rabbis in the 19th Century

A collection of documents, shtarot and rulings signed by Morrocan rabbis, Tituan. 1829-1856.
Some of the rabbis: Rabbi Avraham Anhori, Rabbi Shlomo Nahon, Rabbi Reuven Almaliech, Rabbi Menachem Anhori, Rabbi Ya'akov Gershon, Rabbi Avraham Gavezon, Rabbi Yosef Ashkenazi, Rabbi Yehuda Katan, Rabbi Vidal Yisrael, Rabbi Moshe Atiye, Rabbi Shemaya Elmaliech, Rabbi Yosef Chajuel, Rabbi Yichye Ben-Uliyel, Rabbi Ya'akov Abu-Katzitz, and others.
20 documents, various size and condition, most in good condition.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 324

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Handwritten Leaf by the Rebbe of Radzymin – A Segula for Protection

A leaf handwritten by Rebbe Ya'akov Aryeh of Radzymin.
"Midrash Korach: He said to them, "All the congregation is holy¦ the explanation is that Korach claimed that there is no need for a Cohen and Rebbe to channel the holiness¦ " [A whole paragraph. Printed in his book Bikurei Aviv, London 1948].
Rebbe Ya'akov Aryeh Gutterman of Radzimin (1792-1874, Encyclopedia L'Chassidut Volume 2, pages 254-256), one of the elder rebbes, originator of Chassidic dynasties in Poland and a miracle-worker. In his youth, he became a disciple of the Se'er of Lublin who seated him amongst the greatest of his disciples and testified that he has a very lofty soul. Also beloved disciple of the Magid of Koznitz, but especially frequented the Przysucha court of the "Holy Jew" and of Rebbe Bunim of Przysucha, and was considered one of the most prominent of their disciples alongside: the Saraph of Kotzk, Rebbi Yitchak of Vorki and the Chidushei HaRim. After the death of Rebbe Yitzchak of Vorki, he was appointed Rebbe of thousands of Chassidim and became a celebrated holy person and miracle-worker. Under Rebbe Ya'akov Aryeh Gutterman's leadership, Radzymin became one of the Chassidic centers of Poland and thousands flocked to receive his blessing and for salvation. All the Przysucha Rebbes used to send him Chassidim that needed salvation.
His own handwriting is a well-known segula for protection. People say that the Rebbe, author of Imrei Emet of Gur gave his son, author of Lev Simcha [a son in law of the Radzymin dynasty] the handwriting of the Rebbe of Radzymin as a segula of protection. In his great rush to leave Poland in 1940, the Lev Simcha lost the handwritten paper which distressed him greatly and he was very happy when later he acquired another paper in his handwriting. At that time, the Lev Simcha stated that very rarely did his father, author of Imrei Emet, call something a segula or a "protection", and therefore we can understand the great value he placed on the Rebbe's handwriting.
[2] pages. 21 cm. Fair condition, professionally restored moth holes.

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Eleven Letters by Rabbi Avraham Chaim Danziger of Alexander

A bunch of letters handwritten and signed by Rabbi Avraham Chaim of Alexander, to his relative Rabbi Yisrael Nisan Kupershtoch Rabbi of Makova who immigrated to Jerusalem. Alexander, c. 1927-1930.
The content of the letters is very interesting: requests of prayer on behalf of the ill and various matters. Minute detail of the occurrences in the Alexander court, strong polemic letters regarding the controversy with the Gur Chassidut and Agudat Yisrael (partially about the management and distribution of the Kupat Ramban - Kollel Poland monies in Jerusalem), matters of the Alexander Yeshiva and the Yismach Yisrael Yeshiva in Jerusalem, etc.
Rabbi Avraham Chaim Danziger (1882?-1942), the younger brother of the Rebbe, author of Akedat Yitzchak of Alexander, a great Torah genius and lofty tzaddik, served as Rosh Yeshiva and head of the chain of the Beit Yisrael Yeshivot in Poland which he founded together with his brother the Rebbe in memory of their uncle the Rebbe, author of Yismach Yisrael. A public leader of Polish Jewry and with the implicit trust of his brother Rebbe Yitzchak Mendel he managed all matters of the large Chassidut that numbered tens of thousands of Chassidim. During the Holocaust, a clandestine minyan for prayer was held in his home in the Warsaw ghetto. He and his entire family were murdered in the Holocaust.
The recipient: Rabbi Yisrael Nisan Kupershtoch (1858-1930), son in law of the first Alexander Rebbe's sister. He served as Rabbi of Purzyce and Makova, immigrated to Jerusalem in 1925 where he established a branch of Alexander Yeshiva, see Item 299.
11 long letters, varied size and condition, 5 letters in good-fair condition and 6 letters damages with omissions.

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Mishnayot – Amsterdam, 1643 – Miniature Volume

Mishnayot, Part 2, Seder Nezikin, Kodshim and Taharot. Amsterdam, 1643. Proofread by Menashe ben Yisrael, printed in Beit Eliyahu Abuhav.
A miniature pocket edition. At end of volume is an index of the Chapters in Alphabetical order.
From 1643-1645, the printing press of Rabbi Menashe ben Yisrael was leased to Eliyahu Abuhav and therefore his name is mentioned in the title page of the book, but apparently, even during those years, Rabbi Menashe ben Yisrael continued to be involved in the printing.
16, 18-185, 187-289, [1] leaf. 8.5 cm. Good condition. Stains, tears to a number of leaves. New binding.

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Auction 16 Lot Number 291

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Manuscript Sefer Kavanot HaRishon (Pri Etz Chaim)

Manuscript, Sefer Kavanot HaRishon, (Sha'ar HaTefillot, Sha'ar HaBerachot, Sha'ar HaTzizit, Sha'ar HaTefillin and Sha'ar Olam Ha'Asiya), by Rabbi Chaim Vital, with glosses by Rabbi Ya'akov Tzemach and Rabbi Nathan Shapira. [Nice Ashkenasi writing, Western Europe?, c. 18th century]. Has kabbalistic charts and an illustration of Seder HaTefillin.
This work is really the first part of Me'orot Nathan by Rabbi Nathan Shapira of Jerusalem author of Matzat Shmurim, who arranged the book from the writings of Rabbi Ya'akov Tzemach and Rabbi Chaim Vital and writes his name in the author's introduction. First printed in Koritz in 1782, under the name Pri Etz Chaim - see attached material. This manuscript, is earlier than the first printed book, and has many variances from the printed version.
96 Leaves, 21.5 cm. Good condition, slight wear and stains, without binding.

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Manuscript Sefer Ta’amei HaMitzvot of Rabbi Chaim Vital – 1772

Manuscript, "Section 2 of Sefer Pri Etz HaChaim which is Ta'amei HaMitzvot", in the order of the Torah portions and the 613 mitzvot, by Rabbi Chaim Vital. [Nice Ashkenazi writing, Russia-Poland ?], 1772. Manuscript includes the whole book from Bereishit until VeZot HaBracha.
Sefer Ta'amei HaMitzvot by Rabbi Chaim Vital was arranged by Rabbi Ya'akov Tzemach and Rabbi Meir Paprash, as a second branch of Pri Etz Chaim. The book was first printed as an attachment to the book Likutei Torah (Zholkeva 1775). The printed version is different from this manuscript.
At the end of the manuscript is the copier's colophone: "I, the writer, Yehuda Leib ben Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Katz, in 5532 years from creation". [Perhaps, Rabbi Yehuda Leib Katz of Dumbrava, father of Rebbe Zvi Hirsh of Rimanov (1778-1847), who died c. 1888. His orphaned son Zvi Hirsh was brought up in the home of Rebbe Mendele of Rimanov].
59 Leaves, c. 19 cm. Good-fair condition, moth damage and slight wear and use stains, cardboard cover.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,500$ Including buyers premium

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Manuscript Ta’amei HaMitzvot of Rabbi Chaim Vital [Ashkenaz, the 1700s]

Manuscript, "¦ the second section of Pri Etz HaChaim part of Ta'amei HaMitzvot which I have received from my teacher, the G-dly Mekubal like Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in his generation¦ like Rabbi Yitzchak Luria Ashkenazi", by Rabbi Chaim Vital. [Ashkenasi writing, Western Europe ?, c. 1700].
Many variations from the printed and the previous manuscript. For example, the opening of the manuscript in Bereishit is different and it begins with the mitzvah of piryah v'rivya (Be fruitful and multiply) which in the printed copy, is further on in the book.
56 Leaves (last leaves are missing from the middle of Parshat Ki Tetze), 16 cm. Fair condition, leaf cutting on border of text, stains, moth damage and wear, missing test in several leaves and last leaves. Old cardboard cover.

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Mahari ben Lev Responsa – Salonika, 1557 – Constantinople, 1573 – Signatures and Glosses

1. Mahari ben Lev Responsa. Salonika, [1557?]. First edition that the author printed in his lifetime. [At beginning of book, the author writes: "I have commanded to print them in my lifetime because I do not know when I will die, to leave blessing after myself¦"]. Glosses and signatures, an Oriental signature: "Bought by Chaim Shlomo HaCohen", and glosses by several people in Oriental handwriting [two are signed "Meir"].

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Facsimile on Parchment – Passover Hagaddah – Wadi Alhajara – The First Printed Hagaddah

Facsimile - Passover Hagaddah. Wadi Alhajara, c. 1480. The first printed hagaddah. [New York], [1983].
Printed on parchment in honor of 500 years since its printing, on parchment, 30 fancy numbered copies, by Soncino Press Company in New York. This copy is No. 2.
[12] pages. 27.5 cm. Parchment with ancient processing style, good condition, fancy leather binding.

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Maharshach Responsa – Two Parts – Salonika-Venice, 1592-1595 – First Edition

Two parts of first edition of book of responsa that the Maharshach printed in his lifetime - Rabbi Shlomo HaCohen (1520-1602, Otzar HaRabbanim 18471), a leading posek, Rabbi of Salonika and one of the most prominent rabbis of his generation, at the end of the life of Maran the Beit Yosef.
1. Second Book of Responsa, by Rabbi Shlomo Cohen. Venice, 1592. (Handwritten dedication on title page).
181 leaves [attached to some of the copies are 21, [1] leaves that were printed in Salonika that year, and are not in this copy]. 25 cm. Good condition. Stains. Light moth marks, restored tears on title page and last leaf. New binding.
2. Responsa of the Maharshach, Part 3. Salonika, [1594-1595]. Printed without title page. (Handwritten dedication to Yehoshua Shem Tov Moreno HaLevi of Izmir).
126 leaves. 30.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and wear. Moth damages. Restored tears to several leaves. Old binding.

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Masoret HaMasoret – Tuv Ta’am – By Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur – Basel, 1539

Sefer Masoret HaMasoret, about grammar and mesorah, by Rabbi Eliyahu "the linguist". Basel, [1539].
Printed with his book Tuv Ta'am (Sefer HaTe'amim), on Ta'amei HaMikra [a separate title page, with the year "1539"], and another book with a Latin translation of the two books above [with title page in Hebrew and Latin: Sefer HaTe'amim V'Sefer Masoret HaMasoret]. The Hebrew text has vowels [except the title pages].
Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur-Ashkenazi (1470-1549, Otzar HaRabbanim 2069), an Italian Torah scholar and a leading linguist. He is called by his book HaBachur, in addition he wrote many books on grammar, including HaTishbi and this book.
184 leaves; 109, [2] leaves. 15 cm. Good condition. Stains, moth marks, taped first page for reinforcement. Old binding.
From Dr. Israel Mehlman's private collection.

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Letters and a Wedding Invititation from Alexander Rebbes

*A letter from Rabbi Yitzchak Menachem of Alexander to his relative Rabbi Yisrael Nissan Kuperstoch, informing him of the marriage of his daughter on the 18th of Sivan 1929, and he requests him to pray for the couple at the holy sites. *A wedding invitation of the Alexander lineage, on the marriage of the daughter of Rabbi Shraga Feivel Danziger of Radum (Rebbe Yitzchak Menachem's niece), to Rabbi David Zvi (Toib - grandson of Rabbi Efraim son of Rabbi Yechezkel of Kuzmir). Kislev 1925. *On the reverse side, a long and interesting letter from Rabbi Avraham Chaim Danziger to his relative Rabbi Yisrael Nissan Kuperstoch. *Another letter from Rabbi Avraham Chaim, with the Rebbe's approval and blessing on the marriage of Rabbi Yisrael Nissan's daughter. (On the reverse side, a handwritten inscription: "A letter on matter of the marriage").
3 leaves, varied size and condition, damages with omissions to the margins of 2 letters.

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Sefer Beit Aharon (Karlin) – First Edition

Sefer Beit Aharon, on the Torah and prayer, by Rabbi Aharon Perlov the Rebbe of Karlin. Brody, 1875. First edition.
Beginning of book contains collection of letters and Hassidic customs by the Karlin-Stolin Rebbes: the"Great" Rabbi Aharon of Karlin, his son Rabbi Asher (the first), his son Rabbi Aharon (the second, the"old"), and his son Rabbi Asher (the second, the"young").
Two title pages, first abridged. Variant copy. Following second title page:"To reveal and publicize that the most righteous and famous of our generation have endorsed the publication of this book¦ as well Torah scholars and rabbis of Spain have approved while others have banned¦". In some of the copies this passage appears in a different version, and does not include the censorship on the other side of the title page. [Concerning the stages of publication and various corrections during the printing process, which resulted in various versions of the book, see: A. Schor, regarding the methods of the writing and printing of the Beit Aharon books, Beit Aharon V'Yisrael, year 6 issue 1 (31), pp. 139-147].
Signatures and ownership notations."This book¦ by the Rebbe Rabbi Aharon Karliner belongs to¦ Rabbi Aryeh Leib Shereshevski HaCohen of Balet adjacent to Lodz¦","Rabbi Shmuel Ze'ev Katz Shereshevski", and more.
[4] leaves, 316, [5] pages (two title pages). 28 cm. (Wide margins). Good-fair condition. Stains and wear, tears, detached binding.

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Large Collection of Manuscripts – Ashkenaz, 18th-20th Century

Huge and diverse collection of pamphlets, booklets and single handwritten leaves, in Ashkenazi handwritings, majority from the 18th- 20th century.
The collection was not thoroughly examined, contains Chiddushei Sugiyot, Chiddushei Shas, homiletics and commentaries on the Torah, grammatical matters, Halachah, Kabbalah, Hassidic articles and Chabad articles, letters and copies of letters, diaries, various lists and more.
Hundreds of written leaves; booklets, leaves and remnants of leaves. Various sizes and conditions.

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Tractate Zera’im – Signatures and Dozens of Glosses in the Handwriting of the Maharsham Rabbi of Berezhany

Mishnayot, Tractate Zera'im, with commentaries and addendums. Lemberg, 1869.
On protection pages, many owners' inscriptions, inscriptions and signatures of the Maharsham - Rabbi Shalom Mordechai HaCohen Schwadron Rabbi of Berezhany, who wrote and signed that he received this book from his father. His son's signature "Yitzchak HaCohen Schwadron of Potik adjacent to Buzcazc" [the city where the Maharsham formerly served as rabbi]. On the last page, stamps of his son "Yakir HaCohen Schwadron" [eldest son of Rabbi Yitzchak Rabbi of Chatzmer].
Dozens of notes on book's leaves and on leaf before title page. After comparing handwriting, most notes are in the handwriting of the Maharsham and the minority are written by his son Rabbi Yitzchak Schwadron [one note signed Yitzchak is in different handwriting from most of the notes, see Leaf 34/2].
The Maharsham, Rabbi Shalom Mordechai HaCohen Schwadron (1835-1911), a leading posek of his generation, Rabbi of Yaslovic, Potik and Berezhany, was a foremost Torah authority in Galicia and abroad. Wrote dozens of compositions, of which the following were printed: nine volumes of Maharsham Responsa, Mishpat Shalom on Choshen Mishpat, Gilui Da'at on the laws of Treifot, Da'at Torah on Shulchan Aruch, Techelet Mordechai on the Torah etc.
His son Rabbi Yitzchak Schwadron (died 1920, Otzar HaRabbanim 11051), an outstanding Torah genius, Rabbi of Chatzmer and its surroundings immigrated to Jerusalem in 1903, where his youngest son, "the Jerusalem Magid" Rabbi Shalom Schwadron was born (1912-1998). Author of Minchat Yitzchak, a commentary on the Tosefta (Jerusalem, 1910-1914, and additional volumes that were printed many years later).
[17], 121, [2] leaves. 29 cm. Varied type of paper, good condition. Original semi-leather binding, slightly worn,

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Ornate Megillat Esther – Bound like a Book

Ornate Megillat Esther bound in a unique book-style. Very fine, homogenous, clear and legible writing. The letters are shaped according to the Ari (Chasidic), in an ancient writing style [matching the style of 19th Century Russia-Poland]. Based on the levels of writing and parchment processing, it appears that this Megillah was made on special order and with great precision to meet Halachic and traditional standards.
This Megillah was written in full accordance with Halacha, on a parchment roll and was bound with folds, which were further bound like a book inside a parchment binding.
13 cm, parchment length: 165 cm approx. (Empty page at the beginning and the end), 12 pp. 27 lines each. Good condition, slightly faded (most of the ink is still black), light stains. Antique parchment binding.

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Chumashim”Or Ha-Chaim” Bereshit-Shemot – Zhitomir

Chumashim Bereshit-Shemot with Rashi Ba'al Ha-Turim, and the holy"Or Ha-Chaim" and Rabbi Yosef Chaim David Azulai commentaries. Zhitomir, 1859. Printed by Rabbi Chanina Lipa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Shapira, grandsons of the Rabbi of Slavita.
2 Volumes, varying sizes, good-fair conditions, moth damage and wear. Unbound.

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Bible – Amsterdam, 1687

Torah, Nevi'im Ketuvim, "From the Holy Tongue they are copied and in the Ashkenaz language they are written", a bible translation into Yiddish-Deitsch [in Tzena Ur'ena letters], according to the commentaries: Targum Yonatan, Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Radak, Rabbi Sa'adya Gaon, Ralbag etc. Amsterdam, [1687]. Yosef Atiash printing.
The translator is Rabbi Yosef bar Alexander Vitzenhoisen. With approbation of the rabbis of Va'ad Arba Aratzot. In addition to regular title page, there is a fancy brass engraving.
Soon after this edition, a similar translation was printed in Amsterdam by the printer Yosef Atiash, which caused a dispute to erupt between the printers while each side accused the other of stealing (see next Item).
[6], 79; 150 leaves. 32 cm. Good condition, stains, detached leaf. Antique binding, leather covered wood, damaged, with buckle remnants.

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Manuscript -Letters of Blessings and Poems of Praise to the Author of Sde Chemed – In Honor of his Appointment as Rabbi of Hebron

A Manuscript - Kise D'Birkata, a book composed of copies of letters of blessings sent to Rabbi Chaim Chizkiyahu Medini, author of Sde Chemed, on his appointment to Rabbi of Hebron in 1901. Scribe writing in Rashi script. Has letters of blessing and poems of praise to the author of Sde Chemed. The letters were copied into a pamphlet, by the Sde Chemed's private scribe, and at the top of the pages the title Kisa D'Birkata. Possibly, the pamphlet was prepared to be printed. On the first page are three lines in different handwriting (perhaps, of the Sde Chemed).
Some of the writers are scholars of Jerusalem, Tiberias and Jaffa [amongst them: Rabbi Shmuel Salant, Rabbi Chaviv Chaim David Sithon, Rabbi Naftali Hirtz HaLevi, Rabbi Eliyahu Moshe Panezil, Rabbi Chizkiyahu Shabtei, Rabbi Rachamim Yosef Chaim Optalka, Rabbi Aharon Yedid HaLevi], a gabai and manager of Jerusalem institutes [Etz Chaim Yeshiva, Ma'arivi'im Community Committee, Misgav Ladach Hospital, Rabbi Chaim Michel Michlin], and rabbis from other lands [Rabbi David Pifano Rabbi of Sofia, Rabbi Eliyahu Chazan of Alexandria]. Likewise, letters by his disciples in the Krimshak communities in the Crimea Peninsula [including Rabbi Avraham Nissim Ashkenazi, Rabbi Refael Labak etc.], and a long letter from his father in law, Rabbi Nissim Levi of Tzachtzir who describes the impressive ceremony in the Beit HaKnesset to honor the appointment of the Sde Chemed in Hebron. This pamphlet is unknown and apparently has never been printed.
[29] written pages (apparently one leaf is missing at the end). C. 18 cm. Good-fair condition. Fungus stains, restored tear on first leaf. New semi-leather binding.

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Divrei Ha-Yamim on Parchment

The Divrei Ha-Yamim on a parchment sheet, in fine and superior scribe writing,"Beit Yosef" letters. [19/20th Centuries].
It is extremely rare to find the book of Divrei Ha-Yamim on parchment, since it is not read in front of a Minyan, [as opposed to books of Nevi'im and Megilot, which are read out of scribe ink writing on a parchment book]. It is known that the Gra of Vilna ordered all of the 24 Holy Scriptures to be written on Sefer-Torah-like parchments for his Beit Midrash, while personally supervising their writing order. This custom was kept in very few synagogues worldwide.
Parchment height: 28 cm. 74 Columns. Finely processed parchment. Good-fair condition, moisture marks. Missing lower handle of the"Etz Chaim" support.

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Collection of Books – 1440-1640

1. Sefer Neveh Shalom, on matters of faith and Kabbalah, by Rabbi Avraham Shalom. Constantinople, [1538-1539]. (Title-page and three leaves missing and replaced with artistic photocopy. Some of the leaves are professionally restored).
2. Zohar Chadash, Midrash HaNe'elam VeTikunim. Includes: Midrash [Zohar] Shir HaShirim, Ruth and Eicha [separate title-page]. Saloniki, [1597]. First edition. (Missing: title-page and following leaf, as well as 5 leaves from end). Ownership notation, glosses and corrections in Oriental handwriting.
3. Yalkut Shimoni, on the Torah. [Krakow, 1595]. (incomplete copy: 33-311, leaves instead of 313 [1] leaves, stained and torn, new binding). Number of glosses in ancient Ashkenazi handwriting from period of print, one signed by Rabbi Yosef Bek.
4. Sefer Lekach Tov, explanation of words, nouns and verbs from the Nevi'im and Ketuvim in Lashon Ashkenaz, with Chiddushim and Midrashim of Chazal [in Hebrew], by Rabbi Moshe Yissaschar Shertlen. Prague, [1604]. (Missing: 2 leaves at end).
5. Sefer Etz Shatul - Sefer HaIkarim by Rabbi Yosef Albo, including Shorashim commentary by Rabbi Gedalya Lifshitz. Venice, [1618]. Includes approbations of the Maharam of Lublin, the Maharsha, the Shla and the Kli Yakar. (Ownership signature in Italian handwriting).
Sizes and conditions vary.

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Chumashim”Or Ha-Chaim” Vayikra-Bamidbar-Devarim – Zhitomir

Chumashim, Vayikra-Bamidbar-Devarim, with commentary of Rashi and Ba'al HaTurim, commentary of Ohr HaChaim and Rabbi Yosef Chaim David Azulai. Vayikra and Bamidbar: Zhitomir, 1859. Devarim: Zhitomir, 1854. Printing press of Rabbi Chanina Lipa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Shapira, grandsons of the Rabbi of Slavita.
3 volumes, various sizes and conditions, good to fair.

Opening750$ Sold For1,100$ Including buyers premium

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Rav Alfas – Savyonita, 1554 – Signatures, Antique Glosses

Hilchot Rav Alfas by Rabbeinu Yitzchak Alfasi. With commentaries of Rabbeinu Yonah, the Ran, Nimukei Yosef, Ba'al HaMa'or and the Ramban, the Rosh [on Halachot Ketanot] and Shiltei Giborim. With the Tosephta and Piskei Mordechai, Part 1 - Seder Zera'im and Mo'ed. Savyonita, [1554].
On title page, a curly rabbinical signature, cutoff, from which the name Chaim can clearly be seen. Another signature "Avraham ---". Before the Tractate Ta'anit, a later owner's inscription of Pintzi brothers in Italy.
In the margins there are many handwritten notes. Glosses in antique Oriental handwriting [from the time of printing], some long, some have an abbreviated title of Tumat Yesharim on the Rif (Venice 1622) which were latet integrated into Chiddushei Anshei Shem. Additional glosses by someone else in Italian handwriting [an additional gloss in Oriental handwriting from a later period].
97, 97-98, [1], 100-170, [2], 171-187, 227-267, 265-403 leaves (missing: 188-266, 404-410 leaves). 37.5 cm. Varied condition of leaves - good-poor. Moth damages, tears, moisture marks and stains. Leaves 1-39 have tears [with missing text], professionally restored.
New binding.

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Bible – Amsterdam, 1676-1678

Torah, Nevi'im and Ketuvim, "in Ashkenazi language". Translated into Yiddish-Deitsch [in Tzena Ur'ena letters]. Amsterdam, 1676-1678.
The translator Rabbi Yekutiel Blitz. Approbations by the rabbis of Va'ad Arba HaAratzot and Amsterdam rabbis. The title page with fancy copper engraving. Added to the last pages is a translation of "To'aliyut HaRalbag". Soon after this edition, a similar translation was printed in Amsterdam by the printer Yosef Atiash (see next Item), which caused a dispute to erupt between the printers while each side accused the other of stealing (see a lengthy description of this affair: A. Haberman, Prakim B'Toldot HaMadpisim HaIvri'im, pages 299-309).
[6], 63, [1] 64-257; 18 leaves (without the second title page after the illustrated title page. Separate title pages for Megillot, Nevi'im Rishonim, Nevi'im Achronim and Ketuvim). 31 cm. Good condition. Stains. First title page partially detached and slightly worn. Antique binding, wood covered with leather, worn and detached. Remnants of buckles, legs (metal buttons for raising when opening book).

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Chumash in Magnificent Silver Binding – Dyhernfurth, 1793

Chamisha Chumshei Torah and Five Megillot with Unkelus translation, Rashi commentary and yearly Haftarot. Dyhernfurth, [1793-1794].
End of Sefer Shmot - leaf 213 - contains stamp and handwritten censorship notation (in Russian), which attests to the fact that Rabbi Moshe Yankel Finkelstein from Pereyaslav examined the book. Magnificent silver binding with gilding, imprinted flower designs combined with filigree, ornamented clasps, chains and gold paper-cutting. Apparently, the binding was produced close to the time of the printing of the book.
494; 26, [1], 42-49; [1], 21 leaves, 13.5 cm. Good condition. Missing clasp. Abovementioned leaf with censorship authorization detached. Chains and some of filigree ornaments slightly damaged.

Opening700$ Sold For6,500$ Including buyers premium

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Rabbeinu Bechaye – Krakow, 1592 – Kabbalistic Glosses from Period of Print

"Rabbeinu Bechaye" commentary on the Torah, by Rabbeinu Bechaye ben Asher. Krakow, [1592-1593].
Last leaf contains printed diagram of the Ten Sephirot [ten emanations through which G-D reveals himself].
Ancient ownership signatures. Dozens of lengthy glosses [some cut off] in ancient Ashkenazi handwriting from period of print, the majority of Kabbalistic content, throughout leaves of book. Leaves 97, 158 and diagram leaf contain signature of Rabbi Shalom Ber Stern (apparently Rabbi Shalom Ber Stern who was Av Beit Din of Serdehli).
236, 236-246 leaves (title-page missing. Leaf 50 missing and replaced in handwriting. Large tear on leaf 2, with missing text completed in handwriting; several other leaves also have handwritten completions) + [1] leaf of diagram (detached). 29 cm. Fair condition (some leaves in good condition). Stains, moth stains, tears, restorations, paper paste and wear. Cardboard binding, torn spine.

Opening700$ Sold For2,200$ Including buyers premium

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HaMagid – Slavita – 3 Volumes

1) HaMagid, Psalms. [Slavita]. (Missing title page and end, begins in the middle of Chapter 1 and ends in the middle of Chapter 149 - minor moth damage and stains).
2) HaMagid on Nevi'im Rishonim, Part 2, Melachim, Divrey HaYamim. Slavita, [1827] Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapira Printing Press. (Restored wear damage, moth damage, unbound).
3) HaMagid, some holy writings of Ketuvim, Part 6 - Iyov, Daniel, Ezra and Nehemiah. Slavita, 1815. Rabbi Moshe Shapira Printing. (Good-fair condition, semi-leather binding).
Varied size and condition.

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Photograph of Baruch Ber Leibowitz, Printed in Honor of his Journey to the US

"Photograph of the true Gaon Tzaddik Yesod Olam Rabbi Baruch Dov Leibowitz - by Knesset Beit Yitzchak Yeshiva in Kaminetz of Lithuania Poland". In its original cardboard cover, with the photographers sticker:
Rabbi Baruch Ber traveled to the US at the end of the 1920s, to cover the expenses of Kaminetz Yeshiva, and stayed there for two years. Apparently, the photograph was taken at that time.
Photograph size c. 20X25 cm. Cardboard maximum size c. 25X35 cm. Good condition, stains and wear to cardboard cover.

Opening700$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

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Mishneh Torah – Venice, 1575 – Handwritten Glosses

Mishneh Torah by the Rambam, section 4 [Nezikin-Shoftim]. Venice, [1575].
First edition printed with Rabbi Yosef Karo's Kesef Mishneh commentary. While this edition was being printed, Rabbi Yosef Karo passed away.
Margins of leaves contain glosses in Sephardic handwriting [some cut off].
[10], 297, [9] leaves (missing: title-page and two leaves at beginning of book as well as 8 index leaves at end). Good-fair condition. Stains and moth damage, mildew stains on number of leaves. Worn and detached binding.

Opening650$ Sold For650$ Including buyers premium

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Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah – Amsterdam 1743 – Many Erudite Glosses and Comments

Eshle Ravreve [Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De'ah] by Rabbi Yosef Karo. Amsterdam, [1743].
Margins contain many erudite comments in writing characteristic of the mid-19th century. The writer mentions points written in his own novellae and points written on the page. It is obvious from the comments that they were written by a great scholar, he refers to books written in the 19th century (Beit Meir; Sidur of the Ga'on of Lissa; response of Maharim of Brisk and more).
[3], 352, [1] leaves. 42.5cm. Wide margins. Fair condition. Many stains. Many leaves worn on margins and incomplete. Illustrated title-page and last leaf missing. Some glosses erased [by writer?] and some damaged from age. New binding.

Opening600$ Sold For1,400$ Including buyers premium

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Manuscript- Eulogy by Admor Rabbi Chaim of Sanz in Memory of Rabbi Elazar Shapira of Lantzut

Manuscript,"Interpretation in memory of the righteous Admor Rabbi Elazar, Av Beit Din of Lantzut, Parashat Nitzavim, Elul 1865." [Sanz, 1865].
Lengthy Talmudic and Chasidic interpretation."A great luminary was taken from us. Rabbi Elazar Shapira was a holy man, son of the author of the Bnei Issachar. He was Av Beit Din of Lantzut and passed away on the 12th of Elul 1865, Parashat Ki Tavo¦ He was the son of the generation's leading rabbi who authored the Bnei Issachar and passed away far from his homeland. The terrible news came to us from Vienna¦ May the holy souls of righteous father and son protect us¦".
On p.3, he writes:"¦ For there is almost no perfect Tzaddik who served Torah sages and leading Tzaddikim like he did, grew up in the house of his father- the righteous leader of the generation, attended to the greatest sages among whom, the Holy Mekubbal Rabbi Hershel Ziditshover z"l, learned and memorized a great deal, was perfected in his righteousness and learned Torah secrets¦he was a pleasant [man] who welcomed everyone with love and warmth, brought Torah scholars closer and prayed for us¦ who will stand for us now? We should all check into our actions and cling to the rock of Torah and Divine Service¦".
Old Ashkenazi writing, the following caption appears in a different handwriting on the margins of the first page:"handwritten by the great Gaon, righteous leader of the generation, Rabbi Chaim Halberstam - Admor of Sanz". [Based on the handwriting's style, it appears that the writer is another person who copied the words from Rabbi Chaim of Sanz's manuscript].
The holy Gaon Rabbi Elazar of Lantzut (1808-1865), was the disciple of his father author of the"Bnei Issachar" of Dinov, and the disciple of Rabbi Zvi of Ziditchov, Rabbi Israel of Rozin and Rabbi Zvi Hirsch of Riminov. His son, Rabbi Shlomo Shapira, was , Av Beit Din of Munkatch, father of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch author of the"Darchei Teshuva" and grandfather of Rabbi Chaim Elazar Shapira of Munkatch author of the"Minchat Elazar".
Rabbi Chaim of Sanz, author of the"Divrei Haim" (1797-1876) and 10 years older than Rabbi Elazar Shapira was among Rabbi Elazar Shapira's greatest followers and considered himself his disciple in the areas of Hasidut and Kabalah. This special bond can easily be perceived through the lines of the present eulogy.
7 pp. 25 cm, fair condition. (Professionally restored) damages affecting the text in the margins. Rebound.

Opening600$ Sold For600$ Including buyers premium

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Fourteen Haggadot Printed in Vienna

14 books, various sizes and conditions. See list in the Hebrew description

Opening600$ Sold For600$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 80

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Six Volumes of Chumashim of Zhitomir Printing

Six Volumes of Chumashim, printed in Zhitomir by grandsons of the Slavita Rabbi.
See list in the Hebrew description
Some are not listed in the Bibliography Institute CD.
Varied size and condition. Some have original leather binding. Handwritten signatures and inscriptions.

Opening600$ Sold For750$ Including buyers premium

Auction 16 Lot Number 272

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Ba’al HaTanya – Oil Painting

Picture of the Rebbe Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, author of the Tanya. Oil on canvas, unsigned, not dated.
Impressive oil painting based upon the famous picture of the Rebbe. 45X55 cm, within 51.5X61 cm. frame. Fair-good condition. Damages (peeling paint) in several places.

Opening600$ Sold For600$ Including buyers premium

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Chidushei Maharam Schiff – Signatures and Gloss of Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz author of Tiferet Yisrael

Chidushei Halachot, on Tractates Beitzah, Bava Metzia, Ktubot, Chullin and Gittin, by Rabbi Meir [Maharam] Schiff. Brin, [1798].
On title page, a number of signatures of Yisrael Lifshitz, more inscriptions and a long gloss in his handwriting at the top of Leaf 84/2 [partially cutoff].
Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz (1782-1861), son of Rabbi Gedalya Lifshitz, author of Regel Yeshara and grandson of Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz Rabbi of Kliva. A Torah genius, a leading scholar of Ashkenazi Jewry, he served in the rabbinate for over 50 years, in the communities of Dessau, Danzig and others. He is renowned for his large work Tiferet Yisrael on the six Sidrei Mishna.
[1], 90 leaves + 12 leaves of Part 2. 35 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains. Restored tears on first leaves and tears to several more leaves.
Part 2 on Tractates Bava Kama, Bava Batra, Sanhedrin and Shabbat, do not appear in the Bibliography Institute CD listings, but in the copy of Otzar HaChochma a copy of 20 leaves appears after Part 1 (this copy is missing in the middle of Tractate Shabbat).

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